Shuddh Desi trailers (2) (updated)

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thanks to Xhobdo..


8 Responses to “Shuddh Desi trailers (2) (updated)”

  1. tonymontana Says:

    The concept of modern day relationships in small town India does seem interesting. And the new girl appears to be a good find.


  2. This one looks absolutely teekha and namkeen as well.


  3. Good fun. Perked me up after a 12-hour work day. Good stuff from amitabh Bhatacharya (?) and Amit Trivedi (?)


  4. Film/ concept/styling/vibe is good
    All three leads are talented
    Though low on star appeal & both girls lack oomph …


    • This guy is earnest & a bit endearing though lacking in x-factor..
      Parineeti is well cast here as the ‘small town chirpy’ girl but she is a ‘one trick pony’ (unlike her elder sister!)
      Ps: this film SDR will be good, do better than expected in keeping with the small stars –though I won’t see it…


  5. tonymontana Says:

    The film looks fresh and all three characters seem to share a good camaraderie. Hope Jaideep Sahni has written something as worthwhile as Chak De India/Khosla ka Ghosla/Rocket Singh


    • This is a romance and so different from all those films.
      Interesting. Parineeti against her cousin Priyanka. If Zanjeer and SDR clash.


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