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  1. Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 9h
    Industry reports of KRRISH 3 extraordinary. Two-three trial shows held,people going berserk.Advance bkg. in Delhi, other places OUTSTANDING


  2. This is bad .. I wrote one long comment on previous thread and before I posted u closed that thread .. My comment also gone .. 😦


    • sorry about that, your comment is there though. Haven’t removed anything. Feel free to put it up here again if you like. I just didn’t want the Krrish box office stories to get split up.



    ///OT – delete this if you feel this is unnecessary..but posting it because of one of the comments posted on this guy/gal says the power couple is none other than SRK and KJo..!!! ROFL///


  4. Krish3 spoof countdown …

    Ok folks, enough of the cheesy song promos.
    Now the real game will begin v soon.

    The fate of Hritik will be decided in his key genre—& it’s my pleasure to take up this role lol
    My best wishes to the krish3 team at this stage..

    In besharam I had decided to go solo –the box office (lol) is known..

    Here Will have to take the ‘tested’ female cast of Amy, oldgold & maggie who will be used up as deemed appropriate (for PC, kangana..)

    Also am looking forward to what seems like an important role here –

    Kaal !!

    Also up for grabs are roles of
    Antwoman, rhinoman, frogman 🙂


  5. Folks–Any volunteers for antwoman, cheetawoman, frogman, scorpion woman, and above all Kaal… 🙂

    C’mon folks–or else I may declare this casting without your consent lol


  6. Some are born to ‘act’

    Some are born to ‘plot’

    Some are born to new sidekicks

    While some are born to be STARS- like hritik roshan!!

    I think this will be his LAST krish -one can already see his moves slowing down a bit

    Pleased to see hritik once again as krish 🙂


  7. A better print here–

    Yes I do rate hritik quite high in stardom quotient –these tracks show why..


  8. Nope, heck even this link above isn’t clear-plz delete those Satyam thanx –that’s me getting a bit ‘perfectionist’ lol
    Owe it to HR to atleast put up a reasonable print 🙂

    Folks-THIS is how a cheesy infantile set up is salvaged by basic uncomplicated stardom –


  9. Heck-the one above is a working link–heck !!! 🙂
    Another attempt–


  10. The problem seems to be not in the ‘print’ but in my current tired ultra-fatigued self …sorry folks…
    Somewhat like hritik of krish3 (compared to his previous versions)
    Time for some rest,,,,
    Ps: the box office of this one should be interesting…


  11. After ripping off every super hero flick from the west, Hrithik comes up with this gem: “We Are Going To Make A Few Heads Turn In The West With Krrish 3.”

    It’s like making a cheap B Grade version of Avatar and then claiming that you are better than James Cameron! It’s not the first time the Roshans are at it. They were making similar claims when Krrish and Kites released. I had thought Kites fate taught them a lesson in humility and modesty. How wrong I was.


    • When most of the “film” is relying on the VFX, technology and stunts and less on story/script…Hollywood is a distant leader. The idea that Steven Spielberg and a like are “watching” out for this and will turn their heads is simply a joke. The budget of this film is like $15-20MM max. When Hollywood is forking out 5x – 10x more you can’t expect the same or better result. It’s better to market this as India’s superhero and confine it to the success and progress of India than to compare it elsewhere.


    • Plus, this is a double whammy: first they make such idiotic and embarrassing claims; second, if people demur, they are told they are almost anti-national for not getting on board with a story that can make India proud.

      Aside: the badness of the two or thee song trailers I’ve seen might be the most impressive thing about this movie. Incredible to think this is the same music composer who gave us “Julie” some decades ago, or even “Soone Shaam Sawere” in Khel.

      I really hope this film bombs so that the Roshans can get their heads out of their asses and go back to making normal films (and by “normal” I mean “films that aren’t pathetic”).


    • Here’s where Roshan Jr makes that statement: some might might consider this the equivalent of Nehru’s speech regarding India’s tryst with destiny…


  12. Krrish 3 Has Solid Advances

    Wednesday 30th October 2013 09.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krissh 3 has seen solid advances all over the country be it single screens or multiplexes. The advance for the film opened over two weeks ago at some theatres but it was the weekend when it really got going.

    The film recorded the best business over the weekend gone by despite not being released. The multiplexes where advance was open recorded better figures than the new release Mickey vVrus, if a multiplex collected 2 lakhs over the weekend for Mickey Virus then collections in advance for Krrish 3 were more.

    The film would have recorded 7-8 crore nett in sales over the weekend with that figure probably going to over 10 crore nett by the end of business on Tuesday but with a potential 40 crore nett plus capacity each day the advance figures are of little importance in the bigger scheme of things.

    The film will be releasing right in the middle of pre-Diwali festivities which make sure the initial weekend will be lower than what could have been achieved on a normal weekend. Monday being the biggest holiday of the year will most important day for the film and to take full advantage of the day will all dependent on the public reports of the film.


    • “The multiplexes where advance was open recorded better figures than the new release Mickey vVrus, if a multiplex collected 2 lakhs over the weekend for Mickey Virus then collections in advance for Krrish 3 were more.”

      Good to see they’ve started off with the right kind of comparisons.


  13. Satyam ji the theatrical trailer of D3 is out 😀


  14. thecooldude Says:

    D3….kick ass trailer


  15. Having seen the D3 trailer: Poor as the two films are – K3 and D3 – they’ll do very well, I think. D3 will certainly outdo K3. Indian audience is still naive and they lap up anything bigger than their local corner shop!

    Not sure why AB always comes up with statements like these on Twitter – the sequences for me defy logic and are just flat. Aamir looks out of place.


  16. Amit kumar pandey Says:

    offside/thecooldue : please share the d3 trailerl ink


  17. Hope this is as memorable as ROCKSTAR..


    Rahman to compose music for Ranbir-Deepika’s Window Seat

    By Faridoon Shahryar, October 30, 2013 – 11:41 hrs IST#

    “Rahman Sahab is doing the music for Window Seat,” reveals Imtiaz Ali in a Bollywood Hungama exclusive video interview. Window Seat is the working title of Imtiaz’ next film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone that will go on floors in the middle of 2014. “There’s this phase that I’m thinking of this term window seat a lot. Everything I’m doing or naming, I’m calling it window seat. My production house is called Window Seat Films, as you said an article I wrote earlier this year in The Times of India, was called Window Seat in Kashmir, With Ranbir Kapoor,” Imtiaz says.

    Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are at the peak of their career. Did Imtiaz make any changes in the original script of Window Seat to accommodate the growing superstar appeal of his lead pair? “When you have people who are commercially strong it takes off the pressure. But I don’t consider it that way. There is a story I’m interested in making and Ranbir-Deepika are the right choice and we just try and make a great film which most people enjoy. That’s all you can do.” Is it a love story? “It’s a boy and girl story. All the stories I make end up being love stories. I don’t know why that happens,” Imtiaz says with a smile.

    Imtiaz Ali’s next release is Highway starring Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt. Ranbir Kapoor in a Bollywood Hungama video interview had recently stated that he has seen Highway and he rated it as one of the best films that he has ever seen. “Ranbir is just being a friend. He has inspired me to make Highway. He wasn’t meant to be in the film but he pushed me to make this film and said that it’s going to be an important film in my career,” Imtiaz says. The first look trailer of Highway will be out in the middle of December 2013.


  18. An Jo:

    Another DHOOM going on in Nagpur..Dhoni & Kohli at the crease – India need 49 from 30 balls..


    • Another great chase by India.
      The bowling however needs to be looked at. They were hitting at willin final 20 overs. Kohli is in the zone at the moment.


  19. Stupendously fantastically fantastic Is Krrish 3… Its HUGE… BLOCKBUSTER – By vajirsingh another trade guy


    • He seems orgasmic!
      I think this will be huge.
      I will probably try and catch it this weekend. Rooting for HR here even though the franschise looks a little tired to m.


  20. After RA.One next 4.5 * movie … .. Ghatiya movie se darr nahi lagta .. lekin 4.5 stars se darr lagta hai @taran_adarsh


  21. Taran’s reviews have stopped making sense. This is a useless review, not sure if he has even seen the movie.


  22. “The pack of villains [Chameleon Kaya, Rhinoman, Antman, Frogman, Cheetahwoman, Scorpionwoman]”

    LOLzzzz those names are so cheesy 🙂


  23. “Stupendously fantastically fantastic”

    Let the hyperbole begin.


  24. Positive word of mouth marketing will boost the diwali collection at the box office. The movie will also see an opening in as many as 4000 screens all over the country. According to experts, ‘Krrish 3’ will easily enter 200 crores club.


    • The first 3 days will be around 75 crores not more I would think. MOnday onwards the movie can soar if good. Monday has the potential to touch 35 crores if the movie is liked though it is the 4th day just because it is Diwali holiday.


  25. interesting choice of topic picture!


  26. Fleecing the public is another way of marching to the cr(wh)ore clubs..Man..I don’t wanna pay so much even for my education..Glad I am not in India at this phase..


    Superpowers come with a price. And this time it is the audiences who are going to feel the pinch. A rendezvous with ‘Krrish’ may cost them a small fortune.

    Apparently, the ticket prices of the third film of the franchise will cost more than Shah Rukh Khan Starrer ‘Chennai Express’, which were sold at a whopping Rs 500.

    While Fun Cinemas is all set raise the price by 8 per cent in most of their outlets, Inox is planning to do something similar. The Assistant Programming Manager at BIG Cinemas, Ashutosh Athavale, reasoned, “We are hoping that ‘Krrish 3’ will be a blockbuster.”

    Explaining their decision, Anand Vishal, Head of Operations at Fun Cinemas, told TOI, “The jump in ‘Krrish 3’ prices is largely due to the fact that it is Diwali time.”

    A source from a leading theatre, on request of anonymity, said: “A Hrithik Roshan film is coming after nearly two years and the excitement is bound to translate into more sale.” Buzz is that other major multiplex chains will follow suit. However, PVR and Cinemax, said that they have decided to buck the trend, but refused to go on record.

    But, there is a silver lining. Most single screen theatres, including Gaiety, Galaxy and Chandan, are not hiking their ticket prices. “I don’t need to resort to such things. If the film is good, people will come to the theatres,” Manoj Desai of Gaiety-Galaxy said.


  27. How did you and your father manage to shoot the special effects?

    Krrish 3 is our first fully homegrown high- budget VFX superhero musical extravaganza. This is our first full- fledged super hero film, with a super villain who has a team of ‘manwers’ ( man plus janwar ). I am just as excited as a child to have a Frogman, and a Cheetah Girl in the film. I am very proud that my father decided that he wants this film to be done by Indians because of the motivation our artistes will get. After this the world will open up. I am happy that we have something now in our cinema that we can present on a world platform as Indians.


  28. There’s a lot of noise above about the roshans saying that the west will be forced to take notice and so on
    Yeah it is an exaggerated claim but on the eve of release all makers prop up their product

    Importantly, what hritk says in the interview is that the west will be forced to look into the BUDGETING of this film!!!
    Unsure how everyone here missed this -intentionally or otherwise!

    If a Chinese or Japanese company starts producing a MacBook Air cheaper copy and produce it at a fraction apple charges, there will be curiosity, NOT because the cheaper version is similar technically but to see where the cost factor has been cut !!!

    It’s not that difficult to understand the difference, I think…

    “Life is not about holding the best cards; it’s about how well you play the cards that you have. So I wasn’t given the best cards ( shrugs) but I had some good cards and I played them well. “— good one HR..

    The film is now in the public domain –let the verdict come..


    • Ten year old technology will off course be cheaper to produce!


    • Nice try Apex! But I must say this isn’t very good spin! Let’s say we won’t be rooting for Z grade Avatars any time soon! And yeah all filmmakers pitch their films and exaggerate stuff but certain things just sound idiotic. And precisely with an audience most literate in Hollywood. In other words there’s no reason to make people laugh when you can put up huge numbers anyway!


    • **Importantly, what hritk says in the interview is that the west will be forced to look into the BUDGETING of this film!!!
      Unsure how everyone here missed this -intentionally or otherwise!**

      This was over-looked because this was an insult to intelligence. Remember a certain warehouse/factory in Bangladesh that produced GAP shirts for the goras/kaalas/brownies of the US? And remember how the Bangladeshis who worked there were treated worse than the Egyptian slaves? THAT IS HOW you get this sort of budgeting..

      Ever worked in an Indian IT company? It is better to be born in Dharavi and working there than in an Indian IT company. Any wonder that people keep jumping from Infosys and TCS rooftops in Bangalore?


    • Did notice – but it’s not 2% of Hollywood budget – no way! The issue with K3 and D3 is – it’s just sequences, nothing original.
      Hrithik just has one “mind-blowing” statement after the other!!


      • True but as many have pointed out the ‘originality’ will never really come about till they get back to Indian source materials but also beyond this develop an aesthetic truer to the latter. In other words it doesn’t work if you do the Mahabharata like 300! There’s a difference between using the available technology to service a very different sort of vision and on the other hand using the same to imitate Hollywood. Having said that it is also true that certain tropes are so overdetermined that it;s very hard to do something original. So a car chase or boat chase that doesn’t remind you of a Hollywood moment? Lotsa luck with that! The same applies for a number of other stunts. We’ve seen everything in Hollywood. And what we haven’t we’ve seen from East Asia. It’s very hard to carve out something new on this terrain which is why Hollywood itself has to do Avatar or go to outer space or something! On the other hand All is Lost at the very end of the spectrum from Gravity shows how it is possible to make a film use as gripping in every sense on a similar them if the filmmaker really has the imagination to do so. You don’t need SFX necessarily.


        • “So a car chase or boat chase that doesn’t remind you of a Hollywood moment? Lotsa luck with that! ”

          Yeah this is lost on a lot of folks.


  29. @Apex- It’s not only about the budget. Look, John Woo recently made Red Cliff at a budget of $80m. Western reviewers were hailing the special effects and were saying that it’s on par with Lord of the Rings. But Woo was not yelling on top of every roof that his film will make heads turn in the west. He didn’t need that. His film had an identity of its own. He made a film very much grounded in Chinese culture and history and there isn’t one scene that seems to be inspired from Hollywood epics. And it’s a wonderful movie really.

    Now the Roshans are making a movie that seems to rip off every super hero movie from Hollywood and I haven’t seen anything from the trailers that suggest that the SFX are really on par with the current Hollywood greatests. It just seems a cheaper rip off of various super hero flcks from there. It’s great standards in terms of SFX for Bollywood really. But Hrithik is really pretentious to say that it will make heads turn in the west.

    They were at it earlier with Kites when they ripped off various Hollywood movies and they then thought it was going to be enough to convince the viewers there and that they could project Hrithik as a world wide star with something like that. The result was that it looked like a B Grade Hollywood effort and even the desi viewers couldn’t identify with that.

    When it comes to the pulses of the Indian audience, the Roshans seem to know them well. I would be surprised if it doesn’t touch 200cr net domestically. But they are looking really dumb (and at the highest of hypocrisy as well) with the claims that they will impress the western world by making what looks like a B Grade, cheaper rip off of their own movies.


    • The Roshans are muddled between the idea that Indians want to see them make west type movies instead of Indians just wanting some recognition for Indians’ own cinema from the west. As a fan of indian movies, I don’t want them to become like the west. I might as well just watch the wests films! But obviously it would be nice oneday to have the indian films recognised on a global scale…but it’s only a victory if it is an indian film.


  30. The reviews pouring in are overwhelmingly positive. Kangana and Vivek seem to have done very well. And of course Hritik. Usually by this time the ‘real’ reviews start coming out but this one is stil getting positive reviews.


    • I don’t think there was ever any doubt that this would rake in the moolah..Unless it turned out to be worse than SUPPANDI’s stories and SFX in Uncle Pai’s TINKLE, there was NO way this could fail. 35% on the Indian version of Rotten Brinjals is enough to make this a block-buster..The desi audiences, even the Hinglish multiplex ones, are VERY kind..but they can also be manipulated very is JUST impossible to believe that BESHARAM was worse than CHENNAI EXP or other neoimasala movies out of Bombay..


  31. The lingering Krish3 debate –ONE response to all….

    Nobody (@ least NOT me!) is supporting /condoning Roshans’ outlandish (@ times) claims. There is hyperbole but there are bigger sinners and people have raked up bigger fuss for much smaller stuff. Srk and aamir at the helm here would have shown what hype is about. Infact some have usurped credit/moolah/reputation from totally lifted/plagiarised scripts /films,. So let’s not go there….

    Which brings me to the relevant points here–

    A) before a big high stakes release, CREATIVITY AND CREDIBILTY takes back seat and economics takes front seat.
    MARKETING starts and the challenge is to rake in the best returns early on. So won’t take these claims seriously

    B) it’s just like in POLITICS
    the MAXIMUM /Bigger constituents have to be catered to one way or the other
    Obama uncle has also been fooling the brightest of em all (many of whom are finding loopholes in poor backward India here are guilty of falling into those spins wholeheartedly and enjoying the bluff!)

    C) “certain things just sound idiotic. And precisely with an audience most literate in Hollywood. ”
    Yes BUT how much is that audience percentage segment??
    There IS a big chunk who doesn’t care much for this objection..

    D) when the game gets bigger, one has to rise above narrow ghettos-be it regional /religious/linguistic/(pseudo)intellectual–& these utterances become less important

    E) “Remember a certain warehouse/factory in Bangladesh that produced GAP shirts for the goras/kaalas/brownies of the US”— there’s a CRUCIAL difference between providing cheap labour in traditionally strong sectors
    From venturing out into traditionally WEAK areas and consolidating them to reduce the bargaining power in financial equations

    F) this is like all that age old argument used by the west to out down developING countries–
    “C’mon u don’t even have food to eat for many–why the heck are u spending so much on nuclear/space research ???

    G) yes, the standards compared to the west maybe poor but what do u expect?
    A sudden change? And if not’ continue to lament and cry over those who are ATTEMPTING a change ??

    H)”And remember how the Bangladeshis who worked there were treated worse than the Egyptian slaves? THAT IS HOW you get this sort of budgeting..”
    These things are RELATIVE & GRADUAL

    there are well known ECONOMIC CYCLES AND MODELS COUNTRIES pass through INEVITABLY
    there are usually no shortcuts unless a country is blessed with oil like the Middle East….or those benefitting from SERIAL AGGRESSIVE COLONIALISM

    I) what are CHINAS trade laws? Working hours/conditions ?
    But which direction is their economy heading?
    Can america now criticise china the same way it could two decades ago even if it wants to?

    J) this is NOT only about krish3 sfx or India but all those developING economies which are in this QUASI-rising phase wherein there are pockets of the populace who have got exposure to the possibilities but not full realisation yet!!
    These things take time and patience
    But what’s important is the DIRECTION not lamenting upon the current position and trivialising those efforts by always comparing to the established economies

    Not only India, but Malaysia, Brazil, South America etc fall in this complex scenario –China has squeezed ahead –perhaps because China doesn’t have these many mouths wasting time creating nuisance rather than contributing

    Even in china, of one goes to shanghai or talk to their nouveau rich new gen kids residing in Canada /& shopping in Dubai on weekend are starting to ask similar questions…
    It’s a cycle which has to take its course


    • Firstly, China is COMMUNIST. Period. Nothing more to talk of there.

      Now, the marketing/economics and other crap; here’s the deal – if the product is good, in most cases, IT will work WITHOUT the maker resorting to these inanities of ‘ we will make heads turn in the west.’ He forgot to add another line – they will never turn back again!!

      Who is HR talking to? He is talking to the English language press in India and the netizens or citizens or whoever that is exposed to any avenues via the ‘English’ language – or for that matter even Hinglish or Kanglish or Taminglish..He is not exactly talking to PUDHARI or DAINIK BHASKAR..

      So when he addresses us, he is going to get it back..he is not talking to folks in mofussil towns of Bhatkal or Jhumritalayya..yes I understand KRISSH for them is IM equivalent; which is fine and not a problem. It is just that he thinks he can fool even the Hollywood exposed public with this hog-wash.

      On the other hand, the senior Roshan is now, not willing to go bombastic on the VFx and stuff; he is quite subdued and willing to open his mouth after his bank accounts start over-flowing..which is a sensible thing to do. He had lost his mental balance post the success of KMG and K2 when he suggested KMG should have been sent to OSCARS as best film so that the west could see Indian’s technical wizardry..

      This is not to look down upon small towns or the hinter-land; I myself am from hinter-land – have come from a situation where I could understand with difficulty 1% of the accent in Hollywood movies to now preferring them over today’s Hi-fi stuff..

      So have your priorities clear, and then open your mouth..and don’t talk bull-crap about being some victim – if HR is a victim of health and poverty, then I am the ant that craws around the trash bags..

      It is sad to see these dumb-dudes trying to earn brownie points when they really do not need to do so!! Give me an AB anyday who is willing to state the fact and underscore that one is going to lose sight of him in TGG if one drops up a morsel of popcorn and bends to pick it up!!

      K3 will be a hit even if has 2 stars as an average..the spending power of Indian public currently is high and cinema is ‘disposable’ picnic entertainment. It is surprising to see these folks and talk idiotically and in hyperbole when the very basic essence if maintained is going to make them cash-obese..


      • “Give me an AB anyday who is willing to state the fact”
        Ha–Have great relset for bachchan but he’s the same guy who has not found any recent release screening where he’s been invited to or perhaps has strategic interest in–anything less than visionary or excellent!!

        It was ok when he was praising kjo produced film and other such stuff, but the day he started lavishing paradise on stuff like Vishnu bhagnanis ventures, he lost credibility !!

        To make things easier–
        Be ot for bachchan or roshans or anyone else!!!

        It’s BETTER to see what people ACTUALLY DO
        Rather than UTTER in public ( about the latest releases or sfx!)

        The latter is a public facade and has many compulsions (only some of which we are privy to!!)
        The ACTIONS are for real–they are verifiable and measurable


  32. KRISH3 MUTANTS–spoof contd

    It should be fun really —while enjoying the film, we ‘shall spot the satyamshot mutants’
    let’s take a tour of these CHEESY but fun mutants—
    Volunteer before I pick n choose 🙂

    Krrish 3 ses Hrithik Roshan take on evil mutants and save the world from destruction in his superhero avatar. Here’s a lowdown on the new-age villains.

    Chameleon Kaya
    ( Kangana Ranaut) is also known as Chameleon. And, just like the reptile that can change colours, Kaya has the power to transform into any shape she wishes to.

    Rhinoman — a fusion of a human and a rhinoceros — uses the deadly sharp horn on his head to kill his prey. His body is as heavy as that of a rhino and he uses his size to his advantage when fighting with the enemy.

    Antman, who is half-human and half-ant, possesses the power to crush any object with his bare hands. His glowing red eyes signify the animal within. They say ants can carry weights 100 times more than their body weight and Antman bears testimony to this.

    The Frogman uses his tongue to kill the enemy. He is a derivative of a human and a frog and his tongue is his sharpest weapon. He is mischievous and that is indicated by his envious green eyes.

    Half-human, half-cheetah, she is a deadly combination of speed and sharp claws. No human can match her in speed, and she teleports like a ghost! Feral yellow eyes indicate a voracious hunter and nothing escapes her eyes.

    Part-human, part-scorpion, she has claws as hands and a poisonous sting at the end of her long plait, with which she strikes. She shows her targets no mercy and can kill them in one stroke.

    Director Rakesh Roshan says, “In the film, the mutants are called maanvar — a combination of maanas and jaanwar — and have been created by Kaal through an experiment. Being a superhero, Krrish has to fight these beings with unknown powers.”

    Krrish 3, produced by Filmkraft Productions, releases November 1.


  33. The casting of KAAL

    Continues from here–

    Ok folks -before the spoof casting of mutants—
    It’s CRITICAL to get KAAL right..

    Actually it’s a v good role — even I’m tempted to do this as well (!!) but my hands are full (with PC& kangs) as krish lol

    It seems an interesting aristocrItc role and was even offered initially to srk, ajay devgun before hritik offered to play it himself!

    Something tells me that Vivek Oberoi shall do a good job since this is his biggest lifeline and he’s not a bad actor intensity wise

    My casting is based on ‘online behaviour’

    I won’t share the options I just thought about but ultimately there seems only one choice,,,

    Need someone who can CREATE mutants and
    MAINTAIN, GROOM them to speak for/like him …. So the coveted role of KAAL Goes to SATYAM 🙂


  34. MUTANTS casting -contd

    Ok folks–calm down–
    one by one
    DISCLAIMER:-this is just in fun–I’m sure u are not kiddish enough to take it seriously and as an offence

    So people are already shouting out and suggesting FROGMAN
    I will not drown their voice

    Detail: Frogman
    The Frogman uses his tongue to kill the enemy. He is a derivative of a human and a frog and his tongue is his sharpest weapon.

    Ok, I can see someone who writes LONG posts and in general has a LONG tongue lol
    Sometimes he gets in trouble due to his long tongue and has even been reprimanded by those like ms anjali Singh in the past for that!

    But it IS a special power indeed!!

    I’m sure he doesn’t mind this but he fits this really and has already expressed his interest about frogman

    Will come to other mutants after sometime
    But folks–
    FROGMANs role goes to ANN JO 🙂


  35. As for PC & kangana –I’m spoilt for choice ..
    And have the efficient services of super-stars (I’ve created!) like Amy, Oldgold and Margaret Ann…
    Besides –They work in my films for free 🙂
    Also I can use them depending on scene to scene

    Ps: watch out folks –casting of the other mutants coming out soon,,,


    • yes increasingly looking like 250 is very doable here. I wouldn’t even be surprised with more. And I’ll say this. Salman gets his massive initials of course but he’s going to be very hard-pressed to match Dhoom or Krrish in terms of gross (if both live up to their billing). Because the kind of stuff he does just doesn’t go the distance and we saw this most clearly with ETT.


    • —Then there’s Hrithik Roshan, whose launch pad Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (2000) was a super-hit. Thirteen years later, it seems like Roshan’s launch is a work-in-progress. The film’s only purpose seems to be displaying his many assets, like that enormously large bicep, always strategically facing the camera. He’s made to dance even when he’s not required, and fight, fly and push heavy objects, as every good superhero must. Roshan’s superhero avatar is infinitely more enjoyable than his portrayal of Rohit, the annoying man-child from Koi Mil Gaya, who’s grown years older, which makes him a much older and annoying man-child.— much for HR’s method acting..


  36. There are two things to be said about Krrish and the whole SFX debate in this context. Leaving aside of course the insane things Rakesh Roshan says. Last time he was competing with LOTR, this time Cuaron is probably lucky Gravity released earlier and he saved himself from an unflattering comparison with Krrish (!). Meanwhile Hrithik has been busy making films of ‘international’ standards, this when he’s not busy becoming an international star himself (Kites). We can safely leave aside this completely non-serious stuff. The more serious points here are:

    a) As others two have pointed out the very audience that is supposed to buy these absurd analogies is the one that watches Hollywood on a weekly basis and knows very well what the distinctions are.

    b) even in smaller centers the penetration of Hollywood and in general global entertainment from MTV to shows from all around the world is greater than ever before. Even here it’s not likely that people have never seen something better than Krrish in terms of the SFX. But admittedly and for various reasons they are not exposed in the same way as those in major metros who frequent multiplexes. It’s not even close in fact.

    c) The smaller you go in terms of center the more the SFX of Krrish become something ‘new’. However these aren’t the centers that add anything to the gross the way the Bollywood economy is structured. Even the small(er) centers that have become more significant over time owe this to multiplexes. So whether it’s Bhopal or Kanpur or whatever you open up a multiplex and cater to a certain audience and you also jack up the gross. But once again these audiences are very familiar with Hollywood. In essence the Krrish gross can be maximized only where the audiences are less familiar with Hollywood not more. Leaving asia a younger demographic in major metros.

    d) If one compared Dhoom with krrish and looked at the best trending either film enjoyed anywhere it would have to be Krrish in the smaller centers. It obviously did very well everywhere but much moreso in these smaller centers. Because the SFX can never truly dazzle a Hollywood-exposed audience but even more importantly (and this is something that often gets missed) the Rakesh Roshan vision is simply too cheesy for these same folks. Despite these reservations the films have been entertaining enough so far to work with everyone. But you’re never going to hear people in that younger multiplex demographic ever hold up Krrish as any kind of standard. They’re not even going to embrace it whole-heartedly the way they might Dhoom or even Race. It’s not just about the numbers. There’s a certain embarrassment with respect to Krrish that one can chalk upto the Rakesh Roshan brand of cinema.

    e) This is however the very mix that works in those smaller centers. Not because people are less sophisticated or something but for the reason that Rakesh Roshan in his very watered-down way nonetheless manages to hold onto certain Indian tropes. And these have a certain resonance specially for an audience which finds Bollywood not speaking to its concerns 95% of the time. By the way this is also the reason why despite my criticism of the film or my own distaste with some of the things they’re doing on balance I’d rather have the film work in a big way than not. I’d rather have it define some benchmarks than not. Because even if in very diluted form something is preserved here. Which by the way is somewhat true for Dhoom as well and it looks to be moreso than ever before in this current installment. In the same vein I was not displeased at all to see CE do so well. Of course there is a certain gratuitous pleasure to be had when SRK can get this result only in a Rohit Shetty film and when he goes around calling Shetty the biggest director in the country and when everything that happens in this film represents the unwinding of the Karan Johar-older Yashraj nexus! In this context I found that DDLJ spoofing at the beginning hilarious with the music and the Tamilian goons being helped onto the train. Might be the single funniest thing Shetty has ever done. A genuinely inspired moment for which a number of cultural readings could be offered!

    f) and so two sets of audiences clash here. It is easier for Dhoom to play equally well in smaller centers than Krrish to do so in larger ones. Because the SFX bar on the latter is much higher. Meanwhile Dhoom if anything, specially in this age of masala, could do way better by losing more of the synthetic stuff and investing even more in the emotional possibilities (though it’s not easy to do this with most stars because they just don’t have the credibility for this, Aamir of course is different). All else being equal Dhoom always wins because it has the multiplexes more on its side. But otherwise Dhoom itself is not maximizing its numbers the way it could. We keep talking about the face-off. But a more general way of framing it is to say that Dhoom needs to be made more masala. Or the slickness needs to have a heavier masala quotient. Some of the stunts need to be cut out. What happens is that if you keep showing these sequences repeatedly they might be entertaining each time but also less ‘exciting’. On the other hand with a proper emotional arc, the right writing you can really build up the other characters and have those thrills mean something. Now I might be confusing Dhoom with Khakee but that’s another matter!

    g) And this finally gets me to the Hollywood bit once again. It’s not just that Bollywood falters by imitating Hollywood or putting Indian stars in literally those situations where the contexts then become implausible. So for instance you see the SWAT guys in the Dhoom trailer (is there anything more earnest than this?!) and so on. This of course is a problem, we’ve all discussed it before. But what is also completely missed is that in the equivalent Hollywood blockbuster franchise (Die Hard or something) they have their own version of masala thrown in which works because it taps into American cultural archives and American versions of self-fashioning and popular mythology and whatever the case might be. So these films are not just about stunts and chases. They are very locatable in a specifically American ethos. The same is as true for a film like Gravity. What happens in the translation isn’t just a loss in the SFX quality but a much greater one in terms of such ‘rootedness’. Unfortunately even Rakesh Roshan has never had the courage to really go Desai with this paradigm. Or attempt something very Indian. Because of course Hrithik himself also belongs to that same multiplex generation which always has these Hollywood illusions on the mind. For that matter this is true for Abhishek as well. Despite an obvious genealogy here by way of his father’s work and his own genealogy Abhishek is far more likely to do stuff like Game and Dhoom or whatever and he just has one BB on the other side. They all despite their very different visions for their careers have Hollywood on the mind. This is the experience that informs them more than anything else. And we see it everywhere in Bollywood which is to say at every end of the production spectrum. More power to Rohit Shetty! He seems to be beating everyone at their game! In this sense I really wish Aamir had done a project separate from Dhoom with Abhishek. There I think a truly good masala version of Heat (along those lines) might have been created (even if GF is quite right in suggesting that Hrithik-Abhishek made more sense in the generational context, much like De Niro-Pacino). But the existing Dhoom franchise can only be tinkered with so much. If you have a radically different film it would be unrecognizable as Dhoom.

    h) Though I am hardly a huge Shankar fan he remains to my mind the best example of what such a marriage might look like. One doesn’t have to replicate his somewhat outlandish extremes (though all of it worked in enthiran) to understand how he brings about these two paradigms. The Hollywood graft over the Indian substratum. Of course he continues to be grossly misunderstood, certainly underestimated in Bollywood circles.


  37. will Rakesh Roshan’s latest offering beat the box office record of Chennai Express, the Shahrukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer? “Chennai Express was a solo release during Eid and managed to get cash registers ringing. So is Krrish 3 at Diwali. Also, the ticket prices of the superhero film are higher in multiplexes, just like Chennai Express. In that way, there is lot of similarity between the two films. But as far as beating the record of Chennai Express is concerned, I think the movie will collect around Rs 180-200 crores, but that’s just an estimation. The collections can go beyond that,” added Khanna.

    Rohit Shetty’s romcom became the first film ever to cross Rs 100 crore nett in its opening weekend. Will Krrish 3 outdo SRK’s film and race ahead? “Rs 100 crores should surely be crossed in the first four days, by Monday. In fact, the film would have surely crossed the lifetime figure of Chennai Express had the songs been better, but the chances are even despite that,” believes Rathi.

    Whether Krrish 3 breaks all the records set by Chennai Express is to be seen. But one thing is for sure, it will be a dhamakedaar Diwali at the box office with Hrithik back in his black cape and more super-power!


    • Advance Booking For Krrish 3; great expectations
      by Rohini Nag (October 30, 2013)

      Advance booking for Rakesh Roshan’s magnum opus Krrish 3 opened to a phenomenal response at multiplex chains across India, with many weekend shows already fully booked. The film marks the third instalment in the Krrish franchise and features Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi. The film is expected to earn massive returns at the box office, being the solo Diwali release.

      Following is a report on advance booking for the movie from programmers at various multiplex chains.

      Amar Laykar of PVR Cinemas: Everyone is eagerly awaiting Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 3. The film has everything going in its favor, from being a holiday release to an elite star cast. We have witnessed 90-per cent advance booking so far and it is safe to say that this film will create enormous box office records. Weekend advance bookings are also gaining momentum. The advance booking will touch 90 to 95 per cent tomorrow. It has surpassed Ek Tha Tiger, which held the record for the biggest-ever advance bookings.

      Harshad Parmar of Cinemax: Advance booking for Krrish 3 is extraordinary, at 85 per cent. The opening of the film is expected to be brilliant. Being a public holiday, the release date is good and people will watch the film, also because it is the third instalment in the series. The film has registered extraordinary advance booking at single-screens as well and at our properties, advance booking will keep rising.

      Ansh Kapoor of Fun Cinemas: The film has seen around 80 to 90 per cent advance booking and the number is rising as we speak. The film is expected to be one of the biggest grossers of all time.

      Satish Kondvilkar of Inox: The film has experienced 80-per cent advance booking so far. We will be screening 18 shows daily at each of our properties. Ticket prices compare with those of Chennai Express and we expect great returns.

      Nitin Tambat of BIG Cinemas: The film has seen massive advance booking at our properties and will clock excellent numbers at the ticket window. It goes without saying that the film will be a blockbuster. With such a positive response from the audience already, Krrish 3 will enjoy a smooth run at the box office. Advance booking is 82 per cent at our centres and the number is growing.

      Ashish Gogia of Suncity Cinemas: Advance booking is 70 per cent at our three properties and we are inaugurating our fourth property in Haryana with Krrish 3. The weekend looks very promising and, to top it all, Diwali is just around the corner. The film will enjoy an outstanding response during the weekend and after that as well.


      • Is Monday a holiday in India or not. I was told Monday is a holiday but now I am hearing things to the contrary. Sitting here in Milwaukee one sometimes lose touch of Indian holidays


  38. Another one ….. Dont know what to make of this one


    • this review seems exactly what i would expect from a Roshan film


    • But we already knew that this was going to be cheesy as hell. It does not matter. Diwali hai, chutti hai, picture to dekhni padegi!
      150crs are guaranteed, rest depends on how it connects with the ‘uninitiated masses’.


    • “In emotionally charged films…his face looks as if he has devoured a cellphone on vibrator.”

      This had me dying. It’s actually very true – Hrithik often gets the shakes when he’s going for intensity.


    • —People ask me why we don’t take Indian science fiction seriously when we can sing paeans to the Supermans and Batmans of the world. I will tell you why. As long as the Indian makers won’t take their viewers seriously, the reverse would always be a far cry. Imagine the world is coming to an end and you have a Superman jumping out of his cape and red briefs and slipping into a linen yellow shirt and singing ‘Dil tu hi bata’. It’s these kinds of moments that make me wonder if I should have spent those Dhs35 on a plate of chole bhature in Karama.—

      This is ON THE MONEY…

      Man, Piggy gets pregnant in this movie and is gonna have super-powered piglets..

      God, we are after all going to get KRISSH 97 then…


      • 1)
        “As long as the Indian makers won’t take their viewers seriously, the reverse would always be a far cry.”– yeah the makers did take the viewers ‘seriously’ in Raavan–
        The poor guy manis hindi career ended there !!! 🙂

        “Man, Piggy gets pregnant in this movie and is gonna have super-powered piglets..”

        OOOPS –didnt know about this angle …

        Anyhow —more bad news for krish baiters

        The plan seems long term –the kids of krish will keep coming to give these people sleepless nights haha

        the bigger issue is

        WHO will play the ‘pregnant’ PC 🙂


  39. Another one …. dont know what to make of this one


  40. something wrong tried to poster another review but its not showing up .


  41. P.K Talli Says:

    Thanks Munna .


  42. This is awesome Cappella song ..


  43. The two reviews posted above surely have been chosen with care lol–weren’t the first reviews that come up on google—

    Anyhow filmfare review–

    There is Superman, Batman, Spiderman and then there is Krrish. Yes, they are all superheroes. Fighting the bad guys and saving the day. But this one’s born and brought up on Indian soil. Our first-ever home grown superhero. Something to be proud of? Definitely. Something to be even more proud of? The way director Rakesh Roshan has handled Krrish 3. Twenty minutes into the film and you know there’s nothing random about it. Each scene has you hooked and it moves seamlessly at a brisk pace.

    The script has all the elements an exciting superhero film must have. A vulnerable masked crusader, a malevolent super villain, who’s as far away from redemption as heaven is from hell. A revenge story. And the ultimate battle – the triumph of good over evil (wait for the climax!). The best part? It isn’t an all-indulgent film that focusses only on the greatness of Krrish. Sure, there are scenes that display his absolute power and goodness but hey, what the hell, isn’t superherogiri what we all really crave to see in this kind of a film?

    While the first half is mainly to establish the characters, it’s the second half that holds your attention till the last frame. Considering 75 per cent of the film has VFX, the graphics seem a bit sketchy in a few initial scenes. But where it matters the most, like the climax, it’s bang on!

    Among the songs, Dil tu hi bata is definitely the pick of the lot. Coming to the star cast, this is Hrithik Roshan’s film all the way. He dons the roles of Rohit, Krrish and Krishna with ease. His performance evokes all the right emotions. You love him as Rohit, you desire him as the doting husband Krishna and you want to see him triumphant as Krrish. HR is our only superhero. Period.

    But it must be said that Vivek Oberoi lends ample and more support to HR. If HR is a superhero, VO is the perfect super villain. It is a towering performance. From his menacing entry right up to the end. The leading ladies have equally fleshed out parts. While Priyanka Chopra is good as the love of Krrish’s life, it’s Kangana Ranaut who stands out. Besides looking her part, stunning and sexy, she’s also managed to work on her diction and speech problems. You will see a new and improved Kangana in this film.

    Hats off to Rakesh Roshan for dreaming big and actually pulling off this risky proposition. Krrish 3 is spectacular, blockbuster entertainment. The scenes that are heavily inspired from hit Hollywood superhero franchises notwithstanding.

    Since Krrish 3 has come on the Diwali weekend, expect the film to be huge among the kids who love this masked superhero.

    The final verdict? Yes, Krrish 3 is not perfect. But it has all the elements a good, entertaining film must have. All you Marvel superheroes, better watch out. Krrish is here to stay.


  44. Krrish 3— rating 4/5

    Evil doesn’t raise its ugly head anymore. It raises a finger. But then ‘Good’ flies too. In ‘Superhero’ form – Caped, masked, winged – with muscles of steel and hearts of gold. Our comic-book phirang fantasy boys have flown high as ‘Supermen’ in Hollywood epics for eons. In India, only one man with an audacious flight of imagination – Rakesh Roshan – has thrice-over, superbly crafted a fantastical world ‘alien’ to Bollywood, with our very own amazingly evocative superhero – Krrish (Hrithik).
    Leaping from where the prequel ended, Krishna (Hrithik) lives with his wife (Priyanka), and genius Dad, Rohit Mehra (Hrithik). In twirling black cape and mask, he hurtles across the city on heroic rescue operations, playing good hubby and doing odd jobs (as the alter ego). But his life is uproariously interrupted with the emergence of a dark and destructive world of an evil called ‘Kaal’ (Vivek). A maniacal villain, with special powers and a venomous will to erase inferior beings – the human race.
    Kaal fuses DNA, to create an assortment of evil mutants called maanvars (manav+jaanwar) – a horned Rhinoman, red-eyed Antman, a Frogman (who gives lot of tongue) and a super-shapely chameleon Kaya (Kangna). He wants to spread a deadly virus to exterminate humanity, but Krrish uses his superpowers to save ‘mankind’ from the malignant ‘mutakind’.
    Hrithik is truly the stuff superheroes are made of. Brandishing his Greek-God looks and almighty powers. Displaying larger-than-life flair and flying shoulder-to-shoulder with any Hollywood superman. As the prosthetically pot-bellied and ageing Rohit, he is incredible. Vivek, as a physically disabled anti-hero is menacing as a ‘hellboy’. His lunatic laugh and white-washed make-up make him fearfully fantastic. Priyanka Chopra is good in her limited role. Kangna in her gothic and deviously dark avatar looks stunning and pulls off an outstanding act.
    With a visually riveting and emotionally engaging story, intriguing characters, sweeping VFX (unseen thus far on Indian celluloid) Rakesh Roshan’s ambitious dream lives up. Yes, it’s hugely inspired (by the Bats, Spideys and Wolverines of the West), but our superhero has his own ‘X-factor’. Even with all the high-octane car crashes, explosions and ‘animatronics’, the philosophy is the force behind it all, yet, never overpowering the story.
    The songs are slightly disappointing and background score (Salim-Sulaiman) is good, but unable to amp up the magnitude of the film.
    For sheer vision, bravado and superlative execution, this one soars to new orbits. Latch on to this cape for an exhilarating ride.

    ROFL–don’t care about reviews anyhow but was interesting how only two carefully picked reviews were put up–while usually there are plenty
    Grow up folks 🙂


  45. Some mixed opinions have started pouring in now. Mostly its what was expected, cheesy emotions etc…Tomorrow will be interesting. I think this will do around 24 crs first day considering it is a working day. in TN it has got 60 screens in the end. Advance is good in North. Mumbai is So-so due to huge number of screens. Its very good in Karnataka as it is a holiday but average in WB and TN


    • @ ‘krish’– we will come to the ‘mixed opinion’ & influencers ‘advanced opinion makers’ tomorrow (as u said)—

      take it easy girl …
      But let’s take the opportunity to annoint u the
      ‘Cheetahwoman’ 🙂

      Ps: perhaps your predictions and opinions have been changing since the first promo–covering all the bases
      Faster than the cheetahwomam

      Welcome ‘krish’–she is the ‘cheetahwoman’


      • Yes it’s a rather strange concept isn’t it to change one’s mind as the facts change?!


        • Nope –It’s strange to attempt to change ‘others’ minds before facts arrive by ‘selective’ pick n choose … 🙂
          Relax folks– the public will decide ..

          Anyhow —
          Let the negatives worry and crib
          Like this pic of hr with his dad

          Scrolled bits of this party pics —

          Lol @ dad Rakesh Roshan trying to have some fun with rekha @ this late stage ..
          Haha what fun..(reminds me of some1)


          • And you’ve never done that right? You’ve never quoted things selectively? LOL!

            On the rest luckily what the public decides at the box office has no great bearing on any discussions of a film’s quality!


      • I am still sticking to my 150 to 200 crore figure apex. And whatever caused you to think I am a girl?


        • Reviews are bad to mixed if one leaves obvious suspects like taran, TOI and copy paste reviewer of these two.
          From One of the most credible reviewer-


          • Mihir Fadnavis nailed it.
            a) Acting that is clumsy at best and unintentionally funny at worst. For some bizarre reason, Hrithik, who is in fact a massive talent, spasms and quivers his face every time he wears his Krrish costume and flies. Does the cold wind of Mumbai’s stratosphere make him shudder?
            b) Costumes and sets that look like they were recycled from Alif Laila. A lot of buildings collapse and crumble like the 1950s’ Japanese Godzilla movies.
            c) Songs written and choreographed to give the impression of a mammoth collision of various terrible components from 90s’ Bollywood.
            d) Action choreography and editing that makes Ajooba look modern and stylish. Shyam Benegal has directed better action scenes than those found in Krrish 3.
            e) More product placements than you can count. A big experiment that Krrish’s Scientist Papa does with lights has a prism branded ‘Flair Pens’. In another scene, Hrithik and Priyanka literally walk into a frame from either side and the camera focuses on two prominent brand hoardings instead of their faces.



          • This fadnavis guy is hilarious often but mostly he is off the mark and is too full of himself.


        • Given the start 150 would be underwhelming. Should clear 200 easily unless these reviews are all suspect.


          • Afternoon onwards movie will slow down. I don’t think the movie will do more than 25 crores today. And tomorrow will be lesser. 3 day will be at max 80. And then the WOM will take over which is not clear so early.


  46. Krrish 3 –Indiatoday review –rating 3.5/5

    After two huge successes, the latest installment of the Krrish franchise had to be bigger. And there’s no doubt that it is much bigger in scale. The special effects live up to the expectations and the good news is, it’s all done in India. In fact, it’s the action that matches up to the scale of Hollywood films and keeps you entertained.

    In Krrish 3 there is family drama, a desi story, bad guys who won’t quit and of course, a superhero! No prizes for guessing the premise, Krrish will take on the evil mutants and save the world. The evil force this time is Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) who is on a wheelchair and can only move his head and two fingers with which he pretty much runs his entire evil empire. With the help of lab experiments, he has created his own army of “maanvars”, a combination of man and animal. One of them is Kaya (Kangana Ranaut) who, like a chameleon, can change her appearance.

    Our hero Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) is now married to his lady love Priya (Priyanka Chopra). They live with his father, Rohit Mehra (also played by Hrithik Roshan) who works for the well being of the society. His main goal is an experiment which, with the help of sun rays, will bring life into the dead.

    Rakesh Roshan makes sure you are entertained throughout, be it because of the special effects or the masala plot. The entry scene of Krrish saving a plane from crash landing is well done and that sets the ball rolling. Needless to say one of the great assets of the film is Hrithik Roshan who portrays three roles in this film (Rohit, Krrish, Krishna). In fact, in the action scenes, you just know that there could be no other mainstream star in Bollywood who could do it the way he pulls it off. His newly toned body can give any Hollywood actor a run for their money.

    The filmmaker ensures that the acting department does a fab job! Vivek Oberoi delivers a brilliant show as the negative lead, even though he is limited to a wheelchair in most parts of the film. Priyanka Chopra is sincere in every frame. And Kangana Ranaut is simply outstanding! I’m told she initially rejected this role and then later agreed to do it. Now I know why she came back to it. She sails smoothly in the evil character gliding through the action scenes and making them look all natural.

    The only part where the movie dips is during the songs. The music sounds too dated for this action packed film.

    In most of his interviews, Rakesh Roshan insisted that Krrish 3 is not just an action film and now I know what he meant. He weaves a very interesting story together which I obviously won’t give away here.

    The makers made sure that it sends a positive message, ‘there is a superhero is in all of us’. Krrish 3 is a worthy addition to the franchise.

    Ps: this is just a quick google search & although it wasn’t expected at all(!!) am seeing more positive reviews —maybe it’s just chance but the bloggers here found only the negative ones…

    THIS is truly a LITERAL fight against KAAL & his many MUTANTS–
    Am enjoying it 🙂


  47. ““In emotionally charged films…his face looks as if he has devoured a cellphone on vibrator. This had me dying”

    Oh my lets save GF from ‘dying’ …
    By making him—

    “Rhinoman is the amalgamation of human with rhinoceros. His lethal weapon is the deadly-sharp horn on his head.”

    Lol @ the ‘horn of intellectuality’

    The ‘VIBRATOR’ SHALL be used …

    ON GF 🙂


  48. RajRoshan Says:

    The reviews so far indeed looks good…the kids will love this and trending should be pretty good.


    • Oh this was always intended for children. One only needs to look at the most prolific commentator here to realize that the more slow-witted 12-year-olds out there will lap this up.


  49. RajRoshan Says:

    Krissh 3 Takes Fantastic Start

    Friday 1st November 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krriss 3 took a fantastic start as expected with collections around the 80% mark on average at multiplexes with heavy volume screenings. Many theatres recorded 100% occupancies. The rate at which it as opened suggests a mega number for the first day but it is not a national holiday and it is pre-diwali with many people busy with Diwali festivities.

    When it is a non holiday the occupancies at multiplexes tend to be lower in the afternoon and early evening period for films which record strong starts in the morning while on holidays films go through this period with little falls. This happened with films like Dabangg 2 and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (other big initial takers on non holiday) and is bound to happen to Krrish 3 which will stop it going close to the Chennai Express or Ek Tha Tiger opening day numbers, both of which opened on national holidays. Here there is also the disadvantage of pre-diwali.

    At single screens it’s a different story and should go through the day with 90-100% collections due to just 4 or 5 screenings per day.


    • BO update: ‘Krrish 3’ starts on a heroic, historic note!
      By Taran Adarsh, November 1, 2013 – 13:03 IST

      The pre-Diwali period has always been looked upon as being a slow period in terms of BO revenue generation. However, Rakesh Roshan’s superhero film KRRISH 3 seems to have finally broken the mould. The film has opened to an overwhelming start across the country, with plexes reporting 85% to 100% occupancies, while single screens starting on 100% note. Thanks to the historic start, despite the pre-Diwali festivities, KRRISH 3 can certainly emerge as the gamechanger, changing the mindset of the industry that feels releasing a film in the pre-Diwali period can prove risky for film biz.

      However, today being Dhanteras, there might be a marginal dip in the evening shows. What remains to be seen is whether KRRISH 3 manages to become a record breaker, overtaking the earlier hits CHENNAI EXPRESS and YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI. Wait and watch!


    • and check out Nahta;s tweets:

      going utterly crazy over it!


      • LOL – this guy is too much
        Even more funny are the tweets that ridicule him and then he responds in a pretty unprofessional, fanboy manner. Just shows what “kind” we have reporting the numbers!


      • Wow. Some of these make the kind of claims usually reserved for wildly tongue-in-cheek Rajni jokes. Hysterical.


  50. Went to Inox (JP Nagar central mall at Bangalore) which hardly attracts crowd for FDFS of Krrish3. the last time i saw this kind of craze is only for AJHD, that too after couple of shows. FDFS, most of the audience are family crowds accompanying kids. for me its an avg movie but it has elements for everybody including kids, youths and elders, crowd reaction was positive as people were clapping and njoying the movie especially second part. It looks like winner all the way. i will not say good movie, but well planned family package for diwali by Roshans. Looking at the huge release and after personally witnessing the public reaction, i feel 200 cr, CE records will be a cake walk for krrish (SRK & hrithik fans, i am a die hard fan Sr AB and other than AB every actor is same for me. so, dont feel i am biased here… for me both Krrish 3 and CE are average movies, Krrish is bit more entertaining only because of good/ proportionate usage of VFX and superb performance from Hrithik)


    • Today is Kannada rajyotsava and Karnataka was bound to be the best performing centre. It’s a holiday there.


    • yen shiva heggidiya? yen first day nod bitte KRISSH na?

      Great. I believe your comments are true, and if people are happy clapping at what seems to be crappy stuff, God bless.. I don’t think anything can stop this from become an ATBB..The said thing with this is, mediocrity will continue to reign..and in different formats; Hi-fi is anyway a sea of mediocrity with below average actors getting Geilgud worthy adjectives..

      BTW, you are grossly underestimating the ‘mall’ leechers of Bangalore.they have HELL a lot of time and spending/purchasing I am NOT AT ALL surprised by the crowd to watch this movie.. I have seen the SAME type of crowd and enthusiasm on the new mall at Bannerghata road for RA 1 too..


  51. Regarding dhoom3, i beleive there will be elements / story to please every body (entire family as it is releasing in one of the biggest holiday season). I consider Aamir on par (if not better) with Rakesh Roshan in story telling…


    • “I consider Aamir on par (if not better) with Rakesh Roshan in story telling…” that is an insult to…..”story telling” itself…..WT….. RR and AA on par?????


  52. Sunra gupta from Indian Express 2/5 –
    Palomi Sharma from Rediff 0/5 –
    Raja Sen from Rediff – 0/5
    Suhasi Singh from IndiaToday – 1.5/5


  53. With so many negative reviews, how can people say it meets decent reviews. All the positive reviews came from usual supects.
    Btw, Funny review from Reuters-
    Rakesh Roshan’s third film in the “Krrish” superhero franchise is the film you have been waiting for. It has world-class special effects, some brilliant acting, and a plot so gripping it will keep you entranced for two-and-a-half hours.

    I am kidding, of course. There’s nothing of the sort in “Krrish 3”.

    The tacky CGI animation — characters flying through walls and catching planes mid-air — reminds you of the special effects in Ramanand Sagar’s “Ramayan” television series two decades ago. Lead actor Hrithik Roshan twitches his facial muscles in his attempt to play an annoying old man, while flexing his biceps to play a younger avatar. And instead of a credible story, the plot of “Krrish 3” involves, among other things, a pen that captures the sun’s rays and brings the dead to life.

    Hrithik Roshan does double duty here, playing ageing scientist Rohit Mehra and his son Krishna aka Krrish, who is married to Priya (Priyanka Chopra). All is going well till Kaal, a diabolical villain clearly inspired by Magneto from Hollywood’s X-Men series, makes an appearance.

    Kaal, whose hobby is to create Manvars (mutants formed from humans and animals), releases deadly viruses in the air, killing thousands of people before his company manufactures the antidote. However, Kaal’s plans hit a roadblock in India, where the Mehras are able to produce their own antidote.

    In one sequence, a huge statue of Krrish is unveiled, the Mehras dance to a song — complete with skimpily clad dancers who appear out of nowhere — while Kaal and his minions are shown fuming with anger as their evil plans are foiled.

    “Krrish 3” has many such moments — where you are left wondering if the writers (five of them, including director Rakesh Roshan) meant the scene to be funny. The song sequences are there just to showcase the leading man’s dancing abilities, the dialogue is unintentionally hilarious, and there are so many brands advertised that the film seems like a long and rather tacky commercial.

    “Krrish 3” could have been salvaged if the story had been a little less convoluted, but there are too many unnecessary complications and sub-plots. The director spends more time resolving those plot points than giving us some good action, which is what every superhero film needs. If only we’d been spared lofty speeches on how good always triumphs over evil and had been given some sleek action sequences instead.

    But what would Bollywood films be without morals and family values? Ironically, it is these elements that drag the film down. Rakesh Roshan wanted to make a world-class superhero film, but unfortunately “Krrish 3” only has the power to transport us two decades into the past, which is where this film belongs.


    • Reading this makes me feel like I could one day be a script writer!


      • Mihir Fadnavis ‏@mihirfadnavis 5h When Rajinikanth showed the middle finger in Enthiran he basically meant no one in Bollywood can make a more entertaining superhero movie.
        LOL So true.


        • LOL!

          If anyone could make the equivalent of Shankar at his best in Bombay I think they’d be assured of 350 crores if not more. Not being hyperbolic at all.


    • Wow must admire the extra effort uve done to selectively assort all the negative reviews –how much time did u spend??
      Go drink your milkk in that time –mommy needs u ….

      As for ‘krish’ the cheetawoman—u claimed somewhere u are NOT a girl..surprising…

      Well, for this film, your ‘manhood’ (or it’s remnants!) will be SACRIFICED—
      To MAKE u a ‘cheetah woman’
      And then DEALT with
      Go fetch the box-office figures now 🙂

      What fun dealing with all these mutants ….


      • Glad to see the fanboy has finally come out of the closet!


        • LOL, yeah, Apex tried to be cool about this for the longest time but in recent months it’s really come to the fore. From the consternation over YHHD to the thrill over Besharam to the rather amusing suggestion more or less that there’s so much right in D3 that even Aamir doesn’t deserve all that much credit (as opposed to Hrithik who made such a bold risky bet on D2). Of course Aamir wasn’t supposed to be plausible doing a Hrithik anyway. Well we’ll see what the numbers tell us! Since there’s this ‘no questions asked once the box office has spoken’ policy that Apex subscribes to I think if D3 does better than D2 we can safely say Aamir’s better on this terrain than Hrithik!


      • Apex, these comments are not needed. People can post whatever they want. Tons of negative reviews have been posted for tons of films.


        • Not stopping them form posting negative stuff

          Heck even I AGREE to most of these negative reviews about cheesiness and dated look etc
          I’m just POINTING that the ‘random’ reviews that were posted were carefully picked and chosen (seemingly only after some effect!)
          THAT was a point that needs to be mentioned to get the perspective…

          Anyhow I’m the last person to ‘stop’ ‘objectionable’ stuff 🙂

          Relax folks–
          It seems this ‘FIGHT AGAINST MUTANTS’ has brought out my SEMINAL form for a bit 🙂


  54. The Reviewer who has given no star in rediff, should be completely out of his/her mind.This is one of the best sci-fi movie made in India. general public will agree with that and it will reach 250 crore.Effort should be appreciated of roshons. When entire bollywood just makes southern remakes, they have tried something different .


    • yeah haven’t read the review but this is a classic example of how Indian reviewers are simply not serious.


    • “The Reviewer who has given no star in rediff, should be completely out of his/her mind.This is one of the best sci-fi movie made in India. general public will agree with that and it will reach 250 crore.Effort should be appreciated of roshons. When entire bollywood just makes southern remakes, they have tried something different .”
      Hmm some sane points there, sumon…

      Some here went orgasmic with a memento remake or a Chetan bhagat LIFT as some sort of LANDMARK achievement
      And when someone tried to do something worthwhile with a somewhat original script/setting and using REASONABLE VFX ( a traditional weak area in that country!) these people are pointing out that ‘tropes’ have been lifted from superhero films and comparing the ‘poor’ vfx compared to Hollywood films that spend more on a sequence than that spent on a film?

      Sme things never change 🙂


  55. Hmm sumon–let’s see –haven’t seen the film

    who have NOT seen the film yet !!!

    But look at how they are waiting with glee and anticipation for a film to fail –c’mon do these guys have a life

    This person ‘raghav’ is taking the effort of accumulating all the NEGATIVE reviews all over

    This chimp ‘jayshah’ is seen ONLY at the EVE of crucial releases
    And as per his agenda he tries to prop /diss it regardless of merit or box office outcome

    It was a pity to see these JOKERS hoping again, waiting and plotting and hoping against hope for the film to crash
    First it was first day
    Then Saturday then Sunday
    Then first Monday
    Then second Saturday

    EVERY TIME they came, waited got spanked and cut a sorry figure
    chill it folks 🙂

    It’s ok not to like a film or hate once u have seen it
    But it takes a special stink to hope or enjoy a films failure without even seeing it

    And check out this cheetahwoman ‘krish’ who has come out with drop patterns of first weekend whilst the FIRST DAY figures are not out yet -pointing to local holiday etc etc

    C’mon take this kick on your back side !!! 🙂


    • I have been doing what I am doing here during CE and Boss too. But you had a word on me only now?
      Relax, the WOM is postive and you can be a little cheerful as not many movies take such a good opening in pre-Diwali…MOnday onwards anyways we will know whether this is over 200 or below.
      I still stand with my ‘between 150 and 200’ prediction.


      • “I still stand with my ‘between 150 and 200′ prediction.”

        I don’t even mind standing in the ‘below 50’ bracket for all I care…
        There’s nothing about ‘relax’ for me since I have gone on record saying that the promo/songs etc have been cheesy and uninspiring …

        U can stand wherever u want to …
        But be safe–since being ‘cheetawoman” isn’t easy esp when I’m around 🙂
        Ps: I’m getting wierd naughty ideas already…lol


  56. As for rajni cunt showing a middle finger to Bollywood

    FCUK rajni Kant and all these south-north bias folks

    To be fair–rajni Kant is a big megastar downsouth -no questions!!

    But a superhero???

    The guy can’t even stand in one piece and needs VFX to APPEAR on screen forget showing heroics hahah

    And he’s boning deepika in his upcoming flick
    And his followers are lapping it up –and declaring the balding guy as a superhero just to prop up this shameful south-north stuff

    Hey c’mon u are welcome to keep your weirdo fascination for your screen god superhero rajnikant (!!)

    But don’t try to pass delclaratioms/middle fingers on north etc

    The middle finger will come back into yours 🙂


    • Apex, you must be commended for going from ‘cunt’ to ‘Kant’ in two sentences. Zizek might have something to say about that!

      On the rest you definitely don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to Rajni. Put differently a superhero could only ever be a pale imitation of what Rajni is about! By the way he isn’t a superhero in Enthiran (there’s a big difference). I would say the same about great Indian masala heroes. You don’t need superpowers when you’re one of those guys!

      On the rest yes completely logical to compare a man in his 60s with someone who’s not yet touched 40! But hey it’s another matter that the latter still can’t match the former’s movie even with that disparity! By the way I wouldn’t look down on some of the synthetic stuff if I were you. Precisely the Hrithik fan is in no position to talk about how things are artificially enhanced! Some of the health problems Hrithik keeps running into are not exactly mysterious. Have nothing against him but let’s not kid ourselves. Compare him to how he looked in KNPH. If this evolution seems ‘natural’ to you or simply the result of extra gym hours I can assure you in the same vein that Rajni did all of his stunts in Enthirana dn no SFX were involved!

      Finally the whole ‘down South’ thing is a bit stale by now. Not least when the South intrudes so much into Bombay in so many ways. But leaving this aside it’s as if someone in England were to scoff at Hrithik saying ‘who’s he? some guy down there in Bollywood’!

      Nonetheless I must thank you for accepting Rajni is a megastar. An asterisk might have been placed against his name but for your admission.

      The thing is that one is free to like or support any star one likes and there’s nothing odd about this. But if one sees stuff like Krrish and wants no one to ask any questions about what’s going on then one should either develop a taste for better stuff that might be defensible even when it doesn’t do anything at the box office or else one must be more clear-eyed about one’s erotic over-investment in the star! Much as if it’s only about the box office one has no right to question these Southern masala attempts. Because the same audience patronizes both. If it’s about quality Krrish can be questioned too. The first option is the simplest. Simply say you want the star to do well irrespective of anything else. If you however try to justify each and every film it becomes a problem. Or perhaps not. Given the Philistinism on display everywhere in these matters perhaps one is just in good company.

      Krrish might make a whole lot and might become the biggest grosser around. If I were you I’d take that and forget the rest! If it doesn’t do that then you of course have a problem. But principally because of the terms you have yourself set up.


      • “Krrish might make a whole lot and might become the biggest grosser around.”

        Yeah, it’s funny to see the seams come apart when really anyone who’s rooting for this film can basically relax and enjoy the inevitable box office victory. Don’t think Rakesh Roshan would be this defensive.


  57. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    “f anyone could make the equivalent of Shankar at his best in Bombay I think they’d be assured of 350 crores if not more. Not being hyperbolic at all.” Absolutely. Shankar is much underrated. I have waited with feverish excitement for every new offering from Mnai Ratnamand Shankar, eve since Roja and Gentleman. The icing on the anticipation cake being Rahman, who has been common to both , except for Anniyan. While Mani has been disappointing me in all his recent outings, Shankar has been going from strength to strength…his Endhiran being a stellar achievement in Indian cinema. Even his most bland offerings, Jeans and Boys, have had scintillating music and stand out choreography. And what can one say of Rajni..the only one who can be called a Superstar in the same breath is Amitabh Bchchan. Just seeing Endhiran and Padiyappa must be compulsory viewing for anyone interested in Indian masala films.


  58. Haha there’s NO fanboy stuff here from me

    Just plain ‘PURE UNADULTERATED’ truth lol
    I defended the success of ETT and CE the same way while they were being dissed here…

    It’s all about context and perspective

    why would a SANE person wait for or anticipate or enjoy a films failure or infact anybody else’s failure esp withOUT even having seen the film ?
    As I said–it needs a certain type of CROOKED STINK for that…

    As for rajni Kant, I very well his ICONIC (forget megastar!) appeal in his quarters down South and it’s admirable ,..
    As for enthiran, I personally enjoyed it more than I will Krish3 probably…
    But credit also goes to Shankar, Rahman, vfx, ash…

    As for krrish3, I’ve not suddenly DEVOLVED in my taste to be excited about it –MOST promos /songs have been CHEESY & stale..

    But the target profile/scale/vibe/audience/intention here is DIFFFERENT

    It seems after KITES–it is an OVERCORRECTION …this has to be seen on that context
    If U don’t enjoy such stuff, that’s ok..

    But MACHINATIONS will be picked upon and attacked 🙂


  59. “Krrish might make a whole lot and might become the biggest grosser around.”

    Yeah, it’s funny to see the seams come apart when really anyone who’s rooting for this film should can relax and enjoy the inevitable box office victory. Don’t think Rakesh Roshan would be this defensive.


  60. Bcos I haven’t finished on rajni Kant

    Irrespective of his ICONIC APPEAL amongst his followers and worshippers

    Where he fails somewhat is his inability to create a pan-national appeal !!

    One may argue about that till cows come home, but it’s one thing to be a flat track bully in your backyard,
    But another to venture into a national stage and click big time

    LaTely,I must add– rajnikant has been doing well even in dubbed/subtitled/records versions and his success has percolated beyond the south —
    But for me to give him a pass as a pan-national certified iconic megastar–it’s a bit too late ….

    Sorry rajni Kant fans


    • “Where he fails somewhat is his inability to create a pan-national appeal !!”

      Vastly more annoying than this is the inability of any Bollywood star to become a global one like a Hollywood counterpart. Not just this, people tend to give you this crap about Lata Mangeshkar being a legend and what not. But who knows her in Idaho or Ganganam? Some try to offer logical, rational explanations relating to language and so forth. But when I hear the word ‘logic’ I run in the opposite direction. And on that note I’ve had it with rational explanations too. I consider these plots meant to confuse me with facts and reason.


  61. Btw when exactly is Diwali ??


    Go have fun, watch movies with an open mind (shun negativity)

    And if u watch krrish 3–
    Have fun Spotting your familiar characters from satyamshot
    Esp check out Kaal aka Satyam and his mutants being tackled 🙂


  62. Diwali is on Sunday. Lot of folks would stay home today as well as on sunday + many would go shopping.

    I would say the numbers could be approx as below.

    Day 1 : 20 – 23 cr
    Day 2 : 25
    Day 3 : 20 – 23 cr

    So a weekend of around 65 – 70 cr. Which is good. Post that its all about how much the movie is liked.

    Many people have a holiday on monday and tuesday also. These are the days when the movie can make a killing, if it is liked and has good wom.


  63. Since Apex is damn fond of NOSTRADAMUS, let me make my FIRST and LAST box-office prediction – EVER!! I am never good at this ‘baniyagiri’ but let me attempt..

    I am positive this make a minimum of 275 crores; and upward of that is HIGHLY probable. I am not going by reviews because I haven’t read a single vernacular review – so how Varanasi or Coimbatore or Kolhapur react I do not know..but know for sure that the ‘jacked-up’ ticket prices at multiplexes will work a big way..

    I am basing this comment only on SHIVA’s (above) comments where he got first hand reaction of the crowd – so if they want to pass off ‘poha’ as ‘dum biriyani’, the Roshans are gonna get cash-fatter..

    By the way, if there is ANYTHING that I am really happy about K3, it is that FINALLY, and FINALLY, Rakesh Roshan can buy grocery and support his emaciated family…


  64. As I had anticipated much to apex’s chagrin.

    Krissh 3 Finds It Tough Against Pre-Diwali Phase

    Friday 1st November 2013 19.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 is finding it tough to stand up against the Pre-Diwali phase. The film started on strongly enough in the morning and the opening was fantastic at most places but not across the board.

    Then from noon the film slowed from its fast start especially at the multiplexes. This is normal occurrence on a non holiday for films which have wide release and open strongly as when the pace is strong in the morning it is not sustained throughout the day while on holidays the pace is sustained through the day.

    Krrish 3 has another force against it which is the Pre-Diwali period and that too a release so close to Diwali when a big chunk of the audience stays away from theatres.

    A pre-Diwali period release does not hurt much when you are looking for mid-range numbers but big numbers are very tough as there is a limited audience out there. Krrish 3 (Hindi) may struggle to get the highest non holiday opening day (19.50 crore nett approx) which was a realistic possibility before release. If it does get there with a bit of help from evening shows it will be by a very small margin. There is a dubbed Tamil and Telugu version of the film which is showing on around 350 screens adding to the 3700 screens in Hindi


  65. What has happened to this blog..thought it was something genuine on genuine film making..its turning out to be just another “bashing” site. Anyway ill be bashed for commenting on this…ESCAPE!!


  66. komal naahta,

    Krrish 3 is a box-office bonanza which will write box-office history. It will do outstanding business and will emerge as one of the biggest blockbusters of Indian cinema. In spite of lack of comedy, romance and hit music, it has tremendous repeat value. Let it be said loud and clear: Some films are destined to write box-office history, and Krrish 3 is one such film. It is: Avatar meets Superman meets Indian sentiments!


    • On the day Besharam was released, Komal had a bunch of distributors on his TV Show, who were going ga-ga over the collections. We know what happened after that.
      The strategy is to hype up collections for the first few shows, so that the Indian audience (being the baniyas that we all are) is compelled to go check it out. All these orgasmic tweets, FB entires, TV shows etc are geared towards generating the second wave (the first wave being the star’s initial). However, the speed of audience reviews hamper this strategy. So if a movie is average, or not liked at all, the collections from the second day start getting affected.


    • And the fact that he groups Avatar with Superman, shows that he clearly does not know what he is talking about. Even Hollywood reviewers would not commit the heresy of trying to group Avatar with any other SFX/VFX movie, so huge is the gap between Avatar and any of these other movies.


  67. Superhero movies are usually big holiday releases and meant to entertain complete family audiences. Krrish3 is succeeds in that. Sure shot block buster. Njoy the success. I liked zindagi na milegi dobara, Dum maro dum better than CE & Krrish3. but success is diffrent, Krrish3 will cross 125 to 140 Cr in first week itself. talking about Rajni, i hope everybody remembers the fate of BABA… No body is superstar here only Audience make them. I admire AB the most just because i have witnessed the madness in Single screens in Mid 70s and 80s. try to respect Audience verdict. 3idiots is the most loved film followed by CE, which will be more likely taken over by Krrish. wait for Dhoom3, if the film is as good as trailer, the buzz is like never before, it might even reach 350 to 380 crores overtaking 3Idiots (todays adjustable revenue). Then we have to agree dhoom3 is better commercial film than 3Idiots. Few stupid people are ready to accept commercial pot boilers such as Sholay, padiappa, hum / Basha as greatest superhits but fail to recognie other top heroes biggest hits like CE, Dabaang by dereating them and VICEVERSA.

    This is just a stupid argument, there is nothing infront of success, so stop being intellectuals, and try to be like a common man who respects only what entertains / succeeds. even in so called hollywood the business of metal superheroes like iron, stell, dark makes 100 times more than what meaningful films like Captain Philips, pursuit of happiness makes…

    Shankar, who is he, what robot? man he is just a commercial director, his films are made in big canvas so looks good just like Krrish3, story wise Krrish is much better than stupid robot (which is a copy of upendras holloywood, upendras films like A, Upendra, super are much better films comparing to Shankar…. ) give him a small budget he will be just wondering what to do with that, he is not Hrishikesh Mukhejee… Every language has talent, try and respect. Yes in south also we do have few original makers like Bala, Mani ratnam, Rajamouli who brings originality in the script and they just not copy korean / Italian or hollywood movies and few of my friends above will be saying oh, i am waiting for the film of the year. common, he is not making dhoom…. CE , YJHD were films of the year, yes Krrish 3 is on its way and only Dhoom3 will end as THE BIGGEST Film of the Year….


  68. Yeah –what a spirited response there shiva kumar –u are on fire…
    Like these ‘genuine’ uncomplicated reactions –no agenda, no bias..
    ‘Pure’ stuff…
    Keep it up –like this ‘common man’ stuff Siva Kumar 🙂

    Having said that–I’m not sure of krrish3 performance
    The promos/songs have been tepid..whatever it will manage is on the basis of hritik (& even he seems to be slowing down…)

    @ krish/cheetawoman–“As I had anticipated …”
    It’s a known fact–even taran/nahata had predicted an afternoon onward ps drop on a working day etc…

    Having said that–
    I personally DO NOT believe in this NEGATIVE effect due to DIWALI !!!!
    This is NO excuse for krrish –if it drops –it will be an underperformance … That’s it …no spin, no crap!!


    • The WOM is quite positive so expect a huge jump on Monday and Tuesday. This is not a drop really, this happens in pre-diwali


  69. Anything less than 20 cr day1 is less.

    Having said that we need to wait and watch how this pans out.

    Will most probably catch rhe movie tomorrow.


    • ~PS~ ‏@soulucky 1h
      @chin80 weak music and no romance… masses staying away from it. @musingsman @manishalakhe @KomalNahta


    • As per soulucky , It wont make as much as JTHJ+SOS. That means loss for exhibitors and bad decision of solo release on Diwali.
      ~PS~ ‏@soulucky 23 Oct
      As an exhibitor real test for Krrish3 is to collect more thn JTHJ & SOS or else my point of being against solo relese in Diwali stands true
      @musingsman @chin80 @manishalakhe @KomalNahta Opening is good but difficult to cross business of JTHJ + SOS means weak Diwali for exhibitors


  70. Casting of Mutant ‘Kangana’

    This is an interesting role …
    Just recalled-There’s somebody here who can do justice to this role.

    Brief: Mysterious, one doesn’t even know if it’s a ‘he’ or a ‘she’!
    She calls herself a ‘she’ but u never know lol
    Her tastes include Tarantinos blood fests., violence, porn et al…
    And s/he can be somewhat alluring as well…

    Currently she is a lurker /closet reader of this blog

    It’s my pleasure to introduce back to the spoof world–

    ANU as kangana 🙂
    Thanks for doing us the favor for accepting this difficult role …(& for doing it for free…)

    Lemme enter the ‘dark world’ of this superhero to film this track with
    Kaaya the mutant aka Anu…


  71. “The WOM is quite positive so expect a huge jump on Monday and Tuesday. This is not a drop really, this happens in pre-diwali”

    @ krish aka cheetwoman-I do NOT buy this ‘Diwali Negative effect’ etc bla bla.
    This is a good time to release!!

    225 or 250 wasn’t likely anyhow but it seems 150 plus maybe difficult!!!
    And I don’t believe this shopping, praying
    If the numbers are low, they are low…NO excuses, no spin…
    I’m not like the mutants here–facts don’t change for me!

    The tepid songs and cheesy promos seem to be taking its toll
    The numbers being thrown around are LOW…

    Even HR as superhero can’t salvage everything. …lol

    I do NOT like such underperformance…


    • it doesnt matter what you believe, thats how it works though.


      • “Thats how it works though.”
        Ahaa–if one knows ‘how it works’ so well–
        There won’t be another flop ever!!

        ‘Picture abhi Baaki hai’ cheetahwoman…
        This will be a somewhat longer battle…

        It’s really a fun ‘mutants game’ feel here

        beware: Am not into the animal kingdom (yet!), but… 🙂


  72. As for PCs role–

    Don’t wanna subject poor Amy/og/maggie havin to play ‘pregnant’ PC lol
    Poor gals have stopped commenting due to that…hehe
    Relax–you are welcome to be ‘relieved’ from your services …

    There WONT be PCs role –it will be scrapped from the spoof 🙂

    For flops –I just bear the brunt myself !!

    It will be just krrish vs the mutants now 🙂


  73. Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 is finding it tough to stand up against the Pre-Diwali phase. The film started on strongly enough in the morning and the opening was fantastic at most places but not across the board.

    Then from noon the film slowed from its fast start especially at the multiplexes. This is normal occurrence on a non holiday for films which have wide release and open strongly as when the pace is strong in the morning it is not sustained throughout the day while on holidays the pace is sustained through the day.

    Krrish 3 has another force against it which is the Pre-Diwali period and that too a release so close to Diwali when a big chunk of the audience stays away from theatres.

    A pre-Diwali period release does not hurt much when you are looking for mid-range numbers but big numbers are very tough as there is a limited audience out there. Krrish 3 (Hindi) may struggle to get the highest non holiday opening day (19.50 crore nett approx) which was a realistic possibility before release. If it does get there with a bit of help from evening shows it will be by a very small margin. There is a dubbed Tamil and Telugu version of the film which is showing on around 350 screens adding to the 3700 screens in Hindi.

    Less than 19.5 cr first day. That says it all.


    • “Less than 19.5 cr first day. That says it all.”

      What are the top non-holiday openers…
      Someone said JTHJ was around 12?
      And SOS around 8?
      Doesnt automatically mean that a solo film should do > 12+8!!
      It’s different
      Early days but this will be a tough one…

      “That says it all.”– yes this says it all?
      Now ANTMAN aka raghav u can start breathing again !! 🙂


      • JTHJ was 14 and SOS 8.5 as per BOI. That makes it 22.5. Also, india inflation is all there to see. One year gap is enough to expect 15-20% jump in business.


  74. Relax ‘raghav’–u are working too hard…

    From selectively posting negative reports pm u are resorting to posting negative ones more than once!! Haha

    The links has already been posted here

    Relax–if the films no good, it will show maximum by Monday–u can take it easy …

    And raghav become the
    hardworking & heavy ANTMAN 🙂


    • Asserting and Jumping like frog that it is marvelous wont fetch you a role of frogman. It fails to give a chance of another sequel. Krrish is dead out from hearts of people. Sad end 😦


  75. The role of ‘frogman’ is already taken –by a worthy ‘Ann jo’

    As for declaring–

    “Krrish is dead out from hearts of people. Sad end”
    The day isn’t over and the ends arrived already ? Hmm..

    Ooh don’t be so sad–spare the sadness for later…
    When u will be kicked out 🙂


  76. There’s nothing personal folks –but this is turning out to be an enjoyable spoof …

    It seems a losing fight for krrish as spoof as of now

    The battle lines are drawn–





    FROGMAN-Ann jo

    CHEETAH WOMAN–‘krrish’

    PRIYANKA–role scrapped by me !!

    And finally–


    Ps: time to tactically take some rest for further battles —
    In the arms of Kaaya… 🙂


  77. If kanpur is parameter. krrish3 is 10% less than BOSS even. And 40% less than of Besharam.
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar
    KANPUR (#Krrish3) Friday Multiplexes-715470 Single Screen-351661 TOTAL-1067131 1day TOTAL-1067131
    KANPUR (BOSS) wednesday Multiplexes-548917.80 Single Screen-591855 TOTAL-1140772.80… Good
    KANPUR (BESHARAM) wednesday Multiplexes-1461656 Single Screen-378904 TOTAL-1840560

    If Varansi is parameter, then it is 3% more than Besharam and 5% more than BOSS.
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 20m
    Varanasi #Krrish3 MPX 898618 SS 218613 TOTAL 1117231

    Varanasi #Besharam Varanasi Fri MPX 976636 SS 110221 TOTAL 1086857


  78. Some people here are dragging down the the movie without watching the movie, which is sad. Krissh 3 is refreshing change compare to daily southern remake that are been made in the name of entertainment in indian movies.
    This movie will trend very well and should cross the 250 crore mark. Krissh 3 is Indian answer to superman or spider-man with Hrithik dance as added bonus.Rakesh roshon is genius .
    Go Watch it !!!


    • It sounds like you’re saying that Hindi cinema should basically switch out the industry they’re currently aping for another one.


  79. There they go there’s simply no stopping these fellows crapping from their mouths..Ted Cruz sounds like Churchill in front of these morons..


    Vivek also seconds his father and calls Rakesh Roshan the Steven Spielberg of India. “Whatever he (Suresh Oberoi) has said is absolutely true. I saw the film today (Thursday) for the first time and I forgot that I am Kaal. I was enjoying the film like a kid. I was laughing and crying,” said Vivek. “He (Rakesh Roshan) is a legend, a master and with this film he has shown that he is the Steven Spielberg of India,” the 37-year-old added.

    Read more at:


  80. Bts, i am just 15 mins into film and plane scene is there which disappoints.


  81. Yo Raghav dude..u r going to get Satyam et al in trouble for putting up such links..maybe it should be deleted..if people want to do this, they can do it on their own..and it would be bewildering why would anyone want to want a poor print of a movie that says its USP is should be seen on the big screen..


  82. links to pirated versions should not be referenced here.


  83. First day s looking like 16 crores which is shockingly low


  84. No Records For Krrish 3

    Friday 1st November 2013 22.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    There will be no records for Krrish 3 as the early collections show the film has been hit hard by the dull pre-Diwali phase. The collections in areas that normally get hit on Diwali are coming in very low while other areas like Mumbai and South India are better.

    The film will not get close to a non holiday opening day record as Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Rajasthan and CI all record low numbers which is the norm for Diwali. The collections in these areas will not do much until Monday.

    When the first day number comes in it will look very low to the naked eye considering the hype of the film and what other big hyped films have done in the past but that is the risk you take when you come with a mega film like Krissh 3 in a period like Pre-Diwali.

    A film like Krrish 3 should be pulling in the initial numbers but now shockingly a film like Krrish 3 is dependent on reports not spoiling its Monday business which is when the dull period will be over but it will be the 4th day of release for Krrish 3.


    • prashant choksi Says:



    • a sucessful sequel with hype and huge releage, jacketed porices and inflated ticket price

      16 cr is not low but shockingly low if it is true…movie looked dated but diwali has always been great period

      just saw vivek oberoi called mr rakesh roshan as stephen speilberg :

      may be because both copied satyajit ray last script(jaadu) but difference to is hugely visible

      but also something like gravity was preceded by cast away



        while looking for animation and cameras getting some weird links… sorry for wrong video


        • Rockstar:

          somebody atleast has written:

          Satyajit Ray, Steven Spielberg, Aliens & E.T. (Did You Know – 1)

          This may be news to many and surely an interesting one. It is said that it was the master film-maker SATYAJIT RAY who was originally responsible for the ‘Friendly Alien Concept’ to be filmed later. He also had a complete outline of a script ready which was based on one of his own short story titled ‘Banku Babu Bondhu’ (Translated as Mr. Bonku’s Friend).
          The famous Spielberg movie, “E.T.” is actually said to be based on the plot penned by the great RAY. The outline and the rough script of the idea kept roaming into several production houses in Hollywood before it was made as “E.T.” and there are many detailed stories associated with this. However the fact is not officially accepted.
          Here the interesting thing is that after many years our own film makers found their inspiration from Spielberg’s “E.T.” for making their “Koi Mil Gaya” (2003) talking about a friendly alien.
          A detailed reference to this is there in the book, “Satyajit Ray: The Inner Eye” By Andrew Robinson.
          You can also check the link :
          Or just search “Satyajit Ray & Spielberg” and there are numerous references on the web.


  85. East Punjab Opening Days: Krrish 3 EIGHTH

    Saturday 2nd November 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 was hit by pre Diwali period in all most circuits espeially Northern circuits so East Punjab could not put up a really big number. Below are the top ten opening days of all time in East Punjab.

    1. Ek Tha Tiger – 2,76,00,000
    2. Besharam – 2,29,00,000
    3. Chennai Express – 2,23,00,000
    4. Bodyguard – 1,87,00,000
    5. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 1,80,00,000
    6. Dabangg 2 – 1,59,00,000
    7. Agneepath – 1,58,00,000
    8. Krrish 3 – 1,50,00,000
    9. Race 2 – 1,24,00,000
    10. Don 2 – 1,23,00,000


    • Like

      • Saw it yesterday. Acting was good but I think first couple of hour was self indulgent. There were many blank shots (like sleeping with open mouth) without adding to tone or to narrative. Only in last hour movie picked up and showed good drama.
        My only question is, would we be giving same attention to the movie if Emma was a guy instead of a girl.

        *Possible Spoiler*
        ps. – I am not sure what was the intention of ending. Adèle was invited there by Emma and the guy knew Emma.
        *End Spoiler*

        ps1 – There was some very good music in movie.


        • The movie has a strong soundtrack (in the Wong Kar-Wai ‘eclectic’ fashion). Unfortunately it’s not been released on CD anywhere (or for that matter on iTunes).

          To be honest the film did polarize reviewers in some ways. I liked it a lot but I can certainly see the other side here.

          The guy is there at one of the earlier parties as well with the whole artsy crowd. He seems a bit out of place even then. My sense of the ending just was that a possibly straight relationship is missed by Adele because she still hasn’t gotten over Emma. Because Emma and the guy know each other there’s perhaps a kind of substitution at work. Except that for Adele her sense of loss is only retriggered at that point. The ending is a bit open-ended. Other things might happen with Adele int he future but we don’t know. I actually liked this gesture because one of the things the film does is insist on the integrity of the relationship. In this sense if Emma were a guy it would just be a regular movie. And though there have been lots of movies that try to dignify lesbian relationships (in a polemical sense) this movie is relatively rare in trying to give it the ‘familiar’ resonance of a heterosexual one. So you have situations and moments play out as if this were all happening between a man and a woman. At least I felt more empathy here than I usually do with such (lesbian) subjects (though I can’t claim to have seen everything relevant in this context!) and I think it’s partly because the director presents a lesbian relationship in very straight fashion in terms of many of the iconic situations he creates (the lovers in the park with that whole dreamy feel to the scene, the visceral sex even in a pornographic sense which is all too common in mainstream heterosexual representations (though also so in art-house lesbian films even if it’s not easy to think of a film that is comparable), the loud jealous fights, the soundtrack which involves a number of iconic heterosexual numbers.. key here is Aventura’s huge Latin hit from some years ago), and so on. Again not necessarily saying all of this stuff is unique to this film but I think and for want of a better word the director makes it a somewhat transcendent love story in terms of many of his registers and codes which is different from the usual ‘alternative’ film in this respect. So again it worked for me but I can certainly see the other side.


          • also on those many shots which stress on the banal ‘bodily’ aspects of the human (sleeping with one’s mouth open, or other such ‘awkward’ things) I think that ties in with the visceral sex. Because even as one might idealize love and all such ‘relationality’ there always remains that which is purely physical. In this sense a strong love relationship is also deeply physical. In the sense of satisfying certain bodily needs (or instincts or urges.. whatever language one prefers) but equally in terms of exposing the body to the other. Not just in terms of nakedness but also this other sense whereby one is comfortable enough to be ‘awkward’ before the other (the point I started out with). Freud always felt that the ego was a bodily ego, a point that has not often been stressed in more traditional interpretations. But in any case the strong (if not ideal) love relationship should not seek to sublimate those more bodily instincts but try to satisfy them, retaining of course the that other level of mental companionship or what have you. There have been a few films (all the titles escape me at present) about stranger encountering each other just for sexual purposes but then building up a relationship out of it. Because in sex one sometimes gives oneself over so completely to the other or in such singular ways that a bond is formed. This is not about ‘carnality’ in the vulgar sense. This is the point behind the kamasutra and if you think about it it emerges from the very same culture that also gives us yoga. The latter builds on a very similar principal. In neither case is is about divorcing the body from the ‘self’ if you will but it is certainly about using the body as a pathway. I don’t mean to take this analogy too far though again the disciplinary aspects that are evident in yoga are also there in the kamasutra postures! It’s equally hard to do both!


          • This and your previous comment are superb. I haven’t read much on it since having seen it just the other day, but these comments to my mind really shed light on the film. To be honest having just seen it, while I really found it moving and well-acted, I couldn’t quite “read” the film, grasp its significance beyond it being an emotionally compelling work. But this might be for the very reasons that you point out – that it takes a lot of very familiar, tried-and-true tropes of heterosexual screen romances and applies them to a lesbian love story. I recall, well before having seen the film, reading that there was a dustup over the sex scenes being approached with a “male gaze” and while I find this term problematic for all sorts of reasons it occurs to me that in light of what you’re talking about here, this specific criticism of the sex scenes might be a sign of the film’s success–a result of the overall design to treat this relationship using codes typically reserved for romantic films centered around men and women. In other words the film really subverts “heteronormativity” and as a result its been criticized for some of the gestures that are entirely necessary to this subversion.


          • thanks much GF..

            “In other words the film really subverts “heteronormativity” and as a result its been criticized for some of the gestures that are entirely necessary to this subversion.”

            perfectly summed up..


          • Agree with “I think it’s partly because the director presents a lesbian relationship in very straight fashion” and I think GF also has similar reading “I really found it moving and well-acted, I couldn’t quite “read” the film, grasp its significance beyond it being an emotionally compelling work.”

            If you see the sex was pivotal to relationship before they show them living as couple. But when they start living together, Adele was acting like wife, making food and serving it to guests. She felt jealous when Emma was talking to other lady or when Emma was at night. Even after hard work Adele insisted on sex which was curtly rejected by Emma like long time married couple.

            ps – You may make a new thread with some nice comments from you and GF. Apex is going to have a field day 🙂


          • LOL! Will do so..


        • “Acting was good but I think first couple of hour was self indulgent.”

          does your better half visit the blog?


          • doesn’t but does read some comments if site is open. She is allergic to subtitled movies but occasionally likes them like Wadjda.
            We saw Wolverine today and she liked it a lot.

            ps – Just saw “Blue is..” is available for streaming.


  86. Krrish 3 Gets Hit By Pre-Diwali Period Boss Drops Badly

    Saturday 2nd November 2013 09.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 was hit by the Pre-Diwali period and put up low collections in many circuits. Still the overall the number will be decent for Pre-Diwali but only if the film picks up hugely on Monday when the dull phase ends. The business of the film depends on what happens on Monday.

    Micky Virus had a poor first week with collections of around 7 crore nett..

    Boss dropped badly in week two with collections of around 6 crore nett taking its two week total to 51 crore nett. FLOP


    • Krrish 3 First Day Business

      Saturday 2nd November 2013 11.00 IST
      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Krrish 3 (Hindi) has collected around 18 crore nett as per early estimates on its first day. Practically all areas were hit by the pre-Diwali period which will continue till Monday. It will be Sunday evening when people come out to watch the film as Diwali festivities get over.

      The film will depend on what happens on Monday as collections will not go much higher till Monday. There is a dubbed version of the film which has been released in Tamil and Telugu which could have collected a further 1.5-2 crore nett.

      There is always a risk with a release in a dull period but if Krrish 3 gains momentum from Monday onwards then there will not be a problem but if it does not then it becomes a bad release decision as the film has not really been given a fair chance as business is all about initial especially for big films and Krissh 3 not had that chance for a really big start.


      • Considering the start this is a pretty surprising number and the timing of the release should not matter too much. Mondays number is really crucial, needs to be north of 25 crores.


        • prashant choksi Says:

          when it is the biggest release of the year in terms of numbers of screens, very disappointing bo numbers.


  87. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    The most interesting film I saw at the Mumbai Film Festival was Srijit Mukherji’s Baishe Srabon. ….

    I didn’t expect it to be the most interesting film. Anyway, back to Baishe Srabon. I found it interesting because it addresses one of my pet issues: movies-for-some versus movies-for-all. How do you make a classy product – filled with lofty Bengali poetry, in this instance – and yet lure in audiences? That’s a riddle a lot of filmmakers have been trying to crack, and Mukherji appears to have done it. On the surface, the film’s success is not surprising. It’s a thriller about a serial killer on the loose. There’s a romantic subplot involving young, on-again-off-again lovers. And there’s one of the greatest “hero introduction shots” I’ve encountered. We see the hero – Prabir Roy Chowdhury, played by Prosenjit Chatterjee – only from the back, at first, in a flashback. And when we finally meet him, he establishes his superiority (over a rookie cop played by Parambrata Chatterjee) so thoroughly, so entertainingly, we’re left in little doubt about who’s boss. There’s a lesson here: how a fifty-plus star can be the centre of a movie – a commercial hit – even while playing his age.


  88. Krrish3 producers figure is 26 crores (24+2) which is very big considering non holiday release (forget prediwali….).. why some portals are telling 18Cr, some telling 19 and some are telling 21 Cr. how this always happens for non khan films… Wake up guys, forget your estimates, respect Rakesh Roshan (he is old enough like Chopras, UTV /disneys)… and mention actual figures like Taran Adarsh, even addatoday, komal nahta & are telling it as 25Cr. hopefully our biggest Gandu will wake up now and updates the correct figure…. I am not against any body, my superstar / super hero in one & only BigB, who is not in the race now. Even with in khans media favours SRK, if ETT was SRK’s movie then they would have adjusted it to 200 cr easily…. Ultimate Guideline should be producer figures, as they only have the authentic details. These so called experts take the figures just from the multiplexes (which even a class 3 student can sum it up) and update it as if they have done big research… Single screens, they have to trust producers figure…as there is no authentic information. Films like krrish will do wonders in Single Screens.

    25Cr is a good figure, even if there is a slightest drop today and tomorrow due to festivities, it will make it up for the loss from Monday onwords simply because it is a family entertainer. Kids will make families to follow them to the theatres. I still beleive it will easily touch 200 Cr. and week one will be in the range of 110 to 130 Cr.

    whats our intellectuals doing there? please make a PIL under RIT, as a paying audience we want to know the correct figures not the Gandu / false figures as per their favorite heroes and producers. now everything is online, if they convert all single screens under this scheme, anybody can login and see the footfalls and the correct figures. What will our Gandu will do then? where he will go?


    • 24 crore is a figure which Rohan has just got it from his hat. It’s same as JTHJ numbers which were through the hat and only BOI got close to the truth. The late night shows were indeed very poor for the movie. On a hindsight the best release date for this movie was SUnday or Monday as they had initially planned. Three day will be around 60 crores now but had they released it on Monday, Monday itself would have made 35 crores.


  89. why this is in a so hurry about Saturday figures… Go and check the advance booking for noon, evening and night shows are very good compare to yesterday… just chk it our yourself. only morning show was little less. which hardly matters….i am expecting simillar figure today also if not more due to hiked rates for week ends.


    • I think some haters does not want this film to do well,positive reviews are pouring in so that should be enough for this adventure to carry into fininshing line..


    • thing is again box office transparency

      box office mojo gives number not verdict its others who judge it based on trending and run if they had to analyse and no one in india can give correct numbers because it will always take time for smaller centre to provide actual figure

      25 cr is dam good figure again if correct …khans undoubtedly has media clout whih was evident anyways in case of besharam which was bad but in case of social media vitrol even before screening was evident

      hrithik made historical work ( jodha akbar but some didn’t managed even with mangal pandey and ashoka) and so does superhero theme ( case in point ra one, drona and suryavanshi)

      body of work can not be snatched in a single day


  90. Rockstar:

    HYDERABAD: Hyderabad may have been an established hub of animation and related industries for several years, but the scenario has turned bleak now, with mounting costs and lack of fresh talent forcing dozens of studios to shut shop every year.

    With the city losing quality work to Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Manila and animation experts blaming it on poor funding, the government has assured that the new Gaming, Animation, Media and Entertainment (GAME) policy would help solve many problems. With its financial and infrastructural benefits, the new policy is supposed to bail out the ailing industry but experts in the field are cynical and unsure if it would see the light of the day as the government has merely been talking about it for long.

    Meanwhile, industry professionals estimate that around 35-40 per cent of animation studios in the city call it quits every year. While new ones do crop up, their numbers are not enough to replace the lost ones. “Many don’t have a proper roadmap in this sector. After dabbling for a while, they do not stick around,” said Sumedha Saraogi, senior vice president of the Hyderabad-based DQ Entertainment, which creates content for local and international markets.

    Currently, the state has around 20 big names in the animation industry and 250-300 smaller firms dealing with digital media. But revenue has gone down for most companies. In fact, 7seas Entertainment Limited, which raked in Rs 18 crore as revenue in 2011-11, could scrape together only Rs 10 crore revenue in 2012-13. According to a recent survey by FIand KPMG, the overall size of the animation and VFX industry in India for 2012 stood at Rs 35.3 billion and the gaming industry at Rs 15.3 billion.

    With no dedicated governing body, the animation and gaming industry continues to be under the generic National Association for the Software and Services Companies ( Nasscom). “There is a lot of potential in this industry but we need to resolve a few fundamental problems first,” said A Sunil, producer and VFX director with city-based Makuta VFX, which did the visual effects for the movie ‘Eega’.

    With high production costs, the animation and gaming sector is capital intensive. A quality licensed software, which is essential for all projects, can cost as much as Rs 1 lakh or more. Such software, being creative products, have high VAT and service taxes imposed on them. Devices such as 3D graphic cards, cameras and others equipment also add to the expenditure.

    Further, unhindered electricity supply to studios is critical as all the work is done using computers and electronic gadgets. But with the state facing a huge power crisis, this proves to be difficult.

    Experts say genuine talent is also hard to come by as youths in general do not perceive the gaming and animation industry as a very viable career option. Some clients are making a beeline for Malaysia and China in recent years mainly due to fresh ideas and low costs. “We have lost several projects to these countries due to funding. Their governments get actively involved in cases where an international project is involved and also chips in with funding,” said a VFX professional in the city, who has been in the industry for over seven years.

    The exodus of projects must be examined to understand how Hyderbad can evolve for the better, said Sumedha Saraogi. The new GAME policy is likely to have a provision to promote local talent and dedicated time slot on television for programmes to encourage the youth to take it up. “There currently is a lacuna in the demand and supply of talent in the industry. With the implementation of the GAME policy, we hope many current issues of the sector can be sorted out,” said Maruti Shanker, managing director, 7seas Entertainment Limited.

    Not animated enough

    There are 20 big and 250-300 smaller players in the animation industry in AP. But 35-40% of studios call it quits every year with quality work being lost to China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Problems faced by the industry

    * Capital intensive: High production costs, thanks to expensive software and equipment, high VAT and service taxes

    * Power woes: Unhindered power supply difficult due to state’s power crunch

    * Lack of talent: Youths don’t see the gaming and animation industry as a viable career option

    * Govt not GAME for it: The government’s Gaming, Animation, Media and Entertainment (GAME) policy has been in the proposal stage for long


  91. Krissh 3 First Day Territorial Breakdown

    Saturday 2nd November 2013 15.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish collected 18.75 crore nett approx in hindi on its opening day. The collections were good for Pre-Diwali with Monday being the acid test for the film. Bihar managed to create a new circuit record. It is the 8th biggest opening of all time and the third biggest non holiday opening of all time. The first day territorial breakdown is as follows.

    Mumbai – 5.72 crore

    Delhi/UP – 3.41 crore

    East Punjab – 1.48 crore

    West Bengal – 1.32 crore

    Bihar – 69 lakhs (RECORD)

    Assam/Orissa – 57 lakhs

    CP Berar – 1.04 crore

    CI – 45 lakhs
    (Released on just 45 cinemas with the full release on 110 plus cinemas coming on Monday)

    Rajasthan – 1.21 crore

    Nizam/Andhra – 1.23 crore (Hindi)

    Mysore – 1.07 crore

    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 62 lakhs (Hindi)

    TOTAL – 18.81 crore

    Note – The above collections are for the Hindi version only. The Tamil/Telugu version has added around 1.50 crore nett approx.


    • So BOI have a little over 20 crores for all versions of the film. Taran has 25 and is among other congratulating the film for opening bigger than ZNMD and even Guzaarish:


    • Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 4h
      #Krrish3 first day figure is more than Rs. 20 crore all-india, still counting. No holiday, dull pre-Diwali day and still so much!Outstanding


      • What an asshole this guy us. He was shagging off on the opening yesterday morning and now is looking like an idiot.


    • This whole diwali thing has gone from being an absolute plus to one weak day followed by a strong period to a mixed time for films! It’s soon going to be portrayed as an absolute negative. Wonder why anyone bothers to have a Diwali release anymore. LOL!

      These excuses have always come about in recent years as part of a defensive position on a film. It’s either when the film seems to be in trouble in some relative sense of if not in trouble it at least does not behave the way it’s expected to. Krrish might be just fine and do a huge amount but the point is that this day 1 number seems underwhelming when the film is at 19-23 crores (without the Tamil/Telugu versions) and recently Besharam (which was a disaster in the making) opening in the same range. For that film too the early release and so on was being talked about as ultimately negative as by the time the weekend came about the film was already over. The point is there’s no way a film like Krrish 3 opens in this range and it’s somehow all ok. If it were people wouldn’t have to ‘protest’ so much! Now again it might be absolutely fine, it might have very strong legs, it might do a huge gross (CE on day 1 didn’t look like it was going to do as much as it did.), all of that is certainly possible and no one’s arguing about this but the idea that this is a perfectly ‘understandable’ gross is absurd.


    • here’s a 19.6 crore day 1 Hindi total:

      So again wouldn’t be more than 22 with the Tamil/Telugu included. They’d earlier said it was heading for 25 crores on day 1.


  92. Rangan’s not going to please some folks with his piece on Krrish!


    • ha ha ha – BR tears it apart: “Besides, who’s going to sit seriously through a climactic showdown where superhero and supervillain clash in front of a Bollywood Hungama banner?” that says all about taran’s 4.5/5 ratin 🙂


      • Lol that is almost enough to persuade me to see it


        • Yeah this is one of BRs best review. Though that doesn’t mean the movie is bad. But good fun to read. The WOM is still quite positive so the uptick on monday is still on and it might end up between 150 and 200. To go beyond 200 it needs help from ram leela in its third week to be a disaster.


    • Don’t agree with Rangan’s review at all .. not even a bit. This is unnecessary bashing .. and I am surprised reading his review, not fair at all. .. Though agree with this line .. “And those creepy-looking muscles in his [insert number here]-pack… I fear the day may not be too far when an overachieving hero shows up on screen in a hundred-pack” and yes even I found it absurd ..”and supervillain clash in front of a Bollywood Hungama banner” .. 🙂


      • Who cares about these critics?I haven’t seen Rangan praising any moie in reent times..


      • I am puzzled by all this Rangan bashing here. I have been following BR for almost a decade now and have almost never agreed with him on many a movie but never will I ever say that he is biased. And he is one of the few critics who has the ability to find something good in every movie, maybe he will not like the movie in totality but he will be able to delink what is good from what went wrong in the movie. His writeups are never reviews , they are more like observations. It’s not true that he always thrashes every movie. As recent as last week he found something good to say even in Boss. The best thing about him is he is able to articulate why he doesn’t like something in a movie. As I said I have mostly never agreed with his likings but I love to read his view point. And I do not agree with apex that a film reviewer need to review a movie from its target audience,s viewpoint. The only people who need to do that are trade analyst like taran and nahata who need to review the movie from a box office impact perspective. That’s not the job of a reviewer and definitely not for someone like Rangan who is not a reviewer in a true sense. It’s true that he has found more negatives than positives in krrish 3 but if one is able to find inconsistencies in his statement and ask him questions in his blog the guy is humble enough to offer his justifications.


        • This happens when people refuse to ‘read’. The elementary error that many make with these pieces is to assume that Rangan is looking down on a genre or class of films. It’s quite clear in his Krrish piece for instance that he’s not again superhero films, just bad ones! And many of his reasons are hard to argue with. But the other even more basic error is that one can enjoy films that are bad or flawed or at least completely disposable entertainment for all sorts of reasons. This doesn’t mean that the critic is wrong nor does the box office disprove the critic in any sense (assuming the critic is worthy of the name and Rangan assuredly is).

          Finally the bias such as it exists is often an ideological or theoretical one and not a ‘petty’ one of the sort displayed by movie fans one way or the other. And for this reason such a bias isn’t only about trashy films but serious films as well. Rangan does not like every serious effort that is otherwise celebrated by others. Similarly he might be kinder on a film dismissed by almost everyone else. So on and so forth.

          Ultimately the problem here is really lack of maturity. I say this in no judgmental way but if one is 14 and does not see any problems with a film like Krrish that might be understandable but if a 28 year old considers Krrish a perfect film there is something a bit odd about this! Not because one shouldn’t be able to enjoy Krrish or find it entertaining but there ought not to be the same kind of identification possible with its world beyond a certain age! Not because it’s a fantasy genre but for the reason that it is a certain kind of attempt in the same. There is a universe of difference between Nolan’s Batman and Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish. Not just because of the light years that exist between the two on an aesthetic level et al but also the ‘thought’ that informs each. The same might be true for Nolan’s Batman versus Thor.

          And lastly this whole idea that the critic doesn’t know how to judge a film because the target audience enjoyed it is a total non sequitur. One claim has nothing to do with the other result.


    • I’m also surprised (and disappointed) by this comment;

      >when the sun comes up, Krishna looks at the sky and says “Papa… suraj” with such tremulous awe that you think he was some kind of cave creature who has set eyes, for the first time, on this fiery orb in the heavens.

      Sunrise *is* very awe inspiring. Has he ever seen one? I understand Krishh’s awe in this scene. Even if you see sunrise/sunset everyday it’s always like watching it for the first time.


      • Totally agree there yakuza and pacifist …

        While lots of cheesy and campy stuff abounds in this film (as already evident from the promos)– b Rangan as usual misses the essence.

        I won’t even bother ripping b Rangan apart
        It will suffice to say that he is an ass hole snob of the first degree who can’t differentiate between a ‘film review’ catered to a specific target population from flowery vignette laden creative writing…

        While b Rangan is excellent in the latter, he is a total failure in the former. As a ‘film reviewer’ one needs to have the sense and humility to comment on it from the point of view of the target audience of THAT film– NOT his OWN sensibilities.
        It’s ok if he dwells on his OWN sensibilities PROVIDED there is SOME mention of the film from its target segment –unfortunately the likes of Rangan don’t bother doing it
        And they find similarly minded PSEUDOINTELLECTUAL SNOBS lapping up his shit


  93. Irrespective of how Krrish’s collections fare the very best on Diwali to everyone here..!


    • Today is kali chaudas (Indian Halloween!). Anyway Happy Dipawali to all in that time zone and in advance to all in our time zone.


  94. Wached the movie today. Guess i went in with way too high expectations. The movie simply did not check all the boxes that i wanted it to. I wanted this to be a pure superhero movie, without any compromises. Unfortunately the director has tried to use each and every trick in the book, way too many chacters assembled in a very haphazard manner ( remins me of batman & robin ). And too much melodrama for my liking. Hrithik and Kangana were good.

    Having said that the hall was almost packed and my wife liked the movie a lot. So i guess there would be many takers for this one & i’m fairly sure that the movie will do well. But this one ain’t going to be any record breaker.


    • yes I’d be surprised if this movie didn’t make a neat bundle. However this sort of film isn’t made just to match YJHD or something. The same holds for D3. With the latter though the trailer completely persuades me that this film will have no issues hitting all the benchmarks it’s supposed to.


      • Apex has been personal in lot of comments in last couple days. His frustration is so evident. But, i ignored so far.
        Satyam, can’t you even warn him? How is this being tolerated? If i also gets personal, you should not complain. Moreover, he is using abusive language towards a critic or whoever.


  95. & yes wishing all the users a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali.


  96. K3 looks on a tricky wicket here – if from monday it doesn’t pick up…..


  97. Day 2 was much much lower. The morning itself was 40 percent lower. Looking like 15 cr day 2 from BOI.


  98. Watched Krrish3 today. Unexpectedly enjoyed it .. This is a very good movie having good story, script, performances and thrilling moment at par with any other Hollywood superhero movie. Only shortcoming was music .. only 1 song worked (Dil tu hi bata) on big screen. Saw at IMAX .. so huge screen also enhance the impact of thrilling and action moments. Overall .. movie is way better than poor promos .. and it deserves minimum 200 Crore. And last … Kangana was WOWW .. she stole the show .. after Hritik ofcourse.


    • Hmmm yakuza–thanx –with all this negativity around (mostly without seeing the film)– one doesn’t know…
      But this negativity influences those ‘on the fence’ about going to watch any film…
      With all the ‘hard work’ being put up here and elsewhere spreading negativity every few minutes, seems krrish 3 may have a short span in the cinema. This ‘pre Diwali’ hasn’t helped either…

      Whatever maybe the box office outcome
      One things sure—

      Anyhow–folks– will be watching krrish3 shortly
      To watch Hritik Roshan in what seems his LAST outing as krrish….


      • Lol like a blog can effect the success of the film on a pan India basis…reality is its a little early to speculate. Yea opening does not seem as high as one expected but Monday and Tuesday drop is more crucial barometer. But yes if a blog can affect India this way we should all speculate on some shares and become millionaires tomorrow. What a joke


        • Forget a blog-even dailies can’t affect beyond a point..
          But it do make a difference in marginal cases..and films that aren’t fully accepted…

          Btw it is laughable the way u pop up just before key releases (only) to do this kiddish stuff
          Hope u all Enjoy the ‘drops’ in Bo figures …

          Anyhow all the best to u folks in your ‘campaigns’—
          Shortly off to check out krrish 3….

          And happy Diwali to all 🙂


          • ‘kiddish’ good one coming from you. Anyone enjoy the film and come back with some positivity. Maybe you can help ‘marginally’ improve the collections.


          • Don’t u worry m8-
            All the best in counting cents and pennies, chimp…


  99. P.K Talli Says:

    Krrish 3 Looking At A Solid Second Day

    Saturday 2nd November 2013 21.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 is looking at a solid second day which will show a drop of around 10% but considering it is so close to Diwali it is solid trending. The second day collections will come in it at around the 17 crore nett.

    The film started strongly with the first day first show rush but collections faded due to Diwali festivities and they could have shown a another big drop on Saturday with Diwali being tomorrow (Sunday) and nothing to really to push the film upwards.

    The pre-Diwali period has hit the film a bit harder than expected. A 60 crore nett total was a realistic expectation for three days but it will come in 10-15% less but the real affect of these sort of dull periods are very hard to judge so whatever the film notches up in these three days may actually turn out to be big numbers.

    A continuation of the rapid fall that happened on Friday afternoon and evening would have been a concern but Saturday has shown just limited downside and the film may well to come into its own on Monday and emerge a huge winner.


    • That’s quite a solid figure for day before diwali and considering Friday was around 19 crores. Sunday 5 pm onwards this movie can have a huge uptick and Monday can reach 25 to 30 crores. Once that happens then it has 2 clear weeks to get to around 160 crores before Ram leela comes in. But if Monday is around 20 and no major uptick then it means rejection.


      • ‘ Sunday 5 pm onwards this movie can have a huge uptick ‘
        -Sunday 5 pm onwards will be weakest time. Some theaters have even cut shows after 3 pm. It will be weakest period. Sunday booking is very weak. After noon shows booking is almost non existant. Contrary to that, monday booking is already very good.
        Check bms urself.


        • The afternoons are the worst for pooja days so I am not surprised at shows getting reduced in afternoon. But most theaters make a killing once pooja is over and so evening onwards attendance improves rapidly.


          • U am surprised you dont know puja timings. It is always around 7:30- 8:30 pm. I dont see it adding anything after 4 pm. Max 12 cr on sunday.


          • KRRISH 3

            Well, some personal thoughts –will agree more with yakuza, shiva Kumar, times of India (rohit khilnani) here. And don’t have a problem saying that taran/nahata here aren’t wrong…

            I DONT care now if the film makes 100 crores or 59 crores or less!’

            Damn the numbers and take it up yours…..

            The film is MUCH better than the dodgy tepid songs/dated promos

            Moreover, Rakesh ‘old school’ Roshan does a commendable job marrying the indian sensibilities into vfx and maintaining the story flow –overall good stuff

            Rajesh Roshan needs to hang his boots now–music is the weakest deptt (by a margin!)

            PC Is fine as expected and is ‘pregnant’ for most parts lol

            Kangana gets her MOST IMPORTANT role of her CAREER and does v well…

            The vfx may not be near Hollywood standard

            The look /styling/feel maybe dated ….

            BUT where it matters….

            The FILM PACKS A PUNCH especially

            In the action showdown scenes

            Vivek Oberoi does v well

            But the film belongs to —



            HRITIK ROSHAN…


          • Essentially a guys/men’s film (besides kids lol)

            Pussies/sissies beware–

            Now I know why the likes of raghav and others did not like it–what were u expecting ???

            “U am surprised you dont know puja timings. It is always around 7:30- 8:30 pm.”

            Haha why don’t u too sit outside a cinema hall on a mat or something–keeping a tab on when and how many people go in and who is doing Pooja and when ?

            What fun 🙂



            Loved some VO-HR action scenes—

            Those who were getting a share from the earnings can bother
            Those without a share spending sleepless nights on box office-take this kick on your back side lol

            I NOW DONT CARE IF IT MAKES 20 or 30 crores

            Inspite of being in late thirties, seven years after the previous krrish —Hritiks physicality as a superhero is spot on



          • Hahah

            Pure kiddish fun

            Feel like beating someone up -just for fun..

            Lemme find someone around the parking or something …

            Ps: this film is NOT for matures, hyper mature/seniles, pussies, ladymen & Rangan-type snob-shits–stay away u folks…


          • And finally, for all those toiling hard to bring hourly updates of ‘drops’ in box office—take this…

            Even if it grosses, NO more than the current 25 crores or so —it’s done what it’s brief was–it’s done what it says on the tin!

            I’ve had fun–and I enjoyed it like a child (as one shoudl see such a campy/cheesy superhero film!)

            Having said–(& this maybe ominous for those waiting to celebrate a below 50 crores gross!!)

            Won’t be surprised if Krrish rises after Monday…. 🙂


          • And guys—some observations about the girls

            PC was pregnant (or working towards it!) throughout —but there was NO change in her figure lol

            Noticed kangana aka anu is quite ‘endowed’ 🙂 🙂

            Ps: time for getting back to sobriety now –hav fun,..


  100. P.K Talli Says:

    looking at Saturday numbers think it does have a chance to do around 150 cr thats the target now i feel before he release it was around 200+ or maybe even more .


  101. 15% Fall in Kanpur
    KANPUR (#Krrish3) Saturday Multiplex-683291.08 Single Screen-228258 TOTAL-911549.08 2days TOTAL-1978680.08

    25% Fall in Varanasi
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 6h
    Varanasi Sat #Krrish3 MPX 653354 SS 154020 TOTAL 807374

    I think someone wants BO reporting should be stopped as he/her(Apex) can’t see his hrithik falling apart.
    Btw, this is BO thread. If Kanpur and varanasi first day reported numbers were lower than BOSS even. If it is falling what can i do. But, you can Stop visiting BO threads if you have problem.


  102. Just got back from K3. Krrish’s entry was excellent, people were going nuts in the theater. The first half dragged and it got too scientific at times. I’m not sure how that will fly with the Single Screen audience, but from the first 2 days BO numbers and watching audience reactions, it seems they didn’t mind. The second half was where the rooted, masala Rakesh Roshan came out. The masala movie twists in the second half were great.

    I dont know what is wrong with BR, he must have some insecurities because you sound like a damn fool when you make fun of how Hrithik Roshan looks. He is the only actor in Bollywood who can pull of a superhero. He rocked throughout. I thought the Rohit character got a little too cheesy at times though.

    I thought the special effects were great, comparable to Hollywood. The climax action was an obvious rip off of Avengers and what not but it was amazing to see Bollywood do the exact same thing with 1/10th of the budget. Kudos to the Roshan’s for that. The problem that Bollywood will always have is that even if they do come out with a superhero movie (definitely not K3) that is as good or if not better than Hollywood, people on these blogs and the internet will still say that it is not as good as Hollywood.

    Overall, I give it a 3.5/5. The songs were a big disappointment and the scientific stuff could’ve been replaced with some more masala. Also, one more action sequence in the 1st half couldn’t have hurt.


  103. A funny Bollywood Q & A Session.

    Mr A – Dhoom series is a frencise or MNAREGA ?

    BOI – For Yashraj films Dhoom series hugely successful frencise but for Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra it is MNAREGA. Like MNAREGA guranteed 100 day employment for Labour. Dhoom series fil insures 100 days work for Abhishek and Uday.

    Mr B – Aamir said Dhoom 3 is the tougest film for him. Why so ?

    BOI – Because in this film he is facing double problem. 1- Too match Hrithik charisma of Dhoom 2 then he has to carry DOOM 2 (i.e Abhishek and Uday)

    Mr C – I am an intellectual. When i see Dhoom series film, I think commiting suicide. What should i do ?

    BOI – Ya. From your Que it seem you are a intellectual snob who wants story in a Dhoom series film. You have no right to live. Do one thing. Climp to Aamir’s Ego level then jump from there into Abhishek’s Box office standing level. The gap is so much that your wish of commiting suicide will be fullfilled.


  104. Tarans, addatoday, Komalnahtas figures are around 48 Crores (including 4 cr from tamil & telugu). Where as BOI says around 35 ( 39 to 40Cr including tamil & telugu). but my problem why his figures always matches with few guys like chopras and Johars, and always differs with especially bachchans like Satyagraha he says 53 Cr and every body else says 68 Cr. As i said, earlier it is very difficult to track all the distributors to get correct figures from B & C centres. they can manage to get it from Multiplexes but for a huge film like Krrish which is released in every corner and every B/C centres across India, there will be arund 20 to 25% margin, which is reflecting if you compare producers figure (tbacked by taran adarsh, komalnahta, addatoday, etc) but this stupid is an arrogant who is not ready to accept. Wait for Yash chopra / SRK venture he might give yu the correct producers figure. I am not biased here, i have witnessed it so many times. I will verify this again in December for Dhoom3, it will be an interesting to watch as he always gives less nos to Aamir & bachchans and on par producers fig to yash chopra. Since dhoom3 is a combination of love & hatred!!, lets see how he reacts….


    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      BOI are dishonest cunts. So, I dont find anything surprising there.
      As for K3, picture is not clear. Think Mon should be the best indicator.
      So far, it would seem it is certainly not showing signs of being a 200 plus grosser.


      • Check out BOI numbers for JTHJ and what’s the chopras claimed. The numbers from taran etc is nothing but Rohan’s numbers. The range I must admit is pretty though. In any case we will know on Monday whether the whole spin on numbers is worthwhile or not. As of now Monday is looking very strong. How strong will decide the final gross of the movie.


  105. Krrish 3 Second Day Business

    Sundday 3rd November 2013 14.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 grossed 15.50 crore nett on day two adding to the 18.75 crore nett on day one. The drop on day two was around 17-18% which is good as it is a very dull phase for business.

    Also there have been just six films which have collected more on their respective second days. Only Chennai Express, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Race 2, Bodyguard, Dabangg 2 and Dabangg have collected more on day two and outside Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Dabangg 2 all the others were on holidays.

    The second day multiplex business saw a 10% drop at multiplexes though single screens dropped around 25-30% because they did held up better on day one so showed larger falls on Saturday morning.

    Krrish 3 Two Days (ALL INDIA – Hindi Only)
    Friday – 18.75 crore nett
    Saturday – 15.50 crore nett

    TOTAL – 34.25 crore nett


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 7h
      #Krrish3 is fabulous on Day 2. Despite pre-Diwali festivities at its peak. Collects ₹ 23 cr [Hindi + Tamil + Telugu] on Sat. Outstanding!


    • BOI are just giving the Hindi numbers, Taran is only giving a total for all versions. Accounting for this factor there is a roughly 5 crore differential between him and BOI on each of the first two days.


    • Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 7h
      Rock-steady! That’s the only way to describe K3, given that Saturday was last day of dull pre-Diwali. Day 2 around 20 crore. HISTORIC!

      Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 6h
      And if that was day 2,can u imagine what Monday will be? Await history to be written at the box-office on New Year day! IT WILL BE WRITTEN!!


      • Was there an ad placement for KoiMoi dot com as well?


        • ha!

          Nahta though isn’t with koimoi anymore though your point is well taken. If these guys aren’t getting paid they should be! The amusing thing is that this sort of commentary deconstructs itself. There might be a very genuine case for saying (as there is here) that the film has performed solidly so far, not spectacularly all things considered, but that it might nonetheless pick up more soon enough and really trend well and get on to a very big total. All of this is certainly possible and plausible. However these guys do such dishonest and hyperbolic reporting and using the very same language in a variety if situations for a variety of numbers that they deconstruct themselves. No one can take this stuff seriously. And rather than making a genuine case for the film they tend to undermine even the one that’s out there!

          Meanwhile BOI are somehow never very happy to see a film that doesn’t star SRK or Salman do all that well. They’re not anti-Hrithik or anything but they do play favorites given the situation. Anyone over a Bachchan is the first rule of thumb. But beyond this even though they might not engage in outright negativity they are happier to see some films miss their targets or fail than others. So for example their Besharam commentary for a bit too gleeful. Now with Krrish they’re eager not to give the film too much.


          • >Meanwhile BOI are somehow never very happy to see a film that doesn’t star SRK or Salman do all that well.

            Didn’t they quote much less for CE than others did? It looked like they did their best to see it doesn’t reach 200cr, when they couldn’t stop it, they tried to rein it in to not go much beyond that number. Finally settling (reluctantly) at a number much less than others.


          • Their numbers are usually lower than Taran’s. However it’s also about the commentary. Will say that they like Salman over everyone else. Of course this isn’t a completely fixed thing. It depends on what everyone else is doing and where everyone else is in their respective careers. As a matter of fact I don’t disagree with what they’re saying on krrish. I am closer to them on this than Taran or Nahta. But the point is that if the larger framing is false the little details that are accurate are irrelevant. The more important question always is: what’s the narrative one’s trying to advance?


          • Problem with Krrish3 is it has failed to garner attention of Single screen audience. First 2 days of BOSS were much better in single screens. But i am amazed why BO trade is not mentioning it. Even Boi is silent on this. While it is doing well in multiplexes, still opening day was no match to even Besharam or YJHD. Bright spot is it has more acceptance and brand awareness in south india.


          • Krrish2 was record breaking in single screens and small centers While just good in multiplexes. Krrish3 is good is multiplexes but very weak in single screens.


          • BMS bookings for Monday which were good already on Saturday , hasn’t grown much yesterday. Right now, it is not at par of friday level. Still, it should do better than friday. Anything well above 27 cr can resurrect some hopes. Below 25 means it is set for doom.


          • Till yesterday u were saying “krrish 3 is below even boss”
            What was the lifetime gross of boss? Guess around 55-60 cr
            That much krish will do in the first weekend or so..

            Now u are calling 25 crores on day 4 Monday ‘doom’!
            Take it easy…


          • ~PS~ ‏@soulucky 50m
            #Krrish3 is impressive today… Will beat Friday’s figures & looking massive tomorrow at @CineParkValsad
            Looks like it has done well in some centers on Sunday especially. south and Maharastra can halt some fall. But, north was extremely low.


          • Hmmm–That’s better raghav…
            Seems all the ‘spanking’ has showed effect…

            After seeing the film, I feel that an uptick on Monday is not ruled out…
            Unfortunately this is bad news for some 🙂


          • If u checked single screen figures, it was not even half of BOSS in many centres. BOSS did very well in single screens in first 3 days. IT was much better than besharam as well but extremely poor in multiplexes. Still it wasn’t to the level of recent blockbusters in single screens. Thats why i am saying Krrish3 has failed in single screens and if it doesnt pickup there it might flop sooner than later.
            Just in last comment you found my feelings so sensible as it echoed with your sentiments. When it doesnt echo with you loyalty towards a star , you get pissed off and get personal. You need to cool down.


          • Are we comparing total box office figures or ‘single screen’ figures selectively — where needed?

            Yeah I will call what I find sensible so!! And that choice wil remain mine 🙂


          • @Satyam
            Can you check Apex’s comments. He has been abusive and offensive at so many occasions in last couple of days. Even yesterday, i demanded to warn him. If you cant. Dont complain to me if i gets personal and reply to him in same manner.


          • Satyam–don’t hide with your mutants…
            COME OUT 🙂


          • Where have I been ‘abusive’ to YOU raghav (yet!) 🙂


          • ‘How, for that matter can we take Krrish seriously? His shiny hair waves as if in a shampoo commercial, and the costume – a cross between a trench coat and an Anarkali suit.’
            Do you also wear krrish bands and anarkali suit like you lallu idol?


        • Certain things are beyond numbers really..
          For eg besharam was panned universally–even though I liked some songs/elements, one expected much better from abhinav kashyap and one DID feel cheated there,,,

          As for krrish3— went with low expectations from the reports…
          The film is MUCH better than the promos/songs.
          Rakesh ‘ old school’ Roshan delivers
          PC literally delivers lol

          BUT it’s basically a hritik Roshan vehicle …
          It’s a pleasure to watch someone at the top of faculties…

          Hritik kept my faith…


          • Review of reviewer – B Rangan…

            In continuation to my somewhat harsh words here

            Poor krish aka cheetawoman has asked some innocent questions there–c’mon cheetawoman -sit on my lap-will try to explain my point of view since u asked politely (& innocently)…

            Will REPEAT this stance–“I won’t even bother ripping b Rangan apart…
            It will suffice to say that he is an a.s h.le snob of the first degree who can’t differentiate between a ‘film review’ catered to a specific target population from flowery vignette laden creative writing…
            While b Rangan is excellent in the latter, he is a total failure in the former. As a ‘film reviewer’ one needs to have the sense and humility to comment on it from the point of view of the target audience of THAT film– NOT his OWN sensibilities.
            It’s ok if he dwells on his OWN sensibilities PROVIDED there is SOME mention of the film from its target segment –unfortunately the likes of Rangan don’t bother doing it
            And they find similarly minded PSEUDOINTELLECTUAL SNOBS lapping up his crap”

            I will elaborate—

            It’s ONE thing being an AMATEUR trigger happy random moody reviewer like myslef and many others here and another being a PROFESSIONAL reviewer who has apparently an award winner.
            There’s NO disputing b rangans WRITINGl skills but that’s NOT what his job brief his!!
            He may dupe others by impressing them with his vignettes but it’s an EMPTY show os words deficient in actual CONTEXT ..

            I’ve said this before–our homegrown (& groomed by us lol) Satyam > b Rangan ( when he is not blinded by biases and agendas) 🙂

            Check out every sentence of Rangan–it’s as if he is viewing a film keeping in mind the QUIPS and VIGNETTES he will quote and will keep his small cohort of pseudo-intellectual folks happy.
            CONTEXT/CONTENT takes BACKSEAT (which should be the focus)

            the ORIGINAL AIM OF ANY REVIEWER-be it film or book or travel –is to GUIDE PROSPECTIVE Viewers /readers/travellers to decide which ones to pick and choose to save time n money etc…

            Ok, it’s good to ENJOY it as a FUN piece or CREATIVE WRTING ACROBATICS but effective film review for its complete audience it ain’t!!!

            About target audience–
            It domes to take rocket science to understand what Rakesh Roshan will dish out without even seeing promos !!!
            One can easily choose to be the ‘with it cool folks!’ And dish/mock it beforehand and quote all sorts of comparisons from Hollywood to avataar to gravity to mani ratnam

            That’s VERY EASY

            What’s DIFFICULT is to UNLEARN/ UNHOOK
            Have the CONFIDENCE of NOT looking foolish of watching and enjoying such stuff

            And enjoy it for it’s worth by RAISING AND LOWERING ONES OWN LEVEL where needed

            ONLY THEN –can u enjoy styles and genres as diverse as
            Dabang, rowdy rathore, Ek tha tiger,
            Dhobi ghaat, dil chahta hai, Yjhd,
            Before midnight, great gatsby, captain phillips,
            Rush, life of PI, mud, tree of life, stoker and bella torr’s works to name a few

            Ps: Satyam is easily superior to b Rangan
            But I’ve noted even Satyam is genre and project dependent (& influenced)– his opinion is more valid in certain styles and genres–even his ‘range’ can be more wholesome ..
            Disclaimer –the above are ‘my’ views and am obviously not forcing them onto others–those who enjoy rangans stuff can keep flocking his site and enjoy his creative writing but let’s not call it effective all-round film criticism -he needs to grow and ‘unlearn’ his tendencies
            Only then can he see through the eyes of the target audience–this is valid not only for b Rangan,,,


      • Komal Nahta DAARU pe kar tweet kar raha hai kya ?? New year day ??


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