Images from Bullet Raja (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..

thanks to Saurabh..


19 Responses to “Images from Bullet Raja (updated)”

  1. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Wow! Dilkhush ho gaya! Jiyo Raja!


  2. Wow, Lucknow on screen!. I just hope Dhulia retains the Haasil vibe and does not make stereotypical film where places like LKO, Kanpur and Gorakhpur (Ishqiya) are shown to be cities where each and everyone is involved in gunrunning.

    And I am pleased that we are getting to see Jimmy in another Dhulia film. With this and upcoming chocoboy and Priyanka starrer Milan Talkies Dhulia has finally entered the big league


  3. Reminds me an exhausted Balraj Sahni in some old flick. Was it Waqt or Do Bigha Zameen?

    There was one movie of MGR Rikshakaaran, I am not sure.


  4. sonakshi is one golden girl (i am yet to like her though!) – she is getting all the right projects and well Dabaaang/Dabaang2/RR – 3 100 cr movies already in her kitty – way to go!


    • Yes but the roles she has played are hardly important. Their importance can hardly be equated to a ketch-up bottle you have sitting on your dining table when you decide to go for a couple of bread slices..a far far cry from the days of Madhuri Dixit when she could pull in lusty men and admiring women to the theaters just based on her presence in a film..


  5. Hope Kareena begum is feeding Buck-shooter/nose-breaker Saif well..He has to do the tough job of pulling a rickshaw AND Sonakshi on top of it!! It is a very BIG icing on the cake for sure!!


  6. I think Sonakshi will surprise everybody with Lootera..with Motwane directing her. Also OUATIM2 will be another 100cr grosser in her kitty.


  7. masterpraz Says:

    Really looking forward to this….Saif seems to be on a roll with COCKTAIL, RACE 2 (boxoffice wise), GO GO GONE (always interesting to see him with Homi in a BEING CYRUS style film) and not Dhulias BULLET RAJA! Like his look in GO GOA GONE a lot….


  8. Xhobdo:

    from the shoot:


  9. Must admit–Saifs choices (except in women!!) are interesting and continue to engage somewhat…
    And after the seminal saif in salaam namastes, love aaj kal & cocktail (that I enjoyed) he continues to add to his oeuvre..


  10. This is a good poster. The film is really looking like a lot fun.


    • It does, although Saif seems out of place. It’s noble for him to take on projects with decent filmmakers and I certainly prefer this to Race (!) but it’s also hard to reconcile the image he’s built for himself in his most successful movies to the the character type here.


  11. first pic guy with gun…vidyut jammwal(they call him next akshay kumar for nothing)

    so early on poster in a dhulia movie with a big star that to on small role that to for a guy who in south started off playing siderole to ajit…big transition


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