R…Raj Kumar trailers (updated)

thanks to Xhobdo..

thanks to Aamirsfan…


22 Responses to “R…Raj Kumar trailers (updated)”

  1. LOL, this looks even better than Bullet Raja! Really zany stuff! and of course some over the top material as well!


  2. Horrific! Really getting tired of this south-style stale masala where the film Hero is the father of God that would put Brahmastras to shame. Jeez.

    Prabhudeva needs to head back to the markets where these are cherished. And SK seems a definite mis-fit here faltering on those inane one-liners that Akshay seems so believable mouthing.

    That is the problem when bad films start turning hits.. You will get hammered by the inflow of such monstrosities..


    • Re: “Prabhudeva needs to head back to the markets where these are cherished. ”

      Right now, those markets seem to be the Bollywood ones. So Prabhudeva is in the right place!


  3. Actually, not having seen much of this stuff before (other thn rowdy rathore etc!) I’m enjoying this south/prabhudeva deva zany ott stuff..
    It’s fun lol

    As for sonakshi, after akshay and Salman,
    Poor sonakshi is having to do with the pocket/mini version aka shahid kapoor 🙂


  4. RajRoshan Says:

    The Dabangg hangover in all these movies continues…


  5. “Mard” and “Shahenshah” hangover in all these movies continues …


  6. Yakuza, uski jagah tum le rahe ho.i forgot his name.


  7. Jhakkas song. This is how a contemporary masala song should be…fun, inventive, with street flavour and earthy sweetness. Shahid has the lovable, goofy tapori feel of the young Anil Kapoor and Sonakshi has the livewire, earthy charm of a Sridevi. This one should work for Shahid and Sonakshi.


  8. I agree this is quite a catchy song.


  9. RajRoshan Says:

    Yep…the song is catchy


  10. Hmm I see–he’s better than Imran khan types though..
    Btw @ 0.40 I got worried –when sonakshi stepped briefly on him…
    All sonakshi needs to do to KILL him, is to SIT on the poor guy 🙂


  11. Actually just skimmed thru this song–the song & sonakshi is not actually somewhat cute.. Made me pen some lines—

    “Dil yeh dhokha dhadi kar dega, Socha na tha
    Itni yeh gadbadi kar dega, Socha na tha
    Aisi mushkil khadi kar dega, Socha na tha”

    Btw this poor guy shahid has been toiling hard for long and hasn’t really done anything wrong as such..he’s better than some others Hope this film does something good for me (if he doesn’t end up gettin ‘physically crushed’ by sonakshi!)


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