Jab Tak Hain Jaan trailers (2)

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  1. Can’t add to my earlier comments (here and here) on the soundtrack except to say that having given the CD a lot more listens there are two songs that I really like, Challa and the title track, the latter is easily the best though I probably enjoy both equally, then Saans I don’t mind much but the others do nothing for me. The Ishq shava song is still passable. Given the significance of the production I can’t think of another comparably major Rahman soundtrack in Hindi that was as disappointing. It’s not even close. GF had the fear initially which I shared that this might be a ‘nice’ soundtrack with lots of breezy numbers but nothing very special. I think this soundtrack is less than that barring the two numbers I’ve mentioned. And I’ve been listening to those two a lot.

    • I more or less agree with you though the BGM in the trailers is nothing short of being superb. I remember not liking most of the songs of Robot (the Hindi ones since i don’t know Tamil) especially bcos the lyrics by Kirkire was poor but the BGM rocked there too. Finally apart from Kadal, I am expecting a good Rahman outing in Kochadaiyan this year.

      And I will say this right now- Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola is the soundtrack to watch out for

    • The title track is awesome, and reaches it’s peak during the lines:

      Raatein Jaagenge Raaton Mein
      Teri Bemaani Baaton Mein
      Jab Tak Hai, Jab Tak Hai Jaan
      Kori Kori Shaamon Mein
      Gungunaaye Kaanon Mein
      Jab Tak Hai, Jab Tak Hai Jaan

      The rest of the soundtrack I’m not so impressed with. Gimme Veer Zaara’s melodies anyway.

  2. ‘Saans’ spoof update!
    Ok, another song release today –will see this song later because need to complete ‘saans’ first.
    Reason for delay —
    Theres a difficult shot around the 1.00 mark
    And Anya has been made to do loads of retakes -by Sanjana
    Who felt that though anya was doing it alright ‘technically’
    But needs more ‘feeling’
    So Sanjana has insisted and demonstrated herself to Anya how it’s done correctly
    Hope they both get it right after all those retakes now. After all, I’m a sport ;-)

  3. Hmmmmm. Checked this song ‘jiya re’ briefly ..well…comments later
    Now need to complete the previous song–am being forced to do some more retakes….cya shortly

  4. SRK and Katrina on KBC. Check out the images on Bachchan’s blog (1644).

  5. I like SRK’s look in the video- for first time in this movie’s promos, he actually does not look out of place playing the loverboy. And Anushka fits into the YRF heroine mold a lot better than Katrina does. I have a feeling that the Anushka-SRK section is going to be a lot more interesting than the SRK-Katrina section, and that she’s going to steal the show from Kat here even if she obviously has the less important part.

    • stealing the show from katrina should be a cakewalk for anushka since she has a pulse and has more than 3/4 of a facial expression. frankly, a monkey throwing it’s own poop can steal the show from katrina.

    • Stealing the show from Katrina should be a cakewalk for anyone with a pulse.

      • LOL! I agree completely with both your comments- but I meant that Anushka will steal the show in the sense that even the adoring masses who have drunk the Katrina Kool-aid will be forced to admit that she’s pretty awful when seen side-by-side along a far more spirited romantic heroine. I think that taking up this sort of a 2 heroine deal is a very bad idea when you happen to be as talentless as Kaif.

        • Do you think target audience of the movie is checking the movie to see who is better? :)

          US politics – People who are Democrats or Republicans are going to vote based on affiliations. They are not going to change stance because their candidate didn’t show up in debate or had a binderfull performance ?

      • ha! great minds and all that!

  6. “stealing the show from katrina should be a cakewalk for anushka since she has a pulse and has more than 3/4 of a facial expression. frankly, a monkey throwing it’s own poop can steal the show from katrina.”
    Hahaha Anya :-)

  7. Agree with Anya & Amy —
    Am impressed with anushka here..
    Her spontaneous perky act here seems to be her best yet till now
    Also good work by Rahman. Srk gets the ‘tone’ right here–in tw previous ones, Srks autopilot was enuf!
    Anushkas better than expected showing here –makes the choice in the spoof more difficult –the bar has been raised, I must say..
    Will have to reassess who seems best place to get anushkas vibe and body language/styling/look right here :-)
    Before i am forced to pick, any volunteers / any suggestions by asset director Sanjana (who ended up enacting a lot of Saans with Anya)

  8. Incidentally one of the best pieces of music on the album is on the dialog track.

    • Agree satyam–thats exactly why i didnt/havent given my verdict on this rahman album –though its clearly not a ‘taal’ or ‘rockstar”; as expected things are starting to work as happens in rahman albums.
      ‘Jiya Re’—watched it properly now
      Well–Anushka has really given katrina a run for her money here.
      Effervescence and perky charm
      Overall the song works well
      —Spoof update—-
      I like anushkas styling here though I know the prudes and “morally superior” will have issues but dont care!
      But this standout act has put the spoof in a dilemma
      I can obviously sleep-walk into srks part here (seriously lol) but who can carry off anushka here-any suggestions sanjana or any volunteers–perhaps a newer face or member…
      The ‘perched on the tree” shot appears tailormade for Amy–who is apparently into scuba diving & such outdoor stuff (as mentioned by herself)
      But will amy be happy/comfortable to carry off this look/styling-…same issue wirh oldgold lol
      Anya has performed brilliantly in ‘saans’ and seems to handle this better maybe –we may have to revert to her, if no other options-
      lets see—will finalise v soon after the remaining’ saans’ shooting
      which includes outdoor ‘cocktail/exhibitionism under the blankets’ :-)

      • Effervescence and perky charm? When is she different? Band Baaja Baaraat, Ladies VS Ricky Bahl, Patiala House, Badmaash Company. The most different enacted role was her debut film. We tend to always highlight performances where actors are over the top (unlike say Sridevi’s EV).
        How many people remember Kareena’s Dev but they do remember her Jab Tak we met.

        • totally agree.. in general more over the top performances are defined as ‘good’ in India while more understated ones are less highlighted even in the careers of great actors. This is probably because we also tend to be, and generalizing a bit here, much more highly ‘pitched’ as a culture. We’re not the only ones of course. In one of the Ratnam interviews from the book when asked whether a certain scene was too melodramatic he says that the middle classes in India can be fairly melodramatic and hence that scene is rather naturalistic. This whole observation could be expanded to cover other aspects of ‘expression’. Which is why, and in a historic sense, India’s greatest actors are hardly ever understated, at least in terms of their most iconic roles and relative to the range of possibilities for a give part. The only exception among the greats is Mohanlal. Everyone else is on the other side. I don’t necessarily mean this as a criticism. There are titans on the other side but they’re nonetheless not masters of understatement. Two classic examples here are Bachchan and Kamal. Both extraordinary at what they’ve done at different stages of their career but they’re almost never ‘guilty’ of understatement.

        • In JWM, Kareena was seriously hyper, at points.

          • good point LS–the word ‘hyper’ is an understatement in referrence to kareena in JWM/
            Infact the word ‘hyper’ will ban his /her further usage, if its applied to kareena again !!
            ie it will ban itself ;-)

        • Agree with Satyam that generally, Indians are more highly’pitched’ as a culture. But, this depiction of hyper-bliss by Anushka is so extreme, seems like she took a pill too many of her anti-deps. Looking at bwood history, somewhere in the 90s, the heroine drastically changed from a balanced logical mind to this extreme-hyper-effervescent misfit; a transformation that can be widely credited to YRF/KJo. Anushka seems to be simply following the giant footsteps left behind by Kajol.

  9. tmunma-good point u have raised –the simple answer is the ‘innocent exuberance of youth’!
    yes-subtlety is a novelty nowadays and something that i love n admire
    But anushkas role/vibes in this film are perhaps not the ideal stage/ phase to exhibit it –those can come later
    yes, anushka has done this before –but for the ‘discerning’–she is giving it something extra here–the old ‘millkman’ yash and the ‘eternal lover’ srk are not called that for nothin :-)

  10. The ‘ghost’ of katrina Turquotte (pseudonym kaif)
    in response to the anti-katrina jabs above–brief thoughts
    am not a ‘fan’ of katrina obviously but certain points have to made here
    All these ‘jabs’ on katrina couldnt /wont stop the gal !
    Her less than modest acting skills make her journey even more creditable –from ‘boom’ to this stage –where she is probably the biggest box office female star –ETT, JTHJ & then dhoom 3!
    She has a certain poise, discipline & a stable ‘head'(pun intended)
    the other day a female kareena fan (@work) irritatingly tried to sell to me how attractive kareena was and all katrina has done till now is ‘fellatiating’ her hero(s)!
    This seems a pattern with most women about their perception of kareena and katrina–but im not surprised.
    ok, KAtrina has definitely benefitted bigtime from salman.
    I am not commeting abput the ‘fellatiating’ bit since it is anecdotal and the other heroines arent exactly nuns!) —
    but it takes an intelligent mind to handle a volatile masochistic like salman and also ‘get rid of’ him ‘amicably’ after the job is done.
    Also like the way she carries herself in public and thinks before spekaing
    and to top it all–this was a gal who didnt know acting, was new to india and goddamm didnt even know the language!
    Not sure whats so difficult for people to acknowledge someones nakedly obvious achievements under various pretexts … :-)

    • But the same applies to you. You should also accept that Kareena is a very successful actress. Not everyone gets there just because of the family connections.

      Leaving this aside and frankly your rather ‘obscene’ opposition with its sexist overtones (those are the only two possibilities for you for explaining female success!) it is not at all the case that actors (male or female) have to possess ‘something’ to become successful if that ‘something’ is defined as acting talent and/or a certain kind of physicality. The actor doesn’t always ‘will’ a reception favorable to himself or herself. Many actors who are talented and physically interesting as well never quite establish a true connection with the audience whereas others who are not noteworthy either way become hugely iconic stars. Stardom is a mysterious thing and a star can often appeal to an audience for reasons that are not principally about talent. This also gets to the point I was making the other day about the star encapsulating a certain politics which then does or does not appeal to various cross-sections of the audience.

      On Katrina there is nothing special about her in any sense. But the audience, or important segments, respond to her ‘persona’. Elsewhere I’ve talked about why she gets this love from the audience but in any case it is entirely possible to get this affection from the viewer without the star being worthy of it in any more objective sense. This isn’t like sports where one has to produce results one way or the other. The ‘result’ of the star is very differently calibrated. A hit or a star being loved in that hit is not like Rahul Dravid being loved for scoring a century in a game. With the latter there is an objective link between his accomplishment and his status. But a star can just symbolize as a ‘image’ that the audience is ready to accept. It doesn’t mean there’s necessarily something profound to the star. Many great talents become great stars. Many idiots become great stars too! Just the nature of the medium!

      • “On Katrina there is nothing special about her in any sense. But
        the audience, or important segments, respond to her ‘persona’. ”
        You have answered your own questions in these two self contradictory statements.
        Basically what IS stardom?
        If tomorrow, one dolls up ekta kapoor or kjo in the best possible way in the best possible launch –will they become ‘stars’?
        ok–they are obscure examples.
        Not everyone can get the audience to respond to their personas in a certain way–
        and the ones who possess it might be the most ‘subnormal’ humans’–but they HAVE that special stardom–one needs to respect that and
        not try to be more intelligent or judgmentally superior than those hordes of majority folks who have proved their liking by actually buying tickets rather than watching free kbc or pirated cds or torrent @ home !!!
        ps–if one calls ‘stardom’ a ‘mystery’ as in your own words–then one is acknowledging the fact that not all is known/explicable about it –so its best to sit back and respect it rather than ridiculing the maths sum that u cant solve !

        • There’s nothing self-contradictory about the statement you cite.

          As for not criticizing artists – ah the old (and insipid) audience knows best argument. The one that suggests that we should all just sit around and marvel at the wonders Bollywood offers at every turn and not question things. You should consider writing for bollywood hungama.

          • People say these things when they start considering themselves more intelligent and superior than the collective mind pool of the entire human genome!
            I don’t have such illusions anymore -and suggest to others Sho have em to rethink!
            Nobody is forcing u to go orgasmic everytime u read the word ‘katrina!’
            Just respect the verdict and judgement of million humans and also the person who achieved that adulation (rightly or wrongly)
            It may be a freak achievement but most extreme successes in life have an element of freakness bout em (besides hard work etc)

          • This isn’t about Katrina. It’s about your framing any criticism of anything that’s remotely popular as an act of arrogance by those who think themselves “superior” in any sense. You’re getting repetitive (as all contrariness quickly do) with your insults, Alex. But you can keep defending the dregs in the name of safeguarding the masses from the assaults of the arrogant. I know you mistake this for being novel or a free thinker, but it’s nether.

  11. “She has a certain poise, discipline & a stable ‘head’”

    So do mannequins.

    The rest of your points are indeed “nakedly obvious” and have nothing to do with the fact that she’s despite this a miserably poor actress.

    • “So do mannequins.”


      • its a basic fact that superb acting ability is just one of the essential criteria for a successful mainstream bollywood actress!
        if one keeps displaying the buzz word ‘acting ability’ in every sentence, the only thing one is displaying is ones own ignorance/bias or both about this basic (unfortunate) fact.
        ALso–by the naughty man/woman joke/ analogy–
        if all katrina did was ‘fellatiate’ the hero(s) for her success
        what did she do to the lakhs of ticket paying audience to make them like her?
        1 can sense satyams eyes light up there but that aint gonna happen!
        also if all that was to it, why cant sunny leone become the biggest bollywood star of all time-she can definitely out-fellatiate everyone and that too onscreen!! ;-)
        as for kareena i have never denied that her acting is good to v good and she is a reasonalbly successful star–its her irritaitng persona and she-male looks that i personally detest! but i dont deny the above facts about her acting & stardom which is different from this anti katrina tirade here.

        ps–im a bit ‘offended’ by this ‘fellatiating’ comment on katrina ive heard recently ( and that too from an “emancipated” ultra educated female acquaintance! Henceforth have ‘raised’ this here since i sensed a similar default negativity here.
        Things arent that simple–the simple fact is that its easy to deconstruct–difficult to give credit where due…

        • tirade? you mean when we made a couple of jokes about how boring she is? well, of, course, how mean of us! how dare we gang up on the rich, successful star who is not aware of our existence? she needs to be defended! you are nothing if not gallant. i must have missed the part where we discredited her success. what does her success have to do with the fact that she is lame? apparently nothing at all, since she is successful despite that. those millions are free to pay to go and gawk at her and i am free to make fun of her. nobody is stopping anybody. so what’s your point again? except that you have to protect poor, defenseless people like salman and katrina. you need to start keeping track of your own assignments as the gallant white knight. the rate at which you have been insulting kareena, you may have to eventually fight your own doppleganger to death to defend her some day.
          gf- about your mannequin comment, i have long believed that katrina is a robot. an advanced robot developed by enemies of the nation, to try and understand the mentality and gauge the weaknesses of the indian masses. still not advanced enough to emote much though.

          • Roflol Anya :-)
            Btw oops -that wasnt me who said all that, doc– satyam typed all that in my username ..!
            Aside, what dya think of anushkas performance in ‘jiya re’…(also did a gr8 job in ‘Saans’ -thanx )

          • Great stuff!

          • Great comment Antya. Can’t stop laughing

          • ROFL! Antya you write the most hilariously entertaining comments! :-P

          • thanks guys, you all are too nice. i have to say, very sporting of aa to take my jabs.

          • Atlast I found somebody who speaks for Kareena in antya. Thank god. My own thinking is that someone with lots of confidence in oneself can afford to be a bit arrogant.

          • “i have to say, very sporting of aa to take my jabs.”
            No problem Annie –btw I am sporting but v selective!
            with some I can be more than nasty as some here have seen lol
            Psst -a confession–I do have a thing for docs & nurses (the youngish intelligent female types)—even their ‘jabs’ don’t feel so to me –so u have full ‘liberty’–u have generic immunity ;-)

          • sanjana – i was just pointing out how aa was being hypocritical, making fun of one actress relentlessly but defending the other if we were doing the same. i am not one of those people who say we should not say bad things about celebs on these blogs. why not, we all have our preferences and pet peeves, nothing wrong in saying that as long as the discourse with each other is kept civil.
            as for your point about kareena, i believe she is one of the best actresses of her generation and probably the best and most natural when she is good (not an ‘actressy – look i am acting now’ actress like priyanka or deepika). but she is not good all the time, in fact she has had a very uneven career graph and has not been very consistent at all; she would not have survived if she wasn’t a kapoor with so many industry friends. confidence is all good. but arrogant confidence only works when it is backed by something. since kareena’s more recent roles and choices leave a lot to be desired, the arrogance rings hollow and becomes obnoxious. even srk hasn’t been doing his “i am the best” spiel lately, because it won’t work any more, it only seemed charming when he had a log stretch of unmatched success. also, kareena is a bimbo without srk’s intelligence and spontaneous wit, which is absolutely necessary to pull off that kind of attitude. so, when you are not giving the best films, or performances, and are not a very charming person, the attitude thing gets old fast. i wish she’d shut the hell up and just do something, let her work speak for a change. but i fear it’s already too late. she got married, will do more films here and there based on her friendships and will continue to be obnoxious. but i’ll be surprised if she actually does anything significant from now on.

          • Well summarised Anya
            To tell u the truth–I find kareena a flowing spontaneous & even gifted actress
            U put it rightly –kareena is somewhat like Srk without wit, intelligence.
            My issues are more about her persona –off & onscreen (besides the androgenic face)
            Spending time with a kareena esque person may be akin mental strangulation !

  12. typo-‘male chauvinistic’ and ‘aggressively egoistic’ like salman (not masochistic)
    ps–must add-from the spoof perspective–anya has done a brilliant katrina in ‘saans’
    and to her credit–she has carried it off without gross issues or ‘getting offended or outraged”–with a certain ‘comfort level’ with the costar– spotlight isnt easy/withstanding my quips :-)
    Off to the ‘outdoor cocktail’ shoot now-cmon sanjana
    we will soon find if ‘jiya le’ spoof matches up–watch the space!

  13. As a couple of commenters at pinkvilla site mentioned –how can anushka be shown prancing around in Kashmir wearing shorts? Even recently some Kashmiri political leaders warned that all women in Kashmir whether locals or visitors, need to be covered up decently. Anushka looks skinny, not sexy, but the point is, it is unrealistic , that anushka is allowed to get away with skin show in Kashmir of all places. Well, the audience certainly won’t complain, heh heh.

  14. good point LS
    Must say, somehow–i didnt notice this angle.
    how come anushka prancing around in ‘shorts’ in kashmir or is it goddamm ladakh ??
    didnt she die of cold or shot by talibans ?
    or were the talibans also enjoying the ‘effervescence’!
    When others are wearing an average of three overcoats per head!
    “Anushka looks skinny, not sexy”–i disagree
    though agree that she is getting a bit too anorexic–perhaps she needs to be ‘fed’ more (no pun intended) :-)

  15. Boring is what the trailors here look. Typical Yash – boring, nice feely film I bet. And to be honest the skin show will put some of the audiences of at Diwali time.

  16. So expectedly & inevitably– after just two songs–the comparisons and dissection gossip has started—what’s your take, folks!
    Must say–this is a difficult one.

    Katrina vs Anushka
    Out of the three song promos from Yash Chopra’s upcoming romance Jab Tak Hai Jaan, the last two have certainly caught us off guard!

    While Saans is an out-and-out romantic number with Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif indulged in passionate moments aplenty, Jiya Re is a peppy track that radiates zeal and life in profusion. This sprightly song has Anushka Sharma doing all things crazy, sweeping us as well as SRK off the feet.

    Thus, we have been, largely, introduced to the three main leads in this love-saga. Khan, being the only male lead, has the two females around him. With Saans and Jiya Re, we have got many expounding glimpses of his individual screen-story with each actress. Having said that, we are quite sure there is a lot more to it than what we have been served with so far.

    Coming back to the two songs boating of the two pretty girls each, let’s compare Katrina and Anushka’s screen-charm in those tuneful melodies…

    While Kat looks utterly graceful in those long, flowing outfits, Anushka comes across as an outright tomboy in her super-comfy pants, sleeveless tops and sneakers. When Kaif gets into those lovely short skirts and mini-dresses, she personifies oomph and looks absolutely desirable. On the other hand, flirtatious-hot-pants-wearing Sharma oozes mischief, sparkle and verve when she excitedly dances.


    Merely those exuberant smiles do the trick for the dynamic Anushka. Her high-spirited hopping and jumping clearly proves that she is simply unbeatable when it comes to playing a bubbly girl. Whereas, Katrina’s character seems to be a more subtle of the two, as she seeps in serenity and composure. She beautifully displays passion with patience and voracity at the same time.

    Chemistry with SRK

    Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif have certainly scorched the screens with their oh-so irresistibly sizzling sequences in Saans. The two get quite intimate throughout the song, indulging in many up-and-close hot shots. As for Anushka’s outings with Shah Rukh in Jiya Re, the two are seen having a barrel of fun. While Anushka is the one storming the screen with her vivacious moves and chirpy beams, SRK plays an admirer who silently revels in the vim and vigor of this sure-shot firecracker in from of him. With Katrina, SRK emerges as an ardentlover, while with Anushka, we feel the two share more of a buddy-bond.

    • “Whereas, Katrina’s character seems to be a more subtle of the two, as she seeps in serenity and composure. She beautifully displays passion with patience and voracity at the same time.”

      ROFL! This genius reporter just won the ‘Most Unintentionally Hilarious Commentary of the Day Award’ – and that is an enormous achievement considering that he was pitted against Taran Adarsh’s supremely comedic SOTy review :-P

      But I have to admit that ‘seeps in serenity and compusure’ is the sweetest euphemism that I have come across for Kaif’s terrifying state of permanent expressionlessness.

    • Tantalising choice and really struggling to make one here, considering the importance. Really difficult one. Will mull over the weekend and share my decision on Monday.

  17. @ sanjana (assistant/asset director)/Satyam (producer)–
    sanjana buddy –after we have both exchanged nice glowing compliments to each other, comes the difficult casting decision.
    Clasified conversation ONLY for sanjana(director) or Satyam (producer–after all he is the gentleman pumping in cash in this spoof)
    Few points
    Must say–wasn’t expecting such a performance from anushka in ‘Jiya re’–casting maybe kept song to song to make it easy.
    Now that anya has excelled in ‘sans’ (barring a few pending shots)–who do u think can do justice to ‘jiya re’?
    An obvious choice( I don’t mind) maybe anya again lol –but she needs to be kept fit for other songs (&is my personal coach)–maybe too much load on her & she may get ‘fed up’ ha
    Other possible choices –Amy, Oldgold, even arti (new face that keeps cropping up @ the time of spoof) & finally sanjana herself!!
    Lemme know any other(s)… ;-) Hope I don’t have to take the call!!
    Ps: we have to pack stuff for godamm Kashmir/Ladakh (bcos unlike the heroine playing anushka, the rest of us will need loads of warm clothes there !! Hahaha)

  18. Sanjana-to add—just like u have learnt & ‘grown’ in this assignment, u will now realise that it is not an easy job! It’s not just having fun!
    So relax n don’t get overawed.
    Im giving u this time to wield your power/clout!!
    Ok, u name any of the above or anyone else (including yourselves) & that name will be taken for this song !( Unfortunately u can’t indulge in casting couch though not only due to ethical issues etc but u r timmature for it lol)
    Will give u some time — Pending which i will suddenly have to take a call as per my take on the ‘online personalities’ as before… :-)

  19. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    “Making of the song – Saans – Jab Tak Hai Jaan”

  20. thanx for putting that up bhaalu ^
    thank god its the edited censored version
    btw psst sanjana & anya–just saw –some uncensored pics have leaked onto other sites…
    ps–we better be more careful of the ‘other unedited’ rushes–or else all 3 of us will get into trouble–lets hide those other rushes b4 they also get leaked in2 media :-)

  21. Announcing “Jiya Re” -the spoof- casting

    Well, after a few closed-door meetings with satyam & sanjana, the following are the minutes/ plans—-
    Anushkas part-v difficult–i was accused of being ‘baised’ & trying to take anya again for this also & was reminded one human cant do two different parts in the same film! Also i feel poor Anya needs to rest/’recover’ before other hectic upcoming tracks-(she continues to be oncall for my medical/mental cover though.)..
    Anushkas part goes to Amy (Sanjana)–sanjana ‘in brackets’ since she directs & ends up doing those (as much as the heroine lol)
    Sanjana obviously continues her nice asstt (& asset) direction)!
    Amy was chosen for her perk, effervescence & penchant for scuba diving/outdoor sports etc (in her own words)
    Also i feel we should modify amys clothing a bit to avoid her feeling uncomfortable!
    An addition is oldgold who will be a trainee/intern to me & sanjana and may be given a song/scene later on since she has shown talent. Currently oldgold will learn acting & scout for locations in kashmir/ladakh, sort costumes & maintain my stubble/hairstyle at the consistent length (besides being my PA)
    Ok folks–start packing for kashmir/ladakh –all the best !! :-)

  22. ^^to add– Dimple( Di) has been telling us of her v good singing skills.
    I feel “jiya re’ has some excellent female vocals–So Dimple will do those…cheers

  23. Dr Shaurya Says:

    I must say I can watch movie for Saans song… I m in love with it… It has rehman written all over it.. This movie has reminded me y I was a SRK fan 6-7 years back.. I dont know y but I love the feel of the movie… With no Abhishek movie round the corner I m free… I m rooting for this one…

  24. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Unlike many in this blog I liked this song…hopefully the choreography will make it a bigger hit….

    [added to post]

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      Interesting point here is the sequence in which they released the songs and on which star they are based

      Challa – SRK
      Saans – Katrina
      Jiya re – Anushka
      Ishq Shava – SRK Katrina
      Title song – Hopefully this will be a SRK Anushka song…

  25. RIP yash chopra.

    I will be watching this movie now first day, in memory of possibly one of the most legendary directors ever, the maker of Deewar.

    I still Cantbelieve it.

    IMO Son of Sardaar, should be postponed as a goodwill gesture… there will loads of old timers who will watch it for sure now..

  26. Thanx bhaalu–ooof another song
    I already have my ‘hands full’ after ‘saans’ now with ‘jiya re’!!
    Now ‘Ishq shava’–sanjana any suggestions–or will take a call shortly today in a few hours for ‘ishq shava’!
    Sanjana-yaiy -Let’s hit the Kashmir outdoor scenic track for ‘jiya re’ with Amy :-)

  27. Oops Rooney –is this news of yash chopras death (!) true or a rumour (my comment above was typed when I didn’t know)
    It’s shocking if true
    must say his interview with srk was a bit weirdly surreal –he seemed to KNOW this was his last film!
    A legend !

  28. Agree Rooney
    U know I was uncomfortable when people born yesterday were mocking this guy on this blog & elsewhere —
    The span of Yash chopras –the gap between his first hit was more than double the ages of many here —what longevity !!
    U can’t deny the man who directed deewar –whatever the contribution of amitabh, salim javed etc –he WAS the director!
    Also when I saw his interview with srk on jthj–
    I realised that he has actually made more dodgy /edgy themes than many progressive makers
    Widow remarriage, something like lamhe, darr( psycholove), deewar, dhool ka phool, besides his unmatched oeuvre with srk and bachchan !

  29. This year a lot of noted film personalities left this world. It is rather weird. though many of them were quite old and sick.

    The saddest death was that of Rajesh Khanna who saw failure, self created loneliness, deadly disease. In Yash Chopra’s case it is different. He was at the peak of success, family, and other privileges associated with success.


    • “In Yash Chopra’s case it is different. He was at the peak of success, family, and other privileges associated with success”
      –good point sanjana
      Yash chopra was really at his peak
      Direction wise he was sitting on a big success JTHJ!
      Production wise, he was sitting on ETT (200 crore hit)& an incumbent dhoom3 (possibly the biggest hit in history till now!)

  30. While what has happened is most unfortunate, I have a feeling that all of the sentimentality, nostalgia and attention that will now be associated with the film will help it break all records at the box office. I cannot imagine critics being unkind to the film under these circumstance either. So while his passing away is very sad, I feel like the enormous success that this film is sure to meet with will atleast be a fitting tribute to him. It would have been much worse if he had passed away soon after releasing a film to cruel criticism or a less-than-expected box office.

  31. Bhalo_Manush Says:



    As the clash on Diwali was not big enough, due to untimelydemise of maverick director Yash Chopra more drama, suspense and twist havebeen added in much awaited releases “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” and “Son Of Sardaar”.Both films have up the ante in last few days in terms of promotions and postingbanners across the cinemas.

    There were rumors last week that “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” is 3hours 9 minute long and so on about the length of the movie. We probed furtherand we got definite reply that film is 2 hours 48 minutes long as of now thoughstill some work to be done in post production. But definitely film will havesimilar running time.

    On the other hands, “Son Of Sardaar” team is scheduled tomeet in next three days to take some final calls on release plan, screen countsand crucial marketing factors. Ajay Devgn is not leaving any stone unturned tomake this a big one and we heard that film will have huge marketing lined up inNovember. Film might have a trial show or preview very soon.

    JTHJ will be releasing in record number of screens in MiddleEast and UK will have exhaustive release plans. Screens bookings have beenstarted and plans will be locked by 1st week of November. As perinsider information available to us, overseas offices of YRF had got clearinstruction to book every quality screen and make sure an unprecedentedrelease. Film’s craze is going through the roof in overseas market and it hassome exciting times ahead.

    Overall it looks a Diwali bonanza at box office with twobiggies releasing and we promise to keep you updated on same with all exclusivestuff.

    • when last time they clashed combo of mani ratnam and srk didn’t save dil se which was pitted against pyar to hona hi tha and ajay came up trumph there and this is to highligt how narrative can be said other way around

      but ya demise of yashji has made it one horse race and also thanks to distribution record of yash raj production will devgan get enough theatres

  32. tonymontana Says:

    Another noted TV / film personality no more – Jaspal Bhatti dies in a road accident:
    Actor and comedian Jaspal Bhatti died in a road accident on early Thursday morning near near Jalandhar, media reports said.

    The accident happened on Shahkot area of Jalandhar, reports said. According to media reports, Bhatti’s car collided with a truck near Jalandhar.

    Bhatti’s son and actress of his upcoming film got injured in the mishap.
    Both the injured have been admitted to the hospital.


  33. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Ishq Shava – Song – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

    [added to post]

  34. Spoof update
    Thanx bhaalo for all the updates –& now ‘Ishq shava’
    After a brief break as a mark of respect for yash chopra (during which we indulged in Kashmir sight seeing arranged by guide oldgold)
    The spoof is back-the show must go on
    Need to shoot ‘jiya re’
    Anushka Job here by-Amy
    Since there are scenes of ‘climbing trees’ (& the hero) Amy needs to be careful
    If any injuries to Amy –new talent arti will be given a chance
    Assistant director -who else but ‘perfectionist’ Sanjana( who believes in showing how it’s done correctly!)
    Oldgold will arrange costumes & my hairstylist & stubble & will learn !
    Ps: call on ‘Ishq Shava’ casting today /tomorrow
    Ps2: Due to security concerns, the whole team will be accommodated in my heavily guarded luxury suite (booked by satyam)
    Their security is now sorted –but what about my security ( esp @ nite) :-)
    Enjoy the shooting folks -all the best folks

    • ……………………………………..________

      • Yo Arsh –what’s that ^
        Can’t make out on my phone right now
        Seems good though…
        Ps: ways your take on jthj songs released till now, Arsh (& their videos)

        • that’s a facepalm bro. :D
          love em all…the first couple of listens, i found the album to be just above average, but, listening to them for a few times, I can’t stop listening to em lolz. I think Yash Chopra’s shot all the song EXQUISITELY! Love Ishq Shava here. Even though the steps aren’t “Hrithik Roshan” type steps, they seem to match very well with this song. I found Jiya Re to be a quite catchy tune and again, YC has placed the characters VERY WELL into the scenery. Same with Challa. Though I think Challa could have been filmed better, but even so, with how it’s shot, I think that it captures Samar really well.
          Was never a fan of Katrina. She can’t give expressions for shit. Anushka is going a bit OTT with expressions in Jiya Re…but, still good enuf…I’d much rather prefer Anushka than Katrina. In contrast, it looks like Katrina worked really hard in this film. Apparently it was 3 degrees outside when they shot Ishq Shava. It takes some dedication to dance to an entire song at 3 degrees and still manage to do the steps well. Shahrukh looks like he’s in top form for this film. Hopefully this hard work from the entire team pays off.
          And btw, couple of early stage screening reviews are up on IMDB already.
          So, in conclusion, looks GREAT!

          • The ‘dedication @ 3 degrees’ was certainly commendable (& in those costumes)
            “And btw, couple of early stage screening reviews are up on IMDB already.”–what do they say…

          • there’s two of em … and they say 9/10 and 10/10 lololol. their summary says “A beautiful epic love story from Yash Chopra!” and “A challenging and rewarding film experience” respectively.

  35. king khan Says:

    Wow! ishq shava song is fantastic..Srk and kat are looking very good together..But it just is a song and it is not going to cure cancer,it is not going to improve economic condition of Malaysia,it is not going to bring down fuel prices in India.I had lot of expectations from this song but it just turned out a song.So i am disappointed.

    • I hope you’ve at least persuaded yourself of the merits of the song.. not that the average Pritam song in a SRK film would get a much different reaction from you.

  36. Love the way these songs are turning out with the video.

  37. SRK’s face here looks much better compared to the last number of years. He’d started looking gaunt for a while (barring CDI where the look suited him). He might have added some weight here but I suspect there’s something more going on as well in terms of erasing the signs of age! I only bring this up because OG has forgotten to notice. Admittedly the Romney-like posture of attacking Aamir for looking a certain way in 3I and then not looking that way in Talaash keeps one busy.

  38. checked ishq shava—
    after seeing the video, the song sounds better..
    & rahmans this melody makes some sense..
    well, just when u think anushka has done an ace job in ‘jiya re’–Kat seems to have picked up the ante here
    Its impressive to note how ‘fit’ kat looks here.
    ps–continuing with ‘jiyaa re” as of now with amy who us coming with an ace performance
    now amy is getting ready to climb a tree ;-)

  39. The song is pedestrian by Rahman’s standards though passable otherwise. The sort of thing that you don’t mind with enough repetition. The video in terms of set design isn’t bad, given the terrain we’re talking about! Katrina is way better here than anywhere else in the other previews. And SRK seems to be straining to keep up in terms of the dancing, despite not having that much to do.

    The irony here is that when Yash chopra was younger he truly made mature romances. As he grew older and specially as Aditya Chopra more or less took over he came over to the DTPH side of the equation and has remained arrested in that phase ever since. DTPH given it’s contexts was still fine. It represented the heyday of its genre and so forth. But all these years later and specially with a much older SRK Yash Chopra might have done something better than SRK than this sort of video or have him as some kind of journeyman elsewhere! Then again when you have Katrina and Anushka together in a film you know he’s not even aiming for Chandni let alone anything loftier!

    • Satyam– i agree with all this ‘technically’
      but as usual i disagree in certain key areas.
      Have u tried putting up an amateur act (maybe guitar or play or infact anything) for just v slightly younger folks
      ok, if someone is out of university < 1 decade ago—try revisiting the same place & one will see how things have changed in terms of what is 'in' & 'hep'
      (though there are some universalities)
      ONe can keep arguing over minutiae–

      the amount of time yashchopra has stayed relevant and intune with younger sensibilities (by hook or by crook) is truly remarkable..
      (though in a limited sense/genre & having taken help from adi & with certain disclaimers)
      but the extent/ sheer tenure is laudable
      ps–why should one aim only for 'mature' love stories
      who says love only has to be "mature"?
      ONe may say that 'love' itself is an 'immature' state of mind and so on –so theres no limit to these things.
      one can argue it the other way -infact argue most of these classifications
      His main aim has been success (predominantly box office wise in a romantic mushy genre) and he has consistently achieved it barring stray exceptions

      • My argument has always been that Yash Chopra hasn’t remained relevant.. his 80s were for the most part a writeoff.. since the 90s it’s been Aditya Chopra all the way. The films he’s signed his name on really reflect the son’s priorities more than anything else. While Rangan is right to assert the predominance of a certain aesthetic framework that first developed with Silsila the fact is that there is nothing common between Daag/Kabhi Kabhie/Silsila/Chandni/Lamhe as a group of romantic films and then DTPH/VZ and from the looks of it JTHJ. It’s just not the same sensibility. Now Yash Chopra did make a youth love story in Faasle in the 80s which too whatever one might think of it otherwise is connected with those older films. With VZ he probably returned to his roots in a way with the thematic angle but the rest of it was once again Aditya Chopra. So I think these generalizations are thrown out without precise analysis of what’s really going on. This isn’t like Raj Kapoor where he made films from the late 40s to the mid-80s and every film was his and his alone. Barring a few films here and there Yash chopra after Silsila is mostly a write-off. But for his son he would have been on the path to extinction more or less after Lamhe/Darr.

        Now as for the youth love story deal obviously I’m not absurd enough as a fan of tons of youth love stories to assert any such thing. But just making a youth love story is not the same as making a good one! Even over the last twenty I think one can separate the good from the bad. Bobby is one of my all time favorite films. It’s a youth love story. Ratnam’s more recent Alaipayuthey is also one of my all time favorites. That too is a youth love story. Barring the ending I’m a fan of Ek Duje Ke Liye. I consider DDLJ a classic on its terrain. I adore QSQT. Given that you’ve been on this blog so long it’s rather astonishing that you could come away with that view!

        I’d say again as a more general matter that you continue to confuse survival with quality. It shows a great deal of skills to stick around for generations, that’s obvious, but this isn’t the same as producing fine work. We don’t exactly judge Guru Dutt by how many years he lasted! and with Yash Chopra my own timeline on him is about thirty years, which is still very good but hardly extraordinary. Extending it to 50 years by making it a Yash Chopra/Aditya Chopra combine where the latter does the heavy lift is a very different scenario. Many directors could survive past their peaks this way. Yash Chopra lucked out with Aditya Chopra. There’s not much more to his story over the last twenty years. And even with the son’s help he hasn’t made a film remotely close to DDLJ let alone any other greater hallmark from his career!

        • Agreed about Chopra’s career arc and the differences between those sets of films…if one thinks that Yash Chopra was entirely responsible for the post-DDLJ Yashraj films, they clearly weren’t paying much attention.

        • its quite clear that yash has been more interested in making a successful ‘mediocre’ love story than an unsuccessful/risky “mature/good’ love story (though lamhe, silsila were risky)–and he succeeded in that mostly.
          ps-as for which type of love story one finds ‘good’, its a bit subjective–and all maybe right
          for eg–unlike most, i found dtph crap

  40. ok folks-just saw ‘ishq shaava’ again
    will have to start a double shift now
    “jiya re’ –daytime shooting –with amy
    ‘Ishq shava”–suspense
    will be done by Anya–evening schedule (since the song hasnt been shot in daylight)
    yaiy ;-)

    • If you want to point out that other famous personalities also get questioned then you haven’t read the article.

      This Khan was stopped for politically based questioning related to his opinion about US drone attacks on Pakistan which he is against.

  41. king khan Says:

    filmy( a NG member)has reportedly seen JTHJ and as per his statement the story of the movie in Nutshell is like this;
    Srk(an Indian) lives in London and falls in love with Kat.When he expresses his love to her,she breaks his heart by saying”we are just good friends and nothing more”.He leaves London and comes back to India and joins Indian Army.He meets Anushka who works for a channel and falls in love with her once more in his life but she reponds in same manner like Kat.His heart breaks again.But one day both girls realise that they actually loved him and rush to meet him but Srk is dead till then.filmy has liked the move and rated it 7 out of 10.He said it is a good movie though not a great one

  42. tonymontana Says:

    SRK looks good but he seems ill-at-ease for the first time on screen..

    • Agree tony–
      Srk seems to be on ‘auto pilot’ mode & even on (his) second /third gear only mostly here!
      In ‘jiya re’ Srk let’s anushka enjoy the centre stage & in ‘Ishq shava’ Srk is clearly a bit ‘Lagging behind’ katrina who seems to be at the top of (her) game.
      But there’s something ‘endearing’ about this ‘held back’ persona of Srk here for me (even though it’s at a somewhat autumnal phase of his career!)
      Not sure if the script above is true( wondering where they got it from lol)
      But it still has enough for someone of the ability of Srk
      Srk will surely not let tw film down
      Though the others have to pitch in as well (unlike Rahman about whom I have been relatively mum till now)

      • tonymontana Says:

        Yeah Katrina’s a livewire in the song..
        I like their chemistry though, and both of them look rather good.

        it’ll also give u something to think about – who’ll play katrina in the ishq shava song? :P

        • “it’ll also give u something to think about – who’ll play katrina in the ishq shava song? ”
          Haha tony–whats your suggestion though who should play Kat in this song … (though final take will be mine) lol

          • tonymontana Says:

            dont want to offend anybody.. but thinking of giving you a break from all the stress of handling two women and thinking of playing SRK myself!! ;)

          • Haha tony–that’s a nice try but the shooting has already started …
            Also for ‘Ishq Shava’ (read above)
            And Anya is doing the Kat role in ‘Ishq Shava’ :-)
            ‘Congrats’ Anya
            Ps–will surely look for a good role for u in this one or my upcoming spoofs lol

          • tonymontana Says:

            the shooting can be stalled .. been hearing that you didn’t do “justice” to your character :) hence there requires a change in the lead character.

          • Haha Tony seems to be so enamoured by Kat in this song that he doesn’t mind sounding ‘desperate’ to get this role
            Have not seen tony like this before–kudos to Kat :-)
            And if a gentleman like Toni has been pushed to this one can imagine about others lol
            As for ‘justice’, my spoofs are not about ‘justice’– for that one can go to courts to seek justice etc
            Those spoofs are my babies & I can alter them any which way I want ha –the brickbats & the fooling around also has to be handled by me lol
            But it’s heartening to know that folks are so keen (infact desperate) to get roles in them
            Will have to start some more auditions looking at this ‘demand’ lol
            Anyhow –v soon tony will be given a v nice role of his own in one of my upcoming spoofs
            As for now –I’m overseeing katrina (anyas) ‘fitness’ sessions since this song needs the right look n tone & ability to carry off some cool ‘costumes’ & moves
            But I’m sure Anya will carry it off as well as Amy in ‘jiyaa re’

      • tonymontana Says:

        the song sounds much better on screen..
        unlike many, i think rahman’s delivered a decent album here that some people would start raving about in a couple of weeks..

        like ishq shava, challa, jab tak hain jaan, saans and that heer song

        • Agree Tony that the songs sound much better with the video
          Incidentally just heard bits of ‘heer’
          Now this one seems a traditional yashraj classic mould –I can already sense that female casting for that one may be difficult –watch this space folks ..

        • After seeing the videos, I can easily say that IMO this is Rahman’s best after Dil Se… and RDB, easily.

          • Arsh–do u mean this rahmans third best ever…?
            How would u rate the various jthj songs
            Btw plz tell what that ‘graphic’ u had posted earlier –somewhere …

          • lol i posted the graphic info and overall soundtrack info…if we’re talking about rating all the songs (along with their videos [for which the videos have been released]):
            1) Challa – 5/5 (brilliant mix of Sufi and Soft Rock along with awesome lyrics)
            2) Saans – 4/5 (decent lyrics, very soft and melodious composition, which really differs greatly from other melody songs)
            3) Ishq Shava – 5/5 (peppy, upbeat, great lyrics, beautiful vid)
            4) Heer – 4.5/5 (stupendous lyrics, amazing use of instruments)
            5) Jiya Re – 4/5 (though the composition may seem average, the awsum lyrics, well-shot video and a catchy beat make it v. good)
            6) Jab Tak Hai Jaan – 5/5 (i just love this song. there’s absolutely no overdrive here. no overly dramatic music or lyrics. as soon as the music starts playing in this song, i feel goosebumps every time lol)
            7) Saans (Reprise) – 4/5 (lyrics are better…v. short and sweet)
            8) Ishq Dance – 5/5 (Kind of an arabic feel to the music and VERY CATCHY! they could do something great with this song!)
            9) Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Poem) – 5/5 (bursts of music along with SRK’s voice which manages to change the mood several times within this brief “song” really make this one of my favourites in the album)

            any more interrogation, your honour??? :D

            and yes, rahman’s third best (hindi album) EVER. i absolutely despised Rockstar’s album. Only Nadaan Parindey and Sadda Haq were decent, while Katya Karoon was barely passable. Rest of em sucked. Same with Blue…liked Chiggy Wiggy…others were stupid. Raavan, I absolutely loved Beera and Behne De…rest were not my thing i guess lol.
            so…yeaaaaahhhhhhh…bring on the hate guys. :O

          • Susegad m8–thanx 4 the info—there’s no ‘hate’–I’m fine with your opinion here–also good to hear srk fan viewpoint –cheers
            Gud nite–need to complete ‘ishq shava’….lol

          • lol k g’nite! :P

  43. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    “‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ premiere to be held as per schedule”

    Celebrated filmmaker Yash Chopra’s wife Pam Chopra has decided to go ahead with the plan of a star-studded, grand premiere of her husband’s last film “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” days after his death.

    The iconic director, who was known as Hindi cinema’s ‘king of romance’ died last week following dengue infection and multiple organ failure.

    “I want to give my husband an unforgettable farewell. Accordingly, we have decided to have a grand premiere for his ultimate film, ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, exactly the way he wanted it. This is a fitting tribute to a man who would have had it no other way,” Pamela said in statement.

    “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” stars superstar Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma and will hit theatres this Diwali on November 13.

    Consequently, a premiere is being planned a day before the release on November 12 and details of which are being worked out.

    “I have asked my sons Aditya and Uday to go ahead with all the preparations. This premiere is our way of celebrating his illustrious life, rather than mourning it,” Pamela added.


  44. So, apparently Anushka Sharma plays ‘Akira’, an ambitious documentary filmmaker who works for the Discovery Channel!! You’d think that a serious filmmaker would know better than to gallavant around Kashmir in short shorts. *eyeroll* Oh well, atleast Satyam will probably be happy to hear about this allusion to his favourite director. :-P

    I’m guessing that we’re going to have another ‘modern’ straw woman along the lines of Veronica here- the poetry in the initial trailer about SRK hating her ambitions/ dreams etc especially make me feel like she’s going to be painted as the stereotypical selfish girl who regrets her ‘modernity’ after losing her lover…I’d be very happy if this panned out differently and she ended up being an interesting, sympathetic character though.

    • “So, apparently Anushka Sharma plays ‘Akira’, an ambitious documentary filmmaker who works for the Discovery Channel!!”

      Eagerly await the Antonioni allusion with Katrina..

      • “Eagerly await the Antonioni allusion with Katrina..”

        ROFL! I think that even the Chopras realized that naming Katrina after a famous filmmaker would be a bit TOO blasphemous! :-P

    • Think the trailers and stuff give away a lot. Young SRK loves Katrina. And vice versa. She’s bumped off. He grows up. Meets Anuskha. She loves him. He still wallows in the past. What happens then? The suspense is killing!

      • Lol@ Akira- Amy
        “The suspense is killing!”-relax arti
        Suggest listening 2 some Richard Marx ( if not ‘Ishq waala love’) :-)

    • There are countless Hollywood romcoms coming out evry year which are as flimsy, hollow and regressive as JTHJ (on top of it they are sleazy too). I am sure some of you raise eyebrows there too!

      There is more to a film/work of art than its ‘gender depiction and sensibilities.

      • “There is more to a film/work of art than its ‘gender depiction and sensibilities.”

        Not this again. Look, I know that gender sensiblities in cinema aren’t a concern of yours- and that’s perfectly alright. But there is NO reason why I shouldn’t choose to look at films through that prism if I want to!

        Film can be analyzed through any social, political or anthropological perspective of one’s choice- and I am a little bewildered by your constant trivialization of my chosen view. This is a perfectly valid perspective, and gender-centric criticism of films and popular culture is VERY OFTEN published in the MOST RESPECTED newspapers and magazines internationally, and these pieces are often authored by very respectable journalists and public figures. It is not my fault if you are not aware of criticism of this kind and think that it is pointless. I wish you would stop trying to invalidate me everytime I bring up *gasp* a female perspective about gender dynamics!

        And for the record- I actually liked the song (featuring Anushka in Kashmir) and said so earlier- so why shouldn’t I now add a comment on the obvious implausiblity of her character as an ambitious/ intelligent filmmaker?!

        Also, I don’t see what Masala cinema and Hollywood rom-coms have to do with my comment.

        • Amy– good to know u like the song ‘jiya re!
          Reminds me–after a short break for yash chopras death & hurricane sandy–the spoof is bak
          Let’s complete it, Amy– it’s a nice day
          Btw the hurricane happened in the states & sanjana-oldgold have disappeared!
          Missing their cute banter
          C’mon Amy –lights camera action….

    • Btw I am not disagreeing (lest she come after me) over the ‘seemingly’ caricaturish portrayal of Anushka’s character. But we should also remember that such caricatures very much a part of Masala films too (even the great Masala ones). And even the best Masala films had regressive elements aplenty

    • LOL, exactly what i thought seeing her prancing around in those short black hot pants and white ganjis with fully covered Kashmiri women and army men.

      • “i thought seeing her prancing around in those short black hot pants and white ganjis..”
        Sheetal–agree partly
        It seems impractical only from the ‘cold weather’ point of view
        But don’t have issues with the dress code here
        I mean –if salman can go topless on every film –why these double standards
        The dress sense is also an extension of ones personality,mood & even sexuality!
        Anushka character here should have that liberty without people getting judgemental about it
        Yes there is the risk of hypothermia but for that there can be other ‘measures’ (reminds me of a shashi kapoor film– think with sharmila Tagore ages ago but anyhow ….)

  45. The hour long press conference

    • An hour long !!! Gonna b jokin…
      If any1 can manage 2 see it, plz summarise.. ..thanx

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      The media ppl are asking most of the questions to SRK and SRK keeps talking and talking…feeling sorry for Katrina and Anushka..BTW noticed a similar thing during ETT promotion as well..

      • “SRK keeps talking and talking…feeling sorry for Katrina and Anushka.”
        Thanx bhaalu–so are katrina & Anushka just listening–no lip service hmm They are good obedient gals …
        can’t watch anything that takes more than a few minutes currently –may watch this srk show later –like the spontaneity sometimes

        Anyhow –sanjana is missing from spoof..
        Seems oldgold gets 2 hold the camera till then–Amy is giving a spontaneous ‘tree climbing’ performance lol

    • Its quite interesting actually, and it indeed confirms that something happened, and its funny its salman khan movie which was used to promote a SRK movie, which would affect Salman’s friend Ajay’s movie!

      It leaves a bad taste, that to after Yashji’s Demise, that his production “might” have used such tactic, doesnt make the last image of a great director good.

    • The “cuckold”/”wittol” devgun syndome- for kajol/srk!!
      Havent read about this ‘dispute’ but this JHTJ -SOS ‘clash’ sounds amusing in more ways than one–which i will elaborate if time permits later..
      ONE such reason seems the ‘cuckold’ or somewhat metaphorically ‘wettol’ synndrome affecting devguns mind vis a vis the kajol-srk chemistry!!
      @ long last, after decades & with srk @ his lowest ebb , devgun @ his (relatively) highest ebb (& propped up by co-frenemies like salman/aamir), there is finally an attempt @ a clash

      All the best to devgun –not so much for SOS vs JTHJ clash
      but moreover for hopefully treating this psychological cuckold or wettolish phenomenon inflicting many like devgun :-)

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      Yash Raj Films Slaps A Tough Reply On Eros Viacom 18 & Ajay Devgn

      “It is also unfair to say that we are in any way in a dominant position. While we are releasing just three films this year, the two production houses in question, VIACOM 18 & EROS, who are distributing Son of Sardar, have a combined release strength of almost 27 films in a year.”


      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        I think this is a valid argument from YRF..apart from their movies with big stars like Hrithik/Aamir/Salman and SRK..none of their other movies have done big business…

        They were not doing well recently and then they signed Three Khans for their major films…

        What bout OSO and Saawariya contest?? Eros was distributing OSO and that time they were getting the benefits….

        • Interesting. All India should follow Karnataka model. Production houses should not release their movies in such a manner that other movies suffer. Whether it is ETT, JTHJ or Dhoom3. This mindless first day business is the reason. If the film is really good, it will trend well.

      • Important question is whether there is any violation of Competition Act ?

        Secondly, if yes, that is illegal.

        End of the Matter.

  46. Saurabh, Ami.. I think it’s best you guys avoid discussions with each other.. these ‘debates’ are taking up too much space..

    • I’m sorry for all the rambling posts Satyam- BTW you can delete the entire conversation since it adds absolutely nothing to the thread.

    • Sorry Satyam…And yes I know my arguements hardly make any meaningful contributions to the blog (will take care of this in future). Having said that the only reason I didn’t avoid discussions with Ami was because there is hardly any ill-will between us and I do enjoy talking to her and do think that we have had some meaningful debates as well in the past (and in any case what’s the point of coming to a blog if one has to stop interacting with people simply because of ideological differences).

      Btw I believe u saw English Vinglish? What did u think of it and did u read the pieces by Q and Ami (these days u seem to have gone underground- hope all’s well with ur health…the fever which is ailing is of the US elections and not of any other kind).

      Btw have u written anything on cricket (or if GF, Q or anyone else here has written anything, would love to read- i know it’s a cinema blog but since I am well aware of your deep interest in the game- I recently read Guha’s Corners Of A Foreign Field-).

      • will revisit those pieces.. haven’t had the chance to do so.. EV I thought was pretty decent the first half hour and then the last half hour or so. The whole Mind Your language riff in between didn’t really work for me. Still overall not a bad effort but I didn’t love it by any means. You see some crossover of Balki’s aesthetic choices here as would be natural but the film is very far from CK and Paa otherwise. I think it’s greatest achievement is the very real empathy Sridevi’s character evokes, specially by the end. But it’s not a ‘significant’ film in any sense otherwise.

        • I had the same sense of the film as you. But i guess it has been the best reviewed film of the year (even more so than GoWs). I have not seen a single negative review of the film (Rangan though has been less enthusiastic). I think the title of ‘significant film’ of the yaer belongs to GoW- the kind of debates it has generated on blogs and online forums where some have hailed it a watershed moment as far as Bollywood is concerned (heck it has even made the word ‘subversive’ fashionable these days). So irrespective of what we think of it, we have to agree that it is quite an important film

  47. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Happy Birthday King Khan

  48. Thats nice bhaalo –will see later but looks like an aerobic class with some nice patricipants..

  49. After YRF’s statement, here’s the statement by lawyers of Ajay Dvgn Films which has been issued today http://www.twitlonger.com/show/js41qp

    • Dirty tactics follow SRK and his producers etc. It’s standard and typical predatory tactics. All around the virtues and festivities of a festival like Diwali, the season for “giving”. SRK and his army of producers only take on this festival as noted in 2007 as well.
      If your a big superstar you don’t need to find every nook and cranny to get an edge on your competition. Clearly YRF and SRK felt the heat to stoop to this level of dirty tactics.
      Devgn won’t get anymore with this. No point trying to play with dirty folk.

      • I disagree there
        Nobody is doing charity here !
        Devgun knew Well what he is getting into–
        It’s hardly a surprise
        I feel with SOS he has a chance of doing well –his own position is best ever for him ,mass friendly genre– tacit support from po po Salman /dutt etc !!
        If u want the giant killer tag –u have to earn it
        For couple of decades–even Salman & aamir hover but don’t enter the Diwali zone !!
        They have chosen eid & xmas –but that’s for a reason !
        The sawariyas , jaanemans have taught them something —devgun can’t play the giant killer & aggrieved minor both ..
        And who says these things are to be ‘fair game’
        They are not in the game of helping propping others collections —
        Plain n simple
        And if they say it -they are lying or are fools!
        Ps/: I do sense that SOS will do well here though but lets stop this kidding make belieove of ‘dominant positions’ etc
        People like amitabh, srk & yash chopra have those positions after a lifetime of track record –it can’t be negated overnite !!

        • Salman Khan negated all track records. Thats why YRF took him and rode to boxoffice glory.

        • But unlike Salman, Devgn has had success in Diwali not once but thrice- Golmaal Returns, ATB and Golmaal 3

          Secondly one has to see that Jaaneman and specially were not exactly mass friendly films(Jaaneman had a very different sort of storytelling though ofcourse it was a wretched film otherwise). SOS on the other hand is a massy over-the-top remake of a hugely successful Telugu comedy which itself is a remake of a cult Buster Keaton film Our Hospitality

    • The mask is off from YRF’s chehra.

      They will stoop to conquer.

      Here SOS seems to be the underdog.

      It is not art any more but business.

      Good that somebody took on the unfair trade practices.

      Everything is fair and unfair when it comes to this.

      More than these 2 films, this drama is more engrossing and entertaining.

      Ajay versus SRK. Both have Kajol in common as real and screen heroine.

      Sonakshi sinha versus Katrina plus anushka.

      Yrf versus Viacom

      Silly comedy versus frilly romance.

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      The SOS team needs to prove that there is an agreement between YRF and distributors bout the fact that theaters showing ETT will have to also release JTHJ. If that is the case then case closed otherwise the SOS team are just doing it for publicity.

      1. As per their claim number of prints for ETT should be equal JTHJ but that is not the case here.

      2. So they are saying in an area out of 17 cinemas 15 are playing JTHJ. That means total print count in India for JTHJ should be 8 times of SOS. but that is not the case. It means there will be places where SOS will have more screens than JTHJ to bring down the ratio.

      Why don’t they tell us the all India details bout number of prints?

      3. the best part is these two statements which confirms that they are lying

      “ADF has achieved only about 600 nos. of single screens which clearly shows the cause against YRF”

      “For ADF’s last movie i.e. “Bol Bachchan” ADF had achieved about 1350 number of single screens which film was released on 6th July, 2012″

      Due to JTHJ the screen counts are nearly 50 % i.e. 600 and 1350.

      What do they expect? exact 50%? Tomorrow Tushar Kapoor or Fardeen Khan or Abhishek Bachhan will release their solo releases against say Salman Khan and will demand exact 50% screen. How is this possible?

      • Man, u are one hell of a partisan. And while I am not at all an Abhishek fan, I am not sure how a sane guy could place him alongside Tushar or Fardeen (but hey that’s still better than calling Deewar as a multistarrer)

        • Bhalo_Manush Says:

          Placing Abhishek along side of Tushar doesn’t mean that i am saying Tushar is as big as Abhishek… off course Abhishek is a bigger star.
          I have put three star sons with different magnitude of star powers against Salman as an example. That’s it…

          • Oh…sorry then thanks for the clarification though I would never call Tussar or Fardeen as star-sons

          • “What do they expect? exact 50%? Tomorrow Tushar Kapoor or Fardeen Khan or Abhishek Bachhan will release their solo releases against say Salman Khan and will demand exact 50% screen. How is this possible?”
            That’s a good point bhaalu!
            Yes there maybe technical issues in that comparison but the key point stays !
            All this talk of ‘fairness’ & ‘equality’ doesn’t exist & is not possible
            Or else every two bit (non) star will demand a silmilar release strategy & scale of amitabh (@ his peak) or srk or now Salman /aamir!
            Market forces have a way —things automatically get toggled in their correct shelf & price banding usually –if there are abberations–they get corrected v soon as well…
            So although one feels ‘sorry’ for the ‘nice guy’ devgun, his plight interms of release theatre numbers is neither illegal nor something to be a cry-baby for …

  50. Havent Read the full details but this sounds amusing on part of devgun films
    U can’t play with the tiger & be scared of scratches!!!
    Didn’t they know the issue here but devgun wanted to be the ‘giant killer’— to do what his co-frenemies like Salman & aamir couldn’t
    Ie break srks monopoly over the singleosy lucrative crucial release segment ie diwali— there’s a reason & history for these things !!
    ‘ dominant positions’ aren’t built overnite!!
    If they could— why devgun on his best phase after bol bachxhan, sibgham , golmaal — not get that ‘dominant position!’
    Devgun SOS still may spoil jthj party by distributing /sharing the collections —
    But why this Pussification & sissy fixation now
    Stand ground & face the music !!
    If devgun can’t do it now in his best ohase ever with so at his lowest ever –this ‘stigma’ will never leave his psyche !!
    Kajol knows what I’m talking ! Lol
    “To substantiate the above through some examples, a catchment like Dadar in Mumbai has 7 single screen cinemas out of which ‘Son of Sardaar’ has only 1, and ‘Jab tak hai Jaan’ has 6. In Hyderabad city, out of 17 single screen (Hindi playing) cinemas, ‘Son of Sardaar’ has only 2, and ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ has 15. The trend is similar almost all India which can be scrutinized by anyone. ”
    Haha the only thing being ‘substantiated’ here is their own foolishness !
    Why to waste time –let te public & market forces dictate –that time was earlier when pumped up by Salman & aamir , devgun wanted to beat srk @ least now at this late stage
    All the best to both parties but no Pussification & sissyfication now –be adults!

    • I am sorry but it’s simply unfair and illogical to blame Devgn- People ranging from both Bachchans to Dutt to Salman and even Kjo have long been vouching for the fact that Devgn is one of the few true Gentlemen left in the industry. The guy has “NEVER” played foul.

      Btw note how Devgn clearly mentions in that note that he has no issues with SRK (another sign of a nice guy)- “YRF is trying to hide behind its dominant position in the film market. It is wrongly touting this cause of action to be based upon an alleged enmity between Mr. Ajay Devgn and Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, which does not exist. ”

      Finally Devgn is releasing SOS on DIwali not because he wants to compete with SRK (SRK’s stardom is lightyears ahead of Devgn even today) but because Diwali has always had space for 2 films- in 1998 both Bade Miyan Chhote Miyaan and KKHH released on Diwali and both did very well (kkhh was the highest grossing film of the year followed by BMCM). And had BMCM released on some other date (when it would not have had to compete with KKHH) it still wouldn’t have made as much as it ultimately did simply bcos people love to see comedies on DIwali- Devgn himself has had 3 big successes on Diwali – he had Golmaal Returns coming with Fashion (both did well though ofcourse Golmaal outgrossed Fashion by quite a margin…but still Fashion remains Bhandarkar biggest grosser and Diwali helped the gross here), then there was All The Best emerging the winner amongst 2 much bigger releases which were Blue and Mr. and Mrs. Khanna. Finally he had Golmaal 3 coming on Diwali which ofcourse completely battered Action Replay

      • And let’s not forget that when Devgn released Bol Bachchan this yr and had no such competition from any other biggies (and also enjoyed the power of the Bachchan surname), it barely touched 100 crores. Of course one should also keep in mind that Abhishek, due to his poor BO form of late, was hardly helping in getting he opening (I am saying this only since some year were calling Devgn as a supporting actor in BB)

        • ” Devgn has had success in Diwali not once but thrice- Golmaal Returns, ATB”
          Not sure if these were released with an srk film or not though …
          Also the point is not that devgun is ‘a nice guy’ or not–that’s not the point or the contest ..
          Anyhow –back to the ishq Shava ‘slide’ ( wow anya ) :-)

  51. To hell with their squabbles
    Sanjana & oldgold–grab the camera
    Jiya re in daylight ( with Amy )
    Ishq Shava in evening (with anya)
    And at nite ???-secret lol
    Ps : the. ‘slide’ & ‘bottle scene’ in ishq Shava will need lot of practice :-)

  52. Wondering if this article projects wishful thinking or Pragmatic way forward for SRK????….

    SRK’s JTHJ to emerge as point of departure in which romance is picturised?

    After all, how long would romance as it is portrayed on the silver screen continue to be a romance of teenagers? Does falling in love a requiem reserved only for the teenagers? Can adults or those who have crossed forty not fall in love, after all forty is new twenties in the present times, and when a person above forty years of age falls in love he certainly brings about a sense of maturity to the manner in which the romance is projected.
    From an actor like Shahrukh Khan’s perspective, films of the genre of JAB TAK HAI JAAN provides a smooth transition, in sync with the age category, and do not present a dilemma of trying to portray characters not in sync in age. Besides, it also could open a new career for the heroines of the likes of Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit to serenade Shahrukh Khan on the silver screen once again

  53. Shocked and quite stunned by the release game.

    The Legendary Director, and his memories are too great, but this one is spoiling the legend.

  54. Why the need for desperate dirty tactics? Why not play fair and in the end the audience will decide which movie they prefer to see? There is room for both movies to succeed during Diwali without blocking access to one. YRF comes off as scared bullies to me.

    • Sincerely i was going to check to JTHJ, in memory of Yash Chopra, but this one is leaving sour taste.

      I was thinking slowly to skip both, but now i just might go and watch SOS, just to show my support to Equity and Fair Play!

      • Rooney, why don’t you just watch the movie you’re more interested in?!

        • I have always been more justice oriented!!

          I am a bit what analyst calls a emotional viewer, like maybe aamir, i cry during movies, feel happiness, etc

          so i am the sort of a viewer who will go to watch some movies purely for emotional reasons, but equity and justice also affects me.

          ps: And once i was a fan of Karishma Kapoor in childhood, and then her career was a bit down and a movie call Baaz released and it was my birthday i booked advance tickets for my family :) turn out the theater guys called me to say they cant screen as they have only sold 4 ticks!

          • Thats why movies where poetic justice is done, they strike a chord. A film where the villain wins, wont succeed that much.

          • “I have always been more justice oriented!! ”

            you should stick to masala movies! In the Yashraj world you can even lose the bride at the mandap! Wouldn’t go there looking for justice!

          • “In the Yashraj world you can even lose the bride at the mandap! Wouldn’t go there looking for justice”
            For ‘justice’ one should go elsewhere —
            Btw is it fair that srk and or someone else’s salary is /was different for eg …

  55. “I was thinking slowly to skip both, but now i just might go and watch SOS, just to show my support to Equity and Fair Play!”
    Haha Rooney –must say u r truly a gentleman..
    My take—
    I’m all for brand equity!
    As for the distributors –they are not enemies or friends of either devgun or srk or yash–they are just looking at their own interest —
    It’s a jungle out there !
    Everything’s fair in love n war –the fact that devgun knowingly undertook upon himself to usurp a ‘diminishing’ srk on his home turf with an eye towards Kajol & all those cuckolded evenings watching ddlj–he asked for it !!
    Even a diminished tiger roars –& devgun now is feeling the after-effects :-)
    Ps: have nothing against devgun and he is a more reasonable n sensible n. dignified than most –but unfortunately the laws of the jungle won’t be modified for him!
    I wish devgun all the best though –& feel SOS will do well ..

    • It is not fair to drag SRK in this. It is YRF’s straategy from the beginning. And I dont think ajay worked in SOS to take on the diminishing tiger or whatever. He must have thought diwali is big enough to accommodate 2 movies.
      It is YRF who are scared of competition and thus are blocking.First they tried to emotionally blackmail SOS to postpone and when it did not work they are trying their best to teach a lesson. Even if they succeed, they will lose a lot of goodwill generated by the big man’s sudden demise. You cannot talk about love and sacrifice on screen and then kill off using dadagiri.

  56. Eggjaktly sanjana :-)
    I like ‘dadagiri’–won’t deny …
    Btw what u r calling ‘dadagiri’ is a bran equity created by decades of success & reputation along with ‘strategy’!
    Had SOS been in a similar situation–they may hav done the same!
    Anyhow I think SOS is a good product & should do v well anyhow inspite of this but lets see ..
    Ps: healthy gal sonakshi is yet to deliver (a non-hit!)

  57. “He must have thought diwali is big enough to accommodate 2 movies.”
    Ha there are enuf reports of Salman (& amybe aamir) pumping him to take srk on here givin the same reason
    But poor devgun should have asked ‘master strategist’ aamir–
    Why the hell aamir is hiding and releasing just two weeks later –why couldn’t aamir himself take srk on in Diwali or even the now resurgent born again Salman !!
    If these folks cant beat srk now after two decades of lagging behind /being a par –@ srks weakest phase and ther collegov orgasmic phase –when can they do it —
    They should sit down together and ponder this painful fact !! :-)

    • You are talking like OG. Why bring Aamir into this? Why should taking on SRK is such a big deal? Why cant SRK take on Aamir?
      You are conveniently ignoring the boxoffice records of the others and just go on and on about the so called tiger. Tiger, huh.Bakri will be more appropriate.

      • Here we are talking about unfair competition. Not SRK versus Ajay. It could have been Aamir versus Ajay or Salman versus Ajay too.

        • The other pertinent question that has arisen from the womb of sanjanas innocent queries..
          Given that Diwali is the most lucrative release timing–
          Why hasn’t aamir or even Salman now targeted it –ESP with srk !
          I know there is ‘superstition’ but having to release just two weeks later as in talaash is a bit cruel–isnt it!
          Aamir may well exceed the Diwali collections as in ghajini but it’s the deep seated ‘fear’ that probably scares aamir /Salman –also unlike devgun they are atleast now considered bigger stars for a year or so after ra1 !
          So why this evasion …

  58. Ha There’s nothing ‘fair’ & ‘ unfair’ when it comes to real competition
    One does what he /she can within limits
    Yash or srk are not threatening the cinema halls &/or distributors to show jthj over SOS –they are choosing as per their own perception of benefit!
    It is business & market forces…

  59. Spoof update–
    During ishq shava, there is a ‘sliding manoeuvre’ that I’m read to do—
    There was a bit of an accident ..
    Needed ‘first aid’ from old gold
    Ps: no wonder anya is quiet after that ‘mishap’ :-)

  60. Sanjana –since u were feeling ‘bad about this unfair treatment’ to SOS–
    A simple question—
    U r a single screen owner hoping to make a good killing out of this Diwali release-that moolah u r hoping to splurge on some v important stuff for yourselves (maybe cosmetic surgery lol) /for your boyfriend etc /for your ‘kids’ or ‘nephews’ (since nephews seem popular nowadays)…
    Which one film will u show in your single screen —jthj or SOS …
    (I know u may say SOS just to make your point but that won’t be honest !) :-)

    • I think this discussion should be over as we expressed our views. In the spirit of diwali, I wish both the films well.

      Meanwhile I am thinking about titles for films.

      Montreal se Mandap tak.

      Salman and Salma

      King Khan meets Emperor

      Talaash Valaash

      Ajay and Vijay

      Jab Tak hai Dharti

      When Delhi marries Chennai

      Mamata says Tata

      Namaste Pakistan

      Divorce in Australia

      Loveless Shaadi

      Rosgolla and Dosa

  61. ROFL sanjana — those were howlarious :-)
    “Montreal se Mandap tak.

    Salman and Salma

    King Khan meets Emperor

    Talaash Valaash

    Ajay and Vijay

    Jab Tak hai Dharti

    When Delhi marries Chennai

    Mamata says Tata

    Namaste Pakistan

    Divorce in Australia

    Loveless Shaadi

    Rosgolla and Dosa”
    Hahaha what imagination sanjana–rosgolla & dosa
    Oldgold will love that
    Btw do u also hav a nephew since they are quite popular nowadays…
    The other day Amy was caught with some kids in a theatre –later told they were here ‘nephews’ (not her own kids) :-)

    • >Oldgold will love that
      :-) I liked ;
      – Montreal se mandap tak LOL (my favourite of the lot)
      -Talaash Valaash
      -Ajay Vijay (therein lies sanjana’s crytic answer to the question you asked AA)
      -Namaste Pakistan, hahaha

      Rasgolla and dosa reminds me of (some more names);
      -chicken ya sarson da saag
      -Botox Votox
      -KJO KO Bhejo
      -Amir hua Gharib (turned down 150cr), remake of Amir Gharib
      -kheta.n vich gaana

      • haha. I thought of Amir Garib but there was already one picture of that name starring Dev and Hema.

        • Yeah I think Montreal se mandap is totally original
          Botox votox is good –& there maybe many actor choices there
          Ps– there should be a movie titled laddoo rasgolla ;-)

          • Lol @ ‘Amir hua garib’ (turned down 150 cr offer) :-)
            Btw an innocent question –maybe I’m missing something here
            What’s with this ‘2 weeks after Diwali slot!’ with aamir
            If u are the biggest star etc why don’t u release on the premier slot and let the others adjust/modify or choose to clash !!
            Evn eid I can understand with Salman (given it is a festival & given Salman fan following majority maybe )
            But why 2 week after Diwali
            I know talaash may well outgross JTHJ —but why not have the guts to clash on the premier slot ?
            I can also see the point of being ‘practical’ etc but if u call yourselves the biggest star why haven’t u clashed atleast now with jthj, aamir?
            Ps: even now with srk @ hi lowest & aamir coming after a three years gap ?
            The answer lies within !
            Ps2: sanjana : u still havent answered about tech single screen owner bit– your silence means u have understood te point now –good

          • I dont like too many arguments. It usually deviates from the point.
            As for Talaash, it is coproduced by SRK friend Farhan Akhtar and as such it would have been a collective decision. And dont forget Aamir is starring in the next YRF and why will he antagonise them?
            The Khans may not be on very good terms but they never take open pangas. While Ajay has nothing to loose.
            Ajay Vijay real meaning escaped me until OG pointed it out. She is really smart.

          • The Khans are clever and practical. They space out their releases.Tomorrow Aamir maybe in the same position that SRK is now finding himself in.

          • “Ajay Vijay real meaning escaped me until OG pointed it out. She is really smart.” :-)
            Yes og is smart
            Btw do u think aamir will plan his release do as not to antagonise chopras!
            Also has he been showing such charity fr his entire career by ‘sacrificing’ the premier slot to srk all his career
            Exocet maybe Lagan that was opposite sunny not srk!
            Think this is more telling that one given credit!!
            The REAL no1 doesn’t see or assess who else is releasing
            He/she comes at THE premier slot !!!
            Period –& makes it known
            The others can either choose to take him on ( as in SOS here) or come slyly 2 weeks later (!) or down declare eid /Xmas as their default acquired premier slots!
            Btw this isn’t exact true for srk over the last couple of years or so but for most of the careers of khans this has been the pattern !!
            Have nothing for/against one khan –but this release timing slot business is more important than it appears in the surface!
            It unoffically announces who the real king is !!
            And the ‘two weeks after’ slot business–as in ghajini, it is not the result only that matters!!
            Deep down in their own psyche, the likes of aamir, Salman forget devgun, Akshay didn’t themselves believe they could trump srk (till v recently bu even then aamr is coming two weeks later thats telling !!)

          • One can argue with a reasonable person and not one who insists that what he says is always right.

          • Egg-jacktly sanjana –hence u should quickly ‘agree’ …
            Ps: I am giving u reasons infact practical business sense real life models not ones based on sympathy/personal feelings.
            Business as in box office of films is based on real life/practical pricing /distribution/exhibition models
            Or else every star would be based equally & all films will have similar releases—devgun is sensible enuf and was warned about these earlier–he chose to ignore it bcos–
            a) devgun thought he is having a dream run and srk is at his alltime low
            b) Diwali actually has space for more than one hit
            c) Diwali has been lucky for devgun (when not realising with srk till now!)
            d) he has the sympathy of underdog & a chance of becoming the ‘giant killer’ here
            e) to achieve d), devgun has the support of salman (& even aamir most probably )–dutt also but that doesn’t matter!
            f) the Kajol-srk ‘cuckold /wittol’ factor that I’ve mentioned above
            However all this is probably not ‘reasonable’ :-)

  62. Another one
    Jab sanjana vanjana kissed Oldgold voldgold :-)
    Btw I love dosas & rasogollas(& laddoos)

  63. @ anya
    After the ‘sliding maneuvre’ & the ‘bottle step’ accident in ‘ishq shaava’–wanna clarify that it was just an ‘accident’–lol
    Also all these jokes & buffoonery have no ‘bad intent’ & were more out of admiration..
    Sensing that u may be now ‘fed up’ of this spoof, I ‘free u’ from the spoof & there will be no more ‘leg pulling’ ….think Uve had enuf :-)

    paani–back on track–my no1 awaited Bollywood project –IF & when it happens
    Though this maybe another false alarms –since shekhar kapoor has a history of these false starts
    But I have some inside info that Danny Boyle maybe formally in & this may finally be happening now–
    Shekhar kapoor –Danny Boyle–AR Rahman –hritik Roshan –paani!
    Watch out for more confirmations in the media soon (though nobody can account for shekhars flight of ideas!)

    • Shekar Kapur is lost re. Paani. Lack of financing part, he isn’t able to stabilize the story yet. He better get to this sooner else his film, as he says is a warning to how the future would be like with severe paucity of water in (urban, not just though) India, would be quite redundant.
      Infact this is already a painful reality in many parts of India today…The devastating worse is just round the corner…

  64. Yeah arthi—it may become redundant
    And though it was in fictional ‘future’ in 2050 ad–things may get wise sooner..
    Actually I didn’t know things are that bad already though
    In this film–‘water’ forms the ‘currency’ (as in cash) dividing people into haves & havenots!
    With shekhat kapoor–the problem is not the financing part which though difficult is achievable–it’s jus that he needs a credible director whose vision matches the subject & not just any Tim dick Harry who is a moneybags!
    It’s the mental stability & flight of ideas that plagues this director who is amongst indias finest contemporary living directors all things considered!
    Mr India, bandit queen, Elizabeth & maasoom are as diverse subjects as any and all brilliantly done…

  65. Typos–things getting ‘worse’
    Shekhat kapoor needs a ‘producer’
    It’s his mental ‘in’stability
    On the topic of chicken , saag, dosa
    Saw the remaining bits of a strangely different Swiss film starring vijay raaz(!) who kisses(!) Lavinia Wilson …(guess he distinct get that liberty in bollywood!)
    Another foodie film —

  66. [added to post]

  67. Thanks arsh—hmm
    Heer—That’s another difficult casting decision now :-)

    • All of that footage of Katrina trying (and failing miserably) to emote is comedy gold! :-P I suggest that you go with Sanjana since she has the best sense of humour on SS.

      • “All of that footage of Katrina trying (and failing miserably) to emote is comedy gold! ” oh cmon amy –kat aint bad here
        There IS a genuine attempt on her part and its this ‘intent’ that counts in my book
        “I suggest that you go with Sanjana since she has the best sense of humour on SS.”–that’s a tricky one ha–sanjana anyhow is asstt director but let’s see
        Also Oldgold has made her liking for this song vocal & there ain’t a bigger fan of srk than her …plus anya has got into the katrina role perfectly ..
        Ps: agree with rocky: this is a good track –one in the classical yashraj mould ..

  68. omrocky786 Says:

    The Heer Trailer is the best so far and actually makes me want to see the movie now….

  69. Actually, the weakest link here seems to be Anushka for me. Very much OTT. Katrina, possibly unintentionally, may actually give a decent performance here. That’s a first. ANYWAYS, Anushka, as I said, acts OTT (unless her character’s designed like that) and SRK looks better than ever in this new trailer! :)

    I have said this already, however, I would like emphasize the fact that the trailers make the songs even more effective. YC experience :)

    • Yes, she’s doing some overacting here as a ‘chanchal kanya’ from SOTY, though I heard she was a journalist or something.

      • Didn’t mind Katrina. What people take as bland, and lack of acting expression, looks more like a calm, peaceful expression to me.

  70. “Didn’t mind Katrina. What people take as bland, and lack of acting expression, looks more like a calm, peaceful expression to me.”
    Hmm Oldgold is definitely keen on playing Kat here and she’s made it amply clear..
    Will have to ‘audition’ Oldgold -but for casting for the ‘heer’ spoof -will also have to check also With sanjana & anya :-)
    Anyhow cmon og–for the audition lol

  71. Bhalo_Manush Says:

    Thank You Ajay Devgan for the extra publicity of JTHJ….



  72. “I really love all the heroines I’ve worked with” – Shah Rukh Khan – Part 2

    By Nikhil Ramsubramaniam, Nov 9, 2012 – 11:53 IST

    The countdown has begun for one of the most anticipated films of the year- Jab Tak Hai Jaan. The advance bookings have already started on a positive note and fans of Shah Rukh Khan and Yash Chopra can’t wait to watch them re-­create magic on screen all over again. A couple of days back we brought you Part 1 of SRK’s interview in which the actor spoke about a variety of things right from playing an Army officer to returning to the romantic genre again. In Part 2 of this interview with Bollywood Hungama’s Nikhil Ramsubramaniam, King Khan sheds light on his experience romancing two gorgeous beauties, his take on the numbers’ game, his most cherished memory of late Yash Chopra and also gives his take on the infamous controversy doing the rounds relating to the high profile Diwali clash between Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son of Sardaar. You don’t wanna miss reading this one…

    You are paired opposite two beautiful women- Katrina Kaif (for the first time) and Anushka Sharma (for the second time). How’s been the experience romancing such beautiful women?
    I keep thanking and praising my co-stars Katrina and Anushka because they bring in something so amazingly different to the table that it becomes easier for me to react to their acting. I actually requested them many times to do their scene first so that I can take a cue and react differently. Having said that, both of them have been wonderful. With all due respect, I really love all the women I work with. I’ve loved all the heroines I’ve worked with till date and thankfully none of their boyfriends have beaten me for saying that. I’ve said this for years and at times my comments have been misconstrued in a cheap manner by news channels. But I would still say it.

    Do you think the definition of love and romance has changed over the years?
    Not really…it’s just that I am just getting into smaller places and stranger places like telephone booths and rooftops now that I have exhausted all the conventional locations to romance my heroine (smiles). Jokes apart, it’s very heartening to know that love is always the same… only the way of expressing it changes. We all have a different expression of love. The definition of love hasn’t changed. As a matter of fact, love cannot be defined.


  73. It will be amazing if this romantic “bombs ” ,looking forward for ajay devgans film,it looks far more better then this

  74. YRF in trouble over notice issued by Ajay Devgan Films

    The makers of “Son of Sardar” have filed a case against Yash Raj Films, over suspecting them to have been trying to stop the release of their film.


    • What old news is this!!!
      Here’s the latest.



      “8th November 2012: After the COMPETITION COMMISSION dismissed the complaint filed by AJAY DEVGN FILMS (ADF) on the basis that they were of the opinion that there was no contravention of the Act in this case, the COMPETITION APPELLATE TRIBUNAL, in a hearing today, also refused to pass any interim order against YASH RAJ FILMS (YRF) on the ground that the complainant had not put forward sufficient facts to establish that YRF had violated the Competition Act.

      We completely refute the press release put out by ADF as the Competition Appellate Tribunal did not find any merit in the contention of ADF because the Tribunal was of the view that ADF has totally failed to establish that the agreements entered into by YRF with the single screens cinemas would cause any appreciable adverse effect on competition. It was also noted by the Tribunal that YRF had announced the release of its film on 27th June 2011 with its announcement of the release of its film for Diwali 2012 and commenced booking of single screen theatres in June, July & Aug 2012. On the contrary, ADF announced the release of its film only on 29th May 2012 and approached the single screen owners only in October 2012 by which time YRF had taken a lead. It was expressly noted that the number of screens contracted for JAB TAK HAI JAAN, being far less than that of EK THA TIGER, prima facie no case of adverse effect on competition, much less appreciable effect on competition, was made out.

      In a free competition Ajay Devgn admits that the cine goers will decide the film that they wish to see. With both the films having opened the booking on the same day, the cine goers already seem to have expressed their verdict. Even as we go press with this release, we are being approached by a large number of theatres with offers to screen our film.

      Despite several media queries, YRF has maintained a strict media silence while the matter was pending before the competent judicial authorities, deeming it inappropriate to comment on the matter while it was before the judicial authorities. YRF has never desired nor manipulated such publicity.

      ******It is unfortunate that our refusal to comment has led to aspersions being cast on YRF’s business practises, which have always been ethical and of the highest standards.******

      With this matter having been laid to rest for now, we would like to get back to releasing JAB TAK HAI JAAN this Diwali on the 13th of November. This is the time to celebrate a Yash Chopra Romance, which has traditionally lit up homes worldwide, during this festive season.

      And Yash Raj Films will continue to do so, jab tak hai jaan!”

      Emphasis (***….****) is mine

      • YRF are being a bit premature in feeling “vindicated.” The Appellate Tribunal didn’t put a stay on the release of JTHJ (which is not what ADF were asking for, anyway), but they did find that there was merit in ADF’s appeal and have ordered an investigation into YRF and its practices.

        • I don’t know anything about legal matters, but if they say that no law was violated, then?

          It also seems YRF had booked long ago, long before SOS was fixed for release on those dates. Some timer last year?

          >there was no contravention of the Act in this case, the COMPETITION APPELLATE TRIBUNAL, in a hearing today, also refused to pass any interim order against YASH RAJ FILMS (YRF) on the ground that the complainant had not put forward sufficient facts to establish that YRF had violated the Competition Act.

          • So there was nothing concrete to prove the violition of the Competition act.

          • Where is that quote from, OG? “The Appellate Tribunal refused to pass any interim order” is what I said, that they did not issue a stay against the release of JTHJ. But they have ordered an investigation into YRF, which is not yet complete, so whether or not YRF were in violation of any law still remains to be determined. I’m sorry to say that both statements put out by YRF are deliberately disingenuous, where the complete facts are not given. The issue isn’t who announced their release date first, but whether there were any conditions put on the theaters when they accepted either ETT or JTHJ. Focusing on the nonrelevant announcement date reminds me of the way Republicans kept issuing statements after the 2000 election. :)

          • @sm and oldgold.

            One of the reasons for not granting interim relief which i can say is, and I myself wouldnt have stayed the release if i was judge:

            “At the stage of Interim Relief, Final Relief cannot be granted”

            Interim Relief cannot equal to Final Relief.

            This is a sound judicial concept, as if at interim stage final relief is granted nothing else remains in the matter!!

          • Thanks for your input, Rooney. At first I thought you were going to correct some mistake that I made. :)

  75. old gold,
    we all know you are srk fanatic so get real mate.
    srk film looks doomed against son of sardar.

  76. jab tak hain jaan ,isme to jaan hi nahi,bechara srk looks so desperate to make this film blockbuster but afsos seen hte preview and my take is it looks a shadow against son of sardar.

    son of sardar will beat jthj.no doubt about it

  77. Y r u folks getting premature ‘ejaculations’
    Why not wait for 2-3 days & see how ‘badly sos beats jthj’
    My hunch is both films will do well (& if liked a lot even better)
    Wanting ones fans films to do well is fine but going overboard praying for another film to do badly is negativism
    Ps: as for ‘fairness’ in this dispute–
    Neither yrf nor devgun are fair
    Devgun knew yrf release strategy form day one –he still choose Diwali –anyhow he had no other chance–two weeks later talaash then Khiladi 786! Atleast here devgun enjoys an extended opening weekend, festival fervour, & also the chance of being a ‘giant killer’ & an ex-cuckold hero at home (finally!) :-)

    • AA

      “Devgn knew Yrf Release strategy form (*from) day one- he still choose Diwali”

      – Do we live in Dictatorship ?

      – U mean to say someone school bully says no one sits on my bench and we are to tolerate it ? Is this why this Nation fought for freedom against the British, is this fair Alex ask yourself ?

      – There is a reason that as we live in a democracy, the fundamental fabric of the principles for which this country fought, and people gave life for, there was blood of so many people so that we are a democracy.

      I only meant to say, if some one says this is his day and his movie alone releases, i wont back down. I am sure Alex even u wont. Right to Trade and Profession is a fundamental right under Part III of Indian Constitution, and Devgn or anyone else has this right.

      I today believe for disputes like this to stop :

      – a distinct tribunal

      – a distinct rules or central act on this subject.

      is required.

      • Great comment Rooney. Hard to disagree with anything here. And finally you are the expert here on legal matters so u know this stuff better than us. Hope some here are listening to you

      • I don’t think anyone is stopping SOS screening. In Business world it is a very common practice if one channel is carrying products from one company normally they don’t carry product from other companies or one company gets preferential treatment than other based on discount they are receiving. SOS team can threaten that they will never screen any movie from ADF in those cinema halls.

      • Bhalo_Manush Says:

        lol..are you even following this issue?? I am not law person still it is quite clear that Ajay lost the case…

        the COMPETITION COMMISSION and the COMPETITION APPELLATE TRIBUNAL both dismissed the case…and u need a distinct tribunal & a distinct rules or central act on this subject. etc…


        “the COMPETITION APPELLATE TRIBUNAL, in a hearing today, also refused to pass any interim order against YASH RAJ FILMS (YRF) on the ground that the complainant had not put forward sufficient facts to establish that YRF had violated the Competition Act.”

        • The Competition Appellate Tribunal refused to pass any interim order against YRF — yes, but the key point here is “interim order”, as Rooney pointed out earlier. They have still initiated an investigation into YRF. Since the results of that investigation are still pending, the Tribunal didn’t want to take any action *at this time*, before the investigation is completed — that’s what “interim” means. Once the investigation is completed, they will determine whether or not any law was violated, and if it was, then take any action they deem fit. If they determine that no law was violated, then there will be no action against YRF. So please don’t confuse “refused to pass any interim order against YRF” to mean that they “dismissed the case.” This is not true. Only the initial Competition Commission refused to admit the case — which is different from “dismissing” it.

          • @sm
            What about the ****COMPETITION COMMISION*** which says;

            *** no laws of competition have been violated.***

          • veryoldgold Says:

            I would say that this is just a straw that those supporting Ajay Devgan would like to stand on.

            If there was any chance of any law being violated they wouldn’t declare that they have not found any law being violated.
            Do they want to look like fools?

          • I would say that this is just a straw that those supporting Ajay Devgan would like to stand on.

            If there was any chance of any law being violated they wouldn’t declare that they have not found any law being violated.
            Do they want to look like fools?

          • OldGold, the CCI never said that “no law of competition has been violated.” That must be a paraphrase from some media report. The reason given by the CCI for not admitting the application from ADF was that ADF had not established, in their application, that YRF is in a “dominant position in the industry.” The law is written in such a way that a complainant must demonstrate that the accused entity, by virtue of being in a “dominant position” in the concerned industry, is engaging in business practices which prevent fair competition. Since the CCI never heard the case, there is no question of their finding that no law of competition had been violated, as they never got to that step in the process. The Appellate Tribunal is a higher authority than the CCI, and they have admitted the case, saying that they find that the application by ADF has merit to be considered by that body. That is why they have initiated an investigation into YRF’s business practices. The result of that investigation, of course, can be either in favor of or against YRF. Surely you are aware of how much reliance is to be put in Bollywood media reports in general, and how carefully they must be sifted in any situation requiring exact and accurate reporting. You can find the exact wording from both the CCI and the Appellate Tribunal by looking through the more reliable news sources. I’m sorry I don’t have the energy to track them down for you right now.

          • yeah this is a bit like saying the ‘monopolist’ is justified because he/she has a ‘monopoly’!

          • “If there was any chance of any law being violated they wouldn’t declare that they have not found any law being violated.”

            An Indian government body fails to persecute a powerful corporate entity for violating the law? OFCOURSE that could NEVER happen! I mean, there has NEVER been a precedent for this sort of thing! The Indian Government simply could NOT risk looking foolish and corrupt, it would NEVER allow for it’s irreproachably flawless reputation to be blemished in such a shockign manner. :-P

          • BTW I’m not taking sides- I have no opinion on this dispute- it’s just that I couldn’t resist responding to OG’s comment. No offence meant.:-)

          • That’s exactly what I meant Ami.
            It’s clear from the Tribunal statements in which direction the opinion is flowing so to wait for the ‘investigation’ which will side with the CORPORATE anyway + all that you said – it’s silly to think there’s going to be a different decision from anyone now or later.
            They will consult each other before making ‘interim’ comments which might differ from the final one. They are not fools!!!!

          • correction;
            >which might

            It should read “which won’t”

  78. king khan Says:

    AA, agreed completely.

  79. There used to be a cry to treat Cinema as as industry. If it is to be treated as an industry, it should follow the norms of industry. It should be transparent as to how screens are booked and why every big release is feared by small movie makers. Why arbitrarily ticket prices are increased for a big movie? People make a hue and cry when prices are increased, but they just ignore the hiked price tickets. To produce a big movie with stars like the Khans, Akshay, Ajay are paid in crores which may be fifty percent or even more of the total film cost. Well, it is market that decides the price of a star but then the industry people have to live with it. They cant have the cake and eat it too. Ajay maybe fighting for his movie, but he will be remembered as a hero who tried to break this practice of monopolising screen space by the big corporates by hook or crook methods. Wish the other Khans, Akshay will extend cooperation as it will benefit everybody in the long run. Lataji also fought for singers which angered many at that time but ultimately the singers have benefitted from it.
    Unfortunately the late Yashji will be remembered for this bitter fight than for his last movie. One wonders whether Yashji also was in this deal or his son? No one will ever know.

  80. Prakash Jha lashes out at YRF’s alleged monopoly
    By Subhash K. Jha, Nov 10, 2012 – 10:50 IST

    Everyone knows by now that Ajay Devgn has waged an all-out ideological war against the alleged monopolistic practices of Yash Raj Films.

    In his fight against what he believes to be a monopolistic trade practice of Yash Raj Films Ajay Devgn is not alone. Filmmaker Prakash Jha, a long-standing friend of Devgn, has pitched in vocally with Ajay, going as far as to say he’s willing to take on the various film guilds and associations in Bollywood in Devgn’s fight against Yash Raj’s alleged monopoly.

    Says Prakash Jha, “I’m hundred percent with Ajay on this issue not only because he’s a friend but because I know he’s fighting a valid battle against a trade monopoly that exists. Those in the industry who want to sentimentalize the issue are only burying their heads in the sand hiding away from the truth.”

    Speaking out loud for the first time Prakash, who has worked extensively with Devgn in the past and is all set to start his new film Satyagrah with Devgn in the lead, expresses disgust at what he calls the alleged monopolistic practices of Yash Raj.

    Says Jha, “With due respects to Mr Yash Chopra whom we all have the highest regard for, this kind of thing has to stop. Does Ajay Devgn seem like the kind of guy who would raise such an issue unless he was sure of his facts? I’m a hundred percent behind Ajay because I’ve been a victim of the monopoly.”

    Says Prakash, “Why should Ajay allow his film to suffer because of this monopoly? Son Of Sardaar is not a small film. Please understand, Ajay’s fight doesn’t concern the multiplex chain of theatres. It is the single screen theatres which still account for 30 percent of our total revenues that have been pressurized into such a monopolistic commitment during the release of Ek Tha Tiger. Agreed Eid is synonymous with Salman. So flooding theatres with Ek Tha Tiger during Eid made some sense. But why should only Jab Tak Hai Jaan get a major portion of the theatres during Diwali when there is enough room for two releases especially when the other release happens to be a big Ajay Devgn project? Yeh kya baat hui? Eid bhi hamara, Diwali bhi hamara. So what are other filmmakers supposed to do? Wait in the line?”

    • One point that strikes me forcefully in this whole wrangle is that suddenly the single screen theaters seem to be the prize venues. Ten years ago, or even five years ago, people were ready to write them off, and thought the multiplexes were enough to make a film a success, big or small. Now all the big films are fighting over the single screens, even when the film in question may not be perceived as “single screen friendly.” I’m quite intrigued by this development.

      • Yashraj are worried about the single screens because SOS is likely to do much better in these (assuming it works) here. On the rest the problem is that when you have a product that either because of the stars and/or other reasons is expected to hit the highest benchmarks you are not necessarily concerned about competition. Yes competition always affects the numbers but when it’s an absolutely sure-shot deal producers have fewer issues with the competition. What’s happening here is that Yashraj don’t want to jeopardize their revenue at all in the initial stages because they probably have some doubts here. Actually if you look at the last few major SRK love stories VZ did 45% of its gross in week 1 which is fantastic by today’s standards but was poor by 2004 ones. Then KANK had a huge initial but tanked, RNBDJ opened well but not hugely though it trended very well. The point here is that the much more likely scenario is a RNBDJ kind of deal. But it could also be a VZ. In other words either a film that opens big and then tapers off relatively quick or one that opens big but not ‘historically’ and then remains stable. The third scenario of opening hugely and maintaining hugely is not a fate granted to most non-Aamir films! In any case in either of those two more likely scenarios you can’t have serious competition in any sense. Because the whole game is to jack up the numbers as much as possible, have the trade go crazy over it and so forth.

        • But I’m not speaking of only YRF or SRK’s romances. Allegedly YRF also muscled out some small films from multiplexes during ETT’s release, and this package deal includes Dhoom 3 as well as JTHJ. Now Dhoom 3 you might expect to appeal to Single screens as well as multiplexes, unless it’s a very different kind of film than Dhoom 2, so why the worry? And now the same monopolistic, or at least, “unfair”, charges are being leveled at Talaash to the detriment of Khiladi 786. I would have thought that the makers of Talaash would know that it’s more of a multiplex film than a single screen one, so why would they want to lock up an exclusive deal with the single screens? That’s what I’m wondering.

          • It depends. If Talash books 8 out of 10 single screens and asking for a deal like YRF, then it is wrong and unfair. But what if the single screens booked are 5 out of 10?

          • Talaash reportedly is asking the single screen theaters to sign an exclusive deal to show Talaash for two weeks, which means lack of theaters for Khiladi 786, releasing a week later. I don’t know exactly what the ratio is.

          • Let us hear this from the producers of Talaash. If they are doing this imitating YRF, then they are not only arrogant but also foolish. But I will wait until the facts are there duly authenticated, attested in triplicate by those concerned!

          • the thing is there are some important single/double screens across the country that are closer to multiplex gross. And many of these are concentrated in the major metros. So they are an important revenue stream. Now JTHJ might not much in these screens beyond an initial but it’s better than allowing another movie in! The whole deal is essentially to make one’s film the only game in town. If viewers don’t have enough of a choice or if they have to go too far or whatever for that other choice they’ll stick to the one that’s nearby. I’ve talked about these things for years but these structural issues are often not taken into account when evaluating the box office of certain films. In the US for example Spielberg does not or cannot drown out competition in terms of screens. He can flex his muscle and have a release date or two from a competitor shifted but that’s about it. Partly it’s because those other films are backed by major studios too. But even otherwise there are certain things he cannot do. In India you can get away with this stuff. And as you pointed out having a film like D3 in the pipeline or having just had ETT and potentially more films of this magnitude means they can bully folks that much more.

            Not to endorse these practices but to be fair if ETT had been releasing and assuming it wasn’t Yashraj no one would have been bullied by them. Much as if SOS could be expected to give JTHJ a real fight in multiplexes the single screens wouldn’t be as big of an issue. But both sides know that SOS is depending more on non-multiplex screens and hoping to just do decent in multiplexes. Again I think SOS should have just released a week later in something. No point in bravado here. And the whole Diwali advantage means nothing if you’re not going to have the stronger film.

          • But Satyam, if you want people to take “structural issues” into account in box office discussions, why do you persistently ignore the structural alteration of release patterns that has come about in the last four years, with the new agreement negotiated between producers and multiplex theaters? It is to the producers’ advantage to have the highest revenue come during the first week, as that’s when their share of the revenue is highest. The producers’ share goes down with each succeeding week. So it is very much to their advantage to follow the “front loading” formula, and in this scenario, I don’t think your “trending theory” is applicable. Then there are so many other factors that are routinely ignored, such as tax exempt status for films, protests, even producers and exhibitors getting into silly standoffs (as happened with Tashan), etc.

          • that’s a completely different debate. But also my problem isn’t with the front-loading of releases. It’s about HOW those releases are then judged based on the returns. Hollywood too front-loads films but they don’t call films hits or even ‘safe’ in week 1 based on the huge numbers that are then generated. The huge week for Hollywood is essentially some insurance on their part. If the film doesn’t trend well they at least recover a fair bit in week 1, specially given their massive costs. However films that trend poorly, let alone miserably, are not called successes or whatever based on those initial numbers. The opposite is true in India. First off films are front-loaded with the expectation that trending will be poor. Of course it is poor because the films are not quite upto the mark in a variety of ways. However no one wants to fix this end of the equation, you are then left with the other side. And here a compromised/corrupt trade establishment colludes with the producers or stars or whoever (more in some cases than others) to call these films hits based on initial returns. Similarly arbitrary totals are set up as benchmarks so that whether a film gets from 40 to 100 or 90 to 100 it’s all the same. Anyway I’ve expanded on all of this before but the problem in any case isn’t front-loading, it’s about how the box office is interpreted taking into account front-loading. Today films get to 100 crores or 150 or whatever and everyone thinks the debate has ended. It doesn’t. I was saying similar stuff many years ago when people at the time argued that single/double screens were a thing of the past and what not. The market was artificially altered. as we’ve seen since if you have subjects that appeal to a wider audience you get those higher grosses. Today again I say (and have for the longest time) that the vast majority of 100 crore grossers are under-performers much as ETT is an underperformer even at 190 or 195. In 2006 I felt D2 could have done 100 crores had it been a better film. People thought I was crazy for saying this about a film that did 80-85. The reason I bring up all of this is not to sound smug but to illustrate the point that this is how things are judged in Hollywood.

          • ” i am sure others indulge in this too, but the more powerful you are, the bigger advantage you have.”
            Interesting thought there
            Real power is when one is in a situation to, strength to & with the necessary wherewithal to visibly ‘defeat’ the opponent but then one spares him/her
            But even that approach has limitations / misgivings
            In some scenarios — the ‘stamp’ has to be left!
            What I saw here –nobody has mentioned
            Ajay devgun feels he has the best possible chance here to counter srk -devgun at his highest & srk at his lowest
            If devgun is doing this-does one not know why aamir( admittedly a bigger star than devgun!) having to come ‘two weeks after’ the event!
            In a way –devgun is also being used as a Trojan /test case
            If devgun succeeds (which he may well–given the massy trailers) one may get direct face to face khan releases or non-yrf opponents on Diwali-yrf seems to be following a well known business model–if u don’t nip things in their bud when dominant –sometimes u don’t remain to be dominant next time ! :-)

        • Having said that hardball business practices are hardly something new. This is one of the reasons why I’ve felt from the very beginning that on balance Devgan made a mistake releasing SOS on the same date.

          • But Ajay also wanted a diwali release and he took the risk. It is good that somebody should be bold enough to go ahead like this. And YRF and Aditya can no longer act as the pure as white gods of the film industry. Many more will come out to question this modus operandi. And SOS got enough publicity.

          • If I saw a fight against monopoly here I would support him, but I see pettiness and meanness in the whole thing here.
            If this was an Amir film (Dhoom3) or Salman’s (ETT) he would never have gone ahead with this against YRF.
            He wants to hit out at SRK when he’s down.
            SRK really has a lot of enemies.

          • but hardball and underhanded (or downright unethical) are different things. i am not sure where sanjana got the idea that yrf are considered pure, they have been known to be underhanded in their dealings in bw for a while now. i am sure others indulge in this too, but the more powerful you are, the bigger advantage you have. and now this case has brought it into focus. the issue is not the same day release, lot of films have done well in the past under similar circumstances. the issue is yrf practically blocking sos’s potential business by taking away a unusually large number of single screens by entering into a shady deal based on ett (and possibly dhoom 3, many are saying it was a 3-film deal).
            yes, poor srk. yrf practically creating a project for their blue-eyed baby based on yash chopra and ddlj nostalgia, getting big popular heroines so he could re-enact scenes from his 20’s, enrolling arr to give it a boost, marketing the shit out of the film and even making deals based on aamir and salman’s movies’ business so srk could get a bigger release. life is so unfair to the poor little rich boy.

          • This isn’t exactly contemporaneous -(-specially with srk at his current form )
            It’s not an accident that they have an ETT, JTHJ & dhoom 3 toggled one after another…
            Also why is a BMW or merc or a Ferrari priced much higher than their actual legitimate asking price.
            Folks still buy em, it maintains their exclusivity & novelty besides other factors!
            But is it shady or underhanded to maintain that ‘price differential’ ?

  81. For those who are jumping to conclusions Joginder Tuteja Joginder Tuteja @Tutejajoginder 7h
    For those asking, the so-called ‘battle’ between Talaash v/s K786 has no ground. Details soon! Just three words – All is Well!

  82. All those crying foul about ‘fairness’ etc
    Markets, pricing & monopoly dont work on ‘fairness’
    For that -one can go for ‘fairtrade products’ etc
    For eg–is there any justification of the profit of apple products –the fact is there are folks willin to pay up for that –apple doesnt even care for ‘back compatibility etc.
    On the other hand –when there are no takers -no bargaining /negotiation is entertained
    Same here –had devgun had a record /credentials like yrf/srk (rightly or wrongly) he may have done the same

  83. “Heer”–the autumnal appeal of a fading yet incandescent star!
    Just saw the ‘heer’ song in totality for the first time
    Just like I haven’t seen most of srk films in totality
    Infact walked out of some like KHNH midway, mnik & kkhh towards the end out of sheer irritation ..from the film & srk
    Only watched the remaining bits recently from (non hindi speaking) srk fan DVDs
    In terms of JTHJ–could sense though that this is certainly SRKs swan song in the Rahul/ raj persona.
    Don’t think he can do an out n out romantic film again –but here in heer srk shows even his non-fans (like me) flashes of his allure.
    And with the eventual demise of yash chopra himself –my impression was confirmed that this is perhaps the last such srk film
    With Ra1 an undisputed ‘king’ died
    With JTHJ –there will be the official demise of Rahul/raj
    But srk shows me enuf in this song.
    Sometimes it’s not at its irritatingly blinding peak that I get enamoured. With stars like srk, it’s their autumnal phase which creates a retroilliuminating appeal ( flashed against their uber successful past)
    The only film in srks career that I will be looking forward (& most probably his last in this genre!)

  84. ‘Heer’ spoof–
    Having seen it properly now–must say this is the most ‘intune’ with yash chopras style & ‘vision’
    There’s a dream like fable quality (though needs to be seen if it works overall on film)
    @ Amy–u were given the task of crossing who will play ‘here’ there–what’s your take?
    If not –I will have to ‘take things in my hands’ …
    Ps: very oldgold –what’s your screen(real) name? For obvious reasons, if we use your name ‘very old gold’ it will affect box office

  85. Heer spoof -final casting
    Ok folks-time to ‘take things in my hands’ since Amy has disappeared — to accommodate the acting desires of sanjana, Oldgold & anya—there will be three versions of ‘heer’–
    Classic, clubhouse/rock & reprise …
    Being gracious, I won’t mind doing the track thrice…
    Anyhow I don’t have much to do–my job only starts after 0.50 –need to just walk in & ….the heroine !!
    Ok so time to ‘take things in my hands’—time for action/shooing
    Ps: just checked out bits of ‘all the real girls’–lol @ Zooey’s acting attempts
    Ps2: who is first in gals to handle the ‘guitar’ in heer :-)
    This is one shooting schedule which will go till late nite (& beyond)–
    Good nite folks

  86. Guys,don’t waste time in discussions of JTHJ vs SOS.The results are out,JTHJ has mauled SOS in the advance booking itself.Everything will be clear by the evening when all major trade sites will publish this news.At major centers history has been created in advance bookings wheaeas SOS has very poor advance and that too in Punjab itself where it was supposed to do better.
    It is better you people discuss K786 vs Taalash as former is going to throw later out of theatres after first week itself.K&*^ has created a huge buzz and Taalash just looks dull as far as buzz is concerned.

    • ‘At major centers history has been created in advance bookings’

      Now after reading the above I hope SRK fans don’t start blaming Diwali puja, SOS or the weather etc for it not coming anywhere near breaking records :P

    • Bhalo_Manush Says:

      Thanks a lot dude….This is My theater :) no no i m not the owner..

      This is Jaya hall in Lake town Kolkata. I have seen most of the films here during my stay in Kolkata….Although there are Multiplexes in Kolkata but I still preferred single screens and this was the only single screen available near my place…

      There is a SRK fan club in Kolkata and i think these guys are the members of that group…

  87. :/ If Ajay Devgn’s production company files a complaint against YRF, more power to him. If he can “defeat” them, again, more power to him. But, if YRF win the case, more power to them. In the end, it’s not gonna matter who wins the case or not. In a couple of years, nobody’s gonna give a shit about who grossed higher…in the end, it’s gonna be all dependent on the movies themselves, yet many people cannot seem to understand that. It’s always this star vs that star. screw it. watch a movie as a movie. I am proud to say that whenever I watch a movie (and 2nd time for a SRK movie), I watch it with NO BIAS AT ALL. But, again, many people find that too nice to believe. So, they choose to make assumptions which are incorrect and often inconsistent. I have made this point before and I will make it again. JUST BECAUSE I AM A SHAHRUKH FAN, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I WILL BE BIASED TOWARDS HIS MOVIES. It’s a movie, it’s not just shahrukh in it. there’s tonnes of other people who worked on it. jayshah, vijay…esp you two, please stop making judgements about people. Either approach an issue from both angles or do not approach it at all. I sense a small volume of bias in many others’ tone too, but, not to such extreme extents without any support for it whatsoever…many people who say such things generally give some sort of support or another.
    Look, I love Shahrukh. I love Ajay. Both are amazing. But, sheesh, it’s a MOVIE, not a corporate fraud going down. Many details are probably being hidden from the public.
    I am pretty much done being the nice guy … never brings any good. from now on, everything i say will be blatant and frank. (Gita pe haath rakh ke kasam ;) .) :D

    • actually sorry vijay, i shouldn’t blame you. w/e u said was a pure opinion thing. :)

    • I dont think u r bias, u are good guy :)

      But to be frank, i can be sure before release, JTHJ 99 % chances to be better than SOS… unless i have got it badly wrong!!

      But one thing i found veer zaara flat…. ( my opinion ) as because as student of law, i found it disgusting….!!

      But as sandy said below on Yashji… i will go with her… and if reviews are good than alone i might check this one.

      Arsh please write a elaborate piece on this one, i shall await one buddy!

      • I am an awesome guy!!! :D

        But, yeah JTHJ has better chances obviously.

        With Veer Zaara, I actually liked it. Of course, I’m not a student of law, so, I guess I cannot analyze it as well as you can. Of course I see where you are coming from because being a CompSci student, it pisses me off EVERY TIME that someone is able to hack some computer in like 2 minutes. Plus, so many times, in many movies, Bollywood and Hollywood, when they are typing something into the computer, it just looks plain retarded lol. so I do see what you are saying.

        Yash Chopra is a filmmaker I’ve always looked up to. A movie IMO is about two things (alone or mixed) : entertainment and essence. Yash Chopra is generally able to provide a mixture of entertainment and essence in his movie. DTPH, the entertainment level was much lower, but, the characters were very well thought out, which, after watching Reservoir Dogs 3 times, I realized IS entertaining for me.

        I’ll pro’lly watch the movie twice before reviewing it. :P
        it’ll be going up on my review site, but, I’ll just copy/paste it here! :P

  88. Now all this looks comical and high drama. Both the stars are super rich and they wont lose that much even if their film does not do well. There is always tomorrow and another movie waiting for them. Both are unable to enjoy diwali and the spirit of diwali. They will be counting footfalls while the entire country celebrates the real festival of lights. Really they are poor rich men.

    • @sanjana:

      Imagine u have worked hard for something, and what u expect is justice, equity and fair play.

      I understand where u are coming from, but hey put urself in their shoes.

      • Fortunately I am not in their shoes. But I feel for them. It is difficult to be in show business and survive without betraying as Abbas Mastan say.

  89. Yash Chopra hasn’t made a great film in a while, in fact the only 2 great films he has made in his entire career – trishul and deewar weren’t romantic films and they too were clearly writer-driven scripts. Yet, he was probably one of the most reliable directors to make at least a decent to very good film. Chandni and Silsila had snatches of brilliance. Lamhe’s concept was tremendous for its time but the climax didnt come through well which I think is why the film suffered as a whole. DTPH, Darr and Veer Zaara all had their moments, but not significant films by any means.
    Net Net I would be very surprised to see a bad films from Yash Chopra. And I would also be stunned to see a truly great film.

    • “I would be very surprised to see a bad films from Yash Chopra. And I would also be stunned to see a truly great film”
      Bottomline sandy–u will be surprised or stunned either ways
      I think I know what u need –& b4 that -an anxiolytic/sedative to start with :-)
      Ps– from ‘sandy’ reminds me–how is our brave sandy survivor anya
      Imagine the poor little girl and her cute pet fighting against the hurricane & winning–there should be a movie on it !! Haha

  90. ‘heer’ spoof update
    Amy dons the directors hat & grabs the camera for the three version
    Due to the ‘familiarity’ factor –anya did the first version
    Went fine but Amy forced umpteen retakes after the 0.50 mark!
    The ‘opportunistic amy’ even demonstrated how it’s done correctly-to both me and anya –both ways lol
    No wonder –poor anya is currently recovering from the ‘onslaught’ !!
    Ps: today /tonight –Oldgold and sanjana will join the action/hold the guitar & get ….d lol
    As for the 0.50 mark onwards — am a bit tired to walk–will sit and ‘perform /deliver’ on demand ;-)

  91. I had already posted this video but was deleted due to unknown reason.Now i am posting it again with the hope that this time it will be kept untouched.

    • Hmmm So what were these ‘unknown’ reasons for deletion
      -one wonders
      Ps-Btw noted that katrina is looking obscenely cute with that guitar in the ‘good girl mode’ in ‘heer’– though am no sure how a guitar (of all things!) fits with that music or setting..
      So noteworthy is katrinas attire in this folkish song but with a guitar !
      Don’t think she has worn anything like this ever before
      Ps: anya (& Amy) u both had good perfumes on!
      Amy actually ended up doing the takes double times :-)
      The best was the ‘girl on girl’ action of Amy-anya —no wonder –anya & me are so quiet now–Amy was dominant in the 3some !!
      Ps2: anyhow al the best for Oldgold & sanjana –hope they survive haha

    • My mistake, I thought both videos were the same. In future though post all box office related stuff in the box office thread.

  92. tonymontana Says:

    what’s cooking? Btw all people I have come across at work / otherwise are interested in SOS more than JHTJ which surprisingly is hardly carrying any buzz among the aam junta

  93. I guess one just can submit to the vagaries of fate – nothing else.

    A certain Amitabh Bachchan becomes popular because of his voice to such an extent that producers/directors from art-house champions to commercial kitsch captains to fall over each other just get his voice-over in their films while AIR rejects him because of his unsuitable voice. ZANJEER goes through the files of all popular actors from Mr. Dev Anand to Dharmendra to Raaj Kumar before landing up on a struggling actor’s port-folio that will eventually be stamped with irreplaceable authority by this actor AB and he will eventually go on to become famous more than the cumulative fame of all the other actors that rejected the script. A certain average actor like Shah Rukh Khan goes on to stamp his presence on the youth’s conscience in 1990s with DARR because he got a role that was rejected by Aamir Khan because Aamir Khan wanted a joint narration from the director which the director refused (strange but it was the psycho’s role that was author-backed and not Sunny Deol’s; so even if AK were to have done the movie without the joint narration, he would still have benefitted – guess one has to pay if one sticks to some principles..). 8 years later, AK again gets a chance to overtake Shah Rukh Khan by many-a-yard –after having found his groove with movies like RANGEELA and SARFAROSH— when his LAGAAN and DIL CHAHATA HAIN become back-to-back successes not only economically but also go on to prove why he is the better of the two considering the diversity he brought to his poles-apart roles in LAGAAN and DCH. SRK, in the mean-while, continues to do the same-old same-old but is obviously still popular because he has stamped his authority in the ‘triangle’ and designer-friendly movies. But fate has other plans and AAMIR KHAN, at the height of his success decides to go into hibernation (a horrific decision considering the advancement of age and other factors) for four years and SRK’s hold on the industry increases in the face of no competition—an extra-thumbed terrific dancer comes like a Tsunami to challenge SRK’s status quo but drowns in a sea of mediocre movies’ selection. All this while, the one factor remaining constant is AB who proves that like old wine, he just gets better with age. AK, in the mean-while, takes his career more seriously with regard to his choices and becomes quite judicious about them to such an extent that the cine-public till today equates quality with his films. SRK, in the present day, who is going through a comparatively weaker patch, now has an almost-guaranteed winner on his hands thanks to his collaboration again with the film-family that made him. This ‘winning’ formula’s results is almost going to be quadrupled now thanks to the undue publicity and sympathy the movie is going to receive since the gentleman-director of the movie untimely dies just days before its release (and the lead actor and others related to the film make it sure to keep repeating words like ‘Mr. Yash Chopra’s swan-song’, ‘a fitting ‘museum’ of Yash Chopra’s films’, etc – deliberate or not, only the concerned know). And though it might sound opportunistic, the fact would remain that SRK’s ‘come-back’ of sorts is now going to be amplified multi-fold due to Mr. Yash Chopra’s death.

    At the same time, across the Atlantic, in the great country of USA, an incumbent President comes to power again in a deeply divided society that is actually not that happy with the President’s work but still willing to work with him. He is the ‘television-president’ of the century and has a way with words and an unbeatable charisma. Still, there were some ‘undecided’ people that were not convinced of the substance beneath the charisma and fate comes to their aid by bringing in Hurricane Sandy. And all that the President does is goes and visits the areas that are damaged (doing no favor to anybody since he is the President – he just did his job) but the America that is so media-driven now concretizes that yes, this is THE LEADER that can lead us to glory. Mr. Obama did not ask for Hurricane Sandy, but fate gave it nonetheless. (And before the daggers are out, let me mention that this is not some FOX NEWS propaganda but that I have personally talked to people/colleagues in my work-place who have said,’ Awww.. look at how Obama works with Christie even though he is a Republican and look at them hug – this is what we like to see and now Sandy has really made it clear who I should vote for..’). One cannot deny the effects of photo-ops and media-suaveness in the USA.

    I guess one just can submit to the vagaries of fate – nothing else.

    • u have very good narration qualities, do u write novels or short stories ?

      i actually got hooked, it felt like reading a ludlum… or Archer…

      I like the way u chose the canvas and the colors of paint…

      • @ Rooney:
        Thanks. I hope your compliment is a compliment – not sarcasm?? The only reason I ask is because you have thrown in some big names there..

        I was obviously inebriated and wrote this — hence the inexplicable structure and ungrammatical grammar..

        But just got thinking on this and saw ‘fate’ as a strong thread tying all these together. No matter how talented you are, how wealthy you are, how confident you are, or even how average or below-average you are, unless and until such extraneous forces work in your favor, I guess we will remain mere puppets…

        • A v nice writeup an jo–even I read most of it & enjoyed it –agree with some of your posers
          Ps: many good thinness happen when inebriated
          The leash on the limbal n creative faculties is disinhibited–but in moderation –cheers

  94. I wonder who will be the face of YRF now onwards? Adi is self effacing and Uday wont be taken seriously.

  95. JTHJ twitter revkews

    Copy pasted some twiitter reviews on jthj floating around –some1 tweeted em
    Now I dont trust them beyond a point bcos nobody invited to the premier will say crap esp when the director has expired
    But means it is not totally crap–let’s see

    Kiaara Sandhu @KiaaraSandhu
    My Review from UK Bollywood Magazine..JAB TAK HAI JAAN..Epic Love story,,,4.5/5..Go for Shahrukh Khan Fantabulous Role

    iamcalled_atif RT @KiaaraSandhu: Atlast Watched JAB TAK HAI JAAN…Epic Love Story,,,Hatsoff Performances,,music..Records will break..My Review 4.5/5

    Mahesh Bhatt tweets
    Echoes from the screening held for the film fraternity: Jab Tak Hai Jan is outstanding!

    1m Komal Nahta @KomalNahta
    Since so many of u r keen to know, here’s the premiere report of JTHJ:Emotional blockbuster.SRK,Kat,Anushka outstanding.

    Aalif Surti @AalifSurti
    Let me just say that a lot of celebrity make up was running at the end… TEARJERKER!

    Lol @ Komal nahatas –emotional blockbuster :SRK,Kat,Anushka outstanding hahah
    God save us he didn’t say –‘ an emotional orgasmathon!’ Lol

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