Kevi Rite Jaish trailers

Dedicated to Rajen, Di and other Gujjus on the blog.

This movie is making big waves and running blockbuster in Gujarat multiplexes, deals with the phobia of “patels” from gujarat to go and settle in America. The lead character wants to do it to fulfill dream of his father , which is to go and open a motel in America, and how he is rejected (ofcourse coz he is patel) and various other problems, filled with light hearted comedy and a emotional journey of a patel fulfill his life purpose…. Kevi Rite Jaais… loosely translated How will I Go?

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  1. Though not part of the target demographic here I decided to check out the trailers (LOL, I haven’t seen a single Cocktail trailer in full!). I must say that in terms of its production values it looks like any Bollywood film in this genre. Some of local shots interested me so I looked it up. Here’s something from the website:

    “Kevi Rite Jaish is a satire on the fascination, nay, obsession of the Patels – a Gujarati farmer community – of migrating to the USA. Over the last half a century millions of Patels have migrated to the USA and have come to dominate its Motel industry by dint of hard-work and persistence. The story revolves around one of such Patel family and its uncounted tries to immigrate to States.

    Shot over 32 locations across Ahmedabad, the film boasts an image of urban contemporary Gujarati film which connects with story of every Gujarat household. ”

    Think this is an amusing subject here but also interesting given the first sentence of the synopsis. Note how almost all Bollywood films are the opposite. Here it’s about how such an obsession is the only worthwhile one around!

    In any case I will check this out if I can get a DVD with subs (probably will even without these) because of the bit about Ahmedabad there. Because I’m always interested in different cities being used in cinema.


    • mksrooney Says:

      as you have a good memory, you might recollect a few shot in trailer and i can describe them, if they can make the pleasure of seeing the trailer more for you.

      @0.30 where cross roads are shown, at right top corner what you will see is Patang Restaurant (means Kite), which is rotating restaurant at the top of river side…. iconic ahmedabad place…

      @0.31 what you see in the traffic over an iron bridge known as “Ellis Bridge” its a historical bridge…. over sabarmati river.

      @0.32 what u see is the light show i guess at Kankaria Lake. The lake is one of the famous places in the city.

      @1.06 and 1.07 what you see is the lead walking along side chania cholis, which is the famous chania cholis market for Navratri Garba (open 12 months, as you know garba is gujarati favourite pass time) opposite school where i studied Gujarat Law Society. Any foreigner or a visitor who comes to the city normally buys a chania choli here, for someone at home.**

      @1.17 what u see mostly is the cricket ground next to gymkhana club, i have played football and cricket there, This is where local big matches are played among college etc.

      @1.34 if you observe properly on left side on the road hero is running is the famous BRTS station (bus rapid transport system), it runs parallel with main road, and proudly only successful city in India having the same, making the common man transport very easy and cheap.

      @1.58 and 1.59 is the festival near the riverfront in the making. Behind the heroine u can see the riverfront the dream project in making, as Gujarat goes to poll in few months time.

      @2.04 where hero is batting is the same place as i mentioned above cricket ground and i had the occassion to score 4’s for Team Warriors in a losing cause a year back, painful memory 😦

      @2.14 either is prahladnagar garden for jogging or i guess its the parimal garden for jogging.

      @2.26 to 2.34 the cafe where they are having coffee is Shocolatery located off C G Road, where i have been for coffee on various occasion and delicious eggless pastries and eggless bread.

      ** You need to be a good at bargaining or they will fool you.


    • ” in terms of its production values it looks like any Bollywood film in this genre…”
      growing up…gujju films used to be complete crap (sorry for bad language) but gujarati nataks were very-very advanced (gujarati theater in mumbai). To see this slick product (KRJ), in gujarati and as rooney says it is a “hit” in multiplex, is quite something. I only remember watching religious gujarati movies growing up…invariably lot of crying involved…I even remember a gruesome scene where a bhakt who happens to be potter, while walking/breaking clay with his feet…in bhatki mode…crushes his child to death without realising it…and was in fact traumatized by this movie (so much that I still remember the scene).


  2. Thanks,Rooney.


    • mksrooney Says:

      mostly it will be running come late of july.

      as you will think and know , i am myself yet to catch it! plan it every week and some work comes up 😦


  3. mksrooney Says:

    I guess you can see the urban new ahmedabad here… while you will be able to see the classic ahmedabad,

    in Rock on director’s Kai Po Che based on 3 mistakes of my life by Chetan Bhagat.

    as that book is based in 90’s and around the Godhra Riots 2002′


  4. Parimal garden where a famous politician was shot dead by mafias…is very close to our bunglow…we go jogging for there still our “back home” visits..sometimes in rickshaw (lol)…love the food stalls waiting outside the gardens to undo the damages done by your morning jog…and the pomogranate juice, I remember especially…the laughing yoga…interesting stuff. Law gardens, c.g.road is now over taken by newer areas like s.g. road etc. Amdavad is is the amdavadis I am scared of 😉
    amdavad is good but I will always be partial to “sanskar” nagari.
    Will check out the trailers…post mate dhanyavad rooney-macrooni.


    • mksrooney Says:


      re the stalls to eat food, once there was idli van who used to serve idli with thick and thin chatni… who himself harboured ambition to go to USA.. and to open idli center in USA… sadly he failed… he went but failed in attempt and lost money… and no longer he sells the famous idli here 😦

      ps- on the politician stayed few bungalows next to mine… he was a popular figure… his case is still going on… his wife is still fighting… lots of bad blood, his father contested election against ruling government as a independent contestant… and as i say it Gujarat goes to poll soon in december… interesting times lay ahead.

      ps2 : temme when u come next time to jog…. i mean when u visit town 🙂


  5. Rooney: one movie I our whole family enjoyed a lot was “khichdi”….it was hilarious…have you watched it? I think it is hindi movie….


    • mksrooney Says:

      Yes and i am big fan of the TV series…. hansa Rocks!!


    • mksrooney Says:

      all of them great gujarati actors…. between there is a new TV series on star tv based in ahmedabad and surat… from same production house do check…

      i dont remember name though 😦 it stars meenaxi of ek mahal ho sapno ka fame… and other gujjus…


  6. Haren Pandya…it was law gardens…not parimal garden opps. Saw the trailer. Loved the “pankhida” song use here. some trivia notes:
    *Patels changing their last names is very common practice here in USA. Some of my friends have done it. Why? Because they do not want their kids to face racial discrimination etc here in USA. So you will have names like “Prithvi Indulal” where indulal is father’s name.patel is eliminated. I have some friends who have eliminated “shah” from their surnames down south for similar reasons.
    *girls in gujarat study nursing so they can marry NRI husband. I have few friends who are nurses from gujarat. They make far more than their husbands and interesting dynamics at home 😉
    *while there are lots of MNC jobs in india for technically qualified today there are many commerical outfits (I can say every street corner) who offer “study abroad” services. For less qualified these are some “escape” route. stories of racial discrimination against students in australia was part of daily news (while I was visiting)
    *most people in gujarat (or at least ones I know) think that “ek vaar america puhchi gaya pacchi baddhu easy che”
    Rooney-macrooni: after watching GoW and the 15 minute scary movie (irrfan and nawaz) on rajasthan tourism, I am very nervous about visiting india!!! no kidding. On top of it, no relief from relatives who keep warning me to “careful about not getting your kids kidnaped” 😦


    • mksrooney Says:

      Oh that’s serious… if you are scared please dont come, safety of your children is utmost important. And if you think so or fear that cant be taken lightly.

      But i guess you can come alone you will be safe, no one will dare take on you 😉

      Though it is sad you wont feel safe here…. but being a lawyer and as being one who handles various criminal matters also… i am not surprised, I can understand… though my practice remains constitutional and civil also, as i like the tag of allrounder 😀

      I have never visited the United States, no intention, no attraction.. .. its just i love this place and this is where i belong, but yeah i want to do something for this country… and serve the flag of this country. I have some vision to serve it… in future…

      i had only one occasion to go abroad (and that too it was UK) when i was informed by my counsellor when i topped the university of mumbai, that my marks were good enough for masters in Oxford, Cambridge or London… but i let the opportunity pass…. so i havent to seen the safer parts of the world 😦

      But i hope rajen may be able to inform it aint so bad here 🙂


      • older people even try to scare me into not taking rickshaw…kok khoto manss maley toh tu karshey…etc etc. I have had situation where after the end of last movie show (2am)…rickshaw vado “pharavva” lai gayo…lolz… is safe if you know people and right people to “protect” you…I would say even NYC is “dangerous” 🙂
        I guess gujarat is not like bihar…maybe my relatives also watch movies like GoW a lot and read scary stories in paper. Also people in india know you are from “outside”..baar-vada cho.
        On Khichdi: I was talking about movie with Supreya Pathak. I think we need a bit of self-deprecating humor..otherwise gujju-o ni udavi che.
        On going abroad: I can totally understand. Gujaratis are “baharvatiyas”…even in our satyanarayan kathas, you would have gujarati going “overseas” lolz. We are good at leaving but we always come back. In none of these stories going out to earn was permanent…they always came back with pots of money! There is no place like your homeplace…no matter the material trappings or lack of it. I would give my arm and leg…E bajri naa rotla…E desh ni suvas…priceless


        • mksrooney Says:

          hehe true…

          agree on being a outsider but who the heck tells you to take a rick at 2 am ?? travel in daytime and travel with someone local surely u must be knowing someone…

          On khichdi – ya i was talking of the same, the movie origins out of a tv serial of same name, and hansa is the screen name of Supriya pathak (sister of ratna pathak) in the movie/serial.


        • mksrooney Says:

          or u come to gujarat, i will file a petition before High Court to provide special police protection for you 😉

          ps- now u will say u have seen some bad cop movie and you might get scared 😛


  7. Satyam…have you watched Mirch? Our Abzee is AD in the movie…watched it yesterday…was quite enjoyable….not sure if you reviewed it on your blog


  8. mksrooney Says:

    @satyam, di and rajen…

    interestingly the movie has made headline in local paper, ahmedabad mirror, which tells the story how it was made in minimum budget and shot in 23 days ….

    still running housefull in gujarat…

    Houseful Jaish!
    In a giant leap for contemporary Gujarati cinema, Kevi Rite Jaish, released five weeks ago, is still running houseful in city multiplexes which had predicted it would be a flop

    It has been ages since one sat through a Gujarati film on TV, forget heading to the theatres to watch it. But this film has broken the jinx, emerging as the new face of urban Gujarati cinema. Kevi Rite Jaish, a story of US-obsessed Patel family and its effort to immigrate to the US, has stunned city’s multiplex owners who had hesitantly agreed to screen it.
    “Why, they (multiplex owners) told us on our face that it will be a flop! Not even in the wildest of their dreams would they have thought it will receive such an overwhelming response” said Anish Shah, associate director of the movie.
    Rakesh Patel, owner of Wide Angle multiplex, said, “The film is in its fifth week and is still running houseful. Yes, we are overjoyed.” City Gold owner Shailendra Singh Chauhan said he is now looking forward to screening more urban Gujarati films. “KRJ sees 90 per cent occupancy on weekends and 85 per cent on week days. Never before has a Gujarati film been so well-received,” he said. Owner of a prominent multiplex near Vastrapur said, “KRJ being a Gujarati film, we were not keen on screening it. But the response it evoked in other multiplexes, took us by surprise. Though we did want to screen it later, we did not get permission to do so from our Mumbai office.”
    On Saturday, Mirror caught up with the cast and crew of the film to find out how their maiden venture — made on a shoestring budget — managed to pull crowds and give a new lease of life to Gujarati cinema.
    “It was difficult to convince people to put in money for a maiden, ‘amateur’ film and it became all the more difficult since we were making one in Gujarati,” says Anish. After trying and “knocking on several doors”, finally it was director Abhishek Jain’s father who decided to finance their dream project!
    Finance and producer in place, the next hurdle was to find actors who would fit the characters to the T. Divyang Thakkar (male lead), Abhishek’s junior in Whistling Woods, was “perfect” as Harish. Petite and pretty Veronica Gautam (female lead), was someone they “discovered” on Facebook. Since she had a natural American accent and a flair for acting, she was chosen for the character of Ayushi. “Veteran actor Anang Desai, to our surprise, was the most forthcoming. What impressed us is, unlike other stars, he first sought the script before nodding a yes!” said Anish. The rest of the cast — Tom Alter, Rita Bhadhuri, Rakesh Bedi and Kenneth Desai (a last- minute addition) — fell into place nicely. With everything set, this enthusiastic group was finally ready to set off on a dream run.
    Mehul Surti is the man behind the foot-tapping, hit music of KRJ. Jainish Panchal and Raish Maniar have penned the lyrics. They too joined the KRJ bandwagon after they fell in love with the script. Besides Surti, Vishwesh Parmar is behind the rock number Pankhida — again a first in Gujarati — sung by Bollywood singer Suraj Jagan. So, how did they manage to rope in Jagan who was reportedly sceptical about singing in an alien language? “We sent him a pilot version of the song. He called back and said, ‘I am doing it. It is a hit and I am definitely doing it’,” said Anish.
    The title Kevi Rite Jaish was just “an accident”. “In 2010, one of our friends asked Kevi rite jaish? during a conversation. The phrase got stuck in our minds. We did think of names like Flight Number 808, but Kevi Rite Jaish was the title we zeroed in on,” said Ritam Bhatnagar, executive producer.
    Asked if there were any fights, arguments on the sets Abhishek said, “Where did we have the time to fight? We wrapped up a film meant to be shot in 60 days in just 23 days! All of us were under immense pressure,” said Abhishek. “We couldn’t afford anything more than work,” added Anish. However, they do agree that they have had their share of creative differences.
    “We had no vanity vans. So, our actors would relax in the garden of the house we were shooting in. We also had to carry our own bags,” said Mikhil Musale, chief associate editor. The cast and crew have mutually decided not to give out details of box office collection yet. They are still looking into satellite and DVD rights of the film.
    RENT STUFF Since KRJ was being made on a shoestring budget, Mikhil decided to get all the stuff including the props on rent. Anish and Abhishek recall an incident, “Mikhil’s ‘renting’ reached a high. We needed candles for a particular party scene. At the shop, Mikhil was so into cutting down the budget, he asked if he could borrow the candles! The shopkeeper, flummoxed, told him he would, “if he could get the candles back!” SOLID SCRIPT Write a script that has the actors so gripped that they do not throw tantrums or ask for ‘basic amenities’ like a vanity van! CARRY BAGS Do not ‘waste’ money on hiring a bigger crew, just do it all yourself.
    SHOOT IN LESS THAN HALF THE NUMBER OF DAYS 60 to 23, that is how you should manage to shoot. KRJ was wrapped up in 23 days, with 16 to 18 hours a day of shooting, 34 locations including.
    KEEP IT TAX-FREE, LEAVE THE REST TO THE MULTIPLEXES Multiplex rates were sky high – close to a Bollywood film if not more.
    A certain multiplex sold tickets for Rs 350 and Amdavadis gladly saw Kevi Rite Jaish more than five times!

    ACHIEVEMENTS » First contemporary Gujarati film » First Gujarati film to screen in multiplexes » Riding high on success, Cineman Productions have another film in the pipeline and yes, it will be in Gujarati » They bagged seven out of eight awards in a recent regional film awards ceremony » Struck a chord with audiences of all ages » Script emerges hero, coupled with great music and laudable performances » The makers belong to the indie films league — low budget, powerful storyline




    ANISH SHAH, 23



  9. Interesting stuff Rooney- it’s great to see regional cinema flourishing everywhere- apparently Punjabi and Bhojpuri cinema have grown tremendously in the last few years and Tamil/Telugu cinema might overtake Bollywood in a decade or so!

    But this regional growth is inevitable- people want to see their own, personal reality onscreen and multiplex cinema like Cocktail and ZNMD are hardly going to provide them with that! Even in Hindi cinema the more realistic, middle-of-the-road movies like Vickky Donor and Kahaani have done such excellent business in the cities they were set in.


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