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  1. I have closed the previous thread, things were getting too cluttered.

    Apex, some of your remarks were completely out of line. Let’s not get into these taunting matches with anyone. The box office of Krrish doesn’t depend on whether anyone wishes to pull it down or support it.


    • It’s getting a little frustrating having to trawl through 20 pointless comments to find one that actually makes sense and is worth reading… Not that this is your fault in any way!! Just wish people would consider whether there is any point in what they are typing – some people seem to use this place like a friends watsapp group where you type a line or two of BS every few minutes just to pass the time…

      Regarding Krrish – I don’t get what all the fuss is about. RR makes shit films. The promos of this were super-shit. The reviews have been shit. Let’s hope it sinks…


      • P.S I didn’t mean that in reference to people saying Diwali mubarak to each other!! Hope everyone’s enjoying the festive season! Usually I try to pop to the Indian shops but it was raining all day here…

        Btw, is anyone watching the new Mahabharat? I’m tempted to start.


        • Yes everyone’s enjoying the Diwali season. Except the supporters of Krrish who are a bit tense at the moment!


        • Yes, I’m following Mahabharat. I watch all such serials.
          The Buddha too. Also Devon ke dev Mahadev.
          And I love them all 😀
          It’s a different world (if one ignores some modern body language).


          • I love mythologicals too, but I don’t have any Indian channels (which is definitley a good thing – I can totally imagine myself getting hooked on those dreadful Ekta Kapoor serials (as happens when I visit my parents for longer than a weekend). So if I watch it’ll have to be online…

            How does it compare to the BR Chopra one? I grew up on that and it’s pretty close to my heart so I’m apprehensive about seeing anyone else play the epic characters.


          • I must say I’ve never been a fan of mythologicals. Mostly because I’m too great a fan of the ‘mythologies’ and find these TV versions horribly cheesy. When I want to watch good mythologicals I watch masala cinema!


          • Oh I don’t get any Indian channels either.
            You don’t get Indian channels in England???

            There are many sites which put up links the same day, and within minutes of the show. They are excellent quality.
            I don’t know if satyam will approve if I give the link here.

            Yes, I liked BR’s better at first. But now the characters are beginning to grow on me. I really like Dhritrashtra’s acting as a blind person. It’s of course more technically advanced, and lot of VFX. The sets are very opulent.


        • The new Mahabharat is surprisingly interesting more so becoz the faces are all new so you really see them as characters only. While the story is not new, the way it unfolds is quite interesting. Also like the appearance of Krishna in each episode i- a different twist.


      • It is my fault. I should monitor things more closely. You’re quite right that sometimes there are a series of silly comments. The problem is that once there are many in a thread it’s hard to just delete them because many comments then go out of order. So I have to spend a lot of time figuring this out. It would be nice if people were a bit more responsible. But I could probably edit a lot of stuff (delete things without taking off the entire comment).


        • No, it really isn’t your fault. It’s not like you get paid to sit around moderating this place 24/7.

          How about just deleting the people that predictably and invariably have nothing useful or interesting to say? Problem solved 😉


  2. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Just back from ‘Krrish 3’, and disappointed is not the word. In fact writing this is an ordeal. I don’t know why I am even bothering. I mean it is so bad that I don’t even need to warn my friends not to see it. They would have heard about it from someone or the other.

    I guess now that I am in front of the computer Let me vent it out. Just one confession though. I cannot say I have watched the film. Almost after the first ten minutes or so I gave up on it. I could not walk out because my wife would not approve, after paying Rs.350 a ticket. So I surfed the Net, went through all the pieces in NDTV, IBNLive, Hindustan Times, Guardian, New York times, The Atlantic. Checked my Facebook messages and my SMS Inbox, which was full of standard Diwali wishes. Even then the film won’t end.
    So what was so bad about it? Well, everything. The story, or the narrative to start with. It is all over the place. There is no build up. No turning point. No revelations. Nothing. Then the manner of storytelling. It is so boring. No sincerity. No quirkiness. No style. No humour. ( Sample this dialogue from Rajpal Yadav: Tumhara chehra football se tennis ball kyon ho gaya?) The supeherogiri does not thrill at all, because there is no contrast with everyday mundaneness. The introduction of Krishna the ‘ husband’ is with a bare abdomen with rippling ten packs. It is so off-putting. In fact in the song with Kaya, it is Krishna who looks the mutant. Films like Spiderman work because of the supernormal nature of characters like Peter Parker. Here Hrtik as a ‘ husband’ looks like a mutant film star already.Present day Bollywood does not know how to young wives or mothers. Kareena aroused no empathy in Ra One, Priyanka is even worse.

    Then there the songs. Everyone knows they are bad. But just think of the total pointlessness of them and how badly they have been used! The Raghupati Rghava Raja Ram song comes when Priynak has informed Hritik that they are going to have a baby. And what does Hritik sing: aaj ki raat, all night party..or something to that effect. No mention of how is world has become filled with joy and how blessed he feels. Same with the God Allah Bhagwan song. What was the point of it? The multiple religious beliefs were not in the picture at all! Then the Kangana song. Since there was no possibility of any romantic entanglement between the two, there was no tension of any kind.

    Take the performances next. I have put down Abhishek Bachchan in the past for how he has detracted from films like Raavan or Delhi 6 with his lackluster performances. But Hritik does even worse here..he manages to irritate you and to grate on your nerves. If the squeaky Rohit was not enough, even the Krishna character starts competing with him in behaving like an autistic cretin…all flaring nostrils, eyes widened , voice trembling. I seriously doubt whether Hritik can ever play a normal human being on screen.
    Then there are the special effects. Okay,they are not bad. But saying we can do VFX today is like saying we can shoot a film. You give the assignment to a VFX lab, they can churn them out. That does not make a film or you won’t need a Spielberg, a Cameron or a Cuaron. Truth be told this is one of the most shabbily directed films I have seen in recent times. Yes, worse than Ra One. And it is among the ugliest films you can lay your eyes on. The shot taking is so mindless and aesthetically challenged, if it was not for the distraction of my cell phone I surely would have got a headache.

    As far as action goes, that too was as mind-numbing as the rest of the film. There was no sense of choreographed beauty or gritty realism to salvage them.

    Here I must confess I had quite enjoyed both Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish. Not the greatest of films or something I would seek out on video to watch again. But I was okay with them when I saw them on release. But this one as I said was simply intolerable. And if I did not have the mobile with me, I would have at least have walked out to the foyer and had a coffee or two till the film was over.

    Let alone 200 crores, I would be surprised if it does much more than a 100crore even.


    • wow, that’s a tough review. But if you enjoyed KMG and Krrish this does mean something.


    • OMG My criticism looks like nothing in comparison. I was disappointed a lot as I loved krrish2 and found KMG average. I watched it sitting in my room thus less disappointed probably.
      When i pasted link to good print of Krrish3, i had thought i was doing some noble cause. Now, it understand why i had such feeling.


    • 21% fall than Saturday in Kanpur on Sunday.
      Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 5m
      KANPUR (#Krrish3 ) Sunday Multiplexes-338986 Single Screen-382126 TOTAL-721112 3days TOTAL-2699792.08
      Just as stated by Soulucky single screens are better than friday.

      Surprisingly, Varanasi saw jump of 7% than saturday and just 22% less than friday.
      KANPUR (#Krrish3 ) Sunday Multiplexes-338986 Single Screen-382126 TOTAL-721112 3days TOTAL-2699792.08


    • Just as i said Multiplexes centers crashed. While SS jumped minimal.
      40% Fall in Gurgaon compared to Saturday.
      Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 8m
      Gurgaon Sun #Krrish3 TOTAL – 1330189 G.TOTAL – 5940631

      Gurgaon Sat #Krrish3 TOTAL – 2221124 G.TOTAL – 4610442


    • @Utkal ..ideally we should respect one’s opinion, but I found you impossible not at one but many occasions. Don’t agree a bit on your views.


    • BTW I started supporting Krrish3 only after watching it, before that I was making fun of it seeing poor promos ..

      “I cannot say I have watched the film. Almost after the first ten minutes or so I gave up on it.”

      This says all, you criticizing it without seeing … 😀


  3. its still charitable but just wasted my diwali on it that to when much superior mutants movies are available on any english movie channel umpteen times(thanks to my small cousin and ya children do drags elders but still feedback is evident)

    hrithik roshan: sorry totally one dimensional apart from steriod quotient and pace of the movie shubhanalla …its slow and drags unlike the thrill quotient of superhero movie

    don’t mind but its still shaktimaan the most popular indian superhero or for that raj comics larger than life narrative which we had grow up( wish anurag kashyap made an authentic doga of same rather than group of posers)..why because it connected that to without any western narrative or video game quotient

    thing is krrish would have worked had it come in 80’s and 90’s but its to outdated


  4. omrocky786 Says:

    Wish Everyone at Satyamshot a very Happy Deepawali !!!!!


  5. kmg had simplicity and shock quotient of hrithik as child

    krrish was a big in smaller centre but it was also the time when the theme was more popular due to shaktimaan in smaller screen but krrish 3 has nothing

    why you have to openly copy the sequence of superman return to save a plane that to in execution and what is the name of character krishna and that say alot

    all characters are rip off infact bad rip off of some of the most popular superhero villains but they to are mutants idhar ka na udhar ka


  6. all these mutants and all made it a cariature but a certain jadoo(indianised adaptation of raj’s theme) made this franchise to stand and made it popular among kids even more than hrithik


  7. The one thing where there is general consensus here and amongst reviewers is that Kangana is good in the movie. It seems she really nailed it here at the expense of Priyanka who seems to be getting terrible reviews.

    Right now before the post Diwali days arrive, it does seem that if there is going to one winner from the movie, then it’s going to be Kangana for sure. And PC isn’t going to benefit much from it all however well the movie ends up doing.


    • PC somehow to me is extremely overhyped. And she needs such duds to bring her down to the ground from where there is now only one way for her: e x i t 🙂


  8. Krrish 3 Weekend Hit By Pre-Diwali Period

    Monday 3rd November 2013 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The Krrish 3 weekend was hit by the Pre-Diwali dull period. The film grossed 34 crore nett in its first two days and Sunday will be down a bit as Diwali Puja hit business in North and Central markets by around 15-20% though Mumbai and South are better. The Sunday collections will be in the 14-15 crore nett region which gives the film a weekend of around 48-49 crore nett for its Hindi version. The Tamil and Telugu version grossed another 4.50 crore nett approx.

    This is the first time that a big film like this has been released Pre-Diwali so there is nothing really to compare with so it will be the Monday and Tuesday business that will actually tell how good this weekend actually is or actually is it good?

    The next two days will decide whether this near 50 crore nett number is huge or the film lost momentum with a pre-Diwali release despite the pre-release hype.


  9. A 50 cr weekend as per BOI.

    I guess taran and others will quote around 60+.

    Today will decide where the movie is headed, although the release date has robbed this one of the initial big numbers & any chance of beating CE’s numbers.

    What is surprising is that BOI is again a good 10 Cr lesser than the other sources, just like in CE’s case. Not sure why this is happening. In one case a differrence could be understood but not for every big movie. Someone is under / over reporting.


  10. “What is surprising is that BOI is again a good 10 Cr lesser than the other sources..” Heck, no. It is 20 cr less than Taran’s numbers and 16cr less than Koimoi’s numbers.


  11. I guess the Bollywood Hungama banner in the climax generated the extra 20 cr!


  12. Rakesh Roshan : Official figure includes Tamil, Telegu, Parking, Pantry and loo collections !!


  13. Rakesh Roshan : We accidentally send prints of Spiderman and Xmen to few theaters .. bad WOM is coming from those audience


  14. >So I surfed the Net, went through all the pieces in NDTV, IBNLive, Hindustan Times, Guardian, New York times, The Atlantic. Checked my Facebook messages and my SMS Inbox, which was full of standard Diwali wishes.

    So when did you watch the film to write how much you disliked it? Distractions never help. Essence is lost, and connection doesn’t develop.

    I don’t agree with ‘not exactly what’ but ‘the way’ you’ve written (as though competing with Rangan).

    I liked the second half more than the first, Kangana Ranaut and Oberoi were good, and Hrithik was perfect in his role, ignoring his physique of 10 packs. Most of the time he’s well covered anyway, so those cribbing about it are clutching at straws.

    Yes, music is so insipid. Such a shame. Priyanka is meh, but perhaps here I’m biased. I don’t like her face.


    • It’s really sad how Rajesh Roshan’s music quality has deteriorated to this degree. He used to produce some beautiful songs. I know it would be unfair to expect that kind of music now, but surely he could do better than this.

      Ha, regarding the Indian channels, yes we get loads in the UK. I just don’t subscribe to any of them (In fact i don’t even have cable TV) cos I mainly just watch a couple of shows online. I saw the first episode last night – was interesting. Will keep watching I think.


    • Haha oldgold–how did u manage to see krrish3 .. What did u think of it..
      Ps: don’t know why–everybody seems to be going after poor Priyanka –what wrong has she done…


  15. Oldgold: I will admit i could not do full justice to the film. My opinion on the film is based on my half-baked viewing. But as I mentioned that is the best I could do. As I mentioned again, I would have walked out and enjoyed my Diwali dinner if not for my wife who does not approve of such things. But i very much doubt my impression would have been any different if I had given it my full attention. It might have made me more angry and vicious if anything.


  16. Yakuza:

    Amitabh recording for Don’t worry be happy (cuts from Naseer Munni documentary)

    Zanjeer and Satte Pe Satta running houseful in repeat runs in 1989 (Almost 16 years after release) …


  17. Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 3h
    Many in trade had felt,I was exaggerating K3 merits.I had askd all to wait til Monday.Wid today’s colections being historic,they r convincd


    • So he’s admitting the trade wasn’t buying the picture he had been selling so far!


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h
      Monday trends [holiday]: #Krrish3 has opened to packed houses everywhere. Monday biz will be HUMUNGOUS.


      • Today multiplexes are awesome. Even 30 cr should not be problem, if single screens also perform equally good. Single screens performed came into its own on sunday. It should sustain or perofrm better for any chance close to 30 cr. South was certainly lower than sunday though.


  18. Actually single screen are not showing any impact of diwali. Friday, sat and sun trend was like a normal weekend. Lets see if single screens jump too. Even if Single screens sustain at sunday level, 25+ should not be problem. Only condition is it shouldn’t fall.


  19. Krrish 3 May Create Single Day Record On Monday

    Monday 4th November 2013 19.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 is having a fantastic run on Monday especially at single screens with almost every single screen showing the film going house full. The film may set a new record for a single days collections.

    Till date only Ek Tha Tiger and Chennai Express have collected over 30 crore nett in a single day but no film has gone over 31 crore nett and Krrish 3 should achieve this and may possibly go a bit higher.

    The business in Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Bihar, CI and Rajasthan is almost certain to be historic as these circuits were affected most by Diwali weekend. The key will the night shows as its working day tomorrow in most areas and night shows at multiplexes tend to slow when the next day is a working day.


    • #Krrish3 Fri 2449, Sat 1791, Sun 2473 Admits. Today’s occupancy 5500+ at @CineParkValsad

      Single screens have jumped too. That can turn out to be very good bo results. Now, 30+ is certain.


  20. Now this is definitely believable as the films was hit by Diwali on Day 1, 2 and 3 and now on Monday it is almost doubling the Sunday numbers. But what I am unable to believe are the other numbers being floated around that the movie is hit by Diwali on these 3 days but still managed to get to 25 crores one each of those 3 days!!!
    I will as usual go with the average of all the sources but in case of Krrish 3 the disconnect between the greatest and lowest number is too huge.


    • Now, what are you saying man? Check your self contradicting words.
      You want to believe 25 c producers numbers for first 3 days. and then you say monday is doubling sunday’s number. DO you mean monday is 50 cr? Living in reality is better, dont you think?


      • He’s saying the opposite. He’s saying he doesn’t buy those producer numbers but that the 30 crore or more figure for today seems plausible.


        • ^^ Haha –it’s fun to see the reactions,..
          It’s like Setting ‘the cat among the pigeons’… 🙂

          Ps: -whether it’s a jump or not but it’s surely more than stable..

          I’m not surprised by the Monday numbers—inspite of having been the lone voice here over the weekend… Lol


          • Again, you got to start reading..

            I have predicted nothing less than 275 crores..because I do not over-estimate the Roshan’s; but I do think the Indian audience’s brain waves are over-estimated..only when it comes to such stuff..

            Stop patting yourself on the back for being the only is a ‘spin’


          • I’m not including Ann jo in these ‘pigeons’
            Inspite of being one of the mutants (as in frogman) he doesn’t usually participate in these small kiddish games.
            Yes one may have likes or dislikes (for krish/HR) but annjo doesn’t usually stop to cents /pennies level

            But yeah–u did say 275 crores –I feel that is a big big over prediction,…
            U said something similar on besharam
            You have clear intent but aren’t that adept at box office games yet

            It’s NOT that easy to get a big hit beyond 159-175 & so on…
            As u will now realise …

            Ps: as for Satyam and his other mutants—feel free to move/delete/edit comments 🙂


          • Apex – Didn’t know you are a fan of HR 🙂


          • Haha munna
            I’m not an HR fan infact nobody’s fan

            I’m only a fan of my own instincts (that I keep sharpening)
            And above all a fan of
            a TRUTH 🙂


          • “I’m not an HR fan”

            Erotic over-investment is only possible when one is a fan of some sort! In simpler terms lovers too are fans!


          • Lone? Almost everyone here were saying there will be a big jump on MOnday. Stop blowing your own trumpet apex 🙂


          • With Apex that’s part of the terrain! You’ll find imaginary positions attributed to you and argued against! It’s not just here, even in film industry contexts he ‘imagines’ stuff!


        • Yup. My bad. Sorry Krish 🙂
          But then this question can be asked to Komal and Taran. 🙂
          They said 80-100% occupancy from day 1. Then how collections have jumped twice? As they were throwing 25 cr figures so far, then it should do 50 cr on monday Which conflicts with their occupancy reports of 40-44 cr.


          • Which conflicts with their max capacity reports of 40-44 cr.


          • Krish aka cheetawoman–come and sit on my lap again —
            ‘Everyone saying that the film will pick up on Monday’ is like saying that after two big prequels, yashraj, katrina and aamir (won’t all his script sense and prestige) dhhom3 will do v well and should do more than 300 crores at least !!!

            These things are conjectures (& sometimes with dubious intent) and mean nothing till something actually happens..

            It’s no credit if two opposite discourses are simultaneously extended –that krrish3 is the ‘worst film in recent memory’ but hey it’s a big film and even 150 crores won’t be good enough!!

            It’s not about krrish/cheetawoman here (whom I have domesticated and is more of a ‘pet’ of mine now lol)-she’s still been relatively cautious till now

            But reading some of the reviews/wom till yesterday, it appeared this was perhaps the worst film in recent memory!!!

            For such a film to have not only maintained but tripled or quadrupled its daily gross today–It IS something!!!

            Whatever may be the final gross –this UPTICK has answered many a wagging tongues (no pun intended frogman!!)
            and uprooted many a horn 🙂

            Ps: it’s ok to sit on the fence krrish but sometimes the metal on which u are sitting may go where it shouldn’t lol


    • The problem also is that BOI are providing Hindi figures whereas Taran/Nahta are adding the dubbed ones as well. And of course their figures (producer’s totals or whatever) are much higher. So we now have the absurd result where BOI claim 48 crores for three days, the other two have 70 plus! Adding today’s numbers Taran will have it well over a 100, meanwhile BOI will be around 80. Again it’s the usual strategy of inflating the numbers as much as possible early on for all kinds of reasons. We’ve seen this with many films including even with Ra One where through the first several days you wouldn’t think there was any problem, one of those days was massive, there were some big ones, and so forth. Specially with films that play to a very young demographic as well there is probably more of a safety net. In other words harder to get Ra One to do a Besharam. I’d still be very surprised if Krrish managed anything like today going forward (i.e. comparably). Still think it’s going to drop quite a bit once this initial period is over and not add very much after that. But even in the worst case scenario I think Taran and others might have taken it to 160 or more by then. Just as with all the inflated numbers possible they could claim that Ra One has made 100 plus or whatever. SRK was making fun of its flopping at the Filmfares but everyone else routinely keeps including it in 100 crore lists and so forth leaving out all other contexts! Again could be wrong about Krrish but just don’t sense the right noise on this. An Ra One scenario or something slightly better (adjusting for all the numbers, the credible and incredible ones!) wouldn’t surprise me at all. The Mon figure might well turn out to be its only true hurrah. Which if you recall was also true for Ra One where the second day was massive. And of course it still had some other good days. There is of course also the ETT possibility where the film puts up these huge 5-7 day numbers and then adds very little. But Krrish hasn’t been on that blistering pace since day 1. And despite everything I’m completely skeptical about Diwali period excuses that were never mentioned until very recently. All those SRK Diwali releases for years. No one ever talked about this. The first time this came up was with Don! Not surprisingly! I am willing to believe these things make a difference on the margins but if your Diwali period is only going to help you as a much as regular weekend would (even less if some of the stories are to be believed!) one wonders why there was such a big fuss about it to begin with. Don 2 released around the Christmas/New Year season. The numbers were nothing special. Holidays always help but the difference that is established is simply too great and it is always done from a defensive position. Again Nahta himself implies as much when he says that the trade was skeptical about his claims on krrish but that today would prove him right. But then what of the claims he was making the other three days?!


      • I don’t think it would crash after doing best business on 4th day. I have heard decent reports (some cringe-ness but overall watchable).

        I am just curious at daily capacity if it does 30+ today. In all probability it is not 100%. These trade pundits are claiming humongous business when movie was doing 30-40% over the weekend.

        ps – Just saw Cine Park Valsad Total occupancy – 6785 – Fri 2449, Sat 1791, Sun 2473 , Monday – 5785.


        • Just as bookings were awesome for Monday. Tuesday bookings in multiplexes are at very low level..probably same or even lower than saturday. Now, all depends on single screens. South will fall big. Still, i think 15 cr is easy on tuesday. Anything close to 20 cr will be surprise. Then, it might target 200 cr even.
          Though, booking is not ultimate indicator and it becomes less effective as days progress.


        • Monday is not 5785 at Cine Park Valsad as per Soulucky. I dont know what is your source. But he says it is 5500 and he is owner i think.


        • One more thing i must admin this jump of almost 100% is not everywhere. I think contrary to believe South might see a little fall on monday. Mumbai may see small jump. North jump is just humongous for sure.


        • that’s a fair point but I think that standards are considerably lower even for a crash. In other words unless it’s Besharam no one even calls it a crash. So take ETT. Would up massive numbers for about 5 days, very good ones for another couple and then added very little to the gross. Ra One itself was pretty stable for a number of days. One could sense trouble but it wasn’t Besharam by any means. Of course I could be completely wrong about this but I’d be surprised to see the film do very well or even very solidly.


  21. [comment moved]


  22. Hi guys i’m Ziyad frm Mauritius..To put the record straight..i’m a big fan (not fanatic!) of SRK.. and i had written on this very site that GAME was not a bad movie in anyway and Talaash was a superb movie..btw i read the comments here everyday but i seldom comment..Today i went to see Krish3 at my local theatre..Usually in the morning show the theatre is half empty even for big movies but this time the cinema hall was full..the last time i had seen the cinema hall full was for I went for Krish3 with huge expectations and man i have been surprised!!I loved and enjoyed KMG,Krish..So how was KRISH3??FANTASTIC,EXCELLENT,WONDERFUL…This movie will work wonders at the b.o..I’m sure of it..Krish3 was really a very exciting cinematic experience for me and many others..I loved each n every special effects..the plane sequence, the mutants, the climax..WOW!!I was totally blown by that movie.Hritik was very very very good in that movie both as Krish n as the father..Priyanka, Kangana,Vivek all excelled in their respective roles..If Chennai Express broke the record of 3IDIOTS(deservedly or underservedly-the latter in my opinion),KRISH3 deserves a better status and should be the current no.1 at the b.o…to those who haven’t watch the film please go n watch it n i’m sure u’ll be fully satisfied


    • Good to hear your views..


    • “btw i read the comments here everyday but i seldom comment..Today i went to see Krish3 at my local theatre..”
      Ha so the movie ‘forced’ u to take up the pen! Wow
      But some ‘experts’ here were confidentially predicting the DEATH of krish before day one ended… Anyhow

      Ps: Thanx for those views from Mauritius
      Good to hear u had a gr8 time
      Personally like the passion with which u are enjoying the film.
      This is what film or life is all about !
      Cheers …


  23. The biggest challenge for the likes of Adarsh and Nahata shall continue to remain the English language..because there is just NO superlative adjective left in the Oxford dictionary to cover the ‘fantabulousness’ of films ranging from YJHD to Dabaang to K3 to any random XYZ..

    I doubt if these guys were as orgasmic as they are for K3 when they lost their virginity (if they have I mean..) or/and whey they had their first kid (again, if they have..)

    Now, I am still waiting for that piece when HR’s retarded act will be equated with Dustin’s in RAINMAN..


    • BACK FROM THE DEAD-krrish 3

      It’s been a tantalising weekend with referrence to krrish 3 box office. STALWARTS and film PUNDITS had written off the film..

      Some compared the vfx to windows 98 ‘children graphics’ and some felt this was ‘the worst film of recent times!!’

      There were the usual ‘culprits’ who become more active before the release of the major releases to pull down/plot/pray or basically enjoy the failure of films featuring stars/banners they don’t like /upset their favoured narrative

      This weekend saw everything—

      For a film of the scale of krrish3 it opened modestly
      Held forte (just) day two
      And plummeted day three!!!

      Now Diwali is known to be a good time to release but there were explanations offered of people being busy and so on

      But it’s v DIFFICULT to get an UPTICK on day four inspite of all these factors
      Especially for a film that’s being essentially MAULED in the media (mostly!)

      In a moment of sheer madness, even the normally mature and stable Satyam joined the mayhem and subtly started deleting/moving/ modifying comments in a specific manner

      To be fair–my more than usual nonsense didn’t help (!!) lol
      And I was liberal with my use of offensive stuff

      But still–it GOT to Satyam–leave alone the minors and minnows and lesser mortals and the MUTANTS…

      to top it all–
      Utkal uncle came up with an ATROCIOUS review –the most a BRAZEN review I’ve ever read (just read it just now!)
      Many others joined in what seemed to them like the ‘sinking if a big ship!!)
      This is always a ‘spectacle’ (sic!!)

      Talking of satyamshot–
      There was one negative review after another and that too from normally ‘unbiased’ people (whom I consider less biased /unbiased) like utkal uncle, rockstar….

      I had decided yesterday itself —
      IF krrish3 had NOT been stable on Monday or dropped further—
      I would publically ACCEPT that I was totally wrong!!
      And had goofed up in my reading totally
      And this seemed VERY VERY likely given one negative review after another atrocious review !!

      It gives me some pleasure to note today that there’s no fall today
      What krrish3 eventually ends up making –is immaterial now..

      To share this publically–

      This would have been the FIRST occasion I was poised to be totally wrong–

      It’s glad that it wasn’t to be 🙂


      • Apex, Monday was always going to be good whether the film was accepted or rejected. We have been saying this all the while. The real question was how good it will be. It looks like a 35 cr Monday to me from what I am hearing which means it has a chance of going past 200 crore at least in Tarans book now.

        Also this tweet from Taran is interesting…

        taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 9m
        #Krissh3 CI circuit: Fri 45 lacs, Sat 33.50 lacs, Sun 29.50 lacs, Mon 1.41cr. Highest single day.

        The movie has jumped like almost 5 times from Sunday to Monday. And seeing the Sunday total of 29.5 Lacs there is no way the movie did 25 crores all India. I know CI is not a big circuit but still the numbers from Friday to Sunday are too low to justify the 25 cr numbers thrown by the producers. The same story exist in CP also where the Monday numbers are a single day record.


  24. Revoew of reviewers – Utkal (uncle) mohanty

    After tackling b Rangan in my previous post —
    And now coming to a review that should be marked as an EXHIBIT for years to come…
    BRAZEN is a word that can perhaps start to describe it

    What’s more significant is that it’s written by utkal uncle who has more years experience than double the age of many here …
    Besides he is usually an UNBIASED person who writes INDEPENDENT of personal biases

    In some genres I considered him better than Satyam (forget the types of Rangan and raja sen !!)

    Utkal uncle proved himself with company and has some other feathers in his cap…
    But all good things last for a while

    The TURNING POINT came when he declared Farhan Akhtar in words that I can’t precisely remember but the upshot was that Farhan is a thespian method actor in bhag milha bhag !!!

    I wasn’t surprised to see the public pan besharam (which had some good elements) and was not really surprised to see the public not taking to the fully clothed saddled with weak role in weak film pallavi sharda–but the Normallly sharp utkal uncle totally missed it
    And without seeing the film took out unprecendented venom

    With this krrish3 review and amidst the surrounding noise about the ‘worst film ever’ —
    For a moment (just for a moment)
    I thought even I’m beginning to lose my instinct …

    It’s FINE to not like a film or hate it
    Bit to be SO confident a out others taste and trends is rare

    Yesterday utkal uncle EMPHATICALLY felt that krish 3 will CRASH and not make 100 crores even..

    On satyamshot –krrish3 will be remembered as a film where many STALWARTS and EXPERTS lost it–offcially (beginning with utkal uncle!) 🙂


  25. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Apex, Whatever I may do, I am very careful with my words. I did not say it will not make 100 crores. I said it will not make MUCH MORE than 100 crores. let alone 200 crores. And that’s what I feel. But I am hardly confident or sure about it. What I AM sure about is how much bored I was with the film. And I dont intellectualize these things. I could bot pay attention or be engaged. I had to fiddle with my cell phone, surf the Net.. I do the analyzing later. Which I did. And put forth the answers that came to me.


  26. Haha utkal uncle–it’s perfectly legal to like or hate a film..
    Btw nobody forced u to fiddle with your phone etc

    I don’t need to say anything more –(& u know it lol)
    Your review above and your ‘defence’ (what u feel is a defence) here are all self-illustrative …

    Res ipsa loquitur 🙂


  27. I saw krish today in a packed hall, was an average film I think. but people around me seemed to enjoy the film much more than I did.

    Good to hear that Krish is doing solid business. I am very sure this will beat Chennai’s record of 225 crores.


    • By the way there’s this interesting thing here where a number of people seem to be saying ‘I thought the film was ok but the guys next to me loved it’! Not making fun of you or anyone else. Just that for every one person who’s liked it a lot there are three saying this!


  28. I guess SRK will be quite happy to see Krishh 3 beat his Chennai express considering that his team from Redchillies has done the vfx for this fiilm.


  29. Hmm good point rathi..
    “I saw krish today in a packed hall”— where is this ‘packed hall’ & who are your favorite actors /films…

    Btw Satyam–today will be remembered as ‘krrish3 fightback’ and will join other such landmarks like ett200, barfi100…

    And utkal uncle –there’s no harm in admitting mistakes
    And yeah your krrish3 views showed for the FIRST time that age spares nobody ….(even u)


  30. Krrish 3 Creates HISTORY By A Distance In Rajasthan

    Monday 4th November 2013 23.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 created history in Rajasthan by becoming the first film to collect over 2 crore nett and recording the highest ever collection for the desert state in a single day. The figures for Rajasthan for Krissh 3 in four days are as follows.

    Friday – 1,21,00,000
    Saturday – 90,00,000
    Sunday – 83,00,000
    Monday – 2,16,00,000 (ALL TIME RECORD)

    TOTAL – 5,10,00,000

    Ek Tha Tiger had collected 1.80 crore nett on day one and Chennai Express 1.75 crore nett on day one and these two were the highest collections in Rajasthan in a single day until this Krrish 3 number which has gone a huge 20% above the previous record.


  31. Post-Diwali, Krrish 3 House Full Again
    by Soumita Sengupta (November 4, 2013)

    With Krrish 3, the Roshans have served up a superlative Diwali treat. The film, which has been carrying a fantastic report, also garnered excellent reviews from the audience. However, due to the Diwali festivities, the film registered a marginal drop in collections during the weekend. Now that the pre-Diwali dull phase is at an end, movie-goers are queuing up for tickets. Not surprisingly, Krrish 3 has been running house full all over India since the morning show today.

    Distributors feel the film will do excellent business today and tomorrow. With the festivities behind them, people will head to cinemas.

    Rajesh Thadani, Multimedia Combines, Mumbai

    On Saturday and Sunday, we were wondering what was happening as occupancy had dropped. But, the film has been running house full since the morning show today, all over India and in Mumbai too. Today, the film should reel in Rs 35 crore, all-India, and Rs 9 crore in Mumbai.

    Brijesh Tandon, HK Tandon And Company, Delhi-UP

    In northern India, Diwali is celebrated with pomp, which accounts for the drop in the film’s weekend collections. But, in UP, collections have picked up since morning and the movie is running house full in UP and Delhi. Today the film will see a huge turnover Rs 6 crore.

    Jaspal Dhingra, Nanaskar Enterprise, East Punjab

    Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 3 witnessed huge growth today. Preet Palace in Ludhiana, which has a capacity of 37,000, registered occupancy of 75,000 for the 1 pm show. That’s double the capacity. The movie is house full all over East Punjab. Today’s collections should be close to Rs 1.9 crore.

    Debashish Dey, Aum Moviez, West Bengal

    In West Bengal, Krrish 3 did outstanding business. Movie-goers are going nuts over the film. Already, some cine-goers have returned to watch the movie a second time. Over the weekend, the film earned Rs 3 crore in West Bengal and will earn Rs 1.25 crore today.

    Gaurav Gaur, O’Real Imaginations, Rajasthan

    Krrish 3 managed to earn Rs 90 lakh on its first day and Rs 2.2 crore over the weekend. But the film has grown considerably since then. Since this morning, most multiplexes are running house full shows. Apart from the songs, everything has worked in favor of the film. Today, we are expecting Krrish 3 to do business of Rs 1.5 crore in Rajasthan.

    Ravi Machhar, Sahyog Films, Nizam

    Krrish 3 has done outstanding business in the Nizam circuit and down South. Today being a holiday and with no festivities, we are expecting the film to earn Rs 2 crore as the Telugu version is also doing great guns.


    • “On Saturday and Sunday, we were wondering what was happening as occupancy had dropped. ”

      If, and as everyone claims, this is completed expected in the pre-Diwali period why was anyone ‘wondering’?!


  32. And I always like to clear this point though it’s a distinction without a difference for those too unintelligent or too partisan (or both) to figure this out (!) but for me these box office discussions are never about my own views on the film or even my own preferences on the box office. I might wish for a film to do well and I might wish the opposite in another case but the sentiment either way never constitutes what these ‘debates’ are about. Why? Because I operate with the rather quaint notion that the facts on the numbers are not about one’s own wishes either way! Unfortunately this position is harder to maintain with the Wild West context of Indian box office reporting and trade commentary where anything goes and where anyone can choose any set of numbers depending on what narrative one prefers. Just on Krrish the numbers range from 48 crores to 72 crores for the same three days! And just the dubbed gross is not enough by a long stretch to make this gap understandable. But also when you have trade experts who maintain the same shrill commentary on every film that opens well, when they clearly go orgasmic with certain choices (though it isn’t exactly a mystery why!), when their commentary then remains the same irrespective of the evidence out there and when even the worst case scenarios barely register on the tone of the commentary one has to point this stuff out each time. Now take Nahata, he was more negative on CE for the first few days than he has been on Krrish. Is this plausible?! Yes films sometimes surprise. I don’t expect Krrish to do anything special at the box office but it might. I am open to being proved wrong here. But not by these fake numbers and claims. Yes the number today looks to be very strong but these guys were saying the very same for the other days as well! A film opens in the Besharam range on day 1. Is there any excuse for this? If anything even the fans should be worried when the trade goes so crazy. Because usually it’s from a defensive position. Also as CE recently demonstrated if a film finds a certain level with the audience it will be beyond such debates. Sure you can argue where the film did 225 or something as Taran claims (and I simply do not buy) or a bit more than 31, one can similarly argue whether ETT did 185 or 195 or whatever but that CE did better than ETT, trended better than the latter is not debatable. One can still discuss some of the facts. CE was still far from ideal on trending and so on. But there’s a huge difference between what CE did at every point and what Ra One did, irrespective of whatever high points the latter might have had initially. However you’d never get this enormous difference from the trade. That to me is what these discussions are about. And once again I don’t believe it depends on me or anyone else to select the numbers I like or don’t like to advance a certain narrative on a film. I might disagree with how hits or flops are branded or understood and so on. But that’s a ‘meta’ discussion.

    To summarize on Krrish I think that even accounting for all the factors the first three days were nothing too out of the ordinary. Today looks to be a very strong day, let’s see where the film goes from here. I’d again be surprised if it did anything special. For me the film doing 160 for instance is nothing special (again assuming some genuine numbers). Even if it does 185 or so it just matches YJHD. It’s hard to see how this could be the optimal result for the film. But yes such a gross specially after the somewhat shaky start would nonetheless indicate that some cross-section of the audience had liked the film (again not going by dubious trade totals). It all depends on the contexts. Sure, if it clears 200 like CE it would be hard to deny its success. perhaps even at 185 it would be hard to do so. Similarly because the prevalent standards are so poor.


  33. *Whats Bizarre is that the Sunday circuit figures of BOI is same as that of Taran and Komal but the overall all India figures have a 5 + crore differential!!!

    Krrish 3 has doubled its business in may circuits and even trebled in some circuits. the examples of its Sunday and Monday business in some circuits is as follows.

    Sunday – 2,28,00,000
    Monday – 6,50,00,000 + (expected)

    East Punjab
    Sunday – 1,02,00,000
    Monday – 3,00,00,000 (expected)

    Sunday – 83,00,000
    Monday – 2,16,00,000

    CP Berar
    Sunday – 74,00,000
    Monday – 1,58,00,000

    Sunday – 30,00,000
    Monday – 1,41,00,000
    (full release on Monday)

    The all India figures will be more than double of Sunday and in the range of 32-34 crore nett and a new record for a single day collection.


  34. Mumbai: For megastar Amitabh Bachchan, the ‘joy’ of Diwali was celebrating the festival of lights with members of the Indian film fraternity at his residence. Stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were in attendance. The 71-year-old took to his blog Monday morning to express his gratitude to his guests. “What was the joy of course was the coming over of the entire fraternity in their traditional best to bring in the greetings, to join in with us at the house and spend this large amount of time in the glory and the warmth of the festival in celebration,” he posted.

    Among other guests were Anushka Sharma, Farah Khan, Neha Dhupia, Divya Dutta and Sonu Sood.

    “It was wonderful to see all, from Shah Rukh to Katrina to Anushka to Ranbir and everyone, all …relaxed and in comfort of the auspicious moment, in the comfort of each other, of their laughter and camaraderie…a warmth in my heart,” Bachchan added. This warm feeling was mutual with the film fraternity and extended their thank you greetings to the thespian via Twitter. Here’s what they posted:

    Shah Rukh Khan: Dignity…class….graciousness…will always stand apart. Thanks Mr. Bachchan, Jaya aunty, Abhishek and Aishwarya for a great evening and morning.

    Sonu Sood: Thanks Amitabh Bachchan sir and my brother Abhishek Bachchan for making my Diwali so so special. Had a great time. Lots of love.

    Neha Dhupia: Wonderful people, delicious food, fabulous setting. Thank you Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan and the family for being such great hosts.

    Farah Khan: Abhishek Bachchan thank you for always giving me a great time…whether it’s at a shoot or a party at your house!

    more images here:


  35. Can someone change the bachchans stylist –is it still Abu Sandeep? What colors abhishrek wears grrr..
    And gauris figure is better than ash….
    Did not notice here earlier-but latel am finding gauri khan quite sensible, loyal and perhaps she has a ‘sobering’ influence on the life of srk (don’t think she has got enuf credit for it)
    Look @ poor hritik lol


  36. I’ve never seen/heard gauri khan behaving anything but sensibly…
    And somehow here she’s looking a shapely mom as well lol

    After kissing ash in dhoom2 …

    I somewhat agree with hritik here on mrs srk 🙂


  37. omrocky786 Says:

    Re.- But saying we can do VFX today is like saying we can shoot a film. You give the assignment to a VFX lab, they can churn them out. That does not make a film or you won’t need a Spielberg, a Cameron or a Cuaron.
    I so glad that Krish-3 is giving the middle finger to Turkey eating Thanksgiving celebrating, Halloween costume dressing ,yet voting for cracker free Diwali , constantly comparing Bollywood movies ( single screen guys ( and guys with single screen heart) love these movies) to movies by burger, Camera, phoota cuan yet pretend to speak for the poor other words hypocrites !!
    Go Krishhhhhh !!!


    • Rocky. the problem is that you can’t exactly give the middle finger to Hollywood or ‘that crowd’ by imitating or lifting every single trope or theme from them! It’s one thing to do a Desai in Dharam Veer and create a very Indian mix, something which incidentally Rakesh Roshan did to a degree in the earlier films and quite another to have mutants and virus outbreaks and Krrish working with planes like Superman or Magneto-like characters, on and on and on. Doing poor SFX in imitation of Hollywood is hardly proving any kind of point! Of course it’s another matter that even the Indian spirituality in such a film really wouldn’t have been possible without the colonial intervention. And this is always the irony in these matters. The nationalist discourse is always already co-opted by the colonizer. Why? because the terms of the debate are always set out by the same. Hindutva for instance is not imaginable without a certain British history (too long to get into here). And so to get back to Krrish the example is just completely wrong. It would be far better to offer Salman or Akshay or something like CE as an example of the native if one wants to privilege this. Not Krrish! And again I’d repeat here that Roshan still attempts a certain Indianization which is to say he isn’t completely doing the Race thing. But one can only go so far with this specially when in the current film there’s simply a patchwork of moments, every single one pretty much traceable to a Western source. Much as with D3 you can add some masala elements but at the end of the day you borrow every single stunt, gesture, posture from Hollwyood. It would be a bit hard to say then that Indians had arrived! If one wants to celebrate the national or be that sort of nationalist one should at least go more native than this. I have nothing against Krrish in any larger ideological sense but I don’t agree with this sort of claim at all.


      • omrocky786 Says:

        Re.-Doing poor SFX in imitation of Hollywood is hardly proving any kind of point
        But that is not the point Utkal made, even earlier we had movies like Hatim tai, Samporna Ramayana, Bazigar (old), which had poor SFX but did have a desi soul.
        The narrative here is “Oh we have seen so many Hollywood movies, we know all, you petty ignorant Rickshaw chaaap janta- Tum kya jaano achee SFX kee keemat kya hoti hai, let me tell you- this picchcha has copied from Hollywood sfx issliye yeh tumhareu liya nahee hai. Tum na $350 jaa kar Shahid pey kharch kar key aao, who tumharey liys bahut achchi pichchar Hai !!
        I mean WTFFFFF !!!!


        • omrocky786 Says:

          It is like Jyoti Basu enjoying his Single malt and Cuban Cigar every day and preaching about communism to the poor Bangalies !!


        • I don’t know if Utkal was implying such condescension there. Could have missed something but I didn’t get that from the review. I will say this, and as someone who mostly disagrees with Utkal (!), that if a man is saying he enjoyed KMG and Krrish it’s a bit hard to say that he’s suddenly playing the Hollywood card. Those films were in a similar mould. But leaving this aside even as a lot of Bollywood imitates Hollywood some films just get carried away with this stuff and it gets to a point where every other scene can be traced back to a specific Hollywood reference. Take Dhoom 3. It has the Dark Knight screaming in so many moments. Aamir has a Riddler hangover. And so on. The film might not be all this but it equally could just be a ripoff of such moments. On the other hand Ghajini though it clearly has the Memento angle (via the Tamil) is a very different sort of film otherwise. Or there are films like Race that are generically like many Hollywood films in terms of stunts and so on without referring specifically to any single one or what have you. This isn’t some sort of ‘moral’ difference. I’m hardly placing Race above Dhoom, just that for a Hollywood-exposed audience there is something like going too far. And I disagree on the whole rikshawala debate because cinema was far better when those guys were calling the shots (we only got Salim-Javed!). even today it’s not as if they’re supporting junk masala films. Most of these get their grosses from multiplexes. So I’m not disagreeing with you on all this.


      • omrocky786 Says:

        one Gaon wala to the other while an oot is on top of a water Tank threatening to jump in protest of Krish-3 ‘s SFX
        Yeh SFX kya hota hai, the other gaon wala replies –
        jab angrezi pichchar dekh dekh kar log Bawley aur RA-1 ho jaatey hain toh ussey SFX boltey hain !!
        P.S.- bura na mano Diwali hai !!


        • a bitter pill to swallow:

          Indira Gandhi split the Congress in 1969. It was Gujarat which took the lead against her in 1974 with the Navanirman movement. Morarji Desai, ejected from the Congress by Indira, returned as the leader of the Janata Party to defeat her. It is this old Congress-Janata tradition which claims Patel as its icon. It is too late for the Congress to reclaim him.


    • lol @ burger, Camera, phoota cuan


  38. Well said omrocky !!!
    One shouldn’t say this –but this is a SLAP to all these hypocrites & pseuodointellectuals 🙂


  39. “Almost after the first ten minutes or so I gave up on it. I could not walk out because my wife would not approve, after paying Rs.350 a ticket. So I surfed the Net, went through all the pieces in NDTV, IBNLive, Hindustan Times, Guardian, New York times, The Atlantic. Checked my Facebook messages and my SMS Inbox, ”

    Utkal uncle –I respect u a lot so will remain civil…
    I’m feeling the urge of telling utkal aunty what u were ACTUALLY doing there under the garb of ‘getting bored’

    Ps: Utkal uncle — accessing p.rn and attempting extramarital affairs( via Facebook and SMS etc) and (that too in a cinema hall) is not good at your age 🙂


    • Your PS part is crossing line. And there is no need to bring Uncle every time. Everyone for most part is anonymous and we should respect that.


  40. Agree munna– this sounds worse than I meant… Plz delete the ‘ps’ bit — also it can get utkal uncle oops into trouble
    Also the ‘slap’ above into ‘karaaraa jawaab’ lol- thanx…


  41. aamir admits hritik is his ‘guru’..


  42. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 27m
    And *highest single day* record lies shattered. #Krrish3 collects History on Mon. Collects ₹ 35.91 cr. The highest *single day* figure EVER.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 25m
    Also, #Krrish3 hits a ton. Crosses ₹ 100 cr mark on Mon. Fri to Mon: ₹ 108.61 cr.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 25m
    Nothing resonates more than BO records and the stupendous, record-shattering biz of #Krrish3 proves it.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 25m
    #Krrish3 Tue trends: Expect a big, fat total again. Block bookings very good at several screens.


    • Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 25m
      Krrish 3 lights up d festival of lights.Nets Rs.35.91cr Monday,which is d HIGHEST EVER single-day collection.Roshans’ Diwali gift 2 industry


  43. 108.60 Croers in four days…. so, my guess is right… 200 crores will be a cake walk for Krrish3… Avg movie like Krrish and CE have done 200+, just imagine what would have been the business of well made family entertainers like DDLJ, Hum aap ke hai Kaun, maine pyar kiya, GADAR, Hum hae rahi pyar Ke and of course even 3idiots would have easily done 400 Cr… (Note: I am not touching Bachchans or Golden hits of Bachchan or his previous era, which you kids will never able to digest nor understands..)…. With a kind of hype dhoom is enjoying, i can term it as HIT if it does min of 250 Cr, otherwise will consider audience rejected it… if its really as good as the trailer, min of 350 cr is assured.


  44. Krrish 3 Has Record Breaking Monday

    Tuesday 5th November 2013 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 set a new record for the highest single day collection ever as it collected around 31.50 crore nett in its Hindi version. The film set new daily collection highs in Delhi/UP, East Punjab, Rajasthan, CI and Bihar.

    The other films to collect over 30 crore nett in a day are Ek Tha Tiger and Chennai Express and the record of Ek Tha Tiger in Mumbai remained intact as did the records of Chennai Express in Nizam/Andhra, Mysore and TNK.

    The film scored better in North and Central markets because these areas underperformed over the Diwali period. Krrish 3 has now collected around 80.50 crore nett in its Hindi version and with a holiday in parts today it should have another big day today.

    The first week of the film can be around 120-125 crore nett and the film now has a chance of crossing the 200 crore nett mark.


    • No chance of crossing 200 cr with 120-125 cr first week. Every movie with holiday period in first week utilize to full potential. Amd then if there is strong competitor , it has no chance to trend so well unless there is immense appreciation which is missing for K3.
      Lets hope it surprises and crosses 135 cr firs week atleast for any chance over 200 else it is lost chance. Ehibitors will be disappointed for anything below 200 cr just as mentioned by Soulucky on twitter , owner of cine valsad.


      • Let’s put it this way. No movie has done less than 140-150 in week 1 and touched 200 with the obvious exception of 3I. So krrish would have to beat the trending of most other films to do this.

        Of course those are BOI numbers. If you go by Taran and Nahta they’ll have it at 145 (at the very least) for the week. It’s much easier to get to 200 from there.

        The nice thing about Indian box office reporting is this whole menu of options. One can choose the numbers one likes!


        • “The nice thing about Indian box office reporting is this whole menu of options. One can choose the numbers one likes!”

          LOL. So true. Gone are the days when we got the centre wise collections.
          Anyway, seems like Krrish 3 has woken up and is on the right path now.


    • Good news. It would have been a shame if it had faced the ‘Besharam’ destiny.
      Not only because it’s an earnest attempt but Hrithik. I have no understanding of this ‘flared nostril, quivering etc’ criticism.

      There are people who do that, and I’m betting Hrithik does that in real life too. All quivery when emotional accompanied by flared nostrils.
      When one tries to control ones tears ones nostrils flare out.
      Try it!!! 🙂 (Don’t forget to stand in front of a mirror).

      As for copying almost everything – that *is* a shame. Originality is preferable – BUT – lets not pull it down for that, or else everyone here will have to pull down D3 as well 😉
      Amir is a master copycat.

      I hope K3 hasn’t spoilt it for D3 and especially for Katrina’s acrobatic diva avatar, because Kangana does a good job of this in K3. Katrina herself had done some such scenes in ETT. Agreed in D3 it is circus.


      • No one’s pulling down Krrish for lack of originality. The question is one of context. if one is going to say that this is some great Indian response to the West in this genre then the obvious has to be pointed out. I actually mentioned D3 in this regard. Again probably a quaint notion for you but my opinion in these matters doesn’t change based on who’s starring in the film! Much as on the other other side I didn’t mind CE at all, was fairly entertaining though it didn’t keep up the initial momentum.

        On Krrish though I don’t see it as being out of the woods yet (though looks like it will make a neat bundle I am not kind on films that end up like ETT.. of course by BOI numbers it will have to trend better than ETT to get to that film’s numbers.. with Taran it might get there by tomorrow! exaggerating only slightly.). Will wait and see how much it can add tomorrow onwards. It’s not Besharam for sure but then that was such a singular collapse that hardly any film is going to be like it anyway.


        • My comment wasn’t particularly for you, satyam. But seems to have found the mark 😉

          As for not being out of the woods yet, my comment wasn’t even purely about BO, except that ‘besharam’ point, and being happy that it shot up on Monday.
          You must know that I don’t want any film to overtake CE 😀


          • “You must know that I don’t want any film to overtake CE ”

            yes many fans are like that! I can’t say I usually have that sort of view. For me it’s much more about the sort of film that does or does not do well. And even there it would matter less if things were honestly reported. So for instance if CE had done 50 crores more than 3I I wouldn’t have cared. I would have been far less happy if RNBDJ had done the same! Now of course I don’t think there is any comparison between CE and 3I as films but I don’t have a problem with the overall project of CE. Salman makes junk films that I don’t even find watchable most of the time, I’m not a fan of his at all but I don’t particularly care about his box office triumphs. I wasn’t as happy about YJHD on the same ideological grounds but nonetheless even here with a more honest system I would mind it less. Hollywood makes ridiculous films all the time that work. I don’t particularly care. If there’s a set of themes that’s consistent over time to everything I’ve said over many years in these matters it’s that firstly the box office commentary is simply not credible most days. Even when they’re right on individual films this still doesn’t change anything because when the overall framing is false the truth in some minor sense doesn’t matter. Secondly whatever my opinions on certain stars I am usually much more concerned about where a film stands ideologically. This doesn’t of course mean some films are not more entertaining than others. I can certainly enjoy films I don’t agree with but for the most part I don’t even find Bollywood entertaining. Finally the discussion on a film cannot be limited to its box office results but increasingly this disease has spread to the point where it’s the only one possible for most people. And then on the other side there are the purists (often the same people!) who suddenly go to a Kashyap or someone and after drowning themselves in films like Race and Dhoom on a regular basis suddenly pretend they’re in it for the best cinema! One can certainly enjoy all linda of films but the terms of the debate have to be kept sane.


        • > I am not kind on films that end up like ETT.

          Does it matter which end is heavy?
          If 80 people saw the film at the beginning and 20 later, or 20/30 at the beginning and 80/70 later so what?

          It doesn’t play a role in my thinking.
          Nor does inflation, because ticket prices haven’t become 3 times = Rs1000. They still cost the same as they did earlier, yes increasing in the first week according to the whims of the film producer/distributor (?)


          • I’ve made this point before to you and several times. You keep coming back with the same question and just ignore the answer you don’t like. If there is a market of 150 people out there but you keep tapping into just the 80 who are willing to show up in the initial stages for whatever set of reasons and only in a few instances do you get to the other 70 you can’t really say that you’re getting the same pool either way. the fallacy here (and it’s incredible that I even have to spell it out) is that you see for instance a film like Barfi doing 100 crores and then you see a film like BB doing the same and you pretend that they’re both part of the same 100 crore club. That’s absurd. Barfi is more or less maximizing it’s audience for the kind of film it is. The same for BMB. But BB isn’t. Why? Because even though that genre has traction when the film is ready for release one of the stars though doing well isn’t in the absolute top echelons and cannot get massive initials and the second one (who seems even more central in the advertising and so forth) is at the single lowest point of his career (in box office terms). So it’s not like for like on these films.

            That’s one kind of false analogy. The second one is on the really big openers. In many ways the crazy Bollywood trade system (incompetent or corrupt or both) actually makes the burden greater on smaller films. In Hollywood it’s exactly the opposite. I will show in a second how. So again take Barfi or BMB. It is much harder for these films to get to 100 crores than it is for ETT to get to 200. Yes you read that right. But what happens. When ETT after being on a course where it can potentially do 300 or so stops at 185-200 (depending on who you believe) everyone uses the Barfi model to say ‘hey is’t it great that this film did so much more’! The same goes for the initial figures from day to day and so on. It is never about the potential market, only about absolutes. And when there are films that buck the trend these are taken to be complete exceptions (‘nothing can be compared with 3I’, some other excuse for Ghajini and so on). Leaving aside the bad faith positions so that the moment something changes the other side in such debates is very happy to jump on board (‘see how SRK’s last film trended’!) and the ridiculously defensive ones (‘we don’t do it like Hollywood’! Really? Since when? Must have been dreaming the last 20 years or so! Leaving aside the fact that the laws of accounting don’t change from one country to another!) there is even at a somewhat genuine level this very crude understanding of these equations.

            Let me translate the Bollywood practice in Hollywood terms. A film releases and does 100m, say Shayamalan’s Village, it’s considered a total flop for various reasons, many years prior to this Godzilla does 130, it too is considered a failure. The Nolan’s Inception does 260 and now Gravity is on course for 250. Both are considered great successes. Meanwhile with the Avengers the claim was that it needed (I forget the exact number now) 450 or so to be profitable, all things considered. It did 620. Because in each case there is no absolute number, no club that gets a film instant hit status or something. It’s about the economics of course but also about the potential market for each films. Shayamalan did about 250 or so on Sixth Sense, did about 220 on Signs, on the Village she was around 95, more than half of which came over the first weekend. The Nolan or Gravity figures are great for films that were never going to get to a Pirates or Transformers kind of total even in the best case scenario. Meanwhile for the Avengers all the highest benchmarks were potentially achievable.

            What happens in Bombay is that this whole thing is turned upside down. Barfi and ETT literally compete for the same numbers! They’re part of the same ‘100 crore’ club. In what universe do the same benchmarks apply even to YJHD and Krrish? The smaller films really have to win a credibility argument upfront to even get the audience to the theaters (Barfi, BMB), they then have to be much superior as products to films in more established genres (where the audience has many reasons for showing up) so that they have strong WOM and therefore trending. So they get to their totals in much more difficult fashion. Meanwhile a big film releases, does 70% of its gross int he first 5 -7 days and people think that’s all that’s needed. Even the 3I success became a red herring. How? The closest you get to this sort of success in Hollywood is Forest Gump. A film without obvious box office frills but which strikes a real chord with the audience purely with the subject and so forth and gets to an incredible gross. But Gump is the exception in Hollywood. every other film is either an SFX bonanza, a summer blockbuster type, a thrill ride, a superhero flick, or whatever. Those are the films that get the biggest numbers. Even when they don’t trend too well they easily get the biggest absolute numbers. And so there were many films that outgrossed Gump but it still had a very impressive total. And so back to 3I. There ought to have been many films after 3I and soon after 3I that outgrossed it in absolute terms even if they didn’t repeat its trending. But no film even came close. Finally you have some films in that range or some that might cross it but so far there has been nothing, absolutely nothing, that cannot be explained away by multiplex and real inflation. And I’m not even getting into trending. So tons of Hollywood films without Gump-like trending have crossed that film. But nothing in Bollywood and only now 4 years after 3I are we seeing films dent that total in absolute terms! Coming off almost double the initials!

            I have often talked earlier about what Krrish or dhoom ought to be doing given their previous benchmarks. Most here thought those were unreasonable standards! Why? Does anyone in Hollywood say ‘you know what, for the new Batman we can’t repeat the success of the previous film, let’s set out sights lower’! They constantly use the past performance of a franchise or similar films in other franchises (etc etc etc) as real points of comparison. By the way if all of this was so impossible how did CE even get where it did? This too was hardly the biggest film around. It wasn’t a Dhoom or anything. It did much better than expected but films like Krrish and Dhoom ought to be beating it very handily.

            So again this whole ‘oh 80 people watched the film either way’ is I’m very sorry to say a junk argument. Much like a lot else that is similarly spread by the trade or the media or folks online. We’re getting to a stage with Krrish where the YJHD total is going to be considered very good and anything more will be super and if it does just a bit more than CE it will be considered ‘historic’. It’s a corrupt system and folks online pick up the pieces they like enabling in their own way this dishonest system. Either for partisan reasons or because they simply have a very crude understanding in these matters (if at all!).


          • >You keep coming back with the same question and just ignore the answer you don’t like.

            No, it’s just that I like my own logic. 🙂


          • I commend you for finding it..!


          • “who suddenly go to a Kashyap or someone and after drowning themselves in films like Race and Dhoom on a regular basis suddenly pretend they’re in it for the best cinema! One can certainly enjoy all linda of films but the terms of the debate have to be kept sane.”

            sanity is what one see context

            frankly not bothered kashyap as he makes dry film anyday but now he is planning to make doga ( a character on popular raj comics) not some rip off marvel comics like different chaddiman and animals

            the name mentioned doga is hugely popular in single screen audiences and it cost a fraction of penny


            and the other one shaktimaan till day is the most popular superhero without coming into screen screen


          • and the guy who makes movies is rakesh roshan from old school who know pulse better than many but to see him resort to this is not comfortable to many


          • Re: No, it’s just that I like my own logic. 🙂

            Logic is a stretch! What you are saying is not logical by any stretch!


          • >I commend you for finding it..!

            *sigh* some things never change.


  45. Why below 200 crore will be disappointing?
    Krissh 3 started with 18 crore according to BOI, so even if its touches 190 Crore it will be because of great trending.
    Single day record was broken on 4th day, when normally all movies takes a dip, that itself suggest it will be have best trending ever after 3 IDIOT.

    Best Trending + Best Single day record = Blockbuster !!!

    Krissh 3 should target for 250 crore from here on and make a challenging target for D3 to beat.


  46. Telugu and Tamil are just dubbed movies and revenue will count towords KRrish3 only… except BOI (who is telling around 90 Cr) as per every other source Koimoi, Komalnahta, addatoday,, taran adarsh the range is in between 104 Cr to 108 Cr. And Satyam, how come BOI is giving 15 to 18 Cr diffrence to Roshans. BOI will work for biggies, so you should be happy Junior Bachchans next will be yash chopra venture release by Yash chopra so big nos are expected for sure from every corner…

    Lets be practical, he is saying 31.5 just because of across india yesterday occupancy were ranged in 90 to 100%, so no escape.. it has released in record 4100 screens, if its Yash chopra or khans movie he would have given 38 Cr for sure. Wait for dhoom3 and mark my words single day with 4100 screen he might make bachchans fans like me and satyam by giving 40+ Cr figure for the first day.

    Tuesday, predictions only 10% fall reported. so expect a huge nos again, my daughter and brother kids want to take them again for third time visit…looks like unstoppable.. slowly like BOI, people will try and respect the truth.. its a blockbuster. see even i am not able to digest the fact that avg films like CE, ETT, Krrish making such a huge impact in BO. The only recent film which justified the huge collection for me is YJHD…i simply loved it. But we should learn to accept the truth… wait for another week, people like BOI will accept it slowly.


    • The Monday numbers of all sources are matching – BOI says 31. something without accounting for dubbbed versions and others are saying 35.91 of which around 3 cr will be dubbed version so we can say its a match with a 1 cr differential. Tuesday is looking like around 23 crores for now..SO finally the movie looks like reaching close to 200 or even crossing CE.

      Shiva, Whatever sources you are saying koi moi etc they all are quoting producer numbers so in a sense though you have said many sources its all a single source. BOI usually have their own numbers and usually there is a differential. In Krrish’s case the differential is too high. BOI quoted 100 crore for JTHJ whereas Yash Chopra said 122 crores so its not true that they are aligned with Chopras. A differential of 15 crore also existed for ETT.

      In krrish’s case the producer numbers for Friday, Saturday and Sunday are surely over quoted. The Sunday to Monday differential just for the circuits of EP, CI, CP, RAJ and Delhi is coming around 10 crores. And we still havent even accounted for Mumbai, Gujrat, Nizam, WB so surely the differential will be around 15 crores. I am not including South as that usually drops. So if there has to be a 15 crore differential between Sunday and Monday and if Monday is 35.91 then Sunday had to be around 20 crores or lesser and not the 25 crore figure provided. This is just basic and simple Mathematics I am doing using Tarans own numbers. If you follow BOI numbers for Sunday and Monday this differential can be explained. That doesnt mean BOI is not underquoting. But one things for sure, Taran and producers are surely overquoting.

      In any case one can follow what one feels like. The good thing is that the movie is now finally living up to expectations so if not the numbers, the final verdict will be common to all these sources


  47. Good to see Raghav has stopped writing negative comments on K3. That is called the power of Boxoffice , once the BO record start shattering all people again start praising the movie, which they disliked before.Anyway K3 needs to be blockbuster, so that more sci-fi movies are made in India and it will create more job opportunity for tech people involved in Sci-fi and also we will be spared of southern remakes.


  48. Its is highly foolish of BOI to suggest only hindi version.Movie should be broadly classified as indian collection and overseas collection.Its seems BOI think K3 producers will not get tamil+ telugu collection and it will go straight for charity.


    • yes but the dubbed versions are not hugely adding to the number. The discrepancy between the two (BOI and Taran) is mostly because of a gap on the Hindi total.


    • Some sensible thoughts there sumon… Btw is there a typo in your name –I had heard of sum’a’n or ‘summon’ not ‘sumon’ ..
      Don’t mind 🙂


  49. if 110 cr is till Monday then:
    Tue + Wed + Thu = 60-70 cr more? come on guys throw some nos


  50. My favourite novel Emma by Jane Austen is no. 7 in a list of 100 best novels. I’m thrilled 🙂


    • Thanx Oldgold– that’s a lovely list (even though i don’t read books nowadays!)
      Btw do u think the ‘order’ is really correct–I saw a few names which should’ve been much higher way down and vice versa..
      I like Charles dickens more
      And where’s Shakespeare!??
      Thomas hardy ?? And why this neglect of recent writers!
      It seems anything from recent years has been excluded! Any reason…

      Even if NOSTALGIA is the key and one has to go with OLDER work—One cannot have a list without these in the top 10 or 20–

      From the top of my head
      Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare,
      Tolstoy, twain, dickens, hardy, Nabokov, twain, Fitzgerald, Elliott

      yeah some of these works can’t be classed as ‘book’ or novel but still…
      Ps: Oldgold what’s your top ten or twenty list (u can include a few Austens as well lol)
      Any others interested in books may also throw in their lists..


      • >yeah some of these works can’t be classed as ‘book’ or novel but still…

        Still what? Novels mean novels, not plays.

        >It seems anything from recent years has been excluded! Any reason…

        Perhaps like me he likes ‘language’ which is missing in the best of contemporary work.


        • Hmm good point –but are the modern writers totally junk?

          Ps: What’s your top ten/twenty list -may check out one or two of them if I ever start to read …


          • >but are the modern writers totally junk?

            No, but they lose in the competition for a place in a list (at least this one, and other like minded lists)


  51. Hrithik on Aaj Tak:

    My Krish 3 was Nt
    at all possible without Srk..and
    Withought him i even cant Imagine
    Krish3 first we thought to make him a
    villan bt because of Date problem he
    cannot do it bt his Support for the
    movie was very Important and he
    support us and the Vfx tht his team has
    given was out of this world no one can
    challange Red Chillis Vfx in the whole


  52. tonymontana Says:

    Special effects were unbelievably tacky. Saw better CGI even in Ra.One. Movie is insipid. Storyline lacks subtance and soul. The pre climactic portions show promise for an ultimate showdown between the superhero and supervillain but Rakesh Roshan and team lack a vivid imagination that was so crucial at that point. All in all, Krrish 3 is a dissappointing fare that lacks the narrative flow evident in many of the director’s earlier works.


  53. krish 3 sounds to be an atrocious movie and at the top of it we need wade thru super-atrocious comments by apex! apex restrain urself in this BO thread – none of ur comments seem to be making more sense than that mutant kaya – HR love song……


  54. tonymontana Says:

    On a serious note whats wrong with apex’s comments these days? get a hold buddy. dont expect this from you!


  55. Suffice it say that my prediction has come true – K3 is a blockbuster!! If there is anything that can be called moral of the story – it is that the MAJORITY Indian audience can be pleased very, very easily and mediocrity will be rewarded most of the times while good products will be rejected more than most of the times (D-DAY was a recent example).

    The primary reason why I have always been against the Roshans, more so the junior steroid, is because of their utter dishonesty. And remember, this dishonesty started AFTER Rakesh Roshan decided that HR was the greatest actor around and that he could use him free of cost to buy his groceries. With that, he shed ANY quotient of ‘Indianized masala’ he had in him and aimed at lofty standards of LOTR or Inception or War of the Worlds or whatever. (You just have to watch KHEL to see how wonderfully he squeezed the lemonade of ‘desi’ emotions into that French/American dish of DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS.) After the success of KMG—where HR the ‘actor’ still floundered as the ‘man-child’ but was comparatively tolerable— he simply lost his hormonal balance and started having delusions of competing with the West technologically. The problem is the money coming in from the successes of KMG and–K1 or 2 whatever you want to call— truly robbed RR of any type of imagination. HR become his money-making machine but robbed RR of his basic creativity with respect to the ‘Indian’ emotions he proudly claims to have in his ‘sci-fi’ movies. Just like THE EMPEROR’S CLOTHES, the English media went berserk in India calling RR the next Spielberg and HR a wonderful mutant of De Niro and Bradley Cooper. With such abysmally low standards, was there any wonder that the Roshans would trump up their chop-shop products as ones that could ‘take-on’ the west. You want to know the ‘west’ has turned its heads? Here it is –
    Already a huge hit in India the day after it opened, the brightly colored, upbeat film is a world and a worldview away from Christopher Nolan’s anti-heroic noir psychodramas, although writer-director Rakesh Roshan happily lifts an unmistakable blaring sound effect and a key Swiss mountaintop location from “Inception.” Grownups may find their eyelids sagging, but 10-year-olds should be enthralled.

    On the multi-pack abs-acting of HR (before you jump to ‘remind’ me that the review says the Vfx are adequate, let me remind you that I have read it; but ‘adequacy’ is not what one is looking for when one intends to turn some heads in the west..)
    Roshan has made a point in interviews that all of the VFX, by the Indian firm Pixion, are home grown. The effort is admirable and the effects are certainly adequate, but can’t compensate for uninteresting, drawn out action scenes; childish logic and uneven acting, especially by Hrithik Roshan, who as Rohit mouth-breathes and toddles around with his head cocked to one side.

    80% of the plots and devices are lifted from Hollywood, and then they call the English-media, address the crowds that are exposed to Hollywood (and get better products for the same or even lesser ticket price) and tell them that this is on par or better than most from the West? The action director is from Hong Kong (apparently India stunt directors are not good enough for you), the actor’s trainer is from another country (so you don’t have akhadas or Shivaji Vyayamshaala in Ghatkoper?), 3 of the cinematographers/assistants are from Germany. So much for patriotism. It is also truly funny that one talks of home-grown VFX. Siree, India-developed SFX is already there in Hollywood. They already know the contribution. Watch any special-effects laden Hollywood movie’s end credits and wait till the COMPOSITOR or DIGITAL sections comes scrolling and you will lose track of the number of Indian names. What patriotism are you selling to the people?

    And then, when we, the ‘snobs’, the ‘those-who-cannot-automatically-reduce-their-age-from-60-to-6’ when watching K series point out this dishonesty and mediocre film-making, one realizes that the Roshans smartly had pre-empted this type of criticism by subtly bracketing us as ‘anti-nationals’ and the blogosphere (as is evident here – even the sensible OmRocky Saab feels not supporting K3 is anti-national) followed suit. Remember what happened to that girl who pointed out SRK’s plagiarism (that has conveniently been brushed under the carpet – such is the ‘memory’ of our populace). This fantastic thinking that one needs to adjust oneself according to the movie’s target and ‘intent’ is twisted so much to the core that it has lost its essence. ( It’s like telling those watching Dravid’s or Tendulkar’s exploits: You might have watched these guys – now it is Ajit Agarkar batting – so you GOT TO shed the ‘highs’ you get when watching these two if you want to enjoy Agarkar too. Lo and behold, one can enjoy Agarkar with the same heart-rate that one enjoys Tendulkar!! Maybe there is a potion developed by the Quivering Senior that one could swallow to develop this kind of enjoyment.

    This selective ‘nationalism’ (the one you feel when you watch India v/s Pakistan cricket match) is also a wonderful gift of the cultural mish-mash of Hi-fi and cricket. (You got to be with us guys! ). Everybody is missing the basic point that one is allowed to hold K3 to Hollywood standards because that is precisely what you said your film would match!! Now that one sees that it is way inferior, you want to use the cushion of ‘nationalism’ to gloss over the patch work of VFx? And that too to a crowd that just yesterday watched Gravity?

    You want to show to the west what you are capable of? You can compete with the west with what you have – with rich native literature and richer oral traditions and a huge canvas of cultural variety, you sure can. But you don’t want to do that. You want to do that by borrowing themes and tropes and snippets from Hollywood and putting some Sanskritized Godly names like KAAL or KRRISHH or horror or horrors – even have a Karva Chauth scene for a pixilated guy a la RA.1. Sorry Roshan2 ‘artists’ like Ray and Adoor and Kasarvalli ( have already shown to the west what India is capable of producing. You are just a poor ‘wannabe’ who has nothing going on for you but the huge moolah you collect by satisfying and ‘manipulating’ an audience that is pretty easily satisfied.

    One has to understand that one will be held accountable for the standards one sets. Now the obvious retort of the patriots is, ‘Why were you silent when Aamir ripped off Ghazini which was again ripped of Nolan’s Memento?’ For the simple reason that Aamir or anybody did not claim that they were making a movie that would force Nolan to think and complement Indians on how successfully they are able to think backwards!! (I think that I need to explain again that I am not ‘condoning’ plagiarism but merely stating what was pitched to the ‘target’ audience. This doesn’t absolve Aamir or any XYZ of the act of stealing. Why was Shekhar Kapur not rapped for borrowing the concept of invisibility from the west? Because he too did not claim to be throwing a gauntlet to the west and did not go ‘aping’ about the west’s tropes and call a press conference to declare war on west’s technology! That’s a simple why.

    Unless one is able to divorce box-office moolah that survives on manipulation and lies from genuine quality, the Hi-fi audience will keep getting mediocre products as ‘game-changers’ and the more such products succeed and continue to prosper in the bubble, this bubble ain’t gonna be pricked. And this is bad for any industry in the long run. This tendency of ‘public talks’ and ‘box-office’ is the be-all and end-all is really ludicrous. Reviews for ‘The Counselor’ or ‘Gangster squad’ did not depend on star wattage. Neither were reviews for ‘Only God Forgives’ all flowery because there was a fine ‘attempt’ at serious cinema by the highly-praised Winding-Refn. Covering up the rubble under box-office crores is not the ONLY metric necessary understand the art form of cinema..


    • On a tangentially related note, Only God Forgives was underrated, it really didn’t deserve the total pummeling it got from critics. I’d even put it up there as one of the noteworthy films of the year. There’s a lot of silly stuff in it, some moments that don’t achieve the sense of profundity that Refn is obviously going for, and end up looking all the more superficial for it, but for all that I actually think it’s a purer film in terms of Refn’s voice as a filmmaker than Drive. On that score, just in terms of the way it’s shot and scored and put together, I’d take it over Drive.


      • Quite liked this. I understand all the criticisms here but the visuals somehow made it work for me. A kind of hypnotic thing, the visuals were essential to keep up the hallucinatory quality at all points. I marveled at some of the work that must have gone into them. The use of color has to be one of the more remarkable such chapters in film history. I hesitate to say it’s a ‘good’ film in any easy sense but it’s stayed in my mind. I’m quite sure I’ll revisit it at some point. Perhaps an experiment gone wrong but a worthwhile one and it certainly didn’t deserve the reviews it got. So I quite agree with you on this.


    • We all do selective nationalism. I don’t blame people. Even though, I am a big cricket fan but I don’t waste my sleep over cricket but yesterday’s ISRO launch did make me go to very basic ISRO site and watch the launch and slept only when it reached correct position in spite of my views being more reflected in this article :

      But if Gravity is my standard then I am not going to like K3 just because it is made by an Indian. It needs to be either competent enough or there are enough things in the movie’s screenplay to engage. I think many of us like the below par stuff because we connect to them as being “Indian”. If the same movie stars South East Asian actors, we probably wouldn’t even touch. I don’t find any thing wrong with both positions. After all we all are different. As far as one position is superior than other is all together different and contentious debate.


      • “Selective Nationalism” is a useful term.


      • Your second paragraph is a very fair one. I am personally less concerned about the quality of the SFX as long as the film has something else to offer. If your entire film is based on SFX then it becomes a trickier question. Or put differently if you’re not putting those SFX at the service of something more imaginative. The problem Bollywood displays isn’t ‘imitation’ but that it is nothing more than this. Once again I’ll offer Shankar’s example here. Enthiran is not operating at Hollywood’s standards either but Shankar does a lot more with the SFX and even at a purer level I think whether it’s the animated stuff or the climactic fight I personally think it’s better than anything I’ve seen out of Bombay. The earlier Krrish had fewer sequences and even where these seemed less than convincing (the animated horse at the beginning when Krrish jumps on it at one point while racing it) they were acceptable. If you go completely the Hollywood way these stand out more. The best of Hong Kong is incidentally miles ahead of India too. They’re not at Hollywood levels but again when they keep it rooted the mix works very well. I’d be celebrating if India had these SFX. More importantly the older Krrish had a simple storyline that even if bland worked. The SFX weren’t the only reason this film existed. On that noe Hollywood isn’t blameless on every score. In some cases they do poor stuff relative to their standards. For example Asgard in Thor seems completely fake and at best a video game world. You can always separate the somewhat lower grade superhero ventures from the real A level stuff even in this sense. So it’s about context. Even though I’m a fan of the genre very few Hollywood superhero films work for me in the authentic sense. My ideal one is still the most recent X-Men. A fluid narrative, great SFX, no unnecessary profundity, etc. Much more than Nolan’s films this is the ideal superhero deal to my mind. The Iron Man series has progressed quite well on the whole though Downey does a one-man rescue job on it even when it doesn’t work. Quite like Captain America. Wasn’t fantastic but perhaps truer to the spirit of these ventures than most other stuff. The Avengers was entertaining but more or less just a lot of stuff thrown at the viewer with great skill. So again it’s about contexts. I might seem overly critical of Bollywood’s attempts but I am not much kinder on Hollywood. But the debate just has to be framed differently. You referred to East Asian cinema. Many of the genre films here, their interminable obsession with period films (!), constitutes a cinema that is for the most part about as plastic as things get. They have their Hrithik and John Abraham equivalents playing the parts, the same for the women, the story lines are excuses for action or worse still nationalist porn (!), they incorporate all the genres from action to horror to even soft porn! Once upon a time this tradition meant something in that cinema, now it’s just like Race with a period element! In general cinema has moved away, and in a global sense, from the ‘experience’ model and towards a complete ‘consumption’ one. Of course the latter element was always minimally a part of the medium but now this logic has really been driven to its extreme. But if one is doing that kind of cinema one must at least be completely convincing on the SFX or find a way around them if one doesn’t have the resources for perfectly understandable reasons. So you’re right, while the comparison with gravity or anything else might be unfair I also cannot leave that bit of my brain at home (the remembers those works) when I go to see Krrish or Dhoom or any such film! And again I keep repeating this, All is Lost at the very other end of the spectrum is really as good as Gravity. There are ways to get around the SFX challenge even if one doesn’t want to go very small like this Redford work.


        • Satyams really losing it now like many others here 🙂
          For eg Here u have Satyam mentioning ‘porn’ in every half-sentence with or (mostly) without context…
          C’mon folks–it’s ok u didn’t like krrish or any other film but your ‘collective angst’ need to be ‘eased’ out haha


    • D-Day is still my favorite Hindi film of the year. Haven’t seen an action film this emotionally alive and slick from Bollywood in ages.

      My favorite English film this year was Prisoners, which I found extremely powerful. The other critical darling Gravity I thought was really overrated. It’s definitely a technical marvel (but just for now, and won’t be so even in 3-5 years the way things advance in Hollywood) but nothing more than that.


      • Think Gravity’s place is secure. Because the victory wasn’t simply with the critics, this one not only did good box office but showed some legs. It has quadrupled its budget since its release and is still in the American top five. In general my sense is that its been talked about more than any other film this year by a wide margin and I’m talking about audiences, not critics.

        Do agree on Prisoners, easily one of the year’s very best films. Jackman was fine but the show-stealer was Gyllenhaal, who really took me by surprise.


  56. Forget the hyperbole of Komal and Taran.
    The fact is Mon numbers are much higher than most thought they would be based on first three days. As are Tue numbers. What it means in terms of trending and eventual total is still not clear.
    The dubbed versions are muddying the water further. Week two should clarify if this going to be a 160-170 crore affair or can overtake CE.


  57. The argument regarding trending and making money upfront is a simple one. Those who get it, get it. Those who dont, never will.


  58. So the third film in a successful franchise made a lot of money. What a shocker.


    • Hope you’ll be able to ease out of this shock.


      • Think it might take just about as long as your wonder over my reaction to CE.


        • I’m still in wonder, GF.


          • Yes, hopefully one day you’ll grace us with an honest opinion of your own.


          • You mean praise the one you dislike?
            I liked Dhobi Ghat, and actually said I liked Amir very much there. In fact liked his segment the best, much much more than the other two. LS even remarked on it.
            I can’t be bothered to search those discussion threads.

            Not my fault if you don’t read comments but then go ahead to give opinion with such authority.


          • I must have missed that praise for Dhobi Ghat, completely redeems oldgold of any anti-bias for Aamir Khan now. 100% non bias now she is.
            Sure it’s the only film he’s done which pretty much went completely under the radar, had no commercial aspects to it, hardly any marketing and practically an art house movie. Films like Lagaan, DCH, RDB, Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti, 3 Idiots or Talaash are quite rubbish. MNIK, Ra.One, RNBDJ, CE, Don 2, OSO deserve praise.
            Yea, it’s a clear position of “fair”, “non bias” point of view. The people who love those Aamir films are pseudos’ and quite frankly fools. The ones who detest the SRK ones are haters, people who don’t love cinema, over critical, don’t appreciate and respect what SRK has done!
            Totally agree with oldgold now. Since she has come clean about her love for Dhobi Ghat.

            Very convincing stuff indeed.


          • Think jay has pretty much said it all and pretty hilariously to boot.

            “Not my fault if you don’t read comments but then go ahead to give opinion with such authority.”

            And it’s not my fault that you’ve spent the better part of your time on this blog offering, to put it mildly, devout resentment nearly every single time Aamir Khan comes up. It’s come to the point where, yes, I absolutely don’t read what you have to say when the topic is that particular star. So, oops, yeah my bad for missing your wondrous praise for Aamir in Dhobi Ghat.


          • jayshah, could you say this to GF too?
            I must have missed that praise for (Dhobi Ghat) CE, completely redeems (oldgold) GF of any anti-bias for (Aamir) Shahrukh Khan now. 100% non bias now (she) he is.


          • Actually, Jay can’t because unlike you, I actually don’t run down SRK on every other thread like it’s my life’s work. And for the record when I comment on SRK it’s about his film and his performances, not on whether he uses too much botox or some nonsense like that. Think you have this illusion that I do this, but it’s probably because you conflate all the folks here who don’t share your opinion into one massive anti-SRK machine. But that’s your issue, wish you luck in working it out.


          • I think GF does not question SRK’s face, or looks or the colour of chaddis the way you would for Aamir. Big difference. Unless of course I am missing something (GF care to assess the colour of SRK’s chaddis?). In any case, been reading GF’s comments for YEARS now, and he has some good things to say about SRK. It’s usually hard to find many good things to say considering his filmography is pretty gruesome (only joking before you get your knickers in a twist), but remember a good review for CDI on NG. Probably some good things said about Swades and Dil Se. Probably before your time as you only been watching films since 2007 it seems.

            But your total contribution to positiveness for Aamir is some praise for a film hardly anyone would have seen! It’s classic stuff. Ridicule all the big commercial/critical successes and give a little praise for the small, tiny thing that got some critical success and pass it of as some sign of fairness! And it’s probably hidden away under a clog of insults.

            I’m hardly a fan of SRK but won’t deny that I have liked him in the 90’s till 95 and some of his films since. Sure the list is not big, but it is a list at least! It’s not just Paheli!


          • great comments guys (you and GF).


          • It won’t be a big surprise if this ‘jayshah’ id is now being operated by none other than Satyam lol
            It seems to some that it carries more weight if two or three people say the same thing under different ids 🙂
            Ps: some good points there oldgold

            Oldgold seems to be my ‘playmate’ in enjoying krrish 3 and it’s success… Lol


          • Munna said this to you the other day but you should really watch some of your comments. They’re always laden with sexual innuendo and even beyond your original standards. Which were low enough! And you keep including others. As far as I can tell no one seems to respond to them. Which would indicate a lack of appreciation. Just guessing…

            On the rest I would sign on to all your conspiracy theories if I thought these would reduce this other stuff. But no such luck.

            By the way how are those Krrish action figures coming along?


          • Haha Satyam–don’t blush–u have been caught red handed

            Folks–note the similarity in tone and content of the comments by Satyam & ‘jayshah’ recently.
            Apparently there IS one such guy who comments but over the past few days his id seems to be used by Satyam to voice his own thoughts hahah

            This maybe a hunch -maybe wrong –but watch the space

            This krrish3 boomerang has really thrown Satyam off-balance –expect some new tricks 🙂


          • @ jayshah

            Why did you pop up in the exchange here? Let GF fight his own battles. It’s not as if we are discussing anything. It’s an exchange of barbs between us, a one to one combat. So your intereference is either GF writing as some fictional jayshah so that he can write;
            >(only joking before you get your knickers in a twist),
            or it is rajen come to his rescue under this name.

            IShamelessly the person (of the clique) exchanging comments with a visitor to the blog, disappears when he has no more barbs left and a lot of other appear to demean the person so that it all ends up with – ha, chased her/him away, because of course who has the time to go and on, in addition tothe trick of turning the conversation to SRK/Amir as so called jayshah was trying to do.

            I always come back full circle here.


          • Once again the same positions.. let’s try and unpack this..

            1)Let GF fight his own battles
            2)Your remark is in bad taste
            3)You (Jay) are GF
            4)Rajen is you (Jay)

            I give up!


          • You caught me, oldgold. I am also Jayshah. I should have known better than to try and put one over on an SRK fan. After all there’s no one more used to spotting a bad performance.


          • Relax Oldgold –cheer up
            These ids ‘jayshah’ & ‘gf’ DO exist but sometimes seem to be taken up by Satyam to express his own comments under a different voice..
            These allegations have been heard before –but during krrish3 this has become more overt–check out the language and tone etc..
            Ps: I maybe totally wrong & these maybe just ‘conspiracy’ theories but u may see a pattern lol
            Ps2: I feel that comment to u about ‘knickers in a twist’ was in bad taste!!! (Even to me) and should be deleted !!!


          • “I maybe totally wrong ”

            that might be about as rare as sunshine in Arizona..


          • Haha I’ve created some ‘Suspense’ here
            ‘Doubt’ is in the air 🙂
            Satyams got something to hide…
            On a related note-we agree the ‘knickers’ comment by ‘jayshah’ should be deleted/edited out …
            Or let the real ‘jayshah’ come forward and own that comment !!!
            Bcos the real jayshah doesn’t make such crass comments ..

            Ps: C’mon og–let’s ‘cheer’ each other


          • LOL, if Jay’s comment is deleted and we apply that same logic retroactively you would be a non-presence on this site buddy.


          • Hey Satyam -I’ve myself requested u many times to delete my comments a day or two after posting -if that’s possible..
            Most of mine DO deserve to get deleted anyways
            So yes–feel free to do so …
            Ps : but who will delete the ‘soul’ 🙂

            There’s a dialogue in krrish3–
            ” Marta wo hai jo paida hua ho!!”…..


          • For various reasons it’s actually rather inconvenient to delete stuff later.


  59. Still not sure how much it will end up with think today will be another big day tomorrow might gives us some idea where its headed .


  60. P.K Talli Says:

    As per Vinod Mirani its 77 cr for the first 4 days


  61. P.K Talli Says:

    Anyone ever thought why ETT stopped at 199.30 (official numbers ) the way Taran and Komal have inflated Krrish 3 numbers sure it cant be too difficult to add 4 cr and make it go past 3 idiots .


  62. Krrish 3 Set For Huge Tuesday

    Wednesday 6th November 2013 22.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 is looking set for a huge Tuesday with collections looking to cross the 20 crore nett mark which will take the film to a little over 100 crore nett in five days.

    The family audience has taken to the film in a big way and now the film can go anywhere with the possibility of being the highest grosser of all time.

    North India and Central India which are the key mass belts have been phenomenal since Monday. The metros are not performing as well as the other centres but thats mainly due to the fact the collections outside the four big metros are simply phenomenal.

    The weekend collections of Krrish 3 were the seventh highest of all time but the first seven day figures will go into third place and even possibly second place.


    • Lets enjoy the success of Krish3 and lets post Bachchan pics to some other thraed related to that..K3 is really doing fantastic.


      • I dont think it is enough to make 200+, and thatwas first target for it. Many exhibitors including owner of Cine park valsad already called it wrong decision of releasing just one movie on big festival diwali. And i think he is right, if there are two movies , people can watch even 2 movies , if not they pick better competitor at least.
        We saw last year 200 cr generated on diwali. This year it should 20 cr more considering inflation. And distributors and exhibitors paid huge amount expecting it will do min 200 cr.
        I hope it surpasses it. Anything around 180 cr will be average result.


      • More problem is in overseas where it is huge under performer. Een YJHD did $10.9 mn. With $4 mn opening, krrish3 will make around $7 mn only.


  63. Let people suffer and lament & pray for krrish3 to flop…
    After Monday, the discomfiture has increased
    No wonder one can sense a certain ‘irate’ vibe now

    Let’s enjoy this track-Initially didn’t like it but it sort of ‘grows’ on u..
    Has a cheesy edge and an oldworld arrangement but who cares …

    Check out hritik with the mutant —

    Ps: think kaya aka anu has done a good job in the film…


  64. “Satyam Says:
    November 5, 2013 at 3:08 PM
    Krrish 3 Set For Huge Tuesday”

    Haha more ‘anguish’ for Satyam and his mutants here…
    We will be seeing more fun here now

    Ps: c’mon og, Amy and maggie–lemme ‘play’ with u…
    If I stay too long with kangana-I may become a mutant soon 🙂


  65. Haha Satyam –I’m enjoying your increasing ‘discomfiture’ …
    Who WANTS to be serious ?? 🙂

    @ Oldgold –note how Amy and maggie have stopped commenting since I have scrapped PCs role lol–c’mon gals stop sulking–will write more roles for u …

    Anyhow for those who liked krrish (since there are some here!)–
    From 2:10 onwards–

    “Yeh aisi hawaa, aisi lehar
    Jisme saare beh jaate hain yahaan”

    PURE stuff 🙂


  66. On a tangential note folks (after uve enjoyed krrish)- suggest check out a book “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time”
    About an autistic child but with a hyper functioning mind—he questions amongst other things why humans consider themselves ‘superior’ to other beings- he has his own ‘prophesies’…& theories


  67. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
    It’s a rocking Tuesday! #Krrish3 is on a record-smashing spree. Collects ₹ 26.26 cr. Total: ₹ 134.87 cr. AWESOME.


    • Is this Hindi only or all versions? At this rate Taran will have it at 250!


    • And we’re at a 35 crore difference between BOI and Taran, that’s just ridiculous.


      • thats a huge difference; part of it is I guess because boi does not add the collections from non-hindi versions may be to maintain consistency with what they did during Ra-one and other films. there was about 25cr difference for Chennai exp which I guess is the previous biggest, though this difference was purely from hindi version.

        interesting 3 idiots is the only film where both taran and boi had same numbers; i.e 202cr.


    • It’s all versions but most of the gap isn’t because of the Tamil/Telugu numbers.


  68. Krrish 3 Tuesday Business

    Wednesday 6th November 2013 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 collected around 20.50 crore nett on Tuesday to take its total to 101 crore nett. The collections on Tuesday were the second highest in its run beating the figures of its first, second and third day. The week should now finish at around 125-130 crore nett. The business of Krrish 3 so far is as follows.

    Friday – 18.75 crore
    Saturday – 15.50 crore
    Sunday – 15 crore
    Monday – 31.50 crore
    Tuesday – 20.50 crore

    TOTAL – 101.25 crore nett


    • A 50+ crore second week is possible here. The 1st week should end on 10crore+ Thursday bare minimum, which really means a 30-35 crore + second weekend is possible. It could be at 175-185 crore by end of second week on BOI and probably 500 crore according to Taran and Komal!


    • Krrish 3 Spellbind Single-Screen Audience
      by Soumita Sengupta (November 6, 2013)

      Krrish 3 has been breaking records and setting new benchmarks. Box Office India spoke to exhibitors to assess the performance of Krrish 3 at single-screen cinemas. Over to them:

      Harsh Jain, Sanman Group (Chhattisgarh)

      We have two properties and are running four shows in each property. From Monday onwards, Krrish 3 has done fabulous business and all eight shows were house full. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, people were busy celebrating the festival. Even today, occupancy has been 75 per cent and I believe it will remain the same. Apart from the Khans, Hrithik Roshan is the only other actor who has that magnetic aura. He caters to movie-buffs of all ages, which is why the Krrish franchise has been growing with every instalment.

      Manoj Desai, Gaiety Galaxy and Maratha Mandir (Mumbai)

      Krrish 3 is doing outstanding business at all single-screens. We are running eight shows in each multiplex and every show was house full till yesterday. Occupancy is 94 per cent today. I had actually expected a huge drop in numbers but all the shows are almost full at all our properties. Rakesh Roshan has made a brilliant film.

      Sandeep Sareen, Chhavi Mahal (Varanasi)

      Most films are forgettable today and there are only a handful that stay with you. Krrish 3 is one of them and it will not only create history but stay in your heart for all time. That’s the kind of magic Rakesh Roshan has created. We have two properties and are running four shows in each screen. Till yesterday, we saw 100-per cent occupancy, which has dropped to 80 per cent today. But the numbers will pick up again from Friday.

      Rajan A Rathod, Sri and Jaishri ( Vapi)

      Krrish 3 is doing outstanding business at our property. It’s been a very long time since a movie has done such great business in single-screens. Usually, it’s all about the first weekend and it’s not often that we have a film that does outstanding business in its first five days. Occupancy today is 75 per cent. Krrish 3 will enjoy a good run till next weekend.

      Sandeep Tekriwal, Vijay Pictures (Gorakhpur)

      We have only one screen and we are running five shows. Till yesterday, occupancy was 95 per cent and it’s dropped to 85 per cent today. We had expected a huge fall in numbers but that has not happened even though it is a working day today. Tickets are all sold out for the night shows today.


    • Krrish 3 Continues To Storm Multiplexes; Headed For 200-cr Mark
      by Rohini Nag (November 6, 2013)

      Amid the din of firecrackers and euphoria of the Diwali festivities, there was one more reason to celebrate with gusto. Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 3, featuring son Hrithik, released with a bang and is till taking the box office by storm. This production, whose special effects are the talk of the town, has proved that the father-son duo sure delivers on their promises. And then some!

      The film, which released on Friday, not only notched up fantastic numbers during its first weekend, it sustained those numbers on Monday as well. Programmers from various multiplex chains also believe that Krrish 3 will enjoy a smooth sail coming week as well and will soon join the Rs 200-crore club.

      Amar Laykar, PVR

      Krrish 3 is going great guns at our properties. The film, following the Diwali and weekend madness, has clocked ravishing returns, which is a new high for any Hindi film. Many shows have consistently witnessed 90-per cent occupancy and the kids just love our very own desi superhero. With around 20 to 24 shows on average at each property, we plan to sustain substantial shows for the film next week too. We expect Krrish 3 to close its first week at our properties at Rs 9.5 crore nett. It will definitely go down in the history books of our industry.

      Harshad Parmar, Cinemax

      The film took a fantastic start at our properties and the audience just loves Hrithik Roshan’s superhero avatar. We expect the film to garner around Rs 6.5 crore nett in week one. Next week too we have allotted 60 per cent of our shows to Krrish 3 and 40 per cent to other Hindi, regional and English releases.

      Ansh Kapoor, Fun Cinemas

      The three-day weekend collections were Rs 1.26 crore at all Fun properties. On Monday, Krrish 3 earned Rs 80-90 lakh. The film has drawn an outstanding response at the ticket window and is still creating a huge buzz. We expect the film to close its first week at Rs 4 crore. We will be giving preference to Krrish 3 in the coming week as well.

      Abhishek Rai, Fame & Inox

      Krrish 3 has a very strong hold in the North circuits and also in Mumbai. The film will continue to be assigned preference in its second week. We expect the nett numbers to be around Rs 25 crore in Fame and Inox properties. It’s amazing how the audience has received the film, especially children. We expect it to hold strong at the box office for a long time.

      Ashish Saksena, BIG Cinemas

      Krrish 3 has emerged a winner at the box office. We will give 90 per cent preference to the film during the second week as well as the film is doing exceptionally well. In the North region, CP Berar and CI have showed the best response.

      Prem Lakhani, Rajhans

      Krrish 3 has broken the record for the highest collections at six of our properties. Out all our shows we will have 66 per cent shows for the film coming week and expect week one to close at Rs 1.7 crore. The film has the audience under its spell.

      Ashish Gogia, Suncity

      We opened a new property with Krrish 3 and have elicited a 100-per cent response in most of our shows there. Overall, Krrish 3 has elicited 80 per cent occupancy at our properties and we expect it to close its first week at Rs 45 lakh, which will be the highest for any film at our properties.


    • Krrish 3 Juggernaut Continues To Smash Records
      by Soumita Sengupta (November 6, 2013)

      Krrish 3 is smashing records and, in just four days, the movie has proved that it will set a new benchmark for Indian filmmakers. The film released on Friday and till yesterday (Tuesday), it reeled in around Rs 113 crore (Only Hindi). This Rakesh Roshan blockbuster is expected to breach the Rs 200-crore mark by the end of its second week. Here’s what distributors have to say.

      Rajesh Thadani, Multimedia Combines, Mumbai

      Krrish 3 is doing outstanding business all over India. The reviews are not great but the audience loves the film. Superhero films have always worked. We used to watch Hollywood superheroes and now we have our own Indian superhero. Krrish 3 has collected a record Rs 6 crore in its first five consecutive days in Mumbai. Since today is the first working day after the long Diwali weekend, there has been a 20-per cent drop in collections but the film will continue to make records this week. Today, Krrish 3 will do business of Rs 25 crore all over India and Rs 4 crore in Mumbai.

      Brijesh Tandon, H K Tandon and Company, Delhi-UP

      Krrish 3 has been doing outstanding business since the day it released. Although the film registered a slight drop on Saturday and Sunday due to the Diwali festivities, it did fabulous business in our circuit on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday, collections totalled Rs 6 crore. There has been no major drop in numbers today and by end of next week, the film will breach the Rs 200-crore mark for sure.

      Sanjay Ghai, Mukta Arts, Delhi-UP

      Rakesh Roshan is a great director and he has proved it with Krrish 3 once again. Even our new-generation directors who have made superhero films have not achieved what he has. Krrish 3 has everything to woo the audience, from special effects, to a good story, emotions… Not surprisingly, the film has been reeling in over Rs 6 crore every day. Today, collections will be close to Rs 4.5 crore even though it is a working day.

      Jaspal Dhingra, Nanaskar Enterprises

      It seems there’s no stopping Krrish 3, which the kids and family audience loves. Many cine-goers have returned to watch the film a second time. Yesterday, the film did business of over Rs 1 crore. No other movie has done so well on its fifth day. Today, it will reel in Rs 90 lakh.

      Sarang Chandak, Shri Rang Films, CP

      Hrithik Roshan has a magnetic pull and audiences wait for his releases with bated breath. And, as if in response, the actor has served up a smashing treat for his fans this Diwali. Everyone in CP loves the film and till yesterday, many multiplexes were house full for the entire day. Yesterday, the film earned Rs 1.18 crore and there is only a slight drop in collections today, which is not due to a drop not in footfalls but ticket prices. Today, Krrish 3 will garner Rs 90 lakh and will continue to do so in days to come.

      Vijay Kher, NR Multimedia, CP

      This film is doing outstanding business in every circuit including CP. It has already broken many records. For instance, for five consecutive days, the film earned around Rs 1 crore, every day. That is definitely a first in the CP circuit. Today, collections will total Rs 90 lakh.

      Aditya Choksey, Morya Arts, CI

      Krrish 3 is doing outstanding business and has broken many records. For instance, the movie earned Rs 1.45 crore on day five, which is a record. In comparison, Ek Tha Tiger reeled in Rs 1.2 crore on its fifth day. So Krrish 3 is setting new benchmarks. Even though today is the first working day after the Diwali break, there has been no major drop in collections. We expect Krrish 3 to earn around Rs 1 crore today.

      Jeetu Khandelwal, Movie Pioneers, Orissa

      Hrithik Roshan is the kind of actor movie buffs of all ages love to watch. He has also played a wide variety of roles, whether it was Jodha Akbar, Agneepath or Koi Mil Gaya and now Krrish 3. He built a massive fan following from his very first film, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai… In Orissa, we have very few multiplexes but, still, in just five days, the film has netted Rs 1.6 crore, which is a massive feat. Yesterday, collections totalled Rs 40 lakh and today the film will notch up Rs 30 lakh.


  69. will smash chennai express easily(the record didn’t last for a month) and this is remarkable because the movie is dated(not great) and trailor look compleately outdated with not much promotion

    hrithik roshan in such larger than life genre is the biggest star in india and must say happy for vivek oberoi

    grand masti and krrish 3 two back to back sucess for vivek oberoi in two diverse genre….


    • Depends.. Taran had CE at 225 or more. By his numbers Krrish could get there. To do a lot more it would have to be very stable in week 2. BOI had CE at 205 or so. don’t see it crossing this number by very much looking at the general trend on their numbers.

      The thing about some of this hyperbolic reactions by the theater owners and so on is that the numbers just don’t match the commentary. They claim it’s marching to 200. That’s 15-20 crores more than YJHD. Hardly a stunning result! When the last Krrish released in 2006 Don that year did 42-50 crores (depending on who you believe, in those days 50 was the prestige mark so the same games were played to stretch grosses out to this number), while Krrish did 70-75. Consider the % difference. D2 the same year did 85 or so. But there was a big differential between pretty much every other top grosser and this bracket. LRM had stupendous trending and got to a 65-70 range as well. But really nothing else at that point.

      Today however 200 is fast becoming the new 100 for any film that has a minimally good initial. ETT fizzled out after a huge initial period but still did 185-195 (again depending on who you believe), YJHD more or less in the same range (without any single screen participation), CE in the 205-225 range (hardly the biggest film around.. not the OSO kind of deal on paper), now Krrish unless it tanks in week 2 should get to 185 or so even by the most reasonable estimates and perhaps even 200. Suddenly the 200 barrier is very achievable but we’re using the mark in the very same way for both YJHD and Krrish! Much as once when it was 100 everyone pretending Ra One getting there was some big deal when it was purely because of an initial period. The same for some other films that were lethargic at the box office (though not terrible) like Don 2 or somewhat worse like JTHJ and still got there. Put differently unless a big film which opens very well has a Besharam-like tank it will most likely even get to 150.

      The other way to look at it is that true records are not broken all the time. It took 4 years to get to 3I just in absolute terms. That record meant something. Or the Ghajini initial or final gross were so much in excess of what seemed possible at that point. Again those numbers meant something. We’re seeing neither scenario unfold with any of these big films. The YJHD numbers however mean something because no one expected a multiplex film do so much. D3 might shatter these records in the true sense but again it won’t mean much if D3 just does 15 crores or so more than the top grosser at that point (whether this is CE or Krrish). The films might still be doing ‘well’ but to sound like Clinton one must define what ‘well’ means! If it’s just about getting to an arbitrary number or having some sort of minimal audience liking the films that’s one thing but if it’s about benchmarks established by these very franchises in the past it’s a different matter altogether. For example if Krrish does 120-160 crores in week 1 (depending on whose numbers you’re following) it would have to get to 360-480 crores to match the gross of the previous film. Is anyone even going to bet on 240-320 or just doubling?! Following the same sources in each case. The last Krrish would have done 55 crores had it just doubled but it did 70-75. This current Krrish even if it gets to CE range will be nowhere close to this (again using either BOI or Taran would each series of numbers).

      All of this applies to D3 as well by the way. The numbers are even bigger here. So for instance if it just repeated the ETT/CE numbers in week 1 it would already be off the D2 target.


      • I don’t think any movie (with a big star) since 3 Idiots has doubled its first week, and I don’t think D3 or K3 will either. The only movie that might do this is PK.

        And by Taran’s numbers, I won’t be surprised if K3 hits 200 by the end of this weekend-165 first week and a 35 crore weeknd.


  70. sorry just checked it was may

    bar had been set high for dhoom 3


  71. Presenting, India’s ‘original’ sci-fi film – a ‘tribute’ to originality in thinking and executing that makes heads in the west turn…

    But you see, as per some (u know who), the minting of cr(wh)ores simply washes away everything..why do we even bother about talking these things? Us ‘firangs with desi bodies’ and ‘snobs’ who don’t have the power to ‘reduce’ ourselves to a 9 year old??


  72. vivek oberoi :

    the guy with intensity who in his first movie gave mohanlal and devgan a run for there money or for that in saathiya as romantic lead

    but again its not discipline but high headness either with salman or with jayalalita over tsunami but the guy was always talented even good in yuva but abhishek role overshadowed him

    this song was rage once:

    hope he get what he deserves


    • Don’t think he’ll ever really match the debut moment. Don’t particularly think he deserves to either.


      • he hasn’t but even had glimpse in shootout at lokhandwala(outing sanju ironically in a ganster role) or even in rakht charita in a complex role

        its an irony a guy who started off so wonderfully lost the plot and was part of two movies which led to revival of other two guys with disastrous start:

        saif in omkara and abhishek in yuva


        • Liked him in the first film of the Rakht Charitra double, in the second he was fine but he was written into the background. In general that is the most slept-on RGV film of the past several years. But he kind of has himself to blame for that!

          On Oberoi though I think he’s like a smaller scale Hrithik in the sense that the initial fervor didn’t really pan out with the promise it hinted at. Hrithik’s greatest influence on his industry might be in spawning a generation of leading men who, instead of building careers, are groomed for instant stardom at a level that’s beyond their ability or range, right out of the gate.


          • You simply got to read the comments in BR’s review of K3 to figure out how pathetic. an actor he is..almost everyone in the comments has bashed him for his ‘acting.’

            And you really got to check out how the commentators there really hated his AGNEEPATH ‘performance.’

            One that was rightly labelled was this:

            A gangster with a soft metrosexual appearance; one that talked of his ‘Look ma/Dad – I am acting!! Ain’t I good!??’

            I will be harsher than you GF – his ONLY contribution is he spawned mannequins where in you can can insert the number of packs you wish to..and these are called ‘actors’ – and have the gall to take on roles of AB Sr. I am always against actors trying to ‘fit in’ shoes of actors like AB. But now I really want them to. At least we get a damn good laugh..


            Am not sure whether you read BR’s review of Agneepath – that’s a hoot too..(he keeps reciting the ‘fiery’ poem of Agneepath but he keeps weeping at the drop of a hat or his strategically fitted jeans so that the CALVIN KLIEN nomenclature on his undie is visible!!! So much for a street-hardened gangster..


  73. The ‘shrinking robe’

    As for the krrish3 detractors and anti hritik folks around here–
    They began with a black robe ready to engulf this film and bury hritk along with it !!
    They saw hope and nearly ‘killed’ it over the weekend…
    Don’t mind it folks but with each passing day—
    Their robe is getting tighter and smaller …
    Slowly it may start resembling a bikini 🙂


  74. “hrithik roshan in such larger than life genre is the biggest star in india “— have to agree there somewhat

    If all the heros are allowed to choose their best genre and take the best shot at box office –not everyone can fire at will and fire so big…

    Without a heroine with any pull nowadays
    With cheesy songs, with graphics that many here rightly compared to windows98 and with tacky /dates styling —

    Hritik has shown it again—-

    Time to celebrate perhaps Hritik Roshan 🙂


  75. Being relatively unbiased, I like quite a few different actors & enjoy their work mostly when they are at their prime
    With hritk, there’s been more affinity (not in any gayish way that Satyam will try to latch onto lol!!)

    Just tried to google the above lyrics & came across filmigirls blog where she’s posted the same link

    @ filmigirl–this is TELEPATHY–in short, it’s magic !! 🙂


  76. @ filmigirl -sorry -I can’t/don’t post on your blog but know u trace your cited links …this ones for u 🙂

    “Parde Ke Girte Hi, Parde Ke UThte Hi
    Badlaa Nahin Jo, Badal Saktaa Hai
    Ye Ke Kachchaa Nahin, Kuchh Bhi Pakkaa Nahin
    Kuchh Bhi Hotaa Hai Jo Kuchh Bhi Sab Khel Hai”


  77. And btw it helps since filmigirls face resembles preity zinta somewhat 🙂
    Ps: stop ‘lurking’ FG– think I deserve a massive treat filmigirl for this ‘honest’ zinta comment lol


  78. RajRoshan Says:

    I really tried to like Krrish3 but it turned out to be insipid and boring. I won’t even go into the details of how much it is copied from action to characters but the biggest problem is direction itself. By the climax you stop caring about the movie and it becomes a joke. And who the hell gave those corny awful dialogues to Vivek in the climax? Instead of fear and threat you will be giggling how corny they are. I appreciate that indian filmmakers are trying sci-fi and new genres but this is so much over melodramatic (much more than KMG and Krrish) that it makes it look lifeless…this is another damp squib blockbuster after CE…very disappointing


    • RajRoshan Says:

      Hritik was earnest as Krrish but as Rohit I think he hammed a bit…Kangna was quite good indeed…while Magneto Kaal was screwed because of the pathetic dialogues.


  79. So Bachchan here is Rakesh Roshan, Neetu Singh represents the 40 year olds desis turned firangis and pretending to be super intellectuals, the master represents Hollywood, the watchman, waiter et all are a holes like Fadnavis, Slobs, amd Masand…..
    Pay particular attention at 1.35 ( hamrey moohn sey jo nikalta hai who aapke moohn sey nikal sakega ).. LOL
    Bhaiyya Hollywood dekhna hai toh, dekho na Gravity, kyon khali peeli Krish sey apnee marwa rahe ho …


  80. I am all for criticizing the movie, its contents, its copying etc., but don’t abuse the intelligence of paying public as if yoi fucking know it all.
    Certain people here are grtting so outraged by its performance jaise prarlay aa gayee, calm down dudes !!!


  81. Wednesday 65% fall in Gurgaon, 35% in Kanupr. 35% fall in Varanasi as compared to Tuesday.
    Gurgaon Wed #Krrish3 TOTAL – 1025622 G.TOTAL – 14429853
    Gurgaon Tue #Krrish3 TOTAL – 2776173 G.TOTAL – 13404231

    KANPUR (#Krrish3) wednesday Multiplexes-984660.02 Single Screen-472555.50 TOTAL-1457215.52 6days TOTAL-8878953.08
    KANPUR (#Krrish3 ) Tuesday Multiplexes-1641273 Single Screen-651479.50 TOTAL-2292752.50 5days TOTAL-7421737.56

    Varanasi Wed #KRRISH3 MPX 882291 SS 184229 TOTAL 1066520
    Varanasi Tues #KRRISH3 MPX 1423320 SS 247058 TOTAL 1670378 5DAYS TOTAL 6235019


    • the film has dropped quite a bit today which is why neither Taran nor Nahta have any tweet on it! Having said that films drop a lot after this sort of strong weekend or holiday period or as the case might be. The second weekend is all important for the film as it again is for many films that make a killing in the early period. These second weekends decide whether the films in question just have a big gross based on the initial or whether they have a gross that matters more (like CE). You need minimally decent trending (by today’s low standards!) to get to CE’s number. Otherwise you end up like ETT. Even by Taran’s or Nahta’s numbers the film will need a decent second weekend at the very least to get to 200 let alone to CE’s number (Taran has it at 225 or something). In all probability it will get to 200 given how high their number will be for the week. It would have to completely collapse for it to fall short. By BOI’s numbers on the other hand 185 might be the most one could expect here. Similarly so with NBOC or BoC. But again leaving aside all of this (because as long as you get to a certain total everyone starts screaming ‘hit’) the trending film reveal whether it’s just an initial 5-7 day deal as it has been in the past for most 100 crore or 150 crore or more grossers. After this period all these films become extremely mortal. They’re just about initial hype and little more. Whether Krrish does more than this remains to be seen.


      • It can match CE only if it trends like YJHD, but yjhd had better wom, everyone lapping it up. I doubt adults are much pleased with it. Also yjhd had no festival season so it has a lot of potential left after first week. Also, there was not competition for 4 weeks.
        With trending like CE, it will reach 180-185.
        Appealing movies like Ramleela, Singh Sahib and Gori tere pyar are getting released soon which adds to woes.
        In one sentence, it demands ‘Record second Week’, atleast 50+.


  82. Re.-If there is anything that can be called moral of the story – it is that the MAJORITY Indian audience can be pleased very, very easily and mediocrity will be rewarded most of the times while good products will be rejected more than most of the times (D-DAY was a recent example).
    Ann Jo- did not know that there is a defined bar/ standard for mediocrity and good products. please share the details.
    Bhala Bura Bura Bhala Hai
    Khote Par Sab Khara Bhala Hai
    Jooth Sach Ka Kya Pata Hai
    Ek Gham Ek Badi Bala Hai
    Chaal Dhaal Sab Ek Jaisi
    Saara Kuch Hi Napa Tula Hai


    • Rocky Bhai:

      The K franchise is a fine example of mediocrity. That is the bar. And I am saying this AFTER seeing all the 3 (unfortunately, I saw the third one too..thank God I didn’t pay for it.)

      And no, I am LEAST worried about K3 making bucket-loads of money. That was a foregone conclusion anyway unless as I said before, it was scripted by Apoorva Lakhia after downing 12 Heinekens. If you have seen my comments, I am hardly interested in BO and am not good at it either. Unlike Apex, I separate the money part from the quality part. Money doesn’t make an inferior product a superior one unlike in some people’s wonderful thinking.

      I have only commented on the dishonesty and dis-ingenuity of the Roshans and this ‘nexus’ of the trade/press (the way the Nahatas and UnAdarshes are going orgasmic it seems as though HR has acted in a Jahnu Barua film and managed to rake in 100 crore!!) in covering up this muck with the comforter of box-office success. At one point in time, Govinda and Karishma’s SARKAILO KHATIYA was a big hit which spawned many vulgar movies with even vulgar-lyrics. Does the box-office success sanitize the fact that the movies are vulgar? So if we HAD to respect the paying public, we should churn out more vulgarity right?

      If we go by the theory that ‘paying public’ is the king that silences all and should silence all, then we should expect to get mediocre, dishonest products like this K franchise. Right from KMG, 85% of the storyline, the props, the characters are lifted and then when you come up with marketing blackmail like ‘made in India’ and such stuff, what do you expect? What is so ‘native’ about an alien coming from another planet and giving special powers to an ‘autistic’ guy? By merely putting in some Sanskrit words, you want to sell it to people as an ‘Indian’ product when the entire soul of the movie is seeped in western ethos?

      And as I said, I am being harsh on them because I am at the opposite end of the spectrum. And also because that is what the Roshans told me. It was they who said ‘We will turn heads in the west.’ Most of the audience find this film is on par or even better with super-hero films from Hollywood ( I find it extremely poor, tacky, lifted, and badly acted except to an extent Kangana.

      In all my comments, I have NEVER decried the Roshans for their ambition. To be clear, I am not saying that one should ‘resign’ oneself to what is available and not attempt anything. But to dishonestly try and turn around your inferior, plagiarized stuff into superior one just because the press is in bed with you, is not done. I am only lamenting the lost chance Roshans’ had and what pathetic imitators they have become.


      • omrocky786 Says:

        An Jo, I agree with a lot of your points and I feel your pain ( Like Clinton).
        Shanghai, Aakrosh, Tez, We are Family, were all copies too and they all bombed why ??
        The key is to make them entertaining and Desi like Sholay did, like KMG did ( Krish -1 was aweful and I have not seen Krish-3 yet
        I hated OSO and always wondered how the hell did it make so much money ,but I never said Indian Public ( and on SS- Hindi Public) does not know the true meaning of good cinema , Hum seekhayenge unhen !!
        I resent the constant comparison to Hollywood standards, saaley tel lene gaye Hollywood key standards for all I care.
        Guys like Faadnavis have seen a couple of English movies and think they can look down upon and make fun of all the Hindi movies. Fuck That !!!!!!
        Jitna Hindi Picture ka mazaak banaya, utney hee aap Intelligent kehlayoge !!


      • omrocky786 Says:

        and I am really pissed that Bachchan has accepted the invite of Tarun Communal and Comrade Tejpal !!


  83. Hey all. Quick intro, I’m Manav and I’ve been a follower of this community since 06ish (on NG and now here), but never contributed outside of the old shoutbox that was on NG. Follow the Bollywood Box Office casually, but I’m pretty hardcore on the US domestic market, as I’ve been part of the BoxOfficeMojo community for years and once that closed off, we all shifted to’s forums. We have an International Sub-Forum there and I’ve helped manage the reporting of Bollywood numbers there for the last 2 years. The reporting debate exists there as well, with a pro-BOI camp (where I’ve always fallen) and a pro-Field camp, but its never been something discussed heatedly until now.

    Here’s what a fellow contributor had to say on the discrepancy in reporting between BOI and other venues earlier today.

    “BOI seems to be underreporting numbers for Krrish 3. All other box office tracking outfits like boxofficecapsule and people like Taran Adarsh have reported a nett of rs. 135 crores in 5 days. BOI has not even reported telugu and tamil version numbers. BOI sometimes is known for this kind of biased reporting. Their Avatar box office numbers were laughable”

    Now I challenged this claim, as I don’t clearly understand what BOI’s so-called “agenda” would be. They seemed pro-SRK earlier but they’ve relatively underreported even his films in the last two years. Here’s the response I received.

    “I have been tracking box office since 1978. I have also produced 2 Kannada movies. I have known the difference between Gross and Nett as it relates to Indian movies since forever. So …..”

    “Part of the discrepency is due to the inclusion of tamil and telugu version collections by other outfits. The other part depends on their sources.

    BOI has a history of underreporting collections. They are always lower for some movies by as much as 10% compared to other outfits. After they continued to report bogus numbers for Avatar and refused to correct themselves even after the studio released their numbers, I stated to take BOIs numbers with a grain of salt.

    Outfits like even compile actual collections for all major multiplexes. Those are accurate since my movie collections from all multiplexes reported was 100 percent correct. Further, they also list the gross and nett collections of individual movies for each chain based on location. Check it out, it is quite good.

    Hollywood studios report accurate grosses for all their indian movies. With indian production houses the single screen numbers are always a crapshoot. The only people who have access to DCRs (Daily Collection Report) are exhibitors, distributors and producers.

    Finally, exhibitors will have accurate data only for their own theaters. Distributors will have accurate data only for their distribution areas. Only the production house has access to accurate data for all distribution areas or at least as reported by the other two. Exhibitors and distributors do on occasion report lower numbers and pocket the difference. It is common for distributors to underreport, if they have to share collections with the producer contractually beyond a “Minimum Guarantee” paid by them to the producer to acquire the distribution rights. ”

    The last paragraph holds a point of emphasis. Distributors MAY strategically underreport, and if there’s one thing I know about BOI, it is their strict belief of Distributor figures (and shares) being the ultimate “gospel.” Perhaps this is what leads to the discrepancy of late, as BOI will quote distributor figures, which may underreported to begin with. To be honest, I still see nothing conclusive either way, but I think this is a theory to be considered.


  84. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 58m
    #Krrish3 crosses ₹ 150 cr mark in India. Wed: ₹ 18.11 cr. Total: ₹ 152.98 cr. FABULOUS.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 7m
    Expecting #Krrish3 to cross ₹ 200 cr mark in India by Wknd 2. Will be 3rd Hindi film to join ₹ 200 cr Club, after #3I and #ChennaiExpress.


    • LOL This looks so funny. He has predetermined 200 cr by weekend as that was initial expectation few weeks back. 250 cr total is already confirmed in taran’s book. And if it somehow some legs, 300 cr will be celebrated.


  85. Hi Raghav, its not tarans figure, producers figure. dont cry man, even CE as per box office india was around 202 Cr (hindi alone) and even if you had antother 20 crores for dubbed version then its around 225 Cr which is producers figure… just tapping all the distributors information, Krrish3 has destroyed CE records in each and every centre except mysore /south market as they hardly got screen space due to Arambam wave…. Kids are liking the movie just like CE so the business is rock study, on top of that Roshans make sure that film is a biggest release so for by releasing it in all the B & C centres where it is doing extremely good business… and even Multiplexes gave the best and maximum screen to Krrish3, so the result. how come monday figures 31.50 Cr matched with producers figurue (35.50 was from all vesions), because no choice, it was housefull every where, so 4100 screens is the biggest release so the nos has to be biggest (logical)…

    Trust BOI figures for films like Zindagi na milegi dobara , Baag Milkha Baag, Kahani, Talaash and even some extent JTHJ which are multiplex movies where they can get close to exact figures… that is the reason even we did not cry like you when people came up with large figures for Dons, ETT, bodyguard which took only avg ratings from people. because i am sure that Don and Salman khan movies will make it big in B&C….

    Sorry Raghav, in any case what ever lol you and satyam write, Industry including your own khans, johars are bombarding congratulation messages for 100 Cr on 4th day itself…and whole industry is going gaga over roshans power. few are already placed roshan at no 1 position which was due from such a long time.


    • CE was not releases in tamil and telugu. Check your facts first and don’t just blabber anything.


    • It was already mix of 50% in south indian language which even south indians couldnt understand. They never dubbed it in any regional language. Actually , story which is set in south india and telugu,tamil words attracted much larger south audience than usual. It helped to rewrite all south market records for hindi movies without releasing in those regional languages.


    • If you see your hrithik in dreams next time, ask him to check your head with help of jadoo.


  86. Guys – Please no arguments with each other!


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Munna Bhai Taniq Veterans ko bhee samjhao yeh baat..Krish has made a child out of even them…LOL!!


      • Haha..With veterans you know they keep the fights to a limit. Of course there is a chance that someone might get offended but I don’t think anyone has intention that other person shouldn’t visit the blog or they have more rights on the blog.


  87. Its is quite surprising still people are hoping that K3 will be underperformer .

    Fact is Krissh 3 is the best trending movie since 3 idiot.

    Its has not went below 10 crore for first 6 days , even if one consider BOI Low Reporting.

    Krrish 3 Wednesday Business

    Thursday 7th November 2013 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 grossed around 13 crore nett on Wednesday. The film saw a big fall at multiplexes across India as the the holiday period winds down in various parts of India. The mass areas are till going very strong. Tje first week should be around 125 crore nett. The business of Krrish 3 so far is as follows.

    Friday – 18.75 crore
    Saturday – 15.50 crore
    Sunday – 15 crore
    Monday – 31.50 crore
    Tuesday – 20.50 crore
    Wednesday 13 crore

    TOTAL – 114.25 crore nett

    Truly Oustanding!!!

    Well done Roshons!!!


  88. Krissh 3 completes entire range of ages.

    children below 15 loves superhero movies
    15-30 loves Hrithik
    above 30 + loves emotional drama of rakhesh roshon movie.

    Its seems D3 is going to have hard time beating K3 record this year.


  89. does anybody know how much CE did on its 6th day (wednesday) as per boi ? how does it compare with Krish 3’s 13cr ? Both ere wednesdays and both working days following big weekend collections.


  90. LOL
    Unfortunately in the blogosphere, knowing ones identity is pretty hard to prove. So me saying I am jayshah, a UK citizen…and knowing the likes of GF, Rajen and Satyam are not in the UK does not mean much to ilk like oldgold or apex. Nor would researching Naachgaana archives or even the archives of this blog for my comments, which contrary to apex’s insinuations, have been ongoing for some 7 years now! Sure I am not the prolific commentator I once was, but does one need to explain one’s life situation to defend how frequently or infrequently one comments?

    Maybe Satyam should do a register everyday like we are in school. We can all clock in and clock out and have detention if we don’t attend. If we fail to contribute on a particular day we can be punished. Maybe we have to recite and write words to the effect “SRK is god, Aamir is the devil” a 1,000 times to appease our fellow “well behaved” groupies.


    • Explanation is OK, but the more important one about why you poked your nose in something which wasn’t even a discussion is still unanswered.

      But since then others joined in too, so I guess why should you be the only one to answer. Even Satyam the great joined in, in support of GF (how lucky he is).


      • “but the more important one about why you poked your nose in something which wasn’t even a discussion is still unanswered”

        Unfortunately this is a blog. I’ve done nothing wrong in stating my opinion.
        The blog is FULL of discussions and one does not need authorisation to speak to you. Imagine every discussion starting with “oldgold you are now allowed to comment against my comment”. I don’t need to seek your approval to comment against you. I can comment. Neither do you have to choose to comment against me! It’s not like I sweared at you or abused you. Most probably I called a spade a spade.

        So now you want a school registar and an office! Grow up.

        Are you more upset by me “butting in” or me touching a nerve by actually being correct?

        Anyway there is NOTHING more important than one’s identity! The idea that me interupting a discussion is trivial compared to allegations of false ID’s. It’s actually quite simply the worst I could be insulted on a blog – that my “efforts” to comment and contribute are alleged to be false.


        • >The blog is FULL of discussions

          I’m saying. THIS WASN’T ONE!!!

          >Are you more upset by me “butting in” or me touching a nerve by actually being correct?

          Your intentions of stoking the fire touched a raw nerve. Your intention of turning it into a SRK/Amir discussion when it wasn’t that touched a raw nerve. What was meant as my attempt at humour by telling GF that I was still in wonder at his praise of CE you come with your long nose trying to take control and give direction.


          • And now I see another so called ‘person’ let loose to join in.


          • You need to scroll up ad see when I commented. It was regarding your Dhobi Ghat comment, nothing to do with your “attempt” of humour regarding CE.

            Clearly you introduced “Aamir” and “Dhobi Ghat” into the conversation. It’s the same continued stuff, except you want people to treat it as some isolated comment.

            Anyway end off. Clearly you lack a lot of class in matters. You were quite happy to converse and exchange with me to a point when you probably realised you dug a great big hole for yourself, so then decided to play the victim card and question why I entered in the first place.


          • It still wasn’t a discussion. It was about being honest in giving opinion about the film of a star one disliked.
            It was you who got all worked up because I liked and mentioned Dhobi Ghat not others which ‘you’ find great.

            My favourite films of SRK were also flops – Swades, Paheli, Ashoka. What has a ‘small’ film got to do with what one likes?

            The problem here is yours not mine.


          • Oldgold, though I don’t want to get into the middle of this (guess I just did!) this statement is just too much for me to let slip by.. you have liked or at least claimed to every single SRK movie as long as you’ve been on this blog. Including Ra One. If you recall we had some exchanges on this where I was amazed in terms of how you could have liked Ra One and not liked Inception. So let’s be honest (if we’re going to throw this word around) about what we’ve said publicly. You only claim to like something like DG or maybe another such film somewhere within Aamir’s oeuvre over this past decade or more. Otherwise you constantly make fun of his bigger releases, you certainly don’t claim to like them. The very opposite is true for SRK. You might like Swades more but evidently that doesn’t prevent you from liking Ra one or RBDJ or whatever. I too can say I like Dil Se and Swades and didn’t mind some other SRK films like more recently CE. But it would still be true that I dislike most of his ‘iconic’ cinema and most of his choices otherwise. Exceptions can be brought up for any star. The people who detest Abhishek still like some of his films or even performances. That doesn’t prove anything. But the reason it gets problematic when one does this with Aamir is that he’s done a wide variety of genres and most of those films have either been meaningful in absolute terms or at least so relative to the genre. It’s very hard to dismiss this body of work and if one is going to do so one might as well stop watching Bollywood and most commercial cinema altogether. I mean, what are the standards here?! That one doesn’t like those films but one likes Ra One? That’s just not a reasonable proposition much like the Ra One/Inception one. I am generally a fan of Abhishek but not when he does Drona or if this sounds too extreme I am even indifferent to most of the stuff he’s currently doing (though I might understand why). Even the Shukla film I’m not really excited about though I’d be happy to see a good performance from him here and some good scenes with Rishi. The Salman fan is not in it to see Salman do Talaash! They just want him to do the Wanted thing again and again. So on and so forth. You’re either into a star because of his iconic image or because you index him to a certain body of work. If you like SRK for his Yahsraj stuff that’s fine. But if you say you’re in it for Swades and mysteriously start liking everything else it’s a bit hard to swallow. I just think you should stop pretending about this. Because it’s patently obvious. You can’t play this game of ‘I like Aamir films when they’re good’ because he mostly does that sort of thing. And if that’s not enough most other films of most other stars shouldn’t be either. I enjoyed BB, more because of Abhishek but I also enjoyed CE to a great degree. I like Ratnam which is why I like Dil Se too (actually more than most of Ratnam’s Abhishek films). There has to be some minimal consistency here. But you go to the other extreme often in claiming that most of Aamir’s film are just like most of SRK’s films and so forth. This is just not an honest statement.

            And this gets to the other question you’ve raised about how no one engages when you want to discuss stuff Actually I have responded at length and in good faith in very many matters. But you respond with snideness or whatever, you never admit anything whether it’s about Aamir or ticket prices, and worse you keep questioning the integrity of someone who’s clearly putting in the effort to argue comprehensively. Engage with the discussion but if you cannot don’t choose the low road and come up with snide remarks or insults. You’re free to do so but then guess what? You get Apex who wants you as a “playmate”! Something by the way which I called him out for.


          • >Clearly you lack a lot of class in matters.

            Yes, you’re right.
            Next time keep your blighted classy nose out of matters that don’t concern you.


        • Interestingly. When I actually want to discuss something and express my opinion **nobody** responds. Alex is trotted into responding to my comments every time. Comments which actually should have led to some discussion.


          • “When I actually want to discuss something and express my opinion **nobody** responds”

            It probably says a lot more about *you* than the people who are not responding…and the fact that apex ends up commenting is just the icing on the cake!


          • I agree. That’s why I’m wondering why a class nose Like you condescended to poke that nose.


          • I wanted to clarify yesterday but you guys already were in middle of exchanging barbs 🙂


  91. With a 125cr first week, it’s going to be a tall order to cross 200cr. The second week end is going to be determine where it will end up. It has an open second week, good trending may take take it to very healthy figures.

    If I were a betting man, I would probably put my money on it to end around the ETT range. With something like that figure, it won’t be an underperformer by any means, but it’s not going to be really overwhelming as well.


  92. watch the film last night here in manchester trafford center,must admit the cinema hall was 80% full.Whoever has not watched this movie,its a must watch film,especially if you have kids.

    For the first time ever, in the history of Cinema anywhere will you see a ‘Mutant’ {a mystique alike} who lacks ‘feelings’ in a love song sequence with costume changes. Also, it will show you some breathtaking locations.

    If you are going for it don’t go for the story….watch it for vivek and kangana’s performance and the special effects.

    ritik is awesome,thats how super hero should be,over 6 feet tall.

    The film is doing excellent here in uk….TOP 8

    Top 10 films

    1. Thor: The Dark World, £8,668,172 from 522 sites (New)

    2. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, £2,074,667 from 511 sites. Total: £8,933,787

    3. Captain Phillips, £1,622,925 from 497 sites. Total: £11,418,489

    4. Philomena, £1,509,726 from 506 sites (New)

    5. Turbo, £1,351,821 from 529 sites. Total: £9,711,401

    6. Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, £975,121 from 380 sites. Total: £4,058,130

    7. Ender’s Game, £469,112 from 420 sites. Total: £2,463,575

    8. Krrish 3, £408,624 from 95 sites (new)

    9. One Chance, £339,722 from 380 sites. Total: £1,866,395

    10. Escape Plan, £185,957 from 203 sites. Total: £2,504,262


  93. Sometimes I feel Satyam is also apex and oldgold.


  94. sanjana, it was funny though..keeps satyam busy all day


  95. Once again the whole range covered. BOI has 13 for Wed, talks about a big multiplex drop and a 125 crore week 1, Taran already has it at 153 through Wed, which means that we might be looking at a 40-45 crore gap for the two (!) and even accounting for the fact that one is including the dubbed versions and one isn’t the difference is still large on the Hindi.. anyway here’s NBOC with 15 for Wed:


    • I think this is the most ridiculous reporting ever! Seen some bad ones in the past but the difference here is the equivalent of a Kahaani in the end!


      • True! And ultimately I think the larger point to be made here is that things have got to he point where they’re not even bothered about being plausible. They whip up this frenzy through social media and where in the case in other media outlets. If it sticks it sticks, if it doesn’t they move on to the next film. In each case the same crazy hyping, irrespective of wherever the films end up they still show up saying the same things. Really they are more or less publicists for movies, they’re ‘paid for’ in many cases. Most of all they depend on short memories and/or cynicism. So you talk to a number of people who simply don’t believe anything they here from the media if it doesn’t connect with their sense of things. Which is sometimes misplaced. Because you might be part of a demographic where a film didn’t work but this doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful everywhere. However the moment they hear these ‘experts’ say otherwise they are even more convinced of their position because they assume that these guys are lying or whatever. But paradoxically this isn’t the worst result for Taran or Nahta or whoever. Because this general mood of cynicism doesn’t put them in any worse shape than many others who are not as bad in these matters. Finally there’s the short memory span in this hyper-mediatized age. Just consider the last few months. First it YJDH 24/7, then CE came and it simply disappeared, then it was the Besharam story and CE went, now it’s all about Krrish, soon it will be all about Dhoom. This is where even many of us on the blogosphere often miss the point. In such an environment no one starts stacking up grosses, comparing, deciding who’s a strong star today, who’s not and so forth. people have a general sense of these things but in this very Hollywood-like environment it’s really about the product much more than anything else. The right star is one who just appears in the right kinds of films. With the rare exception like Aamir whose films become ‘right’ for the audience because he’s in them (barring exceptions like Dhoom or whatever). Hits and flops of course still matter very much for the producers and distributors and so on who are not going to invest in people who don’t work whether the audience has enough of a memory or not. But the point is that the very notion of stardom becomes much more diluted in such an age. As it is in Hollywood. You can stand out most in such an environment by either being Aamir or paradoxically at the other extreme Salman. Because in both cases the model cannot be easily replicated. In one instance it’s about making the right decisions most of the time and in a variety of genres. In the second it’s about getting to a minimal gross even in the most junk films. everyone else is somewhere in between. And getting back to the likes of Taran their claims just become part of the film’s post-release advertising. Spread out the word, create this frenzy, it can never be the difference between a hit and a flop but it can certainly help on the margins. And if nothing else it prevents the narrative from getting too negative. Even when you know these guys do it all the time it does register in some psychological sense. But yeah even accounting for everything this current gap is just extreme.


        • The only thing that is clear now is that Krrish 3 is a hit and accepted and has also trended well going by the first days number.

          The differential of 45 crores is just ridiculous though. We might have a situation that if Krrish reaches 300 crs in Tarans book and only 220 in BOI’s books. This is the ultimate ridiculousness in BO reporting…
          BTW Krish will surpass CE’s first week gross today in Tarans book…


          • For Taran sky is the limit here.Actually producers are overreporting here..Taran throws same nos and whole media takes those nos..In India you can trust only BOI..They are the ones who are near to actuals.


  96. omrocky786 Says:

    sanjay masoomm ‏@sanjaymasoomm
    दो और दो का जोड़ हमेशा चार नहीं होता है; सोच-समझ वालों को थोड़ी नादानी दे मौला!-निदा फाज़ली००००#Krrish3 ज़िंदाबाद००००!!!!!!!

    KAYA ki tarah hi hain #Krrish3 ke collection-ALAG,ANOKHE,ADBHUT…..!!!!

    Pareshaan aatmaaon,haters-loosers, ab maan bhi lo ki #Krrish3 ke paas hai “har baap ka aashirvaad aur har bachche ka pyaar…!!!”


  97. omrocky786 Says:

    OT-Best Movie Fight Scene – South Indian Comedy Fight Scene. Watch an epic fight scene that will give Hollywood action movies the run for their money. Not even movies like Matrix and Kung Fu – Martial arts film can compare to the awesomeness of this epic video


  98. Still not sure what to make of Wed 13 crore figure.
    Is it an acceptable drop coming off big first five days with a lot of holidays or is it steep. Not sure. I dont kno offhand how it holds up against other biggies in terms of the Wed. Lets see how this plays out. Overall, it seems to have doen atleast well if not better. I am not sure if it has done orgasm-worthy well but time will tell.

    Rocky, you seem to be over reacting. I do understand your point about the average Joe and the public and how it is unfair to put down their preferences but I dont think anyone sane here is trying to pull down K3 unfairly. I think picture is somewhat unclear. Lets see where it ends. There is a real possibility tht it could trump CE and become the biggest grosser in the process. I havent seen the film, so cant comment on the film itself. But, have seen enough in terms of reviews for me to change my plans to watch this in theatres.


    • It certainly has done well enough. Even significant drops on Wed or Thu don’t mean too much in the contemporary context. But as Jay mentioned earlier it needs a decent second week. Leaving aside Taran and co any figure cannot be completely ruled out though again like Jay I think a 185 total might at this point be the most reasonable one even in the best case scenario. But it could do better than this or worse depending on how the weekend looks. Taran of course is another cup of tea. Unless the film completely collapses I think it’s doing the CE 225 number for sure by his count! He’s already saying it will cross 200 in the second weekend!


  99. Thursday Krrish3-
    Kanpur fell by 34% and Varanasi by 38% against wednesday.

    KANPUR (#Krrish3 ) Thursday Multiplexes-648583.06 Single Screen-312390. TOTAL-960973.06 7days TOTAL-9839926.04

    KANPUR (#Krrish3) wednesday Multiplexes-984660.02 Single Screen-472555.50 TOTAL-1457215.52 6days TOTAL-8878953.08

    Varanasi Thurs #Krrish3 MPX 537664 SS 122676 TOTAL 660340 GTOTAL 7961879

    Varanasi Wed #KRRISH3 MPX 882291 SS 184229 TOTAL 1066520


  100. P.K Talli Says:

    looking at Taran numbers Krrish 3 will end up making 250 cr without doing 200 cr ……… Ridiculous !


  101. As per BOI hindi has cross 123 and 7 for tamil + telugu

    Infact it has now beacame highest grossing dubbed version movie.

    one more record!!

    Krrish 3 Has Third Highest First Week

    Friday 8th November 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 recorded the third highest first week of time only behind Chennai Express and Ek Tha Tiger over the first seven day run. The film has collected a little over 123 crore nett. If the film can break the second weekend record it has chances of becoming the highest grossing film of all time but in order to that the drop on its eight day has to be much less than the drops over the past two days. The business of Krrish 3 so far is as follows.

    Friday – 18.75 crore
    Saturday – 15.50 crore
    Sunday – 15 crore
    Monday – 31.50 crore
    Tuesday – 20.50 crore
    Wednesday 13 crore
    Thursday – 9 crore nett

    TOTAL – 123.25 crore nett

    A dubbed Telugu and Tamil version of the film has collected around 7 crore nett with most of the business coming in Telugu. The film is a record grosser as far as dubbed Hindi films are concerned as Ra.One and Don 2 grossed around 5 crore nett each in their entire run.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      166.5cr from taran..and 130cr from BOI….is it me or has the gap between taran and BOI has gotten farther and farther apart?? starting from ETT to CE and now to K3. going by this trend…D3 will have a 60cr gap!!! this is ridiculous!! this system has to be overhauled. too much manipulation in the BO numbers has lead to mediocre films being made IMO.


  102. 2 weekend it should do 45 + crore to have a good chance of breaking CE Record.


  103. New Delhi: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan will deliver this year’s Penguin Lecture, which has featured some of the world’s most respected leaders, thinkers and writers over the years.

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