Edge of Tomorrow trailer

thanks to Aamirsfan…


7 Responses to “Edge of Tomorrow trailer”

  1. In the early rounds the film is doing 90% at rottentomatoes. Quite remarkable!


  2. Emily Blunt! She and James McAvoy, second, the only two star actors from the West whose upcoming movies get me curious. When I get time, I am going to watch this unless informed writes completely trash this one. But then, Emily Blunt stars…


  3. AamirsFan Says:

    How YouTube and Internet Journalism Destroyed Tom Cruise, Our Last Real Movie Star

    “You’ve seen it, too. You can probably picture it in your head: Tom Cruise, dressed in head-to-toe black, looming over a cowering Oprah as he jumps up and down on the buttermilk-colored couch like a toddler throwing a tantrum. Cruise bouncing on that couch is one of the touchstones of the last decade, the punchline every time someone writes about his career.

    There’s just one catch: It never happened.”



    • AamirsFan Says:

      very interesting article on how social media has changed the game regarding “Super stardom” and celebrity-ism. Really anyone can become a ‘star’ today because of the power of social media! The days of ‘Superstars’ lasting decades is gone IMO, both in Hollywood and Hindi Cinema.


      • Bandra.NRI Says:


        Sadly all the attacks are not thanks to his merits or lack of, but because of his faith.

        I am impressed by his focus on his craft & legacy .


  4. RajRoshan Says:

    Cruise may not be the greatest of actors but he is one of the most dedicated and a very good actor…a very consistent one…in most of his movies he seems to be giving his 110%…while depp, smith, pitt and willis sleepwalk in some of their movies from time to time….Cruise on the other hand barely lacks dedication and looks more physically and emotionally involve in most of his movies.

    There is similar discussion going on boxoffice.com forum in Edge Of Tomorrow thread. Looks like people and media have started to pay respect to Cruise as an actor for his consistency. Even the critics consensus on RT for EOT acknowledges cruise.

    There are many such articles coming up now…another one from movie.com on Why Cruise is greatest living movie star.


  5. Really liked this one. best Cruise in just about forever. Would urge everyone to check it out.


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