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    • Phata Poster Nikhla Hero Has Low First Week

      Friday 27th September 2013 09.30 IST
      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Phata Poster Nikhla Hero had a low first week as it collected around 30 crore nett. The weekday collections were fairly steady but low. The first week collections are actually the highest ever for a Shahid Kapoor starrer beating Mausam which had collected 28 crore nett in week one.

      Phata Poster Nikhla Hero has done best in Nizam and Andhra while collections in East Punjab and West Bengal were lower than other circuits comparatively. Delhi city was also poor.

      The shows of the film have come down in week two despite no major competition and the film will have an uphill task reaching 40 crore nett espevially as its really just a five day week with Besharam releasing on Wednesday.


    • Grand Masti Grosses 83 Crore In Two Weeks

      Friday 27th September 2013 09.30 IST
      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Grand Masti has collected over 83 crore nett in two weeks as it added 19.50 criore nett in its second week. The drop was a little lower than 70% which is good with this genre.

      The film did not get the jump on the second Saturday and Sunday that hit films normally get probably due to the fact that the family audience is keeping away but the film maintained well on all the other days of the week. In some centres the second week collections are similar to what what Phata Poster Nikhla Hero collected in week one.

      The film will not reach the 100 crore nett mark and its target is probably to cross the 93 crore nett of Race 2 and become the fourth highest grossing film of the year. It will be shortened week with Besharam coming Wednesday but Grand Masti will have a healthy third weekend due to lack of competition.


  1. Warning Has Dull Opening Grand Masti And The Lunch Box To Dominate Weeeknd

    Friday 27th September 2013 12.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The new releases as expected all opened to a dull response. Maazi, Prague, Rakt – Ek Rishta, Super Model and Warning all had low starts with Warning being the best of the lot as there was some awareness for the film compared with the others.

    The weekend will be dominated by Grand Masti which is still going strong all over followed by The Lunch Box which has recorded good collections in the 5-6 big metros and is likely to continue to fare well at the these places as has maintained its screenings from week one extremely well.

    All new releases will find it difficult as basically all have rbeen eleased as its a free weekend with a flow of biggies to come but all have just five days to collect whatever they can.


  2. Besharam to get the widest release on 3600 screens

    Chennai Express set the trend of breaking records in Bollywood as it had booked 3500 screens in India. And now yet again setting a new trend is Ranbir Kapoor’s much awaited film Besharam which will be released in 3600 screens in India, leaving Chennai Express behind in the race. This will make Ranbir Kapoor’s comedy action drama the biggest release in Bollywood till date.

    However, Distributor Head of Reliance Entertainment, Utpal Acharya is slightly disappointed since they were looking out for 4000 screens but the Telugu movie Attarintiki Daredi which releases today has already gained popularity in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and other southern states.

    Besharam will release on a Wednesday that is October 2 and will also star Ranbir’s parents – Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor along with Pallavi Sharda playing the female lead


  3. A relentless worker that he is, Shah Rukh Khan often goes the extra mile to achieve success as he fears losing the top position.

    The 47-year-old superstar, whose last release Chennai Express is one of the highest grossers at the box-office till date, said he is constantly working hard to sustain his place in the industry.

    “I am scared of losing. I am scared of coming second. I am scared of not making it big. So, I have such a fear of failure that I work harder when even I don’t need to. I work longer when I don’t have to.

    “I never rest on my laurels because I feel that this will be taken away one day. I have this fear that if I don’t work hard enough I will lose what I have attained and not be able to continue to do so. I don’t have blood pressure neither I am a heart victim but I need to just work hard,” he said on the sidelines of 40th National Management Convention by All India Management Association (AIMA).

    A star in the industry for two decades, Shah Rukh said that his journey has not been a cakewalk and he did face his share of failures.

    But now basking in the success of Chennai Express, the actor said he has made many foes in the industry after doing the Rohit Shetty film.

    “Failures also gets you to find who your real friends are. The true strength of your relationship gets tested in the phase of strong adversity. I lost lots of friends post RA.One, apart from losing a lot of audience too. And after Chennai Express, I haven’t made any new friends but I have a whole new set of enemies now,” he added.

    Shah Rukh sported grey streaks at the event which he said is a part of his look for his upcoming Farah Khan directed film Happy New Year.

    Having given many hit films including Darr, Baazigar, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Chak De!among others, he said that he still feels like a new comer on the sets.

    “When I look at a project, I feel I don’t know anything and I begin the film as a newcomer. I take it as my last project and give all my efforts to make it big so that I don’t repent later,” he said.

    Toi, NDTV etc.


  4. LOL I thought you were warning us about the rest of the box office, satyam.


  5. Faridoon Shahryar ‏@iFaridoon 8h
    Just In: Ranveer Singh has been diagnosed with a severe case of dengue fever n has been admitted in a suburban hospital in Mumbai.
    I pray for him..


  6. @ Oldgold–haha even I thought so,,,
    That Satyam is ‘warning’ people not to see non-bachchan films (whilst seeing grand masti himself!)

    @ maggie–yeah poor ranveer sounds really ill
    Actually even I’m a bit ‘weak n feverish’ today…let’s see…
    Maybe just a niggle..


  7. Anil Kapoor on ’24’..Wonder how this guy is maintaining his looks..he obviously looks WAY better than the Khans put together who are almost 7 years younger to him..



  8. btw had nice interaction with nawazuddin on his way to delhi in flight….a humble and soft spoken guy and still ignored by mobs and unwilling to take credit and that to rightly for lunchbox


  9. On meeting with stars I caught up with SRK, Gauri, and his son (forget his name) at Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport, Andheri. The parents were escorting the son back to London for schooling/college. Got a picture clicked and talked to SRK and Gauri. His wife is wayyyyyyyyyy more beautiful than she appears in mags and clearly the show-stealer when both are together. I congratulated him on CE and asked him to move on from such juvenile (yep, used that word) stuff to better stuff. (He could not beat me up; am not his fan so could say this I guess). He replied that he will try!

    He was jumping around with his ponytail, excited, and clearly out of any sort of depression thanks to CE. The success showed. It really showed on his face inspite of him wearing glares at 3 am in the morning inside the airport.

    After the talk, he thanked me profusely for having asked him genuine questions and interacted with him and told me that though I wasn’t hsi fan, II had made his night/day. He humbly told me that he does not at all, consider himself a good actor.

    P.S: the above last paragraph is my fantasy..

    I also glimpsed Shruthi Haasan at the airport and gawked at her fair skin. But she obviously did not at my brown skin and carried on talking to someone on the phone completely ignoring me. And I did not bother to ask her anything too..


  10. Pawan Kalyan’s Attarintiki Daredi has hit the theatre and the film has been getting rave reviews and also according to reports the advance booking is in full swing.

    It has also got a huge opening in USA and about the same trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted, ” #AttarintikiDaredi [Telugu] has embarked on an earth-shattering start in USA. The start is PHENOMENAL.”
    He further tweeted, “#AttarintikiDaredi – USA: Reported screens $ 345,359 + non-Rentrack screens $ 79,000. Thu total: $ 424,359 [₹ 2.67 cr]. HISTORY!”
    Attarintiki Daredi is the Telugu debut of Bollywood actor Boman Irani.



  11. Guilt Trip

    What happens when u disregard poor reviews & pseudos & give a flick a chance based on your instincts alone…
    Sometimes ( not always!) u are rewarded…
    Checked a few minutes on a flight — could watch all of it
    Streisand may appear annoying to some but she clearly shows her warm emotive skills and a wholesome comedienne who works as an intuitive performer rather than someone who has honed and worked on her ‘craft’
    Seth Rogen in a slightly quieter subtler performance that works mostly.
    Again it won’t make u laugh out loudly or cry but keep u reasonably hooked and a certain ‘genuineness’ of the leads is endearing.
    As usual, damn the critics/ pseudos ..

    I miss u mom…


  12. Warning First Day Business

    Saturday 28th September 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Warning had poor first day figures with collections likely to come in at around the 70 lakhs nett mark. The three major circuits added around 50 lakhs nett plus and the others would have added around 20 lakhs nett. The approx figures for Mumbai. Delhi/UP and East Punjab are as follows.

    Mumbai – 30,00,000

    Delhi/UP – 15,00,000

    East Punjab – 6,00,000

    Maazi, Prague, Rakt – Ek Rishta and Super Model all had very low figures with only Super Model getting to 10 lakhs nett.


  13. Grand Masti Third Friday Equals Phata Poster Nikhla Hero Second Friday

    Saturday 28th September 2013 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The collections of Grand Masti at the start of its third week and Phata Poster Nikhla Hero at the the start of its second week are at the same level.

    Grand Masti collected around 1 crore nett on its third Friday and it was a similar figure for Phata Poster Nikhla Hero. Grand Masti is likely to come out ahead over the week as it should have more growth over the weekend and hold better on Monday.

    Phata Poster Nikhla Hero grossed 10 crore nett in Mumbai circuit in week one with a share of 5.25 crore while the minimum guarantee the distributor paid was 8 crore. The maximum recovery is looking to be 6.25 crore.


  14. ‘Kon Tiki’
    Continuing in my current adventure mode, watched bits of kon tiki ..
    Good stuff-May jot something down later..


  15. http://beautypageants.indiatimes.com/miss-world-2013/liveblog/23162051.cms

    It was an evening of extravagant entertainment when Megan Young of Philippines was crowned Miss World 2013 at the Bali Nasa Dua Convention Center in Bali, Indonesia! While Miss France, Marine Lorphelin finished as the first runner-up, Miss Ghana Carranzar Naa Okailey Shooter was the second runner up.


  16. Portrait of the director: Manmohan Desai


  17. http://www.koimoi.com/bollywood-popular/abhishek-bachchan-goes-candid-with-koimoi-on-dhoom-3-happy-new-year/

    Recently during a short whirlwind tour to the City of Joy in order to launch the first ever showroom of Omega, the watch brand that the Bachchan lad endorses, Abhishek Bachchan spoke and discussed about all his upcoming ventures as we kept listening.

    While it was Bol Bachchan last year that was Abhi’s last film, it is almost a year now and there has been no trace of another Abhishek Bachchan starrer this year until the year end, which is all set to end with a Dhoom! Speaking on Dhoom 3 and his association with the franchise, Abhishek shared, “Dhoom is all about the police and the thieves. And it is one franchise which I have been proudly a part of since the last ten years. It is a hugely entertaining franchise, which produces films that cater to the family audiences. Uday and I are an integral part of Dhoom and somehow the constant characters in the entire series. We love being a part of this film always. Every time, we have a new villain, with Aamir taking up that role this time. Needless to say, he is fabulous in the film and I want him to do Dhoom 4 as well. But this time, he should take up the role of the good guy and not the baddie because he would excel in that as well.”

    And if Dhoom 3 is somehow the biggie lined up this year, Abhishek has his hands full with Farah Khan’s Happy New Year where he shares screen space with King Khan, years after Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. On his experience with the entire cast during the first schedule, he brushes it with giggles. “The Dubai schedule has been the best schedule for me ever. We have had the most fun filming this movie. The entire cast gelled along really well and it was overall a fantastic experience. Our next schedule would begin in Mumbai and it is too early to talk about the film”, he clarifies his point of being protective about the core theme of the film.

    But in all the flurry of questions, what he does reveal is that he has his hands full with another film that seems to have gone unnoticed amidst the heavyweight films he’s doing. “I am also doing a film with Umesh Shukla, the director of Oh My God, for which I am starting to shoot from October 1st. It stars me, Asin and Rishi Kapoor in the leading roles and all I can say is that the script is brilliant and touches you on a sensitive level. I am really excited about that film.”


    • ideaunique Says:

      “I am also doing a film with Umesh Shukla, the director of Oh My God, for which I am starting to shoot from October 1st. It stars me, Asin and Rishi Kapoor in the leading roles and all I can say is that the script is brilliant and touches you on a sensitive level. I am really excited about that film.”

      Now that is one Abhi film I am really looking forward to. Abhi/Asin/Rishi and OMG director – it can’t get better. This is a perfect team. Abhi must deliver here.


      • yes this is crucial for him since the others have co-starred Devgan, Aamir, now SRK. This will have to be a very strong trender though because these kinds of subjects don’t open massively. And herein lies another contradiction. Because Abhishek is doing some obvious masala genres (and so on) with other stars but when he’s going solo he’s doing a much more sober subject. Which is fine because ultimately if he gets a good gross here no one will care about the rest. However my point is that this kind of thing isn’t the obvious followup to those other films. Because those subjects have lots of frills to get bigger initials. Having said that the star cast is certainly perfect here. For instance I’ve long wanted to see Asin with Abhishek. Also Rishi and he had a couple of very good moments in D6 (not enough of these unfortunately). Will be interesting to see if this releases first or HNY. Either way this is the lynchpin film. In this sense by doing those multistarrers he’s in a way done the smart thing by being associated with potential blockbusters and getting enough credit on all of them if not more than his peers (not every film will be BB). The flip side though is that if the Shukla didn’t work all the credit would suddenly evaporate. Do think everything looks very good on paper here. Not the kind of thing that excites me (unless Shukla truly surprises) but glad to see Abhishek at least move into a more meaningful film.


        • Not sure this is going to be sober Satyam as I didnt find OMG too sober. Also Abhi is playing a singer so expect foreign locales and big sets. T-Series is backing this one so they will promote it well and it has Himesh’s music. This will be a proper commercial one and dont think there will be anything sober about it


          • Don’t know what the story of Shukla’s film is, but I think Satyam means sober in a relative sense. Because next to a Farah Khan film even Keith Richards would appear sober.


          • LOL, exactly!


          • Meant sober in comparison with HNY and BB! But this is supposed to be a family story about a father-son relationship. It will probably be commercialized enough in other ways and if so it might open bigger than expected but what I meant there was it’s unlikely to be as over the top as BB or whatever. Having said that you’re right.


  18. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 8h
    Top 3 openers in USA in 2013 [opng wknd]: #ChennaiExpress $ 2.22 million, #YJHD $ 1.56 million, #AttarintikiDaredi $ 1.52 mn/$ 1.74 million

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 8h
    #AttarintikiDaredi collects $ 1,522,734 [₹ 9.53 cr]. Note: Reported screens only. Incl non-Rentrack screens total: $ 1,742,734 [₹ 10.91 cr].

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 16h
    What *most* Hindi films don’t collect in entire lifetime from Overseas, #AttarintikiDaredi has collected in 3 days flat from US alone. Super

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 16h
    The glorious biz of #AttarintikiDaredi in USA will prove to be an eyeopener for not just Telugu film industry, but for Hindi industry too.


  19. The Lunchbox director, Film Federation of India in verbal duel over Oscars entry…

    The Film Federation of India, the apex body that decides Indian entry for the Oscars, and The Lunchbox director Ritesh Batra were today locked in a wordy duel over the selection of The Good Road for the best foreign film category.

    In a strongly worded letter to Ritesh Batra, which has also been marked to Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, Kashyap and UTV, FFI secretary general Supran Sen demanded an unconditional apology from the Director for his “unsavoury comments” against the Federation and its appointed jury.

    Replying to Sen’s letter, Batra pointed out that only he, a first-time filmmaker, was asked to apologise despite many industry stalwarts raising their voice against the selection. He, however, offerd an apology.

    “If an apology is what you demand, you have it. Both you and the jury have my wholehearted apology. There was no intent to hurt anyone, but rather to participate in the vigorous debate that this decision ignited in the public domain.

    “Sir, please use your good offices to give us a transparent, objective process with a public and not a secret jury. It is a direct and humble request, not a criticism,” Batra said in the reply.

    Batra, producer Anurag Kashyap and presenter Karan Johar had expressed their disappointment at the selection of Gyan Correa’s Gujarati-language film as India’s Oscar entry last month, alleging lack of transparency in the selection. “Congrats to The Good Road, hope it makes it all the way, else it will be a lost chance by FFI apptd jury that lacks vision. Hope I am wrong (sic),” Batra had tweeted soon after The Good Road’s announcement as Oscar entry.

    Taking exception to their remarks, Sen, in a letter, threatened to take the matter with the Academy and the I&B ministry. “Film Federation of India takes great umbrage at the way you have gone about demeaning a film when an eminent jury has selected it as India’s entry. You might not agree with the selection, that’s your prerogative. But to continuously and recklessly make comments and innuendos about it is really not done,” Sen wrote in the letter.

    The Lunchbox created a great buzz in festivals like Cannes, Telluride and Toronto. With Sony Pictures Classics buying its US rights, the makers had contended that it had a better shot at winning the foreign film Oscar.



  20. Kon-tiki

    Just completed the remaining bits of kon tiki–an apt followup to amundsens ‘cold recall’..
    Will come to the details later maybe, but has obvious positives and perhaps the biggest costliest Norwegian film ever.
    There are interesting comparisons with ‘life of PI’ to be delved into


  21. Hadn’t seen this video before but truly wonderful tribute by Javed Akhtar here:


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