The Mahabharata: Fantasy League!

If you’ve long wanted to see The Mahabharata on the big screen, and could get any actor you wanted, this is the post for you: fire away in the Comments section! Many thanks to Raj5 for the suggestion (I’ll add my picks later) — Qalandar.

27 Responses to “The Mahabharata: Fantasy League!”

  1. For the roles respectively

    Bhishma – Amitabh Bachchan
    Kunti – Shabana Azmi

    Yudhishtra – Manoj Bajpayee
    Bheema – Hrithik Roshan
    Arjuna – Prithviraj Sukumaran
    Nakul – Sushant Singh Rajput
    Sahadeva – Mahesh babu

    Karna – Ajay Devgan
    Dhuryodhana – Saif Ali Khan

    Draupadi – Vidya Balan

    Vidura – Om Puri

    Krishna – Aamir Khan


  2. Dhritarashtra – Dilip Kumar
    Gandhari – Waheeda Rahman

    Abhimanyu – Ranbir Kapoor


  3. Krishna – Aamir Khan


  4. Ooh, this will be fun. Seeing as we live in dark times, I’m gonna pick stars from any time.

    Shantanu – Dev Anand
    Satyavati – Waheeda Rahman

    Bhishma – Ashok Kumar
    Amba – Smita Pati
    Ambika – Shabana Azmi
    Ambalika – Deepti Naval

    Dhritrashtra – Amitabh
    Gaandhaari – Jaya
    Pandu – Sunil Dutt
    Madri – Tanuja
    Kunti – Nutan
    Vidhur – Balraj Sahni

    Yudhishthira – Dilip Kumar
    Bhima – Amjad Khan
    Arjun – Dharmendra
    Nakul – Shammi Kapoor
    Sahedeva – Shashi Kapoor

    Draupadi – Meena Kumari

    Karan – Sanjeev Kumar

    Duryodhana – Om Puri
    Dushasana – Naseerudin Shah
    Shakuni – Pran

    Eklavya – Manoj Kumar
    Keechak – Shatrughan Sinha
    Ashwathama – Vinod Khanna
    Jayadratha – Danny
    Jarasandh – Irffan Khan
    Shishupal – Manoj Bajpai

    Dronacharya – Rajendra Kumar
    Kripacharya – Raj Kapoor

    Vasudev – Raajkumar
    Devki – Hema Malini
    Nand – Rajesh Khanna
    Yashoda – Dimple

    Putna – Rekha
    Kans – Amrish Puri

    Krishna – Rajesh Khanna
    Radha – Madhubala
    Rukmani – Mala Sinha
    Balram – Vinod Khanna
    Subhadra – Sadhana

    Abhimanyu – Aamir Khan
    Uttara – Vyjayantimala
    Uttar – SRK 😉


  5. The epic off course is vast and expansive, and it has enough characters (Gods, Demi-Gods, Humans, Demons), to cast almost every talented hero/heroine from the 1950s till today. This would really work If technology were developed that could portray yesteryear actors in their youth. So therefore, starting with Prithviraj Kapoor as King Bharat, Nargis as Ganga, Dilip as Bhishm etc. and having current generation of stars portray the younger characters in the battle would cover the entire gamut of talent in the Indian (ie both North and South) film industry. This would need nothing less than an Avatar treatment, and therefore, the able reins of a James Cameron. Consequently, even some foreign actors could be roped in to portray various characters. eg. Draupadi was known as the Golden Hair beauty, so you can extrapolate.
    Which off course means that unless someone has at least $200M to spend, this can never take off. Sirf Khayali Pulao hi pakatey rahenge.


    • Its alright NYKavi…who needs $200mm when you have the Roshans … what one can do with $200mm, they can do with $20mm! Plus they have some spare change usually to look after other “matters”.
      It can only be directed by Rakesh Roshan. And of course the credit will go to Hrithik Roshan, even though he won’t star in the venture!


      • Lol! Yes, since Red Chillies has already created the best SFX ever made at 1/10th the cost, Roshans/SRK should be at the forefront. Even ISRO took valuable tips from them, otherwise how could they have sent a rocket to Mars at 1/10 the money that NASA spent?


      • ROFL..

        Shah you nailed it..It is ridiculous to even consider ‘foreigners’ can do a decent job for Mahabharat to work on technical stuff..We now have ‘patriotic’ Indians capable of doing that stuff..

        The only problem is, from where will the Roshans steal the action scenes?? Can’t be from GHATOTKACH animation.

        Numbers are not a problem..if a blind Dhritarashtra can produce 100 sons, Roshans with an extra thumb can easily conjure up 300 mil $ at least..


  6. I remember the days in my childhood when Mahabharat was coming on TV every Saturday in the morning. I did not watch it, to me it was a little grown up for my age.
    However I was dutied to tape the whole thing on VCR and believe we still have the videos! It was as popular here in UK as I imagine it was in India.


  7. Don’t know all details /characters in Mahabharata—
    But the ones I get interested in are—

    Arjun– hritik without doubt !!!!

    Karan –Hmm maybe ajay devgun / or even abhishrek

    Bhishma –amitabh (or even dhritrashtra nowadays!!!)

    Can anybody suggest arjun, Karan

    Most importantly

    Draupadi?–now this is interesting …

    And finally last but not the least

    THE character of Indian mythology —–

    Someone I personally LOVE/ adore…

    Krrishna —- 🙂

    Any suggestions folks…?


  8. Hmm-only from living –
    Director- Subhash Ghai and Raju Hirani
    Krishna- Hritik $400 millions Roshan ( with the extra thumb working as the middle finger ), Jai Hind !!
    Arjun- Ranbeer kapoor
    Kans- Ranvir Singh
    Yudhishter- SRK
    Duryodhan- Aamir Khan
    Bheem- Sunny Deol
    Dushhasan- Abhimanyu Singh
    Draupdi- Dips
    Gandhari- Katrina
    Kaikayee- Ratna Pathak Shah
    Nakul- Sehdev- The SOTY guys
    Bheeshma- Naseeruudin Shah
    Dhritrashtra- Kay kay mannon
    Narrator- Amitabh Bachchan
    Dronacharya- Paresh Rawal
    Abhimanyu-Rajkumar Yadav ( sir main baad mein aata hoon)
    Shikhandi- Nawazudin siddiqi
    would also love to have- Vidya Balan, Huma Qureshi, Kajol in various roles.
    and lastly- to please the Hollywood Bhakts-
    Holika- Sunny Leone !!LOL!!


  9. None can ever beat B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharata which has become an institution by itself.
    We can have caricatures. Like Naseerudin Shah playing Krishna, Mallika Sherawat or Deepika playing Draupadi and doing SLB style dances,.Prakash Raj playing Shakuni.


  10. Ravindra Bhalekar Says:

    In 1978, a 70mm movie called Yogeshwar Krishna was started and then abandoned. The Starcast was as follows:
    Krishn : Shashi Kapoor
    Arjun : Dharmendra
    Bheem : Dara Singh
    Yudhisthir : Rajendra Kumar
    Draupadi : Hem Malini
    Rukmini : Sulakshana Pandit
    Karn : Vinod Khanna
    Abhimunyu : Rishi Kapoor
    Duryodhan : Amjad Khan
    Dusshaasan : Prem Chopra
    Sudam : Rakesh Pandey
    Yashoda : Nirupa Roy
    Vidur : Om Shivpuri
    Shakuni : Janki Das
    I remember seeing a still photo in a local magazine in which Shashi Kapoor is standing in a chariot holding ” Sudarshan Chakra ” and Dharmendra is beside him.


  11. Time to revive this thread!!
    Kya boltey ho Q sahib ??


    • Bilkul durust farmaaya!!! Let the fantasy league begin (again)! Am traveling for work this week but will draw up my list, but hopefully others can add theirs in the meantime. One thing is for certain: much as I like Aamir Khan he won’t be Krishna in mine! Must say Akshay’s turn in Oh My God! showed promise, even if he’d be an urbane Punju-ish Krishna 🙂

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      • RE.- even if he’d be an urbane Punju-ish Krishna
        LOL !!!!!!
        I thought of the exact same thing, the shudh hindi which Bachchan, SRK , Manoj Bajpayee, Ashutosh Rana can speak – Akhshay,Ajay, Salman etc.. can not.

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      • Lot has changed from 2013 to 2017, I would also revise my selection and post it here.
        One thing is certain that the final say in screenplay and editing has to rest with Raju Hirani and Aamir Khan jointly.

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