Noah trailer

thanks to Aamirsfan..


14 Responses to “Noah trailer”

  1. Heard this tested miserably…but then so did the Fountain. Have to say though if it weren’t Aaronovsky behind this I probably wouldn’t be even a little interested.


    • Yes I feel Aronofsky is indeed a strange but interesting choice. Am not sure if he he has any history with historicals/mythologicals. But del Toro didn’t either with summer this might spring a surprise


    • have a weakness for the Fountain. Admit it’s ‘silly’ at a great many levels, all that New Age hokey stuff. But still something compulsive about it. And of course an awesome soundtrack.


      • Silly – It went above the head like a fast bouncer.


      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I like The Fountain a lot. New Agey mysticism and all. I’ll take its brand of silliness because its got more imagination than many, many sci-fi movies of the last several years. Just saying that The Fountain tested poorly and there’s been murmurings that Noah is facing a similar reception. At baseline though the Noah story doesn’t interest me and if it weren’t for the fact that its this director I probably wouldn’t really want to see this. Especially as he’s coming off of Black Swan.


  2. Um…well suffice to say I’m biased …Russell Crowe is second to none. And think the movie will be awesome despite all the reservations…and the yadda yadda yadda…


  3. Hey maggie–I know u r a big Russell Crowe fan–am I not right ? πŸ™‚
    Ps: I don’t mind him actually


    • appreciate your comments..I am smitten to say the least..pretty strong coming from He hasnt been stereotyped by Gladiator but I have seen him gravitate towards edgier roles ie: 310 to Yuma..Robin Hood was very physical in scope and there is a great back story connected with yeah..I’m a sucker


  4. “appreciate your comments..I am smitten to say the least..pretty strong coming from”
    Wow maggie–it’s my pleasure πŸ™‚
    Btw Crowe wasn’t bad even in man of steel and he is now trying for a man of steel prequel….which is your favourite Crowe flick…


  5. “cuz he really rides a stunt man there..all his movies are a mosaic where as some claim to be β€˜mysterious’ lol” whoa what a description mags
    For a moment, my delusional self thought this was for me –silly boy i am, eh…
    Btw do u know the man is v moody, and temperamental (& recently even saw a UFO?)
    Anyhow I know u have a great taste in men…


  6. Btw maggie I like the hairdo u are sporting today πŸ˜‰


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