Images from the Lunchbox (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..


14 Responses to “Images from the Lunchbox (updated)”

  1. What a wonderful, heartwarming poster!


  2. Yeah a nice poster indeed of ‘the unchbox’…

    I like the tag line…

    ‘Ship of Theseus’ poster is the número Uno this year…

    Anyhow –jus came across this …

    After Delhi—now mumbai gangrape— being splashed across international media.,.


    • yes another miserable episode..


      • If you are alone (especially in dark and in isolated location) in India and you are female than it would be a good idea to carry a gun and a body guard!! Of course women will have to learn how to shoot. There is also GPS alarm device that was invented recently, like a panic button that makes call to police…not sure how effective in India though.


  3. tonymontana Says:

    where is the lunchbox 😳


  4. ideaunique Says:

    are we getting another “Kadhalar Dinam” and the hindi remake of that? (what was the name of that film? starring anil kapoor’s younger bro?) – anyway i saw KD (Tamil) 3 to 4 times – lovely songs! and overall a good film


  5. ideaunique Says:

    I think “The Japanese Wife” also had similar storyline?


  6. Ah ok jus bak from a ship ride–and lovely poster (& tagline)
    Last saw the guy on top–now it’s the ‘woman on top’!! Lol
    Ps: who is this actress?


  7. this latest poster is better than the previous one.


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