The Real Dirty Picture – Black Money in Bollywood !!



8 Responses to “The Real Dirty Picture – Black Money in Bollywood !!”

  1. omrocky786 Says:

    Anubhav sinha, Anees Bazmi, Vashu Bhagani caught on camera…..
    compulsive watch so far !!


  2. Bazmi’s defense was in tandem with his mindless movies. Creation of corrupt and stupid characters in their movie must be inspired by just looking into mirror.


  3. omrocky786 Says:

    Pritish Nandy‏@PritishNandy

    Its a bit unfair of CNN IBN to judge the entire film industry by citing Anubhav Sinha, Anees Bazmi, Vashu Bhagnani and 2 starlets.


  4. I stopped watching this once the reporter called Anubhav Sinha a “revered man in Bollywood.”

    If these guys’ movies are effective vehicles for money laundering, then I have to say that makes them far more useful than I’d ever imagined.


  5. Alex adams Says:

    OT- on the same website, came across…
    Sweeper and ward boy giving injections, putting stitches in India !!


  6. rockstar Says:

    and these are big names:

    anubhav made ra one …..bazmee ready that to recently

    hope they have guts to cross sting the d factor


  7. well well well

    I hope they get arrested because I can’t bear to see another rubbish film being churned out by them


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