Phata Poster Nikhla Hero (Images and trailer) (updated)

thanks to Apex…

thanks to Xhobdo..


24 Responses to “Phata Poster Nikhla Hero (Images and trailer) (updated)”

  1. Don’t find this too bad. Some of the scenes seem to be quite funny. Hopefully, it’s not as huge of a disappointment as APKGK.


  2. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    I found APKGK way funnier ( Maine ise bhaagaa ke nahin laya ( Pause) Yeh khud bhag ke aaiy hai,) and ranbir’s dead-pan deliveries far more effective. And Kat was Kat. Uber-charming. But this is not bad.


    • Really? I found the writing of APKGK to be terrible. Poor and predictable jokes. An actor’s delivery can only take the movie so far. LOL, don’t take this one the wrong way, but, Kat was Kat. Uber-annoying. 😛


  3. “And Kat was Kat. Uber-charming.”

    She is a looker but charming, really?


  4. Well..since I’ll never get to see it 😦 it could be funny


  5. Dharn Raj Dharn Says:

    Here Shahid copies Bachchan’s zanjeer pose..But question is how is that possible?Nobody in this world has ability to copy Bachchan..Only Bachchan can copy Bachchan..Go Shahid go, get some life and forget about copying this ledgend.


  6. Good to see ileana back–she needs to be signed up for more films imo…
    Ps: it’s interesting how shahid kapoor seems good in every department on paper but overall is laggin way behind–he’s certainly better than the like of Imran khan in every deptt !!!

    “Well..since I’ll never get to see it…”—
    Why maggie–sounds u live near to where I am currently –no hindi films 😉
    Btw maggie –your performance in ‘slow motion angreza’ shooting has been v good till now–keep it up….


    • well.. i love you


      • “well.. i love you”—-Ummm what to say maggie….u r making me ‘blush’ ( like girl)…lol
        Liked one phrase from ‘slow motion angreza’ (bhag milkha bhag)—“Meri Tharrrriye…” –hahaha


        • Hehe maggie–wasn’t interested in this film (except the ileana track ‘sharbaton’ )

          Thought I had ‘moved on’ but my interest has gone ‘up’ again…
          Due to this… 🙂

          [added to post]


          • ‘Dating Naach’

            Now the moves and the song itself aren’t special, even the styling needs much to be desired
            And who cares for the dance steps…
            After Ileanas ‘sharbaton’ it was difficult to match up

            But when it’s nargis fakhri, who cares about ‘talent’ or ‘dance steps’ or music

            “well.. i love you”
            Thanx —this song goes to maggie, c’mon 😉


          • Inc spite of so much negativity against her
            And the most INANE and laughable lyrics

            Nargis innocently makes em work

            Udan chu chu
            Main chidiya firangi
            Balam tu tu tu tu
            Tu desi mousambi
            Bole toh
            Dil ki aadatein
            Bandar chaap hai
            Khaali peeli chat pe chadhe
            Chadh ke utar jaayein
            Har dum mood mein
            Lallan top hai

            ROFLOL @ the ‘lyrics’

            Enjoy : maggie 🙂


          • The point in this song that shahid kapoor gets to ride that fake ‘horse’ !!!! —
            What’s nargis who’s not getting (the ride) saying to that —
            ” c’mon wtf?’ 🙂


  7. AWFUL!

    Shahid is desperate it seems…such a talented actor though


  8. Only Ileana enabled me to sit through the trailer. God this seems pretty bad.


  9. ideaunique Says:

    Ileana lleana Ileana: what a beauty!


  10. Dedicated to this pic of Ileana –aise to naa dekho!! 🙂


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