47 Ronin trailers (updated)


5 Responses to “47 Ronin trailers (updated)”

  1. This is the most filmed subject in Japan. At least until the mid-90s or so there was hardly any year in which a film dealing with this story in some sense or the other wasn’t made in Japan. Quite incredible really. There cannot be anything equivalent in any other cinema of the world.


  2. whoa..this i have to see…


  3. Hmm maggie–I’m not sure i wanna see this one…


    • well.. ive seen alot of asian action movies…and sometimes they seem to run into each other…classics like Red Cliff cant be touched..but maybe Keanu might have something..dont know..just have to watch it


      • aawww ok maggie–i will allow u to watch this…
        ps–folks –watched ‘the artist’ yesterday–dont think anybody else here liked it–but may jot down somethin on it soon….maybe


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