Singh Saab the Great trailers (updated)

thanks to Bachchan 1 to 10…


13 Responses to “Singh Saab the Great trailers (updated)”

  1. Has Sunny become a permanent Sardar? Dont remember seeing him in a non-sardar role lately.


  2. mksrooney Says:

    @satyam, it’s a teaser. Theatrical Trailer is not yet out.


  3. I enjoyed the teaser. Looking forward to the Anil Sharma- Sunny Deol combination. They have always delivered. Sunny Deol is looking good and in fine form in the sardaar avatar here.


  4. isn’t it a wonder sunny deol has yet to come down w/ a case of laryngitis from all the yelling he does?..


  5. Are people still intrested to watch Sunny Deol on big screen?


  6. tonymontana Says:

    such a hilarious trailer!


  7. If TARR TARR TARR TARR was all that Singh Saab Sunny was going to do in his entire life-time and cinema-time, why take the trouble of becoming a collector? Akhada hi khol diya hota..


  8. RajRoshan Says:

    That tarr tarr taar is hilarious and awful at the same time


  9. loved the teaser, promo is too ott and agree on tarr tarr part.


  10. Well, I did like the promo. This looks more like the good, old, guilty pleasure. But I liked it more than Bullet Raja and R. Rajkumar’s respective trailers which looked pretentious but not really convincing. Here, it’s old school but there is nothing pretentious. What you see is what you get. It’s surely going to be about raw power and the good, old fight beween good vs evil. And I do think Sunny Deol and Anil Sharma will very much be in their elements here.

    I also have to say Deol is looking fitter, better and in fine form here.

    However, I do feel that it’s going to face the problems Boss faced at the BO. While the single screens audience turned up for Boss, the mulitplexes viewers were not really interested. I do feel that Singh Saab the Great may face the same outcome.


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