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  1. Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela Opens Very Well At Multiplexes

    Frisday 15th November 2013 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela open very well at multiplexes at most places. The occupancies on average were around 60%.

    The film did not have an advance as plans opened on Thursday due to a court judgement where the name of the film had to be changed. So despite this, the film has managed to open very well at multiplexes.

    The film has a very good start in Mumbai circuit with Gujarat being excellent due to film having local content wile Mumbai city also opened very well which does not happen for many films. The opening in Maharashtra was less than Gujarat and Mumbai city.

    The film also opened very well at most multiplexes in Delhi NCR while UP was a bit lower. The opening in East Punjab was also less as Punjabi film Bhaji In Problem took the lead though Bhaji In Problem did not take a huge start as some Punjabi films have over the last year or so. Overall its a very good start for Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela and should go past the 10 crore nett mark on day one on this start.

    The other release Rajjo opened poorly at around 10%.


  2. Court orders removal of word ‘Ram Leela’ from Bhansali’s film

    In more trouble for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest film which is slated for release on Friday, the Madhya Pradesh High Court on Thursday directed striking out of the word Ram-Leela from its title after a plea alleged that it had hurt religious sentiments.

    The film’s name was previously changed from Ramleela to Ram-Leela and it was now being called Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela after objections were raised to its name.

    However, a division bench comprising acting Chief Justice K.K. Lahoti and Justice Subhash Kakode on Thursday issued the directives to remove the word Ram-Leela on a petition filed by lawyers Anand Chawla and Amit Kumar Sahu.

    The High Court also issued notices to the CEO of Eros International, Kishore Lulla, film director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, actors Deepika Padukone and Ranvir Singh, who are playing the lead roles, and sought their replies.

    The petitioners contended that use of the word Ramleela in the film title and its posters had hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus and demanded their removal.

    According to the petitioners, Ramleela, which is a dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of Lord Ram, is popular in India and abroad and included in the list of cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

    The folk is enacted during the ten-day battle between Lord Ram and Ravan, as described in the Hindu religious epic, the Ramayana, typically ahead of Dussehra.

    The Delhi High Court had earlier refused to ban the release of the movie and also imposed a cost of Rs. 50,000 on an NGO which had moved the plea against the film on the ground that sex, violence and vulgarity in the movie will hurt religious sentiments and feelings of Hindus.


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      this is totally ridiculous in a democracy…..


      • Not ridiculous. Tomorrow somebody will name a film Srikrishnajayanti, the story of three hoodlooms Sri, Krishna and Jayanti or Shivleela etc. etc. Democracy does not mean going berserk.


  3. Disney’s Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie:

    Noah starring Russell Crowe:
    [post created]

    both look visually stunning.


  4. GKRRL Bhansali wanted a cute title Ramleela and ended up with this. KKrish3 will affect this leela as it has established itself well. And GKRRL seems to be unfit for regular family audience.

    The way CE swallowed QD.


  5. Ranveer is looking like Pawan Malhotra.


  6. Krrish 3 Unlikely To Hit 200 Crore

    Friday 15th November 2013 15.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 has emerged a blockbuster but is unlikely to hit the 200 crore nett mark due to a big fall in business at the start of the third week at multiplexes. The film has collected a little under 170 crore nett in two weeks and is unlikely to collect another 30 crore nett over the next few weeks.

    If we include the dubbed Telugu and Tamil versions then the film may just get past 200 crore nett the Hindi version alone will struggle to hit 200.

    Krissh 3 will probably emerge the third biggest grosser ever after Chennai Express and 3 Idiots both of which crossed 200 crore nett. At the moment third place is held by Salman Khan starrer Ek Tha Tiger at 186 crore nett which Krrish 3 should surpass as long as business shows the normal upturn on Saturday and Sunday.


  7. BO update: ‘Ram-Leela’ takes a wonderful start!
    By Taran Adarsh, November 15, 2013 – 13:14 IST

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest offering GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA has embarked upon an impressive start across the country, especially at multiplexes. Reports pouring in from Delhi, C.I. and U.P. reveal approx 70%-75% occupancy, while the occupancy in Rajasthan and Gujarat has been much higher. Evidently, the film remains the first choice of moviegoers this week, dethroning the superhero flick KRRISH-3.

    Point to be noted is that the advance booking for GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA was affected due to the legal issues and uncertainty over its release. Despite that, the opening has been very good, while the current bookings are witnessing ample footfalls to ensure a strong total. The business on Saturday and Sunday is only expected to get bigger, since the word of mouth and reviews have been marvelous.

    A crucial cricket match [legend Sachin Tendulkar’s final match], being played in Mumbai, will also affect the day shows of GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA, but the evening and night shows are expected to show a huge jump.

    The Punjabi biggie BHAJI IN PROBLEM has taken a good opening in North circuits, while RAJJO has commenced on a dull note and seems unlikely to make a dent in the business of GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA.

    The general consensus is that GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA is expected to dominate the weekend business, packing a solid total over the weekend. KRRISH-3, which has held the audience attention for two consecutive weeks, is expected to move to the No 2 position, although the business at single screens is expected to help the film amass decent figures.


  8. Ram-Leela opens strong; Padukone shines again

    Once again, Deepika Padukone has proved that she is on a winning wicket, having delivered back-to-back successes this year. She returns with Ram-Leela, which has received a warm welcome at the box office. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and also featuring Ranveer Singh, the film took an opening of 70 per cent, all-India. On the other hand, Vishwas Patil’s Rajjo featuring Kangna Ranaut took a poor 10-per cent opening, all-India. Ram-Leela is expected to notch up impressive numbers on its opening day.

    Rajesh Thadani, Multimedia Combines, Mumbai

    Ram-Leela has taken an outstanding opening of 70 to 80 per cent and by evening, we expect the film to register impressive returns. The film is very strong in Gujarat. Tomorrow morning’s shows will see a larger audience and the film will do wonders at the weekend. Rajjo, on the other hand, had limited shows and didn’t open well, at a mere 5 to 10 per cent in both Mumbai and all-India.

    Brijesh Tandon, H K Tandon And Company, Delhi-UP

    In Delhi-UP, Ram-Leela took an opening of 50 to 60 per cent. The film is doing very well, especially in UP, where it opened at 65 to 70 per cent. Deepika Padukone has given a lot of hits and super hits this year and due to her increasing fan following, this film too will be a feather in her cap. Rajjo’s opening is negligible.

    Jaspal Dhingra, Nanaskar Enterprise, East Punjab

    Ram-Leela has a good story, emotion, action and great chemistry between the lead pair. In East Punjab, the film took an opening of 65 per cent and is going strong. We expect the weekend to also ring in marvelous numbers. Rajjo ka toh kisi ko kuch pata hi nahi.

    Debashish Dey, Aum Moviez, West Bengal

    In West Bengal, Ram-Leela opened at 40 per cent. The film enjoyed a lot of positive buzz and the music is already a hit. Deepika Padukone is already a superstar and, with this film, Ranveer Singh too shows the potential to become a huge star. Rajjo opened at 5 per cent and no one has any expectations of this film.

    Gaurav Gaur, O’Real Imaginations, Rajasthan

    Ram-Leela opened at 65 per cent in our circuit and is expected to see 100-per cent occupancy in the evening shows. The film, inspired by Romeo Juliet, is a fabulously made product. From the lead pair to the songs… everything about it is appealing to not only the masses but the classes as well.

    Sarang Chandak, Shri Rang Films, CP

    The film opened at 60 per cent in CP Berar. Not only is the audience enjoying the lead pair’s chemistry but the content of the film is also very contemporary, with some rural shades. We predict a great weekend for this film.


  9. Wish the bits involving the lead pair were done better. It did have some good moments and songs and some expected WTFs from SLB.


  10. tonymontana Says:

    Padukonemai is undoubtedly a superstar actress of the generation. Could attribute a fair chunk of the opening business to her.


  11. ROFL! According to Mihir Fadnavis, Ram Leela ‘”has the soul of a cyclical old ‘NOIR’ “. I have not seen the film, but the trailers make it very clear that film is anything but NOIR (or is that any film which has gun-toting gangsters qualifies as noir according to these folks). But then again this is the same guy who wrote that AB’s Agneepath was a B-grade film.


    • That’s a rather idiotic thing to say. people string together sentences and think they’re making sense! Then again this is the default condition for most Indian critics.


    • Think the firstpost review (if thats what you are referring too) is not written by the Fadnavis guy this week…


  12. Krrish 3 breaks three idiots record !!!

    Krissh 3 has broken the box office collections record set by 3 Idiots even while it was battling it out with Satya 2 and Thor in real time. Besides, the Hrithik Roshan-starrer has been the fastest flick to cross the Rs 200 crore mark. As per reports, while 3 Idiots took 70 days, and Chennai Express over 15, Krrish 3 zoomed ahead in only 10 days
    India’s superhero flick Krrish 3
    has become a superstar in terms of box office collections. Even after releasing on a non-holiday weekend and facing the pre-Diwali phase, the film managed to do magnificent business in its first weekend at the box office. Taking its successful innings ahead, the film which was released in 4,450 screens across India, actually turned out to be a record-breaker in its second week.
    “Krrish 3 has performed phenomenally well at the box office. It has a few more days to attract audience before the next big release. Chances are that it may even break the record set by Chennai Express,” says trade analyst Amod Mehra.
    Noting the success of the film in its second weekend, multiplexes, like Cinepolis India are keen to give maximum space to Krrish 3. Confirms Mayank Shroff, Manager Programming and Film Marketing – Cinepolis India, “In its opening weekend, we gave 90 per cent of screens to Krrish 3. But with new films like Satya 2 and Thor: The Dark World releasing, we gave some shows to the new releases. Thus the Hrithik Roshan-starrer got 50 per cent shows across India in its second weekend.” He further adds that with the film having done phenomenal business on Saturday and Sunday, they were planning to give some more shows to Krrish 3.
    At the Mumbai-based single screen, Regal, the Indian superhero flick was at par with the international release, Thor…, starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. Says a source from the theatre, “The Rakesh Roshan-directorial and Thor were given two shows each on Friday. While Krrish 3 collected Rs.18901.80, Thor… collected Rs.19320.65. Thor was given three shows each on Saturday and Sunday, as compared to Krrish 3, which


    Now over to raam leela–
    Hope deepika does v well–she deserves it –hope to catch it soon..
    All the best dips


  13. Krrish 3 Third Friday Business

    Saturday 16th November 2013 14.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 dropped on its third Friday due to the release of Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram – Leela as it collected around 1.75 crore nett dropping more than 50% from the previous day.

    The second week business of the film was second highest ever but with the drop on third Friday means that the third week will be outside the top ten films for third week collections.

    The third weekend is likely to be in the 7-8 crore nett range but a lot depends on how Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram – Leela performs and if that performs well then Krrish 3 may not get the huge Saturday and Saunday jumps which normally occur for accepted films from week two onwards.


  14. Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram – Leela Has Very Good First Day

    Saturday 16th November 2013 15.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela did very well on day one with business of around 14 crore nett and that too with a disruptive release in places where it probably lost around 50 laks nett as some centres did not open.

    The film is phenomenal in Gujarat despite some parts of the state not opening. With Gujarat being so huge and Mumbai city opening really well, the figures for Mumbai circuit are in the same range as what Krrish 3 did on the opening day. The central markets of Rajasthan, CP Berar and CI have also have done very well while North India is pretty good.

    The underperformance came in West Bengal and Bihar which had low figures on day one. If the film shows good growth in North on Saturday the film will emerge a big winner despite its bug budget as the other big contributor Mumbai has started so strongly.

    The opening day was the first sixth biggest of the year after Chennai Express, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Besharam, Krrish 3 and Race 2.


    • BO update: ‘Ram-Leela’ takes a wonderful start!
      By Taran Adarsh, November 15, 2013 – 13:14 IST

      Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s latest offering GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA has embarked upon an impressive start across the country, especially at multiplexes. Reports pouring in from Delhi, C.I. and U.P. reveal approx 70%-75% occupancy, while the occupancy in Rajasthan and Gujarat has been much higher. Evidently, the film remains the first choice of moviegoers this week, dethroning the superhero flick KRRISH-3.

      Point to be noted is that the advance booking for GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA was affected due to the legal issues and uncertainty over its release. Despite that, the opening has been very good, while the current bookings are witnessing ample footfalls to ensure a strong total. The business on Saturday and Sunday is only expected to get bigger, since the word of mouth and reviews have been marvelous.

      A crucial cricket match [legend Sachin Tendulkar’s final match], being played in Mumbai, will also affect the day shows of GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA, but the evening and night shows are expected to show a huge jump.

      The Punjabi biggie BHAJI IN PROBLEM has taken a good opening in North circuits, while RAJJO has commenced on a dull note and seems unlikely to make a dent in the business of GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA.

      The general consensus is that GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA is expected to dominate the weekend business, packing a solid total over the weekend. KRRISH-3, which has held the audience attention for two consecutive weeks, is expected to move to the No 2 position, although the business at single screens is expected to help the film amass decent figures.

      RAM-LEELA collected Rs. 16 cr on Friday in India.

      It fetched an outstanding start in UAE-GCC as well collecting AED 1.05 million on 57 screens.


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      superb piece. BTW – Satyam – just check out his in-depth review of Guzaarish – http://baradwajrangan.wordpress.com/2010/11/20/184628357e9/ – he tears it apart but the depth of the review leaves one spell-bound. He has gone very deep into the layers of the film.


      • yes I remember this piece.. it’s always amusing how people choose to accept or diss one of his reviews based on their own sense of a film or what they like or dislike hearing about their favorite stars. Good writing on any subject is not about confirming one’s views. If that’s the limit of it one need go no further than Taran! Rather good writing makes one think about the subject in news ways and ultimately whether one agrees or disagrees becomes beside the point. I actually happen to disagree quite often with Rangan on very many matters but his writing always ‘informs’ me and I almost never have the sense that his views aren’t defensible or that his framing isn’t persuasive. There’s only one Rangan in India but I’d say the very same about a number of reviewers in the US or Western context. Again one has preferences but this does not argue against ‘serious’ writing of any sort.

        To carp on an old point it’s fundamentally the complete lack of a serious film culture (or let’s face it, a serious critical culture in most matters!) that we see many of these absurd discussion here and elsewhere. It’s not even about one actor or the other. The way the entire Bollywood discourse is framed in every sense of the word it is simply non-serious. Assuming that one understands these distinctions!


        • IdeaUnique Says:

          agree all-around. Most other bw reviewers have BO figures as the foundation of their reviews….btw I am glad that though rangan tore apart Guzaarish – he’s mentioned that the songs are really good


  15. An Jo:

    On Bachchan’s Bemisaal (one of my unforgettable fav performances of his as Sudheer) :


    How Hrishikesh Mukherjee would have reacted to the latest version of Golmaal remains a matter of speculation. However, it’s interesting to note that Abhishek Bachchan, the son of Hrishida’s favourite screen pair Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri whom he directed in two classics, Abhimaan and Mili, has just acted in a subverted version of one of his beloved comedy. I do know he loved the Bachchan parivar and made some of his best films with them. From the vast repertoire of films that Amitabh Bachchan did with Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Bemisal stands out for giving Big B one of his most nuanced interpretation of the Angry Young Man.



  16. taran_adarsh @ DM FAV RT ? 1 hour ago
    #RamLeela Fri numbers in USA-Canada are bigger than #YJHD [$ 430,000], #Krrish3 [$ 311,000], #ZNMD [$ 240,000] and #Dabangg2 [$ 320,000].


  17. These are very impressive numbers not just in India but also in overseas !!


  18. Read only bits of Rangan on ram leela-don’t bother after a couple of lines.
    But what’s interesting is that some of his own cohort/followers are also gettin fed up of rangans nonsense

    Check out this One ‘shruti’

    November 16, 2013
    U r definitely not the right guy to be reviewing a film like ramleela. Bitching bout ramleela is like bitching bout moulin rouge and the great Gatsby. Also just giving credit to a good cinematographer and art director n saying that anyone wid a good cinematographer cud make a film like ramleela is not a mature critic. Shows how important u think u r and just goes to say how u gloat bout being a good critic just bcos a few south Indians read your reviews. Me being one of them. Be a little bit more rresponsible in ure writing Mr.Rangan. not fair at all.”

    Ha bravo shruti 🙂

    Asking someone so seemingly unaware of the finer aspects/ feelings of life and so blissfully entangled in his pseudo-intellectual crap–
    Asking Rangan to ‘critique’ SLBs work is asking too much

    Am shortly off to watch
    KAAM LEELA aka raam leela 🙂

    Ps: let’s see what deeps is upto ….


  19. I don’t mind criticism @ all, provided it seems genuine and not meant to reflect on ones own ‘high intellectual leanings’ etc etc

    Anyhow–this comment/criticism seems interesting (& better than rangans bs)

    “Pallavi Bhat (@palvib)
    November 16, 2013
    I didn’t even get why they fell for each other. Was he attracted to her due to her low cut blouse? Or because of the powerful romantic idea that forms because she is a centrepiece on the enemy side? And why was she so amused ? I didn’t understand why was she so so effervescent on the balcony with a stranger? Hormones? Then, when did real love start ? Or when did they realise that they were not just playing around? And just what was the silly dance in his video store about ?
    I was off right from the scene where suddenly he’s holding a pistol at her out of nowhere. And the movie never did quite redeem itself.
    You have so rightly asked, just whats with SLB ? I loved “Hum dil de chuke sanam”. And “Black”. It seemed like Bhansali watched Ishaqzaade and decided he can do a more “beautiful” job. One gets the sense that he’s attempting an epic (like Devdas), but the script plays out in such incoherent manner. He seems lost in his indulgence for the colors, poetic dialogues, her curves, his antics, guns and grandeur.

    Pallavi Bhat (@palvib)
    November 16, 2013
    One is reminded of “Qayamat se qayamat tak”, which was the one of the earlier renditions by Bollywood of “Romeo and Juliet”. And I think that it was the best one in terms of developing the romance between the protagonists. That part forms a significant portion of any love story, apart from the ‘conflict’ and ‘resolution/climax’. This is sort of basic no?
    The whole ‘getting lost in the forest’, even after the lad gets smitten by the lady at first sight, builds credibility and one subsequently feels for their latter misfortunes.
    Did anyone feel the anguish of Leela being dragged across streets while she calls out for her lover ? I didn’t.”

    Wow nice review there by pallavi…

    Poor ‘gravity’ got punshed back again –RL seems a more popular choice (with perks ) 🙂

    Lemme check out shortly today what’s the fuss about…


  20. Imagine if Choo#$ like faadnavis were reviewing movies when Mr. India released, these Hollywood Bhakts would have trashed it like anything, arrey VFX crappy hain, Missile lauch copy kar liya, Chaplin , arrey hamara Chaplin ka kya bana diya, Superman ka naam bigaad diya by comparing him to Hanuman, etc. etc.
    Saaley nautanki !!


  21. PREDICTABILITY OF UNPREDICTABILITY of yours truly (Apex) !!!
    Raam Leela

    A couple of weeks back I checked out krrish3 a bit reluctantly due to the poor songs and crap promos. The reviews were more negative than mixed and the film was being ripped apart by reviewers here n elsewhere. To top it, even the ‘Diwali’ weekend was subpar and everything seemed set for filmkraft-Hritiks first bomb.
    However, I liked something(s) in krrish3, had fun. And went ahead and predicted that the film shall rise on Monday and should do well.
    The rest is history and though some can keep cribbing about boi/taran figures, but krrish3 will cross 200 in most estimates!!

    Now raam leela was a film I thought I will love and actually wanted to like. Promos have the inviting favourite deepika and ranveer seems to be doing fine. I don’t mind SLB unlike many and found something good even in guzzarish, and enjoyed bits of all his films (except sawariya that I haven’t seen!)
    And the reviews have been mostly positive –taran, Komal as usual are orgasmic and even masand have liked it !! And this should do well on the box office as well…

    But surprise surprise,,,,
    Perhaps I’m just too moody or whimsical–maybe I’m wrong…
    But I just didn’t care for it!!
    The ‘base’ and infrastructure was very much in place for bhansali to showcase his wares but it just didn’t gel.
    Ranveer wasn’t bad and (by his own standards) did alright but that’s it- I stopped caring after a while

    As for deepika –yeah her face and eyes did have beauty, allure and angst but she didn’t do anything creditable (than showing good ‘kissing technique’ many times…)

    I maybe wrong but I personally wasn’t impressed and won’t be surprised if this drops after the guys have freaked out on deepikas kisses and gals have done whatever they wanna do of ran veers hairless torso–

    Something missing here SLB…

    Finally this has thrown an interesting occurrence —ALERT
    I’m on the same page as Rangan (!!) and even raja sen here 🙂


  22. Raam leela roundup

    Haven’t read many reviews properly (as usual)

    But the few I have read –the standouts will be —
    By someone called pallavi posted above by me earlier ..(scroll up)–agree quite a bit with pallavi…

    Finally bigger surprises have happened—

    But here I’m in the company of rangan and yes (!!) raja sen

    A rare raja sen review I agree with—

    According to Raja Sen, Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela is an overplotted, bloody mess.

    Begone, pretenders.

    Why must Bollywood try to claw vainly at the works of The Bard?

    Or, to be fair, why must directors overreach as they aim for instant literary endorsement?

    In the last year and a half, three directors (who have previously made one good film each) have tried to tell the classic tale of Romeo And Juliet and fatally floundered, creating painful works worthy of great embarrassment.

    Habib Faisal made the terrific Do Dooni Chaar and then gave us link to review the disgusting Ishaqzaade; Manish Tiwary made the interesting Dil Dosti Etc and then gave us the unwatchable Issaq; and finally Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who once made the impressive Khamoshi, has turned up a movie with a title almost as grotesque as its contents.

    May the brilliant Bhardwaj sic his bloodhounds upon you, foul fakers.

    Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela — an acronym of which unfailingly reminds me of Greater Kailash Residential associations — is a monstrously excessive film with a riot of colours, a girl who looks very pretty indeed and a daft hero, but despite that being the warning on the tin whenever you attempt (foolhardily) to buy into a Bhansali product, this can’t be what you bargained for. GKRR is an overplotted, bloody mess.

    Ranveer Singh, he of that dandruff song, plays Ram, and he does so head and shoulders more effeminately than you’ve seen any Hindi film hero.

    He throws in the dhak-dhak dance step, for example, and later appears oiled up and wearing a dhoti tied lower than Shilpa Shetty would a sari.

    He also speaks like a character written for Satish Kaushik in a David Dhawan movie, all poor puns and weird vocal tics and very lame dialogue. Singh pushes himself but the part is too imbecilic, and he only does well when falling down and looking up at the camera — simply because it reminds us of his lovely Lootera.

    Deepika Padukone plays his gal, Leela, a cleavage-thrusting princess who looks absolutely luminous but can’t quite handle the sheer, relentless raunch the part demands.

    She sells some of the dialogue impressively, but stumbles over the tu-tadaak overfamiliarity thrust onto her by the script, and performs the way SLB likes his ladies to: when she’s happy, she’s too happy; horny, too horny; sad, too pouty.

    She looks like a million bucks, however, and so resplendent is Padukone with screen presence that it feels like watching Angelina Jolie in a bad film — ie, it’s all pointless, but there is something worth staring at. Her hero might carry a water pistol, but this Leela packs the guns.

    Speaking of which, GKRR marks Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s discovery of arms and ammunition, one that leads to his attempting dialogue more suited to Anurag Kashyap: the result is very poor indeed, awful rhymes alternated with soap-operatic exposition.

    Performers like Supriya Pathak and Gulshan Devaiah are reduced to cardboard caricatures and hamming, and the ever-effective Richa Chaddha isn’t given elbow room.

    Somewhere in Rajasthan, there are a pair of warring families, and while even a typical Sarpunch-and-Judy show can be a blast despite the cliches surrounding it, this one plays out like a bad street-play with an unjustly fantastic budget.

    The frames look luscious, the palette is eyewateringly vivid, and cinematographer Ravi Varman clearly has more of a blast than any audience member ever can.

    Meanwhile the director, who has also written the film, keeps adding twists to thicken the plot and ends up with a loopy bloodbath that — in the end — serves no purpose whatsoever.

    Save perhaps to warn us that SLB can be quite a sadist when he wants to.

    Even the songs fall disappointingly short of memorable, and each of them sound like such a rehash of Bhansali’s own hits that it’s a wonder he — instead of turning composer here — didn’t simply license rights to his own glorious soundtracks of yore.

    At one point in this silly, wasteful, loud film with many a shifting accent, Ranveer Singh’s Ram, a leading man addicted to selfies, takes a picture of himself and Deepika’s Leela, proclaiming that it be announced immediately across Twitter (!) that Ram-Leela are now one.

    Ps: would have been interesting to get Amy’s views on this one–this is her choicest genre lol

    Ps2: one can accuse me of any things but not of bias/agenda now–
    And definitely not of predictability 🙂


  23. ‘Lust at first sight’—Raam Leela

    Now contrary to what many may feel, I don’t get distracted (beyond a point) by physicality.

    I must admit I was disappointed by deepika here.

    No amount of ‘low cut blouses’, ‘padded bras’ or ‘overt horniness’ impressed me –I did have a v brief nap though on a comfy shoulder (I think!)

    I missed Veronica and naina ….


  24. Ps:I know all/ most reviews have been great but imo this should do orgasmically well (!) over the weekend or a couple of days..
    But just like orgasms, it may not ‘linger’ beyond a few days really..
    However, knowing the libidinous members of male (& female viewers) overheard some interesting comments, one can’t be sure.

    Deepika may make them ‘last’ more, I don’t know..

    Finally, this film will go down as perhaps the best review of a hindi movie that raja sen has written imo
    Deliciously aptly written –all allegories spot on–even trumping Rangan

    Raja sen on deepika (in kaam leela)

    “Deepika Padukone plays his gal, Leela, a cleavage-thrusting princess who looks absolutely luminous but can’t quite handle the sheer, relentless raunch the part demands.
    She sells some of the dialogue impressively, but stumbles over the tu-tadaak overfamiliarity thrust onto her by the script, and performs the way SLB likes his ladies to: when she’s happy, she’s too happy; horny, too horny; sad, too pouty.
    She looks like a million bucks, however, and so resplendent is Padukone with screen presence that it feels like watching Angelina Jolie in a bad film — ie, it’s all pointless, but there is something worth staring at. Her hero might carry a water pistol, but this Leela packs the guns.”


  25. NBOC have 12.7 crores for day 1:


    BOI had 14, Taran 16

    Once more quite a spread!

    And finally BoC with 15:


    LOL, so you have 13, 14, 15, 16! Makes for a nice game..


  26. Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram – Leela Shows Growth On Saturday

    Sunday 17th November 2013 15.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela showed growth of around 1 crore nett on Saturday. The film remained phenomenal in Mumbai circuit as Gujarat which tends to fall on Saturday had just a negligible fall while Saurashtra which was playing on limited screens on Friday went up.

    The collections on Saturday were around 16.50 crore nett taking the two day total to around 32 crore nett. North India also showed growth but the film is under performing in North compared to Mumbai due to local flavour in film. Delhi city and Punjab are good due to many premium multiplexes but UP is not so strong.

    The film is also doing very well in South and Central India while East is average but as Mumbai is so huge the overall figures of the film are excellent. If Mumbai/Gujarat area sustains at this rate the film will emerge a big hit.


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h
      #RamLeela continues to win hearts. Saturday Rs 17.5 cr. Total so far: Rs 33.5 cr nett. Expect a bigger total on Sunday.


    • BOI had 14 crores for Fri so their total should be 30.5 not 32.5


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h
      #RamLeela USA-Canada Sat $ 650,000. Crosses $ 1 million in 2 days. Fantabulous!


      • WOW ! In US, it will do much better than Krrish 3 probably 3+ mn. It should surpass krrish 3 in almost all overseas markets at this rate. In u.k. it debuted at no 9.


        • Krrish though never has the strongest performances relative to other big films in many of these markets. The US is a key example where I think the audience is just too Hollywood-soaked to be that big on this stuff.


          • it just proves,overseas used to be srk strong hold and that monopoly is almost gone. khris 3 and now ram leela.


          • US junta is Hollywood soaked and mirrors the tastes of the multiplex junta of India, so I am not surprised. Krish BO achievement therefore is much much more valuable because it has broken the records of CE and 3-I without the support of Multiplex and solely the interiors of India..GO KRISH !!!!


          • Well said Omrocky!!!

            Seems slowly the sensible ones (like omrocky and even those like rockstar) are seeing through this ‘khan-spin’ wherein fans of either/all khans are having collective panic attacks to see their fave khans trumped at the box office

            C’mon folks–don’t mix entertainment with this crap

            Enjoy and celebrate true successes

            Of Hritiks krrish 3 and now of deepikas kaam leela


    • They said 1 cr jump and 32 cr total. It seems their friday number will be revised to 15.5 cr.


    • Whatever one says but these are excellent number considering release size. It has surpassed all expectations. Also, going by public reviews, this is most appreciated and reviewed commercial film this year. It is definitely registering very good occupancy, much much better than krrish3.


      • it just proves,overseas used to be srk strong hold and that monopoly is almost gone. khris 3 and now ram leela.


    • I am shocked how all so unbiased intellectuals and film experts are hiding. NG, tanqeed and to most extent SS also are silent on its surprising bo performance. As if these unbiased intellectuals/pseudo intellectuals cant digest success of anyone else than khans, kapoors and bachchans.


      • All are waiting for monday, tuesday, wednesday drop percentages. Wom and trending.


        • Hehe sanju—btw where’s my coffee?
          Y don’t u also check out kaam leela on the big screen sanju–I saw yesterday –gals were really lapping it up 🙂
          Overheard some amusing comments …


          • Psst sanju–as u know I’m not into these things BUT
            Overheard a gal quipping –“deepika should’ve been a bit discrete with her padded/ push-up bras– they are too obvious”


      • Actually I don’t think it’s very surprising. The film was expected to do well. Taran and Nahta were predicting a big opening for days. The trailers, music et al always seemed to be in the right zone. Deepika has been on an incredible box office run. So it’s not some small film that has stolen up on everyone! It’s doing very well and will most likely be a 100-120 crore deal.


    • What is most remarkable here is peak holiday season has just passed, and this exceedingly well beyond expectations BO performance comes on non-holiday weekend.


      • Rajenmaniar Says:

        Am actually very happy for SLB
        So far so good. Will do more than entitre Guzaarish collection in one weekend.
        Guzaarish- you know the film
        Starring a certain star who acc to some is unmatched in BO prowess:-)
        Glad for Deepika too
        Am not too fond of Ranbir as his off screen persona is jarring


        • yes I must say that Bhansali didn’t really deserve what he got with his last two films and so overall I too am happy that he’s become viable again even if I’ve never been a fan of his kind of cinema. Not that I have anything against the film anyway. Might well check it out.


          • Yeah bhansali hasn’t given a truly bad film yet and has been mauled unduly (barring his obvious excesses)

            I don’t have a problem admitting that Rangan is spot on ‘Ram leela’

            The problem with bhansali in RL seems to be this.
            I wanted to start writing about it –but a Rangan blogger mentions what I wanted to say–

            ” think in every (Great/Auteur)director’s career there comes a tipping point when his most passionate work gets mauled and derided and it transforms him for the worse as proven many times before. In hollywood this can apply to Coppola(One from the Heart), Friedkin(Sorcerer), Cimino(Heaven’s Gate), Scorsese(Gangs of newyork) etc. Similar egs in our country could be Raj Kapoor(Mera naam Joker), Mani Ratnam(Iruvar) and to a lesser extend the likes of Subhash Ghai (Trimurti,even though he did not direct it). The moment these film gets rejected and lampooned (many a times unfairly), they decide that whatever they stood for till then have become obsolete and start to adapt or change to what they think is the new market realities. But many a times they are wrong and what they need to do is just stick to their convictions when making the next pic. But i guess the cinematic medium is such a damn expensive medium as well as an artistically and emotionally draining medium as well that it is hard for the makers to stick to their heart and are forced to bow to the market diktats.
            The case with SLB which i had figured from reading his interviews as well as his TV appearances is that he is a very over sensitive person and he cannot accept criticism of any sort. So when saawariya was not just rejected, it became a running joke for a long time and it was lampooned by many of his colleagues and his actors as well and so was Guzaarish (may be not to the extend of sawariya), he became really despondent and a little cynical perhaps and decided to go all out with his next pic. In his own words he did not want to hold anything back this time. (the success of his home prod. Rowdy Rathore may also have been an inspiration). Violence was never part of his oeuvre and he is very uncomfortable with it. The violence in this film really feels like the violence of a pacifist who has suddenly becomes violent and goes on a killing spree which i guess is SLB’s case here. But if this film has turned him from an individualist to a generic filmmaker, then i fear we may have lost the very few remaining auteurs of bloodless yet full blooded Hindi cinema.”

            Ps: having said that, bhansalis ‘most commercial sell-out’ Ram leela may do v well on the box office –it won’t be a surprise

            Al the best to deepika, ranveer, and bhansali


  27. “NG, tanqeed and to most extent SS also are silent on its surprising bo performance. ”
    Haven’t checked the others but atleast I’m not silent!!
    And the big opening isn’t a surprise (to me)
    It’s still SLB at his colorful melodramatic excessive best

    Deepika is a true-blue superstar

    Deepika has given the likes of srk, ranbir and saif the biggest hits of their respective careers (& now will do the same to ranveer)

    Having seen the film though, I personally didn’t enjoy the film a lot & do have concerns about the films post Monday /Tuesday numbers

    But it has enough to keep libidinous folks (& female crowd) happy
    Overheard some interesting comments during the show …

    I’m v fond of deepika and don’t mind ranveer at all either

    I wish deepika breaks the record of Hritiks krrish3….


  28. Krrish 3 breaks chennai express record !!!

    Hrithik Roshan’s superhero film, “Krrish 3” is on a record breaking spree, overtaking lifetime collections of Shah Rukh Khan’s “Chennai Express” in 15 days, just a couple of days after beating “3 Idiots” second weekend collection.

    “Krrish 3”, featuring Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangna Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi, earned ₹2.44 crore on Friday (Day 15), taking the total collection from domestic box office to ₹228.44 crore, according to a report by Bollywood Hungama.

    The superhero film has broken “Chennai Express” record, which earned ₹227 crore from domestic box office. “Krrish 3” earned ₹228.44 crore in just 15 days, and is expected to rake in more revenues in the next few weeks, despite the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, “Ram-leela” on Friday (15 November). Its second week collection in India stands at ₹59.48 crore while “Chennai Express” earned ₹43.85 crore in the corresponding period.

    “Krrish 3” had earlier broken the second weekend collection of Aamir Khan’s “3 Idiots”, which earned ₹33 crore. Rakesh Roshan’s film earned ₹39.83 crore, making it the highest second weekend grosser ever.

    Produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan, “Krrish 3” earned ₹25.50 crore on Day 1, making it the highest non-holiday opener at domestic box office. It beat Salman Khan’s “Dabangg 2” which earned ₹21.10 crore, followed by Ranbir Kapoor’s “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” with ₹19.45 crore.

    “Krrish 3”, a science fiction superhero, was released in 4,400 screens across the country and 550 screens overseas this Diwali (1 November). It is the third installment of the “Krrish” series after “Koi… Mil Gaya” (2003) and “Krrish” (2006). The film has been dubbed in Tamil and Telugu too.



    • according to BOI it will definitely not do 200. BoC and NBOC have more or less the same numbers. The stories you keep putting up are essentially the ‘same’ story. They just pop up in different media outlets. Which you probably know but you’re into a propaganda trip at the moment! The surest sign about there being some essential ‘weakness’ in a film’s box office, at least in some relative sense, is the degree to which the fans then starts deluging things with such pieces that repeat the very same story again and again and add no new facts (or sets of numbers)!

      The irony here is that if D3 busts the bank on this stuff the gap might not be as huge with Krrish 3. In other words if you have a 50 crore differential it could actually be masking a 75 crore one. And so forth. Why? Because most producer totals even when inflated are not quite as inflated as the Krrish one. The Roshans have really broken all records here! Yashraj, if memory serves, generally don;t tend to be most aggressive on this score anyway. Plus producers tend to be less defensive about films that are ‘truly’ record-breaking. Of course there are other numbers out there as well. I’m just making the point here about the Taran/Nahta ones.


      • Hahaha Satyam your extreme anxiety is coming out here…

        For someone like u, who has been dissing BOI for years, to suddenly latch onto BOI as some sort of ‘gold standard’ and insist on that being the one to consider only –it’s amusing

        Do we have a proof about BOIs authenticity ?( when boi has itself posted multiple disclaimers about the accuracy of their own numbers!)

        I’m just posting what’s appearing on multiple other sites –& perhaps I choose to go with the producer himself when the waters are so murky!
        Atleast the producer has a direct stake and will have to pay more tax (& other payments) by declaring big(ger) returns

        So Satyam –take it easy & accept the verdict …
        Learn from utkal uncle (though I think poor utkal uncle has taken the other extreme and has lately disappeared from the box office threads ! Lol)
        Though I’m expecting utkal uncle to come up with a libidinous review on raam leela shortly … Hahaha


        • every propagandist says what you’ve just said.. I’m a veteran in these matters.. the stuff you’ve just begun doing, SRK fans had been doing a decade ago or more! So I’m rather experienced in these matters! This whole trying to change the subject bit, pretending not to read or understand what is being said, gross misrepresentations, so on and so forth. If it was just about fans indulging in these tactics or the likes of Taran or BOI or whoever playing out their agendas a number of stars would be the top ones. It doesn’t quite work out that way does it? Which is why you as a Hrithik fan have probably been waiting forever for him to get ahead of some others! Lotsa luck..!

          As they say in politics it’s always the coverup that worse than the actual crime. Krrish has done a fair bit on its own, it hasn’t kept up with the previous Krrish by any stretch of the imagination (even by the Taran numbers), all in all not a bad result, in fact more than decent, it’s certainly trended better than ETT but an underwhelming one given the scale of the project. but the ridiculous numbers undermine even the authentic case here! In that range (since I don’t buy Taran’s 500 crores or whatever, incidentally everyone else has lower numbers) YJHD to my mind is a big success no questions asked. Given the scale of the film, expectations et al. But much bigger films cannot get a great deal of credit for doing either the same or a bit better. The same holds for D3 as I’ve been repeatedly saying. Of course the fact that you think Hrithik gets credit for whatever numbers D3 puts up and that Aamir is riding on this proves only one thing — my anxiety!


          • “every propagandist says what you’ve just said.. I’m a veteran in these matters.”
            ROFLOL Satyam–so that ‘confession’ by you is the final admission by you (if there ever will be!)
            The fact that uve been forced to latch onto BOI figures as a last resort (something uve dissed for years was the obvious indicator)
            We shouldn’t be expecting Satyam to formally accept it (being ‘kaal’ himself) but his mutants have all but gone silent now

            And now with this INADVERTENT ‘slip of tongue’ ADMISSION, I won’t rub it in anymore

            There’s somethign called ‘grace in victory’

            Satyam –u fought well but u lose some …. 🙂


          • you forgot to read the whole response as always…’veteran’ in dealing with your kind! No harm in getting beyond a couple of sentences when reading..!

            on the rest the day you develop the grace to accept what’s really going on with Krrish you can expect something in return..!




    Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 is now the highest grosser of all time ahead of Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express. The film has collected 228.34 crore in 15 days (including all versions) at the box office, beating the previous record of Rs 227.1 crore set during Eid earlier this year.


  30. Watched Ram Leela today. Liked the movie. The cinematography of the movie is breathtaking. & the use of colors is very natural.

    Loved supriya pathak’s peformance, a little OTT but nonedaless very effective. Deepika looked gorgeous but acting wise she could have done better.

    Ranvir just cannot act, very patchy and inconsistent performance. His voice is the biggest hinderence here & the cheap antics dont help either.


  31. this one’s for Apex..


  32. A timely piece – what with the current happenings of ‘public is king and always right’ even at the Indian BO..


    James Gray made his filmmaking debut with Little Odessa, and then he made four consecutive films with Joaquin Phoenix – The Yards, We Own the Night, Two Lovers, and The Immigrant, the last of which was nominated for the Palme d’Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. I haven’t seen The Immigrant, but the rest of Gray’s work is a reflection of where we are today as movie-watchers. In the 1970s, these grimy, low-key crime dramas (except Two Lovers, which is a downbeat romance, based on Dostoyevsky’s short story White Nights) would have been somewhat mainstream fare, and some of these films would have featured counterculture stars like Dustin Hoffman or Jack Nicholson or Gene Hackman. But now, these are viewed as indie-films, art films. They’re too bleak to break through to a large audience, and when – by chance, on a blog called The Playlist – I stumbled into an interview with Gray, the auteur (and he is certainly one) had some interesting things to say.

    He said, “I think I’m a very American director, but I probably should have been making movies somewhere around 1976. I never left the mainstream of American movies, the American mainstream left me. Really what I’m doing is an attempt to continue the best work of the people I adore, Francis Coppola and Scorsese and Robert Altman and Stanley Kubrick and those amazing directors whose work I grew up with and loved. Because really American film was that! An American commitment to narrative with an interest in the creation of atmosphere that came probably from Japan or Asian cinema, with a commitment to thematic depth that comes from Europe… We lost that.” But he doesn’t blame the audience. He blames the studios, instead, for creating this audience that doesn’t want to see his kind of cinema. “If you give somebody a Big Mac every day, and then you give them salmon sushi, their first inclination is… to say, ‘That’s weird and I don’t like it.’ And it’s very hard to get them back.”

    But do studios have the responsibility to serve salmon sushi? Gray said, “They do… even if [the films] are not huge hits they do… You need [everyone] to do two or three of them a year in order to maintain a broad-based interest in the product. It’s like when American car companies in the early ’70s stopped making convertibles. They were losing a few dollars making convertibles and so they said, ‘Let’s not do it.’ And all of a sudden other people were making convertibles and American car companies stopped seeming to have a broad-based product line. Even looking at it purely in capitalistic, corporatist terms, I think if they made two or three of these kinds of pictures every year, then people like my dad and my brother – college-educated people either in their 30s, 40s or 70s, would have a movie to go to. And it would maintain the broad-based relevance of movies.”
    There is almost nothing to argue with here, when looked at purely from the “creative” viewpoint, where we say the most important person involved in the making of a movie is the director. But there’s also the commercial viewpoint, which says that this director wouldn’t have a movie to make if there was no producer, and that producer, in order to raise funds, needs to look at certain avenues, like local distributors and satellite channels and foreign markets, and this sometimes leads to movies that have to work in the mainstream. It becomes more complicated when you consider Indian cinema, because – apart from a handful in Bollywood – we don’t have studios, and most movies are independent productions (though not “indie” productions, the way that term is used today). So if this producer knows that the audience will buy a Big Mac, then who can fault him for turning into a fast-food manufacturer? It’s a business, after all. It’s his money on the line, after all.

    But what about making “art,” you say? The thing is, no other art form is quite as expensive. You can sign an author and get a piece of award-winning literary fiction for a few lakhs, which could also fetch you a happening band for an evening’s entertainment. But with the movies, we’re talking about crores, and this could make one pause before committing fully to art. As I said, this is the devil’s argument. But is there a case to be made that unless we change as an audience, unless we endorse films like the ones Gray makes –not downloading and watching them on a laptop, but paying theatre rates and contributing to profits – we cannot expect too much “uncompromised art” from the movies? How can we expect anything free to be good? If Hollywood, with all its money and global might, hasn’t been able to crack this conundrum, then what hope is there for the Indian equivalents of Gray?

    This isn’t about ultra-low-budget filmmaking, but filmmaking with vision made on a certain scale. Gray said, “Raging Bull could not be a low-budget movie, it just couldn’t, there’s a certain scale that’s involved in making it, and no one would make Raging Bull today. The last example of the industry doing this middle movie that I’m talking about, to me would be Michael Mann’s film The Insider, which I really like. That has scale and also a bit of truth.” There have always been intelligent filmmakers who keep costs low and get away with doing what they want to do (more or less), but what about the go-for-broke visionaries? What about those who, for instance, want to shoot on film stock (which is more expensive than going digital) because they want a certain texture, a certain look for their film? Thanks to technology, it’s become easier than ever to make movies, but the old question remains. At what cost art?

    — Baradwaj Rangan


    • yes great piece.. saw this the other day..


    • Rangan proabaly is under contract to write certain number of pieces per week, did no see anything new here , same ghisa pita argument – Commerce vs. art
      The biggest sell out was the God of so many idiots like Faadnavis- the so called art king- Kashyap !!! chal bhaag !!


    • ya highly predictable and monotonous and the predictable cliche of how cgi has reduced creativity..isquestion to be asked there no creativity in editing, camera, make up and action and change compared to old time ….right from jurassic park to something like avtar had creatity moulded with technology


  33. Now we have critics being criticised. Boxoffice and elections are similar in many ways. Unworthy candidates get elected and rule over us most of the time. Unworthy movies make money. Empty vessels making more noise, the shrillest voices drowning the sane voices. No doubt, both these professions are entertaining and irritating at the same time.


  34. ‘Ram-Leela’ emerges triumphant!
    By Taran Adarsh, November 18, 2013 – 08:05 IST

    The Shakespearean adaptation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ has worked yet again with cineastes. Yes, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA is rocking the domestic and international BO. The sizzling chemistry between the lead pair [Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh], the power-packed drama and emotional quotient, the lilting soundtrack and the spectacular visuals have done the trick and ensured wide reception from both classes as well as masses.

    Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the controversy surrounding the film’s release also worked for and against the film. On one hand, it stirred the audience’s anticipation and inquisitiveness and on the other, it cast a shadow on the advance booking of this keenly-anticipated biggie. But all’s well that ends well, right?

    GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA is radically different from SLB’s earlier endeavors. It’s violent, has sexual overtones, contains strong lingo… even an item number [Priyanka Chopra] has been integrated in the narrative. Perhaps, SLB, as a producer, seems to have understood the audience’s desire and appetite for newer-edgier content. There’s no denying that GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA marks the return of one of the finest storytellers of India.

    2013 has emerged a breakthrough year for Deepika Padukone. With four back-to-back Hits [RACE-2, YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI, CHENNAI EXPRESS and GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA… five actually, if one includes COCKTAIL in 2012] attached to her name, she’s the topic of discussion within and outside the film fraternity. It can’t get better, frankly. What’s worth applauding is that the stunning beauty has proved her mettle in every film and is, without doubt, the Numero Uno actress of Bollywood today. Ranveer Singh too has hit big time with GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA. The film has catapulted him to the top bracket.

    The Kangna Ranaut starrer RAJJO got hit badly by the GOLIYON KI RAASLEELA RAM-LEELA wave across the nation. With minimal hype and expectations surrounding the film [RAJJO], the film has gone completely unnoticed, despite its makers spending a good amount on its promotion.

    On the other hand, KRRISH-3 has emerged the highest grosser in the domestic market. The super success of the film proves that entertainment targeted at kids [and kids at heart] can work wonders at the BO. Now everyone’s expecting DHOOM-3 to overpower KRRISH-3 and reach the 300 cr mark. Trust Aamir Khan to set new benchmarks… yet again!


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 14m
      #RamLeela collects Rs 52.50 cr to 52.75 cr nett in opening weekend. Breakup: Fri 16 cr, Sat 17.25 cr, Sun 19.25 cr to 19.50 cr. Fantastic!


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 12m
      #Krrish3 Weekend 3 breakup: Fri 2.44 cr, Sat 3.02 cr, Sun 3.76 cr. Grand total: Rs. 235.22 cr nett. All Time Blockbuster… All versions.


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3m
      #RamLeela has overtaken #YJHD and #Krrish3 in Overseas. Opening weekend biz higher than opening weekend biz of those two biggies!


    • Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram – Leela Weekend Business

      Monday 18th November 2013 14.00 IST
      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela had an excellent weekend grossing around 50 crore nett over the weekend. The breakdown was 15.50 crore nett on Friday, 16.50 crore nett on Saturday and 18 crore nett nett on Sunday. The collections are excellent for the face value of the film though the film has still some work to do as per its costs. The weekend business is the third highest ever for a non holiday weekend after Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Dabangg 2.

      The film has done phenomenal business in Mumbai and when a film really scores in either Mumbai or North it manages to put up good final numbers even if some other areas don’t come on board. A few years back Singham grossed close to 100 crore nett on the strength of Mumbai circuit. This year Bhaag Milkha Bhaag grossed 108 crore nett on the strength of Delhi and Punjab.

      Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela should easily go over 100 crore nett as well and it remains to be seen how far it can go over.


    • Not only does Deepika have 5 hits in a row, 4 of those touched or crossed a 100 (assuming the current film does as much), two of those crossed 175, one of those crossed 200. And in every one of those films she has either got more attention than her male counterpart or at least been on par. Judging by the media reviews it’s been more the former than the latter. So with all these factors it has been the most remarkable streak by a Bollywood actress in a rather long time.


      • Sometime back many were saying the same thing about Vidya and Katrina.

        Vidya in the wake of TDP, Kahaani, My name is Jessica, Ishquiya.

        Katrina after ETT, Rajneeti, Ajab Prem. Namastey London, New York etc.


        • Long back Karisma, Juhi Chawala and Madhuri were being hailed and heralded.


        • The problem with both Vidya and Katrina is that they took way too long to come out with a movie after they had hits. Ghanchakkar released almost a year and a half after Kahaani and it was also just not that good of a film. She really couldn’t capitalize on the momentum she had. 13 months will have gone by between JTHJ and D3 for Katrina. At least with Katrina she gets the biggest of projects and hence the maximum exposure.

          Deepika is on a whole new level, the acting contribution of Vidya combined with the box office success of Katrina. But she also seems to be making the same mistake Vidya and Katrina made of taking too long of a break. Deepika’s at a career high but her next movie (Besides the Rajni one) doesn’t come out for another 11 months (Happy New Year).


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        although i like both DP and KK – DP is surely more successful in terms of BO


    • Already predicting 300 crore for D3? Taran’s pockets already been filled?


  35. and she is not an useless arm candy like katrina or sonakshi

    she was the best thing in all 4(even if context was look in race 2 ) and acting in others…true blue female superstar


  36. IdeaUnique Says:

    BIG B goes ga ga over RL – “There is a certain joy in acknowledging the accomplishments of another .. I did so today for ‘Ram Leela’, the film and its glorious cast and crew .. with Sanjay Leela Bhansali, with Deepika and Ranveer and Supriya and Richa .. all that have made this film a most memorable experience for me .. I have watched it 3 times over in the last 24 hours and still desire more .. those late hours that you have been noticing on timelines of this extraordinary medium, is so because of this most enjoyable activity of mine .. so I wrote to them and sent them flowers and spoke to some and the delight that it gives me in doing so cannot be explained”


  37. Krrish 3 Drops In Third Weeeknd

    Monday 18th November 2013 14.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Krrish 3 dropped in its third weekend as it grossed around 7 crore nett which is a 75% drop from last week. The film has now grossed 172 crore nett and is now looking at a lifetime finish of around 180 crore nett which will make it the fourth highest grossing film of all time after Chennai Express, 3 Idiots and Ek Tha Tiger. The business of Krrish 3 till date is as follows

    Week One – 122.11 crore

    Week Two – 42.86 crore

    Third Weekend – 7 crore approx

    TOTAL – 171.97 crore

    The Tamil and Telugu version has added a further 10 crore nett approx in 17 days. In this format it is the highest grossing film ever doubling the business of films like Ra.One and Don 2.


    • Remains to be seen how much D3 will do though I’m very confident it will put up benchmark numbers. My test as always is too see how much previous trending patterns and so forth can be repeated. Leaving this aside I think that at least among the major releases the most impressive box office story so far this year has been YJHD. I’ll even give CE credit because this wasn’t one of those OSO (or potentially HNY) kind of deal for SRK that was expected to put up such numbers. Krrish I’d call underwhelming. Though it has clearly trended better than ETT I am fairly confident that without the younger demographic here it might not have done so. So there’s perhaps an asterisk here. Unlike the last one where trending was so strong that it clearly couldn’t have just been sustained by that same demographic. Nonetheless it has done better than ETT. Still not good enough all things considered which is not to say it isn’t some kind of success (though the idea that this is a super hit or blockbuster is again the stuff of fiction, it is neither this on trending grounds nor on budget ones)>

      But getting to the quality of these same major films I really haven’t liked anything since Talaash (among important releases). And I doubt this will change anytime soon. At least till Hirani releases his film. Which is not to say I won’t enjoy dhoom or didn’t enjoy some others this way. But I truly liked Talaash and that’s a different sort of yardstick. Even otherwise Talaash is the movie I’ve probably liked most since the DMD release. Could be forgetting something somewhere (among the major releases) though I doubt it.


  38. Krrish 3 may breach 250 crores net landmark !!!

    Rakesh Roshan’s latest offering Krrish 3 has still been going strong in the domestic market in the third week. Though its business was partially affected by new release Ram Leela, the Hrithik Roshan starrer has once again done fantastic collection at the Indian Box Office in its third weekend. In just 17 days, the movie has become the highest grosser of 2013 and all time highest grosser, beating the record of Chennai Express. Trade experts had predicted that new release Ram Leela, which is one of the most-awaited Hindi movies, would send down the business of Krrish 3. The Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone starrer did it, but not to the expected mark. The latter became the first choice for many viewers even in the third weekend. When compared to its second Thursday business, Krrish 3, which lost out many screens to Ram Leela, showed 50% dip in its collection on its third Friday. But the movie picked up well on Saturday and Sunday. The superhero film has collected Rs 9.22 crores at the Indian Box Office in its third weekend. Its breakup is Rs 2.44 cr on Fri, Rs 3.02 cr on Sat and Rs 3.76 cr on Sun. Krrish 3 has collected a total of Rs 235.22 crores nett at the Indian Box Office in just 17 days. Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express was the highest grosser of 2013 and all time highest grosser with its lifetime collection Rs 227.13 crores nett in the domestic market. Now, the Hrithik Roshan starrer has smashed both records and is fast heading towards Rs 250 crore mark at the Indian Box Office.

    Read more at: http://entertainment.oneindia.in/bollywood/box-office/2013/krrish-3-17-days-third-weekend-collection-box-office-125084.html



    Congrats to Krrish 3 for becoming the BIGGEST Bollywood grosser of ALLTIME

    Its official—-

    Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 is now the highest Bollywood grosser of all time, as it has broken SRK starrer Chennai Express’s milestone that it had reached earlier this year at the box office.

    Read Story: Hrithik Roshan hopeful for Krrish 4

    Previously, Chennai Express had taken over Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots (2009), which enjoyed the undisputed top position as the all-time highest grosser for three years in a row with a collection of Rs. 202 crore from the domestic market. The record was broken by SRK’s Chennai Express that surpassed 3 Idiots to become the highest grosser at Rs. 227 crore.

    Now, in a span of a few months, that record too has been beaten by Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3, which released on November 1 and has so far made a collection of Rs. 231 crore, till Nov 16 and still progressing.

    Interstingly, both Krrish 3 and Chennai Express hold the record of minting the fasted 100 crore in just four days within their release.

    Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/box-office-krrish-3-beats-chennai-express-and-becomes-all-time-highest-grosser/1/325283.html

    Ps: it’s obvious —
    Those who want to believe one dodgy site(s) feeding off leftovers thrown by khans or on the steam of khan-fans–carry on..

    The online www is NOT the domain of khans —


  40. http://www.boxofficecapsule.com/boxoffice-analysis.aspx?analysis_id=1933

    Now BoxOfficeCapsule which had been peddling Rakesh Roshan’s numbers all this while is also coming around on Krrish 3. They are reporting a 190 cr figure incl all versions after the end of run. One things for sure BOI is closer to truth for this movie

    The Truth behind Krrish3’s BO reporting

    Monday, 18th November 07:00 PM IST

    First it was the critics who were blamed for all kind of unfair practices while rating a film. Then, in the last few years it is trade experts who are under the scrutiny. In the last couple of years, the trade figures and producers” figures started differing. In case of films like ”Ek Tha Tiger” and ”Chennai Express”, this difference was less than 10% of the total figure i.e. in region of 8-12 cr nett. But ”Krrish 3” became the center of debate where this difference is in excess of 50 cr nett!

    Eyebrows were raised and hard core box office followers cried foul. We got numerous messages from our readers asking which one was the right and reliable figure. So, we tried to dig deeper and investigate about the whole circus of reporting the figures and manipulating these to break the records.

    Distributor Figures Vs Producer”s Figures

    First, we need to understand about different ways of reporting the collections in Bollywood. There are few like us, who purely go by the producers” figures which is one way of looking the things.

    We can always compare this with other way of reporting which is the distributor figures. Few sources blindly follow distributors who are scattered all over country, and also under report or over report at times for various reasons.
    For example, if a film gets a huge overflow,then under reporting is a natural phenomenon i.e. ”Aashiqui 2” and ”Grand Masti”. If a film is a big flop, then a bit of over reporting never hurts. The distributors will get adjustments from producer in the next film, so he will go to any length to make others believe that at least he recovered investment in a film which is actually a flop.

    Widening Gap Between Figures

    Bigger the film bigger the difference due to more number of screens. But actually what happened with ”Krrish 3” which caused such a huge difference between numbers of producers and distributors.

    The whole doubt arises in our mind only when the film entered in the 3rd week. On the 3rd Friday, the film supposedly collected 2.44 cr nett followed by 3.02 cr nett on Saturday and 3.76 cr nett on Sunday – taking the 3rd weekend total to 9.22 cr nett. With only 700 screens, this kind of total is possible only if the film had great occupancy. But if one checks the leading ticket booking portals online, then the situation is almost reverse. It is tough to believe that film collected anything in excess of 7 cr nett. Despite several attempts, no territorial breakdown was made available to us.

    Things look more doubtful when you look into details. All PR and online marketing of ”Krrish 3” was done by a company which handles Hrithik Roshan and incidentally the most popular trade expert is also associated with the same group online. Now this indication and connection should be good enough for your grey cells.

    ”Chennai Express” overtook ”3 Idiots” record with some distance, but ”Krrish 3” just surpassed”Chennai Express” records which seems was the most important point.

    No matter how much you dwell over this, one thing is true that ”Krrish 3” is a huge blockbuster and the film is the biggest hit for Hrithik Roshan. How big is the hit will always remain under cloud and we keep our faith with the makers but to answer that important question – what is the real box office collection of ”Krrish 3”? We have only one answer that truth falls somewhere in between. The film will touch 192-195 cr nett including all versions by end of the run for sure.


    • It’s not just BOI, BoC and NBOC more or less have the same numbers. but also check out the comparisons here:


      The thing is that this time the ‘producers’ got a bit carried away. I’ve seen a lot of cooking of the numbers but this takes the cake! However it does reveal a somewhat disturbing trend where before release these guys decide on a number, they have the highest possible numbers then for the first week or so. Eventually they align them more with other numbers out there. Unless the film collapses totally after an initial 5-7 day period that number has been achieved! And that collapse has to be kind of historic. In Hollywood terms it’s like saying that the Avengers should get to 300m. The bar is set low so even with a weak performance such a genre film will get there. We’ve seen with Transformers and Pirates to quote two examples. The difference is that in Hollywood underperformance is not called breaking records. So 4 years after 3I films are being celebrated for breaking the 3I number when tellingly not one of these films so far has matched the 3I second weekend. Leaving aside the absurdity that these films get to 200 off 140 crore initials or more and 3I got there off 80 crores! In Hollywood even when comparing films a year or two old they look at whether there was more competition or less, whether the calendar was comparable in terms of release weekend, whether 3D sales added more than in the previous case. So on and so forth. Here we have the craziness of celebrating BMB and Barfi and then Ra One equally for crossing a 100! Even online everyone just talks about an absolute number. when I’ve mentioned how much Krrish or D3 ought to be doing to keep up with their past successes everyone thinks I’m overdoing it by using such a high benchmark. But then these benchmarks become achievable and suddenly we’re back to square one where the numbers for other films are cooked all over again to get to those new record levels by hook or by crook. And these ‘records’ are so fantastic they’re broken every other month! Again in Hollywood it would be a bit like saying the Avengers entered a 600m club established by Titanic 15 years ago or something! Of course no one says this.


      • Hoho folks–suddenly BOC/NBOC have made their entry onto this site for the first time as some ‘respectable’ gold standard(s)

        It’s easy Satyam–
        GO SUE ‘INDIA TODAY’ and QUOTE your ‘gold standard’ BOI
        And ask them how dare a reputable publication like ‘India today’ not publish the figures of THE ‘gold standard’ BOI

        If u can’t –relax

        Let people choose if they want to believe Inida today or financial express or the producer himself
        Or the dodgy figures BOI are pedalling to further the agenda of certain fan(s)

        What’s more disturbing is to see the ‘khan-isation’ of Satyam
        To escape hritik

        U didn’t need to do this Satyam 🙂


        • actually both BoC and NBOC have been quoted here many times before.

          I’d advise you to stop digging. the hole is deep enough!


          • LOL @ ‘boc” & “nboc’

            Not sure why all these websites including ‘India today’ are not quoting BOI or this other one (many’ve just heard now!)

            Has ‘India today’ also been corrupted by the roshans 🙂


    • Is the penny beginning to drop on the Krrish numbers finally?
      Or are they still abound in Taran and Komals pockets? 🙂


      • This is now called the “chopping off phase” … various people who over-reported numbers begin either to under-report or “chop-off” collections from previous weeks numbers. Case in point addatoday…suddenly from being at 228crore on Sunday for all versions it is at 225crore on Monday for all versions. Apparently now they are “receiving actuals” and it seems like every rupees earnt now on these inflated numbers will be “taken off” the totals rather than added on! 🙂


  41. The ‘TRUTH’ behind BOI / khan fans krrish3 ‘campaign’

    If one looks at BOI ‘communal’ bulletins, it’s obvious that all sorts of calculation gymnastics have been used to keep it under the threatened khans biggest grosses

    Under-reporting figures
    Not including dubbed versions
    Not even mentioning dubbed versions forget ‘overseas’

    There are also murmurs of a certain perverse vibe. One way or the other keeping the ‘khan flag flying high’.

    To these others who have joined hands seem to be—

    Fans of ex-stars
    For eg bachchan fans who want to claim lost glory by latching on to the khan they can lay their hands on (in a respectable way)

    The classic example is BOI Suddenly getting the dignity and statue here it never got in the entire careers of bachchans ….

    “The film will touch 192-195 cr nett including all versions by end of the run for sure.”

    “Krrish”—the ONLY thing sure is that the asses of ALL KHANS have been COLLECTIVELY SPANKED BY ONE ROSHAN






    • Actually many of us have been routinely quoting these other sources from BOI to NBOC (the latter provides detailed tables all the time). You’re just playing a propaganda game and pretending not to notice much as you’re just drowning everyone with stories that are all essentially the same story appearing in different outlets. And it’s not about BOI or Taran or anyone else for that matter. One has to look at everything and see what numbers make more sense. I might agree more with one set of numbers one day, a different another, that doesn’t mean I consider any particular source more honest than another. In more philosophical terms the agreement in this sense is purely ‘accidental’. Of course the problem in going with Taran is that he was peddling even an extreme case Ra One as a hit and so forth. This when even SRK eventually made fun of its flopping.

      On the rest your hysteria cannot be dignified with a response. Actually if those numbers were really true such a huge difference would not exist among these sources. Your hysteria precisely reveals an anxiety!



    Have said this before—
    The only thing common between the THREE khans is their surname and the fact they are CONTEMPORARIES

    other than that, this COMMON ‘KHAN’DOM ( of which I’m also an admirer of!) has no validity /justification


    In times of REAL CRISIS

    Ranbir provided a REAL threat but his own DEBAUCHERIES and Abhinav kashyaps indiscretions hurt him (though the khan-battery was ready to TWEET the film to death anyways !)

    As for Hritiks KRRISH3

    The BEST thing roshans could have done is to create a PARALLEL BO Reporting
    (Not saying it’s perfect and maybe inflated

    But how can one be sure this ‘inflation’ is more than CEs inflation by BOI or Krrish3 under reporting by BOI ??
    If anybody can confidently say that he knows it, he is shamelessly fooling himself !!

    What’s a bit disappointing and infact shameful is the state of
    The ABANDONED /ORPHANED ‘bqchchan fan’
    amitabh obviously has to give into age
    And ash to maternity
    When their last hope abhishrek also chronically underperformed
    —they did the sorry deed of
    CONVERTING themselves (literally) to the only khan who they could feasibly join (given the obvious problems they’ve had with the BIGGEST khan aka SRK!)
    As for Hritik —the bachchan fan has NOT /will NOT forget the humiliation of the dhoom 2 ash kissathon 🙂

    to all threatened khan fans

    Remember —-We are NOT living in TALIBAN Land (yet)


    • Can’t really respond to this sort of tripe. Will just say here that BOI’s CE totals were much lower than Taran’s too! But the difference was 20 crores or so not double that as it is with krrish. Secondly even with the lower numbers CE got to 205 or something. Of course I’ve always been anti-BOI, this has nothing to do with that.

      on the rest you need to check into a clinic. The Krrish numbers have unhinged you. Hope you won’t keep this up because it’s one thing to debate the numbers and quite another to come up with.. well let’s be polite and say it speaks for itself. Hope you won’t force me to delete stuff.


  43. “The Krrish numbers have unhinged you.”— it’s more true about u !

    Have never cared or even read about BOI anyways
    It’s YOU who forever dissed BOI but here got ‘unhinged’ into quoting it as some standard !

    “But the difference was 20 crores or so not double that as it is with krrish. ”
    What if I say that the “increased difference” is due to BOIs EXCESSIVE UNDER reporting (encouraged by the khan lobby!) than ‘producers inflation’

    Do u have a reason to prove/disprove it ??

    If not–let’s pass judgements either ways 🙂


    • not sure why you’re getting so unhinged. According to you D3’s gross will be more about Hrithik and d2 than anything Aamir;s done. So Hrithik has another shot at it this year!


    • While it’s ridiculous to give HR all the credit for D3’s forthcoming success, it is equally as ridiculous to deny the contribution and impact of HR to D3’s hype. People were excited for D3 way before Aamir even signed it. HR really did take the Dhoom series to a new level. To repeat that, D3 has to have the highest 1st week ever by a big margin, and then double its first week which could mean around 325-350. That’s the number Satyam has been saying since June and he’s right. So HR does get credit for part of D3’s opening, but as for the final total, that’s all Aamir’s hard work and credit.

      Also Aamir himself said that they won’t promote D3 on TV or do that much promotion at all. That is a testament to D3’s hype. Aamir in the past has gone all out in promoting his commercial movies ie Ghajini and 3I.

      And D2 would have flopped with any other actor in it. It was literally one action set piece to song to action scene to song. All of the actual content in the movie was crap.


      • I disagree.. D2 had a lot going for it. The first Dhoom was already iconic and the strength of the franchise can be estimated by the fact that it was literally Abhishek’s first hit. Did about 30 crores in 2004. That very same year both Akshay and Salman did exactly the same in Dhawan’s MSK. SRK did only 3-4 crores more than this in MHN. So this idea that Dhoom was somehow this small success taken to a different level by Hrithik is mostly a myth. The profile was raised in the second one but that wasn’t only Hrithik. They had Aishwarya too. Abhishek was very strong at the time having come off a string of successes (with UJ the one bump in the road). The film even had Bipasha thrown in. They did everything here. the idea that it was only about Hrithik is simply false. And as you can see here the numbers on the first film illustrated it basically put up numbers that the top stars were putting up. Without big stars in any sense (at that point). Finally the idea that D2 would have flopped with anyone else is also quite false. Plus this whole logic that hrithik deserves credit for D3 is quite bizarre. Even if one completely conceded the point that he made D2 bigger that doesn’t mean that every star hence is somehow collecting on something he did. That’s crazy! To paraphrase Bill Clinton ‘it’s the franchise stupid’!


        • On Hrithik upping the Dhoom rep – witnessing the desperation here is almost fun.


          • Not as fun as reading the desperate comments from you. Some people just can’t take the truth well. In Plato’s words, Please come out of the cave!


        • Actually I agree with you Satyam on almost everything except Abhishek. His contribution to D2 was the same as Uday’s, he was panned universally. In terms of male stars it was essentially a HR show all the way.

          Dhoom made 10 crores less than VZ. 2 years later, D2 with a big star, almost doubled KANK/Don/Fanaa. HR was also coming off of K3 which made some 65 crores.

          No [sane] person is saying that D3’s success should be attributed to HR. But you can’t deny that had it not been for HR in D2, the hype would be very very high (Higher than Ghajini/3I level) but not at the extraordinary level it is now.


          • Yes but VZ was one of the biggest films out there at the time, arguably the biggest one. That’s like saying MHN made 7 crores less than VZ and hence SRK must not have been much in that film! SRK himself was not getting VZ-like numbers elsewhere! Roughly 6 months later BnB made a bit more than VZ! Leaving aside VZ most big films weren’t really crossing the 30-34 crore threshold. Now on Abhishek being panned here but that’s not about the initial. It’s like saying Abhishek got a great deal of credit for BB and more out of the film than Devgan hence the initial was entirely his and Devgan had nothing to do with it. That doesn’t logically follow. A guy was associated with Dhoom, it kicked off his commercial career, he then had BnB, Sarkar, Dus, BM, even in KANK he had better reviews than SRK with a media that didn’t normally indulge him, he then had D2 where unlike D3 there was parity in the trailers, whatever happened later this wasn’t how it was built up.

            On the rest it’s fairly easy to disprove that Hrithik point. Aamir got Ghajini to a historic opening and a historical total without any franchise element. He did even better with 3I. So it would not seem that he needed a franchise. Nonetheless I am not suggesting that the franchise doesn’t mean anything. It of course does as do all these other elements. But Aamir has had Dhoom-like and more than Dhoom-like success on his own. As a matter of fact Hrithik hasn’t. Because even the previous Krrish was about 15 crores behind D2 on the gross (this by the way is once again the MHN/VZ analogy). It opened much lower than D2 as well.


          • Not worth indulging in the daftness of the credit of D2 and D3. Hrithik is a major star but no one commodity can be attributed such an accolade. Especially when that commodity has disasters such as Kites and Guzarrish.
            On D3, man that interview with Katrina and Aamir was a hoot. A hoot because most the questions were so stupid. They were about Katrina’s love life. And the questions about Salman’s marriage LOL! Aamir was priceless and Katrina speechless.
            That interview reveals the craze for numbers in India. Whether it is Sachin’s 100 or Katrina giving Salman or Ranbir out of 10 for being lovers, the craze is about numbers. A lot of the questions were like what would you score Salman out of 10 in romance LOL! This is what the print media in India want to know! They just want a story where they can compare the romantic prowess of heros.


          • yeah it was a crazy interview where beyond a point it became about that subject and Aamir seemed happier engaging with this stuff than D3!

            But you’re absolutely on the money here on the rest as well..


  44. NBOC have a lower number for Ram Leela (46 crores):


    BOI had 50, Taran was over 52.

    and to repeat an older comment on day 1 everyone, literally everyone had a different number! BOI even contradicted themselves on day 2 when according to their 2 day numbers it should have been 30.5 crores but they had it at 32.5.



  45. Don’t try to show raam leela—we are not bothered—

    It’s K3 that’s shattered the record of the three khans –period!!

    One chooses not to care about BOI/NBOC or any of this crap sites catering to agenda of khans …
    Nor does one care about these minutiae

    A sensible person will anyday trust ‘India today’ more than a star-financed/influenced site like for eg BOI — do I need to tell u about he virtues of BOI ?

    Lemme ‘convert’ u back Satyam

    In the name of hritik and krrish3

    Relax Satyam—join the party —
    Get a girl and dance the night away 🙂


  46. Welcome to Krrish3 ‘victory’ celebrations

    Finally after all the mutants, Satyam is also ‘tamed’!!!

    But don’t worry Satyam–I treat my (defeated) opponents well —

    U can also join me in this celebration

    Satyam and his mutants are also given some free flowing beer

    Ps: Im curious to know who will play katrina here though 🙂


  47. Haha munna–u have got yourself the role of abhay deol in this track (& Kalki with it for free who will be played by ‘krish’ cheetagirl !!) 🙂

    As for Satyam–I treat the vanquished opponents well & with respect
    See here I’m treating him well to the Spanish nuria ….(without a bra!–played by GF!!) hahah


  48. IdeaUnique Says:

    off-topic: ”Suchitra, I think you have misunderstood me. Completely. We are not similar at all. In fact, we are totally the opposite. I will never get married again. Never. I don’t believe in the institution of marriage. I am just not the marrying kind. I use women only for sex and I’m very sure that’s not what you want. I like women’s bodies, not their brains. In my opinion a woman should be seen and not heard.’



  49. [edited]

    “Kahe halke halke
    Yeh rang chhalke chhalke
    Jo qisse hai kal ke bhula de tu

    Koi haule haule
    Mere dil se bole
    Kisi ka toh ho le
    chal jaane de koi jaadu”

    As for katrina–it will be played by maggie & Amy in the English & hindi versions (just like in krrish3) 🙂


    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      How some continue to make a joke of themselves day in and day out is beyond me! There seemsbto be a complete detachment of reality. Hope this doesnt spill into other spheres of their life. A psychiatric evaluation would seem to be in order. It is one thing to argue a point bit the kind of delusional psychosis and taking resort to shameless insults and innuendoes is a testament to a deep rooted psychiatric issues . Inability to handle an argument or partake im a honest exchange of views without resorting
      To shameless posturing is somewhat disturbing!


      • It’s not ‘delusional’ to post links from prominent sites like ‘India today’ just because it doesn’t subscribe to your scheme/agendae. Nor is it about ‘numbers’–don’t care if u are one or five or ten–like will be answered in like….!!
        Thanks for the suggestion-may meet my ‘mental coach’ soon.

        As for u, rajen uncle–u get treated for ‘impotence’ ending up with ‘priapism’ followed by the reverse cycle.. It’s embarrassing for me to point out to y repeatedly to get that sorted first…bcos it seems to affect your psyche as well…


  50. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Normally I come back from a film, make myself a cup of tea without milk or sugar, and write about it furiously while the adrenalin is still high. I like to write like a lover than a critic. But It has been more than 24 hours since I saw Ram-Leela and I still haven’t got the nerve to write about it. There was so much happening in the film, visually, aurally, in terms of narrative, in terms of character, with allusions to so many myths, so many traditions, with such wild experimentations in choreography, with spoken words; throwing up so many ideas, about love, about war, about gender-politics, about power; that it was impossible to take it all in one viewing, let alone write about it. But I have wrapped up all pending work, made myself large cup of Kashmiri tea, and I am going to give it a try.

    [post created]


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 11h
      EXCLUSIVE OVERSEAS DATA: #RamLeela overtakes #Krrish3 & #YJHD… #BhajiInProblem shows day-wise growth! as/id/499 …


    • Btw Krrish3 might fail to touch YJHD even. As per BOI, it might wrap around 180 cr which looks best possible total to date.


    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      Wow,Utkal – you really seem to have liked it! Thanks for the passionate review. Inspite of your hyperbolic tendencies, love to read tour reviews as they seem heartfelt and you take your cinema seriously as one should. Thanks again!


    • There u go Satyam –haven’t read it yet but seems a libidinous review as I predicted from utkal uncle…
      I do not know but on this one, I have to support Rangan and raja sen (!!) even I’m surprised but it’s true..

      @ utkal uncle–will read your review properly later but unsure if we have seen the same film here..
      My views are more like expressed by this viewer pallavi–

      “Pallavi Bhat (@palvib)
      November 16, 2013
      I didn’t even get why they fell for each other. Was he attracted to her due to her low cut blouse? Or because of the powerful romantic idea that forms because she is a centrepiece on the enemy side? And why was she so amused ? I didn’t understand why was she so so effervescent on the balcony with a stranger? Hormones? Then, when did real love start ? Or when did they realise that they were not just playing around? And just what was the silly dance in his video store about ?
      I was off right from the scene where suddenly he’s holding a pistol at her out of nowhere. And the movie never did quite redeem itself.
      You have so rightly asked, just whats with SLB ? I loved “Hum dil de chuke sanam”. And “Black”. It seemed like Bhansali watched Ishaqzaade and decided he can do a more “beautiful” job. One gets the sense that he’s attempting an epic (like Devdas), but the script plays out in such incoherent manner. He seems lost in his indulgence for the colors, poetic dialogues, her curves, his antics, guns and grandeur.

      Pallavi Bhat (@palvib)
      November 16, 2013
      One is reminded of “Qayamat se qayamat tak”, which was the one of the earlier renditions by Bollywood of “Romeo and Juliet”. And I think that it was the best one in terms of developing the romance between the protagonists. That part forms a significant portion of any love story, apart from the ‘conflict’ and ‘resolution/climax’. This is sort of basic no?
      The whole ‘getting lost in the forest’, even after the lad gets smitten by the lady at first sight, builds credibility and one subsequently feels for their latter misfortunes.
      Did anyone feel the anguish of Leela being dragged across streets while she calls out for her lover ? I didn’t.”
      Wow nice review there by pallavi…

      Ps: am curious to hear the views of the only other person on this blog whose assessment I value (in this genre)–Amy…


    • Satyam, maybe this should be a separate post, given its length and scope…


  51. @ utkal uncle –either I’m ‘maturing’ a bit (shudder!!) or u are slowly undergoing a ‘repeat puberty’ ….
    I wanted to like this film and like deepika /ranveer a lot but seemed to me that SLB left all semblance of control and went head first into lust and excess
    There’s a fine line between allure/sensitivity and crassness
    I admit I cross it sometimes—in RL, SLB just uses deepika & ranveer as a ‘device’ or a ‘toy’ to titillate the hormones of the young audience –SLB succeeded with one uncle utkal as well…


  52. utkalji I whole-heartedly agree with your review though it is not a critical appraisal, I found several weak points though I could enjoy the movie on several levels. As a gujarati I could enjoy the bg music tremendously and I would say slightly more than the non-gujaratis. The funny thing is one small child after watching the movie, on the way out was asking him mom and dad to buy him gun…I wish they had toned down the ‘violence’. I have in past not really liked Ranveer at all but I must say that he is something else in the movie.


  53. Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram – Leela Has Good Monday

    Tuesday 19th November 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela had a good Monday of around 7.75 crore nett as per early estimates with collections falling 50% on average on from Friday. Some circuits fell a bit less than 50% while others were a bit more.

    The film is continuing its dream run in Mumbai circuit with collections set to come in the 3.25-3.50 range on Monday and the film could well go and cross the 50 crore nett mark in Mumbai circuit which has only been done by 7-8 films.

    Outside Mumbai the film is doing best in Rajasthan and South. The film has collected nearly 58 crore nett in four days and should collect around 74-75 crore nett for the first week which is a huge number for a film without a major male lead star.


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h
      #RamLeela passes the ‘Monday test’. Collects ₹ 8.75 cr on Day 4. Very good!


      • I am inspired to watch this following utkals review. But my expectations remain cautious, Bhansali really struggles to connect characters with the audience. The one I liked the most was Devgan in HDDCS.


        • if you are true blue gujarati Jai, you should watch it for bg music, garba and supriya pathak. Scenes are great, plot ain’t but overall it is paisa vasul. I was at times struggling to keep the tears in…so I must have connected. I agree with you on Devgan in HDDCS, which still remains most romantic movie whereas RL is more passionate and ‘physical’ and will also do a number on you 😉


        • IdeaUnique Says:

          i dont know why but i somehow loved AD’s character too in HDDCS – although my fav bhansali movie remains Guzaarish and I wish it had done wonders at the BO


          • I guess Devgan’s character had a lot of dignity and humility. I can indeed identify with those traits.
            He was pretty straight forward and did everything possible to connect his wife with her lover. A rather stupid thing to do in reality, not one I would entertain! But of course it paid off for him. I found Salman not too bad as well but this is probably around the time when he was getting Dhawansized and became rather irritating than bad. Plus the soundtrack was damn fine.


          • TheCoolDude Says:

            Salman’s last scene act was a joke. The man does not know how to act (even now). The soundtrack was one of the best in the 90s.


          • interestingly both Ashwarya and Deepika ‘scream’ in both the movies. Inspite of this, there is lot of unspoken exchanges that take place between Ranveer and Deepika, Deepika and her mother and Ajay D. is master at communicating thru’ silences (which SRK fails miserably in Devdas) and the last scene where he declares “I cannot live with you” was completely heart rending in its simple obvious truth so convincingly acted. A similar dialogue doesn’t exist in RL but both of when Ranveer finds out his wife’s finger is chopped, his reaction without words was pure marvel to watch and many such gems. Like Utkal, I took loved the “meri leela jaisey koi nahi” in the drunken stupor which I am sure SLB’s dad must have said to him mom in real life, many a times. Truly touches and pulls all heart strings.


    • for the entire weekend Taran was just 2 crores ahead of the BOI number (52 vs 50, NBOC was much lower at 46), here on Mon he’s a crore ahead off a much lower base.


  54. Friends can u pl suggest me some recent (2012/2013) english movies for viewing?


    • MUD (outstanding)

      A LATE QUARTET (class apart performances)

      GRAVITY (effects not as great as KRISSH3 but still can be watched once)




      THE GREAT GATSBY (a loose western Devdas)




      THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES ( a comparatively tame rendition of the Hindu philosophy of ‘karmic cycles.’)





      BLUE JASMINE (an outstanding Cate and a fine, in-form Allen)

      ONLY GOD FORGIVES (atmospherics)

      THE SESSIONS (a superb movie – a rare movie that deals with sex but with absolutely no crassness)



      THIS IS THE END (watch it with beer buddies; not your family)


      TREE OF LIFE (watch only if heavy-duty stuff is interesting to you; in other words, if you are a ‘snob’)


      • lagta hai apki shaadi nahi hui…ya phir….


        • Yup..shaadi nahi huin aur divorce bhi..

          ya phir looks quite dangerous..koi aisi waisi baat nahin hain ma’am..khaandani aadmi hoon.. (not the one where AB says in SHOLAY – khaandan ka ata pata chalte hi do din mein khabar kar doonga…

          but the list is actually for for than 12 months..


          • ya phir g.f. bhi nahi…hahaha. Yeh laddo khaya toh bhi pachtavo naa khaya toh bhi. BTW RL is kewl movie…dekna. Lot of gujju stuff in it. boys will ofcourse love Dips. I personally hated Ranveer for the longest time but he is something else in the movie…so much better than Lootera…which was poor mans bhansali 😦


          • Di ji..aapko kaise pata yaara ki meri gf se mera kaati ho chuki hain? Ya i used to watch movies all the time so maybe she screwed me & left me..(i meant in a ‘sad’ way)

            Chalo aap seem to be free..also you seem to like movies..should we catch up then?? Let’s start with email then phone #??

            There are people here who seem to be trying for dates for years..hum bhi koshish kar lete hain phir!!!


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        thnx a lot AnJO – which are the first 5 movies i shd watch from these? 🙂 i am putting u on quite a task 🙂 but i guess u wud say Blue Jasmine / The Great Gatsby / The Conjuring / Oblivion / The perks of being a wallflower ? Give me 5 from your list which have diff. genres from each other…….Next 30 days – I need to catch up lot of good films – mostly daily one so – friends pl. help here


  55. Ram Leela on course for a 75cr first week. Krrish 3 on the way to a lifetime of 180cr. Happy times at the BO.


    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      Am extremely pleased with Ramleela BO! Primarily for SLB.


      • older gujju women were enjoying the movie a lot in the audience…the gujju dialogues and the general gujju aspects like the songs. It is more ‘authentic’ then say his other ‘gujarati’ movies including the garbas here…they are less bollywoodized here.


    • its safe to say that srk monopoly is truly broken,almost every stars are now a crowd puller,3I ,ghazini,wanted etc,etc.has changed everthing,indeed its good time for bollywood box-office


  56. We used to have heroines like Meena Kumari and Savitri who used to speak with their eyes.

    We used to have heroines who emoted as if there is no tomorrow like Nargis and Nutan.

    We used to have heroines like Madhubala and Waheeda who cant be replicated.

    We used to have Dilip Kumar.

    Times have changed.


  57. Watched this on a late night show last night in Chennai which was surprsingly full. Definitely watchable but needed a lot of trimmimg in the second half .Supriya Pathak really holds the movie together. Deepika is really luminous and I wish SLB had given her character some depth. Ranveer’s is the better wriiten role and he is good.
    It seems to me that the different way in which SLB presents his lovers (more in lust than in love) seems to have caught on with the youngsters.


  58. BTW, I have to say, CAPtain Philips is really the movie that catapulted me into the Stockholm Syndrome within the shortest span ever imaginable. 45 minutes into the movie and I was completely besotted by the pirates – in a platonic, philosophical way I mean (there are people who here get weird ideas…).

    I don’t know if this is a deliberate politics of Paul Greengrass but boy, it looked so, so weird the Amreekans trying to thrust their might onto guys who do not even possess slippers to wear and are so freaking lost at sea (pun intended). How Musa goes from a lion to a rat within few minutes!! It is pretty clear that this is a battle of unequals to the highest degree!! Philips might be a nice guy but as soon as the Amreekan might assembles to ‘free’ Captain Philips, I simply started wishing for the pirates to win!! And as a ‘moral’ chocolate gift, I wanted Phillips to be alive.

    Hats off to Greengrass for tackling such a complicated emotional strain.

    And really brave of him to show that the Americans finally catch hold of Musa and other pirates through deceit. When Muse keeps asking, ‘Where are the elders?’, and the Americans keep deceiving him, I just had to chuckle and remember Bachchan’s iconic dialogue from AGNEEPATH, ‘ Tum saala gore chamdi ke log, hamesha dhoke se kaam karta hain.’ Racist dialogue for sure, but man, does it come from years of internalization!!


  59. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3h
    #RamLeela Fri 16 cr, Sat 17.25 cr, Sun 19.50 cr, Mon 8.75 cr, Tue 7.70 cr. Total: ₹ 69.20 cr. Excellent, especially at multiplexes.


  60. BOX OFFICE: Krrish 3 Gunned Down By Ram Leela
    By BusinessofCinema News Network on November 19, 2013

    The superhero spree has finally been abated, by the gun toting Ram Leela. Hrithik Roshan‘s Krrish 3 which was performing superbly at the Box Office in its two week run, has slowed down notably in weekend three.

    By two weeks, the total of Krrish 3 in hindi stood at an approximate Rs 1.75 billion (Rs 175.88 crore) net.

    On its 3rd Friday the film collected only about Rs 20 million (Rs 2 crore) net. On Saturday Krrish 3 collected in the range of Rs 24.6 million (Rs 2.46 crore) net, and Sunday remained in the same range with about Rs 30 million (Rs 3 crore) net only.

    On the other hand, new release Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram Leela has opened splendidly at the box office. It took a grand Day 1, of Rs 151 million (Rs 15.10 crore) net, despite controversies and protests regarding the name Ram Leela. The weekend remained strong with collections in the range of Rs 170 million (Rs 17 crore) net on Saturday and approximately Rs 189.4 million (Rs 18.94 crore) net on Sunday.

    This brings the 3 day total of Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram Leela to a fantastic Rs 510 million (Rs 51.05 crore) net.


    • Each day collections are increasing in multiplexes since monday. Amazing performance by Ramleela. It is doing exceptionally well in multiplexes. Though, SS fell like normal week days.
      KANPUR (RAMLEELA) wed Multiplexes-328708 Single Screen-85618 TOTAL-414326 6days TOTAL-3581888.50

      Varanasi #RAMLEELA WED MPX 199112 SS 28875 TOTAL 227987 GTOTAL 2666069 #RAJJO MPX 6258 TOTAL 6258

      KANPUR (KRISSH.3) wed Multiplexes-41125 Single Screen-22594 TOTAL-63719 6days TOTAL-832857

      Varanasi Tue RAMLEELA MPX 224710 SS 35905 TOTAL 260615 GTOTAL 2438082 RAJJO MPX6978 TOTAL6978

      KANPUR (RAMLEELA) Tuesday Multiplexes-302795 Single Screen-101498 TOTAL-404293 5days TOTAL-3167562.50

      KANPUR (KRISSH.3) Tuesday Multiplexes-56194 Single Screen-26274 TOTAL-82468 5days TOTAL-769138



    — sangeetha seshagiri

    Hrithik Roshan’s “Krrish 3” is nearing the ₹250-crore mark at the Indian box office.

    The superhero flick has raked in ₹237.76 crore from the country, which includes collections of Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions, reported Bollywood Hungama.

    The film had a good run at the box office but its collections have dropped from the third week, owing to the release of “Ram-leela”. The figures have been way below the ₹4-crore mark since the third Friday.

    Here is the day-wise breakup of the film’s collections in India (15-18 November): ₹2.44 crore on day 15, ₹3.02 crore on day 16, ₹3.76 crore on day 17 and ₹1.39 crore on day 18.

    On Tuesday (19 November), “Krrish 3” collected ₹1.15 crore in India. The film’s 19-day day collections stand at ₹237.76 crore. It is expected to earn over ₹240 crore by the end of its fourth weekend. The film has already smashed two records set by Shah Rukh Khan’s “Chennai Express.” The masala entertainer was the highest grossing film of 2013, as well as the all-time highest grosser. “Krrish 3” broke those records in just 15 days.

    The film is nearing the ₹250-crore mark at the domestic box office. It remains to be seen if it manages to set a new benchmark and start the ₹250-crore club. However, it is highly unlikely that the film will cross the ₹300-crore mark in India.

    At overseas markets, “Krrish 3” has performed well and earned good collections. But the release of “Ram-leela” has affected the film’s business in overseas markets as well. “Krrish 3” worldwide collections stand at around ₹277 crore. The film needs ₹23 crore to reach the ₹300 crore mark at the worldwide box office. But at this pace, it might not happen.

    Directed by Rakesh Roshan, “Krrish 3” has Hrithik, Priyanka Chopra, Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut in pivotal roles.


    Note that BOI earlier didn’t add dubbed & overseas numbers
    Now BOI isn’t even mentioning them, lest someone mentally adds them and trumps the ‘paymaster’ khans 🙂


  62. Filmigirl—

    “So… it was brought to my notice that some people were butthurt over my Ram-Leela review because I found Krrish 3 more emotionally moving. But, you know, we’re all different, my friends. I’m not a big romance person and I never have been. There are many, many worse things out there than to not get to marry the person you’re in love with. Sure, that sucks big time but it’s not like a tragedy in my books. I did really enjoy the film, though–don’t get me wrong–but what’s so wrong about finding Rakesh Roshan’s melodrama more engaging on an emotional level than SLB’s romance?

    I’ve always been a big fan of sci-fi and Krrish 3 used one of my all time favorite tropes–the non-human who learns how to feel emotions only to have them used in a heartbreaking way when she sacrifices herself for the greater good!!!! *crying already*”.

    🙂 filmigirl u think do much like me ….cheers


    • “but what’s so wrong about finding Rakesh Roshan’s melodrama more engaging on an emotional level than SLB’s romance?”

      nothing wrong at all. You can always develop a taste for romances once you grow up..


  63. In Indiaforums Bigboss thread, there is an entry called Gauhar’s Fakebook. All the so called fake acts are recorded diligently.


  64. looks good,definately looking forward for this;

    [added to post]


  65. ROFL- Bollywood never ceases to surprise in the worst way possible. I am still hopeful about the film since I have a great appetite for this genre and I like Ranbir a lot, but Ayan seems to be the last guy who should attempt this kind of a

    My Superhero Film is Not Like ‘Krrish 3’: Ranbir Kapoor


    Actor Ranbir Kapoor is excited to do a superhero film with director-friend Ayan Mukherjee, but clarifies that it is not on the lines of “Krrish 3.”

    Kapoor will play a superhero in the yet-untitled project, making him the third actor after Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan to essay characters with superpowers on celluloid.

    “It is not like ‘Krrish 3;’ it is something very different. It is going to be a fantasy film — a trilogy which Ayan has just started writing. We share a great personal and professional relation,” said Kapoor.

    “As of now we are in the developing stage. He is going abroad for a post-production course. Hopefully, we will try and make something path-breaking,” said the actor.

    This would be the third film of Kapoor and Mukherjee after “Wake Up Sid” and “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.” Both films were hits at the box office.

    Kapoor is also looking to explore himself by playing different roles in his movies.

    “My next film is titled ‘Bombay Velvet.’ I am playing a boxer in the film. Then I am working on Imtiaz Ali’s film and Ayan Mukherjee’s superhero film.

    “I will start this film by the end of next year. I am trying to do different characters, like in ‘Besharam’ I played a vulgar, road-type tapori character,” Kapoor said.

    He also expressed his desire to do an action movie, which is the current flavor in Bollywood.

    “For six years I have been trying to build my body, but it is not happening. I can’t do a full-fledged action film till I have the body. But I do feel action comes from intensity in your eyes and the way you work for it,” he said.


  66. On July 7, Hrithik Roshan underwent a brain surgery in Mumbai to get a blood clot removed. Looks like his woes are not yet over. If sources are to believed, the superstar will be going to the US for another surgery as he has had a relapse. This, unfortunately, might yet again affect the schedules of his two films, Shuddhi and Bang Bang.



  67. The Gunday Trailer:

    [post created]

    Has there been a separate thread created for this movie yet?

    I think it looks pretty interesting, I enjoyed Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and I’m looking forward to Sohail Sen’s music. The movie should do wonders in Kolkata.


  68. Are ‘Krrish 3’ box-office collections inflatedWhile the nation is going gaga over Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Krrish 3’ box-office collections and reports claim that it is the fastest film to enter Rs 200-crore club, trade experts beg to differ.

    Quoting a trade analyst, a DNA report says that the figures quoted by Roshans have irked Salman and Shah Rukh Khan, as they feel that these figures are inflated. Roshans have been claiming that Krrish 3 is the highest domestic Bollywood grosser of all time.

    However, the trade analyst alleges that these figures are gross and not net like Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger and Aamir’s 3 Idiots. The figures quoted by Roshans include what they have earned from Hindi, Tamil and Telugu versions. The report further says that since only Hindi collections is considered as national, the net figure of Krrish 3 is only at Rs 183 crore.

    Industry sources allege that Roshans were in a hurry to prove that Krrish 3 has broken all records, especially Salman’s Ek Tha Tiger (Rs 197.14 crore), Aamir’s 3 Idiots (Rs 202 crore), and Chennai Express (Rs 227 crore). However, the truth is that Chennai Express is still the highest grosser and also the highest opening day grosser in India.

    While Rakesh Roshan is denying these allegations and maintains that the film has made Rs 237 crore in India, we have yet to get to the bottom of this. Stay tuned for more.



    • >While Rakesh Roshan is denying these allegations and maintains that the film has made Rs 237 crore in India,

      Actually he’s speaking the truth. He says ‘India’ instead of specifying the languages (hindi, tamil, telegu).
      Clever. 😀


      • yes but the problem is that even accounting for the languages the difference is too great. He’s still 40-45 crores ahead!

        Of course I don’t have any sympathy for someone like SRK who started this entire game. Many since have followed. The problem here therefore is simply one of plausibility, not an ethical one. They all exaggerate the numbers, have the trade guys do it and so forth but in this case the Roshans got pretty carried away in their desperation to get the biggest grosser. Clearly 200 wasn’t enough, it had to be way ahead of CE (itself with an implausible 225 or so total via Taran and co).

        The way I see it 3I did about 200-205. CE is more or less in this same range. ETT, YJHD, Krrish 3 are in a different 180-185 range. Leaving aside the absolute numbers if I were look at it in terms of trending 3I of course is in a galaxy of its own. But the others all trended better than ETT. And of course YJHD is the most impressive achievement of that lot. CE too gets a fair bit of credit for reasons I’ve mentioned elsewhere. With Krrish 3 it’s hard to know how much a younger demographic kept it afloat but even leaving this aside it’s way off its previous franchise benchmarks (both KMG and Krrish). And even beyond the comparison given the scale of the production and so on it’s done well enough but there’s nothing very spectacular here. You can’t celebrate Krrish 3 and YJHD for the same numbers! Which is why some have to follow Rakesh Roshan! By the time D3 releases he might have it at 300!


        • hmmm. Are you sure the 3I numbers are correct? Maybe Amir wanted to set another record after Ghajni and so just creeped into 200cr territory with the help of inflated numbers.


          • IdeaUnique Says:

            3i no. shd be used in inflated format – because in last 4 yrs – atleast 1000 more multiplexes have come up – so 3i net shd be close to 300 cr


          • LOL
            so did TV offers to show films, differing tastes, and god knows what all changes. Don’t keep things static.


          • I’m not even sure if DDLJ was a hit..


          • everyone ganging up on apex..never beleive what BOI has to say..if its srk films or salman khan boi sddenly hike up numbers 20-30%..srk numbers are always ahead to 40% by boi..kriss 3 numbers are also low by this site.


          • But no one’s believing them. This is the fiction Apex has been peddling. But no source other than the producer here, whether it’s NBOC or BoC has been able to come up with such high numbers. And I don’t think they’re all anti-Hrithik Roshan! Specially when they’re celebrating the film’s success otherwise!


          • @satyam
            >I’m not even sure if DDLJ was a hit..

            ‘Hit’ is not in question. It’s the ‘200cr’ thing. Crawling over the line could be thought of as inflated.


        • The BOI Game

          Haha well picked Oldgold…

          “the figures quoted by Roshans have irked Salman and Shah Rukh Khan, “— THERE comes the cat of the (BOI) bag….

          “He’s still 40-45 crores ahead!”-
          Ahead of what!? Some gold standard BOI ??how do we know THAT is not grossly under reported??

          With CROOKS–it’s good roshans are dealing with them with like for like basis

          The real DESPERATION of BOI In trying to pigeon hole krrish3 below the khan-grossers has many indications

          In the beginning, the Tamil/Telugu /overseas were being mentioned even by BOI (though under reported grossly!) but NOT added to the total

          Krrish3 has the BIGGEST dubbed version gross on Bollywood in history and is NOT negligible
          So when the tally starting reaching beyond 150, BOI stopped even reporting dubbed figures forget adding

          So that the reader may not add them mentally –lest it crosses the ETT/ CE/3i tally

          Which it has crossed last weekend

          Hope krrish3 breaches 250 crores net (though it maybe difficult with the ram leela erotic perfomances) 🙂


          • >the figures quoted by Roshans have irked Salman and Shah Rukh Khan, “— THERE comes the cat of the (BOI) bag….

            I don’t believe this, at all.

            And I also doubt the 40 – 50 cr difference. At first I was pleased with the success but now I feel disappointed with the Roshans.


          • Oldgold –u can feel what u like but india today, variety etc have already reported krrish3 is the top grosser lol

            Btw what do u feel about deepika in raam leela og …


          • I don’t think India Today bothers much about film news and it’s authenticity. They have much better things to do, though I feel sorry that they have stooped to discussing BO without finding out why this difference of 40 – 50 crores.
            I can accept fans accepting it without question, but a so called reputable magazine?


          • The entire news media has become this way and for many years. A number of major newspapers and magazines do this. It’s even worse. The newspapers have also sold themselves out to the stars in certain ways and I mean this quite literally.


          • Yes –everyone is free to SUE them (provided ofcourse that the likes of khans/ Satyam are so sure about BOI/ overinflation charges)!
            They won’t and the reason is obvious…

            Ps: anyhow sensible people will believe India today /variety while motivated ones will go for BOI –that’s fine

            Bit let’s not pass judgements of ‘truth’ either ways

            Actually it’s great roshans have broken this stranglehold of khans not only on box office but also on ( motivated) box office reporting …

            What’s disappointing is that otherwise sensible folks & ‘Bachchan orphaned fans’ like Satyam find themselves supporting BOI (to settle their scores with hr lol)


          • @apex
            It seems you have something about the ‘Khans’ dominating. Your whole aganda seems to cater to that and to prop up a non Khan.
            Are you a rightist 😉


          • Ha I’m neither ‘rightist’ nor ‘leftist’ nor pro/anti khan..
            I’m in favor of the ‘truth’ or the ‘unsupported’ lol
            People here find that idea impossible but it exists… There CAN be a lack of bias

            Infact when those here were dissing SRKs CE or Salmans ETT, I supported those khans against this ‘bias’
            But here it’s obvious that BOI is being used to MAINTAIN the status quo ie CE, 3i, ETT and then the rest …
            Anything that threatens this status quo is being fervently attacked and clueless/abandoned fans like bachchan fans are joining in the aamir camp …lol


          • & og–u have ‘back stabbed’ me ouch
            I am going to shoot RL with Amy and anu 😉


          • >I’m in favor of the ‘truth’

            Yes, I can see that 😉


  69. LUCKNOW: The Allahabad high court on Thursday banned director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s romantic saga ” Goliyon ki raasleela Ram-Leela” in Uttar Pradesh.

    The Lucknow bench of the court comprising justices Devi Prasad Singh and Ashok Pal Singh passed the order to ban the film on a petition filed by Maryada Purshottam Bhagwan Ramleela Samiti, Bahraich.

    The petitioner had prayed for cancellation of Censor Board certification given to the film on November 1 and sought that controversial and objectionable dialogues be removed from the film.

    The film starring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh was released on November 15.

    The petition had contended that the film was hurting religious sentiments of Hindus and its title ‘Ramleela’ was giving a wrong message to society as Lord Ram’s ‘leela’ (act) had great impact on Indian society.

    Besides, Centre, state government, Central Film Certification Board, UP’s chief secretary, Eros International and Bhansali had been made a party in the petition.



    • These cases should be thrown out in jiffy. Censor board is defunct with all the politicians, judges at obscure places and people acting as guardian of values. Don’t like it, don’t see it. No one is forcing you to do anything.


  70. Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram – Leela Goes The Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Way

    Thursday 20th November 2013 09.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram Leela has fared in a similar way to the 1999 release Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam made by the same director. That film had done phenomenal business in Mumbai/Gujarat and good in South but poor elsewhere. Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela has gone the same way, the difference being there are multiplexes today so North, Central and East India is not as bad as Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam but still underperforming.

    It was a similar scenario a few years back with Singham which grossed around 98 crore nett all India with a huge 46 crore nett contribution from Mumbai but Singham fared poorly in the North grossing just 15 crore in Delhi/UP and 5.75 crore nett in Punjab. Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela should do around 47-48 crore nett in Mumbai and around 20 crore nett in Delhi/UP which should take it to the 105-110 crore nett mark all India.

    It is a similar story with all Sanjay Leela Bhansali whether they do well or poorly they all outperform in Mumbai and South with Devdas (2002) being the sole exception as that was riding on the star power of Shahrukh Khan.


  71. The number of known news sites that BOI /Satyam have to SUE now keeps increasing—- 🙂
    India today
    Financial express
    And now


    Krrish3 crosses chennai express !!

    Indian theatrical landmark overtaken by superhero sequel

    MUMBAI — Rakesh Roshan’s superhero three-quel “Krrish 3,” starring his son and leading Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan, has overtaken “Chennai Express” to emerge as the highest domestic Bollywood grosser of all time.

    The “Chennai Express” record did not take very long to break. The film, directed by Rohit Shetty, and starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, released during the Eid holiday frame in August and ended its box office run with collections of 2.27 billion rupees ($36.1 million) in India and $19 million overseas.

    “Krrish 3” released on Nov. 1 during the Diwali holiday frame and has collected $36.3 million in India and $6.2 million overseas, including $1.9 million in the U.S. and $2 million in the Middle East. The Indian collections include Tamil and Telugu-language dubbed releases.



    • the same story repeated in a 100 places does’t make it a different story each time! You of course know this but in the absence of a rational counter-claim you’ve gone down the propaganda route. Good luck with that..


      • Incidentally indicine should not be in the list. They were the first one to talk about fudged figures. Now a lot more sites are waking up to the fact. Apart from taran and Nahata I dont know any site which is quoting Roshan’s figure any more. Most of them are just carrying Taran’s snippets. Taran had his hungama banner in the movie and Nahata was the consultant with Filmkraft who advised them to move to the Nov 1st date. So no wonders both have ulterior motives. There is no doubt that Krish has done well but no way it has done anything above 190 crores..

        And On that note I can pat myself on the back as my preiction of the movie ending anywhere between 150 and 200 crs has also come true 🙂


  72. Lol @ the ‘honest’ version of poor BOI /Satyam/khans being ‘drowned’ by the ‘corrupt’ India today , variety, indicine….
    It’s not a question of ‘one story’
    By publishing that story, these dailies have supported it
    U are free to complain and use them though 🙂


    • they do that in every case. There’s nothing new here. You know that very well. They could be quoting 500 crores following one source or the other and you’d be putting up the same 100 articles. Ultimately it’s not about one source or the other. It’s about basic plausibility. It’s about your honesty frankly, not India Today or BOI or Taran or Nahta or BoC or whoever. Those debates we can have and some of us have had for ages. But when you keep putting up stuff purely to serve as propaganda and rely on one snide remark after another when challenged with rational debate you’re really putting your own honesty into question. Those other sources are not the issue here. Sure the Roshans have been dumb about this (it’s not dishonesty but stupidity!) by putting up such numbers. But ultimately producers doing this or the trade doing this or the media picking up a story and running with it is hardly news. All this stuff that you’re doing simply tells us things about you more than anything else! Then again for a guy who claims the D3 initial or gross will prove something about Hrithik less than about Aamir you have other problems!

      This is incidentally the problem I’ve had with tons of people over time whether I agreed with their choices or not (films, stars), whether they disagreed with my own or not. All sorts of things can be debated but there has to be some connection with reality. Just making a series of snide points on an inconsequential blog like this one or whatever is not to going to change the reality on a film. Nor will a hundred media sources carrying a 100 media stories. Irrespective of what anyone says in the media at the end of the day those who’ve invested money in a film know how much they’ve got back. If I lose money on a film or make 10% on my investment I’m not going to say ‘hey India Today is calling it the greatest blockbuster in history, that’s the only thing I care about’! I remember arguing with folks when JA released and everyone was pretending it was a big success or whatever and my point even then was that JA being in the same range as CDI or TZP (even accounting for all the tax breaks) was hardly super much as the initial was quite subpar even allowing for all the factors (length, some release problems etc). The film did find an audience within family circles and trended well enough but it still didn’t get to a big gross. Unlike for instance in the US where it opened hugely and ended up in OSO range. This was possible even in India. There was a huge investment on the movie and it simply wasn’t profitable for UTV at the end of the day. I said all of this then. People laughed. Gowariker hasn’t made a film with UTV since (though they had a piece of What’s your rashee)! The even better example is Ra One where the trade kept spreading the same nonsense about 100 crores (and of course inflated numbers there too and got it to 120 or whatever), the same media sources carried all these stories. What happened? SRK himself made fun of its flopping at the Filmfares!

      The case for Krrish is actually a decent one. No one’s calling it poor or anything. But it is not a super result by any stretch. Even using Roshan’s numbers it would still be way behind their previous benchmarks on KMG and Krrish! This is the amusing thing. Even with the most implausible numbers they’re still behind! But for anyone who’s willing to be reasonable the film is more or less in the range I’ve pointed out, rubbing shoulders with YJHD and ETT. This is an underperformance for both ETT and Krrish, the latter is better than the former because ETT simply fizzled out after a great 5 day run or something and had even bigger numbers in those early stages.

      However if you still want to be the desperate fan simply out to get the best media copy on the film well these are to be had every other month on a number of films. So my related question here would be: what’s the point of investing so much on a narrative that’s going to be deconstructed in very short order by equally hyperbolic claims and so on on the next big film?! And this with D3 around the corner where even without inflation it will probably blow through every big number out there. So what’s the point here? Even by your standards (which depend on an extremely unreliable trade/media apparatus) you’re going to be disappointed pretty soon! Just recently we’ve seen this crazy talk on YJHD, then CE, now Krrish, next D3. So let’s take your best case scenario. It’s extremely temporary. So not sure what you’re getting out of this?! You’re somehow trying to prove ‘my Hrithik is the greatest’ but even in its most exaggerated form this media narrative is not saying that! Who’s ever called him bigger than SRK or Aamir and now Salman? Ever! And now they’re calling Ranbir a superstar! Isn’t it getting a bit crowded there? So let’s accept your story. Where does that leave Hrithik? Precisely where he was after KNPH! Which has been the problem all along. He’s been a huge star but he’s never been the topmost star and he’s never been defining in any other sense either. And guess what? When you rely on jadoo and rhino man that’s where you end up!


      • “they do that in every case”—
        Then show me ONE report appearing ANYWHERE , forget India today or variety, where the figures of three idiots has been crossed by a movie (other than chennai express!)
        If it happens in every case’ show me more such cases 🙂

        Satyam –when there are some creation muck, it’s sometimes essential to answer muck with muck …lol

        It hurts BOI (or u in this case) since it’s HR who’s we supposedly broken CE record —

        Put ONE bachchan in a side-role in krrsih3 –suddenly BOI will become the biggest devil in the world hahaa


        • You’re just not open to reason. Not for the first time!


          • Hehe Satyam–that’s what happens when u ‘lose’ a debate
            Admit it –will do u good

            And join the krrish3 gang

            I will give u a k3 armband 🙂


          • please keep the nonsensical comments to a minimum. I’ve just deleted your response to Ami twice. 99% of the time no one responds to this stuff. You’re just cluttering up the forum and I’ve told you before it’s hard to delete stuff later.


          • I think apex always read that as
            “please keep the nonsensical comments to a maximum”

            As that’s all he does


          • Ok Satyam –u are now blocking my ‘interaction’ with Amy..
            Sob sob 🙂
            (what’s my fault that k3 is the highest grosser at per some sites)
            Anyhow time for some work,,.


        • ya but by declaring numbers roshans will pay tax and so called honest material has disclaimer attached to it which is a fact to


      • It was only a matter of time someone cottoned onto the numbers issue here. Of course what else would Rakesh Roshan say? “Sorry you caught me red-handed?”
        The numbers don’t stack up with the print size reported and the occupancies reported. That was pretty obvious from the collections of 1st Sunday and Monday when it just did not make sense.

        Maybe its desperation or pure innocence but definitely Krrish 3 is the biggest disparity in any years of following box office numbers. In the end a near 20-25% is just a little too much.

        And one does not need to “follow” BOI to grasp that this is a very plausible and probable scenario. Nothing is fact. Like oldgold said, Aamir could have inflated the numbers of 3 Idiots. Or you know pigs can fly. Or SRK can suddenly act. It’s all pretty damn possible.

        Plus only Apex is huffing and puffing about this. It’s a one boy band.


        • ” It’s a one boy band.”
          Still u had to come out with all your spin n counterspins to prove krrish3 wrong?

          Is this ‘one boy band’ so strong?

          To have influenced /corrupted ‘India today’ or ‘variety’ as well as their editors /publishers

          Go deal with it then 🙂


  73. So amusing to see the likes of BOI claiming to be holier than thou and Satyam (of all people) supporting them

    Go and use these dailies
    We will believe ‘India today’ or variety
    And not sites run from garages like BOI (maybe partly funded by stars themselves)

    “Tedhe medhon se kadak
    Seedhe saadon se naram”


  74. I can’t decide what’s tackier: Ranbir’s denim-on-denim outfit, or his car’s blood-red interiors! Ugh.



  75. Bollywood review: Kareena, Imran Khan turn ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’ into an insipid mess
    There’s no love or laughter in Punit Malhotra’s second rom-com, just plain boredom
    By Sneha May Francis
    Published Thursday, November 21, 2013
    You just can’t take movies like ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’ seriously. That’s a given. It’s supposed to be a breezy watch, leaving us with a momentary, happy kick. It’s much like candyfloss – fluffy, sugary, pretty and pink.

    Punit Malhotra’s second attempt at a rom-com, however, isn’t any of it.

    It’s painful. It’s drab. It’s unromantic. And, it’s anything but funny (even unintentionally).

    Punit desperately tries to nail the Karan Johar style of rom-coms by packing in the staple ingredients but he’s unable to tie it together.

    There are numerous songs and dances but none that are peppy enough. Many costume changes and dressed up backdrops, but none that leave us mesmerized. There are even attempts at being cheeky with Bollywood’s infamous romances by referencing lines/songs/moments, but none of the efforts are impressive enough.

    There’s also the “big” conflict but it doesn’t appear demanding enough.

    Even the fundamental good-looking lovers are uninterested and passionless. They smile, serenade and smirk without any conviction.

    Clearly Karan’s brand of romance isn’t “rocket science” but it does require some talent to pull it off. Merely texturing love tales in glossy, frivolous setups is an art that only Karan has mastered, with Shah Rukh Khan by his side.

    Why else would the audience lap up audacious rom-coms like ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham’ but frown at the more recent ‘Ek Main Aur Ek Tu’, ‘Break Ke Bad’ or even ‘I Hate Luv Stories’?

    While Karan has technically backed this rom-com as the producer, Punit is unable to flavour it well.

    And if his directorial duties wasn’t enough, he even doubles as writer to assist Arshad Syed for the screenplay and dialogue, penning the most tiring and insipid lines ever. Even his lame tricks at borrowing fun lines/instances from Bollywood hit romances isn’t novel or noteworthy.

    His love story is set in a terrain unbecoming of Karan’s lavish backdrops – with cowdung and dust playing prominent parts in this romance.

    Punit’s crab-consulting Romeo is fair-skinned and polished enough to remove any trace of his Tamilian bloodline, while his Juliet is (also) fair-skinned and spirited to make a social makeover in a rustic village.

    Their skin tones, which would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed, is often highlighted, some times in the most inappropriate manner, to drill home the point that South Indians and the downtrodden can only be dark-skinned.

    They fall in love, over one wedding song and numerous social revolts. Their parents play the stereotypical mom-dads, each emphasizing Bollywood’s North-South divide. The Punjabis are loud, while the Tamilians speak in a weird twang with a white powder smeared on their foreheads. The only liberating change, if you can call it one, is that both are rich.

    The lovers splilt because their ideologies do not gel. One’s a hardcore socialist, while the other a self-confessed lazy-bum.

    After a few hiccups, which unfold in a rustic village separated from the world by a shaky rope bridge, they unite in “happily ever after”.

    Imran Khan sleepwalks through ‘Gori Tere Pyar Mein’ and uses his versatile eyebrows –lifting and dropping it – to capture Sriram aka SriDevi’s emotional turmoils. And, when his eyebrows aren’t doing the work, he leaves it to his Rayban shades to fill in. Through his adventures as the runaway groom, and later a reformed humanitarian, Imran’s dispassionate and unconnected.

    Kareena Kapoor Khan breezes through as the feisty Dia Sharma, who picks any, and every, issue to revolt against. Unlike the typical social activists who’ve graced the Bollywood frame in drab, rustic costumes, Kareena’s Dia is always well turned out in colourful outfits and manicured nails. Probably that’s why she believes that merely building a bridge will solve an entire village’s problems.

    There’s even newbies Shraddha Kapoor and Esha Gupta who feature in this messy affair. Their mistakes are mostly forgivable while looking at the larger scheme of things.

    This one’s a no-brainer, really.

    Do not to waste your money on this movie. You are better off donating that amount for a noble cause. At least, it’d be more meaningful than Kareena’s frivolous social efforts.



    • 2004 में नासा में काम करने वाला एक वैज्ञानिक मोहन अपनी दाई मां कावेरी अम्मा से मिलने भारत के एक गांव आता है. ये गांव पिछड़ेपन का शिकार है, यहां बिजली नहीं है और गांव वाले एक संगठित नेतृत्व और भविष्योन्मुखी सोच के अभाव में जातिगत भेदभाव और ऐसे ही दूसरे अंधेरों में जी रहे हैं. मोहन को यहां अपना बचपन की दोस्त गीता मिलती है और वह इंडिया की चमकती रोशनी से बाहर आ भारत को पहचानता है और इसको रोशन करने के लिए गांव वालों के साथ मिलकर स्थानीय स्तर पर ही बिजली का उत्पादन करता है.

      नौ साल बाद अमेरिका में पढ़ा एक आर्किटेक्ट श्रीराम फिर एक भारतीय गांव में पहुंचता है, जो एक पुल के अभाव में अनन्य कष्ट सह रहा है. श्रीराम के यहां आने की वजह है उसका एक्स प्यार दिया, जो एनजीओ टाइप है और गुजरात के इस गांव में गरीबों की सेवा कर रही है. अपने प्यार को वापस पाने के लिए श्रीराम किसी भी तरह से पुल बना देना चाहता है और इसी क्रम में जिंदगी के जरूरी सबक हासिल करता है. यहीं पर उसकी मुठभेड़ एक भ्रष्ट कलेक्टर से भी होती है, जिसका कलेवर पूरी तरह से नेताओं जैसा है.

      पहले पैरा में आपने जो पढ़ा वह एक बेहद मानवीय और साहसिक सिनेमाई प्रयत्न स्वेदस था, जिसे गढ़ा था लगान फेम डायरेक्टर आशुतोष गोवारिकर ने. दूसरे पैरा में जिस कहानी का एक सिरा बताया गया है, वह है इस शुक्रवार को रिलीज हो रही फिल्म गोरी तेरे प्यार में, जिसके डायरेक्टर हैं आई हेट लव स्टोरीज फेम पुनीत मल्होत्रा. गोरी तेरे प्यार में बेहद कमजोर और घालमेल भरी कहानी का सिनेमाई रूपांतरण है, जिसका फर्स्ट हाफ, जो कि बेंगलुरु शहर में घटता है, कुछ काबिले बर्दाश्त है, मगर जैसे ही गोरी के प्यार में छोरा गांव पहुंचता है, सब गुड़ गोबर हो जाता है.

      यहां ऐसे गांव बनाया और दिखाया जाता है, जैसे कोई विलायती बाबू जो पेशे से सेट डिजाइनर हो, किसी पेंटिंग और कुछ एक साठ के दशक में भारत पर बनाई गई डॉक्यमेंट्री फिल्में देखने के बाद गांव की कल्पना कर रहा हो. गांव में जगह का बेहद अकाल है, शायद इसीलिए सब कुछ इस तरह से सजाया गया है, जैसे एक लालची रियल एस्टेट एजेंट ने शूटिंग के लिए बहुत छोटा टुकड़ा दिया हो. एक ही जगह में भयानक घोच-पौच. वहीं भैंस बंधी है, उसी के बगल में सूप फटका जा रहा है, उसी के बगल में बैलगाड़ी खड़ी है और वहीं तमाशबीनों की भीड़ लगी है, जो एक सामान्य शहरी बालक को यूं निहार रहे हैं, गोया रोशन की फिल्म का जादू उनके बीच उतर आया हो.

      फिल्म की कहानी को भी दुरुस्त होने के लिए किसी जादू की जरूरत प्रतीत होती है. कहानी कुछ यूं है कि दक्षिण भारतीय संस्कारी परिवार का एक महा दिलफेंक लड़का श्रीराम है. जिसका परिवार और काम की तरफ बिल्कुल ध्यान नहीं और बस सब हुनर रात की पार्टी में नाचने और कन्या को आकर्षित करने में खर्च हुआ जाता है. मगर फिर उसकी मुलाकात अपनी गर्लफ्रेंड की रिश्तेदार दिया से होती है और ये प्यार में बदल जाती है.

      नाम के अंतर्विरोध और इस लव कनेक्शन पर मत जाइए. अभी और भी झटके हैं. दिया और श्रीराम की लव स्टोरी इस प्वाइंट पर आकर टकराती है कि दिया को देश की समझ है और वह पिछड़ों के लिए कुछ करना चाहती है और करती भी रहती है. जबकि श्रीराम को ये सब उपदेश और ढोंग वाली बातें लगती हैं और उसका मानना है कि दिया को कुछ चिल करना चाहिए. नतीजतन, ब्रेकअप हो जाता है और श्रीराम के हाथ बचता है एक केकड़ा, जो एक रेस्तरां में उस वक्त उसके पल्ले पड़ा, जब दिया ने उसे शाकाहार पर ज्ञान दिया. अब श्रीराम है और उसके सामने एक और खूबसूरत संस्कारी तमिल लड़की है, जिससे उसकी शादी तय हो गई है. मगर ये लड़की तो किसी पंजाबी मुंडे से प्यार करती है. श्रीराम को केकड़े के मरने के बाद अपने टूटे तागे का इल्हाम होता है और वह अपनी दिया की बाती बचाने उस गुजराती गांव पहुंच जाते हैं, जहां वह देस के लिए काम कर रही है.

      फिल्म में इमरान खान की एक्टिंग ऐसी है कि एक क्या हजार केकड़े बोरियत से मर जाएं, हम तो फिर भी इंसान हैं. करीना कपूर की एक्टिंग ठीक है, मगर फिल्म की कहानी में उनके क्या, किसी के लिए भी ज्यादा गुंजाइश नहीं थी. दूसरी लड़की के रोल में श्रद्धा कपूर भावप्रवणता की संभावनाएं दिखाती नजर आई हैं. ये लड़की टिकेगी इस इंडस्ट्री में, ऐसा लगता है. बाकी सब जो हैं, सो हैं. मसलन, अनुपम खेर जो गांव वाले इलाके के कलेक्टर बने हैं. मगर पद पर मत जाइए, ऐसा कलेक्टर आपको खोजे से भी न मिलेगा. हां नेता भतेरे मिल जाएंगे.

      कहानी कमजोर है, तो डायरेक्शन भी मायोपिया का शिकार है. पुनीत मल्होत्रा महंगी कारों और अच्छे कपड़ों वाले कन्फ्यूज युवाओं की लव स्टोरी की चौहद्दी में ही हाथ पांव मारें तो शायद कुछ ठीक सी मसाला फिल्में बना पाएं. फिल्म में संगीत विशाल शेखर का है और गाने अलग से सुने-देखे जाएं तो ठीक लगें भी, मगर यहां वे फिल्म का बंटाधार होने से नहीं बचा पाते. शुरुआत में ईशा गुप्ता के साथ क्लब में धत तेरे की गाना आता है, जहां हमारे महानायक श्रीराम का चरित्र चित्रण होता है. टूह टूह गाने में कूल्हों की नाजुक सुंदरता को गीतकार कुमार ने अपने खिलंदड़ पंजाबी अंदाज में बयान किया है और कमाल है इस पल पल आहत होने वाले देश का, कि किसी को अभी तक ऐतराज नहीं हुआ इस पर. उसी तरह से एक बेहद पिछड़े गांव में चिंगम चबाके गाने पर थिरकते गांव वालों को देखकर भी आप अचरज में न घिरें क्योंकि छोरी छिछोरी है, छोरा भी छिछोरा है और अब फिल्मी गांव में इन्हीं सब चीजों का ढिंढोरा है.

      लोकेशन का तो मैंने आपको बताया ही कि गांव गांव नहीं एक भद्दा मजाक लगते हैं. वैसे फिल्म अपने तईं मजाक करने की भरपूर कोशिश करती है, मगर ऐसा कम ही मौकों पर मुकम्मल ढंग से हो पाता है. गोरी तेरे प्यार में, लुट गए हम बाजार में गाते हुए बाहर निकलेंगे आप, अगर अच्छे सिनेमा की समझ और शौक रखते हैं. अगर फूहड़पन बर्दाश्त हो सकता है, बड़े पर्दे पर मचकाऊ गाने और बड़े स्टारों को देखने का शौक है और गांव में चिल करने का फिल्मी इरादा है, तो ये फिल्म आपके लिए है.

      और भी… http://aajtak.intoday.in/story/film-review-gori-tere-pyaar-me-1-747593.html


  76. Check out this India Today link where they have 3I at 240 crores:


    Again they haven’t referenced the source.

    here in an interview with Kabir Khan they claim ETT crossed 200:


    In the link prior to this they have ETT at 199. But here again they have it at 198:


    and in the earlier story 3I is at 240 but here it’s back to its more ‘normal’ total and hence they talk about CE crossing it sooner or later.

    What’s the point? Just in the very same outlet you have tons of stories with tons of claims, all by different writers, really having no connection with any other article in the same magazine.

    One could do this with every publications and find a similar pattern.

    If you google this you will find tons of stories from HT to NDTV and so on saying ETT has joined 200 crore club. Then if you do the same for CE many of those very same sources will also claim that CE is only the second film to have touched 200!

    Of course with Taran it’s like an auction. So he’s started off the D3 one at 300! This prior to release.


    • check out this related piece on the CE numbers:


      Again none of this is surprising. This has been going on for years.


      • Yeah I remember this article. They were in sync with the BOI numbers but then eventually the movie did beat 3I in all possible sources. I do not have that big a issue with the disconnect of numbers between BOI and Taran for CE. I know 20 crores is still a huge number but it didnt smack of any agenda. I have seen a 10% percent differential between highest and lowest sources. But the Krrish 3 numbers are the greatest farce I have seen ever in the history of Indian BO reporting…Its unfortunate someone as likeable as Hritik is part of this nonsense.


    • So as per Producer’s fake numbers are 240 cr. So truth is no movie has crossed 3i yet.


      • Note that the numbers thrown around etc etc may vary but no other film other than these three have been alleged to have crossed/ topped even in these ‘fake’ news items

        Also it doesn’t matter to BOI or many others whether CE did 215 or 245 or whatever

        All these anxious souls turn up the moment one of their favourite star’s film gets allegedly ‘crossed’ by a new blockbuster…

        So ANYTHING that will restore the STATUS QUO of the three films at the top will be fine with BOI types

        I’m NOT saying that what Rakesh Roshan is saying is totally correct.
        But I’m enjoying the fact that they have broken this monopoly of box office spin that few seem to have taken for granted….

        Sometimes crookedness deserves the same …to set things even

        Now one can see the discomfiture of the same khans/ BOI and even Satyam ..

        As for D3–it has to now do 350 in Tarans book to get 200 in the ‘honest’ Satyams criteria
        Out of which due credit will go to katrina
        (& hritik) as well 🙂


        • Credit will also go to spotboy, tea vendor etc. besides Katrina and Hrithik. And also to apex for tirelessly espousing his dearest causes forgetting everything else.


          • On second thoughts, the credit should not go to derivatives like Hrithik and Katrina. The actual credit should go to Rakesh roshan and Salman Khan.

            So Dhoom3 success will go to to Rakesh Roshan of Rs. 500 crores, Salman Khan, spot boys, peons, guards, cats on the prowl, stray dogs wandering near the sets.

            While its underperformance will go to one aamir khan who does not know good acting, who did not have a genuine hit and who is not a force to reckon with when compared to greats like Hrithik and SRK.


  77. Don’t get restless Satyam

    What they’ve reported in the past is fine…(& I’m not keeping a track of it)

    in the UPDATED/LATEST edition, India today reported that
    ‘Krrish 3 has crossed chennai express and three idiots to become the biggest grosser ever!”

    What’s my fault in this ? I’m just an innocent reader who believes in India today more than a garage site BOI

    Now if u wanna ‘block’ my interaction with Amy for THAT, upto u…

    psst Amy –let’s share an ‘oversized’ denim outfit together (raam leela style) … 🙂


  78. Rakesh Roshan : let them first learn the difference between net and gross !!!

    A newspaper today carried a report on the recently released Hrithik Roshan starrer Krrish 3’s collections. While the article claimed that the makers of the film have fudged the overall BO collections to portray that the film has broken the existing records, the makers feel differently. Bollywood Hungama caught up with the film’s producer-director Rakesh Roshan for his reaction to this.

    Laughing at the report, Roshan says, “I really don’t know what their intentions were, but when they asked me for the figures, I willingly gave them the same. Now they say that the figure of Rs. 237.15 crores is gross and not nett.”

    “I don’t know where this buzz about fake figures has emerged from, but I feel that there are some people who really don’t bother to go to the interiors and other sectors in a more detailed way to find out the actual numbers. I know the real figures; I have been getting updates from all my distributors, exhibitors and from places where my film is running right from the first day itself. So, I don’t really care about this line of thinking”, adds Roshan.

    While dismissing the rumours about the collections being fudged, Roshan also questions the authenticity of the article, “How can I fudge Rs. 40-50 crores? Is it really that simple or is it a joke to change and pump up the collections? Besides they say that the figures I have shared are gross figures. In fact if I look at the gross figures that include the entertainment tax, and everything else, then Krrish 3’s collection has crossed Rs. 500 crores. I think they really need to go back and learn the difference between gross and nett figures first.”

    Well, that explanation should settle the matter.


    Ps: haha love how crookedness has been tackled by the same in k3 case. No wonder –it is eliciting such reactions from khans/khan fans/BOI and even those like Satyam

    Enjoy folks 🙂


    • “Is it really that simple or is it a joke to change and pump up the collections? ”

      actually it is! That’s the whole point. No number is ever verified or is verifiable. You just throw them out there! As for the gross/net argument the old trick here is to mix some gross figures with other net ones to arrive at a larger total. It’s been done for years though on a smaller level than this. But again as Jay pointed out what does one expect? That he’s going to own up!

      I do agree with OG as well here. It’s distasteful to keep throwing around the ‘Khans’ label and then twin it with me. I have questioned many films in the past and I am hardly known to be a SRK or Salman fan. And saying people don’t like this otherwise is a contradiction in terms. Because the same sources have been disseminating the 230 crore or whatever narrative. The same trade guys, the same institutional media outlets et al. So who’s against Hrithik here?! But the larger narrative here feeds into the old communal one. the idea that some people are fed up of a ‘Khan’ monopoly and want hrithik and vice versa. whatever the Indian audience does or does not support it’s fair to say that these considerations have never played into box office returns. But yes there has been the effort on the part of some to hijack some of these stars on similar ideological grounds. Both on the right and the left. It’s unfortunate. But in any case you’ve been happy to grab onto this narrative as well. So ‘anything goes’ to advance this dubious Krrish case!


    • “How can I fudge Rs. 40-50 crores? Is it really that simple or is it a joke to change and pump up the collections? Besides they say that the figures I have shared are gross figures. In fact if I look at the gross figures that include the entertainment tax, and everything else, then Krrish 3′s collection has crossed Rs. 500 crores. I think they really need to go back and learn the difference between gross and nett figures first.”

      roshan is all pumped up reminds of days when knph released and hrithik became a star and inspite of that he was shot by mumbai underworld and this guy came back and still delivering hits with enthusiasm

      dont know about numbers but his movies are always huge in interiors


    • US/ Overseas numbers cannot be fudged and that should settle this whole fiasco. A brief comparison on latest movies will partially tell the tale.

      This fake collection thing is now spreading like wildfire and is on all news channels and websites. I believe the end result will be good since authenticity of this whole exercise will come in question and more streaming for box office collections will be done even for Indian Domestic Market….

      Or may be I am being over optimistic !


  79. Inflation. If onions can sell at Rs. 100 a kg, Kkrish3 getting 250 or above crores is ok.

    What is the cost incurred? I mean actual cost.


  80. who cares about the numbers..majority of people have seen it and liked it…it was a massive gamble by roshans and its paid off,kriss 4 will soon be out and we shall talk about the forth coming films.


  81. To put it bluntly, the argument in some quarters is turning into hindu versus muslim actors.

    It has happened during DK time. During Bachchan time, there was no muslim actor who could stand up to him. And then the Khans appeared and seized the slots. And now Hrithik and Ranbir.

    India will always think in these terms whether it is entertainment, politics or sports.

    What is gratifying is they are all providing entertainment.


    • You definitely have a point but these kind of issues are felt more among arm chair activists. When you engage in activism from the comfort and safety of your home.

      In the real world these things don’t matter and the world goes on … peacefully !!


  82. Hrithik’s case is a bit sad since he does a very few movies and his confidence level is pretty low and that is why the dad had to step in to resurrect him as this is one last shot to keep in the running for the big ones.

    Apart there are murmurs – there is turmoil in HR family and Suzzane and HR are living separately…may be for the time being since it more to do with drug related issues of Suzanne. If HR gets a beating professionally this may break him further since he is pretty detached to a lot of things

    This whole exercise is confidence boosting done by Rakesh Roshan – the father !


  83. On a personal note watched K3 in its first weekend and found it good to below average. Whenever disinterest crept in the masked Krish would come and undo the damage.

    HR as an actor is very poor in this movie and cringy at time but his star power as K3 would remove all his limitations.

    His next outing will clear a lot of doubts….the way did with Kaho Na Pyaar hai.


  84. his last film agneepath broke the record for collection in single day that time without father only. for confidence.. personal and professional life are different aspects and if applied applies to all actors


    • Yes it did break records but fizzled out soon after. It was also running on hype similar to Don. It was a poor movie all together and acting apart from Rishi Kapoor was no great shakes


      • yes no 2 question on bachchan effect of old movie(but in non holiday effect) but sadly all so called good performance of rishi and even sanju tanked badly after that

        yes not a great actor but a big star may be ranbirs betters him in future as he has the combination of both


  85. I mean …after Kaho Na Pyaar Hai.


  86. rakesh roshan’s production was bankrupt at one time…question how he has guts and confidence to make movies on large scale with hrithik and so called mateoric rise of filmkraft


  87. Rakesh Roshan the director was always successful. Movie making business is also a lot do to with good will. There is no dearth of finances in Bollywood. for known names. At one time it was one stop shop for converting your black money to white

    Please find latest interview of Imtiaz Ali and you will understand what I am saying on industry working more on good will than money


    • but imtiaz ali was introduced by dharmendra only to launch his nephew abhay deol…was active member of pfc the first online site of anurag kashyap

      he got bigger projects after jab we met only…a commercial sucess


  88. sucessful but not on large canvas unless one is happing 2 big superatar are together

    When his father’s films as a director-producer flopped, they hardly had any money left and were almost bankrupt. Moneylenders used to threaten his Dad Rakesh Roshan at his doorstep, and Hrithik being a little kid at that time got so scared that he used to hide under the sofa. – See more at: http://sushant-danekar.blogspot.in/2012_02_19_archive.html#sthash.mP0MvuOs.dpuf

    his movies with hr happens to be biggest grossers of year


  89. Of course all his outings with HR have been super successful and on top of that he keeps a lot of the expenses in house. Further trade pattern has shifted .wherein makers would rake in a lot moolah if the film did reasonably well

    But I don’t know if you know but as per industry talks Rakesh Roshan made a lot of money on Karan Arjun. That movie was a monster in terms of money making and collections (not the movie) were compared with Sholay. It was a massy entertainer after a long time

    In a way the relations between Roshan – SRK have always been good due to SRK good will gesture of working with him out of sheer respect for seniors like him during those days when he was at his peak


  90. yes and just before your comment there is a line

    “sucessful but not on large canvas unless one is having 2 big superatar who are together”(with typos)

    refrences was karun arjun(salman-srk) ….with due respect srk after ddlj has 3 big flops and this movie happened to be one of his biggest hit to


  91. and that to before ddlj


  92. Hrithik Roshan has a relapse after his brain surgery?
    TNN | Nov 21, 2013, 02.38 PM IST

    If you think Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is basking in success of ‘Krrish 3’, then you’re wrong.

    The superstar has been facing medical woes for quiet some time. And if sources are to be believed, he will be off to the US for another surgery as he has had a relapse following a brain surgery that was done to remove a blood clot from his brain.

    A Mid-Day report says that Hrithik has decided to go to the US as he has had a relapse. The actor was getting severe headaches for some time and hence has decided to go to the US for proper medical care. His sudden departure will affect the shooting schedule of his two upcoming films Shuddhi and Bang Bang.

    The report further says that while the shooting form Hrithik-Katrina-starrer Bang Bang was to begin from November 27, shooting for Shuddhi was to commence from first week in December.

    This change in schedule has put Katrina Kaif in a quandary as her other films Phantom and Jagga Jasoos are also on the floor at the same time. Hence, it will be difficult for her to accommodate her dates later for Bang Bang. It is for this reason that she even spoke to Roshans if Hrithik could postpone his trip, but they said that they could not take risks with his health.

    However, Rakesh Roshan has denied these allegations that Hrithik is going to the USA.


    • Classic Midday modus operandi. Print the whole story and then say at the end almost incidentally that the source denied everything! Having said that there might be some truth here and if so Hrithik should really be careful. He’s too young to have these recurring issues. The problem is that heavy steroid use and whatever to look the way he looks now (which includes having a much larger frame and so forth) runs certain risks. Sure, everyone’s doing it but they all run the same risks.

      Apex might be interested to know that this story has appeared in all the outlets (a simple google search will reveal this). This does not however make it a different story each time it is print anew! It’s the same Midday story that’s the source here in each and every case. Much like with those 250 crores or whatever that figure is. And this is so for 99% of the stuff out there. A story gets out, real or otherwise, and everyone picks it up. it’s not as if there’s some investigative reporting going on where each source checks the veracity of the story!

      Of course the bizarre counter-claim here seems to be ‘no one ever suggested 230 crores or whatever consistently for other films’! Well but those films weren’t depending on a 200 crore narrative! This one was, hence they tailored things that way. It’s a bit like the guy who gets caught in the 2000 crore telecom scam or a 4000 crore stock market scam saying ‘I’m innocent, have you ever heard anyone being accused of such amounts’?! well yeah.. because others corrupt as they might have been weren’t dealing in such amounts! Similarly tomorrow a producer on a 275 crore film could have the word spread out that the film made 320 crores. What would his justification then be? ‘Hey there have never been media stories on any film before all claiming it made 300’!


  93. There was was that post in this thread that explained that the only people who can give the true numbers of Krrish 3 are in fact business associates of the Roshans and they are partners of Bollywood Hungama as well. So, tranparency goes out pf the window.

    There are some people who will go with these numbers but there are others who are questioning those numbers.

    The problem is that when you take Taran’s numbers for granted, then you should do the same when D3 releases. You can’t take Taran’s record breaking numbers here as gospel truth and then cry out ‘foul play’ if/when he reports record breaking numbers for D3.


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