BarkhaGate, MediaGate –“innocent and gullible” journalists!!

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It is possible to argue that everyone whom Niira Radia called from her phones was just stringing her along, the way an “innocent and gullible” television journalist and a “sweet-talking” columnist claimed they did in the way of defending the substance of their conversations with a woman who was until recently a seemingly efficient lobbyist for Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata and others. But, the Supreme Court does not have the time for humour. In fact, it has taken a grave view of over 5,800 recorded phone conversations she had with politicians, businessmen, journalists and fixers. This month the court instructed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to probe several issues emanating from her conversations, which go far beyond the 2G spectrum scam, and affect, among others, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Anil Ambani’s Reliance ADAG and Unitech.


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    Satyam/ Munna – Can you please delete my comments from the Lefty thread and also add a link to Barkhagate-1 in this thread .


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    Brokering News – Media, Money and Middlemen


  3. Thanks Rocky for this documentry. Though most of the people ,atleast in urban india, knows it. Still an eyeopner.


  4. So my observation that Tehlka Is a communal, anti India and a Commie outfit is totally vindicated. They have imported a Taliban to lecture in India…..


  5. founding member of taliban in public forum and this guy Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef talking about them….enough said


  6. Tarun Tejpal of Tehlka in big big trouble…..
    told You !!!!


    • OK can anybody explain or point to what’s going on? What’s Tejpal accused of? Just a few days back he was interviewing AB and De Niro and now he has retired for 6 months?


  7. Sachin Kalbag ‏@SachinKalbag 44m
    Precis of Tejpal’s letter: Tehelka is great. I am sorry. I’ll sit at home for 6 months. Tehelka is great. Tehelka is great. Tehelka is great

    Rahul Pandita ‏@rahulpandita 31m
    Tehelka had employed the same kind of Taoism to the death of Tarun Sehrawat. Same words, same bullshit. No culpability.

    Snigdha Poonam ‏@snigdhapoonam 29m
    Shoma: “This may come as a rude surprise to many of you.” To no one indeed!

    Snigdha Poonam ‏@snigdhapoonam 51m
    “I must do the penance that lacerates me,” claims Tejpal and offers to not come to the office for 6 months. Only in India

    “I must do penance that lacerates me.” (which is 6 months of not doing work). Only a true liberal can write and get away with this


    • Its ( attempt) RAPE and for 2 days repeatedly.
      How M strikes back 😀

      I am enjoying that scumbag must be put in jail.

      Groping and fingering is not ‘untoward incident’ or molestation as media and another scum Mng Editor Shoma says it. Its Rape.

      Put him in jail and this is not apology by Glorifying himself in that letter…


      • agree Bliss, he should be in Jail, the girl was his friend’s daughter …
        But Shoma Chaudhry’s response is pathetic..


        • Kanchan Gupta ‏@KanchanGupta 1h

          ‘Moral’ equivalence begins. In Gujarat state power ‘misused’ to protect a woman. Tehelka Editor used his power to molest a woman. Same-same.



            Note: This hypothetical is fictional unless proved in the days / months to come that it does bear resemblance to the truth.

            A young lady working on a Government project is required to have several meetings with politicians and bureaucrats. During one of the meetings with a bureaucrat, the latter develops a fancy for her. He tries to get her attention in different ways. Seeing that none of those ways work, the lecherous bureaucrat starts stalking her and indirectly threatening her. Believable so far? Sexual harassment at workplace is awfully common.

            The lady is seriously troubled on what she should do. Should she talk to her parents about this? Her father knows the Chief Minister. May be, that might help. She tells this to her parents after which her father talks to the CM hopeful that the CM will understand the seriousness of this harassment and rein in on the lecherous bureaucrat.

            As the Chief Minister is told of this, he intends to do his own inquiry. Before any action can be taken against an officer in his Government, the CM should be convinced that what he has heard is indeed true.

            What does he do? The complaint by the lady and/or her father is pretty serious. Confronting the bureaucrat head on might lead to a ‘your word against mine’ duel. The Chief Minister asks his trusted lieutenant to verify whether all this is true. The lieutenant, possibly unbeknownst to the CM, adopts the quickest way of finding it out – surveillance on the victim and the bureaucrat.

            Indeed, the legality of such surveillance is highly suspect. However, going through the authorisation channels carries the risk of alerting the bureaucrat. As it so happens, his brother is at a high position in the State police. He also has a lot of friends within the bureaucracy who owe him favours.

            Also of concern is the fact that, doing a special favour to someone using State resources just because he is known to the Chief Minister, even if for a benevolent purpose, might not be entirely appropriate. Having said that, the bureaucrat is vengeful and his threats are rather serious.

            The lieutenant contacts a trusted IPS officer to have his team keep a tab on the bureaucrat and the lady when she visits Gujarat. As it turns out, the bureaucrat is, in fact, harassing her. The bureaucrat is told to back off.

            The trusted cop who kept the surveillance, hands over a copy of his conversations with the Chief Minister’s lieutenant to the investigating agency which is actually investigating a crime totally unrelated to this surveillance. Somehow, these conversations are leaked and the media picks up the story.

            Around the time the bureaucrat is told to back off, he and his brother faced state action for alleged wrongs and illegalities. Not taking this lying down, he cooked up a story that, in fact, the lady had a liaison with the Chief Minister. He also went to the extent of saying that there is an explicit video of the lady with some person doing the rounds on the Internet despite knowing full well that such an insinuation can irreversibly impair her reputation. All this is said in the form of an affidavit before a court with utter consciousness that the affidavit will and can easily become public.

            Yet, for much of the media, the one who assaulted the dignity and invaded the privacy of the woman isn’t him who makes a wild and irreversibly damaging assertion in his affidavit about the explicit video involving the lady. It isn’t even his lawyer, a self-styled champion of human rights, who shamefully lets that assertion be a part of court record much to the chagrin of the judges!

            For the media, the one who is guilty of invading the privacy of the lady is the Chief Minister and his lieutenant. For them, the bureaucrat is the proverbial David and the Chief Minister and his Government the mighty Goliath. Of course, how can an all-powerful Chief Minister be the one wronged here? Some who abhor the Chief Minister use all kinds of flowery adjectives to describe him and the surveillance. Various human rights bodies manned by the Chief Minister’s rivals spring into action.

            Amidst this noise and sensation, the lady’s father pleads to the media and the organisations to leave her daughter alone. He had felt immense relief when his daughter got protection from the vengeful bureaucrat and got married. He is now in despair. Those he isn’t asking protection or support from aren’t willing to cede to him his and his daughter the right to refuse this deceptive act of gratuity.


  8. Why did the woman journalist put up with that behaviour in the first place? Why complained now? Something fishy.

    Would like to hear what TT has to say.

    There will be 2 sides.


  9. Full details :

    Delhi’s journalism circuit went into a tizzy on Wednesday night when it became increasingly apparent that a top editor could soon be facing charges of stalking, attempted rape (at the least), intimidation and in all probability, a prison term.

    That Tehelka magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Tarun Tejpal was still a free bird for a crime committed in Goa a fortnight back was, because the survivor, an employee of the magazine who claimed to be not only his daughter’s age but also her friend, was yet to lodge a police complaint. This, a friend of hers told Delhi Durbar, was only because she cared for Tehelka as an institution and was conscious the magazine may not survive this jolt.

    The friend agreed there was enough evidence that could put Tejpal in serious trouble if legal recourse was taken. This evidence allegedly includes Tejpal’s text messages to the survivor sent both immediately after the incident and then a week after that. It also includes CCTV footage of the elevators of the five star hotel where the incidents allegedly took place, two days in succession, on November 07 and 08.

    Tejpal admitted to the crime in an email he sent Tehelka Managing Editor Shoma Chaudhary, and now his successor, around 03 pm on Wednesday (20th November). In his email Tejpal termed the incident “tragic” and “a lapse of judgement”. He said that as “atonement” he was “offering to recuse” himself “from the editorship of Tehelka, and from the Tehelka office, for the next six months”. In turn, Chaudhary wrote to all Tehelka employees at 07 pm on Wednesday that Tejpal was leaving for six months because of an “untoward incident”.

    To the survivor and her friends, Tejpal’s apology has come across as half-hearted. What has hurt more is Tehelka‘s failure to institute an inquiry into the incident even three days after the survivor wrote to Chaudhary demanding such an inquiry. The incident has highlighted how leading media organisations like Tehelka are yet to constitute the Supreme Court-mandated Sexual Harassment Committees as per the 1997 Vishakha judgement of the apex court.

    Important voices within the media like The Hindu‘s Vidya Subramaniam and others hoped the survivor would find the courage to file a criminal complaint. “Girl’s friends must help her out of her trauma & persuade her to file criminal complaint against Tejpal…,” tweeted Subramaniam. CNN-IBN‘s Bhupendra Chaubey felt it was the Nirbhaya moment for the media.

    Most in the industry were aghast at the nonchalance that both Tejpal and Chaudhary betray in their emails to serious allegations of sexual harassment by a young girl. It is also something that made one Tehelka employee, Revathy Laul, quit in disgust. A source said that Laul already had problems at Tehelka but this was the “very last straw that pushed her over the edge”. The disgust could be gauged from the fact that it didn’t take minutes for Tehelka employees to let the world know through social media of Tejpal and Chaudhary’s chicanery in the face of a young girl’s serious allegations.

    The incident relates to Tehelka‘s Think festival from November 08 to 10 in Goa.

    In her email the survivor wrote to Chaudhary that “the editor in chief of Tehelka, Tarun Tejpal sexually assaulted” her “at Think on two occasions last week”. Her letter was written earlier this week to Chaudhary. The survivor further claimed that it took her time to tell Chaudhary about the incident as she had to “process the fact that it was Tarun who molested me — … — someone I had so deeply respected and admired for so many years”.

    According to the survivor’s friend, the first instance took place on the opening night of Think on November 07. The survivor, who is in her late 20s, was responsible for chaperoning Hollywood star Robert De Niro and his daughter.

    De Niro was one of the guest speakers at the festival. The young journalist survivor spent the entire day taking De Niro and his daughter Drena De Niro sightseeing and ensuring that they were not inconvenienced in any way at a place that was new to them. According to her friend, whom the survivor recounted the incident later, Tejpal and she accompanied De Niro and his daughter to their hotel suites to wish them goodnight.

    The survivor told her friends that Tejpal, whom she had known since she was a child and who had offered her first job and was a paternal figure to her, allegedly molested her in the elevator of the five star hotel when they were returned from De Niro’s hotel suite. She told them that she resisted. She reminded Tejpal that his daughter was her best friend, that the two families were close and that he had known her since she was a child. Her entreaties fell on deaf ears. According to the survivor, Tejpal allegedly “penetrated” her with his hands. The young journalist escaped somehow when the lift stopped on the ground floor.

    Well, this is the easiest way for you to keep your job.

    Tejpal followed the survivor as she walked out of the elevator. According to her friend Tejpal even threatened to sack the journalist if she didn’t play along. “Well, this is the easiest way for you to keep your job,” he allegedly told her as she walked away from him. The survivor then caught a taxi and returned to her hotel where she recounted the incident to three of her closest friends. Around this time, an hour past midnight, Tejpal texted the survivor which had reference to the incident in the elevator. “The fingertips,” it read.

    The next morning and afternoon, that is November 08, passed off normally. The survivor did discuss the incident with her friends but continued with the tasks assigned to her. In the afternoon she accompanied De Niro, his daughter, Sir VS Naipaul, Lady Naipaul and Tejpal’s wife to the Goa Governor’s bungalow for lunch. But the survivor didn’t mention the incident to Tejpal’s wife.

    After returning to the hotel, Tejpal instructed her to ensure that De Niro attended Amitabh Bachchan’s session in the evening. Tejpal said he wanted the two giants of cinema to meet. The survivor escorted De Niro and his daughter to shop at Panjim and brought the two to the hotel to attend actor Amitabh Bachchan’s session. The survivor then went back to her hotel room to change when she received Tejpal’s text messages, as well as a phone call from another employee’s number inquiring about her whereabouts and asking her to return to the hotel where the main event was taking place.

    Tejpal then, allegedly, asked her to accompany him to De Niro’s room as the actor, or so Tejpal claimed, wanted something from the room. The survivor later told her friends that she resisted entering the elevator as she was afraid it would lead to a repeat of the previous night’s incident. She alleged that Tejpal took her into the elevator forcefully and molested her again despite her protests.

    The journalist somehow extricated herself from Tejpal, who, she claimed, had by then became wary, realising that the survivor was on the verge of hysteria. She walked out of the elevator and immediately told one of her friends that Tejpal had molested her again.

    The survivor met her friend Tejpal’s daughter and recounted her the incident. The survivor told her friends that Tejpal’s daughter was extremely disgusted. When the survivor met Tejpal later to convey De Niro’s complaint about him having been mobbed badly, Tejpal told her that she made a mistake telling his daughter about the incident. It seems his daughter had shouted at Tejpal, asking him to keep his pants up.

    The survivor told her friends and her mother about the incident and was sure she would lose her job. She stayed the next day to chaperone De Niro and his daughter when she started getting text messages from Tejpal.

    In one message Tejpal allegedly told the survivor he hoped she conveyed to his daughter that it was “just a drunken banter, and nothing else” between the two of them. A second message followed: “and just banter, and nothing else”. Two more messages followed which conveyed that Tejpal was the least bit sorry about his act. “I can’t believe u went and mentioned even the smallest thing to her. What an absence of any understanding of a parent child relationship,” Tejpal texted her (sic).

    The survivor claimed to her friends that she did have phone conversations with Tejpal about De Niro’s travel plans on November 09, but generally stayed away from him. According to the survivor, Tejpal didn’t mention the incident during these calls. She had no contact with Tejpal, she claimed to her friends, after she dropped De Niro and his daughter to the Goa Airport at 4.30 pm on November 09.

    Tejpal texted the survivor again half dozen times on November 16. Tejpal inquired from her whether she had spoken to his daughter and if his daughter was okay.

    “Why would she be ok about the fact that you sexually assaulted her best friend, that is me?” texted the survivor.

    But according to her version to her friends Tejpal continued to evade. “What’s with saying this awful stuff??” he texted back. The survivor replied:”Do not send me any messages. You are lying and you know that.”

    But to Tejpal the incident was nothing but drunken banter. “Oh is that so? I cherished you like one of my best kids always, all these years; and because of one drunken banter you so easily say these awful things.”

    The survivor persisted that “it was twice Tarun, not once and it was no banter. You did the most horrible things to me and I certainly was not drunk. I asked you to stop repeatedly.”

    The Editor-in-Chief was still trying to browbeat her. “Oh so that’s what you told XXX (Tejpal’s daughter). No wonder she’s so madly upset. Its ok. Am not going to contest anything with her. Will let time and my love heal what it can.” and “Don’t think I’ve been more saddened in the longest time.”

    In her letter to Chaudhary sent earlier this week, the survivor stated that Tejpal’s text messages on Saturday evening insinuated that she “misconstrued “a drunken banter”. That is not what happened. Banter does not involve forcing yourself on someone, trying to disrobe them, and penetrate them with your fingers despite them pleading for you to stop.”

    The survivor said it has been “traumatic and terrifying” for her to report this to Chaudhary “and yet how critical” She demanded that “Tehelka constitute an anti sexual harassment cell as per the Vishakha guidelines immediately, to investigate this matter. At the very least, I will need a written apology from Mr Tejpal and an acknowledgement of the same to be circulated through the organization. It cannot be considered acceptable for him to treat a female employee in this way.”

    However, Tejpal’s wasn’t much of an apology. In an email to Chaudhary at nearly 03 pm on November 20, Tejpal showed little realisation of the gravity of his crime. “The last few days have been most testing, and I squarely take the blame for this. A bad lapse of judgment, an awful misreading of the situation, have led to an unfortunate incident that rails against all we believe in and fight for,” he stated.

    He claimed that he has “already unconditionally apologised for” his misconduct to the concerned journalist, but I feel impelled to atone further.” He said that in a “lapse of judgement” he has hurt Tehelka‘s “high principles”.

    “I must do the penance that lacerates me. I am therefore offering to recuse myself from the editorship of Tehelka, and from the Tehelka office, for the next six months,” Tejpal said.

    At a little past 07 pm, Chaudhary emailed the rest of the employees about the “untoward incident”. She appended Tejpal’s email to her letter stating that “though he has extended an unconditional apology to the colleague involved, Tarun will be recusing himself as the editor of Tehelka for the next six months.”

    But two public statements by Chaudhary on Wednesday seemed to raise questions as to her bipartisanship in this matter. “It is an internal problem and we are not setting up any enquiry into the matter,” Chaudhary told the Business Standard.”

    And when questioned by the Indian Express, she said, “I don’t know how this concerns you…I don’t think you can ask me these questions.”

    This isn’t the first such instance of sexual harassment in the media. There have been well known incidents in the past in both print and television journalism. In all of those case, the perpetrators were punished only because one brave survivor decided to stand up. It wasn’t as if it was the first transgression for any of these editors. However, the editors have soon found cushy jobs or assignments elsewhere.


  10. As per reports, Tejpal has fled India, most probably in Canada


  11. Shouldn’t the Headlines of this post be changed from Barkha-Gate to Stalk-Gate?


    • What about AAP- Gate ???


      • LOL!!!
        Sure. It’ a cut and dried case.
        The elderly man is forgetful, and I mean it in all seriousness. In his answer he has been reminded of how *repeatedly* these same questions came up and were answered, of the various investigations that had taken place and where nothing was found.

        I think this jerked his memory and the very next day he was saying just the opposite.

        The letter is a mystery. You might not believe in this, but here might be some thing.

        And then the year old clip, perhaps one of those numeous occasion where this topic came up and was answered by AK in his reply made public.

        All said and done AK sincerely states he’ll withdraw if proved guilty, which no one else is saying.

        This is all as much of a joke as the investigation of the Rs 5 crore of *illegal* foreign donation as compared to…… hahaha ROTFL.


        • Watch Indian channel right now. Now. 2 stings are defrocking AK and AAP right now

          1) Taking money to level false allegations w/o giving receipts ( Ilimi and vishwas)
          2) AK selling Badarpur seat for Rs 2 crores : SMS’s are being shown on TV.

          Enjoy Anarchist AK. bogey of Congress 😀


          • Hahaha. In one interview Sheila Dixit had already commented, ârre abhi kya hai, the real campaigning takes place in the last 2 weeks’.

            BTW, are you happy with these things?
            I hope the rest of the Indian population see through this.
            I support AAP because I see a chance for a change. I wasn’t interested in politics before this, and so my support is because of my belief and not because of any fandom.

            Everyone is waiting to see what the next attck will be.
            These sting operations are a sad case. Though they do prove that the other parties are afraid.

            If AAP fails I look in horror at a changeless India with congress – Bjp – cpngress – bjp -congress dirt over and over again.


      • *making it clearer*

        In his answer he has been reminded of how *repeatedly*…

        This shoulr read;
        In AK’s answer Anna has been reminded of how *repeatedly*

        I think this jerked his memory …..
        This should read;
        I think this jerked Anna’s memory


    • After all two such cases have come to light.


  12. Kejriwal has become more relevant than Anna H. Atleast he knows what he wants, where he is going.


  13. This is just precious! The Dhongi has been Dhonged. Congress must be seriously wondering where Modi gets his lucky stars from! Congress, Tehelka et al with eggs on their faces. Supremely Precious.


    • You mean Tejpal represents congress as powerfully as Modi represents BJP?


      • All of his recent activities (since in fact 2000-01) seem to suggest so. Paid Media is omnipotent, Tejpal may have statted out as an idealist, but he too got engulfed in all the muck.


        • At least he wasn’t set up to be the PM of the country.


          • One was trying to protect a woman, the other was trying to rape a woman! Its amazing how you equate the two.


          • I wasn’t equating the two, you were, when you talked of eggs on their faces. I carried on from there when you bracketed them.
            I guess you were also not pointing to the crime but the egg, and so was I.


  14. Imagine DeNiro being told that the young woman who had been chaperoning him and his daughter all around Goa was sexually assaulted by the hotshot editor who interviewed him with Bachchan!! DeNiro will recount this tale with perplexed incredulity to any and every member of his fraternity. And he will have a first hand account of the extent to which Indian men have fallen in their treatment of women.
    Any remaining doubts that India is in the midst of a societal sexual intimidation nightmare have been removed with this incident. The rapes in Delhi/Mumbai were committed by men from the lowest classes against women of the middle class. Now this Snoopgate episode shows how Bureaucrats harrass young women (so much that the State has to authorize protection by snooping!). And the moral purveyor of content in India, The Great Tarun Tejpal, who unveiled the dirt of politics and corruption, himself falls to this sick disease. The disease is without class barriers. It is a Disease if nothing else, where men of power (whether positional or situational) seem to think that they can pounce on any woman under the domain of their power.

    Recently, a friend in NY had to cancel a group vacation to India because of these stories. His group consisted of 20-25 close American friends. The girls simply refused to go to India. What/How do we Indians explain these incidents? Its shameful, beyond any conceivable logic. It has now highlighted how hollow the edifice of Indian society has become. The termites have brought it all crashing down.


  15. And now sting on AAP shows them accepting cash without receipts. Triple Precious!!!
    Chodho sab dhong. Dhongi khud Dhon mein phas gaye hain. So much for a Clean AAP! That idiot Kumar Vishwas blaring everywhere that he will leave politics if its proved that AAP misuses cash. Ab kaunsi shaayari sunaoge Kumar Vishwas? Band-Baaja baj gaya na??


    • I’m sure there is a ‘game’ played behind this. I’ll find out and let you, if you’re interested, the way the truth about the letter has come out, and that ink thrower being set up by the BJP even bailed out by their treasurer.


    • The power of ‘unearned’ money is Supreme. Jo khud ki mehnat se nahi kamaya, woh hamesha budhi bhrasht hi karta hai. Politics and Politiicians the world over have been smitten by ‘unearned’ donations.
      The System does not change. It only changes every idealist. The game is the system itself. The system corrupts. Plain and Simple.
      One should accept it, and choose the least corrupt amongst them all. AAP has just started. If it had won power, it would end up becoming no different from Cong or BJP.


      • Not true. There are countries where decentralization of power has led to considerably negligible corruption.
        That’s what AAP wants to do.

        AAP promises to make conditions for removal of any candidate involving himself/herself in this. Here it’s one candidate I believe who would be removed if things prove authentic and not a hoax and a set up by the ruling powers.


        • Power decentralization is only possible in those tiny European countries with homogenized populations. It is a pipe dream in large diverse societies such as India or China or US.


      • abusing elderly man like anna hazare will serve no purpose by aap …who is kejriwal …meeting hardcore islamic fundamentalist who is known all over or eating out anna’s money

        how bushan father and son where present with this tarun for so called sting

        the same tehelka(mouthpiece of we all know who)


        • Are you spreading propoganda? When and where did Kejriwal abuse Anna?

          Yesterday a newsreport commented on this fact that inspite of this there has been no attack from AAP/AK’s side.


          • propaganda matlab samjho pehle before pointing finger at others and saying bjp is doing this or that and this is what your so called activist are doing on ground


          • Only a fool will think this is all real. It isn’t and even you know that.
            It ia all a dirty game played before electons by the two parties afraid of their losses. They might succeed in their games if the people are stupid and foolish, and can stagnate.

            But the people I know in Delhi don’t believe a thing.


          • in real life this is someone speaking in indian parliament

            calling others fools won’t serve any purpose

            with which party tasleema is affiliated to…living in exile in india

            ..kejriwal chadar chadane jaate hain or fatwon ke bare main spokeperson ho jaate and after some time digvijay repeats same

            ….anna the mentor of kejriwal..

            stings can be….but own party members

            nobody is clean in indian politics….its the system and i am being more practical…beleive whatever you have to but kindly don’t advice and harp on what i think


          • The only reason I said ‘even you know that’ is because I didn’t want to include you among fools.

            Of course I’ll believe in what I like. It’s sad to see how politics has become such muck that it gets difficult to see when a good one comes along.
            He goes all the way to Bikaner to get votes for Delhi leaving Jama Masjid and the maulvis there.


    • Oh, that is Kejriwal just bending down to vote-bank politics. Ab rajneeti mein aaye hain, vote kaise batorenge?? Kuch bhi nahi badla, badlega bhi nahi. Idealists should kindly remove their rose tinted blinders.


    • The point is, shouldn’t AK be visiting the religious heads at Jama Masjid, the *real* vote bank? The immediate need?

      This is just a witch hunt.
      He went to the durgah to *chaadar chhadane* and the maulana happens to be an official there.
      To shun such people will make them feel more alien. There is this religious divide that has been created.

      One can meet religious heads – to divide for vote bank,
      or welcome them along with other religious groups to fight their fight.


      • was hoping and hope he gets 10-15 seats point is hiw own members unhappy with distribution are doing and this happened today only


        • I don’t know which one you mean. If it’s Kumar Vishwas, he’s clearly negotiating his invitation to somewhere as he normally does to read his poems.

          Shazia hasn’t clearly been shown discussing anything wrong. It’s her secretary.

          I think it has been edited, and shown in such a way as to give a wrong impression.

          Don’t worry. People know these dirty politics. AAP will get much more than 10 -15.

          It’s such a paradox. It’s this very dirty politics which they are practising with their so called sting operations which AAP wants to clean up.

          I think the people will have to take the blame for a stagnant corrupt situation in the country with a profusion of scams.


  16. Kejriwal is more practical. Would like to see him win some seats. Both congress and bjp are losing sleep over him.


  17. Javed Akhtar-
    Jo bhee main Kehna Chahoon, Barbaad Karen Alfaaz merey !!!


  18. Kya se kya ho gaya. 😦 when morality falls in society, where will good person come from? TOday i realize that One state gets politician as good as public themselves are.


    • this is full sting operation here, Implementing lokpal bill in delhi was never a right statement. As it is not possible because delhi has no autonomous state status. It can only be done in loksabha. Also, how can he send all politicians in tihar jail within 6 months. Big claims by kejriwal now just seems feel good.
      I think lack of right realistic promises, proper plan and knowledge of legal matters and inexperience of how to run a state . Otherwise, it was just opportunism by kejriwal en-cashing on Anna’s credibility and popularity.
      More than anyone else, it is opportunity loss for public.


    • This is even worst, Kejriwal went desperate here i guess.


    • Selling tickets is worst thing, they should have gone for whatever they win without compromising.


  19. Aarop, aab kya? RAVISH KUMAR discusses..

    That Kavitha Krishnan is really grating and rude and condescending..acting as though she is the sole freaking guest here..


  20. I’m posting the hindi statement from their site.

    कल मीडिया सरकार द्वारा जारी सीडी के बारे में आम आदमी पार्टी ने घोषणा की थी कि हम 24 घंटे के भीतर जांच कर के अपना निर्णय सुनायेंगे, हमने यह समय दो तरह की जाँच के लिए माँगा था |

    एक तो हम इस सीडी में नामित सभी साथियों का पक्ष सुनना चाहते थे, दूसरा हम इस सीडी की विश्वसनीयता की जाँच करने के लिए पूरी असंपादित रिकॉर्डिंग देखना चाहते थे !

    हमने यह वादा किया है कि पार्टी दोषियों के खिलाफ सख्त से सख्त कार्यवाही करेगी, चाहे उसे किसी उमीदवार को वापिस ले कर सीट खाली छोडनी पड़े !

    कल रात प्रेस कांफ्रेंस के तुरंत बाद श्री संजय सिंह ने मीडिया सरकार के मुख्य कार्यकारी श्री अनुरंजन झा को फ़ोन कर के पूरी रिकॉर्डिंग भेजने का आग्रह किया ! उन्होने फ़ोन पर हामी भरी और एक औपचारिक अनुरोध भेजने को कहा ! रात को ही पार्टी के राष्ट्रीय सचिव श्री पंकज गुप्ता ने ईमेल के जरिये श्री झा से मूल असंपादित रिकॉर्डिंग पार्टी को आज सुबह 11 बजे तक उपलब्ध करवाने का अनुरोध किया ! बाद में एक टीवी चैनल पर श्री झा अपनी बात से मुकर गए ! अभी 11 बजे की समय सीमा समाप्त होने के बाद भी श्री झा ने न तो टेप पहुंचाए हैं और न ही हमारी ईमेल का जवाब दिया है !
    यह सीडी जारी करते समय मीडिया सरकार ने दावा किया था कि वह ऐसा देश हित में सच्चाई उजागर करने के लिए कर रहे हैं, अगर ऐसा है तो उनकी जिम्मेदारी बनती है कि वे मूल रिकॉर्डिंग सार्वजानिक करें ! अगर वे ऐसा करने से इंकार करते हैं तो यह साबित हो जायेगा कि मीडिया सरकार कुछ छिपा रहा है और इन टेपों से छेड़खानी की गयी है और ये सीडी आम आदमी पार्टी को बदनाम करने का एक षड्यंत्र भर है ! हमने अपने सभी साथियों से बातचीत की है और सबने ये कहा है की सीडी में दिखाए गए हिस्से, मूल बातचीत के शरारतपूर्ण और तोड़ मरोड़ कर पेश किये गए अंश हैं !

    आम आदमी पार्टी इस मामले की तह तक पहुँचने के लिए कृतसंकल्प है ! हमने मीडिया के माध्यम से श्री अनुरंजन झा से फिर अनुरोध करते हैं कि वे आज दोपहर 3 बजे तक मूल टेप आम आदमी पार्टी के हनुमान रोड दफ्तर तक पहुंचा दें !

    आम आदमी पार्टी मीडिया से भी अनुरोध करती है कि वे इस मामले में पत्रकारिता के बुनियादी सिद्धांतों को ताक पर न रखें ! किसी सीडी की विश्वसनीयता की जाँच किये बिना उसे अपने चैनल पर प्रसारित करना कानून, चुनावी आचार संहिता और पत्रकारिता की मर्यादा का उल्लंघन है !

    ऐसी सीडी के आधार पर पार्टी के बारे में निष्कर्ष निकाल कर जनता में सन्देश देना तो सीधे सीधे बड़ी पार्टियों के षड़यंत्र का शिकार होना है !

    आम आदमी पार्टी फिर अपने इस संकल्प को दोहराती है कि इस मामले का पूरा सच सामने आने पर किसी भी दोषी को नहीं बक्शा जायेगा ! अगर पार्टी का कोई भी उम्मीदवार दोषी पाया जाता है तो उस पर कड़ी से कड़ी कार्यवाही होगी ! अगर यह सीडी फर्जी पाई जाती है तो यह फर्जीवाडा करने वालों के खिलाफ सख्त कानूनी कार्यवाही की जाएगी !


  21. Anuranjan Jha was phoned by AAP and they requested for the uncut version, because the framed people have said the conversation has been cut and pasted.

    Hahaha on the phone from AAP’s press conference he agreed, but later refused. He says he will give it to EC.

    AAp has stated they want to check the raw footage so that they can punish and withraw these people . But if the footage shows another story – they will take him to court!!! BRAVO!!!!!

    A letter has also been sent to EC about this matter.

    So this JHA fellow is exposed along with the partisan media of the two big parties.


  22. It seems AAP taking it head on. They never tried to run away and faced the media and on the other hand Media sarkar (Anuranjan Jha) seems to be playing hide and seek game.
    Those are clearly edited tape and only unedited tape can provide some clarity.


  23. One thing I do not like is when BJP guys go after AAP, I would like BJP to win, but I do not have anything against AAP, they are not the ones looting the country like Congress, and after all just a year back they had the entire middle class ( including the BJPites) behind them, ,They are inexperienced but and be given a chance to contest. I do not doubt Kejriwal’s integrity at all ( may be some of his supporters are, but then BJP had Pramod Mahajan, Laxman etc. )


  24. BTW the silence of the Commies, the Congis and also some in-house experts at SS about Tarun Tejpal is amazing….
    The reaction by Shoma is so Pathetic- Aggrieved party, Financial implications, it was Consensual …WTF

    also read somewhere Javed Akhtar is the new “Didvijay Singh” og Bollywood !!


    • Those who believe ‘pogroms’ are imaginary things have no right to question anyone on character issues!

      I could say a lot about Tejpal. his actions speak for themselves and one would be mad to try and justify them. However this kind of debate can only be had in an honest framework. But beyond this I resist this sort of conflation where people on the left are first attacked ideologically and then one rubs one’s hands in glee when they get involved in these kinds of terrible personal episodes. Put differently I don’t particularly care what Hitler’s personal issues were. I am much more interested in the impact his politics had. A case of sexual assault speaks for itself, it probably hurts Tejpal even more given the kinds of issues he’s spoken up for, all of this is fair. But I am still not convinced of the ‘good faith’ of those who attack him from the Right. Quite the opposite!


      • When the Left does not want to uphold the law in cases where their stooges are implicated, the Right has no choice but to step in. The massive coverup being engaged in this case speaks volumes about the Left Establishment’s complicity here. First they tried to hush it all up, then tried to stonewall, now they are trying to character assasinate. The Feminists must be aghast, looking at their own bum-pals indulging in these shennanigans and chicanery.


        • “When the Left does not want to uphold the law in cases where their stooges are implicated, the Right has no choice but to step in.”

          We thank the Right for providing this social work from time to time.. the Right now into feminism is going to make me cry..


          • Lol.. but seriously, the way in which it is being played out is really really shocking. Its like Tehelka taking a page out of Asaram’s playbook! Every conceivable moral high ground taken by Congress in all cases against BJP has been destroyed with this one incident. Their own lackey has dragged them all into one big mess.


      • Re.-Those who believe ‘pogroms’ are imaginary things have no right to question anyone on character issues!
        Hain ??????
        Bas Hitler/ Pogroms/ for every argument !!
        how are the two issues related ??
        it is like what Rajen had posted a while back
        But what about Gujrat is the question all the time ..


        • Yes I know.. I obsess with unimportant things.. Tarun Tejpal’s actions have far greater consequences for the future of the Republic..

          I suppose I shouldn’t be talking about the Holocaust and more about the perverse sexual practices of some key Nazi figures..

          Incidentally you made the issues related by not calling out Tejpal for just doing something terrible but by insisting that this is how a ‘left’ figure behaved! It’s as if one were to ask the Delhi rapists whether they voted for the BJP or the Congress! In terms of Tejpal personal pronouncements yet this is even worse for him. I wouldn’t argue with this. But this does not tarnish the left in any larger sense. That’s the connection you have drawn!


          • I did not make that connection, all I was alluding was to the silence- Rita Bahuguna, Jayanti Natrajan, Teetsa, Rana Ayyub, Shoma Chaudhry, Javed “Digvijay” Akhtar, Tiwari, et all….kahan hain yeh sab ??
            The punk Rahul Singh ( Khushwant Singh’s son) was trying to politicize it at the news hour show last night


          • but how many people do you attack on the Right for being silent when it comes to other issues? Each side plays this game where it justifies its own silence by attacking the other side.


          • And I do think that Tejpal’s action and the resolution and Javed Akhtar’s defence (trying to make Modi commection) is very Important to the future of Media in the India..
            If not for social Media, this whole thong would have been brushed under the Carpet by Shoma….


          • That I agree, but Satyam- this issue was not about politics but a social issue..


    • Totally agree. The silence is deafening across all spectrums, be it print, TV or internet. They are all flabbergasted that their own Poster Boy has fallen into a deep hole. But then liberals hardly ever attack sexual crimes. Their history in such matters is spotty at best. From Clinton to Tejpal, all cut from the same fabric.


      • “But then liberals hardly ever attack sexual crimes.”

        True. Not like the Right which was so conscientious in attacking the wonderful administering of a pogrom not so long ago..


        • Now you too are engaging in the classic “1984-2002 comparison conundrum”. You yourself have always patronised: Two Wrongs dont make a Right.


          • Of course not but one cannot operate with Alzheimer’s either. for instance if I am not willing to criticize SRK for certain things I cannot get up one day and suddenly start attacking Hrithik for the same with this ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ logic! Why? because the first wrong was never accepted in the first place. It was conceded as such after the original event, simply as a debating point, only to really be able to attack the second example. So if I really want to attack Hrithik but not SRK for the same thing I can play this game whereby I pretend to be offended by both knowing full well that the SRK action exists in the past and doesn’t have as much emotional weight whereas the Hrithik one being the news of the day is what people are really interested in.

            So the framing has to be honest. One can’t use hysterical claims, completely divorced from any notion of evidentiary of verifiable reality, to advance these, and then suddenly ask the other other side to follow those very rules that one has rejected all along!

            And again one can’t conflate two very different issues. One can display an enormous personal failing but that hardly nullifies the larger set of ideological choices one makes. One has only deconstructed oneself, not the larger argument. But in politics it’s fairly easy to conflate the two and always have the support of bourgeois pieties to make this obfuscation work. To get to your Clinton example what he did was pretty atrocious but the Republicans used this as an excuse. They wanted to destroy him anyway. I have so often argued against SRK for so many reasons. But the one thing I haven’t done is talk about the Priyanka Chopra ‘affair’ which many in the media felt was a fact. Why? Because this has nothing to do with my ‘objections’ as far as he is concerned. But it would be fairly easy to stress on this and. Which is for instance what some of the SRK folks have done when attacking Aamir (‘see he left his wife’!).

            How does the ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ thing then work for me? Well to quote a privileged example if the shoe were ever on the other foot and Muslims decided to launch a pogrom in Gujarat, first off I would not be as definitionally challenged as the supporters of Modi have been, but also I would not support even for a minute any such action irrespective of the history. Because no one has a right to such violence, even if it is considered retaliatory. And so the moment there was the danger of any such thing happening I would immediately be on the other side including with those on the Right who would have been so cavalier about the earlier event.


      • Everybody from the Goan cheif minister to the national association of women in media to the most left-wing journalists like Sidharth Varadarajan have spoken up soundly condemning Tejpal, not to mention the incessant flow of articles and tweets criticizing his crime, and yet all you hear is ‘deafening silence’? I’m pretty sure the problem here is your selective deafness!

        It is beyond ludicrous to suggest that the entire left-wing population is tainted because of a few particular members who happen to be sexual criminals! There has never been a rapist or misogynist who voted BJP, I suppose!


        • You need to see the latest developments. Tejpal is trying to paint this as ‘consensual’, and his buddies are pushing it on Talkshows. Congress spokespersons have not even condemned it, have not gone on any news channel to offer their condemnation.
          Delhi Police was quick to file Zero FIR’s against Asaram, here they drag their feet. The few outraged women who are speaking up have yet not found the Political support that is necessary from the Center to push this case forward. It is only the Goa Police which has jumped into action (ie, a BJP State Police), and filed an FIR. Shoma is buying time with the FIR, is not co-operating with the Goa Police. Typical Machiavellian strategy to slow the news cycle down and let it all die.


        • congress ahd Three women leaders, Manish Tiwari, Chidambram, etc on the recent so called stalking case, abhee sab chup hain !!


    • The fact that all this was done in a forum where Shoma Chaudhury was vehemently speaking up for feminism and righst of rape accused is literally is mind-numbing. The same Shoma then engaged in pushing it all under the rug. So much for taking a stand on Women’s Rights!


      • Agreed here; Shoma’s hypocrisy is incredibly staggering. How can she so complacently trot out the very same sexist semantics and excuses (using euphemisms for sexual assault, insisting that sexual crime is an ‘internal matter’) that she attacks so often through her own journalism? People make a big hue and cry over how the country has supposedly become ‘sensitized’ to crime against women after Nirbhaya, but the depressing reality becomes apparent when even the most ardent crusaders for women empowerment retort to Khap-like tactics instead of walking the talk.


        • And I wonder what poor ole Rober DeNiro must make of all this. Surely, he mustve made a little bond with the victim while she was chaperoning him all over Goa. I mean, this is so incredulous bewilderment, perplexing, .. don’t know what words to use here. Tejpal chose a forum such as this to engage in such an atrocity. The power of a sexual urge trumps every logical rational thought. Or it suggests that this went on with others, and there surely must be lots of skeletons in the closet, that really need to tumble out.


          • I am sure this will be De Niro’s last visit. He must be in a WTF mode right now.


          • Forget DeNiro, Imagine what will be Rape survivors must be thinking who were there to participate “The Beast among Us”. One such rape victim just said on TV that She is feeling ‘DIRTY’ right now.

            Moreover, Dont forget Famous line of T Tejpal from the Stage of ThinkFest , Goa :

            ” …eat, drink b merry, go 2 bed with any1″


        • Her stance has nothing to do with feminism (or against) but protecting her existence. If things are not controlled her existence as journalist will go down several notches. In short the parameters are different for others than when you are middle of action. Very basic human nature.

          ps – So when Kejriwal talks about other people the parameters are kept very high but it happened to his party he wants tapes. I still believe he is better than other if honesty is parameter but you see the difference.


          • > So when Kejriwal talks about other people the parameters are kept very high but it happened to his party he wants tapes.

            That’s a strange statement. If Kejriwal is accusing others they should have done the same what he’s doing – getting to the bottom of it. The so called sting shows nothing. No exchange of money, only pasted dialogues.

            But these ‘other people’ didn’t do it, because of gulit. Kejriwal is sure about what is to be done. If true deal strictly with the offenders, if false deal strictly with those who made this false CD.


  25. It is true that one cannot start attacking libtards and painting all of them with the same brush. This is Tejpal’s personal fall from grace. His own demons he has to deal with. Personal demons one has to face with one’s own conscience; this doesn’t have to do anything with one’s politics. If Tejpal has done good work in the past that has been used in public domain, it doesn’t simply get washed away with this stuff. The public right he did earlier cannot just be wronged to the skies now because of this wrongful act.

    But what is troubling is how these ‘arm-chair’ business-men writers and ‘thinkers’, mainly on the left react when they themselves realize that they are humans too!! To hell with right, left, left of right, right of left, left of center, right of center, top, bottom, whatever..If you have made a career of ‘exposing’ ‘communal people’ or their personal weaknesses or their politics, you better have enough strength in your bollocks when you are caught with your pants down! Don’t end up behaving like a bloody earthworm trying to run back into its hole. Just own up! What Clinton did with a cigar is no great shakes.. But that he committed perjury is what is and will always be held against him. Tejpal might still win friends and some trust if he owns up. There is no escape for him now. If there is an email or text that says to the lady, ‘ this is one way of keeping your job,’; there is truly no way he can say that he did not abuse his power or his seniority.

    And this should be a lesson for people who go on having the ‘holier than thou’ attitude when it comes to the ‘others.’ You realize how difficult it is to be human now? It was the libtard Shoma Choudhary that used to come on those angrezi talk shows with another imbecile of the highest order Shobha De–seriously, only in a country like India can you expect such people to be called in to discuss ‘serious’ matters; a woman who made money and her career by describing in better English which actor/director banged whom and when and how–and start giving sermons about how men should behave and had the gall to ask for resignation of an official who made a ridiculous statement regarding rape. Within 2 days, her righteous sense of self-indignation disappeared when one of her own was caught? Why isn’t she now shouting hysterically now? Because it will burn your own libtard bum?

    One has to realize what one is talking of and not go on ranting about whatever one sees. Just because it gets you some million hits or some TRPs, don’t resort to chest-banging. As they say in Punjabi/Urdu , ‘Doosro mein burai dhundhne waalo, jaraa apne girebaan mein zaank kar dekho, waha kitni gandgi hai??’

    Just because you have some NYT and Washington Post reviews claiming you to be some great historian, don’t call the 80% of Hindus who write on the internet, ‘Internet Hindus’ and sit your ass on a chair smiling at the sky for having coined some bloody phrase! I got one for you too — ‘libtard.’ Face it.


    • well said AnJo and NY Kavi..


    • “And this should be a lesson for people who go on having the ‘holier than thou’ attitude when it comes to the ‘others.’ You realize how difficult it is to be human now? It was the libtard Shoma Choudhary that used to come on those angrezi talk shows …and start giving sermons about how men should behave and had the gall to ask for resignation of an official who made a ridiculous statement regarding rape. Within 2 days, her righteous sense of self-indignation disappeared when one of her own was caught? Why isn’t she now shouting hysterically now? Because it will burn your own libtard bum?”

      So the real problem here is that a woman had the ‘gall’ to tell men how to behave and the solution is simply to never castigate or condemn anybody for sexual crime against women?!

      Shoma’s fault is NOT that she condemned sexual crime and callous statements regarding rape, it’s that she has been shameful in her response to sexual crime within her own publication!


      • If she cannot apply her own sermons to her situation, what right does she have of trying to hound others? Moral Hypocricy/Turpitude at its best.


        • Hyopcisy, yes, as I stated earlier. But what is worrying about this hypocrisy is her willingness to abet a sexual criminal; her words of protest against rape might have been hollow, but that is not the part of her hypocrisy that is problematic.

          And certainly the lesson to take away should not be that one should be less condeming and ‘holier than thou’ regarding sexual crime (because, hey, being human is so difficult!), but that one should not trivialize sexual crime as an untoward, internal incident.


  26. You guys paint everything in left and right!


  27. left/ commies/congress are all mourning. Sonia G is devastated so is Chidu, Sibal and Manish T ( 3 barking monkeys). Sonia and Sibal are doubly worried, former because her Best asset has fallen to dust before 14 elections, the great extortionist, pimp called Ponytail Tejpal and later because Sibal is close relative of Tejpal ( Tejpal’s mother is real sister of sibal) and sibal holds stake in Tehelka and Tehelka funding is one of best secrets out there

    Anyways, other assets have been activated to save main asset as later knows many dirty secrets ( done by him only) of Congress and cant be given to wolves.
    So character assassination and smear campaign of victim has begun, now theory of consensual sex is put forward

    but his own mail nails him and victims response. ( there is cache of private mails and sms also)

    “We have been able to get a copy of the “unconditional apology” that Tarun Tejpal wrote to the young journalist on November 19, which clearly states:

    I apologise unconditionally for the shameful lapse of judgement that led me to attempt a sexual liaison with you on two occasions on 7 November and 8 November 2013, despite your clear reluctance that you did not want such attention from me.
    Clearly, we need to see today’s spin about a “totally consensual encounter” in the context of the following emails that leave no room for any doubt as to what actually happened on the nights of Nov 7 and 8.”


  28. Liberal: A person fully convinced that the rules s/he judges others by are not applicable to him/herself ‘coz s/he is a different breed

    Sliberal: A liberal who is also a secular. (For defn of liberal please read above or look up “rapist” in dictionary)



  29. If the editor of Britain’s Guardian newspaper was accused of sexually assaulting a female colleague then offered to step down for six months “to do penance” you can imagine the outcry this would provoke.

    That is a close equivalent to the crisis engulfing India’s foremost investigative title Tehelka over sex crime allegations against its editor-in-chief and proprietor Tarun Tejpal, a media celebrity here.

    It’s even more acute for a magazine that has run hard-hitting exposes of high-profile figures involved in sex crimes but finds itself accused of double standards in the way it’s treating its own famous founder, now he is an alleged perpetrator.


  30. Rocky, Kavi :

    After several preliminaries and high-power calls—some of them from Sonia Gandhi’s political adviser Ahmed Patel —”Tehelka” publisher and chief operating officer Neena Tejpal met Chief Minister Digambar Kamat in Goa weeks ahead of ”Think 2011”, the magazine’s ‘festival of ideas’ that was held here from November 4 to 6……..

    He denied there had been pressure from Delhi for him to support the festival, which has been shadowed by a controversy, or that a deal had been struck for “Tehelka” to hold off an expose on illegal mining in Goa. “No, no, that’s not true at all,” he said……

    Neena Tejpal, sister of “Tehelka” editor Tarun Tejpal, was business-like and downright arrogant with the Goa chief minister, leaving his aides quite stunned. “If Tarun was here, he would have asked for Rs 1.5 crore. How much are you willing to give?” she asked Kamat quite bluntly, a government source told Deccan Herald. The source expressed shock at Neena’s tone and tenor, considering she was talking to the chief minister of a state. An embarrassed Kamat asked his aides to see which departments could be tapped for funding the fest and the chief secretary finally came up with a figure of Rs 50 lakh for the magazine’s event.

    “Tehelka”, which prides itself for its investigative and public interest journalism, has been accused by theatre personality Hartman De Souza of burying a report on mining in Goa by its former correspondent Raman Kirpal because of the negotiations with the Goa government on “Thinkfest”. Tejpal has strongly denied the charges. But a government aide said after the meeting with Neena Tejpal there was a strong buzz in the secretariat that Kamat was keen to oblige the “Tehelka” people because they have some “explosive material” on him.


    • I believe that, also there are several leaks where the Congress is telling the editors- go slow on Tejpal, apna hee aadmi hai !!
      Shoma is more concerned who leaked the email rather than the episode itself..


  31. Re. And again one can’t conflate two very different issues. One can display an enormous personal failing but that hardly nullifies the larger set of ideological choices one makes

    I think Tejpal has failed in both !!
    The amount of money he took from Corporates and Congress strops him of his so called Commie ideology as well !!


    • yes all of this deconstructs Tejpal but you guys aren’t just attacking him. You’re attacking him as representative of a (as you define it) left establishment. You are in good company with Palin in these matters! Which you probably don’t mind in other ways!


      • again, we are atttackin Tejpal for his Actions and the left establishment for their Inaction on the actions of Tejpal..


      • But if the Left wants to attain a moral high ground vs the Right, they SHOULD let Tejpal be tried in a court of law, rather than trying to drag their feet on this episode. If the Left wants to not get itself painted with the Tejpal brush, they have to drop all these stonewalling tactics, and condemn this with full force. They will lose a few foot soliders and perhaps a vazir (Sibal), but they will end up attaining the moral high ground before the elections.
        Congress keeps making the mistake of under-estimating the power of social-media. The pressure will keep building, and they will be caricaturised to no end. Every minute that this continues, it is going to become worse for Congress, because more and more of their own supporters will be outraged, and will be inclined to let skeletons tumble out. They will lose votes from educated liberals who WANT to see the right action take place in this case.


        • Don’t disagree here..


        • I don’t even know why people are linking this case with Congress. Media has not even mentioned congress in entire discussion or any article related to this topic. Even today, i don’t know what is congress angle here until i read it here.
          But, if there is, i must say whole media is in pocket of congress. They are not jumping guns towards any congress spokesperson. They never question any congress leader whatever the matter be.
          Though, they were all after Modi few days back in spooning case while there were solid proof Girl’s father himself being close to Modi demanded security and he even provided letter to Media.


      • And if Tejpal belonged to the other camp, the response and outrage would have been muted.

        Gujarat riots never gets this type of response from these righteous people.

        Selective bashing.


  32. At least we are not on sides of Left, commies, Stalin, Mao. Jyoti basu and Chacha 420, and so called liberals and Sliberals 😀


  33. A high profile editor with high powered connections (he got Sonia Gandhi to write to the home minister, seeking closure of investigations into the various shady activities of his magazine) sexually assaults his junior colleague. The victim of his lechery is the daughter of a journalist, as old as the offender’s daughter, her best friend.

    A relationship of trust is dishonoured through a criminal deed. The victim is traumatised, reduced to tears. She confides in her colleagues. The next day, she again suffers the humiliation of being subjected to what legally amounts to rape. She carries her story to the magazine’s managing editor and demands an inquiry as well as a public apology.

    Over the next week every effort is made to first bully the victim into withdrawing her charges; when that fails, maudlin text messages are sent to her by the editor. But she stands her ground. Finally, in a grand show of self-righteous sanctimony, the editor decides to go on six months paid leave to do “penance that lacerates me” for what he calls his “lapse of judgement”.

    The managing editor circulates the editor’s mail among the staff and rues that an “untoward incident” has brought the situation to such a pass. To others she says that it’s an “internal issue” which has been “settled” with the editor’s “apology” and by his decision to step down for six months.

    That, in brief, is the story of the scandal that has rocked Tehelka, the magazine which excels in sleaze and slander through stings and snoops. Its hubris lies in tatters, its editor named and shamed in a manner never seen before. Whether polite society will shun Tarun Tejpal for his deed remains to be seen. Nor do we know whether 24×7 news channels will now strike out the name of Shoma Chaudhury from the list of permanent invitees for panel discussions on issues ranging from Maobadi terror to women’s rights, and that perennial subject of studio chatter — secularism.

    In normal course the sins of the editor should not be visited upon the managing editor. But this is far from normal. Shoma Chaudhury has displayed amazing disregard for the victim’s anguish and continues to obfuscate the real issue — that of sexual assault. It could be argued that the charges remain in the realm of allegations. True. But for the facts to be sieved from the anguished outpouring of the victim, an investigation is called for — by an in-house committee, as decreed by the Supreme Court in the Vishaka judgement, and by the police. There is nothing ‘internal’ about crime and punishment cannot be self-declared. Yet an investigation is being stalled by the managing editor; the attempt is clearly to gloss over workplace sexual assault as “drunken banter”.

    In a sense, this is what should worry us. Barring the odd case we read about, rare is the instance of workplace sexual harassment or worse that is punished. It would seem such abuse rarely occurs, which is far from the truth, more so in media of which I have intimate knowledge over three decades. Media houses are aware of editors who can’t keep their flies zipped and their hands tucked in their pockets, but they are not only hired but also feted and pampered. They are the toast of the town and fawned upon by socialites at glittering parties.

    Politicians keep them in good humour. Journalists heap praises upon them in the hope of either a promotion or a job. Such editors have existed from time immemorial. Let’s not forget a scribe’s profession was born from the task of a court historian.

    Those of us who work out of Delhi know more about editors and their flunkies than do readers of papers and viewers of channels. We know the serial offenders. We know the corrupt and the venal. Yet we keep quiet. Worse, we smile and exchange pleasantries, pat each other’s back, when we meet. The code of omerta is never broken. Old school journalists like me camouflage their failure to call out, to name and shame colleagues, by taking refuge in the lame dictum that dog doesn’t eat dog. Sadly, that is also an admission of how we see each other.

    In sharp contrast, here’s a young journalist who has stood up to her tormentor. I have no hesitation in admitting that her courage is at once inspiring and shaming — it has inspired young (and not so young) journalists to speak up, especially on social media; it has shamed those of us who opted to remain silent all these years. For, Tarun Tejpal should have been exposed years ago.


  34. Its amazing hypocrisy out here, some here have problem with Kjo/ Srk camp and its buying media and politics but not the greatest politics of Congi-Left and buying media since independence and capturing power nodes and well known to everybody in India as “Famous Lutyens Cozy Circle’

    Coz TT belonged to LC, So is mourning so deep in delhi. Like mafia have unwritten code so does LC have.


  35. In real life, the only people who came close to that khadi-clad, jhola-carrying ideal were the guys at Tehelka. Or that’s the way I saw things when they did the match-fixing sting, blowing the lid off the conspiracy of silence in a most spectacular way. And if that was not enough, then went up against the might of the NDA government and in the process was almost finished off by them.

    This was brave stuff. They wrote their pieces well. True they came across as a bit too sensational and full of themselves at times, but then again with that name what else could you do.

    Then, over the years, I began to see a pattern.

    That Tehelka chose its targets selectively. While the facade of fairness was sought to be kept, it was obvious which side of the political spectrum Tehelka was. Their editorial tone, over the years, became increasingly fundamentalist, which I define as those who split the world into “us” and “them”, with different standards for “us” (people who are ideologically aligned with our idea of the world) and different standards for “them” (those that are not). In their defense, they couldn’t even lay claim left-wing counterculture street-cred any more, with what their big-ticket, big-business-sponsored “thinkfests” and the perception of them being aligned in pushing the agenda of the ruling party. Tehelka was big media now, and the edgy-independent paper posturing had worn thin.

    And now the Tejpal story has broken, as grave charges of sexual assault have been levelled against Tarun Tejpal by a Tehelka staffer.


    • LOL Arnab-
      While I have always found Tarun Tejpal’s prose, both in articles as well in fiction, to be overwrought (somewhat like Nana Patekar’s Krantiveer speech) and the acclaim that he has received largely a function of being a valued member of the expensive-shawl-on-shoulder, rural-handicrafts-bag-carrying, champagne-stem-holding literary closed social network of New Delhi


      • I’d disagree on the fiction. part of an older comment:

        [Against the triumphalist narrative of ‘new India’ I offer Tarun Tejpal’s Story of my Assassins. The novel is an orgy of violence and sexual depravity, an extremely dark portrait of India’s urban and hinterland underbelly written as black comedy. Many moments actually make you flinch, it’s not just the graphic description of many moments but also the tone used throughout. This is an angry work in many ways that really in my view shames much of the competition (specially the ‘Hinglish’ authors) with its stunning polemical edge. Tejpal has since followed this up with Valley of Masks, an equally fascinating but terrifying fable about political and/or religious fanaticism.]


  36. Asked if recusing himself from work for six months was punishment enough in view of the grave allegations, he said: “I had no reason to do that. I did so because Shoma Chaudhury felt I needed to make a clear gesture of atonement to appease the journalist’s sense of being aggrieved. At this point Shoma did not want to take into account my version of the events. She felt we needed to honour the journalist’s sense of being aggrieved. She felt we needed to honour the journalist’s complaint, right or wrong, with some gestures


  37. And the Biggest Lie both Shoma Shame chowdhary and ponytail is peddling is that former came to know abt it only on monday : LIE

    1) TT apology letter is dated 19th only.

    2) on Twitter on anno handle has said it 9 days back 🙂


  38. Sometime back there was a case where a journalist’s wife, an IAS officer and a prominent BJP politican who is no more, were involved. That IAS officer still in tihar jail?


    • and so the rehabilitation of Tejpal begins-
      Consensual, the girl is lying, Tejpal’s work is more important, BJP, Modi, Phalana -Dumka aaloo Gobhi , Pyaj..
      chal Hattt !!


      • No one is rehabilatiting the likes of tejpal. But people in glasshouses throwing stones is an old proverb.

        Take Phaneesh Murthy’s case. After living with him for a while, the woman started the lawsuit. A mutual consent turning sour.

        Take Bill Clinton case and that Monica girl.

        But I am surprised and saddened that Tejpal can do something as heinous. One can tolerate corruption but not taking advantage of a junior employee (if it is proved true).

        And there is also a running case of a law student being sexually harassed by a very high profile judge of the highest court.


        • Why use such rude language manners like chal hatt. This type of language also leads to something serious in course of time. Anger, intolerance.


          • Sorry,
            BTW- chal Hatt was not directed at you, it was at the process of redemption….
            not likely to use it for any member of SS


          • In Paneesh Murthy’s case the woman did not sue him for rape/ sexual assault; she sued him for threatening to sack her if she didn’t abort their baby, which is a case of misusing his power to to coerce her into taking an action she did not want to take, and therefore qualifies as sexual harassment (again, not assault!). Similarly, Lewinsky did not allege that Clinton assaulted her.

            It’s one thing to assume innocent until proven guilty, but a completely different thing to cast insinuations about the victim’s motivations, simply because there might have been a case in the past when the complaint was untrue (as is the case with theft, arson, murder and every other crime).

            This is precisely why sexual assault is such a woefully underreported crime, because it is often the victim who is put on trial and not the perpeptrator!


        • We can have opposing viewpoints but atleast we can be civil to each other.


  39. And now Javed Akhtar retracts his tweet:


  40. Unmasking the Ciivilized Bigot: By Tarun Tejpal and Urvashi Bhutalia !!
    ROFLMAO, she is going to head the “Internal Inquiry’ against him!


  41. If You folks we read that private mail of Victim, You gonna get shock of Life. one word : Disgust and Contempt for Tejpal and his defenders ( Left, congress etc )

    Let me quote one line from mail :

    “Mr Tejpal lifted my dress up, went down on his knees and pulled my………….. ”

    This is just tip of iceberg 😦

    Ps : Satyam, If you find it inappropriate, Delete it. Tks


    • After reading the email, it is clear that Shoma’s action were not in line with action demanded by the complainant.


    • wil get arrested matter is not domestic: girl is pakistani citizen i gues

      maternal nephew of sibal…shree tarun tejpal…

      The Indian Media is on trial. A young intern alleged that a retired Judge had made an improper advance towards her. The media reported it extensively. The Chief Justice of India appointed a three Judge inquiry to examine the issue and report its’ finding. A section of the media is outraged that the police in Gujarat was protecting or allegedly keeping an eye on a young lady even with her and her family’s consent.

      The Goa incident involving Tarun Tejpal and a young journalist is in a different league altogether. The victim’s complaint makes out a clear case of rape. The definition of rape was amended by the parliament subsequent to the Justice Verma Committees recommendations. The ingredients of an offence of rape as amended by parliament are squarely made out in the victims e-mail. Why was the offence not allowed to be reported forthwith? Were any pressures brought on the victim not to lodge a complaint? How can an offence of rape be compromised by an atonement that the guilty will not attend office for six month? It is unheard of that a private treaty between Tarun Tejpal and Shoma Chaudhury wipes out the penal consequence of rape. How can Shoma Chaudhury so definitely say that the victim will not depose before the police? Is she not guilty of tampering with evidence in a rape case by pressuring a young employee to conceal the offence?

      The grievance of the of the citizens’ movement after the gang rape of Nirbhaya in Delhi was that sexual assaults are always under-reported. Is this what is happening in this case? Just because the assailant has connections in the Congress party the nation is deprived of the sage advise of P Chidambram, the caustic comments of Kapil Sibal and the exaggerated tweets of Manish Tiwari.

      Manish Tiwari was in Goa recently. He discovered Hitler there. What a pity that he could not discover a serial rapist in Goa. Additionally we will all await if the outrage in the media is proportionate to the offence. Or will journalistic pressures be brought on the young journalist to conceal the truth. May be secular philandering is to be dealt with a different standard. We all wait to see if the young lady testifies to the truth or not.


  42. Hey man—what obscenities are going on here..
    Sorry nit being following this ..
    Just checked. –who is this goin down on the knees and …
    What’s goin on…??


  43. I wonder what KPS gill has to say now as he was also accused years back by one Roop and was taken to court and got strictures passed on him. He seems to have behaved inappropriately at a party. Now he is an honourable man guarding another honourable man.

    Lesson of the story There should be separate lifts to men and women. To protect both men and women from consequences.


    • “patting” “posterior” and disrobing and doing unmentionable things are different. Both wrong but later is a bigger crime.


      • But why did she allow him to go that far? She is not a 14 year old minor.


        • In most horrific circumstances, Nirbhaya resisted 6 men.


          • Some good comments from sanju/munna there…
            Good to see a balanced perspective in this uni-dimensional debate

            “There should be separate lifts to men and women. To protect both men and women from consequences.”
            Well said sanju —“to protect both men and women”….

            “patting” “posterior” and disrobing and doing unmentionable things are different. Both wrong but later is a bigger crime.”– yes munna–it’s a matter of degree–agree…


        • Tejpal falls, Congress’s dirty tricks department takes a hit

          Why is it that the several that gain their very prominence, and sometimes a very decent living to boot, from setting stridently lofty standards for others, nurse a subconscious wish to be hoisted on their own petard?

          The psychologists and ‘shrinks’ have their hypotheses of course, but the question is still worth asking. Could it be the secret urge to be brought down? Is there a desire to be ‘bad’ combined with a masochistic need to be humbled? Is it hubris, low self esteem, a ‘fix-it’ manipulative mindset, moral bankruptcy, the corruption of power, the feeling of being ‘above the law’ or a delusion of invincibility?

          Is it the flirtation with danger and disrepute that provides the frisson to a jaded sexual appetite? We have seen this happen, to the headline writer’s delight, time and again. The fire and brimstone preacher caught with his pants down, the craven evangelist, the flawed idealist, the ‘incorruptible’, an otherwise charismatic politician who posts pictures of his ‘family jewels’ via MMS, gay rock stars roughed up by ‘yobs’ in public toilets, film heroes caught being serviced in cars, lurid politicians in bunga-bunga mode, wannabe ingénues snuffed out like candles.

          It is an unsavoury potpourri, but more funny than tragic when one looks at the disgraced perpetrators. But then, there is the very real suffering and trauma of the victims, especially when it ends, as it does so frequently, in gruesome murder.

          But, here Tehelka, long in the public’s face for its intrusive style of journalism, its ‘stings’ involving secret cameras, its flowery prose, has come a cropper. The hidden cameras have long been seen by many as unfair if not illegal ‘entrapment’. In addition, Tehelka’s Left-leaning tone, largely seen as pro-Congress, positions it, somewhat superciliously, as morally superior. But now, as the cliché would have it, its editor is himself in the dock for a spot of moral turpitude.

          Tehelka, originally set up as a website erected on a shoe-string, but with moneyed supporters in the shadows, came to the nation’s notice by mounting a damaging, if ultimately hollow attack, on the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government, using its trademark low blows and aggressively intrusive means.

          Then, Tehelka’s management thought nothing of attempting to trash several reputations including those of then Defence Minister George Fernandes, that of his companion Jaya Jaitley, several military personnel and others. Subsequently, Tehelka milked the subsequent notoriety for years, collecting donations and subscriptions, portraying itself as a victim of the BJP Government’s harassment, and evading all questions on its less than ethical and credible methods that allegedly included ‘staged’ footage and outright ‘plants’.

          Could it be that the fallen from such manufactured grace can’t endure their pedestals? Is it a burden to be taken so seriously for one’s mere sleight of hand? The inveterate finger-pointer Tarun Tejpal is only the latest fly caught in the honeypot. He has been a man of many parts. A journalist with India Today and Outlook, then an editor/writer/impresario/BJP-baiter/Congress camp follower. Tejpal was about, apparently indulging his James Bond fantasy in a Goa hotel lift with, as it turns out, an unwilling young whistleblowing woman. He acted promptly to try and diffuse his ‘lapse of judgement’, but his reputation, always a little ‘sharp’, may have sprouted a new layer of question marks. The rest of civil society, the Goa Government, quite a few of his employees, and much of the media, are apparently not for turning. The Congress is, predictably, keeping quiet.

          In a fractious poll-season, when the dirty tricks department of the beleaguered Congress is in full spate looking for straws in the wind, a self-goal like this from a loyal supporter is not helpful. Today, the largely pro-Government media, mindful of the nature of the flow of sarkari advertisements it lives on, is still having to grudgingly admit that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate is gaining ground with the people across the country. The broad media does this now, but is still very eager to find and report anything to the contrary. Even if it is trivia on fumbling of dates and facts used rhetorically by NaMo on the stump! But fortunately the reams of bizarre Rahulisms outdo NaMos bloopers anytime.

          The ground below our feet is shifting relentlessly towards the new India that NaMo wishes to usher in. We can all feel it. It is a change that will break through many certainties and assumptions of a ruling elite grown rigid and arthritic.

          The economy of India, gasping for relief is waiting for this development and marking time as best as it can.

          Perhaps this sort of incident involving Tejpal is why people love sad songs. They reminds us of relentless, inexorable change, all that we have loved and lost, our betrayals and humiliations, the fading of youth, innocence, and sometimes, that ‘momentary lapse’ of what we call good sense.

          In Portugal, sad songs have a traditional genre called the ‘Fado’, filled with longing and the sense of loss. It exists in the Manohar Parrikar ruled Goa too, but alas as an endangered species, in these days of homogenised global trends and a hungry tourist economy.

          The dowager Lady Grantham, in the popular fictional TV series Downton Abbey, about turn of the century British aristocracy, makes a robust remark that might be part of the answer: she says in Season 4, episode 8, “No life appears rewarding if you think too much about it”.

          And any fall from grace by definition is innately painful, and no less if it results in exile. The Congress and its hangers on must be looking at its philosophies and missteps in private, even as it packs its bags and prepares to relinquish its hold on power.


  44. As Tarun Tejpal, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tehelka news-magazine, faces arrest today on charges of rape, NDTV has accessed his first letter to the woman journalist sent to her on November 19.

    In the letter, Mr Tejpal clearly admits forced “sexual liaison” with the young colleague twice “despite your reluctance”, a statement that rubbishes his initial claim of consent.

    The letter says: “It wrenches me beyond describing, therefore, to accept that I have violated that long-standing relationship of trust and respect between us and I apologize unconditionally for the shameful lapse of judgement that led me to attempt a sexual liaison with you on two occasions on 7 November and 8 November 2013, despite your clear reluctance that you did not want such attention from me.”

    Mr Tejpal faces imminent arrest as a team of the Goa Police is expected to reach Delhi today to question him and Tehelka’s Managing Editor, Shoma Chaudhury, sources said. (Not my place to go to police: Shoma Chaudhury to NDTV)

    The FIR against Mr Tejpal, filed yesterday, lists rape by a person in a position of authority over the woman. It carries a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum of life in prison.

    “They should be treating a criminal as a criminal irrespective of his status in the society or the power he has,” Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar told NDTV yesterday.



  45. This is What Congress fears most : unraveling of Tehelka as its open secret that its funded by Hawala money. Tavleen singh has written lot on it and also Sonia G 1st letter to PM after congress assumed power in 2004 was to close all investigations against Tehelka.


  46. Disgusting so called ‘Pretending Feminist; taken to cleaners in this satire


  47. Must Must Read !!!

    We have had scores of NGOs, Cottage Industries and media houses funded to create “monsters”. Haven’t we? Remember, for all the screaming about their care for women, their upliftment and blah, blah neither Sonia Gandhi nor Rahul Gandhi had anything to say about the Nirbhaya disaster in December 2012 till very late. The PM woke up after a deep slumber to finish with “Theek Hai”. They don’t have anything to say now when one of their “Doormats” is found to be a rapist. My admirers at Firstpost quote a tweet and an article of mine where I’ve called Tehelka a “Congress Doormat”. I stand by it and still call them that because TT and Tehelka are protected by Sonia Gandhi and the Congress. This is why many believe TT will get away and the case will be drowned. After all, we do have even former SC judges being involved in sexual harassment allegations. That is how badly our democracy has been destroyed.

    The Congress will do all it can to extricate TT out this mess duly supported by criminal cronies in the media. The Tehelka story is not just about this rape incident but about how a crony was resurrected and came into extraordinary wealth. That is the story no media house will ever tell you. They won’t tell you because most of them are infested with molesters and rapists. They won’t tell you because most of them are corrupt and many media celebs have built their fortunes through corruption, money laundering and govt doles.

    If you have not read “The fearless extortionists” so far I urge you to read it. When I call the media a “mafia” there is a good reason for it. Tehelka is part of that mafia. The smooth talking Shoma who till the other day lectured everyone on morals on NDTV and CNN-IBN has now shown the world what morals she possesses. Tehelka was the first to use prostitutes to entrap people. Amazing, Tehelka came into existence around 2000 and since then their constant and only target has been BJP and Modi. Their harshest criticism of Congress or Sonia Gandhi amounted to tickling a baby’s cheeks with a feather. In his “atonement” email the slimy TT writes: “Tehelka has been born and built, day on day, with my blood, toil, tears and sweat, and that of many others, against near-insurmountable odds”. Travis Bickle who drove the worst scumbags around New York says “Sometimes I have to clean the cum and blood off the back seat”. What exactly were Tehelka’s blood, sweat and toil? Here’s the answer:


    • enemy of enemy:

      teesta inspite of ridiculously getting padma awards from government (may be to file cases has to run) yahan to case bhi nahin banta

      attack Modi

      Senior Gujarat police officer Sanjeev Bhatt being taken to a trial court in Ahmedabad. PTI

      he month of May kept Sanjeev Bhatt busy trying to get his cronies to influence P. Chidambaram and cook up false evidence and cobble pressure groups. On 18 May he sends a mail to Nasir Chhipa, who is supposed to be close to the Congress party, telling him, “I was told by Ms. Shabnam Hashmi that Home Minister P. Chidambaram can be influenced by pressure groups in the US. All appeals for the safety of witnesses, including myself, have not received the desired response from PC. You may have to work a little on this aspect….” (Mr Chidambaram, kindly note what the IPS officer you recently praised for insubordination thinks of you.)

      On 19 May Nasir Chhipa replies, “We have wrote (sic) letters yesterday to Sonia, IAMC wrote letters and many other organizations. I will email you later.” (IAMC stands for Indo-American Muslim Council.) On 28 May Sanjeev Bhatt writes, “Dear Nasirbhai, Any progress on the front of Amicus Curiae? Time is running out. We need to act quickly…”

      Bhatt, the serving police officer, crosses all bounds when he prepares the affidavit of Subhranshu Chaudhary, former BBC correspondent, and procures it to substantiate his false stand that he had attended the meeting at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s residence on 27 February 2002. On 15 May, the telephonic coordinates of Shubhranshu Chaudhary are sent to him by Bhatt to file an affidavit in the Supreme Court to collaborate his false statement that he was present in the meeting of the Chief Minister by recreating his movements. Shockingly, the said details are also sent simultaneously to Teesta Setalvad on 16 May for drafting the affidavit to be filed by Shubhranshu Chaudhary. In one of the pre-affidavit mails to Chaudhary, Bhatt tutors him by writing, “May be you can mention that I had met him (Sanjeev Bhatt) on 27th when he was about to go to the ‘disputed’ meeting.” Does one require any further evidence of the perjury in Bhatt’s affidavit?

      When Shubhranshu Chaudhary shows reluctance to give media hype to his affidavit, the petitioner writes to him advising use of the media, and asks whether Chaudhary is more comfortable with Arnab Goswami or Rajdeep Sardesai? When Chaudhary’s reluctance still persists, Bhatt writes to him, “My feeling is that we could let the press sniff it out and contact you. It will not only make a good story for them, but, make the print media to take notice of your affidavit and finally force the hand of amicus and Supreme Court to take notice and subsequent affirmative action.”

      No further comments are required regarding the shocking behaviour of Bhatt, a serving officer of a disciplined police force, openly pandering to the media and telling Shubhranshu Chaudhary, “I think we should play the media card and make it difficult for the other side. If you fear that amicus and Supreme Court will not take it seriously then media trick can be tried. I will be speaking with Rajdeep Sardesai tomorrow I will drop a line to him and let him follow up the lead.” On 19 May, Bhatt emails Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN, telling him that he has information that a senior journalist has “filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court on 16th May, saying that he was with me when I had to leave for CM’s meeting on 27-02-2002… Kindly confirm through your sources in Supreme Court…”

      Bhatt also chooses to interact constantly with the prize anti-Modi brand ambassador Teesta Setalvad, whose raison d’etre would have been considerably threatened by the fact that the Supreme Court on 1 May 2009, finally disposed of the Godhra riot cases, except for the monitoring of nine major cases, that are also on the verge of conclusion. Her Interim Application making baseless allegations against the Special Investigation Team (SIT) and seeking its reconstitution proving unsuccessful, she found one more opportunity through Bhatt to achieve her nefarious objectives.

      The same Bhatt, who claimed that he could not divulge anything even before the SIT since “he is under the oath of secrecy”, sends copies of all applications made to the Enquiry Commission and the state government to Teesta Setalvad, and also his affidavit, which is prepared with her help.

      Many mails indicate that Setalvad is tutoring Bhatt for his deposition before the Justice G.T. Nanavati and Justice A.H. Mehta Commission of Inquiry. Bhatt is constantly lamenting what he calls the “pathetic” performance of the Congress advocate during his deposition before the Commission, stating that he feels “under-exploited”, meaning thereby the Congress advocate’s cross examination did not exploit his complete potential to accuse the government further with his lies.

      Home Minister P. Chidambaram is reported to have recently stated to the media that “he is ‘glad’ that senior Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Sanjiv Rajendra Bhatt had the guts to file an affidavit in the Supreme Court accusing Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi of complicity in the 2002 Godhra case.”

      Mr Home Minister, do not get carried away by your Modi hatred, and irretrievably destroy the discipline and work ethics of the Indian Police Service under your ministry. Genies once out of the bottle can never be put back. And one day, they may get you.


  48. Success can shred inhibition. The 2013 Goa Thinkfest was apparently the most successful thus far. From all indications, Tejpal was in a space he wanted to be in. He was going mainstream finally.

    The celebs came to him not for the cause alone, but for the glitz as well. The sponsors were making big financial commitments.

    This was the emotional and recreational landscape in which Tejpal and his younger woman colleague got into a hotel lift. There is no alibi for an editor to have an inappropriate relationship with younger employees.

    If anything, Tejpal’s instincts should have told him to stay far away from female company.

    Tejpal is not the first man to think it is fine to love (physically) more than one person at the same time. He isn’t the first either to figure out it’s not such a great idea. His argument that it was a fleeting consensual encounter suggests that he may be in a state of denial. He may be having difficulty processing the consequences of his actions.

    Friendly or hostile is not the point. Tejpal simply shouldn’t have been there. A legal victory, which he seems to think he will have, is a mere footnote. The only real authority a human being has is moral. All other forms of authority are fugacious. Tejpal has ceded moral authority.

    Tejpal the editor is dead. Tejpal the human may be reborn, if he so wishes.


  49. The molester would ask the lady, who had a toddler, if she was breast-feeding her baby and how that thought really turned him on. Had it not been for my alibi, my career as a journalist would have ended before it even began because I would never have been able to produce proof, as CCTV cameras were not commonplace in those days nor were camera phones or spy cameras. In the end, the molester was told to “BACK OFF” as the Editor would not be able to save him the next time, if another episode was ever reported to the owners.

    The molester continues with his not-so charming ways even today and his actions were never considered to be inappropriate enough for sterner action. The fact that I complained turned into corridor gossip and I was often asked what exactly did he do. I have all the regard for the Editor in question but he failed the women in that organisation by letting him continue.


  50. If her critics thought this was a clash of double standards, what they didn’t realise was that it was only now they saw it openly. This constant interplay of double standards (one for me and other for the world) has always been there because it’s an inherent contradiction of this brand of journalism in media practice.

    At the 16th World Editors’ Forum, she said “contrary to some of the optimism on this panel, I think journalism in India is in a pathetic state” and that “journalism has become “a corporate rather than a political act.” Doesn’t Tehelka take corporate funding at all? How does it run its festival Think in Goa, let alone run its magazine?

    On another occasion, she wrote:”India’s political, corporate and media establishment sounds like a mobile cocktail party, gliding, champagne glasses in hand, in and out of each others’ drawing rooms, television studios, boardrooms and award ceremonies like actors in an elaborate charade.’’


  51. Threat and intimidation ?

    ‏@ndtv 13m
    #Tehelka journalist’s statement: ‘Tarun #Tejpal’s immediate family came to my mother’s house, asked her to protect him’

    #Tehelka journalist’s statement: “#Tejpal’s family member demanded to know ‘who I was seeking legal help from’

    NDTV ‏@ndtv 11m
    #Tehelka journalist’s statement:”#Tejpal’s family member demanded to know what I “wanted” as a result of my complaint of sexual molestation

    NDTV ‏@ndtv 11m
    #Tehelka journalist’s statement: ‘This visit by #Tejpal’s family member has placed tremendous emotional pressure on my family’

    NDTV ‏@ndtv 11m
    #Tehelka journalist’s statement: ‘Fear this visit by #Tejpal’s family member may be the start of period of further intimidation’

    NDTV ‏@ndtv 10m
    #Tehelka journalist’s statement: ‘Appeal persons connected to Mr #Tejpal to refrain from approaching me or my family members’


  52. btw bliss have you read this :

    (teja ji in past quoting verses from bible how shree shree sonia is god )

    a crusader of sting operation and politician (had to post this ….the ultimate truth but of high grade boot licking and sycophancy)..


  53. The latest *sting* operation against congress.




    Suspended IAS officer Pradeep Sharma on Saturday put Narendra Modi right at the centre of the raging controversy over Gujarat government’s purported illegal surveillance on a woman by telling the Supreme Court that the young architect was subjected to hostile and intense scrutiny because the Gujarat CM was enamoured by her.


    • I eagerly await the opinions of some of our zealous political commentators on all of this. I will probably not be surprised by the responses.


  55. Yes from a man who is mired in corruption, kicked by SC and alleged of frauds, new Sanjiv bhat for congress and media.

    #GlassHouse : I hope zealous political commentators talk abt Khemka’s also ( #VadraGate)–plans–to-flee-country-so-sharma-denied-bail/808525/


  56. He is not Sanjiv Bhatt. He is Pradip Sharma.

    An affair to remember?


  57. Pot calling the kettle black?

    Seems everyone is living in glasshouses and throwing stones.


  58. Yes, hope some here have read Sonia affairs with some one who killed in accident and Prince’s affair with daughter of colombian drug lord… and who was staying with him for months in delhi …

    We say all is black but few moral fakers here think they sit on high pedestal and have birthright to give character certificates….

    Ps : I never interact with few but still they follow me like…. Don’t know why ?


  59. This is an open forum. One can express what one feels like. It is not interaction. If one says Taj Mahal was constructed by Rajaraja cholan, one has to say who actually constructed it.


    • ya bliss he is sanjiv sharma and above 2 links are about him him only…if they can say indira is india once they can also say taj mahal was built by 10 janapath…

      eagerly awaiting for this new saga of bhatt part2 in context


  60. Suspended IAS officer Pradeep Sharma on Saturday put Narendra Modi right at the centre of the raging controversy over Gujarat government’s purported illegal surveillance on a woman by telling the Supreme Court that the young architect was subjected to hostile and intense scrutiny because the Gujarat CM was enamoured by her.

    In his petition to the SC seeking a CBI probe into the alleged violation of the woman’s right to privacy and the Indian Telegraph Act by Modi and his political aide Amit Shah, Sharma has alleged that he was suspended and framed in half a dozen cases between 2010 and 2012 because of Modi’s suspicion that he knew about the contents of a Video Compact Disc (VCD) allegedly showing the woman in a compromising position.

    This is the first time BJP’s PM candidate has been directly accused of complicity in the “snoopgate”. The original charge was directed at Shah, with two investigating websites alleging that Modi’s confidant illegally directed police in 2009 to keep tabs on the woman because of the wishes of “saheb”.

    He has dismissed as an afterthought the Gujarat government’s claim that the woman’s father had approached the Modi government to ensure her safety by keeping an eye on her, and said that the tapes of Shah’s purported conversation with police officer G L Singhal make it clear that she was victim of a hostile and intrusive scrutiny in violation of her right to privacy as well as the Indian Telegraph Act.

    Claiming that he had introduced the architect from Bangalore, originally hailing from Bhuj in Gujarat, to Modi in 2004 when she was 27 years old.

    “The applicant (Sharma) verily believes that Modi and the said female architect remained in touch with each other for next several years. There was also wide spread rumours regarding the Video Compact Disc (VCD) featuring the said female architect and a man in compromising position,” his application filed through advocate Sunil Fernandes stated.

    “Sharma has no concern with this VCD, But, he believes that Modi harboured a totally misconceived apprehension that Sharma is the recipient of the information regarding this VDC, the contents of which if disclosed in public would be detrimental to the carefully constructed and publicized image of Modi and consequently damage his electoral prospects,” the suspended bureaucrat said.

    “It is for this reason that a number of false and frivolous cases against the applicant herein were registerd with a view to implicate him and ‘punish him’,” he said.

    Filing and bringing on the record of the Supreme Court transcripts of the entire footage telecast by websites ‘Cobrapost’ and ‘Gulail’, Sharma said the conversations between Shah, then minister of state for home in Gujarat, and G L Singhal, then SP in Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) in Ahmedabad, was during the period August-September 2009 when Singhal was reporting to Shah.

    “The transcripts of the taped conversations reveal that the said lady architect and the applicant (Sharma) were placed under an all-pervasive and intrusive surveillance at the behest of a person referred to as ‘Saheb” by Amit Shah,” he said.

    He alleged that the taped conversations revealed “severe and material violations” of the Indian telegraph Act, 1885, and an absolute disregard to the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court in its December 18, 1996 judgment in the People’s Union for Civil Liberties case.

    Terming the explanation that the ‘snooping’ on the woman was being done at her father’s behest as an ‘after thought”, Sharma said, “this explanation seems absolutely incredulous and unworthy of any belief in the light of the contents of conversations between Shah and Singhal, which reveal that the surveillance was extremely intrusive and hostile and not as innocuous and benign as sought to be made”.

    The purported ‘no objection’ from the woman’s father did not absolve Modi, Shah and others of brazenly violating the law and the guidelines laid down by the apex court, he said and pleaded that the truth would be buried if the Gujarat Police investigated into the matter.

    “It is important to note that the state intelligence bureau, the crime branch of Ahmedabad city police and the ATS were all involved in this illegal telephone interceptions and surveillance without having any role to play in the investigations relating to the case in hand,” Sharma said.


  61. Suspended IAS officer Pradeep Sharma has claimed that he was asked to provide special favours to the woman who was placed under surveillance allegedly under the orders of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

    Earlier this week, the woman’s father claimed that she was aware that she was being spied upon by senior Gujarat police officers. In his letter to the national and state women’s commission, the father urged against an investigation and said “whatever help was rendered” was based on his request, but he never once mentioned why he asked for surveillance.

    The BJP says that the surveillance was conducted because the woman was being stalked by Mr Sharma, who has been suspended on charges of corruption.

    But Mr Sharma told NDTV’s Truth vs Hype, “If I was stalking her, why was she visiting me at the behest of the Chief Minister?”

    He claimed that the woman would communicate messages from Mr Modi, asking him to give her contracts in districts where he was posted.

    He further said that he offered the woman a project to restore a heritage building, Mani Mandir, in Rajkot district which she turned down, saying she wanted to do something new. Next, he claims, she visited him in the town of Bhavnagar where he was posted as Municipal Commissioner because the Chief Minister had advised her to look for a project in the Alang Shipyard.

    Two news portals – Gulail and – recently claimed that audio tapes with the Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI reveal that in 2009, Gujarat’s then Home Minister Amit Shah ordered the state’s senior police officers to spy on Mr Sharma and a young woman at the behest of a “sahib” or “boss.”

    The Congress has alleged that Mr Modi was the “boss” referred to in those conversations, whose authenticity has not been corroborated by the CBI.

    But the BJP has cited a letter from the girl’s father in which he says he sought protection for his daughter from Narendra Modi , with whom he has had a 2-decade long association.

    But Mr Sharma told NDTV that he introduced the woman to Mr Modi in January 2004, when the latter came to inaugurate a park in Bhuj. Mr Sharma, as the Collector of Kutch, had commissioned her to design the park. He said her family had no prior association with Mr Modi.

    He said the woman and Mr Modi developed an independent association over mobile phones and emails, which she shared with him. He claims that at some point, Mr Modi feared that the woman had shared a sensitive video clip with him, and hence placed him under surveillance, as well as slapped false charges on him.

    Mr Sharma also said that his life is in danger in Gujarat and that he be moved out of the state. “I will not get justice in that state,” he said.

    The senior bureaucrat filed an affidavit today in the Supreme Court asking for a CBI investigation into violations of phone tapping laws by Mr Modi and Mr Shah.

    The BJP dismissed the allegations, calling the charges politically-motivated in an election year.

    “What is Pradeep Sharma’s status to comment on this? Matters of criminal offence cannot be dealt like this,” the party’s Pinky Anand told NDTV.

    In 2010, Mr Sharma was suspended by the Gujarat government and then arrested on corruption charges. He was granted bail in 2011.



  62. If Modi is to be charged with “State sponsorship” of the violence in 2002, then the same charge must be made against Rajiv Gandhi. This is very important because only when we see 2002 in the context of 1984 do we realise that there would have been no 2002 if there had been a semblance of justice after 1984.

    This should be clearer to political pundits than it is to ordinary voters, but the opposite has happened. The reason why Modi’s rallies are drawing huge crowds across the country is because ordinary voters can see that the Gujarat Chief Minister’s past mistakes are no longer the issue. What they are more interested in is what Modi can do for India in the future. They have heard, they tell you, that in the villages of Gujarat he has been able to provide reliable, uninterrupted supplies of electricity. They have heard, they tell you, that in Gujarat there is more prosperity since Modi became Chief Minister, and it is this that is the secret of Modi’s appeal.

    Leftist pundits, alas, hate leaving the salubrious and safe environs of literary festivals in Mumbai and press conferences in Lutyens Delhi, so they continue to rant about Modi’s “fascism”. They appear not to have observed that the word is not understood at all in that big, bad India that lies beyond their immediate circle of friends and fellow travellers. In the ‘real India’, what matters most are such things as the absence of proper schools, hospitals and roads. Shameful though it is that after 66 years of glorious Independence what matters is the daily struggle to get clean water and reliable supplies of electricity. Modi is seen as someone who is able to deliver on these fronts.




    During Amit Shah’s stint as minister of state for home between 2003 and 2010, there were maximum complaints of illegal surveillance, according to the report, mainly of Modi’s rivals. It adds that proper procedures to seek permission for such surveillance was never followed. This report in the Times of India published in 2005 quotes BJP MLA Gordhan Zadaphia complaining about the Modi government engaging in illegal tapping of phones of MLAs and MPs. The report also said intelligence officers believed that official taps on phones was time-consuming and required several levels of permissions. It becomes more fruitful in this scenario to take the service provider into confidence and come to an “unofficial arrangement”, the report said

    Read more at:


  64. excerpts from First Post

    During Amit Shah’s stint as minister of state for home between 2003 and 2010, there were maximum complaints of illegal surveillance, according to the report, mainly of Modi’s rivals. It adds that proper procedures to seek permission for such surveillance was never followed. This report in the Times of India published in 2005 quotes BJP MLA Gordhan Zadaphia complaining about the Modi government engaging in illegal tapping of phones of MLAs and MPs. The report also said intelligence officers believed that official taps on phones was time-consuming and required several levels of permissions. It becomes more fruitful in this scenario to take the service provider into confidence and come to an “unofficial arrangement”, the report said


  65. ama daman to khud daagdar hai inke

    when riots happened modi was at first week of being cm and why gujrat was not given police by congress ruled state and now holding crutches of someone who tried to run away from country(pradeep sharma)

    watch the pattern: bhatt was propped right before assembly election and current stooge right before lok sabha

    madam trying hard to sabotage


  66. blast from past–plans–to-flee-country-so-sharma-denied-bail/808525/

    Was Gujarat-cadre IAS officer Pradeep Sharma, who is behind bars in connection with a slew of corruption and illegal land allotment cases in Kutch district, planning to take asylum abroad?

    If evidence reportedly found in his laptop seized from a Delhi hotel is anything to go by, Sharma was trying to obtain a duplicate passport.

    The recovery of the laptop and the evidence sourced from it by the officials of the Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS) was one of the reasons considered by the Gujarat High Court while refusing him bail recently in a graft case registered against him by the state CID (Crime).

    In his judgment denying bail to Sharma, Justice J B Pardiwala says: “I… cannot ignore the fact that certain items like laptop, mobile phone, deed of conveyance, etc, were recovered from the possession of the accused-applicant from the said hotel in New Delhi. As per the report of the Directorate of Forensic Science laboratory, Gandhinagar, there were some chats on the laptop relating to obtaining another passport, seeking asylum option, etc”.

    Incidentally, the state CID (Crime) had moved an application in a Rajkot court last week, seeking permission to collect Sharma’s DNA samples, saying he might flee India on a fake passport. The CID had even submitted that Sharma might undergo plastic surgery to change his appearance.

    At present, Sharma is an accused in a number of cases registered against him in connection with illegal land allotment to private companies as Kutch District Collector.

    Sharma was granted bail by the Supreme Court in the first case registered against him. After that, on February 14 this year, he was arrested by the Gujarat Police from a hotel in Delhi. He had allegedly rented a room in the hotel, Southern Regency, introducing himself as Paramjit Singh Sandhu of Punjab. As identity proof, Sharma had allegedly produced a fake driving licence by the same name but having his photograph. The police had seized a laptop from him, which was sent to the DFS.

    “The tendency which the accused-applicant has displayed has shaken the confidence of this court. It is difficult to come to a prima facie conclusion that he would be available for trial. Serious apprehension of accused fleeing from justice has been expressed, more particularly, keeping in mind his position and status in the society and the resources available with the accused-applicant,” the HC observed while rejecting Sharma’s bail application.




    Also meant for those questioning the ‘hypocrisy’ of AAP in asking for raw footage – instead of accepting the charge of this sting which boomeranged on itself.

    Official of Election Commission states;

    ““The footage in the CDs of the sting operation has been sent to the District Media Monitoring Committee for reviewing under the category of paid news,” said an Election Commission official.”


    • But of course no TV channel is giving it importance – but on the day of the fake ‘sting’ CD the coverage given overshadowed the Tejpal affair.


    • An interview with AAP supporter;

      Reporter -aap hinduon aur musalmanon ko kaise unite karenge

      Supporter – AAP ne congress aur BJP ko unite kar diya hai to isme kya mushkil hai.


    • Comprehensive piece, read it last night …

      So Pankaj mishra did theft of GOST to help Friend 😉

      “Ek he thali kay chatte bhatte “


  68. So finally, the entire chain of events (emails/texts) is published. Shows how Tejpal is tying himself in knots after his “one minute lapse of judgement”. These oldies will not understand the power of contemporary communications. Weiner, Tejpal, et al always get themselves ensnared without having an iorta of understanding that an incriminating SMS/Tweet is a rope to hang oneself on:


  69. I have a lot of questions for Shoma, the feminist. A lot of them!! I wonder what prompted Shoma to say that the assault on the woman was an internal matter. Does domestic violence amount to internal issues? Is marital rape an internal issue? Is a rape in a school compound, an empty office, in a closed mall an internal issue? Is a father raping a young daughter or sexually assaulting his wife, an internal issue? Has not Shoma, for a large part of her life, with her journalistic ethos and with the pen that dares to speak the truth tried to shed light on how assault is not a single woman’s problem? Has she not spoken on how the personal, needs to be made into the political? Has she not outraged about how the world should know about crimes on women? Then what was the justification, Shoma for the indignant comment of ‘the assault being the woman’s problem and not the society’s problem’ coming from an eminent feminist like you? Where is your sanctimonious wisdom, sensitivity and outrage as a feminist now?


  70. He Earned ….

    NEW DELHI: Social media is no respector of celebrity status. On Thursday, it was the turn of Javed Akhtar, poet, lyricist and civil society’s conscience keeper, to feel the brunt of mass opprobrium after he offended sensibilities by supporting Tarun Tejpal, at the centre of a controversy over alleged sexual assault.

    Akhtar’s first response to the breaking news on Twitter went, “It is a shame that someone with such impeccable values has committed such an act but unlike some, he has the guts to accept and repent.” Within minutes, he was buried under an avalanche of ‘twitoutrage’. His defence of Tejpal’s alleged actions, particularly his description of Tejpal as a man with “impeccable values”, went too far on a day when the girl deserved his sympathy.

    One tweeter said, “Guts to repent? Seriously? This after raping someone, dude can I have whatever you are smoking.” Another fulminated, “Molest a girl your daughter’s age, admit when cornered and (Akhtar’s Twitter handle) will applaud.”

    Akhtar had no option but to eat his words and delete the tweet, though that too landed him in a bit of trouble. On Friday morning, he said, “I didn’t know the gruesome details, thought it was a drunken misbehaviour at a party. I take back my words and delete the tweet.” Needless to add, he invited another round of high decibel tweets about how he had just endorsed drunken misbehaviour!


    • The best tweet in response he got was “Javed Saab, kya hameray forehead pe “chu**ya” likha hai?”


      • his(javed) political face is exposed…more shameful was when he wrote tweets against female police inspector who wrote against aazad maidan hooligans


        • he called this communal and defending molesters just like how he defended rapists


          • @Javedakhtarjadu

            The female police officer who has written an outrageously communal poem has to be sacked . This kind of mind set should not be tolerated .


          • Demolition of Amar Jawan memorial

            Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial, which is a war memorial dedicated to the fighters of the 1857, First Indian Freedom Struggle, was desecrated by the rioters. The memorial was unveiled in 2009 in memory of Sayyed Hussein and Mangal Cadiya, who were martyred during 1857 First Indian Freedom Struggle. The destruction of memorial located near Azad Maidan by the rioters were photographed, which led to nabbing one of them who fled to Bihar.[14]

            According to reports, few protestors kicked at the memorial, smashed it with lathi, damaged the rifle and helmet inside the fibre glass casing.[15]


  71. It remains to be seen whether la affaire Tehelka is taken to its logical conclusion. Now that the person accused of raping — that’s what the alleged deeds amount to as per the new law on sexual offences and Supreme Court rulings — his junior colleague has raised the bogey of “political forces” conspiring against him, we could well see our bold and beautiful Left-liberals rushing to his defence. After all, Tarun Tejpal is a shining example of what Left-liberalism stands for in this wondrous land of


  72. Actually BJP must be grateful to TT for giving them an issue to fight for.

    Scams have lost their sheen as too many scams make people tired.

    Congress must be grateful to TT for taking BJP off their back for a while.

    The victim girl may get ticket to fight against Kapil Sibal, the way Smriti Irani did years back.

    One scandal has the power to throw out all the agendas of all the political parties.

    Hope TT spends the rest of his life behind bars thinking about Ek hi Bhool.

    Is TT a married man or single? How his wife or ex wife must be feeling?


    • TT had his wife and daughter in the same hotel in Goa, while he was committing his ‘ek hi bhool’. However, it is doubtful that this was his first ‘bhool’. No one can be this brazen unless he has had his way several times in the past. The guy was methodical, he pressed buttons on the elevator to keep it in circuit, so it could give him enough time to live out his ‘fantasy for the day’. The guy knew what he was doing, but just did not expect her to reject his advances. On top of that, he was so sure of himself, that he actually wrote it all down in the email. He thought she would be placated with a mere apology, and his self-flagellant 6 month paid vacation. Hubris does finally topple the mighty.


  73. A fake porn CD of Kejriwal is the next to come out as ‘sting’ – though after the failure of this so called sting, they might not take the chance.
    Lets see. Still a week to go.


    • I think on 27th they’ll make it go viral.


    • Dont take these stings seriously. They are all doctored and setups. Indian masses are too intelligent and know its diversion when Onion is 100/kg, Inflation is all time high, GDP is declined and stagnant, Electricity shows its presence once in while, jobs have disappeared, corruption has now become part of DNA. Nobody votes on basis of stings.

      Main stream Media and its high decibel journo’s have Zero credibility. SM unmasks them threadbare everyday and blogs strips them off all high purest ideology.

      In Delhi, buzz is everyone is carrying file, CD, Tape, letter to expose opponent. Just see Snoopgate ( its no gate but) was carried out by congress, and bjp hit back by Tehelka. And with warning next time it will be Rahul and his GF, daughter of columbian druglord.

      Its Dirty and will get dirtier and dirtier as General election approaches…

      Sit back and Enjoy… 😀


  74. “I think on 27th they’ll make it go viral.”
    Oldgold –How do u know so much about this ‘fake porn cd’ and details about when it will go viral –Im a bit worried … 🙂


    • From comments on their site. Anyway here is a picture of Jha being awarded by none other than Shiela Dixit, perhaps for some other media misdeed in favour of them.


  75. It is really funny to see Shoma grappling for words – ‘institutional cocoon’, ‘atonement not punishment’, ‘not yet in public domain,’ etc etc..

    Remember how Modi was blasted for his ‘puppies before car’ comment? How the lefties immediately within seconds jumped onto TV channels deducing undoubtedly that puppies WERE Muslims of India in Modi’s eyes and hearts! Was he even given a chance to explain what the hell he meant when he said that in a language that he is clearly uncomfortable with? That it revealed a crystal-clear case of Freudian slip? It was these libtards like Shoma and Bekaar Patel and others that were crying hoarse.

    I am neither a big fan nor a compulsive-obsessive hater of Modi but it is truly something to see how the very same people who have Modi and the ‘right’ (not even the far-right) eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner, scotch, and sex are now truly behaving like lost puppies in a thick forest.

    I will not even be surprised if this Nidhi Razdan’s ‘pouncing’ questions is nothing but a case of false angst and a put-on..


    With many people accusing Tehelka of showing shocking levels of insensitivity and casualness in the way they handled the complaint of sexual assault against its editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal, on our special show, Additional Solicitor General Indira Jaising says “Law clearly states that it is employer’s responsibility to report a complaint like this to police.” Also on the panel – actor-activist Nandita Das, former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, columnist Tavleen Singh, Supreme Court advocate Kirti Singh and Kolkata’s Park Street rape survivor Suzette Jordan.


  76. omrocky786 Says:

    Leftist pundits, alas, hate leaving the salubrious and safe environs of literary festivals in Mumbai and press conferences in Lutyens Delhi, so they continue to rant about Modi’s “fascism”. They appear not to have observed that the word is not understood at all in that big, bad India that lies beyond their immediate circle of friends and fellow travellers. In the ‘real India’, what matters most are such things as the absence of proper schools, hospitals and roads. Shameful though it is that after 66 years of glorious Independence what matters is the daily struggle to get clean water and reliable supplies of electricity. Modi is seen as someone who is able to deliver on these fronts


  77. Now we know why Shoma is in bed with Tarun, literally so (along with his sis):—shoma-organises-think-fest-not-tehelka/1199157/

    Her ‘internal matter’ musings make a lot more sense now!


  78. A story of sex, secrets, and Ivy League denial.


  79. The Beast’s Accomplices

    There are three kinds of sting operations: 1) An authorised Law Enforcement agency like the Police or CBI conducts a sting to make inroads into a crime already committed to force evidence. 2) Lure innocent people into believing or playing roles to con someone or commit a major crime. You know like that Special26 movie about the jewellery shop robbery in 1987 where the conman recruited people as CBI agents to rob the outlet. 3) Fabricate a crime with some political or other motive and then try to fit people into it. Catch them unawares by appealing to their baser instincts and tempt them into a crime.

    The recent sting on the AAP Party falls into the third category. Try to appeal to baser instincts of people (and it is normal for a large number of people who can succumb to temptation) and then claim they are guilty. Tehelka’s history is full of the third category. In other words, these are not even stings but more of entrapments. Tarun Tejpal (TT) couldn’t help molesting and raping a young colleague twice at a public event (Remember NDTV, please insert alleged everywhere). Imagine what crimes he would have succumbed to if offered inducements with call girls or prostitutes. Take a look at the pic below:


    • <Catch them unawares by appealing to their baser instincts and tempt them into a crime.
      The recent sting on the AAP Party falls into the third category. Try to appeal to baser instincts of people (and it is normal for a large number of people who can succumb to temptation) and then claim they are guilty.

      True and it's a sorry state of affairs when the media is part of it (of course beng bought by one party or other).

      The candidates approached, clearly won over any temptation offered, and can be seen in the raw footage which the media seems to have either not talked about at all, or talked about in a mocking way like 'oh AAP is doing it's own investigation and we are to believe it'. Forgetting to mention AAP is just adding the bits to the CD clips which had been cut away, telling the opposite story.

      The whole raw footage is on their site.


    • Why is my comment awaiting moderation?


  80. NEW DELHI: A special CBI court on Monday convicted dentist Rajesh Tawlar and his wife Nupur Talwar for killing their daughter Aarushi and servant Hemraj.

    Special CBI judge Shyam Lal held the couple guilty of murder and destruction of evidence.

    Soon after the judgment, Talwars issued a statement saying they were deeply disappointed and hurt by the judgment.

    The Talwars announced that they will appeal against the verdict.

    The two were taken into custody immediately after the verdict.

    The court will hear the arguments on the quantum of sentence on Tuesday.
    The verdict comes almost five-and-a-half years after the country’s most sensational double murder occurred.

    The CBI had accused the parents — Rajesh and Nupur Talwar — of being the killers, going by circumstantial evidence, testimony of witnesses and forensic reports.

    The Talwars had all along claimed that “they have been framed” on the basis of conjectures and tutored witnesses.

    When the Noida police first came to know on May 16, 2008 that the 14-year-old daughter of prominent dentist Dr Rajesh Talwar had been murdered at their residence in Jalvayu Vihar allegedly by their servant, Hemraj Banjade, it appeared as a regular murder case.


  81. At last Justice for Aarushi and Hemraj…

    Honor killing by Educated networked class…


  82. Fleeting consensual moment ?? Tejpal is goner as per this

    However, if the footage indeed shows elevator entry at 12.15am and exit at 12.30am, the one-minute theory will not stand. The 15-minute gap will lend weight to the girl’s version that Tejpal kept the elevator in circuit.

    Footage from the following day, November 8, also appears to corroborate the girl’s account.

    The Goa police source said: “On November 8, at 8.53pm, Tejpal is seen taking the girl into the elevator, holding her hand. They come out after seven minutes. This time, too, the girl rushes out with Tejpal following. She walks fast up to a woman and talks to her for 10 minutes while Tejpal walks past. She then moves away too.”

    The email attributed to the girl had said: “I was scared of getting into the lift with him again…. By this time he was holding me by the wrist and had taken me into the lift.”


  83. Goddess of Commies has spoken : Kid gloves and soft , not forgetting to bring RW also in debate…


    • This one is a big joke – looks like she has written this when she was making omlettes. A perfect title for this article would be ‘THE NAMESAKE’.

      Wonder when we will get those 25 page essays: running out of words now eh? This will go down in history as the BRIEFEST comment EVER written by the Goddess of essay-writing.. (and even with such an abysmally low word-count, pogrom and right-wing do find a place!!)


  84. Full text of the letter of resignation letter by the young journalist, who had accused Tehelka editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal of sexually assaulting her, addressed to the magazine’s managing editor, Shoma Chaudhuri:

    Ms. Chaudhury,

    I am resigning from my position as ****** at Tehelka magazine, with immediate effect, because Tehelka’s Editor-in-Chief Tarun Tejpal sexually molested me on two occasions in November this year.

    I am deeply traumatized by the lack of support offered by the organization.

    In such circumstances, it is untenable for me to continue to work for this organization.

    At this moment, I would like to present the following facts to support my claim:

    1. I was sexually molested by Tarun Tejpal on two occasions, the 7th and 8th of November 2013 at the annual Think festival in Goa this year. In the emails of apology that followed my complaint to you about Mr Tejpal’s grievous sexual misconduct, he admitted to the fact, and apologized unconditionally.

    2. I requested, at the very least, for Mr Tejpal to acknowledge this apology publicly to the staff and bureau of Tehelka. While I did not want this acknowledgement to have graphic details, I asked that the words “sexual misconduct” be included. In a phone conversation with me, you asked that he be recused from doing so because he had already admitted to sexual molestation in his emails, and because we needed to “protect the institution”. In this conversation, I said, “I trust you to do the right thing”.

    3. In the public acknowledgement sent to the bureau, Mr Tejpal and you referred to his act of sexual violation as “an untoward incident”— this was not an attempt to “protect the institution” but in fact, an attempt to cover up what had really occurred—the act of sexual molestation, an admission of the facts that Mr Tejpal had “attempted sexual liaison” with me (to quote his email) on two occasions despite my “reluctance to receive such attention”. Further, in conversations with my colleagues, you admitted to them that you did not see the need to set up an anti-sexual harassment cell as per the Vishaka guidelines, because you did not contest my version of what had occurred on the nights of 7th and 8th of November.

    4. In your appearances on national news channels, you first attempted to establish that I was “satisfied” with Tehelka’s actions, when only one of my immediate demands from the organization had been met—namely, that Mr Tejpal had unconditionally apologized for sexually molesting me in private emails to you and I. His public acknowledgement of the apology did not include any reference to his grievous sexual misconduct, and you had still failed to set up an anti-sexual harassment cell as per Vishaka guidelines. This could, in no way, have left me “satisfied”. Further, I had responded to both of Mr Tejpal’s emails (cc’d to you and the three colleagues I had confided everything to since the 7th of November) clarifying:

    that his behaviour could not be described as “sexual liaison”, and that was in fact an act of sexual molestation and a violation of bodily integrity and trust, since it occurred (by his own admission) despite my refusal.
    A sexual act carried out without consent cannot be justified on any basis.
    That after Mr Tejpal (by his own admission) had referred to his position of power over me in the organization, he did not withdraw this statement as his emails allege.

    You continued to ignore my rebuttals to these emails, while insisting, in public, that I was satisfied.

    5. You are now attempting to establish that Mr Tejpal has “another version” of events (as surely, any sexual predator does), and that the “encounter” may have been consensual or non-consensual. Meanwhile, on the night of the 22nd of November, an immediate member of Mr Tejpal’s family went to my mother’s house to ask her the details of my legal counsel, and what I “wanted” as a result of my complaint about being sexually molested by Mr Tejpal. In emails and text messages sent to his friends, read out on national news channels, Mr Tejpal is now claiming that what occurred was a “fleeting, consensual encounter”; and that he wrote his apologies to me because of your “adamantine feminist principles”.

    Over the past years, we have collectively defended the rights of women, written about custodial rape, sexual molestation at the workplace, spoken out harshly against the culture of victim blame and the tactical emotional intimidation and character assassination of those who dare to speak out against sexual violence.

    At a time when I find myself victim to such a crime, I am shattered to find the Editor in Chief of Tehelka, and you— in your capacity as Managing Editor— resorting to precisely these tactics of intimidation, character assassination and slander.

    Given the sequence of events since the 7th of November, it is not just Mr Tejpal who has failed me as an employer—but Tehelka that has failed women, employees, journalists and feminists collectively.

    Please consider my resignation effective immediately.

    Source: Outlook


    • Left-liberals are coming out or forced to come out to defend Tejpal. One moron A Padamsee ( Ad fellow) tonight in Arnab Goswami’s show said, ” Girl ( victim) wanted sexual favour from Tejpal that’s why she got into the lift with him”

      Unconfirmed reports : HT National security affairs editor just tweeted that call records of editor after complaint was lodged shows numerous calls to Ministers ??


  85. omrocky786 Says:

    Sometime in 2009 when my fledgling publication wrote against an educational institution with doubtful credentials, we got into a lot of trouble.

    Editors like Aditya Sinha (New Indian Express), Vir Sanghvi (Hindustan Times), Shekhar Gupta (Indian Express) personally supported us.

    We were going through multiple cases and draining all our resources.

    When Tehelka decided to do a story to the subject, we were too happy. Who can espouse the cause of investigative journalism better? Only till we got the questions from the journalist. We realised that it was a story being done on behalf of the institution to throw insinuations at us.

    I was very upset because I knew Tarun personally but for him, it didn’t matter. We responded professionally, sticking to facts. I dared them to do a story despite the facts. It was no coincidence that the dubious institution is Tehelka‘s biggest advertiser taking all its back covers.

    The story never appeared, because our response didn’t leave any gaps. And the owner of the institution was at the THINK fest in Goa, rubbing shoulders with the then HRD minister Kapil Sibal and gained access to a ministry that should have punished him.

    Kapil Sibal later attended a special screening of a movie produced by this institution, and the picture was advertised/showcased all over to unsuspecting parents and students. For me, THINK became a place which conducted an orgy over social issues.

    I stopped following it.


    • So this man condemns both the ‘lynch mob’ and the ‘worshipful cult’ surrounding Tarun, yet he never exposed Tarun whilst he was a cult-like figure, and conveniently waited until he was being ‘lynched’ to jump into the fray, pile on his accusations and grab his two seconds of cheap fame. And he has the audacity to issue Tarun a character certificate and authoritatively declare that he can never be a rapist, as if he is the judge in court! What a vile, hypocritical creature!


  86. Tejpal bail application has exposed all so called liberals and seculars :

    #Tejpal bail plea: “The applicant is a foremost critic of right wing majoritarian politics.” So what if he is a rape accused? HE IS SECULAR!

    Tweets :

    We should all profusely thank #Tejpal – at least before a major poll, he has single-handedly shown what lies beneath oft screamed secularism

    Delhi’s ‘liberal secular’ ditty: I rape a few folks / I am secular / On fishy money I choke / I am secular / I effed the mag / I am secular


    In #India you take money from fishy netas, illegal miners, liquor mafia, then rape with abandon – and still shout ‘SECULAR’


  87. Man what a joke JA has become!! Is he really the guy who wrote those stellar scripts? So here’s his new excuse..”I ‘tweeted’ without knowing much information!! Sorry..Now I am horrified!!”

    And Kushwant Singh’s son is a bigger joke..bringing in Phaneesh Murthy into every discussion..” Why isn’t his case discussed as publicly as Tarun’s?”..says the Santa-Claus look-alike. These are such moronic talkers..makes me think why most of the bloggers here don’t get a chance to be on these shows..they talk more sensibly..


  88. Tehelka founder Tarun Tejpal has filed a plea in Delhi High Court seeking anticipatory bail after he was accused of raping a young journalist.


  89. What is this fetish with secular secular secular here?
    I think it is more to do with partyism, and who you support because of some self serving issues.

    If a BJP supporter was involved (and there are cases where they are even sitting in the parliament like the congress ones, free and happy and minting money) what would you call it then?

    There is no any ideology or ism in Indian system – it’s just self service, from a whole range of offerings especially for them.

    BOTH sides will behave in exactly the same way when committing a crime/crimes.


    • They are all wolves in an ‘ism’ clothing.


    • Have you read his bail plea in HC???


      • How will that change the fact that not only is he not the only (powerful) one who got caught, but they *all* say the same things with a line of their supporters behind them.

        As I said there are rapists sitting as MPs and MLAs from both sides. There is no accountability anywhere by anyone.
        This Tejpal case is only one case.

        But my comment was to point out – this is a situation which could be played out by **both** parties when caught. When not – they sit in the parliament … and neither ‘secular’ or ‘non secular’ party stands up to bring the issue up. Why because both support each other. I’m not much aquainted with the complete reaction here, but is there any reaction from the ‘non secular’ side?


  90. omrocky786 Says:

    What kept it going was the support of activists and NGOs. Many of these people knew a considerable amount of what was wrong with the magazine, but they were willing to keep silent as long as they had a platform that never turned a critical eye towards them. Activism in this country is remarkably lacking in self-reflection or criticism. And as long as people are on the same side of the political spectrum, they are willing to ignore a huge amount of what is wrong in their own domain. The tone you saw in Tarun’s recent letters is in keeping with this false sense of piety, of never believing that one can ever be in the wrong.


    • ” I witnessed stories in other departments being killed after advertisers came and directly spoke to Tarun. And I had seen attempts made to slant political coverage not out of commitment to a certain set of values, but out of an obligation to a particular political party.”

      “I think there is need for a magazine which serves as a left-liberal voice of dissent. Such a voice is a glaring absence in our media space. But certainly not in the fashion Tehelka had come to embody it. In doing so, it denigrated the idea of such a voice. When such a voice becomes subservient to a single political party, the entire framework of liberal voices becomes open to question, to charges of compromise.”

      Does anyone need to guess who was that particular political party?


    • > And as long as people are on the same side of the political spectrum, they are willing to ignore a huge amount of what is wrong in their own domain.

      Exactly what I’m saying and is applicable to ‘secular’ and ‘non secular’ both.


  91. MUMBAI/PANAJI: The Tehelka journalist who has alleged sexual assault by the magazine’s founder-editor Tarun Tejpal gave her first detailed account to the police on Tuesday. Recounting the events that unfolded at a starred hotel during the ThinkFest in Goa on November 7 and 8, she corroborated her complaint to Tehelka managing editor Shoma Chaudhury.

    Soon after the formal complaint by the woman, Goa Police issued a call letter to Tejpal, asking him to present himself at the crime branch police station in Dona Paula, Panaji, at the earliest. If he failed to show up, a non-bailable arrest warrant would be issued, an official told TOI. Tejpal has repeatedly described the two instances of alleged sexual assault as consensual.

    Goa Police investigating officer Sunita Sawant recorded the statement of the Tehelka staffer at her aunt’s residence in a Mumbai suburb. The session began around 11.30am and lasted a little past 8pm, a senior police officer told TOI. An officer said the statement was recorded under section 161 of CrPC.

    Contrary to earlier inputs that the statement might be recorded before a magistrate, police said they decided to take her statement themselves at this stage. “We will look at recording the statement before a magistrate at a later stage if required,” said a source.

    Goa DIG OP Mishra told reporters that the woman cooperated with the investigating team. “I would not divulge anything more regarding the investigation. The statement is being formally recorded,” he said.

    Secret operation

    The Goa Police had contacted the woman hours after she resigned from Tehelka on Monday, and immediately made plans to go to Mumbai. The movement of the Goa team was kept secret, with only a few senior officers of the Mumbai police in the know.

    Mumbai cops were under strict instructions to ensure the development was not leaked to the media, given the sensitivity of the case. A senior Mumbai officer said, “We had just provided logistic support to the visiting team.” A few trusted policemen picked by the senior officers accompanied the Goa police but were asked to wait outside the building where the statement was recorded, said a source.

    Even the local police station, under whose jurisdiction venue fell, was not told about the Goa Police team’s visit.

    Mumbai Police officers said the Goa Police had not requested security for the journalist. “We will provide her protection whenever she demands it,” said an officer. A source said that plainclothes policemen from the special branch were deployed near the journalist’s building as a precautionary measure.

    A media contingent had stationed itself at the Goa Bhavan in Juhu on Tuesday, anticipating the Goa team would record the survivor’s statement there. But, the Goa Police team did not turn up. The team did not visit Tehelka’s Mumbai office at Khar (West) either, where a few employees were present.



  92. The politicos have crossed all the limits, it seems. It is nothing but a clear case of police over reach. They got the statement recorded without the magistrate’s presence.

    Reminds me of emergency days.

    If BJP comes to power, citizen’s right to speak against misgovernance will be under great peril.


  93. The same goan police have miserably failed to curb many illegal activities taking place like drugs, mafia power rapes, murders etc. in their own state. What happened to this zeal now exhibited?


    • Tehelka shame: Victim’s mother files FIR alleging intimidation :

      After Goa Police recorded the statement of the woman journalist, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by Tehelka founder-editor Tarun Tejpal, her mother has filed a complaint with the Delhi Police against an immediate family member of the Tehelka Editor alleging ‘intimidation’ over the case.

      Delhi Police sources said the mother of the journalist came to Pandav Nagar police station in East Delhi and filed a complaint against the member of the Tejpal family.

      On Saturday, the victim had issued a statement saying she and her family were being subjected to pressure and intimidation at an ‘intensely traumatic’ time to ‘protect’ Tejpal.

      Police said they have forwarded the complaint to its legal department to decide how should it be handled.

      On Monday, the journalist had accused Tejpal and Managing Editor Shoma Chaudhury of a ‘cover-up’ and resorting to “tactics of intimidation, character assassination and slander”.

      Tejpal has been charged with rape by the Goa Police. A three-member Goa police team had already quizzed Chaudhury and three employees who were contacted by the victim to corroborate her version of the alleged incident.

      Earlier in the day, the Delhi High Court rejected Tejpal’s plea for interim protection against arrest in the case. Tejpal termed the FIR as politically motivated alleging Goa chief Minister Manohar Parrikar was taking undue interest in the matter.

      In a letter to Chaudhary, the journalist, who resigned from Tehelka, on Monday said “at a time when I find myself victim to such a crime, I am shattered to find the Editor-in-Chief of Tehelka, and you – in your capacity as Managing Editor – resorting to precisely these tactics of intimidation, character assassination and slander.”


      • congress kids now resorted to start abusing girls along with goa public now question to be asked how sit, cbi and tainted officer and machinery where used to target a single guy ]]

        nia( with first muslim chief of clashed with cbi )

        why david headley under u.s custody told the reality of israt jehan

        goa is also led by a chief minister who is iitan who reduced the prices of petroleum when other increased it

        takes the case of citizen right to speak:

        these guys tried there level best to ban social media , pollute institutions like iit and imposed emergency to kill democracy in india and it was who routed it was visible to … last resort is fear phychosis


        • similarly question to be asked why home ministry is involved in this case and repeatedly asking the feedback from same( goa police)… kya kam nahi hai unko …right to curb investigation

          why tejpal want the case to be transferred to different state…not where he had committed crime and why frequent calls to ministers


          • a blogger:

            Last year, some of us were surprised when someone who once wanted to become the Secretary General of the United Nations wrote in glowing praise of Sonia Gandhi. No one was in any doubt then that Shashi Tharoor was using Time magazine to bend over in such a manner only because he saw in it a fail-safe ticket to get into the Congress party and then into the government. And that is precisely what has happened with his appointment as a junior minister in India’s Foreign Office.

            While Tharoor’s objective was clearly visible and somewhat justifiable too, considering the culture of the Congress party, how does one explain the unbelievably despicable level to which a journalist famous for passing off his sordid and politically motivated sting operations as exercises in public morality, has sunk to in his lowly endeavour to endear himself to, yes, Sonia Gandhi? In perhaps a first for Indian journalists – and that is saying a lot considering the lot we have – Tarun J Tejpal, editor of Tehelka, has crossed every possible red line that separates journalism and political sycophancy.

            In an open letter “to the unlikely woman whose tenacity in staying the course changed the contours of Indian politics”, this paragon of secularism not only belittles India’s many gods but lays obscene praise at her feet, including her famous ‘renunciation’ of the PM’s post, by – hold your breath – crediting it to Tenth Commandment (Though shall not covet) of the “extra god” that he says she has brought along with her from Italy! Quoting Mathew’s exhortation in 10:7, he lays bare his deeply ingrained religious and political hatred for the “devils”, “the bigots who divide us” and the ones “who have taken a fourth of our dominions”.

            He does not stop here. Craftily, he even roots for dynastic rule and Rahul Gandhi: “No doubt with the help of your extra god, you have done a fine job of bringing up your son. He has humility, decorum, diligence, and he takes the long and inclusive view. We do not like the idea of dynasty, but we abhor the idea of divisiveness more”. And then he drops the inevitable big bombshell, not wanting to take even the slightest risk of being found wanting along any dimension: “And yes, as I bid you speed and strength, with the extra god by your side, may I make a final plea. You have given us of yourself, and of your son. Now will you kindly also give unto us your luminous daughter”!

            Now you know why this angel of morality and ethics and values and integrity lay silent for the five years that the Congress was in power. Now you know why no sting operation that could taint the government in any manner was done by Tehelka. Tejpal was not alone in this deceit. You would have noticed that it was only after the elections that the media suddenly started openly talking about “wet/ATM” ministries where big money had been made by ministers; DMK was also openly called “Delhi Money for Karunanidhi” and roundly criticised for becoming a family business, conveniently forgetting that the Congress was exactly that in Delhi. Why was everyone quiet for five years while DMK ministers were allegedly looting their ministries openly? Why the noise after the elections? It does not take great imagination to understand that the media brought all the muck into public glare only to embarrass the DMK and pressure it to give up its demands for all these lucrative ministries again! Poor Congressmen couldn’t be made to suffer for another five years in “dry” ministries, could they?

            Make any amount of money, loot the nation, do anything, but don’t do anything that annoys or harms mommy. That is the credo that seems to be guiding the likes of Tejpal. Saving Sonia is more important than saving India. Cut that bullshit of the devil that you want India to see elsewhere, Tejpal; we can see him in you.

            Remember how Tehelka did the original sting when the BJP was in power and crowed about its dishonest party President who was filmed receiving Rs 1 lakh in cash? Remember how Defence Minister George Fernandes, an absolutely honest man, was hounded by the Congress for corruption without even a shred of evidence except that some money was paid by Tejpal’s flunkies to Jaya Jaitley in his residence? Remember how just before the Assembly elections in Gujarat, Tehelka did another sting on Narendra Modi solely to ensure that the Congress party won? Who can forget the recent Pink Chaddi campaign launched by one of Tejpal’s reporters to bring the Congress back on track in Karnataka? I will not be surprised if that sting on Varun Gandhi was also done by Tejpal, to literally force Muslims into the arms of the Congress in UP. As is well known now, that did happen. Of course credit for that has, expectedly, been given to the genius of Rahul Gandhi.

            Doing sting operations is a costly and time consuming affair, particularly if they are aimed at getting stunning political rewards for your political masters. Many, many stings have to be done before you get the kind of dramatic result that you are looking for in just one of them. One can only imagine the kind of effort that Tejpal’s Tehelka hounds must have put in over the years to bring windfall gains for the Congress party, while pretending to be on a great unbiased and selfless national mission. No prizes for guessing where the huge funding and possibly more could have come from, for long years.

            A recent article in the Wall Street Journal has exposed the rampant corruption that is prevalent in India’s media. Apparently nothing comes for free. If you want coverage, you have to pay for it. And in the many cases where the media are closely aligned to a particular party, if you have a contrary view, you may not be covered even if you pay. The problem must be really serious if the WSJ sees “reporters, editors and newspaper owners holding the democratic process to ransom.” That is why Paul Beckett is compelled to observe that a “corrupt press is both symptom and perpetrator of a rotten democracy”.

            Tarun Tejpal manifestly represents all that is rotten and stinking in India’s media. Unfortunately he is not alone. There are many smug faces you can see out there, some hiding behind beards like him, who appear to be using the same route to riches and power. Recently in a TV discussion about Indian money in Swiss banks, Kapil Sibal, if my memory serves me right, told off a clever TV anchor that there were people even from the media who had parked ill-gotten money there. The problem is clearly far more serious than the glimpse that has been given in the WSJ.

            When Shashi Tharoor sucks up to Sonia, everyone knows that like a seasoned bureaucrat, he is using that powerful, even if demeaning, tool to get rehabilitated respectably in India. But when a hardcore journalist like Tejpal crosses every single boundary of self-respect and honesty to do so, you have to question his motive.

            Has this lick ass article been written out of gratitude for an overdose of Swiss fragrance received for a job well done or is it another you-pay-I-write job? Whatever it be, there is little doubt that it is a very loud signal that India’s media and its democracy are far more rotten than ordinary Indians suspect.


  94. Aarushi and her parents.

    I feel sad for aarushi.

    I feel sad for aarushi’s parents.

    But strangely I dont feel sad for Hemraj.

    Hemraj betrayed the trust of his employers by allegedly indulging in in sex with a minor daughter of them. Of course, he did not deserve death from them.

    They cold have handled the matter in some other way. Like lodging a police case against the servant for the said offence and trying to spend more time with the daughter, understanding her needs etc.


    • tonymontana Says:

      I feel there is mote to the case that what the CBI investigations have led us believe. I still feel something was seriously wrong somewhere, and whether the parents actually killed thwir daughter. I find it hard to believe Hemraj and Aarushi had any sort of relationship. Just some screwed up thinking of these lowlife investigators and the indian media


    • tonymontana Says:

      The case ended up being all but the way the girl’s character was assassinated in the circles was ghasttly and sickening.


    In what is seen as the coming together of unlike minds, Tarun Tejpal, the founder and former editor-in-chief of Tehelka, joined hands with controversial liquor baron Ponty Chadha before he was killed last year to start an exclusive private club for “select urban Indians


    • On Ponty Chaddha read wonderful profile pc by CARAVAN


      • Great article on Ponty. The true scale and reach of corruption in India can be gauged just be reading and understanding the rise and death of Ponty Chaddha. His life story depicts the pulse of public corruption over the last 25 yrs.
        It will be a tall task for anyone, however idealist they might be, to unravel this vast byzantine complex of corruption. Even if AAP is well-intentioned, they will never be able to even cause a small dent in Indian corruption.


  96. omrocky786 Says:

    I am done with AAP…..

    After Anna Hazare‘s movement it was very important for the party to come out of the shadows of the Jan Lokpal movement. It was a Hindu majority movement because of Anna. After forming the party it was a major work for Arvind to reach out to Muslims,” says Yadav. “He distributed a public letter among the Muslim voters in Delhi and that letter is the reason that we got the Election Commission notice for addressing communal and religious issues.”

    He says the party will cite the Sachar committee report clearly depicting the condition of Muslims in India.


    • Oh puhleeeeez!
      Spare AAP this sickindu party talk.
      This letter was distributed a long time ago after distributing a similar letter to the sikhs. No one is complaining there.
      If Annas was also a sickindu party am i pleased AAP was formed.


  97. omrocky786 Says:

    Oh My !! The one comment a Leftie Sickular makes on this etire episode is “Well said” to a comment comparing BJP to emergency…
    and joins the company of Javed, Rahul Singh and Alyque..


    • LOL…
      People don’t know Crime is always against state not indvidual and recent SC ruling making it mandatory to file FIR in cognizable offences as ‘attempt to rape’ IS.

      Thank God, they just traveled back to IG not Hitler and Stalin 😛

      Remember your own words ~ Jaane doo 🙂


  98. This is a film forum. No one is stopping people to discuss political issue(s). But I think there is too much activity which can be avoided. You can not make an SRK fan into an Aamir fan and vice versa 🙂 .


    • may be we can make the wrongs into the right …LOL!!


    • agreed on all counts..


      • Thank you Satyam for agreeing…
        Happy Thanksgiving everyone at SS….


        • Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey and BF shopping?


          • Have a Party at our house, so no early morning BF shopping. I don’t eat Turkey but friends are bringing in turkey ….


          • BF shopping starts at midnight. People just go to see the crowd. Lines are just too big to buy anything. I normally leave stuff if I see big lines.
            ps – I love my sleep too much to bother about midnight dash in shopping malls.


          • Am i invited to daaru-shaaru party at your place rocky? Sambhaal ke peena – you know what happens with ‘drunken banter’ now…


          • Too much daaru and you might find yourself on left 🙂

            ps – I am pretty sure most on the site are on left on social issues.ex – rights..Anti-Gun..


          • omrocky786 Says:

            Ann jo, for sure you are invited..there will be plenty of Darru.
            Costco used to sell 1.75 liters of Single malt Glenfiddich Scotch for $49.99 which was a great deal and very popular with all the desis. Suddenly they stopped selling it, a couple of us went to the various Costco stores and stocked up on several bottles each. LOL


          • “ps – I am pretty sure most on the site are on left on social issues.ex – rights..Anti-Gun..”
            Agree (except anti-gun. We need guns for hunting).
            If it were not for the Dynasty, I would’ve been a proud Congresswallah.
            And, I was a staunch Democrat before Obama-Pelosi-Reid. Maybe Hillary will bring back the Centrists.


          • “And, I was a staunch Democrat before Obama-Pelosi-Reid… ” I went exactly the other way. I was a staunch Republican before Cruz, Lee and the rest of the Tea Party Idiots. Even voted for McCain/Palin, but couldn’t get myself to vote for Romney. Now without a political home…


          • Was never a Repub because of the Crazy Religious Right. The Tea Party was a Libertarian platform which has gotten hijacked by these crazies.
            And the Dems have been totally hijacked by ACORN. Maybe, I too am without a home. Pity the poor centrist Dem Senators who will lose their seats next year due to Obamacare Centrists like me have a tiny sliver of political space left in this country.


        • the same to you Rocky and everyone else here..


    • Because films have become boring while politics have become much more entertaining.
      Waiting for the arrest of TT. When, how and where?
      Today arnab show about SP leader’s naresh Agrawal’s remarks.
      Employ women and invite trouble or some such thing he is reported to have said.
      Are women exploited or women allow themselves to be exploited?


  99. High prose and verbal eloquence has been the sum of Tarun Tejpal’s defence and Shoma Chaudhury’s defiance after the former was accused of raping a junior colleague at Tehelka and the latter, of a cover-up.Please find below a primer to help you understand Tehelka-gate and the reportage better.

    A: Acquiescing

    Last used in conversation in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ when Captain Barbossa refuses to accede to Elizabeth’s request to stop battering Port Royal.


    • So he did it and is trying to justify it turning it into consensual act. He should be ashamed of himself.

      The girl deserves all sympathy and she should get justice and also good employment opportunities preferably in a foreign country where these things are treated seriously and impartially. If she stays in India, she will be used as a pawn and will be caught in the cross currents of politics and politicians. And also there will be jokers like naresh agrawal.


  100. Nearly 50% of the BJP candidates for the upcoming Delhi election have criminal cases pending against them, more than any other party.


      Page 5 onwards.

      Criteria for serious criminal cases:
      1. Offence for which maximum punishment is of 5 years or more.
      2. If an offence is non-bailable
      3. If an offence is of electoral offence (171E or bribery)
      4. Offence related to loss to exchequer
      5. Offences that are assault, murder, kidnap, rape related
      6. Offences that are mentioned in Representation of People’s Act (Section 8)
      7. Acts like Prevention of Corruption Act
      8. Crimes against women.


      • 32% of BJP candidates have a SERIOUS criminal case against them; and here I was thinking that the biggest threat to India was the left, with their depraved penchant for attending literary festivals!


        • More than any other party would include AAP, but the cases against them are of dharna at police stations when they refused FIR in ‘gudiya’ case and some other such services performed for the ^weak^public who have no clout, or *connections*.

          Not one of the cases against them is of the type that one can point a finger at.


  101. Now this is real Damning piece, Some journo’s working at that time are dismayed by this report as they were not paid salaries and Bunty and Bubbli were amassing wealth in murky illegal way. Crumbling very very fast now


  102. He is moron and should face law as Delhi govt has said so. One has right to protest but why to vandalize like that…

    don’t know full story though.


  103. Why Arnab does not allow others to speak?

    Why people agree to be on his show?


  104. Full text of latest statement from the brave victim, Tejpal’s worst nightmare, and a slap in the face of all the armchair TV commentators who were trying to minimize his crime. The male dominated patriarchal decadent entitled Indian society has finally found an articulate and nuanced adversary:


  105. LUCKNOW: Police on Saturday lodged an FIR against some IT companies on a complaint based on the sting operation by news portal “Cobrapost”, which claimed misuse of social media platforms in online campaigning for elections.

    The FIR was lodged by IPS officer Amitabh Thakur, who alleged that many IT companies were making “criminal” and “improper” use of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc to sway the minds of common people and electorate hence to cheat them, police said.

    Cobrapost, in its sting, had claimed that IT companies were misusing social media platforms to artificially boost popularity of politicians and malign their rivals.

    The FIR also mentioned those companies managing media campaign for BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, police said.

    It alleged that these companies create fake profiles and try to generate an impression on voters’ minds through false “likes” and fan following as well as negative comments for the opponents.

    In this way, they play with the basic tenets of Indian democracy and generate hate videos and messages, which, at times, even trigger riots, Thakur’s FIR alleged.

    They use proxy codes on their computers, offshore IPs and servers to avoid tracing of the source, hack into the computers of other individuals and use internet-based messaging system to circumvent TRAI, the FIR alleged.

    The FIR was lodged under relevant sections of IPC, IT Act and Representation of People’s Act.


    • “I Can Update Your Laptop Using My Laptop Sitting Anywhere…”

      “Planning to make ‘damaging’ content against Rahul go viral”
      Abhishek Kumar, Virinchi Software, Patparganj, Delhi

      To showcase his credentials, Kumar first displays cartoons of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh posted by his team on an online message board: “Congress’s hand is always with its son-in-law (Robert Vadra).” He says his firm will do negative propaganda against the fictitious Netaji’s opponent, but by using a different tack. “You don’t have to use the same method to kill a man—we will have to see what angle we have to use.”

      Kumar is running a campaign for the BJP on social media—he claims the job has been subcontracted to his company by a Bangalore-based firm. Asked if he is doing negative campaigns against the Congress, Kumar nods, “Yes.” He is, in fact, planning to make ‘damaging’ content against Rahul Gandhi go viral on social media a few days before the elections. “We are not saying anything on our own,” he says, directing us to read “the spicy stuff”.

      These are some excerpts from Outlookindia’s elaborate essay.


      • No one is stopping Congress from doing the same, and most probably they too are engaged in such activities. Unfortunately, all the dirt they manage to dig on Modi just does not stick to the wall. Aur Congress ke paap ka ghada to overflow ho raha hai, how can they stop anyone? Their standard response to anyone criticizing them online is that they are all paid RSS-BJP agents. That’s another fine way to antagonize even fence-sitting educated junta which loves to comment on the blogosphere.
        I will bet that Congress will use this IT-sting ruse to enforce some draconinan bans on social media. They tried it previously, but faced tremendous flak. They will definitely try it again before the elections. In their quest for preserving power, they will impose an Internet Emergency on all Indians, just wait and watch.


  106. A day after a Supreme Court-appointed panel identified justice AK Ganguly as the retired judge against whom a law intern levelled allegations of sexual assault, ex-CJI Altamas Kabir has come out in his support saying justice Ganguly cannot commit such a crime.

    The three-judge panel headed by justice RM Lodha submitted its report on Thursday to Chief Justice of India P Sathasivam but it has not been made public.
    Justice Ganguly, who has already denied the allegations, on Saturday said: “I don’t want to say anything more.”

    “I don’t believe he can commit such an offence. I have worked with him for a long time. ,” justice Kabir said.

    Rejecting the suggestion that justice Ganguly should resign as Chairman of the West Bengal Human Rights Commission, he said it was not necessary for him to resign simply because somebody levelled an allegation.

    “The allegation needs to be proved,” Kabir said in Kolkata. Former Delhi HC judges — Justice RS Sodhi and Justice SN Dhingra – questioned the SC’s authority to appoint a panel to look into the conduct of a retired judge. “A retired judge does not enjoy any protection under the law. The SC panel had no authority to look into his conduct. It’s a cognizable offence and should have been probed by the police.,” Justice Sodhi told HT.

    He added: “If justice Ganguly has been exonerated, the insinuation must end and the reasons be made public. It means the girl was lying…then she should be prosecuted.”


    • This ex CJI seems to be supporting his colleague against an outsider. Even during that juvenile crime in Nirbhaya’s case, he seemed to be more sympathetic towards the accused than the victim.

      I wonder what will he say about Tarun Tejpal?


  107. A bit off topic but this looks to be a must read and especially on a subject which has been far too ignored:

    Guha has a blurb here which as always is good as gold for me.


    • Shashi Tharoor has an old connection with Kashmir. His first wife, Tilotamma Mukherji, is half-Kashmiri. His current wife, Sunanda, is also from Kashmir. In the past, Tharoor has mentioned in various forums the exile of Kashmiri Pandits, who were in a minority in Kashmir, and were driven into exile in 1990 in the aftermath of Islamist extremism. But recently the newly made Minister of State, Human Resource Development, has been making statements that are as ridiculous as the history lessons of an NCERT textbook.

      In January this year, Tharoor was in Pakistan, where he appeared in a televised discussion organised by the Islamabad- based Jinnah Institute. While Tharoor remained steadfast on India’s position on terror and Kashmir, he played into the hands of a co-panelist who blamed the Pandits’ exodus on then Kashmir Governor Jagmohan. While mentioning Pakistan’s role in Kashmir, Tharoor says: “My wife is a Kashmiri Pandit. She grew up in the [Kashmir] Valley. And her 200-year- old home was burnt down by terrorists; certainly not by her neighbours who she grew up with, but by people who came across the border”. To which his co-panelist Naseem Zehra says: “But you know it was the BJP’s policy to remove Pandits from the (Kashmir) Valley.” Shockingly, Tharoor nods his head and says: “I think it was a terrible policy and she and I would agree on that.”

      Whose terrible policy? Tharoor seems to have forgotten that in 1990 Jagmohan was not with the BJP. He was sent by the VP Singh Government to restore law and order in Kashmir, where the administration seemed to have collapsed. The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits had already begun when he took charge.

      Tharoor recently went on to tweet that he knew many Pandits who blame ‘BJP’s Jagmohan’ for their plight. Hundreds of Pandits responded angrily to this untruth. He later stressed that his in-laws wouldn’t have left if Jagmohan had not asked them to leave. While it’s not clear under what circumstances Tharoor’s in-laws left the Valley, the facts of the Pandit exodus and the circumstances that led to it suggest otherwise.

      Right from the beginning, Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi tried his best to sabotage Jagmohan’s mission in Kashmir simply because he wanted to play petty politics against the then VP Singh Government. He forgot that it was his mother who had sent Jagmohan in 1984 for his first tenure as Governor. In March 1990, Gandhi landed in Srinagar with a political delegation and acted petulantly by raising non-issues like where Deputy Prime Minister Devi Lal was made to sit (to the left of the Governor in an apparent breach of protocol). He of course did not visit the Pandits who had already fled to Jammu. In May the same year, Gandhi’s cronies tried to stall proceedings in Parliament by quoting an interview Jagmohan had given Mumbai-based magazine Current in which he allegedly said: “Every Muslim in Kashmir is a militant today… the bullet is the only solution for Kashmir.” This interview is still used by propagandists to pin the blame for the Pandit exodus on Jagmohan. The fact is that Jagmohan never gave that interview; in fact, he filed a Rs 20 lakh damage suit against the weekly in the Delhi High Court immediately after. Both the correspondent and the weekly’s editor were forced to tender a written apology to Jagmohan.

      Fact is that by March 1990, Kashmiri Pandits were being brutalised on the streets and inside their homes by mobs. Many were killed in cold blood, scores of women were raped. Despite this, Jagmohan’s office issued an appeal in newspapers on 7 March 1990, asking Pandits not to leave ‘even temporarily’. He offered to set up temporary camps for them in the Valley.

      The truth of the Pandit exodus is stated courageously by veteran Kashmiri journalist and Srinagar Times editor Ghulam Mohammed Sofi in an interview he conducted in 1997 for a book. Asked about Jagmohan’s alleged role in the exodus, Sofi remarks: “It is a total lie. It is part of systematic propaganda. The Pandit flight from the Valley was the sequel to a plan hatched well in advance from outside the state. It had nothing to do with Jagmohan.” To another question about the situation in the Valley when Jagmohan took over as Governor, Sofi says: “There was no administration worth the name anywhere in the state… I mean in the Valley. Police stations all over the Valley were centres of operation for militants. Jagmohan could not have done anything. Nearly 32,000 Kashmiri Pandit houses have been burnt since 1991. Is there Jagmohan’s hand in this too?”

      One would have expected authors of books such as Pax Indica to have a better understanding of Kashmir. In 2010, Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari, who seems to suffer from a virulent form of foot-in-mouth disease, had said it was a ‘fear psychosis’ created by Jagmohan that led to the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. But then he is Manish Tewari.



        19/01/90: When Kashmiri Pandits fled Islamic terror:

        Srinagar, January 4, 1990. Aftab, a local Urdu newspaper, publishes a press release issued by Hizb-ul Mujahideen, set up by the Jamaat-e-Islami in 1989 to wage jihad for Jammu and Kashmir’s secession from India and accession to Pakistan, asking all Hindus to pack up and leave. Another local paper, Al Safa, repeats this expulsion order.

        In the following days, there is near chaos in the Kashmir valley with Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah and his National Conference government abdicating all responsibilities of the State. Masked men run amok, waving Kalashnikovs, shooting to kill and shouting anti-India slogans.

        Reports of killing of Hindus, invariably Kashmiri Pandits, begin to trickle in; there are explosions; inflammatory speeches are made from the pulpits of mosques, using public address systems meant for calling the faithful to prayers. A terrifying fear psychosis begins to take grip of Kashmiri Pandits.

        Walls are plastered with posters and handbills, summarily ordering all Kashmiris to strictly follow the Islamic dress code, prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks and imposing a ban on video parlours and cinemas. The masked men with Kalashnikovs force people to re-set their watches and clocks to Pakistan Standard Time.

        Shops, business establishments and homes of Kashmiri Pandits, the original inhabitants of the Kashmir valley with a recorded cultural and civilisational history dating back 5,000 years, are marked out. Notices are pasted on doors of Pandit houses, peremptorily asking the occupants to leave Kashmir within 24 hours or face death and worse. Some are more lucid: “Be one with us, run, or die!”

        * * *

        Srinagar, January 19, 1990. Jagmohan arrives to take charge as governor of Jammu and Kashmir. Farooq Abdullah, whose pathetic, whimpering, snivelling government has all but ceased to exist and has gone into hiding, resigns and goes into a sulk. Curfew is imposed as a first measure to restore some semblance of law and order. But it fails to have a deterrent effect.

        Throughout the day, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front and Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists use public address systems at mosques to exhort people to defy curfew and take to the streets. Masked men, firing from their Kalashnikovs, march up and down, terrorising cowering Pandits who, by then, have locked themselves in their homes.

        As evening falls, the exhortations become louder and shriller. Three taped slogans are repeatedly played the whole night from mosques: ‘Kashmir mei agar rehna hai, Allah-O-Akbar kehna hai’ (If you want to stay in Kashmir, you have to say Allah-O-Akbar); ‘Yahan kya chalega, Nizam-e-Mustafa’ (What do we want here? Rule of Shariah); ‘Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san’ (We want Pakistan along with Hindu women but without their men).

        In the preceding months, 300 Hindu men and women, nearly all of them Kashmiri Pandits, had been slaughtered ever since the brutal murder of Pandit Tika Lal Taploo, noted lawyer and BJP national executive member, by the JKLF in Srinagar on September 14, 1989. Soon after that, Justice N K Ganju of the Srinagar high court was shot dead. Pandit Sarwanand Premi, 80-year-old poet, and his son were kidnapped, tortured, their eyes gouged out, and hanged to death. A Kashmiri Pandit nurse working at the Soura Medical College Hospital in Srinagar was gang-raped and then beaten to death. Another woman was abducted, raped and sliced into bits and pieces at a sawmill.

        In villages and towns across the Kashmir valley, terrorist hit lists have been floating about. All the names are of Kashmiri Pandits. With no government worth its name, the administration having collapsed and disappeared, the police nowhere to be seen, despondency sets in. As the night of January 19, 1990, wears itself out, despondency gives way to desperation.

        And tens of thousands of Kashmiri Pandits across the valley take a painful decision: to flee their homeland to save their lives from rabid jihadis. Thus takes place a 20th century Exodus.

        * * *

        Srinagar, January 19, 2005. There are no Kashmiri Pandits in Srinagar, or, for that matter, anywhere else in the Kashmir valley; they don’t live here anymore. You can find them in squalid refugee camps in Jammu and Delhi. As many as 300,000 Kashmiri Pandits have fled their home and hearth and been reduced to living the lives of refugees in their own country.

        Two-thirds of them are camping in Jammu. The rest are in Delhi and in other Indian cities. Many of them, once prosperous and proud of their rich heritage, now live in grovelling poverty, dependent on government dole and charity. In these 15 years, an entire generation of exiled Kashmiri Pandits has grown up, without seeing the land from where their parents fled to escape the brutalities of Islamic terrorism, a land they dare not return to, although that land still remains a part of their country.

        A large number of them are suffering from a variety of stress and depression related diseases. A group of doctors who surveyed the mental and physical health of the Kashmiri Pandits living in refugee camps, found high incidence of ‘economic distress, stress induced diabetes, partial lunacy, hypertension and mental retardation.’ Statistics reflect high death rate and low birth rate among the Kashmiri Pandit refugees.

        And thereby hangs a tragic tale that has been all but wiped out from public memory.

        An entire people have been uprooted from the land of their ancestors and left to fend for themselves as a weak-kneed Indian state shamelessly panders to Islamic terrorists and separatists who claim they are the final arbiters of Jammu and Kashmir’s destiny. A part of India’s cultural heritage has been destroyed; a chapter of India’s civilisational history has been erased.

        Had this tragedy occurred elsewhere in Hindu majority India, and had the victims been Muslims, we would have described it as ‘ethnic cleansing’ and ‘genocide.’ We would have made films with horror-inducing titles. We would have filed cases in the Supreme Court of India. Our media would have marshalled remarkable rage in reporting the smallest detail.

        But, this tragedy has occurred in Muslim majority Kashmir valley, and the victims are all Hindus, that too Pandits. What has been lost is part of India’s Hindu culture, what has been erased is integral to India’s Hindu civilisation.

        Therefore, the government makes bold to record that the Kashmiri Pandits have “migrated on their own” and their ‘displacement (is) self-imposed;’ the National Human Rights Commission, after a perfunctory inquiry, refuses to concede that what has happened is ‘genocide’ or ‘ethnic cleansing,’ though facts add up to no less than that, never mind that 300,000 lives have been destroyed.

        And, our jhola-wallah brigade of secular activists rudely turn up their noses to the plight of Kashmiri Pandits: Hindu sorrow, inflicted by Islamic terror, stinks.

        Today, on January 19, the 15th anniversary of the forced flight of Kashmiri Pandits, look back at India’s wretched history of secular politics and consider the terrible price the nation has paid at the altar of appeasement because the Indian State has, and continues to, toe the line of least resistance.



    This last week has been absolutely fascinating for anyone trying to understand how India ticks. Well, urban India at least. It has been a classic case of the good, the bad and the ugly all noisily jostling for centre stage. In the space of a week we have had the very public and very unsavoury fall from grace of a former star of crusading journalism, and the apparent crumbling of his empire around him. We have heard a young woman speaking out from the heart (and in graphic detail) about being sexually molested by a man old enough to be her father and her boss, to boot.

    While she seeks justice, her (admittedly) eloquent bosses tied themselves in ever more complicated linguistic knots in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable. The erudite, flowery prose positively flowed last week. There have been resignations galore from what was once seen as a pioneering vehicle, a beacon of robust journalism, as the staff of Tehelka leave, voting with their feet and their conscience. Well, most of them are voting with their conscience, which is refreshing. Tejpal has rather grandly ‘recused’ himself from being editor, though actually I thought only judges could do that. Anyway, semantics hardly matter at this stage of the game. The man’s eloquence over this past week has been astounding and also rather religiously nuanced, with dramatic vocabulary such as penance and atone (wasn’t there even a lacerate, too?).

    And then, astoundingly, politics quickly caught up with what appears to be an open and shut case of sexual molestation. Behind the arrest for the attempted rape of which Tejpal is accused, we have been told that there are political vendettas. These vendattas would account for why the police (for once) has done its job with alacrity. What a state of affairs. Instead of praising the Goa Police, we are now hunting for a political conspiracy. As if Tejpal’s behaviour were not enough, there have also been stings against political candidates in the newly formed Aam Aadmi Party. Potentially incriminating video footage has been doctored. Or has it?

    And then, of course, there is social media. Thanks to another sting – Cobrapost this time – we learned that you can pay online companies to malign a politician’s reputation. And here was cynical old me thinking that the politicians did that very well by themselves, thank you very much. But no, apparently, there is a whole industry out there, ready to cyber-malign your opponent for a fee. Our Home Minister Shinde is now worried about the power of Facebook and Twitter and promises action against “mischievous use of this medium to foment trouble…” Yadda yadda yadda.

    As I said, this has been another hectic noisy, and let’s say it, unsavoury week, in a country that is heading for the poll in a few months (here in Delhi we vote for our Assembly in just a couple of days), And yet, all this noise and shouting and stinging and even louder shouting and accusations and counter-accusations, all of this gives me huge hope. Yes, there is so much that needs sorting out in our country – we all know that – and as a feminist (dare I use that word after Chaudhury?) I tremble for the women of this country. Those of you who have read earlier diaries of mine know that. And yet, despite all the muck we see exposed, I have huge hope and optimism.

    For now, things are being aired and discussed and public outrage is, one feels, forcing the powers that be to pull up their socks. The very prevalence of social media is an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. Yes, of course, there will always be excesses. Yes, of course, there will be stings. Yes, of course there will be silly sound bites or insensitive tweets or manipulated Facebook likes – though I have to say that I doubt the average fed-up mango person would vote for someone based on how many likes they have on Facebook. But the very fact that the media, social or otherwise, is so noisy and irreverent and robust has changed forever the complacency and sense of entitlement that our politicians have enjoyed. As long as there are people, mango or otherwise, ready to speak out against crime and corruption and abuse, then there is huge hope for India.

    So, Shinde, whatever you do, please do not try and put the social media genie back in its bottle. That’s like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. If our politicians cease being corrupt, if middle-aged Lotharios stop abusing, if the powers that be start taking responsibility for their actions, then the anger on social media will dissipate, and we will all go back to tweeting pictures of our lunch and liking cute photos of kittens on Facebook. Until then, more power to all the mango folk out there.


  109. So, Modi is loved even in J&K. This is the end of Congress’s devil regime.

    Many people from the Valley, especially women, who attended the rally of Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday, claimed that they do not see him as ‘anti-Muslim’ and alleged that he was given that tag for “political advantage”.
    Sgafiqa Akhtar of

    Tagdhar, Kashmir, pointed out, “The maximum number of riots took place during the Congress regimes in both the Centre and the states, but nobody blames the Congress for them.”
    Criticising the present National Conference-Congress alliance for labelling Modi as ‘anti-Muslim’, she alleged, “What happened in Gujarat was given wrong publicity. The Congress government ordered the hanging of Afzal Guru, convicted for the Parliament attack. The Congress had formed the government at the Centre and in the state.”
    Accusing the Congress of “vilifying” Modi, she added, “The Congress says that Modi was a ‘chaiwallah’, but a ‘chaiwallah’ did not sell the country for political gain. Modi will lead us on the path of development, and he will become our next Prime Minister.”
    Haleena, also from the Valley, said Modi was the right candidate to become the next Prime Minister of the country.
    “He is being unnecessarily projected as anti-Hindu. As the Prime Minister, he will lead us into an era of development and prosperity,” she added.
    Shazia Khan of downtown Maisoma, Srinagar, while reposing confidence in Modi, said, “For me, the main issue is development, which I feel Modi will bring in Jammu and Kashmir as well. For me he (Modi) is not anti-Muslim. I have heard that the most prosperous Muslims live in Gujarat.”
    Expressing frustration with the government, Mahesha Bee from the Gujjar community said, “Nobody sees the development and prosperity that Modi has brought to Gujarat. They just dub him as communal, but I do not subscribe to that view. We (Gujjars) have been living in inhumane conditions for the last 65 years. No government has done anything for the upliftment of our community. This time, we will give a chance to Modi and hope that he will remove the disparities.”
    Thanking the BJP-led NDA government for safeguarding their lives during the Kargil War, Lena Bano of Kargil said, “We have full faith in the BJP, and now in Narendra Modi. As BJP has saved our lives in the 1999 Kargil War with Pakistan, Modi too will support us if such a situation arises again.”
    Accusing the Congress of playing divisive politics, Kaneez Fatima, also from Kargil said, “The Congress’ policy has always been to promote groupism so that the atmosphere of uncertainty always looms. It thrives on creating division among party, people and religion.”
    – See more at:


  110. “By not treating women same rights as men, meant that if Kasmiri women marries outsider, her husband and children do not get domicile rights in Kashmir. If Kashmiri man marries outsider, both his wife and children get automatic right of domicile in Kashmir. That is a fact and a discrimination against women. The point is women’s rights are not focused on in this state, where every other state human rights activists are all over. Why is that the case? Women in Kashmir as any different from any other states of India? Ask yourself that question.”

    Very Valid Point by Modi. Now, where are NWC?


    • Even parsis in India have almost similar laws. Hope Modi raises this aspect of parsis also with the same zeal.

      Even hindu undivided family(huf) discriminates against women.
      Let Modi take up this issue also with same passion.

      Let Modi take on Khap Panchayats in their den. Let us see whether Modi can do it.

      Let Modi go and fight for Vrindavan widows.

      Go Modi, Go. There are so many things you have to do other than rabble rousing.


      • If i go to Chennai and discuss about issues in mumbai. That will be totally futile. J&K is under democracy under leadership of India so it is our responsibility to discuss those issues. You sound like like separatists who first demand separate Nationality for J&K but can’t deploy democracy and end up being victim of terrorism from Terrorist State Pakistan. Sometimes, hate and jealousy destroys the person himself. Carry on that path. Modi will continue on the ladder of success.


        • I did not say that he has to raise these issues in Jammu. He can raise these issues on a general platform in India as parsis are everywhere in India though they are concentrated in gujarat and maharashtra mostly. As for HUF, he can raise it anywhere. Khap panchayats, he can do it when he visits Haryana. When he visits Vrindavan, he can empathise with the widows .

          Intolerance destroys power to think rationally, it seems.


      • Even our bollywood parsis love Modi.
        You should follow all of his events and work. He has’t emerged most loved leader of Independent India for nothing.
        Read below-
        Parsi community here showered praise on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today with one of the high priests wishing him to become the Prime Minister and Bollywood actor Boman Irani describing him as the protector of sacred fire ‘Atash Behram’.

        Modi was the chief guest at a function organised to celebrate the 1290th Anniversary of Shreeji Pak Iranshah at Udvada, a world renowned pilgrimage centre for Parsi community.

        “On the 1300th anniversary of Shreeji Pak Iranshah, 10 years later, I wish it to be celebrated in presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” High Priest Dastur Kurshedjee Kekobad said during his address.

        He said that Parsi people were secure in Gujarat and ‘Foundation for development of Udvada’ is the result of Chief Minister’s far-sightedness. Even the Zoroastrian Information Centre has also been developed with the help of Chief Minister’s funding, he added.

        Noted actor Boman Irani who was present on the occasion described Modi as the protector of the ‘Atash Behram’ or Fire of victory and of pilgrim place Udvada, second after King Jadav Rana of Sanjan who gave shelter to people of Parsi community on their arrival in India.

        Irani also thanked Modi government for initiating efforts to preserve the sanctity and solemnity of Udvada.


        • @Satyam
          Why my above two comments as Reply to Sanjana are in Moderation.


          • Article 370—should it continue or go ?

            By Balbir Ram Rattan

            For the last few days, the issue of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution has been attracting the attention of the people who keep track of news through print and electronic media. It is not for the first time that Article 370 has come to limelight after political parties and leaders raked it up. It comes into focus after intervals of few months or few years. While country’s one of the largest political party, the Bharatiya Janata Party,has been demanding its abrogation on the ground that the state has got no benefit from it and on the contrary has fostered anti-national sentiment in the valley and sooner it goes better it would be for the state, its people and the country. On the other hand a regional political party, the National Conference, has been advocating its continuation on the ground that it is the bridge between this state and the Indian Union. Similarly, another regional political party, the People’s Democratic Party, too sticks its nose for the sake of crass political compulsions and opposes the demand of its abrogation and thus taking the line of National Conference.
            While political ball on this issue continues to enter different courts and debate through media goes on among the intelligentsia afresh under the present political climate in the state and in the backdrop of certain developments in the past in terms of state –centre relations, the million dollar question which makes rounds in minds of a common citizen of the state is as to what he or she has gained from it? Has any one from his or her family been benefitted from it? If, yes, what kind of benefit and in what shape it has been? Similarly, other question which comes into one’s mind is that if it has harmed a common citizen, why it should continue? Why it should not be abrogated?

            While NC has been advocating Article 370 on the basis that it is a bridge between the state and rest of the country, BJP has been time and again, seeking from its votaries to give out one objective benefit that it entails for the common man, state or the nation.
            It is a universal phenomenon that any issue which invites criticism from some pockets and support from others, should be discussed. It should have a healthy open debate. Let people come on a platform, express their views on the subject, count pros and cons and then arrive at a final decision taking into account welfare of the state and its people, instead of just issuing statements designed at misleading the people on false outcomes or consequences.
            What is Constitution? Why a nation needs a Constitution? What should a Constitution have ? Should it be just a booklet of few hundred pages with compilation of numerous Articles and Sections, even if they do not give any benefit to the people ? Why is it not mandatory that any Article or Section, which becomes hot cake of public discussion should be reviewed and if needed be abrogated or removed. These are few small yet fundamental questions that need appropriate and rational answers from the political circles that are taking extreme positions over the issue.
            One of the most authentic logic put while opposing Article 370 is that it bars the non subjects/ people from outside the state to buy immovable as well as movable property here, set any industry or manufacturing unit, while no other state bars any state subject of J&K to invest there, acquire land or set business establishment.
            It is true that every educated individual cannot be given government job but the government can work on alternate means to ensure that more and more job avenues are made available to the people. The alternate, therefore, is the private sector. Today private sector has achieved new heights in many states. But how the same private sector can grow here in J&K when there is obstacle of Article 370 in attracting the flow of investment from big business houses which are running mega projects and giving employment to thousands of educated youth according to their academic, professional, skilled and non skilled capabilities. Lack of job avenues to the educated unemployed youth of state is forcing them to move out to other states for finding suitable source of bread earning. It is said that if this silent migration of youth continues, it will convert the state into a land of old and aged people in next 15-20 years, which is indeed a very serious matter and
            need to be taken note of by the government.

            It is also said that unemployment in J& K has promoted militancy. A poor youth after completing education with limited resources, after sitting idle for long, gets easily lured by the people who push them into anti-national activities by giving few thousands of rupees.
            It is therefore high time for the parties which are adamant over what BJP leadership has been advocating on genuine grounds to look at the issue from the prism of common masses and their interests and not just their own political interests and pandering to the emotions of a small segment of valley’s population. Moreover, it is time for entire state, people in all the three regions as a matter of their right to look afresh into pros and cons of this Article and assess things themselves instead of getting entrapped every time into the jargon of Kashmir politicians.
            Even otherwise, if a common man from the society, who is neither a political figure nor an intellectual or academician, is told that Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of India like any other state but Article 370 provides for separate flag and separate Constitution, his reaction would be –why it was not abrogated during all these years after its incorporation for a temporary period?


          • any comment with two links automatically goes into moderation..


    • BJP’s meenakshi Lekhi already cleared party’s stand long before on this matter. Who ever is guilty should be punished by conviction in court and demanded immediate prosecution without any delay. Despite being a lawyer for BJP in most cases, no party close aide is advocating for any accused.

      But, Congress has been trying to politicize issue, it has been 6 years since this matter came to light. But, none of the accused have been convicted, they all are under arrest only without any progress in conviction. Sushil kumar shinde has been trying to generalize all hindus as terrorist just based on couple of people just like Rahul Gandhi did on muslims on U.P. naming them as all of them are in contact of ISI and working against india.

      This is called vote bank politics, it easily works on uneducated illiterate and educated religious extremists also. Without doing any work for people, they have been fetching big political gains.


      • a parsi (ratan tata) suffered because of 26/11(taj) and are not demanding separate law neither reservation nor anything and without demanding reservation or playing minority or caste card are the most prosperous…



      BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday dared the Congress and the Centre to let the CBI loose on him, saying that they can’t ‘threaten’ him the way they did with Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati.

      In an oblique reference to the Centre’s threat on the snoopgate, Modi said, “I am neither Mayawati nor Mulayam Singh Yadav. I am Narendra Modi. I want to tell the Congress and its leaders that they cannot threaten me with the CBI.”

      His remarks came soon after the Centre announced that it would enquire into the ‘misuse’ of State machinery in Gujarat in wake of the alleged ‘snooping’ on a woman. The Centre said the surveillance on the woman architect, allegedly by the Gujarat Police, was apparently in violation of phone tapping rules as it was reportedly carried out without the mandatory permission from the Centre when she went out of the State. “Inquiry will be conducted and a decision will be taken. Union and State Home secretaries have been authorised to take action against (illegal) snooping,” Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said in Mumbai.

      This, however, invited a sharp reaction from Modi, who slammed the UPA Government for misusing Government machinery, particularly the CBI, to pressurise its allies and rivals for its political gains.

      “You (Congress) cannot make me succumb to such tricks,” Modi said, addressing his fifth and the final rally in the national Capital. On Saturday too, Modi had referred to the snooping episode saying it was an attempt by the Congress party’s ‘dirty tricks department’ to malign his image as the party feared his growing popularity.

      The BJP’s PM candidate attacked the Congress over the issue of corruption saying it was not a ‘new disease with the party’. “The Congress shows hand (party’s symbol) during campaigning and when there is favourable atmosphere, it tries its hand at corruption. They show one hand and loot with both,” Modi said during his rally at Dakshinpuri in South Delhi; the same venue where Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi had held a rally two weeks ago. Rahul’s rally had witnessed low turnout. Modi’s rally, however, witnessed an impressive turnout of supporters who cheered every time Modi attacked the Congress.

      He came down heavily on the Delhi and Central Governments for failing to curb price rise, despite making a promise of offering relief within 100 days of forming the Government. He also gave a clarion call to the voters to oust the UPA Government and the Delhi Government saying their poor economic policies had piled up unending miseries on the common men. “Do not leave the opportunity to topple the Congress Government. Congress is known for cheating the people. In 2009, they promised to bring down inflation within 100 days. They broke the promise, you strike off relations with them,” Modi said.


      • This is all futile if family says they were aware of it and gujarat police said they were tracking all of her meeting and persons she met and it was for the reason of protection. Thank God this girl was not muslim and girl herself worked in close association of Modi. Girl’s father was seen in award function with Modi.
        Congress can create 100 of cases for next 6 months. Last heard, congress are appealing in court to reopen a case in gujarat riots using a girl zakia. Media will throw many questions to Modi despite clean chit by Supreme court and congress’s self appointed committee SIT. Dozens of riots in rajasthan in last 5 years under Congress govt and Mulayam’s govt should be overlooked as they are always secular.


  111. let’s take it easy guys.. this isn’t a political blog.


    • agree.


    • People should not run away after accusing with baseless allegations or accept that their opinion is blinded by 10 yr of political vendatta run by media backed by congress. If somebody doesnt has subject matter knowledge then he should not poke into matter or just accept as the things reveal. But some do it based on biased opinion, lack of political knowledge. Still they want to stand with their blind opinion. Anyways, i am also off the topic for now as there is no one to reply to.


    • it isn’t but the thread is…proper solution ignore and be prolific if one is not comfortable


  112. kashmiri media :

    “In the prevailing scenario, secularism has been discovered as a magical potion by few to get rid of all sins and escape responsibilities and accountability. In J&K, there’s an additional shield for them in the form of Article 370. The debate in favour and against the abrogation of Article 370 of Indian Constitution will continue in the realm of Indian politics. But this is the demand of time that in the wider interests and rights of people of J&K at least a debate should be initiated in J&K as well as across the country to discuss whether Article 370 worked to their (people’s) advantage or not,” he said.

    He stated that Article 370 was being used as a shield with a communal tinge and this was preventing discussion on its pros and cons in right perspective.

    He desired that constitutional experts should initiate discussion on it.

    To substantiate his point, he said that Congress was not able to implement its much hyped welfare laws, on which it was seeking votes in other states, in the state of J&K. Ditto was the case with 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments brought by the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi for empowerment of Panchayats and Local bodies yet Congress failed to get them implemented in J&K, he said.

    Stringent laws to eradicate corruption were not being implemented in J&K.

    ON 73RD and 74TH CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS: For non-implementation of 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments, he took an oblique dig at National Conference also. For its leaders, autonomy was a big issue for their vested interests yet they were not interested in granting autonomy to Panchayats, Local Bodies, villages, which was imperative for their development, he said. For how long this double-speak would continue depriving J&K people including SCs, STs, OBCs, of similar rights available to citizens in others parts of the country, Modi questioned. On this account, he specifically mentioned Gujjars, Bakerwals and Shias of Kargil.

    WILL MAKE J&K ‘SUPER-STATE, NOT SEPARATE STATE’: Modi said that stale “separate state” song did not benefit people of the state. “The history of the state in the past 60 years is a testimony to the fact that only 50 families could reap benefits out of this while rest of the citizens were kept in dark and thus suffered,” Modi said.

    e added that J&K was not a beggar state and the efforts of his party would be to make it “Behtar (better)” state. “The only problem is that its leaders prefer to move abroad as and when possible, away from harsh vagaries of weather confronted by rest of the citizens.

    Modi stated had Centre, which was in deep slumber and is still in same mode, taken note of the brutal killing of Chamel Singh, a resident of Jammu, in Pakistani jail and registered protest with the Pakistan government, the killing of Sarabjeet in same jail with same modus operandi would have been avoided.

    J&K too should have IITs and IIMs like Himachal Pradesh, but the state and the central governments were not interested, he said.

    “Why we cannot think of going to Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet from Leh in Ladakh. Lots of trade will happen if this can be done. Many Hindi films were shot in J&K. Why J&K could not get a film institute, sadly the governments here are not interested in development and progress. Tourism is suffering here. Tourists are going to Himachal Pradesh. The state has a lot of potential for promotion of holistic healthcare by exploiting wealth of medicinal herbs here but none is taking a sincere initiative in this direction,” Modi said.

    He wound up daring those in power as he said, “For a government, it should be always India first. The government has only one mantra, which is development for all.”


  113. Justice Verma’s recommendations. And some actions and reactions.

    Definition of rape has to change. Any physical contact or violation can be termed as rape. Even a hug?

    So munna, even that smack on the bottom(without the lady’s consent) by KPS Gill may fall under the term rape.

    Even if the woman makes false charges, she wont be punished but only reprimanded.

    Especially between a boss(not akshay kumar) and his subordinate.
    No doubt the SP man Naresh Agrawal was not entirely wrong. Why to employ women and then lose sleep and peace of mind? A vindictive woman who is denied promotions or simply given low performance rank, can use this and can get away easily. I am not anti woman but I have got male relatives like brother, father, cousins etc. Just the way dowry laws are misused by some women.

    There is a hot debate going on in social as well as print media about this.

    Whats your take?



    Since the days of Arun Shourie this country hasn’t seen honest investigative reporting. There is an exception in J. Gopikrishnan of The Pioneer who broke the 2G scam. But the TV channels like NDTV, CNN-IBN, AajTak, HeadlinesToday clearly delight in shortcuts and spurious stings to claim “investigative reporting”. This is nothing but Gobar journalism.

    Appropriately, the real name of the organisation is “Forum for media & literature’. Ahem! After all, Tehelka too graduated from crappy stings to LitterFests, didn’t they? THINK and all? So the road map for Gobar journalism and easy money is pretty much well laid out. Throw crap against all opponents of Congress and get rich. That’s the scheme. Scams, sex, rapes; if at all there was a goldmine for these silly stings it has to be the Congress. Yet, as I keep pointing out repeatedly, not one major sting has been carried out against any Congi. It was reported earlier too and now even Huffpost reports Sonia Gandhi’s assets worth $2 Billion. Would these Congress doormats (which the guy in the video calls honourable “RatF*****s”) dare to peep into her asset history? How does a woman who claims she doesn’t even a car own $2 Bn worth of assets? These jokers and other “fearless cowards” like Arnab, Rajdeep, Barkha, Ashutosh, Sreenivasan Jain, Chaubeji, Sagarika & Co. will never dare to ask the question. Their heads would be rolling in some Gobar dump if they did. I would not
    be wrong in saying all the powers and crimes of Tejpal & Co. flow from being doormats of Sonia and Congress. It’s not me alone, now even others are reflecting on this glaring truth

    After suppressing and destroying the Cash4Votes sting Rajdeep Sardesai permanently lost his credibility as an editor. Why should anyone trust these guys anymore? On top of that, post the Tejpal rape scandal there are more people giving information of many other editors who are also involved in sexual harassment. This tweet from Sucheta Dalal says a lot. They started out maligning the opponents of Congress for political reasons but all their sleaze is now coming out. I repeat: Crooks and Liars in the Indian MSM are the greatest danger to our democracy. And when confronted with police investigation, the champion of stings, Tejpal, hides like a rat, like a coward till forced out of his hole. His partner in Tehelka, Cowardni Shoma Chaudhury became hysterical, threw tantrums and even threatened political pressure.

    “Sources said Shoma shouted at the team and tried to stop them when they decided to take away Tejpal’s computer (CPU). She even dropped names of some senior politicians and threatened to make calls, an investigator said”. Any more doubts that these Tehelkas and Gobarposts are backed by political masters pulling the strings? It’s no different for most of the MSM either.

    Remember Linda Tripp? She’s the woman who illegally recorded her conversations with Monica Lewinsky (Bill Clinton – Lewinsky scandal) and offered it as evidence to the prosecutor against immunity from legal action. She got that immunity but earned public scorn forever. No public respects a friend who turns spy. Recording phone conversations (and using it for public purposes) without knowledge of the person is a crime in the US. This and recording people’s images without their knowledge also need to be outlawed in India. Such Gobar journalism comes only funded by corrupt money. To borrow the term from the video in this post what Tehelka and Cobrapost are doing is called “RatF*****g” on behalf of a political party. And these morons are worried about Social Media which doesn’t indulge in corruption anywhere close to the MSM and its players do.

    he other obvious question, therefore, is where will all this end? The Supreme Court has recently asked the Centre to frame guidelines to regulate content on TV media. For this, we need an independent authority to exercise a watch over TV media, particularly the corrupt news media. While the govt can set up and fund such a body it should never be involved in it. Once formed, this should be an autonomous body with prominent citizens from the public. Neither govt nor any media persons should be appointed there. But even before that happens, the entire news media must be brought under RTI. They don’t have any excuses anymore. The media houses may be private but they are in the public domain and are govt beneficiaries in many ways. They are equivalent to public health and should be under as much scrutiny as they think they have the right to put others to. Till then Gobar journalism from the likes of Cobrapost supported by political channels like CNN-IBN, NDTV, ABPNews, TimesNow and the whole lot will continue.


    • Cobrapost should have done something about bollywood and its business reports.
      They have done something useful like how banks flout KYC norms and how black money is converted into insurance products.
      They should have done something about how terrorist cells operate and how naxalites are ruling and who are their patrons.
      TT may not be there but Cobra post will go on doing their stings. The show must go on while TT cools his heels in jail.


  115. should be nationalist:

    history: @Swamy39 and @sagarikaghose on “INTERNET HINDUS”, the term first coined by Pagalika (Santarika) Ghose in 2010 as a DEROGATORY term to HINDUS.
    After that, huge HINDUS embraced this term, and become so massively popular on Twitter that most of INDIAN MEDIA Journos got pissed off… and started feeling the heat

    torned apart by swamy in al zazeera…unable to speak properly


  116. in a mouthpiece arabic channel:

    Most people are aware of Karl Popper as the father of the modern scientific method, and especially as the creator of the logic known as ‘Popper falsifiability’. Somewhat less known is just how well Popper applied his prodigious logical powers to issues of society. In particular, to an issue much in the news these days…that of ‘tolerance’. And in that respect, Popper made what to me is the defining statement on the matter:-

    “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them… We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that any movement preaching intolerance places itself outside the law, and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal, in the same way as we should consider incitement to murder, or to kidnapping, or to the revival of the slave trade, as criminal.”

    This should be framed and mounted on the wall of every liberal’s house. Especially those liberals…and there are all too many of them….who are so enamoured with tolerant thinking that they demand tolerance even of the intolerant. To my mind, that level of unthinking and unlimited tolerance is akin to those Trojans who rather stupidly thought the nice wooden horse outside the city was a gift.

    “Name a country in Asia that is more tolerant of its minority” than India. The current churning against the media, the Congress+Socialists+Leftists and even intolerant Muslims did not happen overnight. This was waiting to happen. Distortion of their history, abuse of their rights, discrimination through constitution and appeasement of minorities have made many Hindus say “Enough is Enough”! The Internet blogs and social media have helped bring out the truth about the distorted history and the lies the media and historians have peddled for years. Sagarika must learn to accept that fact.

    If Lisa Fletcher and AlJazeera look deeper into Hindu society they will realise the undeniable fact that Hindus are not bound together as a community by their religion. They are bound together by their traditions, social customs and practices. In her opening statements Lisa mentions “Hindutva is a core principle of the RSS”. Now, RSS doesn’t influence all Hindus nor is it a concept similar to the ‘universal brotherhood’ that applies to Muslims. And the great scientist that Sagarika is, she suggests “Hindus don’t need to fear anything”. No, they don’t need to fear anything but they are also not willing to welcome any more Trojan horses. If some IH are belligerent and abusive they would have been so even without the internet. Trust me the Muslims don’t even need the internet for that. As someone tweeted jokingly, their equivalent of IH, the IM, is already a terrorist organisation.

    Here’s the last word dear Cacofonix! You may have coined the IH term to ridicule Hindus but given that you’re very scientific, you didn’t foresee the response. The panellists even debated it as an offensive term. That’s seriously a laugh. THEY ARE WRONG! Far from seeing it as ridicule or offensive, many Hindus on the net have worn it proudly as their identity. The aggressive Hindus who would have otherwise have gone by their own names or other funny names have exploded into a huge mass with different variants of the term IH. That’s called Hindu tolerance, even embracing an intended ridicule as a badge of honour. That’s the true Hindu Liberal. Go figure!


  117. search some :

    how forbes very recenly put sonia as 4th richest politician…how guardian in 04 talked about shaddy past and qualification on sonia threatened to be put on defamation and sued by…….now after all this year toilet has put something

    NEW DELHI: According to a report in the Huffington Post, Congress president Sonia Gandhi is the 12th richest political leader in the world.

    With $2 billion wealth, Gandhi is believed to be richer than the British Queen Elizabeth II, Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

    To compile the list, Huffington Post compared each country’s GDP per capita juxtaposed with a leader’s personal net worth, just to show ‘how different life is for the haves and have-nots’.

    The list includes kings, presidents, sultans and queens. The richest leaders among the top 20 originated from the Middle East region.

    The report puts Russian President Vladimir Putin on the top of the list with a wealth of $40 billion, followed by King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej with fortunes worth $30 billion.

    However, the HuffPost report does not clearly state how it has arrived at the conclusion.

    (12 th only becauase they took gdp into consideration)


    • Just so we’re clear, Sonia Gandhi finished 12th because they took GDP per capita into consideration — i.e. had India been wealthier on a per capita basis, Sonia Gandhi would have finished lower than 12, at a certainly-not-to-be-sneezed-at $2 billion…


      • ya but we hear so called drive on austerity courtesy madam btw for so called freedom of press:



          Yesterday Firstpost did a story based on a Huffington Post list of the richest leaders in which Congress president Sonia Gandhi figured on the 12th slot, surprisingly ahead of Queen Elizabeth of Britain and Albert II, Prince of Monaco. We had argued that HuffPost’s list, however, does not, clearly state how it has arrived at the conclusion, while Gandhi’s declared assets to the Election Commissioner in 2009 is just Rs 1.38 crore. The HuffPost article drew angry reactions from both rivals and supporters of the Congress.

          “If Huffington Post would stick to huffing and puffing then I think they would do a much better job for themselves. Because if you do put out these absurd and ridiculous things out in print, then you only open yourself to be made a laughing stock. I would not even like to dignify with a response,” Congress leader Manish Tewari said. Adding fuel to the fire, this morning, Huffington Post has removed Sonia Gandhi from the rich list saying that the editors have been unable to verify Gandhi’s wealth amount. In an editor’s note, HuffPost wrote: “Sonia Gandhi and the former emir of Qatar Hamid bin Khalifa al-Thani have been removed from this list. Gandhi was originally included based on a listing on a third party site which was subsequently called into question. Our editors have been unable to verify the amount, removed the link, and regret any confusion. Qatar’s emir was succeeded by his son Tamim in 2013.” Bad sourcing of data? Shoddy reporting? Probably yes, but Twitterrati in India, as usual, is angry. Stretching their imagination beyond the limits, they ask: Was HuffPost forced to take down Gandhi’s name?

          Subramanian Swamy ✔ @Swamy39

          @mahikatti @mediacrooks : That is why I do my own research. TDK had $ 2 billion in 1991, inherited from RG–merry widow– 2011-$ 4 b

          (its not me but same swamy who exposed 2g)


  118. I think it is ridiculous to keep beating only Congress for corruption and bad administration.

    With so much written here in support of BJP – what were they doing all these years sitting in the ooposition? Did they even oppose anything?

    BOTH the party members have grown in wealth since coming to power.


  119. Superb……
    It is this many-layered genius and nemesis called Narendra Modi that frightens the looters of the United Progressive Alliance. Till so long the Bharatiya Janata Party was in the hands of Lal Krishna Advani and Co., the looters had nothing to fear. Advani belongs to the old school, letting bygones be bygones. Atal Behari Vajpayee spared the Nehru-Gandhis further ignominy on Bofors. But Narendra Modi is not made in their mould. He does not belong to Delhi. He is an outsider much in the way that a majority of Indians live in alienation from the national capital. These outsiders have had enough of the Delhi establishment and wish to upend the status quo. Modi comes on their backing. In the circumstances, he can scarcely spare the looters, those that have destroyed the country’s hopes and aspirations in the past 10 years.

    Terrified, therefore, of this lone ranger called Modi, the dynastic Congress has gone dirty in the poll campaign against him. The dynasty dreads the impact of just one Modi term. True to his advertised sentiments, he will make Nehruvianism redundant, and guide India on the home-grown wisdom of Sardar Patel. In this respect, Narendra Modi represents a complete break from the past. Henceforth, the dominant vision would be of Patel and the other great national leaders who were robbed of their due by Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. These are powerful legacies to build on, and those that decry this attachment to history do not know the first thing about national reconstruction. It is this Modi project, Sardar Patel-plus, which scares the Nehru-Gandhis in addition to his determination to cleanse Indian public life. It constitutes the most profound attack on the Nehruvian legacy, and it sounds the death knell for the dynasty. With the legacy gone and the dynasty in tatters, power will make its full and final flight.


  120. Two companies that put Rs 28 crore in Tehelka linked to Jindal firm named in coal scam FIR
    An analysis of the share transactions (see box) involving Tehelka and these companies shows that between 2006 and 2010, through sale and purchase at regular intervals, Tehelka’s management sold shares at a high premium, bought them back at nominal face value and then re-issued these same shares among these interlinked companies.

    For instance, Enlightened bought shares at a premium of Rs 10,623 in 2008, sold them back to Tehelka in 2009 at Rs 10 a share and, within days, Tehelka issued these shares at a Rs 2,505-premium to Trinamool MP K D Singh’s Royal Building and Infrastructure Ltd. In effect, Anant Media collected a premium of Rs 13,128 for a Rs 10 share


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