Shootout at Wadala trailer

thanks to Saurabh..

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32 Responses to “Shootout at Wadala trailer”

  1. Dr shaurya Says:

    JEY Baat……!!
    But Sonu sood is a Bad Bad choice for Dawood.

  2. thecooldude Says:

    John Abraham CANNOT act even if his life depended on it. All he does is sign a movie with a clause that he gets to show his body for 10 minutes in a movie.

  3. I am looking forward to it inspite of some horrendous casting decisions. I loved Dongri To Dubai and have also enjoyed quite a few films of Gupta- Kaante, Aatish, Musafir and Zinda (Jung suffered from major production issues and Ram Shastra and Hamesha were plain bad).

    Now agreed John is not a fine actor by any means and seems to be completely miscast but atleast he looks good unlike some other choco-puppies

  4. I was ‘excited’ about this project but as soon as I saw the name of the director Sanjay Gupta & Abraham Sir, I suffered an erectile dysfunction..

  5. tonymontana Says:

    wah.. john abraham deserves an oscar for such profound expressions n dialogue delivery.

  6. I’d be impressed by anyone who’s able to sit through this trailer with a straight face…

    • well, saurabh IS an impressive guy. he also admitted that he prefers guys who are ‘miscast but look good’ as opposed to choco-puppies who are not eating steroid-flakes for breakfast.
      and thank goodness for that, my puppy would be offended to be compared to abraham.
      now before you get all upset saurabh, i am just pulling your leg (while channeling ami)

    • This trailer is indeed farcical — although I’m willing to bet it’s better than the film will be. The notion that any of the protagonists, including Anil Kapoor’s hyper-active SP, saw the shoot out at wadala as some seismic event in bombay’s history, is what lends the whole thing an undertone of comedy.

  7. Not sure why this poor guy is being ganged up against–what he said about John is right …
    Just bcos some people here always choose to react in unison and NEVER disagree on anything ( in a perverse manner somewhat!)–doesn’t mean everyone has to tow the line!

    John is not an ‘actor’ in the true sense but so are most of the current ‘stars’ –the leading heros who can actually act in Bollywood can be counted with the fingers of ONE hand
    Yeah he is going overboard here though…

    And what’s irritating is his ‘belief’ that he is doing a good job–but it’s better than some passive inane starsons.
    But given what the audience likes nowadays–highlighter in bold colors !!

  8. in a lighter vein – even Emran H. can’t act. He can only smooch the heroines..But so what? he gets plenty of pretty babes lined up to be smooched and sc****d and he gets paid handsomely – so why bother acting? :-)

  9. So between the OUATIM’s, Shootouts, Sarkars and Company; they have pretty much charted out Mumbai underworld since the 80s. But this is the first commercial movie (leaving Black Friday aside) where they actually have a character named Dawood Ibrahim, as well as his deceased elder brother. Looks like Bhai has given the green signal for his family name to be used so flagrantly. Doubt that these guys wouldve had the balls to do this without the consent from Pakistan.

  10. SAW trailer is more of an Upgraded version of Zila Gaziabad trailer..!!

  11. *yawn*another “shootout at[insert location]” movie, yet another bollywood film with action sequences inspired by “the matrix”. wake me up when its all over….

    • The choreography of these item numbers is increasingly so stale that one wonders why anyone bothers to include them: there isn’t even a titillation factor that I can see, and the lewd step here (breasts-and-guns) seems to be from the world of American Pie and the humor of Judd Apatow, rather than from 1980s Bombay…

      • the only thing more hilarious than priyanka acting sexy is john a acting tough. at least this will be unintentionally funny

    • Loved the song and the video. Priyanka seems to have nailed it

      • LOL. WordPress keeps messing around. Guys could you please delete 1st 4 comments of mine

        • Hmm will hav to check this song later & comment …
          Ps anya: time 2 sleep–‘good girls’ don’t stay up so late in the night ( or rather into the morning)- joking :-)

          • Ok as mentioned –checked out bits of this ‘item song’–I’m not impressed and that’s surprising for PC
            usually she is a competent performer and I somewhat respect her as an achiever as well.

            Now a recent track where I felt PC was in her element. This was necessitated to match katrinas chikni chameli
            But it’s a counter foil & a totally different style of track
            Infact not the whistling type of item song and didn’t get that popular
            But note the subtle mastery over Bollywood dance numbers and moreover the TIMING of PC
            In some junctures, PC reminded of madhuri at her peak here

            But alas PC is/ was let down somewhat by her looks and her styling here is subpar

            But performance wise –ace !

      • Whew, I thought that was the Babloo video having a certain effect on you. The sort of effect we can see that it had on Tusshar in the video.

  12. A surprisingly partially clothed Sunny Leone in Shoot at Wadala’s ‘item song’

    Teri Dil legi, Teri Jaan Legi – Are you f!@#$ng kidding me? We all know what she is going to ‘le legi’.. Baat karte hain..

  13. “Teri Dil legi, Teri Jaan Legi – Are you f!@#$ng kidding me? We all know what she is going to ‘le legi’.. Baat karte hain..”
    Hahahaha ROFL annjo

    “surprisingly partially clothed Sunny Leone”– hahah lol @ partially clothed –yeah she IS over-clothed (by her standards!
    I actually like her somewhat ;-)

  14. I am not sure what type of ‘climax’ Abraham Sir is talking of here..because acting is not his forte, I can only deduce one meaning..

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