Cocktail, Bol Bachchan (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Cocktail review by Kunal Guha…

    “If Saif Ali Khan can do something effortlessly and unabashedly, it is to play a fulltime flirt with the confidence of a Tendulkar opening the batting order against Canada”….lol..

  2. LOL

    Filmi Girl‏@filmigirl

    Why didn’t anybody warn me that #Trishna was just Freida Pinto getting raped for 2 hours while wearing a blank expression?

  3. ROFL

    “Director Homi Adajania’s vision of a modern love story seems warped. It is devoid of any commitment, fickle enough to be chopped with a sickle and yet subscribes to every stereotype that one associates with love, circa aaj, kal and day after tomorrow. Also, it’s about time Saif Ali Khan’s characters stop drastically altering his personality from fun and flirty to love-sick romeo once he’s sipped the love potion. It’s understandable that following the explosive ‘Agent Vinod’, the junior Nawab was forced to opt for something more commercially reliable. But Saif continuing to play roles that precede his age by more than a decade is like having an illegitimate relationship with your pet animal: just because you can, doesn’t mean you do it”


    Domestic Collections

    11.90 cr
    11.75 cr
    15.25 cr
    06.15 cr
    05.90 cr
    05.25 cr
    05.00 cr
    Total Domestic Collections
    61.20 cr nett
    Total Overseas Collections
    19.50 cr
    Total Worldwide Collections
    80.70 cr nett

    I feel under reported but still very good.

  5. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Cocktail Review by Taran. 3 stars from Taran means Disaster…

  6. Satyam. One of the most awaited films- Trailer of “Sam Raimi’s” big budget “Oz: The Great and The Powerful” (prequel to The Wizard of Oz) having a to-class star cast- James Franco as the titular Wizard and Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams as the 3 Witches-

  7. Hmm even BoxOfficeindia has Bol Bachchan at 60 crores though they havent put the Wenesday Thursday Figures

  8. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh
    ‪#BolBachchan‬ collected approx Rs 66.72 cr nett in its Week 1. Business at multiplexes and single screens, both was superb.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh
    ‪#BolBachchan‬ has emerged Rohit-Ajay’s biggest grosser. Had a fabulous wknd [43.10 cr] & maintained excellent biz on weekdays [23.62 cr]…

    • extremely stable during the week, I wasn’t expecting more than 65 going by Taran’s numbers.

      • Satyamji may i know where you live? India or States? pacific or eastern?

        • As some of those Hollywood films dramatically indicate at the beginning of a disaster movie.. Eastern Seaboard, United States.

          Living in a blue state though the possibilities of disaster are somewhat more limited.

          • Thanks.

            As per BOI cocktail has taken great opening in multiplexes. This can affect BB business


            Cocktail Has Excellent Opening At Multiplexes

            Friday 13th July 2012 10.30 IST

            Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

            Cocktail had an excellent opening of 75-80% on average at multiplexes. Many of the PVR and DT multiplexes in the Delhi and Chandigarh area took a bumper 100% opening.

            The opening at the premium multiplexes can be compared with any film in the last year or so be it Agneepath or Bodyguard. These premium multiplexes are mainly situated in metros and there satellite towns and there are not many in numbers but still to clock up such huge opening numbers at these theatres is great for Cocktail as not many films open to such big collections at premium multiplexes.

            The opening was lower in the range of 50% at multiplexes in places like Allahabad, Meerut or Bhatinda.

    • and going by Bhawana Somaaya’s numbers it should be at 72-73 crores.

  9. Alex adams Says:

    Not expecting cocktail gettingany great reviews. There will be the usual ‘issues’.
    Feel it should do well at premium multiplexes only. But the opening seems fine at multiplexes—-

    Cocktail has taken a fabulous start at the Box Office on Friday Morning. Shows at multiplexes are exceptionally good. Many shows are reported housefull or near about housefull. Occupancy at multiplexes and high end multiplexes are extraordinary and occupancy are 70%+ on average Single screen has started slowly and hopefully will pick up from the later half of the day.


  10. Alex adams Says:

    If there’s anybody out there who knows ACP Vasant Dhoble personally, then trick him into watching this movie. Dhoble might get a heart-attack after watching this film and for all you know, he might even take sannyas. Also, after seeing this film, he might give up his night rounds and start playing hockey with his hockey stick!

    Since we don’t know ACP personally, we decided to write the review for him and tell him why he be watching this film. Dhoble heads some department called the ‘Social Service Cell’, so we thought that it was our birth-right to do some social service for him. Wondering why we are insisting on making Dhoble watch this film? Okay, here goes a step-by-step analysis exclusively for Dhoble.

    Dear Mr Dhoble, if you are reading this, we are listing out the reasons why you should press the panic button after watching it.

    1. People are always partying in this film: Dear Dhoblebhai (let’s get a little personal here. You don’t mind, we are sure!), people are partying incessantly and irresponsibly in this film. Deepika Padukone plays a girl who is seen gate-crashing into every happening party in London in the tiniest of dresses. Then she provokes all the guys on the dance floor to close dance with her. She also has a habit of seducing guys by forcing their hands on her hips while dancing. Now, in your dictionary Dhoblebhai, she surely qualifies as a prostitute. We urge that you should immediately catch hold of Deepika Padukone and slap a case of indecent behaviour on her. If you are looking to attach more criminal sections on the charge-sheet, here’s more help. Deepika is shown freely smoking weed in some of the sequences. Dhoblebhai, in your dictionary, weed qualifies as drugs. So, you can now slap a narcotics case on her too. I am telling you Dhoblebhai, she really smoked up while shooting these scenes. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been so convincing, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Our first recommendation to you, dear Dhoblebhai, ‘Arrest Deepika Padukone!’

    2. Saif Ali Khan has sex like a rabbit: Dear Dhoblebhai, if the behavior of Deepika Padukone is not shocking enough, then here’s Saif Ali Khan! Our dear Saifu is blessed with a superpower in this film which empowers him to get a girl horny just by looking at her! So, all through the first half of the movie, he simply looks at a girl, chants the cheesiest pick-up line and lo! The girl is ready to sleep with him! Dhoblebhai, this kind of behaviour from a 45-year-old actor cannot be tolerated at any cost. All through the film, Saif is shown touching and flirting with ‘young females’ in the most filthy manner and yet they are all smiling at him and openly asking him to come and sleep with them! Saif Ali Khan is not letting even one opportunity go and sleeps with all of them. Dhoblebhai, in your dictionary, Saif Ali Khan is a male prostitute. You should immediately arrest him because he also seemed to have one big orgy party while shooting for the film. If you are looking to attach more IPC sections on Saif Ali Khan’s charge-sheet, here’s more help: Saif Ali Khan is shown dancing in a transparent black night-gown and a tiger spot bra. Dhoblebhai, I am telling you this is against the law but I don’t which section it comes under. I am sure you will able to do the rest.

    3. Diana Penty also joins the three-some: Though Diana Penty has done a lot of work to make her look and speak like this under-stated ‘Sita type’ Indian girl, in the end, she too falls for the ‘flirt type’ Saif Ali Khan. Dhoblebhai, this is a perfect threesome and you must act against it. The story goes like this: Diana Penty comes to London to look for her long lost NRI husband only to find out that he has cheated on her. Like what you saw in Satyamev Jayate, he is settled in London with all the dowry money and then forgot all about his wife in India. A bhatakta hua Diana then accidentally meets Deepika in the loo of a nightclub and she asks her to move in with her. The two bhatakta hua females then meet another bhatakta hua Saif Ali Khan who also decides to have as many night-stands with Deepika after partying with her. What next? Saif Ali Khan shifts into the house too. Dhoblebhai, can you imagine this happening in Mumbai? You can? Oh! naughty boy! You always wanted something like that for yourself na? Cheee! Very, very naughty!

    4. Saif ends up kissing Diana Penty: Dhoblebhai, the movie gets raunchier now. Saif now manages to seduce Deepika’s best friend after sleeping with Deepika. But Diana starts resisting Saif advances because she knows that Deepika won’t like it. But then Saif Ali Khan starts emotionally blackmailing Diana into sleeping with him. At this point of time, enter Saif’s mama (Boman Irani) and ma (Dimple Kapadia) who are under the impression that Saif has fallen for Diana and not Deepika. The three-some now gets cosier! While Saif puts up an act in front of his mother, he goes on kissing Deepika when his mom is not looking. But they don’t know when this actingbaazi makes Saif fall in love with Diana. When Saif realizes that, he starts chasing Diana without any guilt because he says he was pretty clear to Deepika all this while that they will just sleep with each other. Dhoblebhai, have heard the term fuck-buddies? No? Look up in your dictionary, it means a rapist! Reasons to arrest even Diana Penty, we say!

    5. Deepika wants a three-some marriage: Dhoblebhai this is ultimate, because Deepika is so much in love with Saif (and his smells in particular), that she constantly nags Saif to have a illegal three-some where all the three friends can stay under one roof and yet have a normal life (Dhoblebhai this means they want a threesome!). Two girls and one guy under one single and having sex all the time. We are not giving out the rest of the story to you because there’re plenty of things in the movie to give you a heart-attack, if I tell you more then chances are, that you might not be getting that heart-attack. Dhoblebhai!! Are you reacting? Or you are already in your grave? Hellooo!

    What you should do?

    While we look for a quack doctor for Dhoble, you go and watch the movie. We recommend the movie for Deepika’s brilliant acting and Saif Ali Khan’s bad acting. Diana Penty has done a wonderful job too but she is too bad at crying. We recommend, that Saif Ali Khan should start narrating all those PJs to Diana all over again and may be she would be able to cry better.

  11. B.O. update: ‘Cocktail’ starts with a bang!
    By Taran Adarsh, July 13, 2012 – 14:40 IST

    COCKTAIL fetched a great start across multiplexes throughout the country. The morning and noon shows at premium multiplexes were 90% to 100%, while the opening in non-metros was lower, but good nonetheless. The film was expected to embark on a terrific start, courtesy the promos and songs that had caught the attention of the youth. COCKTAIL is expected to pack a solid total on Day 1.

    • Alex adams Says:

      Yaiy: that’s a pleasant surprise..
      Was expecting poor numbers for cocktailvdue to Bol bachchan but seems some premium multiplex folks share my interest in cocktail…
      Though am sure the single screens / interiors in India will be
      Poor due to this subject and title !! Most business only in first weekend but don’t care really..
      Btw the reviewers won’t be kind on cocktail and will suddenly behave they were expecting ray or Fellini or woody Allen here!
      C’mon why don’t these people grow up lol

  12. Alex adams Says:

    Any fans of Thomas hardy or wimerbottom or heck Freda pinto !!
    filmigirl: thanx for the fun review :-)
    I should start this review by saying that I’ve never been particularly impressed by Freida Pinto’s acting but considering that the film was adapted from Tess of the d’Ubervilles (I love 19th century British literature) and directed by Michael Winterbottom (I have fond memories of Tristam Shandy and 24 Party People) it didn’t seem impossible that I might like Trishna. Unfortunately, it was pretty clear about ten minutes into the film that Winterbottom was going to be showing us India as if it was National Geographic Channel travel documentary but, just to show you how open-minded I was being, until all the non-consensual sex, I was ready to sign off on Trishna as a film that I might find tedious but Western people who love “exotic India” would probably enjoy. Maybe it’s my own fault for not having read the book but as Freida Pinto blankly stares past the camera as she’s about to get raped for what feels like the billionth time, my stomach churned, and I couldn’t help but think, “Why didn’t anybody warn me about this?”

    The film opens with British-Asian Jay (Riz Ahmed) and his buddies enjoying some ganja and trying to shake off the aftereffects of too much bhang. Jay’s father (the delightful Roshan Seth) owns some hotels in Rajasthan and Jay is there to learn the business. Trishna (Freida Pinto) is employed at one of these hotels and Jay swiftly becomes infatuated with her. Trishna remains indifferent to Jay’s charms until a family tragedy forces her to take up the offer of employment at another one of his father’s hotels… one he’ll be managing directly. Needing the large sum of money he’s offering, Trishna accepts.

    Jay, being a lazy and entitled rich boy whose real name is probably Jai, tries to woo Trishna as if she was a London girl. Trishna is wary but she accepts all of his advances. This one-sided relationship swiftly crosses the line to non-consensual sex, which continues from the hotel (managing hotels just isn’t Jay’s “thing,” man) to Bombay (Jay is going to produce filums) and back to Rajasthan (where Jay’s “managing” looks more like laying around doing jack shit), with Trishna just passively accepting whatever it is Jay wants her to do – cook, clean, dance sexy, and accept any and all sexual advances.

    Leaving aside all the non-consensual sex for a minute, there were three major problems with Trishna. The first was the ridiculous amount of travel documentary footage. Not only were there scenes of Jay getting a tour of this haveli or that temple but endless amounts of scenery, exotic locals, city streets, etc. I kept waiting for voice over narration to break in: “The area now known as Mumbai has been continuously occupied for over 2,000 years…” It didn’t help matters that many of the locations Winterbottom used were familiar to me as a Bollywood viewer and while he was fetishizing the scenery, I kept drifting off and remembering song picturizations I had seen which were shot at this hotel or that hotel. This kind of thing might keep those “exotic India” lovers happy but is distracting for the rest of us.

    The second strike against the film is Pinto as Trishna. I said before I’ve never been a fan of Pinto and this film didn’t change my mind. On one of Jay’s endless hotel tours, we’re shown an exotic window in an exotic haveli that allows the person standing inside to see out but people outside can’t see in – the perfect metaphor for Pinto as Trishna. Not once do we get a sense of what Trishna is feeling as she goes through all this. Trishna is a passive character by both circumstances, as a girl in a traditional household, and by personality. But there are a few places in the script where Trishna is given a choice and, though it is the more difficult decision, she chooses Jay. But why? She seems indifferent to him at best. With a better actress, perhaps, we would have gotten an inkling of what she was thinking – was she hoping for marriage? Actually in love? Scared to be alone? Bored of her current circumstances? Suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

    And then there is the clumsy handling of Bollywood. Winterbottom, dude, I get that you wanted to add some of that Slumdog “Jai Ho” magic but it didn’t work. Not only were there a couple of “song breaks” where we saw more of that oh so “exotic” scenery but woven into the middle of the film is a pointless Bollywood subplot seems like nothing more than an excuse to shoehorn in cameos from Anurag Kashyap and Kalki Koechlin, as well as a shoddily executed attempt at film a “real” Bollywood song. Now, that is a lot of dick quotes – see what you made me do, Winterbottom? The Indian style of storytelling through film is more complicated than shaking the camera back and forth a few times.

    But back to the rape. I am anti-rape in real life but I understand that there are times when a story requires that something horrible happen to the heroine. We all remember the dark days of Shakti Kapoor and Ranjeet raping every other hero’s sister in the 80s but in recent years, rape in film seems less for the audience’s sexual pleasure and more as a tool to illustrate the evils of sexual violence against women, placing the shame right where it belongs, on the man doing the raping. But what happens in Trishna is handled about as socially conscious a manner as Ranjeet in a shirt unbuttoned to the navle, leaning against a doorframe, and hitting up every other lady who passes by with a trademarked, “ehhh…” Trishna getting repeated raped I hated but could accept as part of the story; Trishna getting repeated raped in soft-focus lighting after doing a strip tease for the audience just turned my stomach.

    The question I was left with at the end of the film was this: Why does Trishna leave her friends in Bombay and go off to Rajasthan to be a maid/whore to some guy she clearly doesn’t like? Trishna’s Bombay friends are supportive and chatty and full of girl power. Some of that modern spirit should have rubbed off on our village belle heroine in the months she was there. But that modern spirit doesn’t rub off because Michael Winterbottom wrote the screenplay and he understands neither women nor India. The talking points for the film are all about how Jay is supposed to represent the “modern India” and Trishna is the “traditional India” and maybe that is what Winterbottom intended to do but the result showed merely that he undstands neither modern nor traditional India beyond what anybody could glean from a couple viewings of Bride and Prejudice.

    • Alex adams Says:

      ^^^ filmigirl : thanx for that review on trishna :-)
      Still Roflol at those lines and that tongue in cheek humour
      But filmigirl: uve been so harsh on poor frieda and sort of even hinting she was ‘enjoying’ the multiple physical ‘assaults’ ( not using the ‘r’ word since I may get attacked lol)
      Btw filmigirl: would await your review on cocktail as well cheers

    • “But what happens in Trishna is handled about as socially conscious a manner as Ranjeet in a shirt unbuttoned to the navle, leaning against a doorframe, and hitting up every other lady who passes by with a trademarked, “ehhh…”
      Hahaha…this is hilarious in a bad way. Though I can totally see some people alexahem liking this sort of movie. Now I am going to stay away from it.
      Frieda is lucky (actor). Nothing more nothing less.

  13. ROFL! Raja Sen’s review: “Why this Vicky Christina Bar-bar-rona?”

  14. Alex adams Says:

    Cocktail spoof and satyamshot !!
    why this shameless plugging I’m doing for cocktail one may ask!
    As folks know, We are doing a spoof on cocktail where I’m the whole n soul–yes producer, director and god forbid, hero as well and some other Ss members are involved in production, financing and camera etc (Satyam was script consultant)
    So watching cocktail this weekend will be fun …
    So folks: contribute into the box offoce gross this weekend lol
    Btw people like anjali, Oldgold and Amy are members of the cast so it’s different for them
    Ps: I’m curious about what excuse Amy will come out for watching this one on the big screen lol
    Ps2 lol Amy @ “ROFL! Raja Sen’s review: “Why this Vicky Christina Bar-bar-rona?”

    • I’m NOT going to watch this on any screen- big or small! Watching 2 supermodelesque young women fight over a 40-something double-timing jerk with really cheesy lines and even tearfully insist on a ‘threesome marraige’ (WTF is that?) is really not my idea of entertainment! :-P It looks like Adajania and Ali have slid into the territory of those regressive, old saas-bahu serials where the pious, good bahu (Penty) is determined to ‘save’ her husband from the seductive clutches of the ‘vamp’ (Padukone). :-P

  15. Alex adams Says:

    C’mon amy: give ‘young talent’ a chance and watch it on the big screen — if u can watch stuff like housefuls and Bol bachchan (did u watch it!!) this is unfair lol (btw I’m sure u will be watching it anyhow)
    This sort of film and subject has to be watched without ‘baggage’ : have fun
    Was expecting to do a ‘cocktail’ viewing but suddenly previously nonexistent chums are keen to make it a ‘crowd’
    Contribute to the gross ….

    • I did not watch Housefull 2- and I’ll take a straight foward, unpretentious ‘mindless comedy’ like BB over a fradulent film like Cocktail which couches its regressiveness in modern setting and styling. It looks like another reviewer even had the exact same opinion as me:

      “It felt no different than a Hindi soap where the vamp always wears so much makeup and jewellery, while the simple, sacrificial lamb of a girl always gets lucky in love. He wants you to take sides and even their names reinforce this soap mentality. Ali plays about with the stock images of the “bitch” vs the “mahan” girl.”

      BTW- I think this is your most-awaited Hindi movie of all time. :-) You should write a full piece on this once you have seen it- you always post other people’s pieces/ praise their thoughts but never let us know what your opinion is. And I’m not saying this sarcastically- you seriously should write a review of this.

      • BTW- I didn’t watch Teri Meri Kahani either- it looks like you’ve turned into the blog’s resident rom-com expert- and this after making fun of my fondness of rom-coms and ‘choco boys’. :-P

        • Alex adams Says:

          Haha well picked Amy
          The reasons are –
          That films like GoW didn’t show but TMK & now cock tale did show near me!
          Also nowadays want ‘light’ viewing sometimes…
          Also it’s easier to get ‘good’ company (infact difficult to escape company) for films like TMK and cocktail -not the same for some other nonromcom or heavy stuff
          Lol-I still remember how I was nearly molested after the new agneepath !!

      • Alex adams Says:

        Hmm ok Amy will try to write a review though nt sure if what will utter can be called a ‘review’-provided u also do an EMETesque review -ok deal done … :-)
        And stop pretending u wont watch this one lol

        The problem is that it’s v easy to pull down this stuff ( not for the issues u point out but from ‘quality’ issues)
        It’s damn obvious what the aim and scope of this film is–and should be seen accordingly…
        One automatically becomes an ‘auteur’ by pulling it down etc
        Btw Amy : jut started hearing the soundtrack while driving properly–it’s not special or outstading but actually not bad for this genre and sensibility
        Eg tumhi ho bandh
        Like the quality and wanton cajoling nature of the female vocals here and neeraj sridhar obviously packs in the usual attitude.
        Has a certain foot tapping element and think Diana panty has done well here (though didn’t miss the attempts of adjania and vijjan to flirt with the innocent gal lol)

        • “The problem is that it’s v easy to pull down this stuff ( not for the issues u point out but from ‘quality’ issues).
          It’s damn obvious what the aim and scope of this film is–and should be seen accordingly…”

          But why? Why should I watch an extremely cliched, painfully wannabe, regressive rom-com with a lead actor whom I find very unattractive in that setting and whose central theme is a highly immature and unrealistic take on threesomes? When it’s damn obvious what the aim and scope of the film are- and it doesn’t appeal to me- I’m best off avoiding it. ;-)

          But you should write a full-length piece on it- I’ll do a piece for a film that I actually like. :-)

          • BTW- I liked Tumhi Ho Bandhu as well- it’s a nice, easy-listening type song- nothing great but a pleasant/catchy tune. And funnily enough PRitam plaigarised it from a traditional Bhajan!

          • Alex adams Says:

            Ok will try to write something on it (if can focus) but as always the ‘quality’ depends on my mood and distractions ..
            If u or anjali write something , I will copy stuff from it lol

            “BTW- I think this is your most-awaited Hindi movie of all time”
            Haha not exactly
            But yes: do identify with this setting more personally
            And like saif in these urbane personas though agree that his age is more than Sticking out like a sort ‘thumb'( no pun)
            Also can personally identify with the ‘dilemma’ of the poor male protagonist here :-)

          • Alex adams Says:

            Oh is it from a traditional bhajan?
            Didn’t know that…
            But it’s apparently adapted and repackaged appropriately, I thought?
            Check out desi daru and ‘yaariyan’ as well…

  16. Alex adams Says:

    And Amy : what did u think of trishna and filmigirls take…above
    Found it madly hilarious

    • I think she was more disturbed/ disgusted than amused- but trust you to find any review with sexual content ‘madly hilarious’! :-P

      • When Ami starts taking someone’s case, one can expect some fireworks from her. BTW unlike Alex i am never interested in any ‘sexual content’ and not even ‘bazookas’. And from my knowledge of female psychology, whenever a girl goes over-board in criticising something (say a movie), it is actually her ‘deep-seated love’ for the film which is coming out in the form of criticism :)

        • Alex adams Says:

          “whenever a girl goes over-board in criticising something (say a movie), it is actually her ‘deep-seated love’ for the film which is coming out in the form of criticism”
          Well said Minor :-)
          Amy had actually bought the FDFS tickets and was standing outside the theatre first in queue but now just to prove the point, she is pretending not to see it :-)
          Know Amy far too well hehe
          Btw Amy didn’t expect u to watch stiff like Bol bachchan (& magic mike) multiple times lol

      • For Ami- Ami’s fav “Neil Gayman” has announced a ‘prequel TV mini-series’ to his famous ‘graphic novel “SANDMAN”- Ami, not sure abt u but i was a Sandman fan-

        • Alex-LOL! Not watching Cocktail- will probably be dragged to watch Magic Mike with friends- but honestly not too interested in it. :-)

          Saurabh- thanks for the link- and I am BIG Sandman fan. :-) This is great news for sure. BTW- do you watch Doctor Who? The episode that Neil Gaiman scripted for the show is one of the best IMO.

          • Alex adams Says:

            Amy: u are on my ‘spycam’
            Could see u standingin the queue for cocktail tickets today and magic mike earlier (more than once ) :-)
            No escape lol

  17. tonymontana Says:

    My quick Cocktail review:

    Initially apprehensive of catching a ‘modern’ film KJo might have been proud of, I went ahead coz its hard for me to stay away from a Friday release.. As expected, its nothing great.. I did not mind it because of some rib-tickling moments and dialogues, but on the whole, found it just about above-average. Saif can do this role in his sleep. the new girl looks good but its Deepika who I felt came into her own in this film. has improved a lot when it comes to her acting abilities..

    A timepass film. One-time watch

  18. Alex adams Says:

    Hmmm thanx –so tony Montana has already paid the ‘tax’ and inspite of not finding this interesting, has seen it FDFS :-) cheers
    Amy :learn something !! Lol
    Deepikas role is not the ‘zone dimensional vamp’ role that Amy thinks.
    Even wtthout seeing the film, this is deepikas best performance yet
    Check out the smouldering (smokey) eyed deepika in female version of yaariyan..’
    And Diana panty has done quite well…
    As for saif, yes his age is a sore point, but he still can pull this off better than any other contemporary actor since he belongs to this space…

    • tonymontana Says:

      Saif is effortless.. he’s sleepwalked through it. still manage to ge chuckles out of young girls / boys alike.
      Deepika’s entry had the crowd in raptures though.
      Only if the film was as good :(

      • saif’s awesome in these rom com’s

        He created a new genre and he excels at them

        • Alex adams Says:

          Yes km — I agree
          That’s a ‘ new genre’ and I like it.. No apologies /pretence

  19. Alex adams Says:

    FAO Amy
    Zoya Akhtar and Mira nair collaborate…

    • Zoya Akhtar is also making a film for breast cancer awareness- wierdly enough starring a bunch of male actors! Love Mira- but not the biggest fan of Zoya- she is quite arrogant IMO.

        • Alex adams Says:

          Thanx for that info Amy
          But why awareness of breast cancer with male actors ?
          Beats me…
          Btw won’t be so severe on zoya Akhtar
          After znmd, have ‘high hopes’ on her
          Her znmd character sketches (ESP the Kat one !) we’re quite good
          Infact there are seem threats of a sequel to znmd, is it?
          Amy: what exactly is zoya Akhtar godamm making next?

          • “Amy: what exactly is zoya Akhtar godamm making next?”

            Haha- I’m not her PA- I have no clue!

            As for all the men in the breast cancer advert- she talked about how she doesn’t get along so well with women/ has mostly male friends at the panel discussion I attended- that could be the reason why this film has no female actors…

          • Ok- I was wrong about that- there is a legitimate reason to her making a breast cancer awareness campaign with male actors:

            Zoya Akhtar has once again donned the director’s hat, but this time for a cause. She has made a public service advertisement (PSA) that tells men to save women from breast cancer.

            Talking about the concept of the advertisement, the 37-year-old said: “The idea behind the campaign was to tell people that breast cancer is not a girl’s problem. Every person in the family is involved when a woman faces it. It is not a woman problem, it’s a humanity problem.”

            “We have always seen women in advertisements saying that they are responsible for taking care of their husband and children’s health. But now it’s time for men to take care of the women in their lives and ask them if they have got themselves checked,” she added.

            “I just told the boys the whole idea, they liked it and agreed to do it. I have cast them because all five of them are extremely sensitive, have a very strong relationship with women in their personal lives and have been very vocal about it.”

          • Alex adams Says:

            “she talked about how she doesn’t get along so well with women/ has mostly male friends at the panel discussion I attended- that could be the reason why this film has no female actors…”
            Omg : so in her next film she will have males /transvestite etc with pseudo assets to pass off as girls :-)
            She seems a sadist somewhat –can’t even rule out male casting couch here hoho
            But a good film maker and good initiative on breast cancer…

          • Alex adams Says:

            Ahh ok: just read the ‘actual reason’ for the male casting–sounds reasonable
            On a lighter politically incorrect note, guys ( like me) should offer their help in ‘detecting’ early signs -apparently there are some easy ‘self-do’ methods to pick it early (not being funny)
            Ps: Farhan Akhtar is looking quite different in that hair-do but the bug of a ‘lead hero’ seems to have hit him hard (post znmd)

          • “so in her next film she will have males /transvestite etc with pseudo assets to pass off as girls”

            Considering her love for male-bonding- it would be great if she made a mainstream homosexual love story- that does not make fun of or stereotype gay people. With the right treatment, casting, music etc- I could see it working as a multiplex film.

          • Alex adams Says:

            Hmm agree. Though am not much into gay themes
            There was something that onir made on it -haven’t seen it…
            Btw OT
            Shocking- a teen girl molested by a whole mob for half an hour in india–shockingly disgusting!!
            Didnt know india was so unsafe even now

          • Alex adams Says:

            Really damn shocking incident- on a busy road-spoilt my mood!!!!
            Need a break…

          • Alex adams Says:

            Btw Satyam: that ‘self do’ cancer detection comment can be misconstrued and may be deleted plz

  20. Alex adams Says:

    Seems may not have much v good to say about the film after viewing it…lol
    But till then enjoy ‘yaariyan’ -reasonably good

  21. Alex adams Says:

    Btw brett lee retires !
    Some work now on other window…

  22. Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta

    Earth-shaterng opening for Cocktail.Highest for a Saif solo starrer.Kota full!Indicator of what opening at other places must be

  23. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#Cocktail‬ is undoubtedly one of the biggest openers of the year. Great to witness swelling crowds outside cineplexes.

  24. tonymontana Says:

    yeah.. was surprised to see a full house on an early Friday show here.. I think the subject along with its hit music did the trick

  25. tonymontana Says:

    SRK might fall behind Saif after the thunderous opening of Cocktail . Lol

  26. Suniel Wadhwa ‏@sunielwadhwa
    # Cocktail *India* Friday : Raj : 58.38 Lacs All India Luks 10 Cr

  27. AamirsFan Says:

    a trailer can never go wrong with a gangster theme and a jay-z track playing in the back ground…

  28. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Cocktail had a good buzz in facebook. After Agent Vinod, Saif desperately needed this kind of box office success. This was his forte and he delivered at the BO. It will be interesting to see how far it goes.

  29. Rajasthan Top Ten 2012: COCKTAIL 5th

    Friday 13th July 2012 23.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Cocktail had the fifth biggest opening in Rajasthan in 2012. The Rajasthan figure suggests all India business of 9.50 crore nett on day one though the numbers from Delhi/UP and East Punjab may surprise on the upside tomorrow and it could go towards 10 crore. On the other side the limited single screen release and business may keep it below 10 crore nett. The top ten first days in Rajasthan for 2012 are as follows.

    1. Agneepath – 1.20 crore

    2. Rowdy Rathore – 1.00 crore

    3. Bol Bachchan – 85 lakhs

    4. Housefull 2 – 79 lakhs

    5. Cocktail – 58.38 lakhs

    6. Jannat 2 – 54 lakhs

    7. Agent Vinod – 52 lakhs

    8. Teri Meri Kahaani – 33 lakhs

    9. Ishaqzaade – 29 lakhs

    10. Players – 26 lakhs

    • note how the moment they got Bol Bachchan out of their system they’re back to these multiple updates on films! For example there was no report on BB being third on that Rajasthan list! Even otherwise it was ‘hey I’m so depressed, BB is working’ kind of tone from them!

  30. Satyam- How did you like Friends With Kids? I thought it was a very shallow, vacuous and narcisstic effort by Jennifer Westfeldt- and this despite it being part of a genre that I usually enjoy and featuring some of my favourite actors. BTW- Have you seen Bridesmaids?

    • Ami, if i may butt-in. Saw Bridesmaids and did not like it- now admittedly i am not a fan of ‘raunchy comedies’ but i really love films of Judd Apatow and their group. BTW if u have not seen “The Pineapple Express”- a stoner comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco-u have missed out on something. easily my fav ‘loud comedy’ from the past decade (i am sure it will remind u of ur ‘rave party’ when u went ecstatic …just kidding)

      • Bridesmaids is an Apatow-produced comedy- it’s his biggest hit and IMO his funniest. I don’t think I have seen Pineapple Express- will try to catch it.

        Back on topic- here’s an interesting review of Cocktail-

        “Cocktail is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai revisited. Regressive messages are most dangerous when they sport a veneer of liberalism, and KKHH is a classic among such films. Karan Johar’s highly entertaining, well-packaged debut film put up the façade with Rani’s little skirts and the Western designerwear crowding those college corridors. Beneath the gloss though, KKHH had a very clear point to make: that unless a woman conforms to the accepted definition of femininity, the man she loves will never realise he loves her. Or, more literally: ladies, you will lose the man who loves you unless you lose to him in basketball while wearing a sari.”

        • BTW- Have you seen 50/50? Seth Rogen’s best film IMO- a wonderfully touching, witty little seriocomic gem.

          • Ami, i have been wanting to see 50/50 since the time u told us that u had seen it on a flight and had really liked it- also the fact that it stars Gordon Levitt and Rogen aroused a lot of interest in me for the film- but sadly have not been able to get my hands on it. Actually the broadband speed is pathetic here so i guess i will only be able to download it once i go home. but i have been trying to find a pirated DVD of the film. BTW early last yr i saw Rogen’s superhero flick-“the green hornet”-atrocious

      • tonymontana Says:

        good timepass

      • Thought Bridesmaids was fine but it’s nowhere near 40 Year Old Virgin, which is still Apatow’s funniest and best film by far. Didn’t love Pineapple Express but it had some hilarious turns from guys like Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and in that hysterical black and white opening scene, Bill Hader:

        • Alex adams Says:

          In my case, films like bridesmaid (&even ‘love actually’) were a sort of a ‘watershed’ for romcomish/chick flickish genre
          Had to see these at somewhat of a ‘gunpoint’ situation, & being taunted for ‘not being a sport etc’
          But liked both and somewhat introduced me to this genre (that I earlier hated)…

  31. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Cocktail Beats Bodygaurd In Gurgaon

    Cocktail recorded the second highest first day collections of all time in Gurgaon after Agneepath. It had better collections than Bodyguard as it’s a centre domintaed by high grossing premium multiplexes. The top ten all time first day collections in Gurgaon are as follows.

    1. Agneepath – 40,19,815

    2. Cocktail – 36,64,315

    3. Bodyguard – 36,11,121

    4. Don 2 – 32,33,062

    5. Dabangg – 29,86,875

    6. Housefull 2 – 29,17,877

    7. Three Idiots – 27,51,090

    8. Rockstar – 26,24,789

    9. Ready – 25,59,482

    10. Agent Vinod – 24,64,257

    • Alex adams Says:

      Deepika feels emotionally drained after cocktail!!

      Mumbai: Even as Deepika Padukone’s latest film Cocktail has garnered positive reviews for its music and look, the actress says she is not bothered about box office results.

      “This film is very special to me. Personally it has been a journey for me as an actor as I have invested in this film physically, mentally and emotionally. I want people to enjoy and feel for the film as I do. I am not concerned about box office, I don’t care how much money it earns,” Deepika told reporters here.

      The Homi Adajania-directed romantic comedy Cocktail stars Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and debutante Diana Penty, besides Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani. “For me money does not matter. I want people to enjoy the film. Critics and people enjoy it, in that case if the film earns money then its good,” she said.

      Cocktail is a story of three friends – Gautam (Saif), a flirt, Meera (Diana), a girl with desi values, and Veronica (Deepika) who is a bold and outspoken. The film is about how the friendship becomes confusing and love gets complicated. “The film is a journey of three friends of different personalities and then how love happens is a cocktail,” Deepika said. Deepika was offered both the roles of Meera and Veronica but she chose to play the latter.

      “This role was most challenging as I have come out of my comfort zone. I have taken a risk. When Dinesh Vijan (producer) asked me to pick up a role out of the two – Meera or Veronica. I thought I have already done something like Meera in Love Aaj Kal so why to repeat same thing, hence I chose Veronica. To play Meera would be similar and Veronica is new and challenging,” she said.

  32. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Bol Bachchan Second Friday Business

    Bol Bachchan collected around 3.25 crore nett on its second Friday. Its a 70% drop from its first day as multiplex business was hit by the new release Cocktail but single screen business remained good. The film has collected around 63 crore nett in eight days.

    The Bihar, CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan belts where Cocktail did not do great business remained best for Bol Bachchan. UP was also good but Delhi, Punjab and South say big drops.

    Bol Bachchan should show a good jump on Saturday and Sunday business should be very strong especially in mass areas.

    • Alex adams Says:

      Wow: So cocktail is the biggest opener (atleast in premium multiplexes!)
      Good to know
      Off with the intention of watching cocktail
      With a multinatIonal bunch, one doesn’t know what u end up doing though lol
      As for the cocktail spoof cast: check it out folks including
      Anjali and oldgold :-)
      Btw before Di gets angry: Di sings well and will be providing the vocals in the spoof. Btw dimple : the role of simple kapadia is also available -oops sorry…lol

    • Alex adams Says:

      Anyone into french comedy at all?
      Someone recommended this to me and will be watching it soon..
      A decent fare it seems-
      Really Like cluzet:
      don’t like Omar sy but the guy trumped (artist) suj arson in the french awards…

    • thought you’d find this interesting!

      Agneepath Second Friday Business

      Agneepath grossed around 3-3.25 crore nett on its second Friday which is a 70% drop from last Friday. Saturday will show a good jump in collections which will at anywhere in the range of 50-75% and the weekend should end above 14 crore nett taking the film’s business to 100 crore nett.

      There was big differences in drops as compared to last Friday, circuits like East Punjab and Delhi/UP dropped around the 60% while CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan had drops of 75%. Basically the areas that showed heavy drops and under-performed last Friday showed the steadiest collections this Friday.

      Agneepath should get close to 120 crore nett for its lifetime domestic business.

      • note how even with the Cocktail competition and even without any such competition for Agneepath the latter did the same on the second Fri as did BB (going by BOI numbers in each case) even though Agneepath of course opened at a higher level.

  33. tonymontana Says:

    i found deepika to be sincere in Cocktail.. Find Raja Sen’s comments on her unnecessarily harsh. No masterclass of a performance, but her effort shows and she seems to have improved a lot over her previous acts

    • Agreed Tony on your thoughts on Deepika. I would say she will benefit the most from Cocktail from an acting POV.

      My take below

  34. Alex adams Says:

    Ya deepikas role and performance seems more than a one-note ‘vampish’
    Spoilt brat one that some seem to think ..
    Also Diana seems quite poised and has held her own, it seems..
    The involvement of homi (after being Cyrus) and imtiaz Ali (after rockstar) suggests that this maybe more than another factory line products from kjo&progeny!!
    But let’s see today…

    • tonymontana Says:

      btw its no surprise Saif has produced this one. I be he secretly fantasizes about being wooed by two long-legged hotties who fight over him.. is this his wildest fantasy? coz here’s no way why would some sensible woman find a middle-aged, cheesy roadside romeo worth risking her life for..

      i wonder….

  35. Watched it last night and it’s worth one watch. First half was full of fun, second half drags. The movie has Imtiaz Ali stamp all over it. Saif is commendable Deepika has improved and shall now qualify as an actress unlike Katrina. The other girl fitted her role ok. This should put up huge numbers in overseas apart from indian multiplexes. Great for Saif who keeps succeeding doing this uber cool stuff and yes he seems to have spend good money on botox as well

  36. Alex adams Says:

    Thanx for your review dino
    So what was the occupancy & where dis u see it ..?
    Shouldn’t be that bad considering people like Amy are havin to spend hours in the queue getting a ticket ? :-)

    • Hi Alex occupancy was 100% with many ppl left disappointed on not getting a ticket. I am based in Dubai and saw the night show. As a matter of fact after the movie ended and we were exiting the cinema saw huge crowd of youngsters lining up for the show thats one of the biggest line I have ever seen for such a late night show in Dubai. Amazing that people were so excited for this one.

  37. tonymontana Says:

    Said reminded me of alex.. lol.
    maybe ami can play diana well – sweet n sensible

    deepika – hmmm.. who? maybe Di: playful n naughty: sort of a brat :)

    n saurabh can play randeep hooda.. lol..

    dimple – oldisgold
    Boman – Satyam

    no offense

  38. Alex adams Says:

    Hahahaha tonymontana
    Thanx for helping out in the casting for the (already underway) spoof!!
    Yes: Am already playing saif here (& the main issue with his age is also taken care of lol)
    The casting of deepika remains a ‘mystery’ (to others)
    What about anjali or even Amy ?
    Oldgold wants to play Diana lol (she has announced she is twenty!)
    Saurabh as hooda and satyam as boman?? Haha (not fair)
    Tony : before u get attacked, I will hide :-)

    • tonymontana Says:

      ive already cast Ami as Diana.. look again!

      • Alex adams Says:

        Haha tony: u r in top form
        The way it works in the spoof :this casting is also interchangeable between deepika and Diana (as & when convenient for me!) :-)
        Ps: deepikas role is difficult and ‘taxing’
        One actress may not be able to bear the script (& lead actor) alone and so anjali will also pitch in hoho
        And oldgold is adamant that she wants Diana’s role As well–infact she is ‘sulking’ now–I have to please everyone lol
        Wow -think me and tony should start writing more scripts …

  39. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#Cocktail‬ *early estimates* Friday around 10.75 cr to 11 cr. Major contribution from plexes, limited single screen release.

    • Alex adams Says:

      Man, 11crores only from multiplexes!! Yaiy
      Satyam: dont think this will affect Bol bachchan at this stage:what do u think!
      Btw just to clarify and not to trivialise satyam:
      As on the blog, satyam is the overall producer, financier and script consultant of my cocktail spoof (so he will gracefully take all the gains/losses ) :-)

      • any competition always damages a film.. it doesn’t derail a successful film but affects it one way or the other.

        • It will impact BB collections no doubt but yeah BB is already a success and Don’t think so it matters a lot if it finally does 90 or 100.

          • actually the way BOI have been playing the game (even without the Cocktail opening) they were probably going to stop it around 90 or so anyway. Normally they’re never more than a couple of crores behind Taran’s numbers. Here it was a full 7 crores just in week 1. True, it doesn’t matter in more than an academic sense but that doesn’t mean the right numbers shouldn’t be represented.

    • Satyam, not sure if u saw this trailer earlier but what do u make out of it?- looks like a ‘blockbuster’ and one helluva ‘visual treat’-

  40. Bloomberg News:

    Ajay Devgn-Abhishek starrer ‘Bol Bachchan’ gathers praises; rakes Rs 67 cr at box-office

    After a disastrous performance of multi-starrer ‘Players’ and a wait of seven-months, finally actor Abhishek Bachchan has something to be happy about. His latest release, ‘Bol Bachchan’, has grossed nearly Rs 67 crore in the first week at the box-office, and has turned out to be one of the biggest grossers of this year

    The movie, made with a budget of Rs 70 crore, has already beaten the first week box-office collection records of 2012’s multi-starrer blockbuster – Housefull 2. However, it is yet to recover its production cost through ticket sales. Nevertheless, the makers of Bol Bachchan are expecting the movie to make a business of Rs 100 crore. In an interview with a news channel, director Rohit Shetty said, “wait for 10 days, we’ll cross the 100 (crore mark). Don’t worry.”

    Bol Bachchan, released on July 6, 2012, once again brings back the famous and unbeaten pair of director Rohit Shetty and actor Ajay Devgn on the screen. Also, this time around, Devgn has played a double role in the making of the film; one of an actor and the other of a producer. This makes it quite obvious that the movie means a lot to not only Abhishek Bachchan, who has been waiting for a hit for quite sometime now, but also to Ajay Devgn.

    As expected by its makers, if Bol Bachchan enters the Rs 100-club, then it will be Ajay Devgn and Asin Thottumkal’s third film in a row to earn that kind of business. So far, Salman Khan is the only actor who has managed to hit the Rs 100-crore mark in three consecutive movies. On a similar note, with Bol Bachchan entering the elite club, Rohit Shetty will become the first director to record a hat trick century and Abhishek Bachchan will get his first one.

    Bol Bachchan is based on Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s 1979 iconic film Golmaal. However, Rohit Shetty claims the movie to be different from the Amol Palekar-starrer classic. “Once you see the film, you’ll realise how different both the movies are,” he told Bloomberg UTV.

    On a critical note, the movie got a mixed response. While some called it a ‘dhamaal entertainer’ and ‘crowd pleaser’, others termed the movie as ‘a dispensable cinema’ and ‘Bore Bachchan’.

    The movie starring Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin Thottumkal and Prachi Desai in lead, was recently placed in the top 20 films at the North American box office.

  41. Cocktail Rules Multiplexes, Day One To Close At 10 Cr
    by Rohini Nag (July 13, 2012)

    A youth-centric film is a sure-shot winner when it comes to the multiplex audience. And in this case, Cocktail has taken A-class centres by storm across territories, especially the metro cities. As far as the film’s first day goes, Illuminati Films’ Cocktail, starring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty, has struck gold. Tradewallahs believe the film will earn over Rs 10 crore all-India NBOC and will enjoy a magnificent weekend too.

    In Mumbai, Ramesh Sippy of Raksha Entertainment says, “Cocktail is a pleasant film and being a youth-centric movie, it took charge of ticket counters ever since its morning shows. The film will wrap day one at around Rs 10 crore plus all-India, and Rs 4 crore in the Mumbai circuit. It opened at around 500 screens in our circuit.”

    In Gujarat, Ajay Bagbai of Rajvi Trade Link adds, “The all-India NBOC of Cocktail will be Rs 10-11 crore and in the Gujarat-Saurastra region, Rs 1.25 crore. The film had a magnificent opening today and the weekend will be equally good.”

    In Delhi UP, Sanjay Ghai of Mukta Arts says Cocktail has been running house full since the morning shows. “The film opened with 150 prints and is expected to earn Rs 2.5 crore in the Delhi-NCR belt. It’s all-India numbers will be over Rs 10 crore. It is doing impressively at multiplexes and well at single screens.”

    In East Punjab, Surendra Saluja of Lakshya Movies says the film opened at 75 screens in the region. “It is doing exceptionally well and has swayed the audience. Cocktail will wrap day one at Rs 1 crore in our circuit,” he adds.

    In West Bengal, Dabasish Dey of Aum Moviez remarks, “Cocktail took a mind-blowing opening today. It’s been quite a while since we had an out-and-out youth film and the audience likes it. Even though the film is doing much better at multiplexes, it will wrap its first day at Rs 40 lakh after being released at 45 screens in our territory.”

    In Mysore, B H Basha of Bahar Enterprises says, “The film took an opening of 50 per cent, and with the noon shows, the figure dropped to 25 per cent. But now, the shows are house full. Cocktail opened at around 40 screens in our region and will earn Rs 30-35 lakh today. All-India collections should be close to Rs 11 crore. “

    In CI, Manoj Jain of Neha Movies says Cocktail has fared brilliantly in multiplexes in the circuit. “Single-screens have shown a slower response. The film opened at 40 screens and will collect Rs 40-45 lakh in our region.”

    In Bihar, Rakesh Singh of Maa Sona Films adds, “The film opened at only 20 screens in Bihar due to its narrow market in our region. This was a smart move. It took a very good opening at multiplexes and a not-so-great opening at single-screens. Cocktail will collect Rs 15 lakh on its first day and will enjoy a smooth weekend.”

    In Orissa, Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers concludes, “The film is meant for a niche audience and is doing very well in big centers. It opened at 34 screens and its first-day collections are estimated at Rs 6 lakh in Orissa.”

  42. Cheers to Cocktail
    by Shabdita Shrivastav (July 13, 2012)

    This week’s release Homi Adjania’s Cocktail opened to full houses in the multiplexes all across India. Considering the overwhelming response, the Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone-starrer, which also marks the debut of Diana Penty, is expected to enjoy a smooth run on its first day at the box office.

    The film caters largely to the youth, which explains the somewhat unenthusiastic response in single-screens. Although the filmopened on a positive note, the second half of the film seems to be having problem and audiences say they are left with mixed feelings.

    In Mumbai, Rajesh Thadani of Multi Media Combines says, “Cocktail is a youth film and the opening is close to 100 per cent in multiplexes. Day one will wrap with great numbers.”

    According to Ajay Bagbai of Rajvi Trade Link, “In Gujarat, the film has taken an opening of 80 per cent and will do well at multiplexes. The reports of the film are good. But at singleplexes, the response is just about okay.”

    Calling it a “superhit”, Sanjay Ghai of Mukta Arts remarks, “In the Delhi-UP circuit, Cocktail has taken an opening of 100 per cent and is a sure-shot winner among the young crowd. In our territory, the movie has generated a great response in both multiplexes and single-screens.”

    In East Punjab, Surendra Saluja of Lakshya Movies adds, “The opening of Cocktail is excellent. Multiplexes registered 100 per cent and single-screens 60 to 70 per cent. The film caters to 15-25-year-old and hence it has a very well-balanced market.”

    Sharang Chandak of Shri Rang Films echoes this view. “Multiplexes in CP have opened to approximately 70 per cent and single-screens to 50 per cent. The reports of the film are good and the weekend will be promising.”

    On a different note, Vasudev Chachan of Sunny Films reveals, “Reports of the film in Rajasthan are not very good. The film has taken an opening of only 40 per cent here. We hope things will be brighter by evening.”

    In Orissa, Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers points out, “The film has to be a complete entertainer and massy to click with all kinds of movie-goers. Cocktail is a youth film and is targeted only at them. The opening in our circuit is 75 per cent, which is excellent. “

  43. Cocktail Wraps Day One At Over 10 Cr Plus
    by Shinjini Bose (July 14, 2012)

    Illuminati Films’ Cocktail hit the jackpot on its opening day, wrapping at Rs 10 crore plus. The youth-centric movie, featuring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty, has definitely hit the right chord with the multiplex audience but took a slow start at single-screen cinemas. It is expected to have a marvelous weekend although distributors say they expect a drop in collections during the week thanks to the film’s second half, which is predictable and slow.

    In Mumbai, Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines says, “The first day pan-Indian collections of Cocktail were Rs 10.75 crore, whereas it was Rs 4 crore in the Mumbai circuit. The weekend and week ahead are expected to be good. The film is doing a good job at multiplexes.”

    In Delhi, G D Mehta of Bobby Arts International says collections in Delhi-UP were Rs 2.25 crore. “The film is doing well at multiplexes and has been allotted more shows. It is targeted at the urban youth so footfalls are fewer at single-screens.”

    According to Jaspal Dhingra of Nanaksar Enterprise, “In East-Punjab, Cocktail had a very good first day and it earned Rs 1.12 crore. The film is meant for the youth and the music is another good feature of the film. The shows in multiplexes have been increased. Since there is no big film releasing next week, Cocktail has bright chances.”

    Sunit Singh of Aum Moviez says, “In West Bengal, Cocktail earned Rs 45 lakh on its first day. Collections might see an upswing over the weekend, at Rs 1.6 crore, but the film will see a drop in the next week”, he predicts.

    In CP, Sarang Chandak of Shri Rang Films remarks, “The first day wrapped at Rs 40 lakh. Over the weekend, the film is expected to do good business and it may even earn Rs 1.5 crore. The second half of the film is somewhat weak, so it might experience drop in numbers during the week.”

    In Orissa, Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers concludes, “Cocktail earned Rs 5 lakh on its first day, which was decent as it is a film for the classes and not for the masses. The film is running to full houses in many places here and the rest took an opening of 50 per cent. Since the film is youth-centric, it is very popular. The weekend is expected to be good due to an upcoming festival.”

  44. Note how the Cocktail opening and numbers prove another point of mine. The film is obviously doing massively well in multiplexes. It’s one significantly better than ZNMD for example. And slightly better than Rockstar or is at least at the same level. Of course there is as always a huge element of exaggeration in the reporting. The impression that is being conveyed is that the film opened at 100% in every multiplex and more or less stayed that way. If that did happen you’d get probably 20 crores or more day 1!

    The more important point here is that note how films that open 2-5 crores higher than this, all the 100 crore ones are cheered in the very same way (at least when they don’t star a Bachchan.. when it’s the latter the cheering, even where it occurs is far more muted!). Now of course the difference here is that those mass-oriented films open well everywhere but generally not stupendously in the multiplexes. If at all they do so in single/double screens where the gross cannot get spiked as dramatically. So mathematically it’s easy to explain this. However the problem is that the commentary in those cases is exactly as exaggerated and out of control. So you have numbers being provided randomly from multiplexes and small centers and so on and in each cases you get those very high percentages. Well if this sort of film is already doing stupendously in multiplexes and already going houseful in most parts how it is possible for a multiplex-only deal to be just a few crores behind?!

    so it once again signals the utter fraud that is perpetrated by the trade. It’s not even about arguing for one number or the other. It’s the overall narrative that often amounts to a ‘lie’ even when some of the individual numbers might be fine. and again Cocktail is doing very well in all the centers and multiplexes that matter for this kind of film. But the reporting is making it out to be the hit of the decade!

    But note how this structure deconstructs the major stars. Because for every other film this kind of breathless commentary comes up. So unless there’s a star who comes in for great reviews and stands out that way or one who gets big success out of the different or one who just puts up one big success after another the hit itself becomes much more disposable. Useful to the star of course but can’t stand out too much in the absence of these other factors.

  45. Cocktail Box Office – Opening Day Analysis
    1 day ago by Team

    Cocktail seems to have taken a bumper start in many parts of the country. Starring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty, the movie was one of the most awaited one’s of this month and thus the huge box office opening comes as no surprise. The movie might have got average reviews but the good publicity seems to have left its impact.
    Diana Penty, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone in Cocktail Movie Stills

    Diana Penty, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone in Cocktail Movie Stills

    If you look at North India the movie had an almost 90-100% average occupancy rate in multiplexes. As of now the movie is doing pretty well in Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Delhi, Noida and Ahmedabad. The average occupancy in movies across the country would be over 80%. It is a huge number for any movie in the recent past. In fact one can easily compare it to opening day of other Blockbusters this year.

    Multiplexes in the metros seem to be doing a better business than that of single screen theaters and non-urban areas. The opening day has indeed proved to be bigger than anyone predicted and in the absence of a competition, Cocktail will indeed do some good business. Collections will only increase during the weekend, however average reviews might hit the movie to some extend. All said and done Cocktail seems to be prepared for a rocking journey at the Indian Box Office.

    • Music is big plus for the film. Although it looks like having a great weekend numbers from Monday onwards it will see low numbers as overall the film has got negative to mixed reviews.

  46. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh
    #BolBachchan [Wknd 2] UK Fri £ 15,773, total 286,03… Australia Fri A$ 21,417, total 271,220… New Zealand Fri NZ$ 13,180, total 122,393.

  47. Box office does surprise sometimes and the opening of cocktail is a surprise. Thought the film had little buzz and hype. Pretty big number for first day and I’m least bit interested in seeing the film!

  48. I think reports suggest that Sat is pretty big too.
    This might hurt BB more than anticipated.
    Good for Saif.Happy for him and Deepika deserves a fair bit of credit as well.
    A little disappointing again to see the kind of films gaining acceptance.

    • Totally. I saw the trailor and just thought how many of these films are releasing now and isn’t the audience getting bored yet? And then this opens really well. really surprised and BB will definitely lose out for this.

      • I think there’s a bit of a masala reaction here as well! There aren’t that many credible multiplex movies being made these days, i.e. those with major stars and so on. Having said that it’s still surprising to see this film get the sort of start that ZNMD didn’t. In recent times there have been two purely multiplex films really open this strong — cocktail and Rockstar. MBKD was more aligned with the ZNMD opening, in fact kept pace with it for a week or so.

        • Satyam,
          Agnipath comparision is apt.
          Hope for a 15 crore weekend atleast from BB.
          I expected Cocktail to do a MBKD kind of business at best.

          • yes agreed on Cocktail.. given the reviews I’d be surprised to see it sustain for long. It’s opened bigger than ZNMD but I very much doubt it can maintain that film’s strong trending. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it fall behind even Rockstar on the trending front but a very strong weekend would probably get it in that range (assuming there isn’t a total collapse after this).

          • Two points are highlighted once again with the cocktail opening:

            1)You can get a pure multiplex 100 crore hit, ZNMD did 90 or so. A Cocktail if it were liked as much could even get to 110. But this is pretty much the limit of a multiplex-only hit at present.

            2)The masala films can be good in multiplexes but not massive in the same way. In other words if many of the 100 crore masala films did that well in these theaters they would all minimally be at a 150 overall. So what you’re getting here is a good performance across the board but usually a combination of good to decent (sometimes less than this) multiplex performance (overall) and good to fantastic smaller center and/or single/double screen (some of which are in big metros) business.

            These are the two current paths to get to a 100. The 3I kind of film is rare which does that well across the board. All the other big ones whether it’s BnB in 2005 or Ghajini in 2008 are nonetheless big in major metros (which is to say multiplexes) for a couple of weeks. This is great by today’s standards where most other films are just great for 3-5 days. But the point here is that Ghajini or BnB after those first two weeks were still very strong in smaller centers. The gross does not increase greatly just with these alone though unless the film is doing historic business in such centers. Which is why usually a 2 week gross for a film is not dramatically removed from its final number.

            The larger point though is that masala still has a better shot to get to much bigger totals. The problem is currently these films are mostly over the top Telugu remakes or films by people like Sajid Khan or Rohit shetty which are equally over the top in many ways. This isn’t the sort of format that can have great legs in the multiplexes. Hirani (though of course a vastly more gifted directed) is able to come up with such a balance. The others err more on the ‘mass market’ side of the equation while films like Cocktail start out by writing off these centers completely. This is again where Aamir triumphs. I’ve been making this point forever but Ghajini was a narrative driven film. Aamir could have selected anything to remake but he chose this. many over the years have argued with me that this too is over the top and so on. That’s utter nonsense. Either one hasn’t seen the other stuff or one pretends it’s all the same. I enjoyed Rowdy a lot but compared to this film Ghajini is the paragon of refined cinema! Most films are like Rowdy not Ghajini. So this Aamir path continues to be unexplored. Perhaps this is not entirely a coincidence because the more narrative-driven masala also requires more often than not a better actor. Whereas the stars that are prospering in these remakes are for the most part really all about the posturing and a certain gesturality (again one can enjoy it on its own but that’s not the point here). So a film which is only about these moments rewards such a star. Plus these films are also essentially ‘comedies’. Easier to please a base audience everywhere doing this. With greater dramatic stakes as with Ghajini you also have less leeway.

  49. mksrooney Says:

    I am not surprised by cocktail opening, given a choice myself i will prefer a cocktail over bol bachchan any given sunday!

    To go for a movie with friends, or girl any youngster will prefer Cocktail. I believe if it was well made compare to what i have feedback it would have whitewashed BB, but by not making strong product its a door open for BB to come back.

    • mksrooney Says:

      and people forget Cocktail is written by the master himself, who defines the modern day stories


  50. compulsive watch- kader khan on ‘why his relationship with Bachchan turned sour’-

    and ‘on Coolie accident’-

  51. Abhishek Bachchan ‏@juniorbachchan

    Spent the day with Rohit touring cinemas in and around Mumbai. Greatest feeling is to see “housefull” boards and the audiences having fun!!

    Abhishek Bachchan ‏@juniorbachchan

    2nd weekend and shows still sold out. Respect. Gratitude and love to all of you from the whole team!

  52. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Cocktail First Day Territorial Breakdown

    Cocktail has collected 10.75 crore nett approx on its first day. The weekend territorial breakdown is as follows. Below is the first day territorial breakdown.

    Mumbai – 4 crore

    Delhi/UP – 2.31 crore

    East Punjab – 1.12 crore

    West Bengal – 46 lakhs

    Bihar – 10 lakhs

    Assam/Orissa – 9 lakhs

    CP Berar – 39 lakhs

    CI – 38 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 58 lakhs

    Nizam – 50 lakhs

    Mysore – 70 lakhs

    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 15 lakhs

    TOTAL – 10.78 crore

  53. Saw BB and found just okay. But most disheartening was Abhishek performance. He was not looking confident on screen and his performance has much scope of betterment.

    His last good to Great performance was DMD. Players, Game and KHJJS all were disappointing as far as Jr B performance is concerned. From Game to BB .. i saw all his movies on big screen and except DMD i always came out disappointing and like losing hope on Abhishek. Despite good BO performance BB is no exception. This movie fails to me as a Jr B supporter. I think with Abhishek, problem is more deep routed. I am not in mood to discuss any more, but i just hope either he quits or slow down to level of 1 movie in 2-3 years.

    Today in theater, show was 70% full and most audience was laughing through out (Don’t know why) but i was like cursing myself. Ajay gave good performance though ..

    • thanks for your take Yakuza..

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      Completely agree with almost everything here and must say quite an honest fan you are. For me also DMD was the last Abhi perf which i liked a lot although didn’t like the film that much.

      One thing on which i don’t agree is Abhishek shouldn’t do 1 movie in 2/3 years. I personally feel major film stars should do at least 2/3 movies a year. I don’t understand the time they waste on promotions. Cocktail is the best example we have. Saif didn’t go to every TV show or didn’t go for promotional overdrive.

      Second thing the Film stars should stop doing TV shows and give more time to films.

      • for once we are in agreement! I too don’t think there was anything special about the BB performance while loved the DMD one (though also loved the film). But I do agree that major stars should have at least two releases a year. Would also agree on the TV stuff! However I don’t think Abhishek is saying he’s doing 1 in 2-3 years. He’s just saying he’ll shoot for one at a time. Which doesn’t preclude his doing films back to back. and I fully expect him to do this. Even earlier when he did sign on to multiple projects he never had more than 2 in a year (at least for a number of years) because he was still shooting for these films in bulk and couldn’t do too many at a time.

      • I was asking for 1 movie in 2-3 years for Abhishek because i don’t want to get disappointment 2-3 times a year.

        • Yakuza, I am very sympathetic to your position on BB and I have elaborated on this at length very many times as you know (including recently in my piece on the film and some of the comments that followed). However I think sometimes ‘fans’ like yourself who are interested in more intelligent entertainment also operate under a certain illusion. You can have Abhishek do meaningful stuff with a high risk of failure where no one will celebrate his performance if the film doesn’t work (so even in the best case scenario, DMD, he was praised but because the film didn’t do half as much as BB, he wasn’t quite ‘celebrated’ for this) or you can have him compromise more where his performances won’t quite move you as much. To split the difference you need to be Aamir. But this is a tall order for anyone. Leaving this aside you might think that there is a kind of commercial performance you could completely celebrate. This too is part of the illusion. Because if you value his far more interesting work in far more interesting films a run of the mill deal in a run of the mill film will never seem as impressive. Now my sense is that you wanted a bit more of the overman gesturality from him but that itself doesn’t constitute a more interesting performance.

          But again if the whole industry is celebrating this performance as a very important one and so on, if even most of the audience agrees and if on the other hand he’s being called the worst actor in Raavan or D6 or whatever by the very same segments it’s very hard to remain objective enough to dismiss the former and embrace the latter if you’re in the thick of it as a star. Which is why I keep lamenting the institutional problems. Where do you turn if there isn’t a critical apparatus appreciating your efforts irrespective of box office results. The audiences are the same way. Even on blogs no matter what people might pretend 95% of the time all judgments in any direction can be correlated with box office results.

      • Failure with bad performance is good thing, this can be taken as lesson.

        Failure with good performance is also good, at least it was not your mistake.

        Success with good performance is superb, boost the confidence and take you to another level for future projects.

        Success with bad performance is worst thing happen to any actor, this leads to over confidence and several other failures with bad performance.

        • I agree with your views Yakuza. I’ve liked Devgan’s performance
          compared to Abhishek. In my view for future films, Abhishek has to change his look completely. He needs stylist and designer badly for long time. I am not sure why Bachchans doesn’t take it seriously. Actors older than him looking more stylish (Saif,Salman)

    Cocktail is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai revisited. Regressive messages are most dangerous when they sport a veneer of liberalism, and KKHH is a classic among such films. Karan Johar’s highly entertaining, well-packaged debut film put up the façade with Rani’s little skirts and the Western designerwear crowding those college corridors. Beneath the gloss though, KKHH had a very clear point to make: that unless a woman conforms to the accepted definition of femininity, the man she loves will never realise he loves her. Or, more literally: ladies, you will lose the man who loves you unless you lose to him in basketball while wearing a sari. Ishaqzaade just recently put up a similar pretence of being forward-thinking with its gun-toting, abusive heroine. When push came to shove though, she simply rolled over and panted like a pet puppy

  55. From the same review..
    One more question for the team of Cocktail: did the heroine in tiny skirts, who smokes, drinks, consumes drugs and sleeps around have to be a Christian Veronica while the ‘good’ desi girl wearing long skirts and long-sleeved tops is a Hindu Meera? Hasn’t Hindi cinema evolved beyond this ridiculous stereotype that ruled the 1950s-80s? Or has it not

    • tonymontana Says:

      Cocktail breathes stereotypes but camouflages itself as a ‘modern’ film. Lol

  56. Many were of the opinion that Imtiaz Ali’s new offering seemed similar to his Love Aaj Kal but here Imtiaz Ali has only lent his services as a writer. The writing and the performances of all three protagonists are the ONLY highlight of this rather ‘aimless’ film which really does towards its conclusion tests one’s resolve in remaining in their seat.

    I watched the film last night with three friends and to be honest none of us were expecting much infact I had zero expectations as I have not followed the film (as I do with other films namely Salman films) except the first trailer and the popular Tum Hi Bandhu song. The film can easily pass of as a love triangle, or be termed as a rom com but I think the makers of the film want to ask us the audience a question, ‘can a boy and a girl ever be friends??

    The film starts off with Gautam Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan) on a flight to London. Here we have Gautam flirting with the air hostess using the cheesiest of lines that it would put all the rude boys in Hackney to shame. The air hostess then lets us all know that this is the first time she has ever behaved ‘unprofessionally’ yeah we believe you love. This chain of events repeats itself another hundred times proving to us that Gautam can bag any girl within seconds and forget getting a date their ready to jump in the sack with him. Forget Love Guru from Partner this Dude from Cocktail IS THE MAN. We all have to start somewhere to be good in anything in life and the same rules also apply to Gautam so welcome Mr Boman Irani. He plays the uncle of Saif in the film and can I just say that whenever both were on screen they provided great laughs especially in the first half. Boman is the OAP version of the senior Saif who jokingly reminds Saif on the way to the airport that he must never reveal his secrets of straying and playing away.

    To cut the story short Saif’s eyes fall on Meera (Diana Penty) and our hero Saif tries to woo her with the a line which I have memorised to use next time am on the pull. It’s so bad it’s actually hilarious and these were the moments which the audience laughed to. Meera is searching for her husband (Randeep Hooda) who wants absolutely nothing to do with her so here we have a desi girl in a world unknown to her. Veronica (Deepika Padukone) then arrives with a bang and she is poles apart from Diana Penty as clearly shown in the trailers. She is a carefree girl who loves to drink and party and lives life to the max not caring about tomorrow. The film is a love triangle with elements of Love Aaj Kal, KKHH, HDJPK and dozens of other films with a slight ‘modern’ touch.

    The first 20 mins is the introduction of all three characters and from then onwards all the way to the interval point is the highlight of the film. It will make you laugh and the film doesn’t take itself too seriously and there seems to be a sense of purpose to all characters especially Meera’s. Sadly, the second half is so poor that it left me confused that I am still unable to express my thoughts almost a day later.

    – Saif dancing to Sheila Ki Jawani
    – Saif and Boman talking to Dimple Kapadia over the phone
    – Saif kissing Deepika and when Dimple catches them he convinces his mother that he was merely giving her mouth to mouth as she had gone for a swim
    – Witty one liners
    – Tum Hi Bandhu
    – The song (can someone tell me the name) played in the club when all three characters are partying
    – Performances (mentioned below)

    – the writing loses focus in the second half and by the end of it ruins the film
    – the pace in the first half was light and breezy but in the second half drags and drags and drags
    – some of the dialogues especially given to Deepika were completely embarrassing. I mean twice or was it three times she refers to herself as a bitch and then says to Saif, ‘you screwed me and now you want to screw my friend’ I mean really… and she suggests to Meera that all three can have an ‘awesome threesome’ LOL all man’s dream but still…
    – film was far too long and could easily have been trimmed by 20 mins
    – too many songs (no I’m not joking)

    1) Meera is a simple girl and no I’m not suggesting for a single moment that girls from back home can’t speak English infact this is far from the truth. However, here in Cocktail not only does she speak better English than Deepika but her pronunciation and choice of words suggest that she has lived all her life in England.
    2) Meera came to look for her husband and at the start of the film we see her struggling to use a phone box and then as soon as she is settled she is working as a graphics designer. I found it remarkable how easy things worked out for and that too in a very tough profession. I mean I know people who are dentists, pharmacists and teachers etc who have to gain experience before they can start such jobs.
    3) Veronica is an outgoing girl and has no inhibitions in having one night stands. There are many such guys and girls who love to experiment sexually but here Veronica is exposing her legs and may I add sexy legs to Boman Irani and then laying down in front of both Boman and Dimple. In my experience even the most wild of people will maintain some decency infront of elders. I know it’s not cool to be ‘fake’ but sometimes the situation demands such behaviour.

    1) Saif Ali Khan – Such roles as enacted by Saif in Cocktail have been considered his bread and butter. I mean when one thinks of the suave, stylish and charming hero wooing his lady love Saif is one the first heroes who comes to mind. Many were sceptical about the age difference of Saif and the two lovely ladies but to be frankly honest Saif pulls it off and delivers a fine performance.

    2) Deepika Padukone – I was surprised to hear her say that she has never done such a role like Veronica before as I think Veronica had shades of many of her other characters namely in Break Ke Baad, Housefull you get my drift. However, she has matured as a performer and does have tremendous screen presence. Special praise when she is in the club and can see her world falling apart and begs Saif to help her and take her home. The girl is definitely moving in the right direction.

    3) Diana Penty – considering this was her debut no let me start with – WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LOOKING WOMAN. WOW. Yeah considering this was her debut and she was opposite a veteran actor and sharing screen space with Deepika who has been around for quite a few years now she does a commendable job. Yes her Hindi at times seems poorly rehearsed but she cried well in the film so that’s something naa. No but seriously she plays the shy and timid girl well and in the more intense and fiery moment’s matches upto the others.

    Boman Irani is brilliant and reliable as always and Randeep Hooda does a fine job in special appearance. Unfortunately Dimple Kapadia is annoying and she seemed to be just going through the motions and wanting to take her cheque home. Her Punjabi was pretty dreadful.

    Many have been raving about the music and it’s not wrong to say that Tum Hi Bandhu is a certified chartbuster. Other tracks have also been appreciated like Daaru Desi and Yaariyan but I personally liked Second hand Jawani which sadly arrives when one wants to find the exit door. Pritam has also taken the famous Jugni from Arif Lohar and the smash hit Angreji Beat from the young and upcoming Yo Yo Honey Singh. The background music is in sync with the feel of the film and Salim-Sulemain do a competent job.

    The audience occupancy was around 60-70% which isn’t bad for a late night show and the girls came out to watch the film bringing their partners along. Most seem to laugh whenever Saif or Boman said something funny. However, one could feel the audience get restless after an hour or so and many were even going for breaks during several songs in the second half. When the end credits started rolling and Second hand Jawani started blaring half the audience left and I’d say these were the people who a) disliked it b) found it decent and nothing more. The ones who remained behind were probably those who a) liked the film b) wanted to listen to the song or c) couldn’t get out as were seated at the back like yours truly


    • Apologies for posting so late as I had cricket all day :D and then came home and the David Haye v Dereck Chisora fight was about to start.

      The Haymaker winning by KO

  57. Alex adams Says:

    Cocktail: just a few words.
    Not sure when I can write a ‘review’ on this one…(if at all)-
    Slightly difficult to review or rate it..
    Reading some of the reviews above –one feels perhaps most people are naively distracted by certain minutiae/ obvious ‘flaws’/cliches/stereotypes et al…
    Also this seems a matter of personal taste( or lack of it) it seems.
    Am also trying to figure out if the writer/ director actually intended to purposely make some of what they ended up ‘creating’…..
    Will leave the rest to be read between the lines ( if it can be lol) and let the more ‘enlightened’ ones ‘guide’ us !
    Ps : Doubt if any of the viewers here or in general ever like this movie beyond a point (perhaps not many )
    but am reasonably confident that nobody will openly admit to liking this one
    (except me) :-)

  58. BB was bound to have consequences:

    True fans of the guy who did Yuva/Guru/Sarkar must be sad that his career has turned out this way.

    Devgan himself came down this road and seems to be guiding Ahishek here.

    • Where is that mentioned in article?

      Sometimes you need to bow to get ahead or you become irrelevant.

      • I guess Tushar Kapoor is still relevant with the Golmaal and Kya Kool Hain Hum series.

        • yes which is why Shetty has made Bol Tushar Kapoor a few times with him.

          This is the classic mutually exclusive logic paradigm:

          1)so what if he does films with Rathnam and Mehra, they didn’t work
          2)so what if he got a hit, he had to reduce himself to this

          one could add other stuff here..!

        • If you keep on doing Kya kool hain and Golmaall..then you can make a case..(not to compare)Even De Niro does Analyze this and that..Meet the Parent..Or in Bollywood Aamir who is considered different..does Raja Hindustani or Fanaa..It is other matter he is not doing for getting Hits (as sole criteria) but you can stick the same argument..You need to be more nuanced in your position when your are trying to be critical at Guru/Yuva level!

          • Aamir signs a Fanaa or a Ghajini (now Dhoom) as a commercial venture in between a load of different stuff.

            Abhishek let go of a Jha film and he is doing a BB after a string of flops with dhoom/dostana sequels to follow.

            Of course if he signs Ratnam, Mehra, Gowarikar right now then this criticism will not stick – but let that happen first.

          • Jha films in present day are no different from say Milan Lutheria. Interesting subjects but very superficial handling. But yes they may be called a shade or two better than Rohit Shetty.
            I am not a big fan of Ratnam’s Hindi movies. Ashutosh seriously needs a good editor. He doesn’t have concept of time. I like Mehra’s movies. Flawed but still better…

          • Mehra is in a different league. Jha I think is more than a notch or two over Milan Luthria. You’re right in that he too tends to get very superficial these days unlike his older films but his works still seem ‘denser’ than Luthria’s. I’d say Jha is very significantly ahead of Shetty comparing the body of work of each director. Might be a fairer comparison with Luthria.

            The thing that Gowariker hasn’t learnt, leaving aside box office issues, is that you can make a film with a much slower rhythm and so on but then you need to be great on detail.

          • Mehra has not done as many films as Gowarikar yet. Would like to see a couple more of Mehra films before passing a judgement on him. But he does seem to be a much more dynamic film-maker than Gowarikar.

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      If this news is true then Abhishek will start Dostana 2 after Dhoom 3 which will then release in 2014…

      • he says every three months that he’s going to start Dostana 2!

        • I just hope that abhishek does not do dostana but out and out commercial comedy masala whatever with tarun is much better option. His performance in dostana was very good. He looked confident but another dostana sounds bad idea. He should do film with tarun but something else

          • I’d be willing to bet anything Dostana 2 won’t be his next after D3. I’d certainly be very surprised if this happened. He says the script is in the works and what not literally every 3-4 months. War and Peace would have been completed by now!

          • yes but satyamji how do you see tarun as a director i feel abhishek can do a different style of comedy with him, after guru dostana is one of the best performance of abhishek. Of course the later one being comedy but i think tarun was able to extract good comic timing out of him.

          • Tarun is fine for that terrain. The first film was pretty good in the first half but let down by some Johar-like twists in the second. Still this is not the kind of film one should devote too much attention to. if one is doing it only for box office returns one might as well go the mass way where the gross is just greater. Here you have something limited to multiplexes. Admittedly the buzz of this film has been much greater than the gross. Nonetheless one could do something more interesting at that multiplex end of the divide. If you’re doing 3 films or so at a time it’s one thing to have this as part of the mix but if you’re just doing one I don’t think this is the best decision no matter which way one looks at it. Also think the whole gay deal becomes tiresome after a while. How many ways can you spin this subject?!

          • And may be that is the reason that abhishek is not saying yes to the different scripts about the gay theme that tarun brings to him. It is getting bit too much from a fan’s point of view to see him doing the these stuffs. I did read somewhere that Balki is writing something and once the script is final they will decide whom to cast in it. This one is for AB corp. I think a good low budget fair with balki sounds good. He (balki) tires to present something new in a very masala way and abhishek can afford something like this straight after dhoom 3.

  59. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    “Cocktail” Has Continued Its Good Run

    “Cocktail” has continued its fabulous run at box office with slight jump on Saturday. This does not happen with single screen dominate films llike “Rowdy Rathore” and “Agneepath”. But still this jump clearly suggests that film will have even higher jump on Sunday.

    After collecting mammoth 10.80 cr nett on Friday, film collected 12.50 cr nett on Saturday. Now film has a total of 23 cr nett plus and with a good Sunday, film can touch 37-38 cr nett and that will be a huge total for such a film.

    Film was very strong in Gurgaon, Noida, and Bangalore like yesterday but today film also improved in Mumbai, CI and Mysore territories. This way film will eye 1st week collections in excess of 50 cr nett.

    Below are the collections for the film –

    Domestic Collections

    Friday 10.80 cr
    Saturday 12.50 cr (early estimate)
    Total Domestic Collections 23.30 cr nett
    Total Overseas Collections 02.80 cr
    Total Worldwide Collections 26.10 cr nett

  60. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    “Bol Bachchan” Jumps Again On 2nd Saturday

    “Bol Bachchan” has again stamped its authority at box office with distinct jump on 2nd Saturday. After collecting modest 3.25 cr nett on 2nd Friday, film jumped by almost 50% with collections coming in the range of 4.75 cr nett as per early estimates. If night shows perform below expectations then this figure might end up on lower levels.

    Film did so purely riding on single screens and there were shows in places like Indore, Nagpur, and Kanpur which witnessed 85% occupancy. Film looks to score big in 2nd weekend and that means again a jump tomorrow on Sunday.

    Film is hopeful for 25 cr nett plus business in 2nd week and that will place beyond 86-87 cr nett in 2 weeks. As there is only one major release that too from Hollywood “The Dark Knight Rises” which will dominate multiplexes, film can have one more good week in single screens. That gives the film a chance for 100 cr nett though film looks to fall short by 8-10 cr.

    Below are the collections for the film –

    Domestic Collections

    1st Week

    Friday 11.90 cr
    Saturday 11.75 cr
    Sunday 15.25 cr
    Monday 06.15 cr
    Tuesday 05.90 cr
    Wednesday 05.25 cr
    Thursday 04.70 cr
    1st Week Total Collections 60.90 cr nett

    2nd Week

    Friday 03.25 cr
    Saturday 04.75 cr (early estimate)
    Total Domestic Collections 68.90 cr nett
    Total Overseas Collections 19.50 cr
    Total Worldwide Collections 88.40 cr nett

  61. Bol Bachchan Has Excellent Jump On Second Saturday

    Sunday 15th July 2012 09.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Bol Bachchan showed an excellent jump of around 40% on its second Saturday as it collected around 4.50 crore nett adding to the 3.25 crore nett on Friday.

    In Delhi/UP, CI and Rajasthan the film will emerge the biggest grosser ever for the Ajay Devgn/Rohit Shetty combination beating both Golmaal 3 in Delhi/UP and Singham in CI and Rajasthan.

    Sunday will show huge growth for the film across India as all markets will show a big jump especially the mass centres. The weekend should be in the 14-15 crore nett region.

    • At boxoffice Bol Bachchan and Cocktail both are surprising me. At one hand i am happy for Abhishek, but on other hand i am scared of coming of more such mediocre products.

      I was watching Suhaag(1979) in morning .. even on Nth viewing, it reminded me what actually entertainment and performances is all about. Magical performance of Amitabh, wonderful songs and chemistry between Amitabh-shashi and Amitabh-Rekha made this EPIC entertainer. But more over i was wondering if likes of Sajid Khan, Rohit shetty who are taking responsibility of taking forward Manmohan Desai film making, do they actually know the basic codes of Desai movies ? At least after seeing Housefull’s and Golmaal’s, i can safely say they are ruining the Desai legacy.

  62. Cocktail Shows Good Growth On Saturday

    Sunday 15th July 2012 09.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Cocktail showed good growth on Saturday as it collected 11.75 crore nett compared to the 10.75 crore nett on Friday. Cocktail has now collected 22.50 crore nett in two days. The multiplex areas showed good growth be it Mumbai city, Delhi NCR or Bangalore.

    The Saturday figure for Cocktail is similar to the number posted by Bol Bachchan last Saturday and over the first two days Cocktail has collected just 75 lakhs approx less than Bol Bachchan despite a much smaller release.

    Bol Bachchan showed big growth on Sunday and that is unlikely with Cocktail as multiplexes are running close to full capacity and the growth potential is only at single screens where the film is not too strong. Still just the normal mass area growth on Sunday will take it to over 35 crore nett for the weekend which is an excellent figure for Cocktail.

  63. Just back from Cocktail and I have been as bewildered by its brilliance as Saif/ Gautam in the film feels after realising that the thunderbolt called love had hit him. At its core it is an Imitiaz Ali film and a sufi rumination on the nature of love and a celluloid essaay assignmnent with the given first sentence : The heart
    has its reasons. What Homi Adjania brings to the table is turning it into a stunning cinematic experience.The shot taking and colour scheming, courtesey Anil Mehta , are a treat by itself. But ultimately what gives the film its soul and its balls is the writing by Imtiaz Ali. And it is not just the comic punches which has the audience in splits but also the long soliloquies given to Saif and Deepika as they bare their heart without pulling any punches. Take the scene where Saif/ Gautam is apparently flirting with Diana / Meera by the sea in South Africa, going all poetic about what makes her hot and Dinana remarks, No wonder you have such success with women and they all fall for you, and Saif says , yes he himself was pleased with his perfotmnace but it came about so good because it was a natural one and he meant wh he said, and she really was hot and men would fall for her all around too and Dina says, then why don’t you? And he falls. Literally. From the jetty into the sea. Masterly.And Saif perform the scene with the masterly control and confidence of a virtuoso soloist playing on his favourte instrument. ( THe same goes for the scene wghere he goes on blabberibg his heart out in Hindi to phirang babe trying to hit on him.) Or take the dark
    confessional of Deepika / Veronica with her plaintinve voice from hell, pleading Saif desperately to save her and take her away with him from her dark world to the world of sunshines and smies, the world of familial relationships.I wish a film like Devdas had captured a fraction of this angst. Imtiaz wins my wholeheated appluse because he is not afraid to get upclose and offer a action capture shot of a heart beaking into smithereens. ” Why can’t we live togeteher, the awesome threesome, Veronica suggests, adding on, tu biwi, main rakhel.” How desperate and lost a woman must be to be able to degrade oneself thus? Deepika gives the role all she has got. Her flamboyance in the first half can match Hemamalini in Seeta aur Geeta or Sridevi in Chalbaaz in sheer chutzpah quotient. And her drunken descent into hell in the second half can more than match any
    Meena Kumari in Saheb Biwi aur Ghulam. Dips baby, tumne to hila ke rakh diya! And it is so heartening to see women getting roles like these where they get to be centerstage with the spotlght in full blast focused on them.

    THe comic set pieces, most peole have already written about, and they area balst. Saif dancing in drag to ” Shiela Ki Jawani’ , Deepika embarrassing Saif in public with her ‘ It is your bun in my oven’ and the first teletalk beteween Dimple, Saif and Boman.. and mnay more. But I am equally impressed with the intense second half, which is the mature half , mre adult in its treatment. I was a little disconcerted at the sudden switch from the frothy to the sombe, but was sucked in slowly, helped agreat deal by Homi’s directorial flair and his masterly use of music.It is breathtaking..the way he cuts from humna faces to a nighttime train with its lighted windows hurting across the screen or a blazind red car zipping across a slate grey urbanscape or te way he drains out all colurs from the crowd of dancers in a club, bringing into relief the lonesome figure of Deepika going to pieces right in front of our eyes. And ah the use of music! Not since Gurudutt has anyone used songs to underline scenes this effectively and so artistically, harnessing in full the power of the verabal and aural component of songs like Yaariyan
    and Jugnu.

    I have heard peole carp that it is regressive. Regressive? Hello, what is regrsive about a girl wanting to leave behind a world of drunked debauchery and one-night stands and getting into a sane owrld of stable relatinships? Don’t searchers like Steve Jobs settle down to marry, have kids and learn how to run successful companies?To praphrase Jibnannad das : “All birds comne home…all hippies..” Others have said it is cliched. Hello gain! To quote the now departed resident poet of Bollywood,
    Ananad Bakshi Saheb, : Prem kahanii mein , Ek ladka hota hai, ek ladki hoti hai” to which I humbly add ” Aksar aur ek ladka hota hai, ya aur ek ladi hoti hai”.

    So what can be new in love story? For a start, this film turns the traditional love triangle on its head. In most such stories the man in a committed relationship with a sati-savitri tyes is distreacted bya suktry siren , a more glamorous and aggressive woman ( Smita Patil in Arth, Rekha in Silsila). Here it is the demure Meera
    that is trying to steal awy the the boy from the more vlouptuous Veronica. THen there is the manner in which the protagonists try to deal with the situation.As Saif explians in hs quasi-scientific terms, ” This is the problem. I love Meera. But Veronica loves me. And Meera oves me too but won’t admit it because she
    is beholden to Veronica for all that she has done for her.” The way all three beahve from here on is very maturely handled with perfect psychological accuracy. Meera is no saint and we are sure she has been turning her charm on Saif in her own way ( Vinodini did that to Mahendra in Chokher Bali, didnt she?) and she would like to have her for herself. But at what price? Woukd sge kill? Of course not. So when she sees her action could kill Veronica she steps back. But once V is on the path of
    recovery she is not averse to listening to her heart once again and work on her own self-prservation as she moves out of Randeep Hooda’s house. Veronica too comes to
    terms with her reality, with time and the willingness of friends to stand byb her laying the healer. THe director presents this realization in a wonderfully poetic scene. Saif is staying in the home of a covakesecing Veronica and is aocing restlessly. Veronica tells himn, : neend nahin aa rahi?” They hug. She goes all gooey, then this is what she says, ” I want your touch. I want the warmth of your hot breath. I want your smell..yes, your smell which I love so much. But I want all these only if they are mine.
    Of what use are these to me if they exist for Meera?” ( Or something to that effect. I am quoting from memory.)

    So ‘Cocktail” along with ‘Rockstar’ is one step ahead in the journey of our most advetnturous chronicler of love after ‘ Socha Na Tha’ , ” Jab We Met” and ” Love aaj Kaal”
    as he gets more complex, darker and more real. Having a talented auteur like Homi Adjania on board is of course a bonus.

    Move over Yash Chopra,our real prince of romance is here. Imtiaz Ali, take bow!

    • “And her drunken descent into hell in the second half can more than match any Meena Kumari in Saheb Biwi aur Ghulam.”

      “Not since Gurudutt has anyone used songs to underline scenes this effectively and so artistically, harnessing in full the power of the verabal and aural component of songs like Yaariyan and Jugnu.”

      “So ‘Cocktail” along with ‘Rockstar’ is one step ahead in the journey of our most advetnturous chronicler of love after ‘ Socha Na Tha’ , ” Jab We Met” and ” Love aaj Kaal” as he gets more complex, darker and more real. ”

      “What Homi Adjania brings to the table is turning it into a stunning cinematic experience.”

      Utkal, I am certainly all for an enthusiastic response to a film and these are always personal choices. But sometimes it’s just ok to say one has enjoyed a film without resorting to this kind of commentary for which hyperbole would be too retrained a description.

      • Rockstar, The Dirty Picture, EMAET and now Cocktail- if Utkal is to be believed everybody from Milan Luthria to Shakun Batra to Kareena Kapoor to Deepika Padukone are pearless auteurs/ actors and they have all played vital roles in creating seminal milestones of cinema. ;-)

        Anyway- this review is sure to delight Alex. Personally I liked reading
        Naveed’s review and I think that the best reaction to the film isTony’s comment about this film probably being a result of Saif’s fantasy since there is no way that those 2 girls would fall for a cheesy middle-aged roadside romeo to . :-P

      • “Veronica tells him, “neend nahin aa rahi?” They hug. She goes all gooey, then this is what she says, ” I want your touch. I want the warmth of your hot breath. I want your smell..yes, your smell which I love so much. But I want all these only if they are mine.
        Of what use are these to me if they exist for Meera?”

        ROFL! This is the sort of treacly, melodramatic, juvenile nonsense that would make even the most hardcore Twilight fan cringe. :-P

        But apparently having a supposedly ‘cool’, ‘modern’ and ‘wild’ character like Veronica spout archaic, saccharine lines is not only acceptable but also dark, complex and realistic! :-P They should just hand Imitiaz Ali the OScar for best Screenwriting already. And while they are at it, they should start using Nicholas Spark movie adaptations as examples to teach the art of writing good scripts. Who needs Aaron Sorkin when you can have such poetic depth to your dialouge? ;-)

        BTW- no hard feeling Utkal- I’m just joking- you’re clearly a very intelligent person and I really enjoyed reading your TDP/ GoW reviews but I find it hard to remain serious when you wax lyrical about the most prosaic of rom-coms like this one and EMAET.

      • A friend of mine on Cocktail: “new Bollywood is like old Hollywood.”

    • Are you sure you saw Cocktail .. AT BMS its user rating is 49%.

    • Alex adams Says:

      Utkal uncle: take a bow!!
      I was planning to stay mum after punching in those ‘cryptic’ few words above, since — felt it would be a bit ‘too much’ to put this film into perspective for those getting stuck in the ‘quagmire of the obvious’ !!
      But commend u for making a worthy attempt…
      Needless to say, I expect your review to draw cynical jeers from the usual suspects :-) most of them without even seeing the film..
      Basically, I’m still pleasantly surprised at what homi-Imtiaz manage in this one -lemme just say that much here lol.
      I’m wondering if it is ‘beginners luck’ or semiautobiographical ? Since feel it difficult for contemporary mainstream Bollywood to tackle atleast some scenes the way they did…(inspite of some cliches/stereotypes)
      Ps: would look out for more reviews from people with ‘original’ thoughts here — its a bit beyond most but not beyond the likes Anjali, even Amy and Satyam (though the latter two sound too ‘biased’ and ‘eager to prove a point’ to assess this fairly)
      Ps2: also unlik either genres, I somewhat doubt Satyams reading in this sort of subject and genre due to lack of personal experience -c’mon Satyam : lemme throw a gauntlet at u :-)
      Btw surprisingly and ironically, this film is not for a regular ‘reviewer': demands an ace one.

      • “its a bit beyond most but not beyond the likes Anjali, even Amy and Satyam…I somewhat doubt Satyams reading in this sort of subject and genre due to lack of personal experience”

        I am (happily!) completely lacking in the experience of being part of an ‘awesome threesome’ with a shady, philandering middle-aged man. And considering that I find the idea of such an arrangement more nightmarish than dreamy it is obvious that appreciating a film like Cocktail is ‘beyond me’.

        However- I do not doubt in the slightest that you have Deepikas and Dianas throwing themselves (together!) at you everyday. I mean- why on earth would I possibly be skeptical about your claim that you are rich in the ‘personal experience’ required to appreciate this film? ;-)

        Those of us who are unable to comprehend the emotional richness of this film might be stuck in the ‘quagmire of the obvious’ now but hopefully we will also be able to leave this quagmire for a more enlightened plateau just like you have- maybe in time for us to appreciate other fine cinematic classics like Jism 2 on a less pedestrain level. :-P

        I’m sure that with the right ‘perspective’ I will be able to see why Sunny Leone’s performance in the film as a woman torn between two men actually rivals that of Waheeda Rehman in Guide. And I’ll also be able to appreciate remarks equating Pooja Bhatt’s ‘auteur like skill’ to that of Alfonso Cuaron in Y Tu Mama Tambien. :-P

        P.S.- Just joking Alex- please don’t be discouraged to write more than a few cryptic words- a full review would be great.

    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      LOL! Utkal’s review. CRacks me up.
      Even Ali and Homi’s moms may not have such wonderful things to say a out the movie. Utkal cannot simply like something. If he does it HAS to be something great a d masterful. This sort of a pitfall in thinking is often seen with peoPle who think they are smarter than they are.

    • Dr shaurya Says:

      @ Utkal… I m sorry are u a girl..??

    • oldgold Says:

      Errrr….sounds very much a fanboy …of Imtiaz…review.

      Taking the name of meena kumari and Deepika in the same breath…not only that, but taking the name of Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam and Cocktail in the same breath???
      I can’t believe my eyes?

      • oldgold Says:

        …AND taking Guru Dutt’s name and the un-named Imtiaz for direction in the same breath??!!!

  64. On BB .. Archana Puran Singh sequences was inspired from Kader Khan act in HUM.

  65. Alex adams Says:

    “when you wax lyrical about the most prosaic of rom-coms like this one and EMAET”
    Haha: Stuff like EMAET and most/all of Kjos filmography is just a kindergarten prelude to this one somewhat In some (not all) respects…
    Guess people like Amy need to ‘grow up first’ lol to assimilate what some of this film is about or what uncle mentioned (have some high hopes from writers like anjali though on this one on the basis of certain ‘deep’ posts of hers)

    • “Guess people like Amy need to ‘grow up first’”

      Yes- sadly I’m so immature- hopefully I will grow up soon and fall for a botoxed, capri-wearing uncle who uses cheap pick-up lines on me. And even better- maybe I can find a friend who is stupid (sorry, not stupid but MATURE) enough to fall for him as well- and then we can fight and cry over him together and write ‘deep’ songs about the warmth of his breath and the wonder of his smell. :-P

      • tonymontana Says:

        Lol !

      • @ami
        “I am (happily!) completely lacking in the experience of being part of an ‘awesome threesome’ with a shady, philandering middle-aged man.”
        well do u have any idea about this blind force of nature…which love is?a flower blooming in the deep woods gives its fragrance equally to a virtuous man or a criminal who passes by….flower never says..hey..this man is a criminal..chii!…i will not waste my fragrance on him!the flower is innocence…a blind force of nature….similarly love…never passes judgement…never makes calculations…it just happens…. inspite of those all a blind force of nature…and that is why it shakes u up….because it is beyond ur control.i dont think u have ever experienced this sufi phenomenon(utkal uncle talked about) called love…and as long as u go about with a magnifying glass ….u will not find it.
        it is no wonder u have not been able to appreciate or identify urself with the sufi ruminations on love which imtiaz has striven to do in cocktail between the 3 characters behind all the gloss.
        u say that saif ali khan is not committed to women in the film and that aspect of his character u find very distasteful.but love is not about commitment at all…commitment is imposed on love by our insecure minds….by our civilized is naughty and inconstant…love is a play.u can experience this immoral force as
        it captures ur imagination and makes u its hostage…. but u can never rationalize and explain it.if love is rational and follows all ur diktats it will lose its force and magic and become something pedestrian.saif maybe over aged,commitment lacking and a lot of other unsavoury things..but that has nothing to do with a girl falling in love with him.those things r superficial…love is too deep.
        ishq naa jaane jaat kujaat(love never sees whether the person is good or bad)
        bhookh naa jaane baasi bhaat(hunger never sees whether the rice is sour)
        pyaas naa jaane dhobi ghaat
        neend naa jaane tuuti(broken) khaat(bed)
        one request.for once try to live and experience life from heart…and trust ur eyes with all its imperfections and myth making tendencies..and leave aside the magnifying glass of rationality.because rationality is claptrap and propaganda…in the business of love.

        • rockstar Says:

          bollywood would need ages to comes with real radical stuff on 3 some rather than teen fantacy

          here is an example of one which come a deacde earlier

          and ya its highly offensive for teen chicks and metrosexuals men whatever they call them

          • rockstar Says:

            thing is here an much aged older women went lusting after two young boys in an opposite scenario….try making that into commercial stuff and one knows where this notion of coding and ratiionality goes out of window and the same people will go after that with morality factor instead of rationality

          • rockstar Says:

            thing is name calling…genre superiority and what else are an easy way out when one is unable to defend himself

            there are much better rom com which have touched the essence with simpliicity rather than being superficial and wannabe

        • “but love is not about commitment at all…commitment is imposed on love by our insecure minds….by our civilized is naughty and inconstant…love is a play.u can experience this immoral force as”

          Weren’t arguing just a few days ago about how marraige, and the civilized hypocrisy and boundaries it entails are absolutely integral to the fabric of society? ;-) Why are you so reviled by civlized commitment all of a sudden?

          “saif maybe over aged,commitment lacking and a lot of other unsavoury things..but that has nothing to do with a girl falling in love with him.those things r superficial…love is too deep.”

          I enjoy irrational, deep, maddening love stories as much as the next person- the prbolem was that the love triangle in this film appeared completely contrived to me- I couldn’t see any depth to any of the characters- let alone depth to the relationships that they forged with each other.

          “.i dont think u have ever experienced this sufi phenomenon(utkal uncle talked about) called love…it is no wonder u have not been able to appreciate or identify urself with the sufi ruminations on love which imtiaz has striven to do in cocktail between the 3 characters behind all the gloss.”

          I actually have a great fondness for romantic poetry- be it Sufi verses or the work of Pablo Neruda- however this does mean I wil indiscrimantely fawn over the most infantile and pedestrian attempts at sounding deep and romantic. To say that I need to identify with every single love story if I have ever been in love is the most colossally idiotic thing I have heard.

        • Alex adams Says:

          Anjali: wow: I’m a bit stunned into silence :-)
          After hearing all those othrr superfluous misinterpretations, was about to write some thoughts on this. Let’s not suddenly praise Imtiaz Ali to the skies, but atleast one needs to give him and adjania for pulling off a somewhat complicated complex subtle subject albeit laced with ample ‘youth friendly’ lacing so as to make it commercially palatable as well.
          But hey, that ‘lacing’ is ALL the ‘youth’ pick up !!
          It’s like being engrossed in starters (& free booze) & totally missing the ‘main course’
          Ef Someone like Satyam comes out discussing deepikas red bikini as his “primary observation” in this film!!
          Must say, I didn’t exactly close my eyes in that scene but didn’t ‘savour’ it for those reasons lol
          As for Amy, not being picky or trying to ‘teach’ u, but in this case, think one needs to be gracious enough to get ‘educated’ by anjali (eg i have no ego problems in being her student in this) :-)
          Ps- anjali: plz come up with a proper review/ piece on this
          Was thinking of writing one, but now feel u are better placed/equipped.

          • i am yet to watch the movie cocktail alex…i have just been defending u like a true friend must

          • Alex adams Says:

            “i am yet to watch the movie cocktail alex…i have just been defending u like a true friend must”
            Haha anjali: I’m humbled.
            If this is the depth of your review WITHOUT seeing the film that u can round up all the ‘romcom experts’ in a queue and then not take to school but just take their class then n there…well :-)
            U got the essence of the film right amidst all the superficiality and gloss -something that not many reviewers could get except utkal uncle maybe.
            Not claiming to be an expert in this and not trying to overanalyse this rather normal film, but can see that your points are more than awesome and that’s what initially interested me in this.

          • but i have seen cocktail in bits n parts have it downloaded and enjoyed it.u r right ppl r laying stress on the trivial aspects as if they have some sort of agenda to negate the film…or perhaps because they donot have the subtlety to grasp the sufi side of love as expounded in the movie.will write more after watching it full

          • LOL! So you generalized the reactions of everybody to a film that you haven’t seen yet- and then drew assumptions about my personal attitude to love based on this generalization- and then you complain about the typical Indian narrow-mindedness and tendency to generalize?

            Considering the irony of this it’s only fitting that you are complimented for the ’emotional depth’ of your review by the man who finds rape and breast cancer to be sexually amusing topics! :-P

          • Alex adams Says:

            “u r right ppl r laying stress on the trivial aspects as if they have some sort of agenda to negate the film…or perhaps because they donot have the subtlety to grasp the sufi side of love as expounded in the movie.will write more after watching it full”
            Anjali: egg-jacktly- spot on !!
            U r now taking words out of my mouth lol
            Ps: when do u intend to watch this – will await your fullblown review :-)

          • @ami
            you talked about alex making fun of rape and that brought my mind to the subject i have been long trying to avoid.alex told me there must be a reason behind sunny leone being the way she is when i criticized her severely.that is true..sunny has a reason.i know her better than anyone here…coming from the same sikh community and my parents and relatives know her parents.she was raped in the college by 3 boys..2 blacks and 1 white.btw she was not a virgin when she was raped.apparently there was a black guy who was pestering her and asking her out…and one day he grabbed her..and she slapped they raped her inside the college class room after the college hours.they took her naked picture as well.they continued raping her for 1 year and she to tell u the truth enjoyed it.
            aam khud se khao ya koi jabardasti khilaaye..aam toh meetha hi lagega.there is a scene in the film straw dogs about a woman being forcibly raped and she is shown enjoying created a lot of controversy…..
            it is good we condemn the act of rape but if we r honest we have to admit the possibility that a rape can also be enjoyable.and this exposes not only the vulnerability of the female sex vis a vis the males…but also exposes the hypocrisy of human civilization and moralities.inside our clothes we r all naked..believe it or not and no amount of sartorial excess can rob our essential nakedness from amount of morality can negate the fact that…men/women…r animals…and civilization is a very fragile pretense by which we r fooling ourselves into believing that we r not.
            but it is not right to talk about such things is better we shove them under the carpet.and in that spirit i said to alex that even if sunny leone may have justifiable reasons for becoming the way she became we cannot accept her.because accepting her(who has lost her innocence…been deformed…or rather reclaimed her animal innocence..even if forcibly so)….will expose the whole hypocrisy of our civilization and morality…which is nothing but make believe.
            i had a she dog..and she gave birth to a puppy and when the puppy grew up i saw him doing sex with his mother.i was young and shocked.nature…. inside all of us is blind.

          • I’m letting this comment stand Anjali but it’s pretty sick at very many levels.

          • Alex adams Says:

            Thanx anjali for that clarification-so I was right again? Haha
            Btw I don’t have to defend that I never glorified ‘rape’ or ‘breast cancer’ as being wrongly alleged -but who cares …
            Thanx to Anjali: she has brought in a rare ‘depth’, honesty and insight to the discussion here..
            Keep it up anjali
            Ps: Amy: no offence but sometimes it is good n gracious to acknowledge anjalis ace comments —like me suggest u also become anjalis student ;-)

          • I should have known that you would defend rape as enjoyable- But possibly Alex will find great wisdom in your pro-rape platitudes and ask me to ‘learn from you’.

            I’m sorry but your comments are too vile and disgusting for me to respond to in a respectful manner- I think it’s best if we just stop interacting with each other and ignore each other on this blog from now on- this post absolutely sickened me not to mention that it’s completely repulsive to narrate such an anecdote about Sunny in such a sick tone including unneccessary details like her virginity. I have absolutely no right to decide what is appropriate for this blog- but I hope that Satyam will agree with me that this comment is very inappropriate.

          • “Btw I don’t have to defend that I never glorified ‘rape’ or ‘breast cancer’ as being wrongly alleged -but who cares …
            Thanx to Anjali: she has brought in a rare ‘depth’, honesty and insight to the discussion here..
            Keep it up anjali
            Ps: Amy: no offence but sometimes it is good n gracious to acknowledge anjalis ace comments —like me suggest u also become anjalis student ”

            I’m not even going to bother replying to the rest of your incredibly idiotic suggestions- but just to clarify- I never said that you ‘glorified’ these topics- but that for someone who is on a high horse about how depth and maturity are needed to enjoy your type of films you are ironically insensitive at times- your admiring and obsequious reaction to Anjali’s comments that Sunny Leone enjoyed being raped being the perfect case in point.

          • Alex adams Says:

            Amy: I never suggested that sunny ‘enjoyed rape’
            Infact I always gave sunny leone the ‘benefit of doubt’ and refused to be judgemental about her.
            U can ask anjali
            But even anjali has a point here
            C’mon Amy : cool it n relax
            Anjali: think your comments have ‘hit Amy hard’ !
            This happens when someone used to reading/ watching theory —something suddenly gets hit by a different wavelength of thought!!
            Not surprisingly Amy has gone into ‘introspection’ mode:plz cool it and don’t take it personally mate : chillax
            This is not a ‘pro or anti rape’ perspective since there can only be an ‘antirape’ one possible -u are misreading anjalis comments…
            Ps anjali: suggest u watch cocktail on the big screen, not due to piracy issues but to get a bigger picture ;-)

          • Alex adams Says:

            And to add-
            Amy: this was entirely a discussion on movies like cocktail between the three of us!
            U unnecessarily dropped the topic of ‘rape’ in it and pulled anjali into it–plz check on your comments
            She is just honestly and openly answering some points
            But hey:let’s not get carried away–chill and
            Shake hands : Amy and anjali :-)
            Ps: do check out cocktail only on the big screen-no to piracy!

          • I feel like I can’t make any comments on this blog lately without being criticized for my ‘bookish feminism’ or being baited with some offensive comments or having Anjali make the most random assumptions about my personal life and then bombard me with suggestions on how I ‘should’ act/ think- all of which just lead to long, frustrating arguements that are boring for everybody else to read as well.

            It’s probably best if I stop commenting here from now on and let the two of you enjoy your mutual admiration society. I’m not saying this to create any ‘drama’- but I genuinely feel like most of my comments here now end up as arguements (and this is largely MY fault- I can be very argumentative!- not blaming anybody else)- so it’s probably best if I stop commenting and cluttering the threads.

          • Ami, I hope you won’t leave and reduce the ‘sense and sensibility’ quotient on this blog! As for the rest sometimes one has to be a bit thick-skinned.. it is true that not everyone is always interested in a serious discussion..

          • Ami – I have very strong views on subjects but you would rarely find me arguing. I try but after sometime my better sense says no one would change position. I move to different thread.

            Once I chided Saurabh to have some individuality (when he joined the forum) instead of agreeing to everything Satyam says. Now we see Saurabh constantly arguing with Satyam.

          • One last thing- again just to clarify-

            “U unnecessarily dropped the topic of ‘rape’ in it ”

            No I didn’t- YOU posted Filmigirl’s review on this thread- where she was clearly disgusted with the way rape was handled- and you delcared that it was hilarious- and asked me what I thought of the piece. I only brought this up later to illustrate the irony of you asking other people to learn maturity and emotional depth- I was NOT trying to say that you are pro-rape but simply that your own comments could be interpreted as lacking in the emotional depth and maturity as well- I didn’t take offence to your comment- but Anjali’s statements are aboslutely unambigous in the way that they talk about rape and I cannot help but be disgusted with them.

          • Ami, am only saying this bcos i believe i share a decent equation with u on the blog. i am noticing that these days u r getting pissed-off in a jiffy on the blog- u know it very well that Alex does not mean what he says half the time (and his jokes are made in good faith) so what’s the point in losing ur cool at his comments- C’mon i know u r made of sterner stuff. And though i myself believe that some of Anjali’s comments on ‘human issues’ are rather ‘weird’, even u will agree that she is very intelligent

          • just to clarify.i have never defended rape but i have tried to explain rape.why is a sexual assault differnt from a grievous physical assault?what is this element of sexual sanctity of a woman which the rapist violates?for it is this notion of sexual sanctity which differentiates a rape from a mere grievous physical assault.
            all i wanted to say is that this notion of sexual sanctity….which a rapist violates is more problematic than the notion of physical sanctity which a person who beats u up violates.why is that so?
            it is so because when a person beats u up and violates ur physical sanctity…u dont receive any pleasure…..but when a person rapes u and violates ur sexual sanctity…then yu do feel violated,u do feel social stigma….u do feel someone invading into ur privacy…u do feel all the pain of these things…but along with all these…still u also feel pleasure.u have to feel that pleasure..because its a biological fact…u cannot close ur eyes to what happened with sunny leone and some other women…is that the pleasure aspect of this whole act got more pronounced over the 1 year she was raped..and the other negative aspects of rape were snuffed out.that is why her mind lost altogether the notion of sexual sanctity(which is not a notion that is natural but created and endorsed by the society)…..and sunny became a porn was no more a taboo for her as it is with other women.and it is the fact the women receive pleasure in rape quite against their wish ..and become split mentally…is what makes rape as an act..all the more offensive and condemnable.
            was it her fault?noo…..but i m trying to explain what happened.
            it is unfortunate that ami makes everything a pro or against discourse.
            i merely talked about the problematic notion of sexual sanctity of women which gets highlighted in the case of sunny leone.i have been trying to not disclose these facts before… in my talks with alex on sunny leone.and in my post i said that sunny cannot be justified…no matter what happened to her…..because if we justify her….we r accepting the pleasure part inherent in sex and its aberrant consequences(as illustrated in sunny leone) and that will expose the whole hypocricy…..the whole for and against…..structure of our morality and ethics….and reveal that we r animals..and our body and mind was not made by nature to follow moral principle..but rather pleasure principle.if we accept such a theory then society cannot follow morals..everything will become anarchy.
            but i dont think all ppl can understand what i m saying…i understand the misinterpretation of ami….and i know it was unconscious..because her mind is operating within the moral framework of society and she can only look at my arguments as for or against something and it is perfectly natural.but i was speaking from a higher and more divorced perspective.

          • Ami: as a “bookish feminist” myself, I hope you will continue to comment.

            On the topic of rape, have people been following this (ugly) Daniel Tosh controversy? The public culture has become incredibly degraded.

            WARNING: Frank language that some might find offensive.

            Anjali: not sure where to begin with this comment. But, seeing as this is a cinema blog, I’d recommend checking out the French film “Irreversible”, that gets to the heart of the violence. I mean, it’s one thing to try and think about the sometimes ambiguous frontier between consent and non-consent, and the pleasure that may be felt from that very ambiguity, but when you talk about “rape”, you are talking about something that is felt by the victim as pure violation, i.e. not ambiguous at all. I don’t think that experience pertains to pleasure. Moreover, “pleasure” is not a “biological fact”, penetration is. Quite frankly, there is simply no evidence to suggest that penetration is always accompanied by pleasure. Stated differently, human sexuality cannot be understood outside the realm of the psychological: the same stimulus — e.g. someone stroking a man’s penis — means something very different depending on the context (if ______ would deign, I would be aroused; if Karan Johar did so, I would not). By your logic, my arousal under either scenario should be taken as a “biological fact” — and then you would use my pleasure to say that the violation is all the greater, because it f*cks with my mind. Now, the violation MIGHT f*ck with my mind — but my bigger problem is that I’m being f*cked right now against my will!

          • Alex adams Says:

            “but i dont think all ppl can understand what i m saying…i understand the misinterpretation of ami…”
            Don’t worry anjali
            Some quite genuine comments there from u which maybe politically incorrect and open to misinterpretation, but can see what u mean :-)

          • i hope ami will not leave this blog because of me…i think ami has a certain class in her comments which cannot be rivaled by any of the females here.but i do not understand why she takes arguments(hot air) so personally?just because i oppose her intellectually on a few points certainly does not mean that i am casting personal aspersions on her or that i have anything against her.
            i think the problem is that ami is seeing my arguments opposing her povs in conjunction with alex supporting me and when that happens…the
            jokes of alex(made in innocence and good faith)..loses its wit for her and it becomes insulting.and as saurabh said if someone starts taking the jokes of alex as insults instead of laughing at them…then there will be no end to his/her perceived insults as alex is always joking.

          • Alex adams Says:

            Anjali chill mate: Amy ain’t going anywhere: she’s surely not a cry baby :-)
            Btw this is becoming a cocktail-esque real life version haha
            To lighten things—
            Came across this song again
            It’s so bad and crap that it’s actually good
            Enjoy it anjali, Oldgold and Amy :-)
            Shirt ka button !!

          • Kailash Kher version is better.

        • oldgold Says:

          Hmmm Well. Perhaps Anjali is all confused between – Love, infatuation, physical attraction, puppy love, sufi love etc (and so is Imtiaz Ali for that matter where the last named is concerned – if one is to believe Anjali).

          Sufi love is supposed to be ‘spiritual’ and it’s silly of Imtiaz to try and squeeze it between Saif/Meera or Saif/deepika.

          The flower giving fragrance in the forest is more like a non discriminating act on it’s part. Child, baby, man woman, young adults, teenagers etc will ALL GET THE FRAGRANCE.

          In fact EVEN WHEN no one is there it will give out the fragrance.
          Lets say it is performing a Mother Teresa role. ;-)

          • Alex adams Says:

            “It’s probably best if I stop commenting here from now on and let the two of you enjoy your mutual admiration society. I’m not saying this to create any ‘drama”
            C’mon Amy : this is beginning to appear like a real life Bollywood romcom cocktail-esque drama
            Chill Amy : anjali is NOT being bad to u :don’t misread her or my comments
            Ok: on behalf of me, anjali, Oldgold and others here –
            Ps: this is just an old classic: not any declaration of any sorts-from anjali, Oldgold and me :-)

          • And just so that you don’t twist ym words further here is what I said:

            “Considering the irony of this it’s only fitting that you are complimented for the ‘emotional depth’ of your review by the man who finds rape and breast cancer to be sexually amusing topics!”

            I was only pointing out the IRONY of Anjali making a massive generalization in the same comment where she dismisses our reactions as a typical Indian tendency to generalize- and so I said it was fitting that you complimented her emotional depth when ironically the rest of your comments do not sound emotionally deep at all.

            I did NOT say that you were pro or anti rape- but simply that you found rape to be an amusing topic- which you yourself have admitted to in several comments earlier on this thread where you declared FilmiGirl’s very serious peice to be ‘madly hilarious’. And agian- I commented joking in response to that as well and did not take offence as you can see:

            Alex Says:
            And Amy : what did u think of trishna and filmigirls take…above
            Found it madly hilarious

            Ami Says:
            July 13, 2012 at 6:44 AM
            I think she was more disturbed/ disgusted than amused- but trust you to find any review with sexual content ‘madly hilarious’! :-P

          • Alex adams Says:

            So u have dragged poor filmigirl into this three or foursome now :-)
            Actually I found her writing witty and hilarious
            The way she described how the ‘exotic India tourism’ of picture perfect postcards was what actually excited the western audience.
            And THIS was the real reason for the over celebration of this film in western circles
            But filmigirl put up very succinctly and in a fun manner
            Somewhere she did mention frieda s ‘tits’ etc-since I’ve never noticed those before (& haven’t till now-infact not sure if they exist) I was clueless on that ;-)
            Ps: btw Amy : don’t u frankly think the ‘depth’ and intelligence of comments from anjali (being a young girl) is creditable -c’mon admit it and shake hands with her :-)

          • oldgold Says:

            Why is my comment being buried in Ami/Alex argument???
            It was another sub-thread.

            Alex? Why did you sabotage my opinion about Anjali’s comment about – flowers – forest – fragrance – love!!!

          • Alex adams Says:

            Omg: oldgold has jumped into the action as well
            Time to run n hide for a bit :-)

        • It seems you stole my words on ‘Love’ :)

          Brilliant :)

          ps: It seems words of Rumi, KG and bit of Osho here

  66. Alex adams Says:

    Haha Amy : u DO need to grow up beyond that ‘bookish theory’ viewpoint on such stuff :-)
    Yes that objection would have been valid if saif was ‘supposed to’ be forty five and ‘still’ managing all those ‘feats’ but he is clearly not supposed to be having an age gap.
    It’s not the film or directors blame that the actor willing to star, coproduce the film (& the best suited to pull it off) happens to be of a certain age –they do what they can to make the gap less obvious though….
    Similarly Amy I can ‘spoonfeed’ & ‘teach’ u like a kid with the various aspects here but better is that like a true ‘student’, u first see the film today leaving behind the baggage of your preconceived (and kiddish) issues first :-)
    Ps: relating to my spoof, Oldgold is currently euphoric (& even orgasmic) @ how good the role she was given turned out so well lol

    • “Yes that objection would have been valid if saif was ‘supposed to’ be forty five and ‘still’ managing all those ‘feats’ but he is clearly not supposed to be having an age gap.”

      Yes- and I suppose his cheap pickup lines were actually supposed to be Sufi poetry- and his woefully age-inappropriate attire was actually supposed to be sharp GQ-worthy formals. ;-)

      And you are right about all of us being too inexperienced and immature unlike you- it takes a man of great wisdom and worldliness to come up with such masterful puns as “cumments” and “cocktale”- other less experienced souls like Satyam can only talk about immature kindergarden nonsense like Zizek and Kurosawa. :-P

  67. Alex adams Says:

    Hahah have the greatest respect and regards for satyam the auteur and thinker but have been corresponding with him for quite a while..
    In this genre and these matters, unfortunately satyams ‘grip’ isn’t the same –u never know-he may surprise me in this one but the chances of that happening are (more than) remote :-)
    Im provoking satyam to come up with a ‘long’ one now (pun also intended) hahah

  68. Alex adams Says:

    Btw amy: now the first step of this ‘learning experience’ i may tke u through..
    Think u said sowmthing about your (cute) female flatmate..forgot her name.
    Suggest u check this film out today and then we shall talk … Hahaha

  69. Alex adams Says:

    To add: Amy — there is nothing ‘perverted’ in the comment above.
    Amy: as i suggested: If Yu watch this with your cute flatmate today, it shall only strengthen the ‘bond’ between two close buddies-nothing else.
    Suggested it bcos u were wishing this-
    “maybe I can find a friend who is stupid (sorry, not stupid but MATURE) enough to fall for him as well”
    Hahaha all the best and do keep us posted with your adventures

  70. Alex adams Says:

    “his woefully age-inappropriate attire was actually supposed to be sharp GQ-worthy formals”
    Everyone including me indulge in repetitions ad nauseum lol
    But as everyone else here may agree, this ‘age inappropriate’ bit has been beaten to death, exhumed and buried again !!
    And has been menetioend and admitted by poor saif already-so do come up with something more ‘original’ now Amy :-)
    In the meanwhile, am curious what the other gifted writers like anjali and even Di (loved her dimple role lol) doing hahaha

    • “But as everyone else here may agree, this ‘age inappropriate’ bit has been beaten to death, exhumed and buried again !!
      …so do come up with something more ‘original’ now Amy”

      Yes- why on earth would anybody repeatedly focus on the age of the male actor when he is only a mere 2 decades older than his female co-stars and pretending VERY unconvincingly to be their age? :-P

      An actor’s age should only be repeatedly focussed on when she in an aunty like Vidya Balan/ Kareena (as you are so often fond of pointing out)- how inappropriate of them to act opposite men who are around their age- don’t they know that a heroine should be atleast as young as the hero’s daughter? ;-)

  71. Alex adams Says:

    Now Amy: u are just ‘exposing’ inappropriately-what?-your lack of any new /original thoughts on this..
    I expect more from an intelligent person like u (even though biased and immature) lol
    Read the explanation above –
    The film only got made since saif agreed to act and coproduce the film(& to give credit still managed to do a Jon better than others)
    And the bigger issue would’ve been IF he was shown to be 45 and still a ‘lothario casanova’ which isn’t whats shown-also they have tried to show him as ‘age appropriate’
    & c’mon is this the first time this has happened-forget romcoms-what happened in 3idiots!! Anyhow let’s move to some other point
    So show more of your ‘intellect’ & talent by not indulging in this repetition :-)

    • How about we just abandon this conversation and not move to any other points since your extreme repetitiveness about the ‘immaturity’ of those who don’t enjoy your kind of rom-coms is starting to grate?

      Again- just trying to point out the sheer hypocrisy of you being bothered by any kind of repetitiveness.

      And maybe- if you didn’t keep singling out my mentioning Saif’s age alone from everything that I have written- you wouldn’t be bothered by it.

      • Ami, i am completely with u on this and i can clearly see ur frustration. And especially when someone of Alex’s intellect keeps making such ‘worthless’ (sorry for being impolite) comments, it actually starts grating on ur nerves- btw had it not been Alex, i would not even have cared to say anything. But i fail to understand why a guy like him, whose ‘random points’ can ‘rape’ many so-called reviews, keeps making one non-sensical comment after another and refuses to get serious.

  72. Alex adams Says:

    Btw credit and special mention goes to —
    Dimples hilarious act eg the ‘resuscitation’ scene still roflol
    Played excellently by Di in the spoof lol
    And what can I say about boman irani–class act!!
    Every single note in place
    As suggested by righty by tonymontana -played adeptly by satyam.
    Though one of the other uncles here may have been a better choice :-)

    “if you didn’t keep singling out my mentioning Saif’s age alone from everything that I have written”
    Okie Amy : will be looking out for something written by u OTHER than the repetitive topic :-)

  73. Alex adams Says:

    ” behanji ab to patloon Pehan leejiye!” :-)

  74. Alex adams Says:

    “you are lonely and I’m characterless!” :-) hahaha
    Whatta comment
    Need to quickly ‘sort out’ something else !
    Will look out for more ‘meaningful’ and ‘original’ takes shortly
    Don’t ‘overthink’ folks and have fun.
    Am curious to read satyams take on this one
    Ps: those like anjali: if they keep ‘hiding': their ‘membership’ will be blocked
    As for oldgold: she is ‘recovering’ haha
    No offence: cheers

  75. Alex adams Says:

    Cocktail-Camera moments
    Jokes apart- have always kept a keen eye on ‘moments’!
    Now among the few, one stayed with me–
    A movingly tearful Diana Panty quietly walking past a park.
    A random unrelated white kid looks her into the eye probingly!
    The camera/director had no business to dwell on this but lingered for just a few extra seconds… Will come onto it if ever feel like writing a review on this one! Cheers

  76. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    Tracking ‪#Cocktail‬ business on Day 2 in India. Saturday *initial trends* seems 11.75 cr to 12 cr nett. May even cross 12 cr. Superb!

  77. tonymontana Says:

    a 36 crore+ weekend for Cocktail..

    Im assuming the weekdays to drop heavily.. Though it might surprise even on that front as it has had a limited single screen release.. probably a 5-6 crore Monday.. my guess is an 17 crore+ weekdays gross..

    so a 54 crore plus first week gross..

    think it will just gross over 80 crores..
    not much than Rockstar..

  78. Bol Bachchan Second Saturday Collection 4.7 cr nett. Very Good.
    Bol Bachchan is again back to business at the box office on second Saturday. On second Friday collection dipped and send shockwaves across the film fraternity, but with a good jump on second Saturday BB is back. BB collected around 4.7 crore nett all India on second Saturday and thus taking its nine day total to 69.4 crore nett all India. BB showed a jump of 40%+ on second Saturday from second Friday.
    BB second weekend is now heading for a 14+ crore nett weekend which is pretty decent. BB is already a HIT and it is to be seen how much more it can climb in the HIT region. Also, for BB to reach 100 crore elusive club, it needed a much more better second weekend. Anyways Saturday has shown jump and hope similar jump or more is stored in Sunday collections also.

    Collection Breakup –

    Fri – 12 cr nett.
    Sat – 11.75 cr nett.
    Sun – 15 cr nett.
    Mon – 6.85 cr nett.
    Tue – 5.95 cr nett.
    Wed – 5.25 cr nett.
    Thurs – 4.6 cr nett.

    2nd Fri – 3.3 cr nett.
    2nd Sat – 4.7 cr nett.

    Total – 69.4 cr nett.

    • this is a bit higher than the BOI number though lower than Taran’s. the latter hasn’t reported his yet but looking at his week 1 67 crore number it should be 75-76 crores. And Sun still to come.

    • Akshaye Rathi ‏@akshayerathi

      For the @juniorbachchan & @ajaydevgn fans – running housefull shows of #BolBachchan at a lot of my cinemas today! :) Another big weekend! :D

  79. First Promo Video for M Night Shyamalan’s ‘After Earth’
    By: Brad Brevet
    Published: Sunday, July 15th 2012

    The final day of Comic Con is upon us and Columbia Pictures is doing a little promotion for M Night Shyamalan’s new film After Earth starring Will Smith and his son Jaden in a story set one thousand years in the future. To help promote the flick, which won’t hit theaters until June 7, 2013, Sony has released the following promo video, but first, here’s the newly released official synopsis:

    One thousand years after cataclysmic events forced humanity’s escape from Earth, Nova Prime has become mankind’s new home. Legendary General Cypher Raige (Will Smith) returns from an extended tour of duty to his estranged family, ready to be a father to his 13-year-old son, Kitai (Jaden Smith). When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai’s craft, they crash-land on a now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. As his father lies dying in the cockpit, Kitai must trek across the hostile terrain to recover their rescue beacon. His whole life, Kitai has wanted nothing more than to be a soldier like his father. Today, he gets his chance.

  80. Preity zinta ‏@realpreityzinta

    So did any 1 you watch any movies today ? I saw BOL BACHCHAN & it was FAB !!! A must watch clean family film that u will go crazy laughing.


    Domestic Collections

    1st Week

    11.90 cr
    11.75 cr
    15.25 cr
    06.15 cr
    05.90 cr
    05.25 cr
    04.70 cr
    1st Week Total Collections
    60.90 cr nett
    2nd Week

    03.25 cr
    04.75 cr
    06.75 cr (early estimate)
    Total Domestic Collections
    75.65 cr nett
    Total Overseas Collections
    19.50 cr
    Total Worldwide Collections
    95.15 cr nett

    • the second Sun is really strong. And that’s off a 60 crore week 1. Assuming just the same 15 crores added to Taran’s number you get 82 crores or so and probably higher.

  82. oldgold Says:

    Needless to say I ENJOYED BOL BACHCHAN!!!
    -It’s straightforward
    -it’s NOT A WANNABE film
    -the jokes are silly and endearing, the kind you are easy with
    -NO ITEM SONGS WITH NEARLY NAKED dancer – well except the first where the focus is more on ABsr and ABsr plus Ajay
    -the Indian setting is praiseworthy, what with all these cocktails!

    It’s unfair to criticize AB for acting in this film. I think the psychological effect of failures shows in his acting (a lack of self confidence sort of).
    In addition I think he felt conscious of his role, which was silly and funny.
    What I’m certain is that this success will bring out a more confident and self assured ABjr in the next films.
    Apart from that he was brilliant in quite a number of scenes.

    I laughed or *snorted* throughout the film. The pace was even, as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m really glad that I’m not hindered by belonging to the ‘high brow’ brigade ONLY. I can easily move between the two and unabashedly declare that I watched the film the next day as well :-D

    It is well worth watching at least once even for uptight highbrowers. Loosen up and get a bit silly, it’s fun!!

    There’s an ‘apnapan’ which I’m certain Cocktail lacks, and if people think THAT is ‘apnapan, then I feel sorry for them. Wannabe is never a state one can appreciate. It is silly – and not funny-silly like BB which one can appreciate and enjoy.

  83. oldgold Says:

    I read in a comment above that someone, I think alex, doesn’t know that tumhi ho mata… is a bhajan.

    Here’s a link to a filmi bhajan in a 1962 film

  84. oldgold Says:

    I must mention that I’m happy for Saif. After all no one appreciated him in Aarakshan.

  85. Coming back from Cocktail and i must say i loved the movie. Don’t know why so much Ho Halla over second half ? Come on .. movie was as good in second hour as in first one. Every thing from performances to direction and music was first rate. I would put it in league of VD, PST, Kahaani of this year ..

  86. Alex adams Says:

    Well said yakuza—glad u liked cocktail
    Agree about the hoopla about second half lol

    Thanx Oldgold for the clip and info about that song
    Good to hear that u enjoyed BB (multiple times) :-)
    Did u see cocktail?

    Haven’t seen BB yet
    Need to check cluzet and sy’s ‘intouchables’ next….

    • oldgold Says:

      ‘intouchables’ is very good. Love the dialogues. Unfortunately couldn’t enjoy it 100% as I saw it in French with German subtitles, the former I know nothing of, and the latter I’m not that good at, but what I understood (75%) was great.

      No, I haven’t seen Cocktail.

      Very ‘cool/modern’ kind of films from Bollywood make me cringe.

  87. Alex adams Says:

    Ya untouchables will be interesting-now even available with english subtitles if one wants.

    Btw returning that kids ‘bhajan’ song : the ‘newer’ version is also somewhat addictive-The vocals and the beat.
    Oldgold:check out this nice ‘bhajan’ song’ :-)

  88. Alex adams Says:

    “Very ‘cool/modern’ kind of films from Bollywood make me cringe.”
    Hmm good oldgold:
    so now those who have seen the film know how accurate my casting for the spoof was ;-)

    • oldgold Says:

      Wrongly worded. It shoulkd read;
      The Bollywood wannabe version of “Very ‘cool/modern’ kind of films make me cringe.”

  89. AamirsFan Says:

    Weekend Report: ‘Ice Age’ Doesn’t Melt in Fourth Outing
    by Ray Subers

    July 15, 2012

    It wasn’t a great opening by any stretch, but Ice Age: Continental Drift did at least prove that there’s still life left in this lucrative prehistoric animated franchise.

    The fourth installment in the Ice Age series debuted to an estimated $46 million this weekend. That’s noticeably off from 2012’s previous animated efforts The Lorax ($70.2 million), Brave ($66.3 million) and Madagascar 3 ($60.3 million). It is at least on par with the first Ice Age ($46.3 million), though it’s much lower than 2006’s Ice Age: The Meltdown ($68 million).

    The most recent franchise title, 2009’s Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, opened on a Wednesday and therefore doesn’t provide a great apples-to-apples comparison: Continental Drift topped its three-day start ($42.2 million) and its opening weekend ($41.7 million), though it has zero chance of matching that movie’s $66.7 million five-day start. Still, to be in the same league as the third installment is pretty impressive. For comparison, Shrek Forever After’s debut was 42 percent lower than that of Shrek the Third.

    Aside from pointing out new cast members like Jennifer Lopez, Drake and Nicki Minaj, Continental Drift’s marketing campaign never really tried all that hard to differentiate Continental Drift from its predecessors (there were no circus afros, that’s for sure). As of late, that’s been a death knell for animated sequels, so the fact that Continental Drift was able to stay in the same general ballpark as previous installments speaks to the overwhelming likeability of the central characters, in particular Scrat (who once again was prominently featured in the marketing material).

    Ice Age’s audience skewed slightly female (51 percent), and was evenly split between those above and below 25 years-of-age. The crowd awarded the movie an “A-” CinemaScore (“A” for the under-18 crowd), and with no competition for family audiences on the immediate horizon Continental Drift could have a healthy run.

    One noticeable blemish on Ice Age’s debut is its 3D haul. Despite 2,731 locations playing the movie in 3D, ticket sales for those shows only accounted for around 35 percent of the gross. Combine that with Spider-Man’s sub-par 45 percent 3D share, and one has to wonder what’s up with 3D lately.

    In its second weekend, The Amazing Spider-Man fell 44 percent to an estimated $35 million. That’s a fine hold for a comic book movie, and suggests that it’s being greeted with good word-of-mouth. However, that second weekend tally is substantially less than that of any of the previous Spider-Man movies. On Sunday, The Amazing Spider-Man is expected to pass $200 million.

    Ted had a very strong hold this weekend, easing just 31 percent to an estimated $22.15 million. The movie has now earned just shy of $159 million, and through 17 days it’s still tracking slightly ahead of the first Hangover.

    Surprisingly, Brave wasn’t all that phased by Ice Age’s entry in to the marketplace: the Disney/Pixar blockbuster dropped 46 percent to an estimated $10.7 million. So far, the movie has grossed $195.6 million, and by Thursday at the latest it will become Pixar’s 10th movie to pass $200 million.

    Magic Mike rounded out the Top Five with $9 million, which is a 42 percent decrease from last weekend. The Channing Tatum male stripper movie has now amassed $91.85 million.

    In its second outing, Savages fell 46 percent to $8.7 million. That’s a fine hold for a movie that’s been getting some terrible reactions from audiences, and indicates that the counterprogramming strategy is paying off a bit. Still, the movie has only earned $31.5 million through 10 days, and it will be lucky to get past $50 million before the end of its run.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      TDKR will clean house next weekend. $207 mill opening weekend(set by avengers in may) seems awfully tough to beat and even the total(about $615 domestically) seems tough to beat. im going to predict a $195 mill opening weekend and final gross of around $600million.

      I think the buzz that heath ledger created with his performance as the Joker in TDK is missing in this film. of course that was a ‘added bonus’ to a already extraordinary buzz. this one doesn’t seem to have that ‘extra’ buzz around it but its going to opening huge because its the last one of the series.

  90. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#BolBachchan‬ witnesses BIG jump on Sunday. In CI circuit, for instance, day-wise biz is: Fri 14.75 lacs, Sat 23.50 lacs, Sun 35.95 lacs.

  91. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

  92. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    • AamirsFan Says:

      hope they are not serious here. this would be bad except of course on the box office level…probably will end up being a hit.

  93. AamirsFan Says:

    Bol Bachchan Crosses 75 Crore In Ten Days

    Monday 16th July 2012 09.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Bol Bachchan crossed the 75 crore nett mark in ten days as it grossed 14.75 crore nett approx over the weekend. The ten day business of the film is 75.50 crore nett.

    The business of the film was hit on Friday as Cocktail releases but it went up over the weekend. The film was helped by the fact that Cocktail was more of a multiplex film so the single screen business of Bol Bachchan remained largely unaffected. In fact the business in CP Berar on its second Sunday was the same as Cocktail business on its first Sunday.

    The film will comfortably cross the business of Singham which had a distributor share of 50 crore while the Bol Bachchan share heads towards 52-55 crore.

    • AamirsFan Says:

      i think at this rate it should def hit the 100cr mark…and is a definite hit. Cocktail figures are a surprise to me. did not expect this one to do so damn well.

  94. Looking at how KJO minted money from Agneepath Remake just at the opportune time(masala peak) and the fact that now Abhi has a big grosser in Comedy genre…. the Dostana 2 deal seems all set to be in the fast track now, if it wasn’t earlier… given that Abhi himself will be(or seems) more than eager to get another hit…

  95. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    A less effusive version than mine. But she ( Anupama Chopra) is essentially saying what I am saying.

    “It helps that the material is directed by Homi Adajania, whose first film Being Cyrus was a dark, twisted look at a dysfunctional Parsi family. Adajania keeps it crisp. He reins in the melodrama, until the last half hour when emotions go ballistic and the plot gets needlessly convoluted, and the actors — Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty — bite into their roles. Cocktail is a fun, romantic romp.”

    “The polarity between Meera and Veronica is superficial and oddly old fashioned. Veronica calls herself a rich bitch. She drinks a lot and makes moves on men but she never transgresses into truly dark territory because that would cloud this inherently sunny film. Meera, of course, shuns alcohol and lovers. Imtiaz and his co-writer Sajid Ali moor these clichés with dialogue and texture. So when Veronica asks Meera to stay with her, she says, “Everything that’s in the house is on the house.” And, at one point, Gautam declares, “Tum lonely ho aur main characterless.”

    The writing is enhanced by the performances. The big surprise here is Deepika, who moves beyond her usual statuesque mannequin pose and gets into the skin of the emotionally raw and needy poor little rich girl. This is easily her best performance to date. Saif is an old hand at these sorts of roles but here he really ramps up the charm and even pulls off a scene that has him doing a Tom-Cruise-on-a-couch jump as he wears red lipstick and a negligee. Diana is saddled with the most colourless character but she infuses her role with a quiet poise and holds her own.”

    • I trust Anupama Chopra’s verdict on any genre other than romance- this is the woman who worships SRK and considers even the cheesiest of his romances to be absolutely sacred.

      I don’t think that she is saying essentially the same thing as you at all- since you did not find the film regressive or stereotypical in it’s moral politics but she clearly did-

      “To discover this, you must get past the somewhat flat first twenty minutes, which feel like a rerun of all the shiny rom-coms of the past fifteen years.There’s Padukone as the party girl Veronica who dances on bar tops in minimal clothes; and debutant Diana Penty as Meera, the fresh-off-the-boat desi girl, who wears salwar kameezes, can cook and even prays…The polarity between Meera and Veronica is superficial and oddly old fashioned. Veronica calls herself a rich bitch. She drinks a lot and makes moves on men but she never transgresses into truly dark territory because that would cloud this inherently sunny film.”

  96. It’s the biggest possible nightmare for BOI. A movie with Abhishek in a double act an with ‘Bachan’ in the title heading toward the 100cr mark!

    Abhishek gets a deserved hit. I just wish it had come with DMD because Bol Bachan is a poor movie.

    One thing that mny people haven’t noticed is that Rohit Shetty has taken direct lifts from Dhawan’s Chor Machaye Shor. The whole track about Vohra trying to expose Abhishek has been lifted frrom the Dhawan movie. In fact the part where they lock Abhishek and then they head to his home in order to check if his twin brother is there and how Abhishek manages to con them is a scene-for-scene copy. The track about Abhishek’s fake mother working at a nautanki is another direct lift from the Dhawan flick and you can even hear Vohra mouthing exactly the same lines as Om Puri in the Dhawan flick.

    • “The track about Abhishek’s fake mother working at a nautanki is another direct lift from the Dhawan flick”

      I am sure it was first appeared in HUM (Kader khan track).

  97. ..contd

    In fact the only major difference in these tracks between the 2 movies, is that it’s actually a guy (the hero’s friend- Shekhar Suman) who disguises himself as a woman to pose as the hero’s mother. And they catch him red handed performing an Umrao Jaan mujhra at a nautanki! He then pretends to be the hero’s mother’s twin sister.

    The tracks where everytime they land at the hero’s house but the hero manages to con them are extremely similar as well. In fact a major part of the second half of BB seems to have been ‘inspired’ from the Dhawan flick.

  98. The first reviews for TDKR trickling in…please open the links & read at your own risk…I just peeped at the ratings & headlines… needless to say they are lavish in their praise…a 5 star rating by Total Film :)….Catching it this Sunday at IMAX, Mumbai :) :)

  99. No rift with Reema Kagti: Aamir Khan

    Aamir Khan is not amused with the recent controversy surrounding his next project, Talaash. The actor says, “Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that there have been some attempts to spread rumours about my film. Clearly, someone is not very happy with the way it is progressing, and I can assure you that ‘someone’ is not from our team.”

    The actor’s anger stems from recent reports hinting at an argument between him and director Reema Kagti over some scenes in their upcoming film. Apparently, Aamir wasn’t happy with certain portions in the second half of the film, and wanted them re-shot. Reema purportedly refused to make any alterations, as a result of which a miffed Aamir said he would not be available to promote the film (after he finishes shooting for Dhoom 3 in Chicago). It was even said that the film’s release (set for November 30) might be pushed to 2013.

    “All the reports are totally untrue and baseless. Our team is laughing at them. Internally, whether it’s Ritesh (Sidhwani), Farhan (Akhtar), Zoya (Akhtar), Reema or Aamir, they all know that the film has shaped up well and are happy with the end result,” says an insider close to Aamir. Touted to be a thriller, the film also stars Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji.

    “Aamir is passionate about his films, but he would never interfere with a director’s vision. It’s amusing to read all this, as everyone knows how meticulous Aamir is with his plans. He wouldn’t ignore any of his projects,” adds the insider.

    As it seems now, Talaash is on track and will release on the pre-decided date. “Reema, Farhan, Ritesh and I are very happy with the way Talaash has turned out, and I would like to clarify that our film is releasing as planned on November 30. There’s no change in that date,” insists Aamir. It seems all is well after all.

  100. Lot of rumours & speculation floating around of late on Talaash getting pushed to 2013.

    These can be safely laid to rest now.

  101. Cocktail Has Extraordinary Weekend At Multiplexes

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Cocktail had an extraordinary weekend at multiplexes as it notched up business of around 35.75 crore nett. A huge chunk of this near 36 crore nett plus has come from multiplexes as multiplexes recorded very high occupancies which have not been seen in a long time. The daily breakdowns were as follows.

    Friday – 10.75 crore nett

    Saturday – 12 crore nett

    Sunday – 13 crore nett

    The film is the biggest opener ever for a film of its genre and did superb business in Mumbai, city, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh Pune and Bangalore.

    The collections were on the low side in single screen circuits as appreciation was limited and now it remains to be seen where the multiplexes can take it in terms of lifetime business.

  102. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

  103. Dr shaurya Says:

    • Alex adams Says:

      Thanx shaurya -enjoyed that rd Burman song
      Seems he was in a super creative mood here (& not helping out his dad for a change !!)
      Another remix version: though doesn’t have the. ‘spunk’ of rd burmans vocals on the original

      • Alex adams Says:

        Wow: just loved this sing by rdb : thanx for bringing my attention t this Shaurya : may have heard it before randomly earlier but again proves the brilliance of rdburman (when the poor rdb is not healing out his dad lol)
        Btw noticed one needs to ignore the ass who has put his face in every damn still (even on playboy covers!!) in the ‘remix’
        Lovely guitar chords though !!

        Anyhow: Satyam : u had the objection of ‘American music in Hindi’ in cocktail
        Well, can’t disagree but has certain appropriately updated ethnic/sufi/rustic elements as well ( though some taken from other singers etc)
        Try the second part of the jukebox
        Now this ‘lootna’ song seems from some Sufi/ethnic style that I don’t understand/like much
        But who cares when the beat, melody & vocals take over–somewhere after 2:10

  104. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#BolBachchan‬ collected Rs 15.63 cr nett in Wknd 2, taking 10-day total to Rs 82.44 cr nett. Fri 3.25 cr, Sat 5.35 cr, Sun 7.03 cr. V good!

    • as I said earlier BOI would be around 75, Taran would be around 82.

      Note how BOI have pulled their old trick. Something I’ve been seeing since BnB and Guru and so on. When all else fails and an Abhishek film does very well they reduce the number in week 1 and then more or less align themselves with the other totals later on. and so note in weekend 2 they’re only 70-80 lakhs behind Taran’s number while in week 1 they were 7 crores behind him! Usually they’re so by 2-3 crores, not more than this.

    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

      ‪#BolBachchan‬ was affected by ‪#Cocktail‬ wave on Friday, but consolidated its status on Saturday [good] and Sunday [excellent].

    • Bhawana Somaaya ‏@BhawanaSomaaya

      Bol Bachchan 2nd week collections. Fri – Rs 3.45 cr, Sat – Rs 5.40 cr, total -8.85 cr. grand Total -Rs 77.85 cr.

      this time Bhawana Somaaya is almost on the same page too but given her earlier higher total (2-3 crores higher than Taran’s) her 10 day number will be around 85 crores or so.

  105. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#Cocktail‬ collected approx Rs 36 cr nett in its opening weekend. Breakup:- Fri 11 cr, Sat 12 cr, Sun 13 cr. Extra-ordinary!

    • Bhawana Somaaya ‏@BhawanaSomaaya

      Cocktail Fri – Rs 13 cr. Sat – Rs 14 cr. Total Rs 27 cr. Reactions in Ahmedabad theatre are to be witnessed to be believed.. Gujjus go mod!!

      again her Cocktail weekend is probably around 42 crores.

    • Cocktail 1st Weekend Box Office Collections
      1 hour ago by Team

      After making it large on the opening day, Cocktail has managed a pretty good 1st weekend. The movie might not have got critical applause plus it definitely hasn’t stopped it from grossing a handsome figure at the Indian box-office. Cocktail made a decent 10.75 crores on it’s first day at the Indian box-office. It was amazing to see North Indian’s states occupied about 90-100% on it’s 1st day. The 1st day collections was mainly from urban multiplexes but as the weekend dawned the movie got a stronger hold on single screen theaters as well.

      The movie made 11.90 crores on it’s 1st Saturday. That wasn’t a huge jump from it’s 1st day collection but was fair enough to keep the movie going at a steady pace. One has to keep in mind the target group of the film while judging its box-office collections. For a movie with a limited target group Cocktail has done fairly well at the Indian box-office.

      Sunday saw the movie scaling a new height with a 13 crore box office collection. The 1st weekend box office collection of the film now stands at 35.65 crores. The major contributor to this box-office collection would be urban multiplexes and the North Indian states. For a movie with no new story and a limited target audience I must admit Cocktail has done pretty well for itself. With no major Bollywood Release lined up this week, Cocktail it seems will hold steady for atleast another week at the Indian box-office.

    • Cocktail Wraps Weekend At 35 Cr Plus
      by Shabdita Shrivastav (July 16, 2012)

      Eros International and Illuminati Films’ Cocktail enjoyed a fabulous weekend, and was appreciated by both tradewallahs and the audience. Although the film is doing decent business at single-screens, the big bucks are coming in from multiplexes. Over the weekend, Cocktail collected over Rs 35 crore and took a steady opening on Monday. According to distributors, the film will wrap its first week with impressive numbers.

      In Mumbai, Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines says, “Cocktail has earned Rs 37 crore pan-India and, in Mumbai, collections are close to Rs 14 crore. This week too looks positive as the film has a strong hold over the multiplex audience.”

      Delhi-UP mirrored this trend. According to Sanjay Ghai of Mukta Arts, “Cocktail earned Rs 8 crore in our region. The week looks steady for the film, and despite the slow second half of the film, the audience is enjoying it.”

      In East Punjab, Surendra Saluja of Lakshya Movies says, “The weekend was extraordinary and the film clocked very impressive numbers. Collections here were Rs 3.62 crore. The youth-centric concept has worked very well.”

      Sunit Singh of Aum Moviez adds, “The weekend was huge and the collection in West Bengal was Rs 1.5 crore. Considering the weekend reports of the film, this week should wrap on remarkable numbers.”

      In Rajasthan, Sunil Bansal of Yash Raj Jai Pictures remarks, “Weekend shows of Cocktail were 90 per cent during the weekend. The film earned Rs 58 lakh on its opening day and had a smooth run at multiplexes in our region. Weekend collections are close to Rs 2 crore.”

      In Mysore, BH Basha of Bahar Enterprises adds, “The film has enjoyed a tremendous weekend in our region. The three-day collections in Mysore are Rs 2.2 crore.”

      In Orissa, Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers concludes, “Multiplexes enjoyed good occupancy compared to single-screens. The collection here was Rs 15 lakh. These are pretty good numbers for a film that does not have mass appeal.”

    • and once again to prove my BB point note here how BOI are at 35.65 crores while Taran is at 36. With BB on the other hand Taran was at 43 and BOI was at 38! I suspect here they underreported or used partial data on the non-multiplex theaters. And again they can be behind by a couple of crores or so on other occasions. Here it’s a full 5 crores just over the weekend. Over the week it increased to 7 crores.


    remarkable that this Spiderman too is crossing 200m! Surprised by the lower numbers on Savages, the holdover rate here seems quite ok all things considered but I saw a 3:25 show yesterday with very strong attendance.

  107. Though the Rohit Shetty-Ajay Devgn jodi films have always found takers here, trade points out that Bol Bachchan’s overseas success could have something to do with the presence of Abhishek. In fact, according to an insider, “Abhishek has a strong global connect, so there’s more reason to believe that it’s his presence that may have helped the team crack overseas market too.”

    • Yes I believe the same in fact Abhishek especially in a comic role has a good connect with multiplex audiences as well as overseas. They do show up in big numbers whenever he attempts the comic genre. BB, Dostana and now BOL being examples.

  108. oldgold Says:

    Does anyone know why Amir Khan was thanked, as seen in the credits of the film BB?

    I hope the fans don’t think THAT is the reason for the success. ;-)

    • the story is that he had the copyright for the DK Bose song and allowed it to be used without charge. Not sure if I buy this entirely.

      • For some reason, I don’t see post button (the form is there to fill your comment), when I click reply. I need to come to dashboard to actually reply.
        ps – happening when I am posting below third level.

        • I too have noticed a glitch for sometime where the button sometimes disappears even for a new comment. I haven’t encountered the reply problem. Haven’t changed any settings though. Think it only goes down to three levels though. Beyond this you can’t reply on the main page but you can still do so through the dashboard and it just places the comment at the end of that thread. whereas if you’re on the page there’s no such option. Not sure if this is the problem you’ve faced or something else.

  109. Harud trailer

  110. OT,

    Stephen R. Covey, ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ author, dies

  111. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Abhishek Bachchan on success of Bol Bachchan and more…

    Your twin roles in Bol Bachchan have been applauded…
    Whenever hard work is appreciated, especially for an actor, it is a morale booster. Working on the film was difficult and took its toll on the team. Thankfully, all the hard work has paid off! Rohit Shetty and I have been roaming around the theatres during the weekend and to see the ‘housefull’ board even in the second week feels fantastic.

    Rohit, Ajay (Devgn) and you came together as a team after nine years. During this period, Rohit and Ajay went on to do several films together. Did you feel the focus would be more on Ajay and not you?
    Rohit and Ajay are dear friends of mine and I am a very secure person. If I have agreed to do a film then I don’t think about these things. Ajay has been like an elder brother to me. He is the one who approached me with the film and I knew that he would take care of me. And he did!

    What films are you looking forward to now?
    I am currently concentrating entirely on Dhoom 3. There’s some extensive physical training that’s required and by that I don’t mean getting ripped muscles. But being in tip-top condition physically as action films are physically demanding and one’s body needs to be conditioned for that.

    So we see you clashing with Aamir…
    Clashing would be the wrong word though I realise that I am the hero and he is the villain. I don’t intend to clash with him in any way. I am very excited about working with Aamir and intend to sit back and learn from him.

    After Paa and Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap, any further plans to produce films?
    Of course! With me it’s more a creative decision than a business one. Thankfully, we are not compelled by the financial side of the business that we have to produce so many number films in a year. We have the luxury of making films we believe in. There are three scripts under development and as soon as they are ready we will set the ball rolling.

    Filmmaker speak
    Abhishek is amazing in the film. And I’m sure he will deliver many more hits. More power to him!
    Karan Johar

    I’m very keen to team up with him. He is creating a lot of buzz
    Ekta Kapoor

    I have always loved him as an actor and I really think his comic timing is superb
    Farah Khan

  112. BoxOfficeMojo

    Bol Bachchan

    Domestic Total as of Jul. 15, 2012: $1,004,174

  113. Alex adams Says:

    “Cocktail‬ collected approx Rs 36 cr nett in its opening weekend. Breakup:- Fri 11 cr, Sat 12 cr, Sun 13 cr. Extra-ordinary!”
    good- much better than expected
    Satyam: so its been a good deal -me and u can share the ‘exploits’ :-)

  114. Fever Starts – 171 days 6 biggies!
    By Moviebuzz
    Source : SIFY

    By Sreedhar Pillai

    The third time, Friday the 13th came in 2012 was on July 13. It is the beginning of the second half of the year when some of the most eagerly awaited biggies are due. The proceedings have kick started with the release of Ajith’s Billa 2 on July 13, which took an earth shattering opening.

    What next? For the first time ever all big stars of Tamil cinema – Rajinikanth,Kamal Haasan, Ajith, Vijay, Vikram and Suriya will surely have a release in the next 171 days from July 13 to December 31, 2012. On an average, every month for the rest of the year there will be a big film release.

    After Billa 2 released on July 13, no firm dates have been announced for other biggies.As per release schedule ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ Kamal Haasan’s Viswaroopam can release anytime in the second half of August or early September. The release date is yet to be confirmed by PVP Cinemas as it has to open simultaneously with its Hindi version Viswaroop.

    Suriya’s KV Anand directed Maatran is scheduled as of now to release in the second half of September. The audio launch of the film is likely to happen on Suriya’s birthday (July 23) and since there is a lot of post-production graphic work the release is getting delayed. The producers AGS are not announcing a firm date, but as per sources they are targeting the Vinayaga Chathurthi weekend September 14 or latest by Sep 21.

    UTV Motion Pictures has already blocked September 28th for their Vikram starrer Thaandavam. The entire shoot of the AL Vijay directed film is over and the marketing of its Telugu version Sivathandavam has started in Hyderabad last Friday. The Tamil launch will take place in the second half of August and the film has announced September 28 as release date.

    Kalaipuli S Dhanu the producer of Ilayathalapathy Vijay’s AR Murgadoss directed Thupakki has announced that he will take a call on release date after the title issue matters are sorted out. In all probability, Thupakki will be Vijay’s big solo Diwali release. The entire talkie portion of the film is over and only two songs remain to be shot. The first look promo of the film will come out shortly, once title issue is sorted out.

    Superstar Rajinikanth’s eagerly awaited Kochadaiyaan is almost certain to release on his birthday 12-12-12. Eros International has already sold all rights of the film which is now in the final stages of post-production work. The producers of the film have already announced that the audio of the film will be launched in Japan in September/October.

    Please note the above mentioned possible release dates are not final. In Tamil cinema the actual release date can be confirmed only after it is censored and overseas prints are despatched from the Chennai processing labs.

  115. Hahaha- The Vigil Idiot’s Cocktail review is hilarious- one of his best IMO-
    :-D :-P :-)

    • haha
      no offence to alex..he seems to be in love with cocktail.the village idiot cocktail gig is nasty and in bad taste..but its funny.
      i have yet to watch the film so cant comment more.

  116. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

  117. Kanpur BOL BACHCHAN Second Monday v First Monday

    Tuesday 17th July 2012 10.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Bol Bachchan was steady on its second Monday in Kanpur. The single screens showed limited falls. Below are the first Monday collections from Kanpur with second Monday in brackets.

    Big Rave – 19,230 (67,784)

    Rave Moti – 50,237 (1,03,496)

    Cinemax – 30,408 (73,050)

    Inox – 42,414 (1,10,046)

    Heer – 35,754 (65,646)

    Manjushree – 21,968 (35,537)

    Shyam – 15,689 (26,231)

    Gurdev – 16,684 (35,958)

    Jugal – 11,400 (17,268)

    TOTAL – 2,43,784 (5,35,016) – 54.43%

  118. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    COCKTAIL has fared very well in the international markets. Its business is much higher than Saif Ali Khan’s last release AGENT VINOD, but lower than LOVE AAJ KAL [check comparative figures in each market]… BOL BACHCHAN maintained well, despite the COCKTAIL wave. The film is faring exceptionally well in New Zealand, where it recorded better figures than COCKTAIL…

  119. Alex adams Says:

    Someone (I think shubh) posted a link saying that cocktail is the biggest opener ever in its genre overall-not sure of that but good to see it doing so well.
    This is notable due to the default excessive negativity in the media on it.
    One can’t blame the likes of satyam who has bigger issues like Bol bachchan @hand and who has never been interested in this genre )or fully undertook it perhaps lol)
    But one is amused by how certain so called romcom specialists aka experts are going out of the way to pull the film down.
    They are trying every trick in the book from negating the rare positive review to posting biased negative ones.
    That also is not the problem.
    One smells foul play when they declare that they apparently haven’t even see the film :-)
    And the ‘ foul play’ becomes even more nakedly exposed when these same elements found the likes of EMET highly stimulating and even went somewhat orgasmic @ the likes of superior cinema like EMET :-)
    There is nothing personal here and not to be taken offence
    Just a random observation ;-)

    • Well said Alex and i am with u on this. Just because someone does not like a genre, does not mean he/she start criticising the film without even caring to watch it. And to say that Bol Bachchan is better/more progressive than Cocktail is a hilarious statement which reeks of bias and partiality. Even on their worst day Adjania and Imtiaz are much better than Rohit Shetty. suddenly when Abhi does a film with him, the same people who were earlier taking Shetty’s case, are now going easy on him

      • Alex adams Says:

        Haha agree minor
        Do check out cocktale( with an ‘open’ mind) and lemme know your views :-)

    • “One smells foul play when they declare that they apparently haven’t even see the film
      And the ‘ foul play’ becomes even more nakedly exposed when these same elements found the likes of EMET highly stimulating and even went somewhat orgasmic @ the likes of superior cinema like EMET
      There is nothing personal here and not to be taken offence”

      Since you are clearly talking about me over here- I have said a million times (including in my review!) that EMAET is not great- or even good- cinema by any means. So it’s kind of redundant for people to keep bringing it up everytime I criticize something they like.

  120. Alex adams Says:

    Would appreciate the views of ‘original’ thinkers like anjali and oldgold on cocktail
    Anjalis inputs on Dev d were ‘eye openers’ really -don’t worry-no discussions on sunny leone :-)
    C’mon anjali
    Ps Di : pardon the role u were given in my spoof.
    No role was left and that role needed great comedic timing and u did v well :-)

  121. Alex adams Says:

    Just to add that cocktail is not a great or special film by any means ..
    But let those (negative) compulsive ‘romcom experts’ atleast have a look at it and can vouch that some of those ‘objections’ will be taken back!
    And before a ‘counterattack’ is unleashed: I need to escape (to work) :-)

  122. Ami should be happy to hear this as she likes both the leads here- Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan will be paired together again after EMAET in Punit Malhotra’s(IHLS) next which will be produced by Kjo- Kareena apparently left Bhansali’s film for this shit! it will obviously be a rom-com since ‘baby Imran’ can’t do anything else :)

  123. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Didn’t where else to post this Satyam Sir, here is another gem from Hrishikesh Mukherjee that I came across on youtube. I am sure you would enjoy this. Have you seen this? Again, I have never heard of this film.

  124. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Here are few rare ones as well, Never came across any DVD’s for them before but found em on youtube. Enjoy sir. (Hopefully not giving you too much of Homework

  125. Dr shaurya Says:

    @ Alex..
    thanks for appreciating the song… I dont knw about ur taste but have a look at these poems by Gulzar sahab.. I hope you enjoy them..

  126. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#Cocktail‬ *early estimates* Monday figure seems to be 6 cr + nett. Holding very well at multiplexes of metros.

    • BB MOn figure is 2 crore+ according to Taran.

      • Bol Bachchan Has 2 Crore Second Monday

        Tuesday 10th July 2012 15.30 IST

        Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

        Bol Bachchan grossed 2 crore nett on its second Monday which takes its second weekend business to 16.75 crore nett and the week should finish at around 22 crore nett. The Monday business as compared to Friday (in brackets) in some circuits is as follows.

        East Punjab – 15 (22)

        CP Berar – 16 (23)

        CI – 10 (15)

        Rajasthan – 13 (19)

        All above figures in lakhs

        • once again note how precisely they’re now aligned with Taran! My comment from yesterday:

          [and once again to prove my BB point note here how BOI are at 35.65 crores while Taran is at 36. With BB on the other hand Taran was at 43 and BOI was at 38! I suspect here they underreported or used partial data on the non-multiplex theaters. And again they can be behind by a couple of crores or so on other occasions. Here it’s a full 5 crores just over the weekend. Over the week it increased to 7 crores.]

        • If it’s a 22 crore second week or in that range BOI will have a 2 week total of 82 crores while with Taran it will be close to 90.

    • Cocktail Holds Up Well On Monday

      Tuesday 17th June 2012 11.30 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Cocktail held up well on Monday as it collected around 6 crore nett taking its four day total to around 41.75 crore nett. The all India drop on Monday from Friday is less than 50%.

      The film has dropped in mass circuits as Friday was low and the drop is 50% on Monday from the low levels. So not much can be expected from these places from here on. Multiplexes remain strong especially in metros, Delhi city was super strong on Monday with collections just 40% lower than the huge Friday it had in Delhi city. Other circuits which have big multiplex contribution saw less than 50% drops.

      The week is looking to close at around 55 crore nett which is very good.

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        So Cocktail with not so good reviews both by Critics and public is doing great business.

        • Not sure what’s surprising here. Tons of movies get bad reviews from the critics specially on the mass side of the equation and do well (including in multiplexes). Recently with BB the reviews were mixed to put it kindly!

  127. ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Bol Bachchan’ have a rollicking time at the box office

    Posted on Jul 17, 2012

    The film opened to around Rs 11 crore on Friday, followed by Rs 12 crore on Saturday and Rs 13 crore on Sunday making it to Rs 36 crore weekend. The film made on a budget of around Rs 55 crore including P & A should make its investors happy. The youngsters have latched on to the film and are in fact going in big numbers.

    On the other hand, Bol Bachchan did get affected on Friday by Cocktail’s opening but managed to comeback strongly. While the film collected around Rs 66 crore in its first week, followed by Rs 15.63 crore in its second weekend making it to around Rs 82 crore and a half in its first 10 days.

    Girish Wankhede, official spokesperson of a multiplex chain says, “This has by far been the biggest weekend in the history of our multiplex. While Cocktail opened and brought in huge numbers, Bol Bachchan was also not far behind in spite of being in its second weekend. Plus the other films also did well. The collections the Saif Ali Khan-starrer were around 95-96 per cent on Sunday while Bol Bachchan was around 80 percent which is very huge.”

    The film opened to around Rs 11 crore on Friday, followed by Rs 12 crore on Saturday and Rs 13 crore on Sunday making it to Rs 36 crore weekend. The film made on a budget of around Rs 55 crore including P & A should make its investors happy. The youngsters have latched on to the film and are in fact going in big numbers.

    On the other hand, Bol Bachchan did get affected on Friday by Cocktail’s opening but managed to comeback strongly. While the film collected around Rs 66 crore in its first week, followed by Rs 15.63 crore in its second weekend making it to around Rs 82 crore and a half in its first 10 days.

    Girish Wankhede, official spokesperson of a multiplex chain says, “This has by far been the biggest weekend in the history of our multiplex. While Cocktail opened and brought in huge numbers, Bol Bachchan was also not far behind in spite of being in its second weekend. Plus the other films also did well. The collections the Saif Ali Khan-starrer were around 95-96 per cent on Sunday while Bol Bachchan was around 80 percent which is very huge.”

    • Since BOI are mysteriously aligned with taran’s numbers on BB beginning with the second weekend where they were 7 crores begin in week 1 (a mystery which recurs everytime there’s an Abhishek film that does well!) and are saying it’s going to be 22 for week 2, note how their second week number for Agneepath was 23 crores. Much as BB’s second Fri was the same as Agneepath’s. So the in week 2 they’re at the same level when Agneepath started off at a much higher one.

      of course the BOI week one 7 crore deficit (as opposed to their much more often 2-3 crore one) means that the film would need at least a 12 crore third week to make it to 100. Whereas by Taran’s numbers it’s a guarantee (which is also the number the article above has). Basically with BOI you get 82 crores or so at the end of two weeks, with Taran you get close to 90. Now of course it could do 100 at BOI too but it would have be a lot more stable in week 3 than just about 99% of other 100 crore grossers! Agneepath for example again slipped a lot more in week 3.

      So I’m once again highlighting the BOI game here but also an important point here is that looking at all the theater reports, all the reports from various centers and so on the 38 crore first weekend total was always too low. And the presumption of greater accuracy (at least in a directional sense if not an absolute one) must go to that side which has not suddenly altered its trajectory midway. In other words how did BOI’s numbers suddenly start keeping pace with Taran’s beginning with the second weekend and almost precisely when through the previous week they were behind not only on the weekend but every single weekday as well?!

      I’ve seen the very same modus operandi with BnB and Guru to quote two other examples. Once again the numbers are reduced in the initial period. Later on they’re more or less aligned.

      Of course all of this is an academic debate at this point for two reasons. No one cares whether it’s 95 or 105. It cannot even be precisely said what it is given the state of Indian box office reporting. But even if this were possible no one would care. But secondly the 100 crore drumbeat for this film has been so strong that to argue against it is to more or less be ignored! Over the second weekend once again Abhishek and Shetty were at a theater and were greeted with the 100 crore question among others (how it felt for Abhishek to have this and so on). Even otherwise this film’s ‘hit’ narrative was pretty much in place on day 1, the blockbuster and/or 100 crore narrative took root over the first weekend and whatever doubt there might have been with the latter was settled by the strong weekday trending.

      Which is why the partisans are now reduced to a ‘hey it’s Devgan only’ strategy or ‘Abhishek had to stoop to get his hit’ (so go these Fellini purveyors!).

  128. Is It Possible Ek Tha Tiger To Do A 30 Crore First Day?

    Tuesday 17th July 2012 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Q. Is it possible For Ek Tha Tiger to do a 30 crore day one or are people just over hyping the film.
    A. It is a pre-Eid release so business in some areas will not be optimum but to counteract that its a big holiday release. The 30 crore number will depend on how much they can raise ticket prices and at how many theatres. A release without hiked ticket rates rules out a 30 crore first day.

    M Ali

    Q. Any chance for Cocktail to beat Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara?
    A. In terms of distributor share it might but nett collections looks a tough ask.

    P Soni

    Q. Did Kareena Kapoor leave Ram Leela or was she replaced?

    A. Only the parties involved know exactly what happened but she is probably very lucky she is not doing the film from a box office point of view.

    S Jaswant

    Q. Will Bol Bachchan give a lift to Abhishek Bachchan.
    A. Not that much as the industry sees it as a Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty film.

    L Yadav

    • rockstar Says:

      industry as per what some unqualified baniya

      sorry social networking sites, critics, paying public and media everywhere don’t think so and even not industry (such thing is stature where self proclaimed porn superstar star who had done its bitsy role in ekta kapoor in ouatim and dirty picture gets replaced immediately and ab junior gets the lead being praised by ekta everywhere)

  129. “Not that much as the industry sees it as a Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty film.”

    Hail BOI !!!!

    Now why is this not surprising ??

    • If they really thought it was just a Devgan deal they wouldn’t have been quite so depressed about it!

      • Apart from BOI the entire media is going gaga over Abhishek. BTW check out BOI’s answer to the Kareena-Bhansali question. Apparently Kareena is lucky since she left Ram Leela for a Punit Malhotra rom-com with Imran- ROFL. The rumour is that Bhansali now has Priyanka as the lead. If it’s true PC has once again trumped Bebo in-terms of prestige projects- she has done quite a few of them recently- 7KM, WYR, Fashion, Kaminey- and if 100 crores is the criteria even she has Agneepath and Don 2

        • BOI is suffering from serious anxiety and their agenda has never been more obvious. One cannot but feel pity for them and those who put their faith in them. Delusional crap.

  130. And all those SRK fans who are saying that Abhishek had to stoop down to Rohit Shetty to get a hit, lemme tell them that now even their fav star is ‘stooping down’ to the same level in Chennai Express. And so much for what? To ‘reinvent himself’ and to stay in the ‘game’ through a “Rohit Shetty”- embarassing!

    • oldgold Says:

      Which SRK fan said that?

    • The Graduate Says:

      I wonder why SRK is in picture here.He is far bigger star and far better actor than Abhishek.If he has a hit,well and fine.What is so glorious about it after a string of failures that is now impossible to remember. Abhishek had to latch on to Rohit-Ajay combo to save his life. SRK need not..he can work with any director he wants.That is the difference. And what is this “re-invention”. etc stuff. If for a film[SRK-YRF next] an esteemed exhibitor has pre-booked all his cinemas in CP[a SS dominated region] without any first look or teaser..that actor needn’t re-invent himself.He is there. It is good you are happy for Abhishek but you are certainly in no position to equate SRK with Abhishek whose next solo might sink without trace again!!

      • “he can work with any director he wants”

        such are one’s illusions/delusions!

        Rohit Shetty though is an upgrade on Anubhav Sinha!

        • The Graduate Says:

          “such are one’s illusions/delusions”

          On the is your illusion that he cannot.

          So will you bet on Abhishek’s next solo.. will it sink with a trace or without it.

          And Abhishek getting hits via that cheap comical thrill[ the manner in which you diss Shetty’s Golmaal’s] rather than some imaginary “prestige” projects. LOL!

          Mani must have been happy to have worked with Nagarjuna,whom you call a non-actor…but did ruin his reputation with Raavana,that supposedly was with the best star-actor of this generation. :-)

          And yes Rohit Shetty is certainly an upgrade from Goldy Behal. ;-)

          • oldgold Says:

            Now, now, Graduate!
            Success is success, and it’s sweeter after ..what you call…a string of failures, which unfortunately SRK is going through at present. Hope he too will have a big success soon after his past failures.

            As for acting, I think ABjr is no less an actor. I’ve liked his acting in mostly all his films.
            I don’t see any need for putting ABjr down. It’s uncalled for, and unnecessary to prove ANY POINT.

          • Actually SRK hasn’t failed that much of late. Yes Ra One was a failure and a very costly one in more ways than one, Don2 didn’t quite excite anyone even though it made a fair bit. But before this leaving aside MNIK he’s not had a bad run at all. My point here has precisely been that it’s just not his age anymore. He cannot excite anyone EVEN when his films work. This is the true moment of decline. He can of course reinvent himself but he hasn’t shown the smarts so far to be able to do this. Rohit Shetty will get him a big one, the Yash Chopra film will do minimally well too but neither are paths to reinvention. which is why he bet so much on Ra One. It was just the wrong bet. Not because the film failed. It was just the wrong decision for a star at his career point. But again the problem here is that SRK after OSO/CDI or after RNBDJ or after MNIK or after Ra One/Don2 is always in the same ‘stagnant’ position. Because again his brandname such as it is has lots its appeal, he still has the base to get an initial, specially in the right production, and specially after hyping things to death but this isn’t enough. All hits don’t mean the same. These hits haven’t advanced his brandname which is why they’re not too different from the flops. Of course a star would rather have the former than the latter but without reinvention this eventually becomes an academic debate.

          • I guess this truth has hit you hard..! Note how having to argue for SRK proves my point! But perhaps you are right.. SRK could have any director. He just prefers Anubhav SInha and Rohit Shetty to everyone else! I stand to correction. Oh well the SRK fan must be allowed some resentment. It’s been tough for a while!

            As for myself I am made of sterner stuff! Which is why I didn’t have a problem criticizing Abhishek’s commercial turn at the precise moment when he got so much attention after so long.

            I’ll offer you some very sincere advice, completely serious here… if you want to argue for SRK or defend him try not to let your anxiety precede you where everyone can spot it coming a mile away!

          • oldgold Says:

            I don’t think they have much time left even for reinvention. If Rohit Shetty’s and YRF’s films are going to bring him success, and if he’s still capable of getting a huge initial what’s the problem?

            Another three years and he’ll be 50.
            Even with all his reinvention Amir needs heroines who are more than 20 years younger, so if he continues in his reinvented form with younger and younger heroines he’ll only end up becoming more and more repulsive – no amount of good acting and excuses like, he makes us believe he’s 30 etc is going to work.

            So, as far as I’m concerned, the kind of decline you are looking for will hardly come, because age will overtake sooner.

            As for the public/masses or whatever, they don’t care and will turn to SRK (and others) even in his 50s if the films are like the YRF and Shetty’s. It has been proved that there is an audience for more than one genre.

          • because stardom contrary to popular perception is never simply about the box office. The latter is essential but unless you can do a Salman and silence all ‘objections’ with an overwhelming run you have to create a narrative that is important. This is especially so for an iconic star like SRK who for very long was controlling the narrative. And actually the masses care as well. Rajesh Khanna had one of his best years in 1974 with a string of hits. But neither the industry nor the audience thought he was going anywhere. When the audience saw SRK in KKHH or DDLJ or even lesser films they liked him whether or not they liked the film. When it’s about OSO or RNBDJ or whatever they might enjoy the films but the star doesn’t grow in their esteem. This is very different from Aamir whose films have great prestige and so on but even Salman who’s doing junk most of the time but he’s exciting the audience. If you compare Don2 to Ready there’s a significant difference on the gross but actually the real difference here is far greater. Because again SRK isn’t ‘interesting’ a larger audience even with Don2 where Salman can do it in really pedestrian films. Now a Don2 might still do decently or better if it’s enjoyable enough but it doesn’t do anything for the star. Much as Singham did a lot less than BG or Ready but it is far more important for Devgan than those films for Salman. Because here Devgan was truly loved by his audience whereas the Salman films are completely substitutable. He’s exciting the fans, the films could be anything within that basic format.

            So actually it’s one of the very elementary though common misunderstandings to think that just because a film is working the star is absolutely fine. Because there can be the irrelevant hit. Also, and as I’ve said before, reinvention often means changing the composition of the audience. So SRK’s typical base will be in it for a Yash Chopra film or even RNBDJ but not Don. They might show up but it’s not their kind of deal, on the other hand the audience that would normally like this sort of film wouldn’t find SRK very credible on this terrain. So again the star falls between two stools. The film might still be entertaining enough to retain the audience from each of these groups but the star doesn’t get the reinvention he desires. And to be fair reinvention is very difficult for this reason. There are plenty of stars who deliver very significant hits past their prime. But the meaning of these hits becomes radically different.

            Even in terms of directors SRK was getting the commercial and prestige ones through the early part of the the past decade. So once he had Rathnam, he had Abbas-Mustaan, he also had Mansoor Khan and so on. He was either in serious consideration or was actually doing films with the best talents once, whether hopelessly commercial or with greater prestige. These started dwindling over time and now it’s hard to think of the last prestige director he’s worked with. Either someone more upcoming or relatively established and so on. It’s not just that he’s not working with any of the prestige names. Even Abbas-Mustaan don’t consider him necessary. He still has Johar and Yashraj but he always had them and of course this paradigm itself has lost a great deal of its prestige since the 90s.

            Those who continue to think that SRK is fine and there’s no problem will also have to start believing that the Rohit Shetty deal or the Farah Khan one is the ideal one for him while others work with Hirani and Imtiaz Ali and whoever the big names are any which way. Even with Yashraj ETT is without doubt their biggest film this year. D3 is the absolute biggest. SRK in a romantic film is still a big deal, not underestimating this, but it isn’t the 90s anymore!

          • The Graduate Says:

            So a fan of a star who NEVER has excited anyone in his entire career is trying to make a case for possibly the biggest star India saw after Bachchan. Starnge but I expected this.

            Just because you have a closed-box thinking that ETT is bigger and D3 biggest…does not make it so. A SRK-YRF film is pre-booked for 13th Nov in almost all cinemas of CP should dispel all your baseless theorems. Your irk at romantic outings of 90’s clearly signifies how much you hated a single man single-handedly holding the narrative of India Cinema for more than a decade.That itself vindicates the point that SRK is far bigger than any contemporary star. He doesn’t excite anyone anymore!!?? A self-built theorem! Huh! If that be true–then mediocre like Abhishek were never born!!

            My point is simple. A bachchan bhakt will aimlessly try to project Abhishek as some actor,although the truth is that the audience has rejected him as such for over 95% of the times. But yeah,,he is the biggest star actor of the Indian film industry and what not!! When you write stuffs about SRK assuming they are gospel truth,do learn to read the testament before writing about Abhishek.

            I am happy he got success but rather amused how one success,that too not solo has prompted a few Bachchan fans to over-react and start again making comparisons.Haven’t we seen some 75-90 crore prediction for Players!! If Abhi fails,it is because of his choice to not budge to industry norms..If rarely SRK fails,it is because he does not excite any one more. Peculiar disharmony of logic!!

          • rockstar Says:

            ya controlling the narrative comes only when you are giving big grossers (bigger than anyone and even in distribution circle) your films are being sold much bigger than one which was never the case infact on peak the guy was curious paradox of being more popular overseas than in india

            think about exciting and all sounds more amusing but when the same guy was working with the same alternatives directors mostly with whom you are ridiculing was terms different and among the best and infact with time deteriorated rapidly(have you ever seen his mentor barry john speaking on his acting stuff these days and his career demographics in his first half )

            when someone don’t excite anyone time and again he don’t get the best projects or names of commercial or mainstream cinema time and again ( in the case of ab junior which was non existent before yuva and who is much smaller fish anyway)

            what is the outcome of investing 300 cr in movies like ra-one and don2 where you are reduced to being subsidy factor that to relentless one year of promotion or being reduced to have junior as comparison ..

            and ya at the peak of stardom when you resorted to safe stuff rather than cutting edge radical cinema the word mediocrity is not ti be used abruptly or taking risk some of his contemporaries like aamir khan did that much better ….

      • SRK was maintaining his top position very well till RBNDJ. But then Aamir came with Ghajini and 3 Idiots and then Salman with Dabangg, Ready, BG – what could srk do? He did try something different (by Kjo/srk standards) with MNIK and then tried his best in the action/stunts genre with Don2 and Ra One – 2 out of these three struggled to break even.

        But things will probably get better with Yash Chopra, Rohit Shetty and Farah Khan films as far as box office is concerned. And that should be enough for SRK to maintain his status in the top league.

        As for Abhishek – he had his best chance with back to back films with Ratnam, Mehra and Gowarikar. After everything failed he is now doing comedy multistarrers (BB, Dostana 2, Farah Khan’s next) and a Dhoom sequel with Aamir to somehow remain relevant.

        The stars in their late forties cant re-invent themselves – not until they become so old that they are forced to take elderly roles. Its just a matter how long the Khans can milk their base.

        SRK is stereotyped as romantic hero, Abhishek is in the process of stereotyped as the gay comedian – thats because audience appreciates them best in such avatars – reinventing is never easy.

        • LOL, is Abhishek now setting the terms for your debate on SRK?!

          • Not at all. Just said everyone has their own strengths – Srk in romance and Abhishek in comedy.

            No matter what they do otherwise, they dont excite the audience.

          • What strength is Abhishek playing to when the audience loved him in Sarkar or Guru? According to him he is most often greeted with cries of ‘Gurubhai’ or Sirjee’ (Idea) wherever he goes.

            An actor’s iconic branding is different from his versatility. So Bachchan was the angry young man, then he was the Anthony sort of character in many films. But he was no less brilliant in the Mukherjee works. Of course only a certain kind of part can become that iconic. So I think you’re mixing up two kinds of claims here. In Abhishek’s case it is not even true even at the iconic level for Guru is still his most iconic part.

          • Just like Salman in a Ratnam or Mehra movie even in this phase will flop.

          • Satyam – Unfortunately Abhishek has missed the bus after his Guru moment. Guru could have been the foundation of his ‘iconic’ image if he could have followed it up even at a minimal level in the last 5-6 years or so. Guru lead to prestigious projects with Ratnam, Mehra, Gowarikar – all back to back.

            But consecutive failures in these deals have cost him a lot. It would had been OK if these movies had flopped but the general audience had liked him in it – but since that dis not happen, it made him almost irrevalent (the openings of Game and Players have more than proved that).

            As for Sarkar, it was again the hint of an ‘iconic moment’ which RGV himself played foul in the sequel. Unlike the Godfather paradigm, RGV actually killed of Abhishek and gave back the throne to Amitabh in his old age – completely subverting the underlying message of Sarkar – that Abhishek was the heir to the Bachchan throne.

            BB is no reinvention for Abhishek. He played to his audience friendly strength of comedy which previously was displayed in Dostana or even BnB – so there is nothing new here. BUT he has been appreciated – thus he now has revived a base which accept him in the comedy mold. BB will make them want more of Dostana – not Guru!

            Amitabh’s was a different case – his Mukherjee films were hardly one-tenth of the grossers in his angry-young man image. Small successes here and there proved his versatility – only since they were not his bread and butter films.

            Follow the media coverage and look at Abhishek’s career – BB is now his token to bread and butter. Look at his obvious glee at BB collections!

            To drive home my point – after BB he is offered a Farah Khan supporting role and the Dostana sequel is revived at his own interest! BB will not excite Ratnam or Mehra to try him again. A good gross for DMD may have done that.

          • Bored.. I can agree with some aspects here. Unfortunately the problem is that some good points are taken into entirely imaginary directions. Sometimes reality has to be followed! And I see this problem with many people on blogs. There’s a difference between having a ‘theory of the case’ and having according an overarching view of how stars and their careers are shaped and ‘adjusting’ the narrative based on ‘facts on the ground’ and quite another to simply pick and choose randomly to buttress one’s ideas. In the latter instance one just loses all coherence.

            For instance I have never been a Salman fan. I don’t really have anything against him otherwise. Whether he’s a huge star or not is not something I’m invested in. But the fact that he’s created this storm at the box office in his current phase and is producing initials even with the most ordinary stuff simply has to be accepted. No ifs and buts here. Yes the films are poor in most of the cases, I don’t know how long this phase can lost but while it does the scale of success and the consistency here overwhelm all other arguments. I cannot say that he’s doing poor films or that we know masala runs these days and so on. Similarly I’m not much of a Devgan fan (like him in certain roles more than others but not a fan) but Singham was simply the single most important moment in his career leaving aside his debut film. Again I could say the very same stuff — masala runs and others are getting success and so on.

            There is always a kind of (and I’m getting theoretical here) conservative counter-reaction to an important moment. Which is to deny it and say ‘there’s nothing to see here’. Such an approach accepts that a hit happened (to stick to our discussion) but adds the caveat that ‘it doesn’t mean anything’. Actually with BB I am myself surprised. I was expecting your kind of success here. Which is to say something that got Abhishek out of hot water but didn’t mean much otherwise. However the narrative has been completely different here. The whole success bit has been tied to Abhishek, the performance has been celebrated, the media is treating it as reinvention. Now one can disagree with everything here but at a factual level this is what has happened. This doesn’t make the film special, I don’t even think that much about the performance, and so on but this is just what has been happening. Now it’s one thing to argue that he won’t be able to build on the success of this film and quite another to have the ‘nothing to see here’ attitude.

            Of course I too would have wished for films like D6 or Raavan to work. Those are always special successes that can’t be replicated by just any peer. So Guru for special for this very reason. At the same time inasmuch as BB is a commercial ‘nothing’ film the ‘Bachchan’ name has made it something more for Abhishek. Shetty played on this throughout and the media narrative since the release has played on this as well. So it is certainly not like a Dostana moment. he got great reviews in the latter, actually better than for BB in absolute terms, the film’s buzz was more than the gross but ultimately the scale of success wasn’t the same as here. So yes a lot of stars are doing this kind of stuff but not every star is getting out of it what Abhishek did! And to repeat an earlier point even on pretty ordinary terrain this is how the truer actor can separate himself.

            I highlighted a certain structure with Abhishek yesterday. About how his career is always premised on promising that giant leap forward. On the opposite side there is always either the ‘the success doesn’t mean anything because it’s a multistarrer, because he needs 45 hits in a row, because he didn’t shave…’ refrain or it’s a ‘he missed the bus’ deal. The problem is that even when he seems to be in dire straits there is precisely a bus waiting to pick him up! So even as he was failing there was always a big credible project that promised to get hum out of his doldrums. Either a prestige one or a commercial one or both. So D6 or Raavan couldn’t do it nor could Players but BB did! Most stars are finished with a certain kind of failure and certainly a string of failures when these also happen to be important, hyped projects. But he keeps getting stuff that keeps him in the news in some minimal sense. So even with a KHJJS Gowariker despite his track record carried some prestige, specially so given this was his first important film after JA. Then there are always other potential projects. So he’s never been in the Salman position where he wasn’t getting anything other than B grade for a long time. Nor has he had problem with prestige films. At his weakest point Jha still wanted him for a Maoist subject of all things! It’s hardly likely that he’d have problems after BB even if he wants to stick to commercial for a while.

            But I also find not very convincing when people suddenly discover the virtues of Guru or that phase of his career after BB. No one was celebrating DMD here. It was exactly that sort of film! Suddenly people are ‘oh so disappointed’ that he’s doing lowbrow commercial stuff! whether all of this is true for you or not it seems to me there is just too much ‘denial’ in your claims when it comes to him. And again I do agree with some of your points. I’m the guy who’s nervous that BB will take him too far in a certain commercial direction. So I agree with some of the stuff you’re saying. But the overall framing is important. And whether one is a fan of a star or not agreeing on some basic facts is important.

          • Not to mention the media somehow goes OTT and gaga whenever Abhishek tastes success in comedy. We saw it during Dostana and now BB.

            Objectively, the 45 cr of Dostana in 2008 for a multiplex movie was not much; neither is 100 cr that big a deal today. But the media trumpet blows much louder than other such grossers.

            Guru did not enjoy such a ‘HIT’ media narrative even though Guru’s 45 cr in 2007 was much bigger deal at the box office.

            Media narrative is usually a reflection of public excitement – and definitely Abhishek enjoys more buzz as a comedian than a serious actor.

            Anyways, ‘iconic’ image comes after enough repetitions, it never a one-off thing. Unfortunately Abhishek is getting repetitive success in his less-flattering avatar.

  131. A fine fine article on how Disney animated films have become less dark and frothy over the years- “The Dark Side of Disney : Mental Conditioning of Life”-

  132. Day late and a dollar short but thanks for posting my review of Trishna, Alex. :) It was a truly dire film – Manohla Dargis over at the NYT rips it (and Winterbottom) to shreds. I’m really disappointed at the glowing reviews from most other Western outlets, though. Dazzled by the exotic locale (and Freida’s tits) I guess.

    Haven’t had a chance to see Cocktail yet but totally agree with Ami’s assessment on Saif these days. His mid-life crisis keeps getting more and more embarrassing. Prepare yourselves for another 10 years of this same old “Hum Tum” act. To (mis)quote Dazed and Confused – he gets older but his heroines all stay the same age.

    • rockstar Says:

      saif has been liked in these urban fiirting role more but ya with heavy critical acceptance of ladies in movie by both critics and paying public its clear expiry date is here to…btw with heavy dose of masala everywhere cocktail was bound to open well

      these sort of wannabe hollywood movie have multiplex audience segment with so called metrosexual personal… karan johar failed to utilize when he copied “what happened in vegas” to early in the form emet when it was fresh in people’s memory

      this weekend though reminds me of znmd and singham case last year when they where operating wrt to bol bachchan and znmd and this is a unique celebration of mediocrity where most of bollywood and hollywood remaked as one would say is getting consumption in a big way

    • Alex adams Says:

      Filmigirl: enjoyed your piece on trishna …due to your lucid and witty writing and the way u explained the actual reasons why this (& similar) films are being overcelebrated in the west.
      and ( as alleged) not due to frieda pintos or anybody else’s (non existent) ‘assets’ :-)
      As for cocktale-
      Will be looking forward to reading your witty take.
      Not sure if it’s technically a chick-flick romcom or a ‘blokes movie’ though .
      If u dont find anything worthwhile in it, am willing to ‘pay u back’ ;-)
      Ps: Btw this offer of ‘paying back’ applies only for those gals who are somewhat hesitant in watching it as if it’s x-rated porn lol

      • Alex adams Says:

        Not at all condoning and supporting SAifs cavorting young girls and his ‘midlife crisis’
        But feel this shouldn’t become the sole centrepiece for pulling a film down.
        Anyhow: if one thinks of it, saif seems to be an example of really ‘walking the talk’ atleast in this aspect
        Isn’t his Kareena (mis) endeavour relationship a proof that this stuff can happen though rare!!!
        Although Kareena may well be a she-male or transvestite in real life , atleast many find her ‘young hot n happening’
        So what does she find in saif?
        Does she not know his age or that of his kids ?
        Would like the ‘resident romcom’ experts to answer this :-)

      • oldgold Says:

        Isn’t everyone being unfair to Saif??

        He’s SIX YEARS younger than the three Khans.
        The three Khans are acting with;
        – a 20 years younger Katrina,
        -a 24 years younger Anushka Sharma
        -a 22 years younger Asin

        >So what does she find in saif?
        Does she not know his age or that of his kids ?

        This statement can also apply to Amir Khan and Kiran Rao. The age gap between them is same as that between Saif and Kareena – about 10 years.

        • oldgold: I imagine Ami would have the same issue with those three as well.

          • oldgold Says:

            ONE CANNOT HAVE THE SAME ISSUES – simply because the age difference is reduced by SIX YEARS!!

          • oldgold Says:

            I was also responding to the quote from Alex’s comment.

          • I know for me, when the film/characters are supposed to be “real” it bothers me to see an uncle opposite a 20-something. In masala it doesn’t matter as much since the whole thing is fantasy anyways.

            The other issue is simply that Saif was playing DOWN in age. If you can’t suspend disbelief that a 40ish guy is really 20ish, it just looks like a dirty old man acting REALLY immaturely. I’d agree to an extent with bringing up Aamir in 3I. It’s really disconcerting at first but eventually his performance manages to make you forgive that he’s 40, not 18. I haven’t seen Cocktail so I can’t say if it’s the same with Saif.

        • Alex adams Says:

          Good points Oldgold
          What was aamir doing in 3idioits btw?
          Trying to (rightly) escape a much younger Kareenas lip lock lol

    • Alex adams Says:

      “Day late and a dollar short but thanks for posting my review of Trishna, Alex. ” no problems filmigirl

  133. Bol Bachchan collects Rs 824.4 million net in 10 days, says Fox Star Studios

  134. Saw bits of the film (Cocktail) at a friend’s place. Admittedly not the best transfer but it seemed pretty appalling. Deepika on a beach with the appropriate attire has its charms but this film is excruciatingly fluffy and pedestrian otherwise. I know I have little patience for this stuff but after watching this I felt bad criticizing the likes of WUS for so long because compared to this that film is a total classic. If you’re the kind of person who though the recent EMAET was excellent cinema you’ll probably like this one too. For me both films operate at the same level of mind-numbing emptiness which itself wouldn’t be too bad if the films weren’t so incredibly boring. And in the same vein though I’ve always criticized ZNMD on certain grounds I’ve also said that it was engaging enough otherwise. But this film instils in me a new appreciation for ZNMD! At some point if I have the nerve I’ll try and finish Cocktail but I saw a fair bit and let’s say I’m not exactly tempted.

    On a related note I finally caught up with or I should say skimmed through both Bodyguard and Ready. Here I was surprised at two levels. on the one hand I expected each film to be really over the top but neither one is. They’re both quite restrained as these things go, specially BG. On the other hand BG is completely and hopelessly insipid with nothing going for it! Ready is intermittently engaging but even this film is largely low energy. And these films are also not like ATB which was rather entertaining at that low key end of things. Both films are testaments to Salman’s current standing. One must totally agree with Salman when he suggests that at a different point in his career (he said this for Ready) both films would have done nothing.

    To be honest I went into these expecting BB or Rowdy and so on. Basically a brand of over the top Southern masala where even if I didn’t like the star the films would otherwise be loosely comparable (something enjoyable like Wanted in this case). But they’re not! I was talking to someone and when I mentioned all this viewing I was quick to add that I still didn’t have the guts to risk the Golmaal series at which point I was told that the first two here are poor but that the third one is pretty good. Anyone have thoughts on this?

    Getting back to Cocktail I guess I want Saif to remain viable and on that score I suppose I should be pleased he has a success but he seemed a little desperate here all things considered, which wasn’t true in LAK.

    • Satyam: why did you even bother? What in the trailer suggested this would be anything other than tripe?

      • To be fair, there has been a lot of praise coming in – mostly centered on the writing and on Deepika’s performance. I’m tempted to check it out myself, even though I loathe this genre, for that reason.

        I fear I will also have initial impressions of “tripe” confirmed.

      • Alex adams Says:

        Have absolutely no qualms about those impressions on cocktail and films of similar ilk-atleast these ‘qualms’ are mentioned after a viewing lol
        As pointed out earlier-Guess these films need a lot of ground to cover to reach ‘Bol bachchan’ standards to deserve similar ‘focus’ & appreciation lol
        The likes of adjania and Imtiaz need to learn quite a few things from auteurs like rohit shetty too!! :-)

        • “-Guess these films need a lot of ground to cover to reach ‘Bol bachchan’ standards to deserve similar ‘focus’ & appreciation lol”

          No they just need enough teens to appreciate them!

          • Alex adams Says:

            Not sure if any nook & corner of London has been left unused by Bollywood now
            Lol @ saif in capris
            Both DPs seem good though…

        • @alex
          the impression i get from reading adverse comments on cocktail is that no one is actually talking about the film…they just do not like this genre.and the reason could be that so many bad films have been made in this genre that even when a really good and interesting film like cocktail comes along…ppl r already prejudiced…and have closed all their mental windows to appreciate it…a behaviour i find typically indian.
          and ppl who lay the charge that it is a teen flick should under stand that GOW can also by the same token be called a film that primarily panders to the adolescent male viewers with all the gimmick songs,violence and gaalibaazi… the name of realistic cinema…..sans plot and sans story to keep the visual narration cant make the audience sit for your film for 5 hours merely by pulling out indulgent stunts and dailoguebaazi …u have to tell a gripping story at the end of the day.which i think to some extent imtiaz ali offers in cocktail and adjania as always has a fresh and new way of executing the shots..which was welcome.i think one should desist from throwing such labels as teen flick,etc… around.a movie is a work of art and should be viewed with open mind….chasma utaaro phir dekho yaaro!
          and i dont want to offend adjania by comparing him to rohit shetty….but i think pulling off a film like cocktail….a genre which has already been overused in bollywood and much derided….and giving it a fresh outlook and appeal….is indeed a difficult task..and adjania has done a commendable job.

          • “they just do not like this genre.and the reason could be that so many bad films have been made in this genre that even when a really good and interesting film like cocktail comes along…ppl r already prejudiced…and have closed all their mental windows to appreciate it…”

            LOL! Satyam is perfectly able to make a distinction between films in this genre of varying quality:

            “And in the same vein though I’ve always criticized ZNMD on certain grounds I’ve also said that it was engaging enough otherwise. But this film instils in me a new appreciation for ZNMD!”

            And I’m someone who criticized the film DESPITE LIKING THE GENRE !:-P

            But I’m terribly sorry if our ‘typically Indian behaviour’ offends you. ;-) I’m sure that if you showed this film to a more refined, cinephile audience of European film enthusiasts it would recieve a standing ovation. ;-)

          • rockstar Says:

            sorry i don’t liked the genre to be frank and infact always always associated them with more chessy stuff and womenly stuff and i never hide those but your observation also comes from without seeing the movie i guess only but ya i found it cliched(cocktail) and ya have found gow has kashyap’s weakest but it atleast has authentic rusty stuff going for it

            to be frank it has its moments with gags and so called innovativeness of suiting abroad and picturesquelocation( which has indian suitability much like bull fighting of spain which make you coming of age with pun intended) and makes it truly escapist

            doesn’t veronica bimbo characters is similar to archies style of comics and so do the other lady( these are the popular teen fantacy)

            its like calling one as rickshawallah sort of audience for one genre and suddenly being branded classy for another sort of terrain which is more wannabe and suddenly which other describes as masterpiece

            and ya a mature take on relationship don’t come from usual norm thinking for a man:

            a guy will always loved to bed a girl like veronica and will always love to marry a girl like petty ….what is coming of age here rather than playing to gallery

          • Alex adams Says:

            Wow anjali: want to pat your back for that comment.
            Now that’s why wanted your expert comments on this and a fullblown review on it will be good.
            There is this somewhat ‘peer pressure-ish compulsion of conformity’ in place even amongst some sensible folks-read below.
            Btw lemme have ‘desi daaru’ with u : oops I meant coffee ;-)
            Do u like capuchhino?

          • rockstar Says:

            these reggie or archie style of comical narratives is more matured take on relationship then what will you call one

    • Golmaal 3 is definitely one of shetty’s best work in fact i would put it before BB, No doubt this is a mindless comedy but very enjoyable and all those who say that ajay has sort of taken second seat in BB are actually in a way ignoring all the golmaal films. Ajay is definitely the main star of the 3 films but in golmaal 3 his role is not as strong as i would say in BB. As a matter of fact kareena has got better deal here. The entire disco dancer stuff with mithun, prem chopra and ratna pathak shah is pretty funny. Satyamji if at any point you enjoyed BB for reasons other than AB jr. and if at times you like to visit mindless comedy G3 is worth a try. And now that you have seen ready, you will find G3 much better lol

    • Forgot to mention Johny lever, sanjay mishra and vrajesh hirjee. I respect neeraj vohra for his comic timing but i feel johny lever as a makhan in BB would have been better. The 3 are very funny in G3. I feel sanjay mishra is one of the most underrated actor/comedian in the industry. Mishra was outstanding in ATB and was very good in G3 even he could have been a better makhan (i believe)

    • ATB is Shetty’s best movie. Golmaal3 is bina sar pair ka. Comparatively I find first part OK.

  135. Bol Bachchan roar for 100 crore gets loud and clear
    IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, July 17, 2012]

    ‘Bol Bachchan’ is posing to enter the elusive B-town 100 crore club.. the Rohit Shetty’s film has given a new lease of life to the slowly fading career of Abhishek Bachchan who is now glad to find Housefull boards outside cinema halls especially in the single screen theatres.

    Initially..some people doubted Bol Bachchan to reach the 100 crore mark..

    but the audience has given their thumps up and added more smiles to Rohit Shetty, Ajay Devgn, Asin, Prachi Desai and especially Abhishek Bachchan.

    The total box office collections received officially by indiaglitz from Fox Star is a whooping Rs. 82.44 crores net in 10days!

    The movie which collected Rs 66.81 crores net all over India in the first week, has managed to stay strong during week two as well despite the release of the much awaited ‘Cocktail’.

    The comic flick showed an upward trend in the second weekend collections with figures such as Rs 3.25 crores on Friday, Rs 5.35 crores on Saturday and Rs.7.03 crores on Sunday taking the 2nd weekend total to a strong figure of Rs 15.63 crores net.

    Internationally too, Bol Bachchan is continuing to do extremely well when compared to other recent releases overseas including Rowdy Rathore.

    Its only matter of days for ‘Bol Bachchan’ to wear the 100 crore club crown it appears.

    Lets have a look at the collections so far in the day wise break up.

    Ist week
    06th July Friday – 12.10 cr
    07th July Saturday – 14 cr
    08th July Sunday – 17 cr
    09th July Monday – 7.03 cr
    10th July Tuesday – 6.30 cr
    11th July Wednesday – 5.43 cr
    12th July Thursday – 4.95 cr
    WEEK 1 total – 66.81 cr

    2nd week
    13th July Friday -3.25 cr
    14th July Saturday – 5.35 cr
    15th July Sunday -7.03 cr
    WEEKEND 2 collection -15.63 cr

    TOTAL 10 DAYS collection – 82.44 cr

  136. Alex adams Says:

    Btw an interesting film
    Night train to Lisbon-currently being filmed in Switzerland
    Jeremy irons, Melanie Laurent, vanessa Redgrave-interesting cast and source material

    • I’ve heard a great deal about the book though haven’t read it. Supposed to be a rather philosophical kind of narrative. Definitely interested in the film.

  137. Alex adams Says:

    Read it partly on a flight-good
    Interested mainly due to the cast
    Like irons and as for Melanie Laurent…

  138. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    • rather unusually both Abhishek and Shetty have been doing the media rounds even into the second weekend! This has kept the whole Abhishek narrative alive even more than it was initially. It really becomes more and more his baby. I personally think though that it becomes excessive beyond a point. There is also the attendant sense of a star who was in dire straits suddenly getting a new lease on life. Though this might have been true a star should never show it. On the other hand the even greater advantage here I suppose is that it becomes a huge reinvention moment for Abhishek. So it cuts both ways.

      Note how Abhishek’s career is always premised on these giant leaps. So you have Yuva after a years of failure and the kind of critical attention few actors get even in this debased media age let alone in a less than successful film. Then he keeps the success going for a while, is even preferred to SRK in KANK but has a huge public relations disaster with D2, then turns it around with another giant leap in Guru. Since then he’s had much failure and the success has not been significant enough but with very many films he has always seemed to be in position to take another big step (most notably with D6 or raavan). And so after hitting his lowest career points he’s bounced back in a massive way with BB. This is the un-D2 for him. Two stars, he walked away with the entire ‘narrative’ in every sense. Once again a reinvention moment. Now D3 follows where despite Aamir being supreme at the box office and having all the angles here the success narrative helps him to a great degree and more importantly right after BB speculation has been furious in the media about his first post-D3 film.

      So BB is a big moment but it is also part of the older ‘series’. Which is to say the terms of his success and failure have always been different precisely because he carries that name. As I’ve said before the success of any other star is just that success alone whereas his success has that double element to it. He succeeds as ‘Abhishek’ but also as ‘Bachchan’. A certain site is retriggered. Which is why the film having this title is not all incidental to the entire success narrative that has emerged. And Devgan is receiving in many ways a rawer deal in this narrative than ought to be the case because of these factors.

      So yes there have been many 100 crore films that help stars in the obvious ways. But what’s another 100 crore film where the star has come in for this kind of performance buzz? I don’t even agree with it. I don’t even think there’s anything special about the performance here but nonetheless he’s been getting this attention.

      To repeat an older point while it is true that success can always reinvent a star, specially the right kind, there is always that longer ‘series’ one shouldn’t be unaware of. Sometimes failures contribute to future successes more profoundly than present successes. All of this would make for a longer comment.

      • bachchan1 to 10 Says:

        Do agree that devgan is getting sort of a raw deal here, but he must have a magnanimous heart to put Jr in the front all this while, and just being a spectator of this whole success. He really must have a close relation with him, its just too nice of him to do this for Jr.

        Off topic, This must be Jr’s look for D3.

  139. Surprisingly I liked Cocktail quite a bit!! Going into it I was prejudiced against it, you know the usual apprehensions like wannabeness , “trying to be cool” vibe, vacuity, uncleji Saif etc. I won’t say these things aren’t there, however I found them rather easy to overlook and to me atleast those were minor details. After some initial adjustments I started caring, really liked quite a few sequences, more than chuckled a few times; also felt sorry for Deepika, thought WTF regarding Saif’s childish outlook, was charmed by Diana…all within the context of the film…….I guess sometimes things sound much worse on paper!!!

    • There is nothing to dislike but apart from some good laughs there is nothing to like. I have yet to meet some flirt software Engineer like Saif :)

    • Alex adams Says:

      Thanx for the take matrix-knew u had the objectivity (the WSJs are doing u good lol)
      “was charmed by Diana”–hmm…

  140. “”And to say that Bol Bachchan is better/more progressive than Cocktail is a hilarious statement which reeks of bias and partiality. Even on their worst day Adjania and Imtiaz are much better than Rohit Shetty.”

    I have to completely disagree with this. People dismiss mindless comedies/ new dumbed down masala movies because they are ‘kitschy’, ‘stupid’ and unrealistic’. While I do agree with this reasoning to a certain extent- these criticisms are even more true for blatantly wannabe films like Cocktail!

    When you look at films like Desi Boyz or Cocktail or Anjaana Anjani- it’s more than obvious that they are set in a completely cosmetic, absolutely inauthentic Bollywood fantasy mileau and that none of the social interactions/ characters etc bear any remote resemblance to reality. While this is true of the characters in Bol Bachchan as well- a lot of the themes/ plot devices/ character conflicts addressed have a rich precedent in Indian popular culture and so they are not completely mindless or superficial even if they seem silly/ juvenile/ inane- because the audience can recognize and relate to the issues addressed in a slightly more mindfull way given the culturual familiarity and history surrounding them.

    However- when you take films like Cocktail not only are the themes/ plot devices/ character conflicts completely mindless they don’t have any cultural precedent either- so they really are as superficial and paper thin as possible.

    These films have no connect to Indian popular culture because they slavishly aspire to be ‘western’ and Hollywoodized’ and at the same time they are not western in the least because they are aimed at a Bollywood audience and attempt to satisfy regressive values even while pretending to be modern. So they can’t give you shameless entertainment like Bol Bachchan because they are too ‘cool’ for this- but neither can they give you the intelligent, sophisticated, witty romance of an Annie Hall or a Before Sunrise/Sunset- because the filmmakers simply have the most superficial knowledge possible of the cultural mileaus that these films operate in and because they are too afraid that the values espoused in these films are too ‘progressive’ for the Indian audience .So they really end up making films that are as shallow and insubstantial and fake as a film can possibly be.

    I can understand if people enjoyed the film for whatever reason- but please let’s drop the snobbery that these films are somehow ‘superior’ just because they are set abroad and have people dressed in wannabe stylish clothing. The only way that people could honestly believe that a film as insincere as Cocktail is good cinema is if they are stupid enough to actually believe that life in ‘The West’ is as simplistic and silly as the Archie Comics universe- and I do not think that anybody on this blog is that naive and ignorant.

    As for Cocktail- (which I will admit I watched online yesterday- mostly because I was curious about Deepika’s much-lauded performance)- the first half had many cringe-worthy moments but I enjoyed it- mostly because I am a Deepika Fan and for the first time she had a decently written lead character (this film completely belonged to her- not Saif!).

    But the second half was a very bady writtern, very regressive Saas-Bahu serial set in London with characters wearing designer clothes-this is not even remotely good cinema regardless of who made it- and I say this as somebody who really enjoyed both Being Cyrus and Jab We Met.

    • BTw- I’m not at all saying that people shouldn’t enjoy it- I’m just saying that people need to be honest about why they enjoyed it and stop pretending that it’s a skillful/ realistic/ dark/ audacious peice of filmmaking!

    • Excellent comment Ami — over the last decade or two, it’s become clear that a certain kind of “class coding” accompanies certain films, which are “better” because they mimic Hollywood-style low emotional wattage, breeeziness, eschew Hindi film paradigms, and of course, feature characters who dress in certain ways. The films do double duty: one can enjoy them, AND pat oneself on the back for preferring them to Rowdy Rathore!

      • “The films do double duty: one can enjoy them, AND pat oneself on the back for preferring them to Rowdy Rathore!”


        • Alex adams Says:

          The compulsions of peer-pressure ish conformity and ‘coding’
          Now cocktail is not a damn favourite film of mine but the ‘negativity’ has laid bare some notable issues in general and that’s what’s interested me even more than the movie.
          “The films do double duty: one can enjoy them, AND pat oneself on the back for preferring them to Rowdy Rathore!”
          Now I’m so glad this has been mentioned
          Except that in my case, I loved rowdy rathore as well and was perhaps the first person here to go vocal about the fun element in the movie and even on an apparently ultracrass song like ‘pretam pyare’. If I remember correctly, the same member (remind me if it was Q! Lol) ‘clarified’ about the (obvious) crassness etc…
          Not sure after the eventual ultra success of the song, the film and the somewhat ‘elevation’ of the stock of the film now in the light of a certain ‘masala’ tradition, it may have now become more conveninent to not diss the film (& think Q may have also changed his mind somewhat but whether the change in stance will be conveyed is a different story :-)
          Yes, a ‘coding’ does exist in all things including films and we are all guilty of it beyond a point.
          But in fora like this, that coding is not always socioeconomic /religious , since that would be ‘naive’ and easy..
          It’s more ‘intellectual’ lol
          Even on seeing a promo or even a story idea, one can write on a piece of paper what the reaction of most will be AND importantly what he/she will say about it (since the two may not be the same!)
          There is a slightly complex ‘compulsion’ behind this pseudo infirmity which includes genuine sensibility issues, ‘bonding’, peer pressure and ‘unity’ etc
          Once in a while, these rules are slackened eg in the case of rohit shettys Bol bachchan -even a half dead person can imagine what shettys sensibilities should have done to someone of Satyams or even Qs intellect-but one can let them have this much once in a while…not everyday abhishrek can have a hit forget a hundred crore grosser-so one can look the other way lol
          There is somewhat like a ‘post viewing adjustment of public stance’ which takes into account numerous factors .
          Not saying its wrong-just that it needs to be mentioned.
          Must add- there are some who don’t feel that obliged to follow these ‘forces’–and usually come up with ‘original’ thoughts —
          Anjali, even Oldgold, Di and lately even minor!
          Long may live this non-aligned (and even the aligned one) thought process-this adds to the mix

          • “But in fora like this, that coding is not always socioeconomic /religious , since that would be ‘naive’ and easy..
            It’s more ‘intellectual’ lol”

            There is no coded intellectual resistance to rom-coms- a lot of people on this blog have admitted to enjoying Rockstar, Tanu Weds Manu etc- and I’ve always said that these westernized rom-coms are a guilty pleasure for me- I’m someone who usually ADMITS TO LIKING THE GENRE AND IS A FAN OF THE LEAD ACTRESS!

            Why can’t you just accept that maybe people genuinely did not enjoy Cocktail- and that their dislike of the film is NOT an agenda driven pretense? None of us are saying that you are wrong to appreciate Cocktail- the negativity is not towards the film itself but to the pathetically postcolonial attitude of superiority surrounding all these psuedo-westernized films- which whether you like to admit it or not is very much in existance.

          • Re: “(& think Q may have also changed his mind somewhat but whether the change in stance will be conveyed is a different story …”

            Actually, on Pritam Pyaare, I did convey my change of heart.

            Your caricature of my views on Bol Bachchan is barely recognizable to me — in fact, I believe oldgold was referring to commenters/reviewers like me when she said we were too harsh on the film. If Abhishek hadn’t been in the film, I would not even have seen it in the cinema (that being said, it is an infinitely superior film to Golmaal; Golmaal 2 (I haven’t seen Golmaal 3))…

          • Isn’t there a clearer way to say what you’re getting at? I’m not trying to be harsh or anything but what’s your point exactly?

          • Alex adams Says:

            Good qalander – thanx for that admission though u didn’t have to do it lol
            It takes class to admit it and u showed it–we all have to change our minds :-)
            Flashback –
            Just a revisit–just reminds me- the only sequence I saw was a few seconds of this song pretam pyaare somewhere and immediately 100crore slipped out of my mouth… Which came true
            alex adams Says:
            May 12, 2012 at 11:56 AM
            “Preetam Pyaare”–Contuinued from above

            Well, i think this SONG signifies another 100-120 crore film for akshay. He is Back
            This song roars !

            And signals a blockbuster
            UNLESS the rest of the film is totally crap

            But the best movement
            a new one mind u
            Is the SLOW BACKWARD pelvic thrust midway in the song

            Throw off your laptops and ipads and break into this one …..

            alex adams Says:
            May 12, 2012 at 12:00 PM
            Pritam Pyaare–Addendum

            there is a ‘raw rustic village’ sort of vibe here
            not sure how to describe this ludicrous fun
            but it sets the ‘tempo’
            for what seems like a big winner for the actor /director….

            ps–the best one besides the “back slow’ pelvic thrust is
            The “three on one’ guy loaded girl act
            nothing perverted folks–just admiring the acrobatic prowess of these ‘dancers’
            enjoy and leave your ‘hang ups’ behind

            Qalandar Says:
            June 22, 2012 at 1:58 AM
            Alex: I must admit I was quite wrong about this song. I saw “Rowdy Rathore” last weekend, and while I haven’t had time to write on the film, suffice it to say that this song — its incredible energy, its sweep, the sheer amount of activity that occurs in every frame of it, is one of the movie’s highlights, and completely swept my prejudice away. Stirring stuff.

            Well said qalander
            Now suggest u check out cocktail with an open mind and lemme know :-)

      • Great comments, Ami and Q.
        Needless to say I agree entirely.
        Dont know who I feel sorry for more the deluded makers or the audience that laps it up.
        For those that are somewaht confused, let me explain.
        With Bol Bachchan, I am celebrating Abhi’s success more than the movie. I am under no delusion that it is some kind of masterpiece. With Cocktail, I am genuinely glad Saif got a much needed hit here. But, I have far more invested in Abhi than Saif.So, the degree of jubiliation is different.

    • this is a wonderful comment Ami..

      a lot of times when people describe progressive/regressive in these debates they are referring to the nothing more than the complacency of their own class!

  141. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Actor Abhishek Bachchan came by DNA and talked aboutfinding humour in silences and being a part of loud comedies.

    You’re getting great reviews for Bol Bachchan?
    Thank God, thank God! All the madness paid off. Good fun, no?

    Will you do more comedies now?
    You know I enjoy it. But it also depends on the material because I have always maintained that comedy is the one and possibly the only genre which is least dependent on the actor. If I had an action film, a drama, a romance, or a tragedy, I can add a lot to the silences. When you have dialogues, your dialogues need to be so good that they speak for themselves. You know, like the dialogue, Main tumhara khoon pee jaoonga. I don’t need to perform that because the language is so brilliant and descriptive. Main tumhara khoon, just the way you say khoon, it’s almost visual. But it’s the silences where you get stuck. So in a drama, romance or an action film, your silences as an actor can add a lot.

    How would you compare it with a, say, Charlie Chaplin comedy that has no dialogue?
    But see, it is all written in. I mean Chaplin was known for his slapstick and physical comedy but all of that is rehearsed and thought out before. Can you imagine if he ran into a room and the villains are around, he is looking what to do and he slips! Now that’s written. As opposed to that, if none of that is written and you just come in and react, there’s nothing funny about it. if it’s not written, there’s very little you can just do by yourself.

    You’ve said you will not do experimental films..
    No, that’s not what I said, it was misconstrued. What I’ve realised in the last three years is, we are very myopic in our view towards the films we do. I want to do comedy…it might not be the right comedy for my audience at that point of time. I’ve done Bol Bachchan, which I label as physical comedy. My sense of comedy is very different, it’s very…dead-pan, you know, I like the off timing. If you see Dhoom and Bluffmaster has those one-liners which are actually very funny. You know it’s very droll almost, sarcastic. But in Hindi, sarcasm doesn’t translate very well. I think the Cohen brothers do black comedy wonderfully. But here no one’s going to understand it, they’ll be like Yeh kya hai? I don’t think today even if I did a Bluffmaster, actually quite a funny film, it’s funny because of the lines, the casualness with which its delivered and the characters are carried out. They won’t get it, ’cause they will be like we have seen you in something like this. You have to keep adapting…you have to give them something different.

    And you are doing Dhoom 3…
    Yes, can you imagine. Back for the third time. I am the king of sequels, I tell you. I have done more sequels than anybody else. I’m giving Rohit (director Rohit Shetty) competition. I love Dhoom because you have drama, you have action when it comes to Jai Dixit and the villain and you have a comedy when it comes to Ali and Jai. It’s actually all encapsulating, which is fun.

    You’ll be working with actor Aamir Khan in the film who’s known to be a perfectionist…
    Everyone is a perfectionist. You know he’s given a lot of stick unfairly. You know I’ve done a little bit of work with him, more in preparation, when he’s in the film it’s not about him, which actually is a very difficult thing for an actor to do. It’s about the film and that’s an unbelievable quality to have at the end of the day. You know he treats Uday and me like we are his childhood buddies, and I think it’s a rare talent for an actor to speak to everybody as an equal. I don’t mean this in a condescending way, we are either looking up to people or we are like I don’t have time. Now he’s been around for 20-25 years, when Qayamat Se Qayamet came out in ’87-’88, I was in school. So you’ve seen him grow and he doesn’t need, he can be like ‘okay boys goodluck’, he can have that attitude, he has earned it but he’s not. He calls asking have you worked out today, let’s workout together, let’s do the readings. What it does is, it automatically frees you from (gulping) I’m working with this great actor. That’s a quality I’ve seen my Dad do a lot.

    You’ve also worked with Ajay Devgn, Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Dutt..
    I’ve worked with all of them. Sanju sir, he is much senior, he’s family to me. I’ve known him since I was a baby but he’s somebody I wouldn’t call my friend. He’s like an elder brother; I have immense respect for him. It is not a casual relationship; he’s my senior and respectful. Ajay is like my buddy, so it’s a different equation.

    Yuva had a lot of actors but is considered one of your finest performances…
    The kind of training I’ve received/outlook to acting is the day you get happy with the performance you should stop acting. Our dilemma is for eg, take Bol Bachchan, we finish shooting, then it goes through post-production, dubbing, you see the final product and you’re like I could have done this better. Even in those 2-3 months you’ve thought of a new way to do it. So today if I see Yuva, I’m immensely proud of the film but yet as an actor do I feel I can come up with newer ways to perform.

    Arjun Kapoor’s debut character was compared to yours..
    It feels great. Anytime your work is referred to feels great. You have to be thankful for that, means you have become a standard somewhere. And if people think my work is worthy of being compared to I think it’s a huge compliment.

    • his response to the experimental stuff question gives me hope!

      • True. He doesn’t really expand on things very much but one does hope that he’s not jettisoning the scripts that have defined him to this point.

        • and note how that question popped up. I’ve said for very long that Abhishek leaving aside everything else cannot simply walk away from a history he spent so long trying to create. Wiser decisions perhaps down the road, a better mix with more of a safety net possibly but he has to return to this stuff sooner or later. The good news I suppose is that he’s always been on the shortlist of most directors even when he was failing a lot (Jha wanted him just recently for a very toxic — in the box office sense — subject) so these offers won’t go away when he’s doing better. But again the problem is that while I’ll take anything for a start (Jha or otherwise) I don’t want just a ‘different’ film that’s celebrated as many are these days that isn’t otherwise too radical. And I think it is possible to do both (not every day of course) with the right script. Perhaps not get a massive success this way but some kind of success. wish DMD had released at this point, would have been a much bigger initial.

          • Yeah it’s kind of a double edged sword. On the one hand he’s been hobbled by some of his own defining films, but on the other hand going forward if he goes full-on commercial he’ll still not be able to efface that history because of how it wound up defining him. He should be able to retain this status in a meaningful (if measured) way.

          • But again it might be that he’s been overstating the case to give the market some confidence that he won’t return to the experimental stuff very soon. A lot of people miss this but distributors aren’t too happy even when they’re distributing safe films with stars if they feel those stars will do ‘unsafe’ films leading up to these. Because they know very well it’s a game of getting the right initial, specially these days when most films don’t last more than two weeks. The right films keep increasing the initial while the wrong ones from their perspective lower it.

          • Remains to be seen how he manages the balance moving forward, but I’ll say this: if we were talking about a lesser pure actor I wouldn’t have the same level of confidence that it could be had both ways.

          • Have some faith,guys.
            His past choices have showed ample evidence of where his heart lies. He might want to consolidate his position given a string of failures lately and that is his prerogative. But, the thinking actor in him is not going to be satisfied with mindless comedies and blockbuster sequels.
            Hope the fine makers he has collaborated with in the past continue to have the same trust in him. Plus he needs do develop a little more script sense like Aamir.

    • Abhishek Bachchan to cheer for Indian team at London Olympics
      Published: Wednesday, Jul 18, 2012, 8:40 IST
      By Gauri Sinh | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

      There is a buzz in the air, a global drift and it’s only going to grow. As we race towards the world’s biggest sporting event, the Olympics, (nine days left), all eyes are on London, anticipation rising. We already know that many from B-Town are preparing to go, excited to be on location, cheering our sportsmen/women.

      And we’re pleased to let you in on the news that among those going will be Abhishek Bachchan, as he shared, when he visited After Hrs, Monday. Happily, the watch brand he endorses is also the official timekeeper at the Games, so not only will Junior B be present, he will get to meet Olympic champs of the likes of Michael Phelps, who also endorse the brand. He says he’s excited to be at the Olympics, he’s ‘never been.’ Clearly, Abhishek has lost none of his trademark tongue-in-cheek humour, straight-faced, dry, very Brit, since we last met: “My father went for the ’84 Olympics…he had like this whole, almost over-200 badges of the Olympics which he kept and he gave to me and I stored them. So tomorrow, if my films don’t work — I will sell them and make lots of money!

      Making lots of money is not something Junior B should be really worried about at present. His film Bol Bachchan continues to rake in the moolah at the BO (which stubbornly and expectedly, won’t conform to critics’ reviews!), and his own performance in the film has been lauded. He gives us his take on doing comedy (see transcript) peppered with personal observations: “…So unfortunately, in a film like this, people don’t actually attribute a lot of homework and research that goes into it. That’s what I learned. There’s actually a lot of work that goes into it and there are conscious things that go into making these characters (authentic)…”

      We veer back to the Olympics, Abhishek’s happy to go with the flow: “I would love to watch the 100-metre finals, I think that’s going to be very exciting. I would love to see Michael Phelps swim. He’s a fellow brand ambassador, so I wish him the best. More than that, I want to see any of the sports where our Indians are participating. I’d love to go cheer them on. Wrestling, boxing, any of the events we qualify for, I’d love to cheer the team on…” He’ll be working with Aamir Khan in Dhoom 3 next, and we ask the inevitable: would he want to work with his wife again (for non-filmis: Dhoom 2 saw sparks fly between Ash Rai, Junior B, and Hrithik Roshan, before she became Mrs Junior AB) “That’s a tricky question,” mock-frowns Abhishek. “If I say no, you’ll say I don’t miss my wife. And if I say yes, you’ll say, I wish she was in the film. These questions get us into a lot of trouble (pauses, thinks). I’d love for there to be a Dhoom where we all have a reunion. We had discussed this on the last day of the shoot of Dhoom2. It would be so nice, we could come up against a problem, nobody could solve, get all the past actors together and do a justice league and get everybody back. That would be so much fun. We tried to sell that to Adi (filmmaker Aditya Chopra). He threw us out of the office (laughs), he was speaking as a producer, and how he could afford to make a film like that but it would be great fun. Can you imagine getting John (Abraham) and Bipasha (Basu), Aishwarya and Hrithik back together, it will be great fun. It will be tough, since John is dead in part 2 (drollery evident, After Hrs explodes in mirth). He flew off a cliff, but maybe he didn’t die…!”

      • “I’d love for there to be a Dhoom where we all have a reunion. We had discussed this on the last day of the shoot of Dhoom2. It would be so nice, we could come up against a problem, nobody could solve, get all the past actors together and do a justice league and get everybody back. That would be so much fun. ”

        LOL, he always has his humor intact!

    • wonderful stuff on Aamir…

      You’ll be working with actor Aamir Khan in the film who’s known to be a perfectionist…
      Everyone is a perfectionist. You know he’s given a lot of stick unfairly. You know I’ve done a little bit of work with him, more in preparation, when he’s in the film it’s not about him, which actually is a very difficult thing for an actor to do. It’s about the film and that’s an unbelievable quality to have at the end of the day. You know he treats Uday and me like we are his childhood buddies, and I think it’s a rare talent for an actor to speak to everybody as an equal. I don’t mean this in a condescending way, we are either looking up to people or we are like I don’t have time. Now he’s been around for 20-25 years, when Qayamat Se Qayamet came out in ’87-’88, I was in school. So you’ve seen him grow and he doesn’t need, he can be like ‘okay boys goodluck’, he can have that attitude, he has earned it but he’s not. He calls asking have you worked out today, let’s workout together, let’s do the readings. What it does is, it automatically frees you from (gulping) I’m working with this great actor. That’s a quality I’ve seen my Dad do a lot.

  142. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Tell us about Bol Bachchan. Did you expect it to be this big a film?
    We all hoped that the response would be positive. But the actual response has been so overwhelming. But the more important thing is that we had a blast working on the film. There were scenes where it was just impossible to keep a straight face. In fact, I doubt if there is a single scene where some actor or other was not cracking up in laughter. We shot for almost 80 days in Jaipur and then Panchgani and it was like a summer camp. We made a great film, but we also made some great memories.

    Talking about memories, can you tell us about how you compare Bol Bachchan with its original Golmaal?
    Actually, I don’t compare it at all. It’s a radically different film. But it’s a great tribute to Hrishi kaku’s work. I have a lot of memories attached with his films, and not only because my parents worked with him. In fact, we live in the house the earlier Golmaal was shot in. Jalsa, which used to be Utpal Dutt’s house, is the place where most of Hrishi kaku’s work like Chupke Chupke and so on was shot. You know, even the ‘Daaru peene se liver kharab ho jata hai’ scene in Satte Pe Satta. It was then owned by one of his producers. It is quite a historical house. It’s where I live right now.

    So what next?
    Dhoom 3. Although it’s a bit early to talk about the role, there will remain a common thread with the earlier versions. We will be going abroad next month.

    And everyone is talking about how Aamir and Katrina are training so extensively for it…
    Yes, it’s so sad that people are more obsessed with what an actor’s gym regime is like rather than how his acting prep is. It amazes me that an actor of Aamir’s calibre is spoken about only for the kind of body he is developing. I find that a bit shallow. Every film requires a physical preparation and an action film even more. But physicality is only 50 per cent of an actor’s job.

    Do you think that there’s too much pressure on an actor to look a certain way and be a certain shape all the time? Even actresses like Aishwarya and Vidya Balan are not spared this criticism.
    Presentability is important of course. An actor can’t be badly turned out. But one can’t take that kind of pressure seriously. Even I faced that criticism when I was promoting Dhoom 2. Everyone talked about how fat I was. But no one realised that I had been shooting for Guru and had had to put on almost 20 kgs. Actors cannot dictate how they look; you meet an actor in between films and he looks like a certain character. That’s not the real us. As for all the criticism about women’s weight issues, I don’t take kindly to people saying things like that about women. I think the media should show more restraint and responsibility.

    Tell us about Araadhya. Can you describe her to us?
    No. I actually can’t tell who she looks like, she looks different everyday. It’d be terribly scary to have a daughter looking like me (laughs). I hope that Araadhya grows up to realise the love and blessings that the people of this country have bestowed on our family. And we hope that Araadhya never ever takes that for granted.

  143. Alex adams Says:

    The illusion of genre-superiority: Perils
    This is in continuation to anjalis superb comment and my reply above.
    firstly, must admit that till recently indulged in this genre superiority game (most do and sometimes one does it at spinal level)
    Used to hate and negate and trivialise certain genres like romcom and some types of comedy ESP with certain class/socioeconomic/intellectual coding
    An example-
    Was forced at gun point to watch some chick flicks/romcoms and was at the risk of being ridiculed as a spoilsport etc
    Watched ‘bridesmaid” ‘love actually’ and a few others of this bunch-actually liked them. But most importantly, as always, have no qualms in making ANY ‘post viewing adjustment of public stance’ to conform to some hypothetical standards
    For eg: Am on nobody’s payroll to praise/diss -so y should I bother?
    Nor do feel the need to ‘impress’ by liking certain subgroups of movies etc
    For those sort of things, one goes to ‘fanclubs’ or ‘self help groups’ lol
    Btw let’s ask ourselves a question-is one genre really superior to the other?
    Yes ones taste/sensibilities may be different but calling it superior is sometimes (not always) going a bit too far, I suspect.
    Disclaimer : the above note does not support any particular genre or sensibility and nor does it purposely attempt to malign/diss any particular subgroup , individual either on basis of sensibility , gender (or sexual orientation)!

  144. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Veteran actor and BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha [ Images ] underwent bypass surgery at a city hospital on Monday and will continue to stay there for a few days.

    The 66-year-old actor-turned-politician had been admitted to Kokilaben hospital in suburban Andheri on July 2 after he complained of breathlessness due to some paint work at his residence.

    “He was admitted to hospital for severe breathlessness. During investigations blockages were discovered in the coronary arteries. Based on medical advice he underwent bypass surgery,” Kokilaben hospital COO Dr Ram Narain.

    The surgery was conducted Monday morning by cardiac surgeon Dr Anvay Mulay. “He is fine now and on the road to a speedy recovery. He has thanked all his well wishers for their unconditional love and support,” Dr Narain said.

    Following the surgery, Narain said Sinha will remain in hospital for a week.

    Sinha made his Bollywood debut in 1969 with Sajan and has acted in over 200 Hindi films, besides being a part of some Bengali and Punjabi movies.Known for his powerful dialogues, some of his famous Hindi films include Kalicharan, Vishwanath, Blackmail, Dostana [ Images ], Shaan [ Images ] and Kala Patthar. Later, he ventured into politics and is currently BJP’s ok Sabha member from Patna Sahib in Bihar.

  145. It’s raining at the BO
    By Taran Adarsh, July 18, 2012 – 07:44 IST

    East. West. North. South. This COCKTAIL had the nation intoxicated all through the weekend. Come to think of it, when its makers were making AGENT VINOD and COCKTAIL simultaneously, the focus was more on the ambitious AGENT VINOD for varied reasons. But COCKTAIL has emerged the dark horse. A film with urban sensibilities, COCKTAIL is the flavor of the season.

    Last year, the month of July witnessed four back-to-back hits in DELHI BELLY, MURDER 2, ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA and SINGHAM. Without doubt, it was the best month of 2011. This year, the domestic BO is witnessing an upsurge, with BOL BACHCHAN last week and COCKTAIL attracting moviegoers in hordes. It’s raining at the BO.

    COCKTAIL is behaving exactly like ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA last year. The quantum of business of ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA was huge from multiplexes and COCKTAIL is expected to generate the maximum revenue from plexes. Eros has, very wisely, given it a limited release at single screens, but despite that COCKTAIL has packed a solid punch in its opening weekend.

    In terms of economics, the sale of Satellite and music rights, besides the subsidy from U.K., should help recover a major chunk of its investment, while the excellent returns from India and Overseas BO should help COCKTAIL attain the ‘Hit’ status. A Hit benefits all and naturally, Saif, Dinesh Vijan and Eros would be laughing all the way to the bank, but its success will help Deepika and Diana consolidate their status in the industry.

    There’s lull this Friday, since no significant Hindi movie is hitting the marquee, but THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, the Hollywood biggie, which is having a wide release in India, should keep the momentum alive, while COCKTAIL continues its victorious march at plexes and BOL BACHCHAN at single screens.

  146. Sheetal Varma Says:

    This is for Ami and Filmigirl. How is it wrong for a 41 year old Saif( who looks good for his age thougj) to romance girls 20 years younger but OK for Salman and Akshay to do so? Saif does not look creepy at all Its a 60+ Rajnikanth romancing Shriya and Deepika thats really creepy. If You find the idea of a much older man playing the love interest of young girls creepy and desperate then do so for all.. SRK, Amir and Akshay too. To justify your bias saying that’s its a fanatasy film or Masala does not make sense. Who’s fantasy is it for a 60+ man to romance a nubile girl? Obviously creepy and sleezy old men’s. So why is it acceptable to the rest of humanity? Akshay looked terrible opposite Sonakshi and Deepika. Saif atleast looks better than them or the great Rajnikanth.

    • Alex adams Says:

      Good points sheetal– agree with u -join the bunch & let us know bout your tastes (if not posting already)

      Shubh : thinking of checking TDKR this weekend but don’t usually watch more than one in a week on cinema…hav already watched cocktail -let us know about TDKR..

  147. 2 Premium tickets booked today for The Dark Knight Rises this Sunday @ IMAX. Mumbai..*fist pump*…yessssssssssssss !!! ‪

    • Booked in Washington DC for friday…could not get the thursday 12 AM show though…

      & with a date!!!

  148. Sheetal Varma Says:

    Thanks Alex, have been a follower of Satyamshot but don’t usully comment. Stepped in only coz it seemed unfair to hold Saif guilty for what is the norm in the film industry everywhere including Hollywood. Usually am with Amy on most topics but felt she was being unfair to Saif, ( not my favorite in anyway). I love Filmigirl’s blog and am a avid follower of her posts but there’s no
    getting away from the fact that she applies different yardsticks depending on her likes and dislikes. So Saif’s outing with younger heroines is bad but Akshay’s is Ok coz hey its Masala. Priyanka’s plastic surgery gets dissed but Kangana and Katrina are exempted. So onand so forth

    • Alex adams Says:

      Thanx sheetal for that info on filmigirl and Amy -they may like to clarify. :-)
      Agree with u
      to be frank: we all have our likes and dislikes and that affects our choices and creates an unavoidable ‘bias’.
      Anyhow: hope u keep commenting and let us know of your tastes and favorite actors/films….

  149. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

  150. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#Cocktail‬ [Week 1] Mon 5.75 cr, Tue 4.80 cr. Total: 46.05 cr nett.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh

    ‪#BolBachchan‬ [Week 2]: *actuals* Mon 2.49 cr, Tue 2.20 cr. Total: 87.13 cr nett.

    • Cocktail Tuesday Business

      Wednesday 18th July 2012 11.00 IST

      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Cocktail collected around 5 crore nett on Tuesday which is a 15% approx drop from Monday. The business after five days is approx 46.75 crore nett. The fall on Tuesday is more than Bol Bachchan last week but as its target audience is multiplexes rather than single screens the weekday drops will be there as multiplex occupancies drops more on weekdays.

      The film should manage to cross 80 crore nett from here even on a worse case scenario. The highest grossing film to date in Coctail’s genre is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara at 90 crore nett and that may be out of reach for Cocktail but the 41 crore distributor share of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is definitely possible.

  151. ETC Bollywood‏@ETCBollywood

    ‪#etcBBiz‬ @TheBOLBachchan collected Rs 1.95 Cr (Nett) on Wednesday. Brings the 13 day Total to Rs 89.08 Cr (Nett)

  152. Cocktail isnt that bad, saw it last week

    “In his last home production with Deepika, Love Aaj Kal, Saif was the one hogging the show. This time he returns the favor. Deepika as Veronica makes a grand entry to the beat of Angrezi ..beat.. along with the titles, the sort of thing reserved for a hero. Veronica and fresh off the boat Meera (Diana Penty) meet up in the loo, (V is shown using the facilities standing up). Veronica offers to take Meera home. A little later Meera offers to cook a drunk Veronica some dinner. Now if all of the scenes of Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) upto this point were removed, this probably would have been a setup for a movie seldom seen in Hindi”

  153. Saif to act in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s film on U.P. Underworld-

    • this would be obviously a great project for saif but note how this is the third Dhulia film mentioned in a couple of months! And Saif’s statement doesn’t exactly suggest it’s starting anytime soon.

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