Bullet Raja trailers (updated)

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23 Responses to “Bullet Raja trailers (updated)”

  1. Saif is back in a big way…bad ass and all 🙂


  2. Wonderful: agree mags –Saifs good here
    Ishtyle n all that…
    This ones better than langda tyagi …
    Dhulia has a GoW hangover here
    But well done saif


  3. This is a fun trailer. It’s better than everything I’ve seen from Dhoom and Krrish so far. I don’t find Saif very convincing on this terrain though. He looks a bit too ‘refined’ for it. He has some great lines but doesn’t quite have the right lingo for them. But again the trailer is a lot of fun.


  4. This is a must watch in big screen for me. Looks fun, mardana movie.


  5. Ugh, Tigmanshu Dhulia’s films annoy me just because they’re so remarkably UN-cinematic! Bland colour palettes, lifeless editing and cameras which stand still and look on at the action like a braindead zombie at a theatre. I wish that the often awesome scripts he works with were taken on by a different director, someone with Anurag Kashyap or Mssykin’s visual flair. This will be a well written movie I’m sure….but a middle-of-the-road, uninspiring one too.


    • agree with what you’ve said on the director. the look of the film seems very dull.


    • In an ideal situation, Tigmanshu Dhulia’s scripts would be directed by Rakesh Mehra.


      • Ha! Well said!

        One of the problems in Bombay currently is that every script-writer, ad filmmaker, etc wants to become a director. looking at the actual directors who could blame them?! But this is of course a problem as you want some of the best talents in their respective fields to remain in those fields!


  6. Indeed looks like fun…I was wondering what Dabangg have done to this genre…so many movies now with similar masala style and the hero delivering the one liners…rowdy rathore..rambo rakjkumar and even Dhulia have embraced this with BR…Salman must be proud of himself.


  7. One of the best trailer i have seen. For me Langda Tyagi is one of the best act by a BW hero ever. Though in Bullet Raje Saif is not looking touch the Tyagi but still very impressive. We only talk about 3 khan’s but saif is also doing great for himself. But i will recommnded Some Changes in dilouges.

    1- “Brahaman bhookha to Sudama, Samjha to Chankya and Rooth to Raavan”. I will replace Raavan with Parshuram. Parshuram is more famous for his anger and Like Sudama and Chankya he was successfull too unlike Raavan who got Killed.

    2- “Hum Tujhe maar-maar kar dard denge phir maar denge” It should be Hum Tujhe maar-maar kar dard denge phir goli maar kar dard se chutkara denge.

    But nonetheless whoever wrote the dilouge know hindi and hindi heartland quite well. Great stuff. Feeling happy for Saif. This saif project lokks safe.


  8. at the end of trailor saw glimpse of vidut jammwal and he looks to be villain

    was villain in force and overshadowed john abraham and made his impressive debut as lead in commando and now in dhulia movie

    in proper one to one role bhari padega saif pe


    • just to confirm what i said long time back:

      His impressive pecs and high kicks helped Vidyut Jamwal grab eyeballs in his debut film ‘Force’. ‘Commando’, his first as a leading man, made an impact for its action sequences and the former model, whose name today is synonymous with daredevilry, is now preparing for what he hopes will be a turning point in his career.

      Not only will Jamwal’s group, the Vidyut Jamwal Stunt Company, be named in the stunts credit of Bullett Raja, the actor has also signed an action film and buzz is that the project is on the lines of the Hollywood hit 300.

      The actor is prepping up for the flick to be directed by Ram Madhvani. The filmmaker has directed several award-winning commercials and his first feature, Let’s Talk premiered at the Locarno Film Festival. “The concept is brilliant and Ram is one of the best action directors. The film will be unlike anything you have seen before, with a lot of the Indian martial art form, Kalaripayattu, which I have trained in since I was 10,” said Vidyut.

      The action hero claims that he choreographed all the stunts in his previous two outings but did not get credit for it. But in Bullett Raja, where he makes a special appearance, Vidyut and his group will be mentioned in the credits.

      “Tigmanshu (Director Tigmanshu Dhulia) told me to choreograph my action scenes and has credited them to me. My company is made up of 15 boys from the slums of Dharavi and from Kerala,” Vidyut told TOI. One of the stunts in Bullett Raja sees Vidyut sliding under a bed in a chase scene and has already caught the fancy of the audience.

      “People have been asking me how to do it. You need to be really flexible to pull it off,” said the actor.


  9. I like this one! Tigmanshu Dhulia seems to be on surer terrain this than the Saheb Biwi Gangster films — although it’s disappointing to see Jimmy Shergill (who was so charismatic in the previous Dhulia films) looking so…unattractive. Nevertheless, he is a very good actor and I am sure will do well.

    I LOVED that line about the Brahmans (Sudama/Chanakya/Raavan) — I hadn’t heard that one before! But then again, Tigmanshu certainly knows his Hindi, as his previous efforts show…


  10. dhulia himself is one (brahman)

    bullet raja if i am correct is the popular character name rose to prominence by ravi teja last year in one of his movies… enough hint to be full masala which may be first for him(dhulia) but ya so callled terrain that is u.p utilised to hilt in haasil


  11. Music and B/g score has always been the weakest point of any Tigmanshu Dhulia’s films- be SBG or PST or this one.


  12. AamirsFan Says:

    this is a good song, just doesn’t gel with this movie saif seems too stiff:

    [added to post]


  13. This one’s a flop – With Singh Saab, R… Raajkumar and Bullet Raja releasing within three weeks of each other – it doesn’t look good at all.


  14. “Don’t Touch My Body” is very stale: Dhulia seems like he’s going through the motions here, and the ordinarily very sexy Mahie Gill is completely miscast in the song — this isn’t her scene, not one bit… Not to mention that the song is not catchy at all (I mean, it’s better than what Krrish 3 gave us, but those tunes were about as catchy as hearing a drunken man retch on a train platform)…


  15. Getting early good reviews…with Dhulia in director’s seat its not very surprising…hopefully the movie will do well at box-office of which I am not very sure at the moment.


  16. I want this to be a hit ONLY for Dhulia. Damn it, I want EVERY film of Kashyap, Dhulia, Ali, Hansal, Chaubey to be a success just like once, I wanted every film of Gulzar’s to make money. Unless and until of course they go against their very principles and make a film catering to the ‘current’ trends with all their experience and wisdom out the window and fall prey to the cr(wh)ore clubs.

    Dhulia is the last of our directors who is an umbilical cord to the heart-land. Really do not wish this to be cut. It will be a big loss.

    Saif, unfortunately, is a poor choice and he is hardly a great actor. His royal lineage and oxford banging days seep inadvertantly out of every character he plays. That’s why he is effortless when he plays the urban suave guy but struggles as soon as he dithers away from this comfort-zone. He was slightly impressive asLangda but even that mighty amount of plastic surgery and MCs and BCs could hardly make him ‘dehati.’ In Bullet Raja, he looks like he has just over-seen and is out of a frat/sorority-orgy initiation session from Oxford.

    And Dhulia unjustly pits him against Jamwal! This guy is the Mount Etna of Testastorone. For once, those multi-packs look like they TRULY belong in a male body and do not look as though one is looking at a gigolo a la Hrithik. He will simply chew Saif to the last bone in their confrontational scenes. Upon seeing the rushes of FORCE, story goes that the makers had to request Jamwal to tone down his charisma a bit since he was coming off far, far more powerful than Abraham Sir! Unfortunately for Abraham Sir, he was not on any modeling assignment but was required to ‘act.’

    And of course there is the criminally under-rated actor of Hi-fi for the past decade, Jimmy Shergeill. Wonder when he will really get his due..


    • You missed Bhardwaj :p
      After such strong roles in Saheb Biwi I am not liking Jimmy’s role here very much…but I guess he couldn’t have said no to Dhulia.


  17. Checked the title song – a distinct wannabe GoW hangover -not bad tho ….

    “Hai maai ka laal,behno ki dhaal
    Ghaat ghaat yaaron ka yaar re
    Dil jo laga re laage lagan re
    Meera bhi naache hoke magan
    Pakke lagata hai surrr…….
    Bullet raja.. bullet raja…” 🙂

    Have watched nearly all saif films since Salaam namaste (which was seminal saif!)..
    Unlikely to watch this one–though saif may find the going tough without deepika (who has been ‘raising him’ up since LAK, cock tail, race…) all the best …


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