Quick Poll: Which Sunny Deol film are you looking forward to the most?


With 4 films set to hit the marquee between now and 2014, which Sunny Deol film are you looking forward to the most?


22 Responses to “Quick Poll: Which Sunny Deol film are you looking forward to the most?”

  1. This question could be rephrased as ‘which form of torture are you most looking forward to?’!


    • LOL…I was actually waiting for Chandra Prakash Dwivedi’s (who made an excellent Pinjar apart from directing the famous DD serial Chanakya) “Mohalla Assi” but there is no sign of the film releasing in the near future

      Aside glad to finally see you watching a Bollywood film. Inkaar is not bad (and benefits from the right casting of Rampal) but somewhere it becomes Bhandarkar like. And the ending is a such a cop-out that it kind of undermines the entire issue of sexual harrassment


    • ha ha satyam – agree. But at 55 – SD has 5 films lined up and looking at the taste of today’s audience 3 out of these 5 will be 100 cr stuff…..and SD will live happily ever


      • would be stunned if any of these did anything close to a 100. The YPD sequel should put up strong numbers but still would be surprised if it did a 100.


        • masterpraz Says:

          I think some of these films will put up strong numbers Satyam…it would be a fallacy to doubt Sunny Deol in films like SINGH SAHAB THE GREAT, YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA 2 and GHAYAL RETURNS in todays era of SINGHAM and WANTED…..specially from the North alone..


      • thecooldude Says:

        Sunny Deol having 5 films at 55 is more of a commentary on the sad state of hindi cinema than Jatt Deol’s star power.


    • I was about to reply saying something similar. I’m surprised anyone would admit to looking forward to any of these. You would need to pay me a minimum of £50 to watch any of these.


  2. thecooldude Says:

    Where is the ‘none of the above’ option that we normally see on multiple choice questions?


  3. Sunny Deol was the mass maharaja few years back along with salman. seeing current trends, i will not be surprised if atleast three out of above mentioned 5 crosses 100+ crores….. Baiyajji super hit is a south remake (malayalam, decent script), Singh Saheb (Gadar & apne team, seems to be sure shot winner going by the sunnys / Gadar teams popularity among sikh community), YPD 2 (Sequel to a super hit movie, if well marketed with good promos, excellent initials is guaranteed, then even if it is a above avg affair, it will surely cross 100+, remember Race2), Ghayal REturns ( if it happens, with decent action, again sure shot winner in hand)…. Sunny was a super star faded away because of dominance of romantic era & lack of work discipline. Seeing current trends, i believe he is making right moves…. even i enjoyed I Love Nyork trailor……


    • Sunny had a two year run. Times have changed and people have moved on. He may enjoy a couple of moderate successes from the five above but nothing near 100 crores. Audiences are stupid but not THAT stupid. None of the movies really looks like something to be waited with baited breath, tho.


    • masterpraz Says:

      I tend to somewhat agree with this. A lot of people tend to think Sunny had a very limited appeal and “super” run, when infact he was delivering back to back blockbusters, and even an average Sunny Deol film (like ARJUN PANDIT) would make more than the so-called “hits” of that year.

      JEET, GHATAK, AJAY, BORDER, ZIDDI, ARJUN PANDIT, GADAR, and INDIAN. Heck even THE HERO made a decent amount of coin but didn’t live upto expectations.

      In another era, Deol had solid hits though he wasn’t given the massier role ala DARR where SRK took all the acclaim.

      I think his biggest problem has been keeping up with the corporate restructure thats taking place in Bollywood to some extent.

      His line-up here is extremely strong with Ghayal 2, Singh Sahab the Great and YPD which should all get close to 100 CR. Heck even BHAIYYAJII SUPERHITT should do decently in North alone.

      He was most definetly on a hot streak but repetition really took its toll by the time films like FARZ, MAA TUJHE SALAAM, KHEL and JAAL THE TRAP came out. A hiatus has probably done him more good than bad…..just wish he would do something about the hair. In roles where he wears a Pagdi its not an issue.


      • I have always been a Sunny fan. I like his line up of masala mass appealing films. I know Satyam and many of the other posters here don’t really care for Deol, and that’s ok. To each there own. At 55 this is probably Sunny’s last stand. With the trend today of masala action films working at the box office, maybe he can get some level of success here. I almost equate it to Stallones minor comeback, maybe the desi Rambo can have a comeback of his own.


  4. Some good thoughts there and sort of agree
    “I have always been a Sunny fan”–your name says it all lol


  5. Sunny deol had his day and his raw power has been taken over by jokers like Akshay and Ajay. To his credit, Sunny deol never tried other genres seriously and he stuck to his image.


  6. sanjana Says:

    By the way, who are the heroines?


  7. “Audiences are stupid but not THAT stupid. None of the movies really looks like something to be waited with baited breath, tho.”

    Not really sure about this. We’ve seen mindless comedies like the Housefull and Golmaal series doing very well during recent times and they aren’t really testimonies to the audiences’ great intelligence. Himatwala seems to awaited as well. None of these films are going to be considered as cinematic classics compared to YPD2 or Bhaiyyaji Superhit, I am quite sure about that.

    I think on paper at least, Bhaiyyaji Superhit has a story line that promises a laugh riot and Neeraj Pathak did a good job with Right Yaa Wrong.

    YPD2 is going to open big and from then on, depending on how the masses lap it up, the 100cr mark does seem to be reasonably crossable for it.

    As for Singh Saheb -The Great, the negativity in this forum is only based on personal bias. Because Gadar, The Hero and Apne were decent films and they are certainly better than 90% of the crap being churned out week, week out in Bollywood.

    I feel the Deol- Anil Sharma combo can deliver a decent action flick and in an age where action movies seem to be back, it may end up with good numbers.

    In some ways Sunny can have a revival of his own like the one Stallone has been able to achieve lately.

    It’s a pity that Dwivedi’s Mohalla Assi seems to be stuck. It would have been my personal pick of the lot.


  8. Agreed masterpraz, IdeaUnique, Shiva, Jatt and Rahul with some of your points here.

    This looks like an interesting line-up from an actor many had written off a few years back. But then right before Gadar, many had written him off back then. But Sunny always seems to be able to strike back.

    When you look at his contemporaries, most of them are finished really. Anil Kapoor is relying on a couple of character roles. Jackie Shroff and Govinda’s careers are over. Dutt is still around with some good character roles but his days as a leading man seem over.

    Sunny here is the main man in all of these projects and some of these are looking interesting and commercially viable.

    Of these, YPD2 and Singh Saheb the Great look like the best bets to achieve something notable at the BO right now.

    But it looks like a quite good line-up and if only he had a Santoshi project out there, it would have been perfect. Reports have been saying that they have patched up but they just want a very special subect and the right material to come back together,


    • Agreed with Kev. Add me as one of Sunny fans even though I don’t see any of these films doing 100 crores (though I would love to see it happen). Having said that Bhayyaji Superhit looks interesting (I enjoyed Pathak’s Right Yaa Wrong). Do not like Anil Sharma (I liked Hero a fair bit and Bagawat was enjoyable).I was also greatly disappointed when I saw the teaser-trailer of Ghayal Returns since I was sure they would ruin a classic actioner. But as per reports Rawail has taken over the directorial reigns so all may may not be lost still- Rawail made some bloody good films in his heydays chiefly Arjun and Dacait. His Arjun Pandit was one of the last good Sunny films. Having said that he seems to be well past his prime and his last venture, Buddha Mar Gaya was atrocious.

      Agreed that Sunny needs to work with a proficient director. The fallout with Santoshi affected him badly (Anil Sharma is no Rawail leave aside Santoshi). J. P. Dutta too has gone kaput. What he can do is get a new director on board- Vijeyta films have done this before with Santoshi, Rawail and Imtiaz Ali.
      Also I do believe Sunny has comic chops which need to be utilized by a good enough director.

      Still think Mohalla Assi would have been a good film. I loved Pinjar as well as Chanakya


  9. Sunny will definitely do good with this lineup. Sunny and Salman have had similar careers in the 90s. Both went downhill after 2001. Whereas Salman made a comeback since Wanted, Sunny has not further starred in his staple masala genre for a long time.

    Also, lets not forget that Dharmendra gave a string of hits in 1986-88, when he too was over 55 yrs old. In fact, with Amitabh sidelined due to politics, he became the one-man industry in those 2 yrs, with all those action masala potboiler hits.


  10. @Kev- It seems your wish is going to be fullfilled. There are various reports emerging since a couple of days that Sunny and Santoshi are coming back together with ‘Fateh Singh’. Here is one of them:


    I do think that Santoshi was hit as hard by the split as Sunny. He didn’t manage to deliver a single hit after Ghaatak until Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani (even if the quality of most of his movies were still very good). You could even see the Sunny Deol hangover in Halla Bol for e.g. where Pankaj Kapoor’s role seemed tailor-made for Sunny.


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