Jack Reacher trailers (updated)

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28 Responses to “Jack Reacher trailers (updated)”

  1. AamirsFan Says:

    hmmm hollywood version of ‘masala’? even though tom can’t really act, still enjoy his movies. looking forward to it.

    • AF, mate this is not at all a ‘masala’ film- it’s based on a famous detective novel “One Shot” of the Jack Reacher series written by Lee Child. Also i know that Cruise in recent times has become predictable with his acting, it is not that he cannot act- he was superb in “Born on the 4th of July”, “Jerry Maguire”, “Last Samurai”, “Magnolia”, “Tropic Thunder”, “Risky Business” etc. but this film is very important for him- it will decide whether he still has the pull to get a big one outside the MI franchise

      • AamirsFan Says:

        yes i know it is based on ‘one shot’, i guess what i meant by ‘masala’ was that it is the same concept of ‘me against the world’ or the hero taking the law into his own hands. as was the case in rowdy rathore, ghajini, dabangg.

        on tom cruise, i guess i was harsh in saying he can’t act, but yes i agree he has become predictable(sort of like SRK). among the films you mentioned, Last samurai is among my fave movies and one of my fave performances by him(but he was not anything great in it). i don’t know if someone had said this here or somehwere else but they said that brad pitt has evolved much better as an actor than tom cruise. i totally agree with that. brad pitt is among the best and most interesting actors out there right now while tom cruise is in a rut. IMO, tom cruise has minimal pull nowadays outside of the MI franchise. proof is: Valkerie, Knight and Day. that oprah interview really did a number on his image unfortunately.

        • Yes Cruise is going thru a rough patch of sorts (btw my fav acts of his are ‘born on the 4th of july’ and ‘jerry maguire)- his valkyrie and esp lion for lambs. but ‘knights and days’ was not at all a flop actually- it grossed 261m on a 117m budget (but yes considering domestic gross it performed badly as it made only 76m)-was an underperformer for sure.u r dead right on pitt. but one guy who has actually done the most interesting and out-of-the-box films is my fav Matt Damon

          • AamirsFan Says:

            matt damon is among my fave’s but has sort of ‘stalled’. leo continues to own his territory IMO. i liked his Adjustment bureau a lot actually, also liked Green Zone, invictus, and true grit. have not seen anything more recent of his because it just didn’t interest me enough to watch him in those movies. elysium is one movie of his i am very much looking forward to partly because it is directed by the same dude who directed ‘district 9′ and i absolutely love that film.

          • Actually Damon has not stalled at all though he has not had big commercial success for some time- but that’s also bcos he has done the most off-beat project compared to everyone else and even Leo- btw Eastwood directed him again in Hereafter- a very good film. And loved Soderbergh’s thriller Contagion (the best medical thriller ever). yes like u i am waiting for blomkamp’s elysium- here is Damon’s ‘bald look’ in the film- http://collider.com/elysium-matt-damon-set-photos/108289/

          • AamirsFan Says:

            thanks for the pics!! you just amped up my anticipation for this film even more!!

        • Listen Tom Cruise appeal didnt die because his acting was bad, or he was in rut, imo its cause of his pathetic PR, that took him down.

          And dont forget scientology’s effect on his career.

          Otherwise Tom Remains the Last Hollywood Superstar IMO.

          • “Tom Remains the Last Hollywood Superstar IMO.”- Rooney, like always, u r bang on. Cheers on that last line. Till i reacher class 6 the only hwood actors i knew were Cruise, Stallone and Arnie- And for me till now Cruise remains the only hwood superstar- he will be back this year. and he got excellent reviews for his supporting turn in ‘rock of ages’ even though the film performed poorly

          • AamirsFan Says:

            in my opinion, will smith is just as a big star as tom cruise but obviously tom has been there a lot longer than smith. agreed with the rest though…like i said above, that oprah interview was the start of his PR demise…

          • AamirsFan Says:

            also, worldwide tom cruise still might have some pull but domestically he has been a non factor for about a decade now. leo, depp, will smith have taken over the throne IMO.

          • AF, u r right on Will. if we compare grosses, no one in hwood history comes near him. but as a complete star imo Cruise trumps him. i will actually take Pitt too over Will on this score. btw MIB 3 is a hit but performed less than expected. Now Will has After Earth coming up next yr which Shyamalan is directing and also stars Smith’s son Jayden

          • “domestically he has been a non factor for about a decade now.”- that’s a fine point. both valkyrie and knights and days hardly did anything domestically- they are only profitable if one counts the international market. And as u rightly pointed out Smith and Depp have taken over him here- Depp has had 4 Pirates films as well as a huge one in Alice in Wonderland as well as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

          • AamirsFan Says:

            well if we are purely talking about box office draw then Tom Hanks is ahead of everyone else(he is my top fave along with Robert De Niro). The guy made everything he touched a hit during the 90’s and early part of the 2000’s.

          • Again u r right on Hanks (he has had the longest successful run as u said) but if we consider >100m grossing films as the benchmark, no one comes close to Smith- i may be missing some but here it goes- 2 bad boys, 3 MIBs, Independance Day, Hitch, I Robot, Seven Pounds, I Am Legend, Hancock, Wild Wild West, Enemy of the state

          • AamirsFan Says:

            check this out:

            “Only two actors, Will Smith and Johnny Depp, managed to climb onto The Ulmer Scale’s renowned A+ list, scoring 96 and 95 points, respectively, out of a possible 100 in studio-level, high-budget movies. Tom Cruise, who had crowned the A+ list for nearly two decades, saw his ranking tank to 11th place in high-budget movies with 80 points down 18 points from his 2007 tally and a full 20-point drop from his career high of scoring perfect 100’s during the early and mid-‘90s.”


            what rooney said above ‘the last superstar’ might well be true…but sadly for every superstar there is a demise.

  2. Thanks for the link- had not seen Ulmer scale for a long time. Cruise is falling big time. But i am doubtful abt some of the choices on the list- for ex- how after so many b-grade films and flops recently, what is Nic Cage doing there. Also how is Damon not on the list. Again how is Ferrel there and no sign of Stiller and Sandler. I am even doubtful on Witherspoon- a lot of actresses including Theron, winslet, diaz etc have had more success than her

    • AamirsFan Says:

      sorry for some reason i wasn’t able/allowed to make comments last night after a certain point. not sure what happened.

      but anyway you are right about the list being a little flawed. especially about ferrel being there and not sandler. sandler churned out 8 consecutive $100+ mill grossers in the last decade or so. yes he is in a slump right now but at one point he was on fire.

      also i was going to say on tom hanks, he pretty much owned hollywood from 1992 to around 2006ish in terms of box office but also collected two best actor oscars(should’ve been three with saving private ryan) and countless nominations.

  3. God this film seems so stale…it would have seemed stale had it released ten years ago.

  4. second trailer:
    [added to post]

    the second trailer to me was far better. like i said im not the biggest tom cruise fan but will be watching this one for sure!

  5. really like tom cruise–one of the few real true blus hard core “stars’ now
    sometime back–couldnt imagine not having seen his ‘rock of ages’
    as i said–theres a limit to which one can see fullfledged movies on the screen —and now try to fit in bollywood as well…
    easier to type
    will wait for reviews.

  6. Cant Wait… its a tom cruise movie!!

  7. KICK ASS!! cant wait!

  8. has he been cured of scientology yet
    or has he got a new fad
    but like cruise anyways
    couldnt check it–did any1 try rock of ages-any gud?

  9. amazing movie in every aspect. good screenplay, dialogues, story, action and editing…enjoyed it !

  10. Jack Reacher: a throwback to the good old days of gritty cinema without the over-reliance on CGI.

    This is an old-school movie at its best. Go watch it. Story-telling takes precedence here. And since I am not a comic book fanatic like the other lunatics that are boycotting the movie just because they wanted Jack REacher to be 6′ 5″ weighing 220 lbs, I enjoyed the movie per se. This is a movie based on a freaking comic book for God’s sake; not a case of Rajpal Yadav playing Abraham Lincoln – get over the crude mind-set and bash or like the movie for its demerits or merits..

    Rosamund Pike is deliciously yummy and Cruse is as reliable as ever and he gets a chance to deliver some wonderful one-liners (the whole scenario is kind of reminiscent of Eastwood’s Dirty Harry days).. Werner Herzog just might have laid foundation to another career as a villain..

    Get all your pre-conceived notions out of your mind: Cruise’s height, the Newtown shootings, the Oscar movie-pilage in December..and you will enjoy the movie..

    • Thanks for ur thoughts An. And those folks who were ridiculing us for being fans of the only true-blue Gen X superstar will be surprised to know that the film and esp Cruise are getting a lot of praise for all the reasons U have mentioned (esp in ur opening Para)

      And lest they forget Cruise was praised everywhere for his turn as Stacie Jaxx in Rock Of Ages too. So he is far from finished. And I am expecting a huge one in Oblivion as well as All You Need Is A Kill (Doug Liman) since sci-fi films have a good chance of turning out to be big grossers

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