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  1. Responding to this comment:

    apex Says:
    November 11, 2013 at 6:10 PM
    Haha Satyam–I’ve caught u again (!) in your own trap
    “Appalling as narrative, appallingly handled SFX, so on and so forth. Compared to this the last Krrish was a great classic. I’m not partisan when it comes to judging this stuff. I found CE quite engaging recently. And even though YJHD was watchable for the genre”

    I have no major issues with u not liking krrish 3 –infact didn’t have any issues with even utkal uncle for his brazen k3 review –but his thinking pattern

    But there are only TWO possibilities this comment leaves—

    1) that Satyams reading of krrish 3 is wrong. Or the majority public is right
    Having said that, I can give Satyam the liberty of having a more ‘refined’ taste that loves DMD (lol!)

    2) assuming Satyam is right –it proves the point he is running. Away from even more !!!

    That inspite of krrish 3 being such a crap film–forget the superlative 3 idiots, even much worse than CE & Yjhd —
    Still HR is elevating the box office to such numbers !

    THIS is called REAL starpower of HR

    Put ANY of the tOp heroes in three idiots, even CE –the results won’t have been much different –though CE depended more on srk than 3i did on aamir box office wise lol

    Put ANY godamm hero in place of HR in K3-see the result–it maybe HALVED

    PS: note utkal uncle and many others who found the film a flop/disaster have all but disappeared from this thread now !). Satyam is now left battling almost all alone. Most of his mutants have gone silent barring few squeaks off n on lol

    Krrish3 will haunt Satyam and his mutants for years to come …..


    • No, sadly for you there are other possibilities..

      1)Every film that grosses a lot is not automatically a quality film. Otherwise one would be forced to call every Salman and Akshay film a quality product. Much as one would be forced to think Ra One and Krrish were better films than Swades and Lakshya (using films of the same actors in each case so as not to confuse you).

      2)The slippage is on your side. And it’s a rather stale argument where again many SRK fans have beaten you to it. The whole ‘hey if it’s so bad it only confirms the star’s box office’. Err.. the problem is this.. the star of Thor or Man of Steel or Spiderman is not really considered by anyone to be bigger than Di Caprio or Clooney or whoever. Much as in India no one thinks Hrithik is bigger than Aamir or Salman or maybe a few others, with or without Krrish!

      The second part of this is ‘hey anyone could get a hit in Sholay’! You said 3I (much like the SRK fans) but I’m taking it even further. This is like saying the truest star only acts in utter junk. Why even stop here? Kites confirms Hrithik’s stardom more than Krrish! And SRK shows what a loser he is by working with Yashraj and Karan Johar. hrithik is an even bigger one for doing D2.

      It’s good you’ve changed your ID. You’ve become an extremely pale imitation of ‘Alex’. The latter had serious things to say once in a while. With you it’s either Hrithik lust or back to the Krrish action figures!

      I nonetheless concede that it’s entirely my mistake for thinking a sober discussion can be had with you.. you’ll love Taran as much when he does the Dhoom numbers.. and when they all talk about Aamir.. LOL!


  2. Haha Satyam–where are my posts for eg
    “The sudden gold-standard-‘box office India’…?”

    This hasn’t happened for the first time….
    Just when Satyams totally puzzled and can’t withstand my salvos, he suddenly closes the thread due to ‘volume issues’ and hides in a new thread –& while doing so modifies/deletes some stuff he doesn’t have answers to…

    These are really testing times for Satyam —
    My onslaughts can get really deadly

    Again it proves how even Satyam has been stretched & injured now (forget his mutants) 🙂
    Ok will give u some respite to get reorganised /regroup…


  3. Basically with this sudden ‘closure of thread’ Satyam has taken his ultimate ‘refuge’
    One can’t expect many not to do so but when even Satyam is ‘stretched’ to indulge in such tricks, u know the level of the proceedings

    It’s been a fascinating battle of wits in krrish3 box office
    More than the actual film actually

    Right form the subpar openin day/weekend to the spurt on Monday to the ultra negative recovers to the final 200 crores breach!!

    The other difference has been the slow annihilation of all those mutants who were comparing krrish 3 to boss (!) or calling it the worst film of all times (!!)

    But with having to resort to a mid week (hey it’s just a Monday folks, not even midweek!)— Satyam has accepted what even he won’t like to…

    As I said before –this battle royale will haunt Satyam and his mutants for a long time 🙂


  4. Apex:

    I really do not get annoyed with anyone for saying whatever they want but you really are taking this too far by any decent standards. And I am beginning to think you are doing this on purpose. Because point after point, sentence after sentence, you are just not adding anything at all to any discussion. From day 1, you have been beating the same thing to eternity. And you are attributing wrong, insulting things to other commentators when they have never meant to by any kindergarten standards of English.

    I have read Satyam’s comments on the BOI versus TA’s numbers and any sane person, irrespective of whoever he or she likes, should hate the fact that such disgusting tactics are being carried on just to push a movie to some whore club. There is NOTHING in the comment that indicates that he has suddenly shifted loyalties or something. Incidentally, the film WILL/might enter that club even without anybody resorting to such filth. If it makes you really happy that your idol has entered some club based on such filth and deceit, then I guess the discussion is over. I would HATE if one were to pull in my idol into such club with such tactics. What would matter is how long the performance stays in mind and is it truly genuine. Not media manufactured, copied, and pasted lines where HR thinks his counterparts in Hollywood are jealous of him or where Oberoi starts comparing himself to Ledger and Nicholson.

    I understand I do not have any right to advise anything to any commentator because this is not my blog. It is upto the owner/s to decide whom to allow and whom not to or whatever. But as someone coming here often you also need to think what is it that you are doing.

    More dangerous than this is the fact that you are insulting people by calling them groupies or mutants or whatever. You did the same thing when I, Satyam, Saurabh, and Anu were having a PERFECTLY CIVILIZED debate (you can check – not ONE indecent word or abuse) about AB’s legacy when you jutted in and said – ‘stop ganging up on anu’ – nobody was EVER doing that and from here on (after you started attributing such terms), Anu lost it and disappeared. You literally poured petrol on a non-existent fire. The result is the blog lost a knowledgeable commentator and writer.

    It is your wish however you want to take my comment. I am quite sure there are many who are feeling the same way. I am still convinced that you are doing these things on purpose and having a big laugh when people are replying to you in paragraphs with sane discussions. Because you might be getting a kick out of seeing how ‘losers’ are typing in paras after paras in reply to your comments.

    If you wish to continue being the same way and feel I have NO right to inform you of something that I perceive, it is upto you and I apologize.

    Once again, sorry for writing this Apex/lex but I really couldn’t bear this after your continual attributing wrong words and meanings to people who take the trouble of responding to you in detail.

    P.S: If you or anyone else feels I have crossed some lines, I apologize, let me know so that I don’t repeat my mistakes..


    • An Jo, your comment is perfectly fine though don’t expect a concession from Apex. In fact he’ll say I am using your ID to get support!


    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      An Jo,
      You are absolutely right. Am not sure why Satyam puts up with this drivel which is dragging the blog down. It is one thing being lenient and allowing reasonable liberties but this has gone on to long and too far. Hardly anyone really cares for the views of the
      Person in question. These are outlandish, delusional and oten insulting to others who participate on good faith and not just to stir debates and get noticed. While you personally may not be bothered by these juvenile outpourings, you owe it to others who make an effort to have a discussion in hoid faith. In your own exemplary manner you have issued multiple gentle warnings but it is evident they are having little effect. Time has come forore definitive action. My two cents.
      Your mileage may vary.


      • Rajenmaniar Says:

        Some of aboveis addressed to Satyam.


      • “Time has come forore definitive action. My two cents.”– I’m trrrremmbbling —rajen uncle plz be lenient on me ….

        “My comments were misplaced in the previous thread.”– yup sanju–I posted some elli links /videos for u —and thanx for bringing her to my notice –she’s coming in quite ‘handy’ sanju 🙂


      • Rajenmaniar,why do you want to restrict membership of this blog to the degree that suits you?If one has faith in his abilities then surely he’ll have upper hand.


        • Actually it doesn’t suit him in the sense that you mean. He’s a big Hrithik fan so he wouldn’t have any problem with anything Apex is saying IF he were that sort of crude partisan who wasn’t interested in anything else! But it is a question of conduct and cluttering up the forum with ridiculous stuff. Everyone does this from time to time but when one does it regularly it becomes problematic. Because it minimally reduces the level of discourse. And it’s not only about Krrish. It’s about sexual innuendo at every turn and so on. Apex says I am free to delete any comment. It doesn’t work that way. First off I’m not the garbage truck to look forward to doing this regularly. Plus as I’ve said before for certain reasons it becomes very hard to remove comments once there are too many or there’s been an exchange. Despite this and precisely for being kind enough to allow Apex to carry on this way I am also accused routinely by him of all kinds of stuff. The people who visit also have some responsibility to act sensibly even if maturity is sometimes a stretch. Apex once used to have many useful things to say. The deterioration has been going on for a long time but now especially with Krrish he’s gone off the deep end. Nonetheless I don’t like doing certain things. Perhaps I’m foolish but in any case I will admit I am getting more than impatient in certain cases. I can’t say I will never exhaust that patience.


    • This is clearly Qalandar in disguise.


    • Just saw these….
      @ annjo–
      “I really do not get annoyed with anyone for saying whatever they want but you really are taking this too far by any decent standards. “– u are free to get annoyed & do what u want to do with it!!
      “And I am beginning to think you are doing this on purpose. “–you are right!!!
      “From day 1, you have been beating the same thing to eternity. “– you have even been more repeating than that
      “because this is not my blog”– u are again right!!!

      I haven’t read more right now but have been tolerating u for a while but alas u seem to have no patience, it seems….
      There will be an addendum to this soon ….


    • omrocky786 Says:

      Re.-More dangerous than this is the fact that you are insulting people by calling them groupies or mutants or whatever

      yaar AnnJo, don’t mind mat karna- but you insulted the entire Indian people who liked Krish by calling them morons !!


  5. “you jutted in and said….”—
    Just read this bit more in passing
    Aanjo—‘jutting in’ is what u have been doing again n again…with the SAME nonsensical single point premise
    Of being the upholder of ‘quality’ and ‘intellectual’ pursuits in bollywood (of all places!!)
    It’s ok to have read a few books but not to try and leak out that incomplete knowledge in every suitable /unsuitable juncture !!!
    But u have been ignoring it since it’s been civil (till now !) and my patience seems more than yours!
    Check if in the last many comments u have even been mentioned!
    Sometimes ones longstanding ‘angst’ and sense of ‘justice’ gets the better of folks, it seems.
    at the culmination of a long period of ‘wait’, an ‘opportune’ time comes wherein u have decided to ‘jut in’
    Alas, as u will soon realise there’s no ‘opportune’ time u will get with me!!!
    Addendum later today/tomorrow since I have some other work to attend….c’mon sanju–let’s play wit elli (& each other)
    Let people get crazy bout it 🙂


    • Finally all these ‘Good Samaritans’ who have suddenly popped up –this is nothing new chums …
      Have faith in Satyam and his discretion!!!
      As u have rightly said and understood –this is Satyams blog (!) and
      while I’m perfectly capable of replying like with like (& much more!) –
      – I’m currently busy with work (elli and sanju) amongst other things ….
      As for Satyam–he remains the captain of the blog and retains the right to delete anybody’s comments (Inclding mine). And he has
      been doing so very often–and ‘closing threads’ ha– I’m perfectly fine with other ‘steps’ whatever he feels so
      Ps: but hey, don’t try to teach Satyam his job or tell me what I should post and what not….
      I will NOT dilute/tone down my voice to suit some coterie(s)–
      Go back to your corner now & get your breath back u mutants
      Yup u heard it right –‘mutants’ 🙂


      • Though myself being a huge fan of Hrithik and Krish series but have to admit that Roshan’s have lost here.The nos thrown by them are. proving that they are desperate to create records though on papers only.In real manner Krish3 is doing great business and is a huge hit already so there was no need to do all this nonsense..Even print and electronic media have started criticising them for all this.Producers usually inflate nos but to some extent and that too from 5% to 8%,not like this where the gap between their nos is more than the net collections of an Akki movie.This is quite shameful act on part of them and will surely erode their crediablity in future as well..


  6. @ elli oops sanju— good stuff 🙂
    Couldn’t resist posting this one ….

    Ps sanju–after your recent break, u are looking much better..,cheers


    • There is Gauhar who is giving sleepless nights to Salman, there is sultry siren Kamya Punjabi, there is baby brinjals Pratyusha, there is cheesy Sophia hayat, there is Kajol’s sister, there is funny andy, there is angry Armaan Kohli.

      Salman’s tweet after he was upset over angry reactions.

      Don’t waste your time in watching Bigg Boss 7 if you don’t like it, tweets an angry Salman Khan


  7. Ever since Krrish 3 released in theatres, the comments section on our website and Twitter timeline have been flooded with questions related to the box office collections of the film — Why is there such a huge difference between numbers released by independent trackers like Box Office India (BOI) and the producers of the film? Is BOI trust-worthy? Since quoting a record-breaking figure for the opening day and weekend, results in free-publicity across all news channels and social media, how can figures released by a production house be trusted – after all, with millions at stake with a film like Krrish 3, the producers can quote any figure that they want to!
    Below is a quick comparison between the 10 day collections of Krrish 3 released by 3 different sources.
    Box Office India website: Rs 153 cr in 10 days (excluding collections from Telugu and Tamil versions)
    Box Office India Magazine: Rs 171.47 cr in 10 days (excluding collections from Telugu and Tamil versions)
    Filmkraft Productions: Rs 194 cr in 10 days from Hindi, Rs 206.35 including Telugu and Tamil.
    Here’s how, we think, each source tracks their figures
    1. were the first to release All-India figures, which is probably why they are considered to be a trust-worthy source within the industry and by fans. In fact, a lot of well-known trade analysts use figures released by BOI and claim those numbers to be their own! The 202 crore lifetime figure of 3 Idiots was first released by the trade website, which was universally accepted as ‘actuals’ of the 2009 Rajkumar Hirani blockbuster.
    BOI releases daily figures based on collections from a few theatres in various circuits, which is then compared to other films with a similar release size. For example, sample figures of Krrish 3 will be compared to Chennai Express, as both films released on approximately 3700 screens across India. Since they probably have contacts with top distributors, they are also well-aware if a film is under-performing or record-breaking in one or more circuits. In short, around 20-25% of collections are tracked on a daily basis for bigger films, the final total is just a guess estimate which isn’t always very accurate.
    Have their figures always been reliable? No, not really. When Hrithik Roshan’s Jodhaa Akbar released, they declared the film a ‘Super-Hit’ with All-India collections of around 63.5 crore net. But on the new version of their website, they’ve reduced the total to Rs 59 crore and also changed the verdict to ‘Semi Hit’. The difference between the two verdicts is huge.


    • Re: “Have their figures always been reliable? No, not really. When Hrithik Roshan’s Jodhaa Akbar released, they declared the film a ‘Super-Hit’ with All-India collections of around 63.5 crore net. But on the new version of their website, they’ve reduced the total to Rs 59 crore and also changed the verdict to ‘Semi Hit’. The difference between the two verdicts is huge.”

      This is hardly the only such instance: BoI have on multiple occasions subsequently (I would say surreptitiously) lowered totals after inflating them earlier (unless it’s a Bachchan film — with those they go back decades to deflate them!!!). For instance, with the likes of Rab Ne Banadi Jodi.


      • Whatever Indicine writes here,it is none other than BOI which can be trusted as far as numbers are concerned.They always are close to actuals.Yes,one can agree on a point that they have many times changed their numbers and verdicts but only after actual numbers came to surface.This in no fault by any means and they have the guts to accept their mistake if they ever did.


        • The problem precisely is that no one knows what the ‘actuals’ are! Again we can’t just assume these things. Also I’d argue that they actually never own up to their mistakes. They make these corrections much later when no one cares about the film and they tuck it away somewhere on the site. In the moment though they pretend they’re absolutely authoritative no matter how many such corrections they’ve secretly made. Finally one doesn’t have to choose one ‘more trusted’ voice in the midst of a chaotic and/or corrupt system. They’re all bad, all ‘worse’, sometimes one might agree with one set of numbers more than another but that is almost incidental as far as I’m concerned. it doesn’t make the relevant source any more honest or reliable. So one should resist this temptation to somehow keep nominating one source or another as the best of a bad lot. They all have different kinds of honesty and methodology issues.


        • With just 20-30% actuals and 70-80% dummy data, not sure how you can trust BOI more than producer who has 90%+ actuals in hand.


          • Both are unreliable. The producer having more data means less if they’re willing to do what the Roshans have most recently done with the Krrish numbers.


          • When you have trade analysts like Komal and Taran, who also call themselves critics, calling a film a blockbuster the day it releases, and then tweeting the same over and over again, how can you expect any objectivity in their box office reporting? I have never seen something like in the US, it’s sickeningly corrupt.


          • The trade analysts are corrupt because they place unnecessary pride in the correlation of their movie reviews to the performance of those films. They “feel” people value their judgement not only on the review rating, but feel necessary the box office matches their prediction
            It’s a daft and corrupt position.
            How anyone can trust a guy who has the film @ 206 crores…knows the Monday-Thursday will be adding enough to get close to 225 crore and THEN predicts a LIFETIME of 225-250 crore (so the lower end assumes ZERO collections practically after week 2)? Obviously it will make 225 crores!
            This is simply an amateur approach and how he has survived for many years is beyond me!

            Anyway good to see the social networks and public questioning the authenticity of numbers.


          • And the narrative in past was BOI has most of the centers 🙂


    • On the one hand indicine says that according to their estimates the hindi collections are around 170 for 10 days and on the other hand they just published an article that says that the collections are 217 for 12 days. They are still using producers numbers!


      • Leaving collections aside, everyone around my office who has seen Krrish3 says he/she had to go to accompany the kids — and not a single person liked it (not sure if the kids did). With films that are targeted at more of an adult audience, this element of “zabardasti ka jaana” isn’t really there, so Krrish’s box office receipts might not be as far a reflection of who wanted to see the film as it was for Chennai Express or others. [Conversely, of course, if a larger % of Chennai Express’ receipts are from multiplexes, it might well be that Krrish 3 sold more tickets; it’s almost certainly the case that Ek Tha Tiger would have sold more tickets than either.]


        • It’s mostly kids. One of the key reasons is adults have hardly “grown up” with Krrish…it’s not like the West where when we were kids or our parents were kids they were watching Superman or identified with literature. Krrish is new and targeted to kids mainly.


  8. Krrish 3 Second Monday Business

    Tuesday 12th November 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 grossed around 4.25 crore nett on its second Monday taking the four day second weekend total to 35.25 crore nett. The 11 day total is 157.25 crore nett.

    There is a holiday for Muharram on Thursday which should give collections a boost so the week can collect around 48 crore nett. This would be the second highest second week figure of all time beating the 45 crore nett approx of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and only below the 55 crore nett of Three Idiots. The daily business of Krrish 3 in week two is as follows.

    Friday – 7.50 crore
    Saturday – 10.50 crore
    Sunday – 13 crore
    Monday – 4.25 crore

    TOTAL – 35.25 crore


    • So will be at 170 crore on BOI at the end of the week. On BOI its pretty much the ETT/YJHD deal.
      With Taran and some of the others its going to be bigger than CE by some distance!


  9. ** I am not quite sure why anybody could consider SATYA 2 capable of throwing a spanner in the works for K3**


    “It’s beyond what we had ever imagined” – Rakesh Roshan

    By Subhash K. Jha, Nov 12, 2013 – 10:41 hrs IST#

    Rakesh Roshan’s Krrish 3 has become a far larger box office bet than what was expected.

    The collections on Saturday were Rs.14.23 crores bringing the total collections of Krissh 3 for the 9 days release to Rs 189.91 crores.

    On Sunday the collections crossed Rs 200 cores.

    Rakesh Roshan reaps the entire profits alone since he has not tied up with any corporate production house for Krrish 3.

    Says the jubilant producer-director, “On Sunday, we indeed crossed Rs 200 crores. Our total 10-day collection on Sunday was Rs 206.26 crores. What can I say? It’s beyond what we had ever imagined.”

    Trade experts are sure that Krrish 3 has many many miles to go before it slips. The fact that Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya 2 which opened this Friday is a wash-out gives Krrish 3 a clear week until the release of Ram-Leela next week.

    Says Taran Adarsh, “I think Krrish 3 will dominate the box office until Thursday because Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ram-Leela will take over from Friday. My prediction is that the final box office collection of Krrish 3 would touch a figure between Rs. 225 and Rs. 250 crores.”

    Adds Amod Mehra, “After seeing Krrish 3 I had predicted it would do minimum business of Rs. 250 crores. Now it looks like it will cross Rs. 300 crores.”


  10. omrocky786 Says:

    Its initial run put Hrithik Roshan ahead of his seniors, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. The Diwali period itself played a key role in giving this masked superhero a terrific boost at most centres around India — especially Gujarat, Central India, Rajasthan and many parts of the North. The school vacation until Sunday also ensured that the film managed a grand total.


  11. omrocky786 Says:

    Tamil actor Vijay, who managed to watch Hrithik Roshan-starrer “Krrish 3” recently at a private screening, was so impressed with the actor’s work that he wanted to personally meet him and show his appreciation.


  12. omrocky786 Says:


    • Thanx omrocky–watched a video after a long while….
      There is a certain ‘old school’ touch to folks here but one can see a certain team-ethic and one can see the effort here and in the actual film
      Right from bachchans narration, there was a certain ‘flow’ and the screenplay seemed v fluid,,,
      Ps: Rakesh Roshan deep serves credit for comeping out with this genre at his age…
      Hritik seems to have been the glue that’s helped put this film together.


  13. one thing for sure: Rakesh Roshan being the sole distributor of K3 – he has all the reasons to smile ……H U G E Profits from theatrical – add to it satelite + music + dvd +……… the guy is surely richer by 100+ cr


  14. Multiplexes Keep Krrish 3 Behind Chennai Express

    Wednesday 13th November 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 fell short of Chennai Express in week one and it was all to do with the multiplex business of both films. The first week multiplex business of Krrish 3 was 66 crore nett with 40 crore nett of this coming from the six national chains. Chennai Express collected 86 crore nett (excluding paid previews) from multiplexes in week one with a 53 crore nett approx contribution from the six national chains.

    The gap at multiplexes is a huge 20 crore nett whereas the gap at an all India level was 17 crore nett meaning Krrish 3 actually collected 3 crore nett more at single screens than Chennai Express.

    The second week multiplex business of Krrish 3 will be better than Chennai Express but a to catch up with a 20 crore shortfall is not easy and if the business of Krrish 3 stays below Chennai Express it will due to multiplexes not performing at the level of Chennai Express in week one.

    The approx figures the make up of week one (7 days) business of the two films is as follows.

    Multiplexes (National Chains)
    Krrish 3 – 40 crore
    Chennai Express – 53 crore

    Multiplexes (Other)
    Krrish 3 – 26 crore
    Chennai Express – 33 crore

    Single Screens
    Krrish 3 – 56 crore
    Chennai Express – 53 crore

    Krrish 3 – 122 crore
    Chennai Express – 139 crore


    Director Rakesh Roshan’s latest film ‘Krrish 3’ is breaking all records at the box-office. The film is marching forward to become the highest grossing Bollywood ever. The record is currently with ‘Chennai Express’ which starred Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in the lead roles. ‘Krrish 3’ features Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut in pivotal roles.

    As per trade analyst Taran Adarsh, ‘Krrish 3’ has collected Rs 216.77 crore. He tweets, “‘Krrish 3’ collects ₹ 5.04 cr on Tue. India biz: ₹ 216.77 cr.”


    • News from Satyams backyard & Amy’s homeland -South India (TN)

      Krrish 3 Collection Rock Solid At TN Box Office
      Posted by: Ramchander Updated: Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 11:17 [IST]
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      Bollywood movie Krrish 3 has emerged as a super winner at the Tamil Nadu Box Office. Despite facing a huge competition from local movies, the Hindi flick has made wonderful business here. This made the elated Hrithik Roshan’s team to come to Chennai to thank the media and audience for giving such a massive response.
      On Monday (November 11), Hrithik Roshan and his father-director Rakesh Roshan was in Chennai to attend the the meet-and-greet event. It was organised to celebrate the success of Krrish 3 at the Tamil Nadu Box Office. Released in just above 60+ screens, the Hindi movie managed to pull good number of audience to the theatres.
      “I have never seen this kind of response for a Hindi film here. Our film released in Tamil Nadu with approximately 65 prints in the first week. In the second week, it was increased to about 90-odd prints,” Rakesh Roshan said at the press meet.
      “This shows the success of the film. Usually in the second week, the number of prints comes down but the reverse has happened in your state.,” said the senior Roshan, who had accompanied his son along with cinematographer Tirru.
      Continue reading the Box Office story on the slideshow…


    • [edited]
      Ps2: some sensible ones like rockstar have changed sides/views..
      Wonder where is utkal uncle who confidently predicted krrish3 won’t cross 100 crores.!!


  16. Bravo omrocky –uve been on a roll lately, it seems ….
    I’m letting Satyam breathe easy for a few days after that intense relentless blitzkrieg that left Satyam totally unsettled .,

    “Director Rakesh Roshan’s latest film ‘Krrish 3′ is breaking all records at the box-office. The film is marching forward to become the highest grossing Bollywood ever. ”

    Well the writings on the wall really—one may compare tarans own figures for CE and 3I for ‘like to like’
    BOI besides under reporting! seem to be not even counting (heck not even mentioning separately) the dubbed figures which have been significant !!!

    @ Satyam –how many comments will u delete…
    How many threads will u close…
    Tell your mutants –sooner or later—
    The inevitable will happen 🙂


    • LOL

      Have to hand it to you Alex/Apex for sticking by Krrish when no one else really did.

      Not commented for a while (no Salman film to comment on) but with CE and Krrish the heat is back on Salman to deliver… Again.

      I do feel Dhoom is going to post some incredibly daunting numbers. Let the games begin 😀


    • “Have to hand it to you Alex/Apex for sticking by Krrish when no one else really did”
      Thanx naveed –nice to hear from u

      Well, it’s nothin great
      All it needs is an unbiased open mind, faith in oneself and ones convictions & choosing the right standards /perspective (not saying ‘Idols’)..
      The numbers/results follow…
      As Satyam will realise (but not admit!) 🙂


      • “All it needs is an unbiased open mind, faith in oneself and ones convictions & choosing the right standards /perspective”

        LOL – you are on a roll apex. That’s got to be the funniest thing you have written on the blog…even if it were not intentional!
        You have as much faith in your judgement as the likes of Taran and Komal do. I hope your bank balance matches theirs!


  17. A Delhi court on Tuesday restrained Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali from releasing his latest venture ‘Ram Leela’ starring Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.


    • Ridiculous.. unfortunately this thing has become rather too common in India with all kinds of groups being ‘hurt’ every other Fri of a movie’s release!


  18. With krrish 3 a couple of things have happened. First off records have indeed been broken because there has never been this sort of gap on different sets of figures on a film. With CE at least both ends agreed it had crossed 200! With ETT it ranged between 185 and 195 if memory serves. Either way even if one didn’t buy one set of figures one could at least take it as par for the course given how these guys operate. With Krrish 3 though it’s like the normal corruption scam versus the 2,000 crore telecom one! Ironically I see Rocky here defending this sort of thing out of some misplaced sense of nationalism! Which itself is ironic given the number of things Krrish borrows from Hollywood. Doing SFX badly or making a cheesy film is not somehow ‘original’! It’s not as if one did something very local and then did poor SFX or whatever. But in any case isn’t this the usual political partisanship? So one might complain about Congress corruption and so on (justifiably) but if one’s own party did the same one’s response would be ‘hey they’re still better than the Congress’! So it’s odd to see Krrish numbers being defended when they’re so plainly over the top from some sources. Then of course we have the Apex mentality where one keeps throwing out media stories. This is odd because what does this really prove? That there is a 200 crore narrative in the media thrown out by Taran and Nahta or whoever! No one ever denied they can’t disseminate this stuff. They’re there for a reason!

    Whatever my personal sense of Krrish I really have nothing against the film. In fact prior to release or at least before some of the poor previews I felt this and D3 would be the biggest grossers around. But there has to be some minimal plausibility to these things. I’m not going to agree that D3 made 300 crores if Taran or Nahta say this tomorrow and every other number is 50 crores off!

    never thought I’d hear myself say this but one actually misses the Johar/SRK days. It’s got way out of hand even since their days. Then again this is natural. It starts with a minor differential, then it keeps increasing. Eventually you get the 2,000 crore scam!


    • India offers such rich mythological stories and characters that there was no need for Roshans to borrow from the west. But of course it’s always easier to watch a few Hollywood superhero movies than to do any kind of research into your own religion/culture.


    • it showed one thing that indian box office is a big mess and no source ever get all number which are estimates…number of smaller centres never comes so early ….isn’t this one has always said all along and now it has come out in open bluntly

      rakesh roshan is an old horse who knows how to play game and simply released numbers with every move…this scam is going for many years

      ya k3 copied english movies with tacky vfx but today’s multiplex upper class kids have grown up on ironman,avengers and thor etc and simply one has to modelled on them to take out money for a massive grossers

      it will be interesting to see how someone like anurag kashyap makes doga( the indian superhero) if he ever gets the fianances


  19. It is indeed somewhat disappointing and frustrating to see the BO scene come to this level. There really is a HUGE difference in totals quoted. While no one would deny K3 is some kind of success, it is not clear of what magnitude. Given my mistrust of BOI, am willing to keep an open mind to Taran’s totals or to split the difference but what I am more interested in guaging is if the film has been accepted by masses and to what degree.
    With similar totals YJHD and ETT, I regarded YJHD as a fiom much more accepted than ETT. If K3 is in the same range, I would put it on par with ETT. If it genuinely cracks 225, I would regard it as being really accepted my masses. With wider releases and escalating ticket prices it is hard to regard two films even just a year apart with similar totals as being equal.


  20. The OTHER ‘WINNERS’ in Krrish3

    The other good thing that’s happened in krrish 3 is the break it’s given to some other talented cast…

    A big success of a film like this always helps everyone involved…
    Obviously HR will benefit but that’s understood since he IS the guy..
    Same for Rakesh Roshan –he’s done v well…

    But it’s good to see the following back in the reckoning—
    I am happy to predict all these will rise now…

    1 Vivek Oberoi–have always felt this guy has intensity and knows how to act– much better than the Imran khans of today …
    Just because a khan goes after your career or an ash ditched u (!) shouldn’t mean the end of your career,,,

    2 Kangana Ranaut– her talent can never be quesitoned after her first film Gangster. There has been a psychotic edge to her which brings a distinct unpredictability and vulnerability to her..
    She deserves solo roles all vidya balan -& think she will get some…

    3 Priyanka Chopra–I know it’s fashionable to diss PC and everybody had a field day making fun of her (including filmigirl!)
    But the fact remains that she is the best all-round actress performer in Bollywood right now-easily a better actress than deepika and katrina (though the latter two have other ‘facets’)…
    Lately PC has been having a box office disaster with all the zanjeers etc.

    Heck if I remember correctly she hasn’t even had 100 crore grosses -something that even sonakshi can lay claim to !
    It’s only fair that PC straightaway enters the 200 crores club..

    Even if it’s for a role that PC can ‘sleepwalk’ through (pun intended!) –PC fully deserves this success …


    • Barfi, Agneepath and Don 2 – 3 PC starrers in 100 crs


    • was about to work with shaad ali and maniratnam in bloody paki and hopefully it gets revived:

      stocks of oberoi and abhishek bachchan will rise soon as despite hitcoming industry always rated them as talented who knows how to act


  21. Coming up…

    I have an increasing list of films clamouring for urgent attention ..not gettin the time but v soon will sort that….

    1) First and foremost ‘Gravity’ –well I have had a chance to watch it a few times already but want to do ‘justice’ to the film (& not to nachos/peri film activities)—
    so watch the ‘space’ (pun also intended)

    2) Then there is ‘Ramleela’– how can miss personally seeing deepikas ‘growth’ from cock tail to Yjhd ‘climaxing’ (pun intended also) here…

    3) But there’s ONE film that’s suddenly caught my eye…
    And just like ‘Rush’ seems like something that should suit my tastes….

    Ps: I’m not getting much time to watch a new film so I might stay in the krrish3 vibe for a few more days
    (shudder shudder !! Satyam) 🙂


    • Forget justice, you should offer Gravity some mercy and spare it your writing.


    • There’s a time n place for everything including ‘gravity’.
      It’s not directed to anybody specific but Some unidimensionals unfortunately have only one gear to operate & don’t realise this. It’s not uncommon to mistake ‘complexity’ to be an end in itself (rather than a by-product).
      It’s foolish to ‘ignore’ complexity but it’s a ‘suffering’ to be always ‘pragmatic’
      Complexity precedes simplicity (not the outer way around)…


    • ” I’m not getting much time to watch a new film”

      The paint’s coming off those action figures..


    • BOX OFFICE: Will ‘Krrish 3′ Cross Rs 200 Crore Mark?
      by BusinessofCinema News Network on November 11, 2013

      In its second week of running, Hrithik Roshan‘s ambitious superhero film Krrish 3 is showing tremendous promise by taking a super strong beginning.

      Despite new Bollywood release RGV’s Satya 2 and Hollywood flick Thor – The Dark World having entered into the competition this Friday, it was Krrish 3 that continued to dominate at the Box Office.

      In its 10 days at the ticketing counter, the film featuring Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi has smoothly crossed the Rs 1.5 billion (Rs 150 crore) mark.

      Day 8, Friday Krrish 3 collected a good Rs 77.3 million (Rs 7.73 crore) net approximately. Saturday and Sunday – Days 9 and 10 – saw an upwards spike with collections in the range of Rs 112.1 million (Rs 11.21 crore) net and Rs 140 million (Rs 14 crore) net respectively.

      This puts the 10 day total of Krrish 3 to about Rs 1.6 billion (Rs 160.28) crore net (hindi only).

      The next milestone is the Rs 2 billion (Rs 200 crore) mark, which was just recently crossed by Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in their Chennai Express.

      Will Krrish 3 break this record? Time will tell. Watch this space for more!


  22. Re.-never thought I’d hear myself say this but one actually misses the Johar/SRK days. It’s got way out of hand even since their days

    What has the world come to, Satyam sides with Kjo, the multiplex, the bourgeois’ and ignores the single screen audience choice as trash, wahan Tehllka has all the corporate sponsorships in the world , so much for the corrupt rich….
    Tehlaka Chaey Corporate money , Corporate Chahey apna Kaam.
    Inn dono key love mein Satya(m) ka kya Kaam !!


    • LOL, not siding with their politics. But it’s true that the ‘hera pheri’ they were doing seems innocent in comparison! Of course this rot really begins with them.


      • Now note this ‘updated ‘ link put up by Satyam on wed night/ thurs morning on 13 nov
        As far as I can see it doesn’t even mention (forget adding!!) the min /tues (forget we’d) figures
        Nor does it mention (forget adding!) the dubbed versions (forget overseas!)
        And the box office thespian Satyam posts it two-three days after it was posted in the original site to show the ‘latest figures’….
        Now I don’t bother about these minutiae but when people have suddenly becoming holier than thou and those dissing BOI at every opportunity at putting up their old /non-updated numbers as ‘good standard’, one does feel amused…..

        @’ Rahul’ -it’s perfectly fine to not like a film
        As for Yjhd/ETT, they have been breached already
        Can sense the srk fan in u probably besides the aamir fans around getting anxiety attacks now….

        It’s a KNOWN fact that indian box office is a shady place, infact Satyam has rightly been crying hoarse for years about it here.

        I actually compliment roshans of PRE-EMPTING these games and boldly releasing their OWN numbers
        When there is NO other conclusive standards and the BOI have not even been reporting latest figures, not mentioning dubbed etc, the producer numbers remain the best possible ….
        If u don’t like the results–keep crying…

        The 200 crores was breached last weekend—
        Deal with it 🙂



      In continuation to this comment of mine —
      It’s actually the right answer to this mess that the producers come up with their own numbers
      Inflating figures will only increase their income tax/other liabilities, but yeah it’s good to beat previous records….
      And why not ?

      “The paint’s coming off those action figures..”
      Nope Satyam–
      The unfinished agenda will be completed now seeing this juvenility here 🙂
      Note most of the mutants have gone silent
      There’s no sight of utkal uncle and others have gone underground

      “Barfi, Agneepath and Don 2 – 3 PC starrers in 100 crs”–
      Thanx for the update krrish aka cheetagirl–uve been quiet lately …


  23. I think it’s obvious why so many people aren’t going with Taran’s numbers. It’s not even his numbers in the first. It’s Rakesh Roshan’s numbers. And when you see a Bollywood Hungama banner in the culminating scene of a film, you know that both parties will stand to gain a lot if the film runs. It probably explains the all the publicity overdrive Taran has been going for.

    The Indian BO is a real mess but I usually go for BOI figures even if they are known to be quite corrupt at times. But at least they seem be more consistent and they don’t seem to rely on producers numbers which are the last things you would go for if you are looking for reliability.

    I think Krrish 3 will end up around the ETT or YJHD range. It’s a film that has worked. But it’s not worked as much as 3 Idiots or Chennai Express. Not even as much as ETT or YJHD.

    I have been able to catch up with Krrish 3 and I found it really unintentionally hilarious at times.

    There is this scene towards the end where a sky sraper falls and how many people are there inside? Only 5! Very convenient for the superhero to save them all by carrying them in his arms).

    And when the skyscaper falls, the debris seems to be comprised of only a couple of concrete slabs which, Oberoi picks up and throws away as if he is picking up cheese and butter from his refrigerator!


    • Rahul ,
      the film has done wonders to ritik and his dad careers,
      the film is now approacing chennai express,might even beat that film very soon.

      ‘Krrish 3’ Box Office Collection: Hrithik Starrer Needs ₹6 Crore to Beat ‘Chennai Express’ Record

      “Krrish 3” is continuing its unbelievable pace at the domestic box office. The superhero flick starring Hrithik Roshan is all set to become the highest grosser ever in the Indian cinema.

      The film has taken its overall 13-day total to ₹221.23 crore. While “Chennai Express” took four weeks to reach that figure, “Krrish 3” did it in just two weeks.

      The second week breakup of the film is: Friday ₹9.16 crore, Saturday ₹14.23 crore, Sunday ₹16.35 crore, Monday ₹5.47 crore, Tuesday ₹5.04 crore and Wednesday ₹4.46 crore, according to Bollywood Hungama.

      The film requires another ₹6 crore to surpass the lifetime business of “Chennai Express” in India. “Krrish 3” is expected to touch ₹227 crore by its third Friday of theatrical run.

      By breaking “Chennai Express” record, the science fiction flick will become the highest grosser.

      With Children’s day and Moharram holiday falling in consecutive days followed by the weekend, the film has snagged another opportunity to earn well in collection centres.

      Earlier, the filmmakers decided to make this Children’s day special by reducing the ticket price for children below 14 years of age.

      But the proposal was slashed because the makers wanted to register big numbers on Moharram, which is coincing with Children’s day in some regions.

      “There was a proposal to bring down the ticket rates of ‘Krrish 3’ on Children’s Day. But November 14 also happens to be Moharram. We didn’t want to lose out on holiday crowds for ‘Krrish 3’ a day before the release of ‘Ram-Leela’ when we expect a fall in footfalls for ‘Krrish 3’ anyway. So all fiscal relief for Children’s Day stands cancelled,” a representative of a leading multiplex chain in Mumbai said, according to Bollywood Hungama.


  24. @Apex- I am not a SRK fan. I’ve only liked a couple of his movies.

    As for the BO figures, if you really believe into the Taran figures, then it’s fine for you. However, there’s nothing new about producers giving inflated fugures. Taran usually reports producers numbers and those figures are usually higher than BOI’s. Producers would usually pump up the numbers because people usually tend to follow the wave. The bigger a movie’s figures are, the more it will attract the audience to go for it.

    In Krrish’s case however, the gap between Taran’s and BOI is too huge to account for. Maybe Bollywood Hungama getting a deal from the Roshans explains it. Or maybe BOI simply hate Hrithik.

    But if you’ve watched the movie, you won’t discard the first hypothesis at all.


  25. Krrish 3 Second Week Daily Business

    Thursday 14th November 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 has grossed 42.50 crore nett in six days of its second week. The grand total for thirteen days is 164.50 crore nett. The collection of its Telugu and Tamil version will be around 10 crore nett in two weeks. The daily business of Krrish 3 in week two is as follows.

    Friday – 7.50 crore
    Saturday – 10.50 crore
    Sunday – 13 crore
    Monday – 4.25 crore
    Tuesday – 3.75 crore
    Wednesday – 3.50 crore

    TOTAL – 42.50 crore


  26. Must be really funny for Faridoon hearing the ‘inside business’ of his own firm from an outsider..

    Anil Sharma on critics:


  27. Raghav:

    Going by the reviews, feedback and music popularity and buzz Ramleela is set for huge success imo. SLB has given his best since HDDCS. And Deepika will fetch all the awards this year.
    Barring one review from Raja sen, every review is very positive.


  28. RL banned in Gujarat – huge blow to BO collections


    • That controversy traveled across rajasthan, maharastra and gujarat. But now it has been solved as per news. Also, i can see very good bookings at many centers in gujarat. I think it is doing very well there too.


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