Bachchan in Umesh Shuklas’s 102 Not Out


Amitabh Bachchan began the shoot for Bhoothnath Returns on October 9, at Filmcity, Mumbai. Producer Bhushan Kumar is very excited with his very first association with Mr. Bachchan that he has showed his eagerness to work with Big B again. Even before starting Bhoothnath Returns shoot in full force, Bhushan Kumar announced his next project with Amitabh Bachchan.

On the special occasion of Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday, Bhushan announced his new project with him. After listening the story, Mr. Bachchan has given a nod to star in T-Series’ next production being directed by Umesh Shukla. Titled 102 Not Out, the movie is about an old man who decides to break the world record of longevity. With Mr. Bachchan playing the lead role, the movie shows us how to live a life as opposed to merely existing. This Amitabh Bachchan starrer will also have Paresh Rawal is a pivotal role.

Says Bhushan Kumar, “It’s his birthday and this is the right occasion to announce our next venture with him. The film is titled 102 Not Out which will have him share screen space with Paresh Rawal. Two brilliant actors sharing screen space will take the story to another level.”

102 Not Out will be directed by Umesh Shukla and will be his second movie under the T-Series exclusive 5 film deal.


42 Responses to “Bachchan in Umesh Shuklas’s 102 Not Out”

  1. Well unless the director focuses on the human aspects of the central character and his world, like Balki did in Paa, this can become terribly ‘gimmicky’. And Balki’s films was anyway about those sublime moments and not so much about he plot or its central conceit


    • yes agreed.. in a way the whole progeria thing in Paa was a kind of red herring. You could have easily made this film about any terminally ill child. Of course the whole point here was to showcase Bachchan in a certain way. But that format works in any case. Shukla is not a bad choice for this subject at all. After the Abhishek film it looks like another father-son deal here. Bachchan and Paresh Rawal could really bring the house down in certain ways.


      • True. But Shukls’ OMG looked very un-cinematic. And we need to remember that Paa had P.C. Sreeram at his very best.

        Rawal is a good choice, but would have really liked Boman here. He and AB had some hilarious scenes in Waqt. Not at all saying that Boman is a better actor than Rawal, just that former has done far more interesting roles in recent times.


  2. In an interview today with Bollywood hungama / DNA, Amitabh disclosed his line up of films for 2013 / 14. Any actor / star will be jealous seeing this line up…

    Tell us about your upcoming projects.
    I have just started Bhootnath Returns. Then hopefully by the beginning of the next year will start R Balki’s, Sujoy Ghosh’s, Shoojit Sircar’s and Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film. There are several others like Rumi Jaafrey, Anurag Kashyap, Abbas-Mastan, Umesh Shukla, Sudhir Mishra… And of course KBC by the middle of 2014 again.


  3. what ever he has mentioned above are all committed projects… Infact he is still talks with directors who can bring in some new ideas… Bhootnath Returns will be made in a big scale using todays animation technology ( T series, Genre – comedy with few thrills),
    Balki’s next – every body is talking & looks like whole industry is going ga ga over the script but yet to receive the details (Hope Balki will come up with a genuine winner this time)… Sujoy Ghoshs Badla – a revenge Saga with Nasiruddhin Shah ( hope he gets equal screen space, as much as Big B, i am pretty excited about this project), Shoojit Sircars Garden house – a family drama like Baghban (i loved shoojits work in vicky donar, but my respect for him doubled after watching Madras cafe… now i want UTV to sort out release issues of Jony Mastana / shoe bite asap), Vidhu Vinod Chopra productions family drama directed by a debutant (Vidhu has great script sense, of course only if he is not directing.. luckily this time he is just producing and Faran akthar has great script sense… i am looking at another winner here)…. Rumi Jaafrey’s is a thriller project… (hope he will not disappoint second time), Anurag Kashyap, i heard that will be a complete mass masala entertainer (angry old man) in anurag style….Abbas Mustan, again a thriller (they hardly disappoint in a thriller genre ) .. Umesh Shukas 102 not out is an interestng and also a risky project (but i am excited, paresh rawal and Big B…. remember chenni kum and Paa) and lostly Pehle aap by Sudhir Mishra (I am interested in this project only because of Rishi an Big B combination)…

    Finally, Happy Birthday to every green super star, Amitab… Finally, like many fans, i am hoping this time you will definetly bounce back to a big screen with lots of critical acclaim an box office success.


  4. @satyam

    Have u seen Baasha ( remake/modified version of HUM in Tamil ) ?

    Please share your views if you have seen it.


    • I love this film- saw it only last year. The best thing about it was a very loose remake IMO.


    • yes of course! It’s one of his most iconic movies with some of his most iconic lines! It’s only loosely like Hum though. I personally prefer it to Hum not least because I’ve never been a great fan of the latter. It was designed too much as a collection of Bachchan ‘hits’ with lots of moments reminiscent of older ones. But you should definitely check out Baasha. It’s available in one part with subs here:


      • It is a cinematic adaptation of the gujarati play with same name….the play was produced by umesh shukla and written-directed by saumya joshi, brother of abhijat joshi who wrote munnabhai series and 3 idiots along with rajkumar hirani.
        That was a terrific play and performed at ahmedabad and mumbai regularly for the last 3 years…


        • Good to know.. thanks for the info.. sounds very promising..


          • Have you already seen Captain Phillips?


          • yes I did. Liked it a lot. A bit drawn out at points but gripping overall. More importantly a rather unsettling film for all the right reasons. And I must say this is one of the better performances from Tom Hanks. He’s especially good in some key scenes. The show stealer though is the young pirate leader. Some extraordinary closeups involving him. And Greengrass certainly is in top form. Leaving aside his obvious visual strengths he manages to produce real empathy in his narrative.


          • would easily include it among the best Hollywood films I’ve seen this year.


          • It’s certainly been getting wide praise. And I’m up for anything Greengrass does. Don’t think anyone choreographs and cuts action sequences as well as he does. Looking forward to this.


          • Bachchan1 to 10 Says:

            Thanks for the quick note on CP. Was debating to watch that or Gravity again. I think I’ll do CP with wifey and gravity again next week sometime (she fell asleep in gravity )


          • Thanks so much for the heads-up on Captain Phillips. Will check it out ASAP now. Having said that since I saw the absolutely terrific Danish film “A Hijacking” (Kapringen), which is based on the same subject more or less, just last week, not sure how Greengrass’ film would hold up in comparison to that one.


          • haven’t seen this one, will check it out. thanks.. I see it releases on DVD here in a week.


          • trailer here for anyone who’s interested:


  5. Bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Not a single Happy Birthday Wish for the one and only? Hai?

    Happy Birthday, Don’t know If I would’ve ever watched Indian Cinema if it wasn’t for him. Thank You for all the great films and performances, And being that Bar for people to reach (but could never be there and never will)

    As it corny as it maybe, I had to do it.


  6. Spoiler!!



    Ahmedabad-based playwright-director-actor Saumya Joshi was the man behind one of the biggest Gujarati hits of recent times—Welcome Zindagi. The play set in a middle-class family and dealing with a father-son conflict, found repeat audiences, since it told a generation gap story that many must have identified with. It broke all the rules of commercial Gujarati theatre, and his new fans were keen to know what Saumya would do for an encore.

    102 Not Out

    He is known to work at his own pace, and rehearse thoroughly; he is not one to churn out work to cash in on a hit. His earlier works include plays like Dost, Ain Chokas Nagar Vastu Hatu and Adama Taara Nu Akash, which have won him a legion of admirers. He started writing plays because he could not find suitable scripts in Gujarati, which is not hard to understand. That he broke into the mainstream Gujarati theatre circuit on his own terms is a minor miracle.

    His new play 102 Not Out, opened last weekend, to rapturous response… that was to be expected. This play is also about a father-son conflict, but of a different kind. Dattatraya Vakharia is en energetic and spry old man of 102, with a mental age of 26. His son Babulal is 75 and showing all signs of heading for a lonely old age, so much so that the father threatens to send the son to an old-age home, unless he fulfills some conditions.

    Slightly contrived, but replete with humour and lines that evoked such applause and “wah wahs” that the actors had to pause before resuming the scene. The third character is a medical store delivery boy, who is roped in as a ‘witness’ to the pact between father and son.

    Senior Citizens

    The two senior citizens played by Jayesh More and Prem Gadhavi are actually young actors (the powdered hair and aging make up does not quite disguise their real age) who play old men rather well, and more in particular, just grab the audience by the collar and do not let go.

    It’s not just the novelty of the idea of a man wanting to send his son to an old people’s home, it’s the message of how to live well that Joshi effortlessly kneads into his script, without once overdoing the emotions…or for that matter, underplaying the humour. Almost all plays about senior citizens (Sandhya Chhaya, Kaalchakra) have been tearjerkers, the 102-year-young man in Joshi’s play must be the first to make the audience laugh. At least some in the theatre must have gone home dreading old age a little less.


  7. Bachchan to Work in VVC Next ..

    “The story which is apparently very close to Chopra’s heart is in the development stages and he has handed the directorial reins of the project to Bejoy Nambiar who had earlier directed Shaitan and David”

    I have not seen Shaitan and David .. so can’t comment on his directorial skills .. I wish if Amitabh works with Raj Kumar Hirani at least once.


  8. So 2014 is confirmed 2 releases … Bhootnath-2 and Shukla’s Next … I believe either Balki or Sudhir Mishra’s might also see in 2014 .. “Johny Mastana” may also release anytime if get clearance from legal hassles.


    • a bit skeptical about the Shukla releasing next year because he’s supposed to do the Abhishek one first. It would be surprising if he were able to get both of these done so soon. Having said that the Bachchan film probably doesn’t take much time. It’s based on a play and is limited in terms of its physical setting. It could be done in one or two shoots. Still that would be pretty rapid.


    • Johny Mastana shouldn’t release now as it’ll hardly find any audience.They excessive delay has already harmed it a lot.


    • What a coincidence – just at 9 pm tonite HBO aired a documentary on Sam and I do not know the order of dates – but it is weird that there is a scene in the documentary that shows Sam being sort of a wiz at Math and solving algebraic equations for some other kid in the class..just like Balki’s Auro did that in PAA..Progeria and Plagiarism? Dunno..


  9. Umesh Shukla’s 102 Not Out to take off next year

    Director Umesh Shukla, who gave us the hilarious and socially-relevant OMG -Oh My God! is busy with his next two projects. There’s Abhishek Bachchan-starrer All Is Well — the shooting of which is scheduled for this month, and Amitabh Bachchan-Paresh Rawal-starrer 102 Not Out. While All Is Well is over 60 per cent complete, 102 Not Out, which was supposed to start this year, has now been pushed to 2015.

    “I have to finalise the dates with Amitabh Bachchan. The film was supposed to start this year but my script was not complete. Now that the third draft is ready, we can finalise dates for the shooting. Both the actors are very charged about the film. We are getting make-up artistes from abroad for Mr. Bachchan to make him look 102 years old!” said Shukla, who, in the meanwhile, is in the process of wrapping up All Is Well. “We start shooting this month . A few portions will be filmed in Mumbai, others will be shot in Himachal Pradesh. The film should wrap up by January 15,” he added.


  10. Umesh Shukla’s 102 Not Out to go on floor in Aug- Sept

    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, May 05, 2015 – 13:46 hrs IST

    Umesh Shukla, the man who redefined ‘religious worship’ with his hard hitting film OMG: Oh My God, is one busy man these days. While on one hand, he is busy directing All Is Well, on the other hand, he is all set to roll 102 Not Out during August-September this year. 102 Not Out, which is produced by T-Series, is an adaptation of the play by the same name. This film will also have Umesh Shukla co-producing it under his own banner Benchmark Pictures.

    102 Not Out, which stars the legendary Amitabh Bachchan and the versatile Paresh Rawal, will see Amitabh Bachchan playing the role of a 102 year old man while Paresh Rawal will reprise the role of his 75 year old son.

    102 Not Out is inspired by a Gujarati play, which has completed over 300 shows and is still running.


  11. Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘102 Not Out’ to go on floors by year end: Umesh Shukla

    “Filmmaker Umesh Shukla says he will begin shooting the Amitabh Bachchan-Paresh Rawal starrer “102 Not Out” by the end of this year.

    “‘102 Not Out’ is definitely happening. The script is ready. I will start working on it after ‘All is Well’ releases,” Shukla told PTI.

    The “Oh My God” director said he will start working on the film, an adaptation of a Gujrati play of the same name, after he secures the dates of the cast.

    “We will figure out the dates of Amitabh Bachchan and Paresh Rawal, once that is done, we shall hopefully begin shooting by the end of this year.”


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