Exclusive Interview with author Vikas Swarup


Q&A (made for cinema as SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE), SIX SUSPECTS and THE ACCIDENTIAL APPRENTICE are some of my favorite novels in recent years. Here’s an exclusive interview with author Vikas SWarup. Vikas Swarup is an Indian novelist and diplomat who has served in Turkey, the United States, Ethiopia, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Japan, best known for his novels Q & A, Six Suspects and The Accidental Apprentice.

1) Where do you get the ideas for your stories? Where does inspiration come from?

For me the ideas come from everyday life in India. I maintain that just reading a day’s newspaper from India can give me the plots for a couple of novels!

2) What would you say is the key underlying themes between Q&A, Six Suspects and The Accidential Apprentice?

All three are, in a sense, tales of the underdog. And all three provide a sharp, but ultimately sympathetic, look at modern India.

3) Which book has given you the most satisfaction to date?

All three have given me satisfaction. Q&A because of its unique framework, Six Suspects because of its complex interconnection of characters lives, and The Accidental Apprentice for its portrayal of a strong female protagonist.

4) Are there any chances of turning Six Suspects or Accidential Apprentice into movies?

Yes. Six Suspects is going to be made into a film by Starfield Productions and BBC. They have already appointed a well-known Argentinean filmmaker Pablo Trapero to direct the film based on a screenplay by John Hodge. There is strong interest from both Bollywood and international producers in converting The Accidental Apprentice into a film. Talks are still ongoing.


5) Is there a particular mood, atmosphere or environment where you feel your best writing efforts come out? What is most vital for you as a writer?

My best writing comes on weekends, when I’m in a relaxed mood, sitting in a comfortable chair in my bedroom in front of the nice big screen of my PC. I believe in what Ernest Hemingway said: The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shockproof crap detector.

Prashant Harish Hari


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