Jackpot, R…Rajkumar (ongoing), the rest of the box office (older post updated)


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  1. R… Rajkumar Has Good To Decent Start

    Friday 6th December 2013 11.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    R… Rajkumar had a pretty good start as many places opened well with others being below the mark. The film opened to 50% collections in Gujarat, Maharashtra, CP Berar and Rajasthan though collections in Delhi and Punjab were in the 30% region.

    The opening trend of the film was very similar to Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram – Leela though the collections were at much lower levels. Like that film Western and Central India is better with North India lagging. The overall opening is around 40%.

    The film should do well in places like Gujarat and Rajasthan but reports will be the key for all India business as the film has not opened strongly across the board.


    • BO update: ‘R… Rajkumar’ starts well!
      By Taran Adarsh, December 6, 2013 – 13:04 IST

      R… RAJKUMAR, which is yet another masala entertainer to release this year, has opened well with 50% to 60% occupancy in several circuits, especially the mass-dominated circuits, while the start was around 30% to 40% in few circuits as well. However, considering the fact that film business had hit a rough patch since last two weeks, the positive start of the film has come as a respite for the industry.

      What has contributed to the robust start at the ticket window is its musical score, with a couple of tracks getting hugely popular. Also, the aggressive promotion seems to have done the trick. Most importantly, Prabhu Dheva’s brand as a director has also been crucial in driving the audiences to theatres, thereby witnessing ample footfalls in the initial shows. Of course, what will play a crucial role in the film’s overall business is the word of mouth, which will also decide how it fares over the weekend.

      The second release, CLUB 60, has opened on a rather bleak note. The film was never expected to start with a bang in the first place and is dependent on word of mouth completely.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      this was my prediction last week…maybe lower than 12cr today?

      AamirsFan Says:
      December 1, 2013 at 5:06 AM

      i am going out on the limb and predicting a nice healthy opening day/weekend/week and total for r…raj kumar. ‘gandi baat’ is a rage and the promos are good.

      itll be a 12cr opening day and 60-65cr opening week would be good. think itll end up around 105-110cr. Shahid Kapoor gets his first 100cr film with prabhudeva!


      • You are reading too much in those reports. Decent opening is reported based on Mumbai area. But, overall it is way behind mark and they are calling it good based on expectations from SHahid’s recent BO run.
        Wait for tomorrow, i will be surprised if it is close to 9 cr even.


      • Taran rates based on business rating and his 1.5 rating assures it wont touch 50 cr even. Though, SS business will be good in first weekend imo. A scenario like BOSS will less opening numbers.


  2. Bullet Raja Has Poor First Week

    Friday 6th December 2013 10.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Bullet Raja had a poor first week collecting around 31 crore nett. Delhi/UP and Rajasthan had the best collections. These two circuits were not good or even average but compared to the dull collections in the rest of the country, the collections in Delhi/UP and Rajasthan were respectable.

    A 30 crore nett total is what is expected from a film like Bullet Raja over the weekend not the week. This year has seen so many small films like Aashiqui 2, Shuddh Desi Romance and Chasme Bhaddoor go over 30 crore nett for in the first week so a much higher total is expected of a 55-60 crore film like Bullet Raja.

    The weekday collections were steady at a some stations in Delhi/NCR and UP and that is where the film will have a major chunk of its week two collections coming from.


  3. IdeaUnique Says:

    RR review Ratings:
    BWH (Taran) – 1.5/5
    NDTV – 1/5
    REDIFF – 1.5/5
    ZEENEWS – 1/5
    INDIATODAY – 1.5/5
    INDIAN EXPRESS – 0/5 (Yeah it is zero)
    HINDUSTAN TIMES – 0/5 (Again a zero)

    Only TOI has given 3/5


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      Raja(Bullet) failed at the B.O.
      Rajkumar (R) looks set to fail at the B.O.

      Now what?
      Ghulam (aamir) – any price for guessing? 🙂


      • IdeaUnique Says:



      • D3 was most awaited movie this year, and so far songs have disappointed mostly. Only, promo was decent. It is more Krrish3 like scenario here. This may be under performer just like K3 aswell. Still, 200 is on due to brand value, hype and holidays.
        But, i have strongly skeptical about 250-300 cr like outrageous numbers everyone expected few months back.
        The biggest dent so far has been Aamir’s one still expression and his unsuitable height/personality for the role. He should have clearly avoided dancing and songs as much as possible.


  4. 26 Questions People From India Are Sick Of Answering-

    “Do people in India really sing and dance all the time like in Bollywood movies?
    Totally. Just like people in America constantly get attacked by extraterrestrial forces of evil and then saved by leagues of superheroes.



    • LOL, good one!

      On that list though I have only ever come across or heard of 2 & 4! Most of the others sound made up!


    • I agree with almost all, they all exist in some proportion.
      I don’t know why people believes what they have confronted only. If they don’t face something, they just believe it doesn’t exist.
      Miss America Nina davaluri faced remarks like “She is arab”,
      People like to stereo type other to make things easier for their limited memories.
      I have faced some of them like “Do you speak Hindu”, “You are all vegetarian”.
      And i have seen my indian friends defining diwali to Americans just as christmas to them to escape strings of questions. So, it will be unfair to dis all people based on different perception of some.
      But If we do, we are also stereo typing them by generalizing all of them to make things easier for us.


      • We also stereotype but we dont ask such questions. Whatever we do, we do it behind their backs. We also stereotype our own tamilians, telugus,bengalis, marathis, punjabis.


    • Entertaining stuff. Especially that feather Indian, bindi Indian thing.


  5. So as he began mouthing some dialogues from Jab Tak Hai Jaan, he indulged in a bit of harmless flirting with the interviewer asking her if she was married and when told yes, he said that he hoped that her husband was not watching the show. He further quipped that he would love to romance her somewhere outside the venue, but definitely not in a lift. SRK then paused and said “No… no you are a journalist, not in a lift.”

    As some members of the audience broke into laughter, he went a step further and said, “Adnan Sami’ s Lift Kara De song now has a new meaning.” The audience then chuckled some more.


  6. “No… no you are a journalist, not in a lift.”
    Haha omrocky thanx for that
    Exactly !!!
    Man, I’m not condoning /supporting that Tarun guy for what he’s done …
    But srk is right!!! (Man, even I was saying something similar the other day!)
    To hell with political correctness…

    No junior ‘interns’, no ‘innocent gals’
    Bloody even I’m scared of getting onto a ‘lift’ now

    All u guys –be careful now 🙂


    • I think it was pretty insensitive at this point of time, it is kind of what Farooq Abdlulha said earlier today.
      would be interested to know OG’s and Ami’s take on it.


  7. This is really funny and witty..( unlike blaming The Indian Junta)


  8. Dheebiga yummy but her faux hindi very shauchalay
    I can’t believe I’m saying this. But imagining Salman mouth these lines makes the movie very watchable


  9. If aamir khan had said this, he would have been taken to the dhobighat. For SRK, everything is ok.

    Farooq abdullah also said something insensitive. These men make as though the journalist complainant is a silly girl making mountains of molehills.


  10. R… Rajkumar Has Good First Day

    Saturday 7th December 2013 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    R… Rajkumar had good opening day collections of around 8.75-9 crore as per early estimates. The film collected very well in some circuits like Mumbai, CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan, Bihar and Nizam while some like Delhi/UP, East Punjab and Mysore under performed. The collections in single screens were excellent and far far ahead of any Shahid Kapoor starrer.

    The overall opening is also the highest for any Shahid Kapoor starrer beating the 6.75 crore of Mausam released in 2011. A good jump in business on Saturday in Delhi city and East Punjab will help the cause of the film as the other major all India contributor Mumbai is doing well but North India also has to come on board for good final result.

    The film will find it tough to show growth on Saturday as it is a good opening but it should put up a good number on Sunday and a good healthy weekend.



  11. Very fine piece from Rangan on Satya 2:-

    “Satya 2 is a middling, proficient movie. I didn’t love it. I wasn’t blown away. But I didn’t mind it, and found some parts quite interesting. That’s the thing with Varma for me. With the exception of outright bombs like his Sholay remake, his work, to me, is always interesting at some level – and this quality should not be underestimated. Some people look at the trough-phase of a filmmaker and say things like “this film is nowhere near Satya,” but I look at it slightly differently – for me, it’s somewhat impressive that even the trough-phase films of Varma almost always have something going for them. (Yes, of course you have to be more than just a general audience member who wants his paisa vasool to feel this way about a filmmaker or about films, and of course this segment is a minority, but even minorities have to speak up from time to time.)

    I showed an early draft of this article to a friend to see what he thought, and he wrote back: “This is my take on the one possible reason why his movies don’t have many takers. People have a funny, prejudiced way of evaluating movies (that they would want to see). The classic example of this is ‘I don’t watch Kamal movies because he’s a bloody womaniser.’ RGV is a loudmouth with a big ego to match – and a loudmouth with a big ego to match should have the success of Salman Khan… Today, people are openly making fun of him – and that could be a reason why they will think twice before paying to watch his movie. (Another problem with his movies is that half of them have to be severely censored to get on TV, so he doesn’t even have the benefit of cable & satellite viewers, unlike a Barjatya.)”



    • I agree with this.. didn’t mind Satya 2..


      • Oh. Will check it out then. Waiting for your views on Satyagraha and Aurangzeb. Thought the latter was gripping for the most part and with a more charismatic lead actor, could have even a very good film


        • I put up a brief comment on Satyagraha but can’t find it at the moment. Found to be a very poor film in most respects. Quite disjointed. Aurangzeb wasn’t bad and yes it would have been much better than this with a better lead.


  12. LS:

    Sarika Interview:


    And here is a review of the new Sarika -Farooq Shaikh film. Maybe a separate thread is needed, but i don’t know where or how to put up my recent links to this film.



  13. Haha more fun by kjo

    Rishi continued to be the ‘angry nasty dad’!’ –as for motormouth Kareena –more of her stupidities …

    The promos of Koffee with Karan show featuring the Kapoor cousins Kareena and Ranbir has caught a lot of attention. This is mainly due to Kareena’s confessions and comments about Ranbir’s relationship with girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Bebo went to the extent of tagging Katrina as her ‘sister-in-law’. Apparently, this has angered Ranbir’s dad Rishi Kapoor, who is known to be very protective about his son.
    Hindustan Times reports a source as saying, “He (Rishi Kapoor) can’t figure out why she went on the show, and drew unnecessary attention by calling Katrina her “sister-in-law” publicly. Especially, when it (the show) caused so many controversies the last time as well.”
    Well, trust Karan to have created a frenzy with mere promos of the episodes. What are your thoughts on this issue?


    Carry on kjo…


  14. though I had a different experience of the film this is a strong reading…

    Gazing at LoveLorrie Moore
    Blue Is the Warmest Color
    a film directed by Abdellatif Kechiche

    Can a moviegoer set academic theory aside and still ask, What is the cinematic male gaze, and is it so very different from the female one? Is the camera inherently masculine, a powerful instrument of anxiety, and lust, forever casting women as objects? (The phallic pen has never once deterred a woman writer.) And when is a gaze not a gaze but something else—something prurient or false or constructed as if through a rifle sight, or, as one filmmaker friend of mine has said, “as something to be viewed in the safety of a dark theater”? Moreover, is “gazing,” with its fraught exile and exiling, what a camera should be doing anyway? Shouldn’t the camera instead be trying to get past the gazeness of its gaze—that is, its condition of exclusion—and engage with the observed, knitting together an alliance between viewer and viewed? Is looking necessarily a form of desire? Of covetousness or envy? Was not the ultimate male gazer Hans Christian Andersen’s poor Little Match Girl?

    These are questions inadvertently raised by Abdellatif Kechiche’s recent Palme d’Or–winning film, La Vie d’Adèle, nuttily translated into Blue Is the Warmest Color for Anglophone audiences. (In partial explanation, the graphic novel the film is somewhat based on is called, in French, Blue Is a Warm Color.) The film is not blue in the emotional or pornographic sense. Nonetheless its brilliant star, Adèle Exarchopoulos, portraying a girl also named Adèle (suggesting coauthorship of the character; also Arabic for “justice,” and we do see her in one political march), plays her throughout in a fluctuating state of low-level depression. And the movie’s protracted sex scenes, which feature two young athletic actresses (Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux) with perfect bodies (when their characters visit an art museum to look at the nudes, it presents an opportunity to glimpse, albeit in marble and oil, some actual figure flaws), have proven a source of controversy, wherein critics have both employed the terms “pornography” and “male gaze” (Salon, et al.) and deliberately avoided them (Manohla Dargis, et al.). The film has already been banned in one Idaho theater, a fun fact that is getting a lot of press.

    Largely what is wrong with Kechiche’s overdirected ecstatic scenes is artistic; they go on too long and are emotionally uninformative, almost comedically ungainly and dull to watch, as most long sex scenes are. (Did we learn nothing from Vivien Leigh’s little morning-after smile in Gone With the Wind? There are more elegant and succinct ways of communicating coital satiety than perspiring and exhausted flesh.) These scenes in Blue Is the Warmest Color constitute an almost fatal narrative mistake. Cinematic sex (unlike pillow talk, and that includes the pillow talk here, as well as that of Rock Hudson and Doris Day) is not all that fascinating because it is not all that sharable. What is being experienced by the characters is not something that can be felt by viewing. But the other problem is that despite these young women appearing expert in what they are doing in bed, the sex may be inauthentic—no youthful fumbling here. Manohla Dargis has written in The New York Times that their pantomiming is obvious; others have noted that Kechiche’s lesbian sex is laughably constructed with pornographic tropes; Julie Maroh, the author of the book the film is based on, has also complained of the bedroom choreography. For a filmmaker whose strength seems to be a vital naturalism, these are sticking criticisms.

    From a narrative perspective the most perplexing problem with these sex scenes is that they mute and obscure the actresses, who otherwise, in many other parts of the film, offer their intelligent faces and voices to the screen in subtle and moving ways. In visual media the body is often deeply inexpressive compared to the heart’s great canvas—the face. The sex between these characters, as is true of most carnality, causes the interesting parts of these women’s personalities to recede. The actresses for long stretches of time become action heroes, and the portrait of them that the film has ostensibly been working on grinds, so to speak, to a halt.

    One can see then that the movie is doing a lot of narrative wheel-spinning at these young women’s expense. The director has not arranged for a story with surprises or ideas or momentum or much structure at all, and so, well, he is stalling. He has become one of the “ball-busting directors” that an actor-character at the film’s end tells Adèle is his reason for having quit the movies and gone into real estate.

    The film begins with fifteen-year-old Adèle going to school, looking quite young in her knit cap. She is viewed from the top of a hill, with the attractive city of Lille spread out below, and we watch her, camera at her back, as she descends. Will the entire film suggest that the leaving behind of home and childhood is a descent? Possibly. At her high school, she loves literature. The first classroom discussion is about love at first sight in Marivaux’s The Life of Marianne—so the movie introduces the idea of the powerful gaze right at the get-go. Another teacher discusses Antigone, explicating the lines between childhood and adulthood—at least for Greek girls.

    Although Adèle has one great pal (a gay boy), the school yard is a slightly vicious place with much sexual gossip and social speculation, and at home Adèle has dinner (always spaghetti) with her parents, the three of them watching television while they eat. In general Adèle’s soft wide mouth hangs open throughout the film, revealing an attractive overbite long associated with French actresses. She pulls her hair up, lets it fall again, ties it back up—continually. Between the slack mouth and the unstable hair, we see quickly that Adèle does not quite know who she is. But she is a creature of appetites, and much time is spent watching her pliable mouth chew—pasta, candy, oysters. Director Kechiche, whose 2007 portrait of female resourcefulness, The Secret of the Grain, revolves around a couscouserie, gives us lots of footage of eating, as if, in a gastronomic non-witticism, he sees love, especially love between women, as one big restaurant. We also see Adèle dancing in various settings—her dancing is something of a motif—but uncertainty is written all over her face, even when her arms are raised over her head. We see youth’s beauty but rarely its exuberance.

    When we first meet the older, more confident Emma (Seydoux) she is in a romantic headlock with another girl but turns surreptitiously to size up Adèle. It is a purposeful, appraising leer, and although the audience will recognize it as lecherous and see Emma instantly for what she is—a player—Adèle is smitten, like a character in one of the novels she reads. (One may momentarily worry about the windy circle of hell reserved by Dante for Francesca da Rimini, reader of love books, and in fact winds do blow Adèle’s hair around throughout the film.)

    Adèle and Emma meet again in a bar, where Emma almost picks Adèle up, or at least discourages others from doing so. Emma recognizes Adèle as confused and underage, but soon is trolling the edge of the school yard to fetch her. She courts Adèle with confidence and kindness. Though she looks quite young herself, Emma is meant to be older and more sophisticated, an ambitious artist, and the radiant Seydoux does well in communicating the psychological edge she has on Adèle.

    The movie then travels through a few years of their love affair together, and we see that Emma, who at first seems comfortable with Adèle as her housekeeper and muse, will soon find her too mundane, not glamorous or ambitious enough for her artist friends. When Emma encourages Adèle to become a writer, it seems meretricious and self-serving on Emma’s part. Adèle doesn’t want to become a writer and is not much interested in the grad-school-style discourse that is supposed to pass as intellectual—Klimt is decorative; no he’s not; yes he is (yes he is). All is meant to suggest that Adèle is running with a headier crowd than the one from her high school days, and as someone who loves her job as an elementary school teacher, she may always be an outsider in Emma’s world.

    There is a reason adults are requested to stay romantically away from underage teenagers: a minor is more easily overwhelmed, damaged, seduced, hurt. There is a power differential, which can be compounded by class differentials as well. That the film is one big illustration of this should not escape our notice. Can one talk about adult sex with minors, if it’s a European film? One should hope so. And clearly the film is somewhat aware of this problem, since like Mariel Hemingway’s character in Woody Allen’s great but troubling Manhattan, during the course of the movie Adèle turns eighteen. A birthday cake is lit and candles are blown out. Whew! Everyone is legal now!

    But damage of some kind—even if it’s the damage of love—has been done. Instead of being outgrown, Adèle’s vulnerability seems to have seeped in and overtaken her permanently. Romantic love has subtracted from her life, rather than added to it, and she seems shatteringly alone. One may be reminded of the tragic Marie in The Dreamlife of Angels (1998), also set in Lille, or of Isabelle Huppert as Beatrice in The Lacemaker (1977)—two French films that take the social class differential of lovers head on. Beatrice’s imaginary Greek windmills are analogous to Adèle’s eighteenth-century romances. And although Adèle is not likely to crack and break completely, she will be bent in difficult winds. The chances of her thriving do not look promising at all.

    Girl meets girl. Girl loses girl. There’s not much else going on here for three hours. In under three hours, Shakespeare did much better with the vagaries of adolescent love, taking them less seriously and for what they are, but foregrounding them against larger societal themes of war and peace. Does sexual orientation on its own, in the twenty-first century, make for a story? Pedophilia, sexual predation, and wounding class divisions in Kechiche’s film are stumbled up against then retreated from, dodgily, glancingly—not really even gazingly. The portrait Kechiche offers of France, mostly the city of Lille, is unceasingly pretty, demographically diverse, and replete with delicious cigarette smoking. He is not seeking quarrels. He wants things to be as attractive as they can be—all things considered—and sidles up to sentimentality. But his lead actress has run away with the film in a complicated way.

    1970s film theory (Laura Mulvey, John Berger, and others) sometimes had it that the male gaze is directed at a woman, and the female gaze is directed at the male gazing at the woman (Hitchcock’s Vertigo builds its entire plot on this dialectic between viewer and viewed). Yet from the current vantage point, in this somewhat antique model, the female gaze may consist of a composite vision and be the more complex and authoritative, by virtue of containing additional information. Then again, of course, the male gaze may be watching the female gaze as well, which adds an additional layer of power and perception, becoming a tertiary gaze, and then the female may gaze back, ad nauseam, in the nature of a hand-slapping game or the infinite regression of a Quaker Oats box or the badinage of Abbott and Costello.

    Such theory, often written in a prose with the forensic caress of an appliance warranty, may not be a useful way to look at films, especially when one is dealing with the high caliber of acting—visceral, rangy, possessed—that is on display in Kechiche’s film. The sex scenes notwithstanding, almost every moment contains a dramatic presence where interiority is brought forth via concentration, utterance, silences. This deserves a separate sort of notice. The close-ups of the young, still-forming face of Exarchopoulos show that the director knew precisely what he had when he cast her. The camera work also shows Exarchopoulos knowing what she’s doing as well. Et cetera. Ad infinitum.

    An esteemed British actress was once asked why in such a small country as England there were so many great actors. “It’s because we’re always acting,” she said. This past year has brought forth astonishing performances from young French-speaking actresses, not just Seydoux and Exarchopoulos, but Émilie Dequenne in the harrowing Belgian-French film Our Children. Have young Francophone women newly seized a form of cultural expression for themselves? Have they kept their chic, insouciantly coiled scarves but broken free from something more oppressive? Or are they simply—and not so simply—always acting?


  15. Thanx–thats an interesting piece-u distracted me from Kat in d3(!) lol–will revisit her soon..

    My random thoughts on-
    ‘blue is the warmest color’…are here–


    • AamirsFan Says:

      you know when you’re head is not up Hrithik’s butt and when you seem to take your meds on time..you can be a tolerable person.


      • Your very name/identity/existence is as someone’s ‘fan’ -so no wonder –‘head in the butt’ thought comes naturally to u!
        Paying u back in the same coin–since u maybe posting as other name/gender as well–suggest another name for u–“buttplug”..!!


  16. omrocky786 Says:

    Just Yesterday I was talking about Zeeshan Ayyub ( The Bullet Raja Thread) and here you go…


    • A nice read. The first time I noticed him was actually in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Here’s an interesting quote from him from the article:

      He doesn’t mind being the ‘supporting actor’ tag. He realises he may not exactly be the face of Harlequin romances and that’s not something that bothers him. He articulates an interesting analogy: “This industry is a lot like the political parties of our country. People who want to keep their films very desi are like the BJP, those who want to gloss it up are like the Congress, [and] those who want to do something path-breaking, yet compromise on their ideas are like the Communist party. So I’ve learnt to live with it.”


  17. R… Rajkumar Has Decent Saturday

    Sunday 7th December 2013 14.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    R… Rajkumar had a decent Saturday with collections dropping a little. The collections dropped around 25-50 lakhs nett. The territories which did not do well on day one were up slightly while circuits that opened well were down. The collections were around 8.25-8.50 crore nett on Saturday giving it a total of 17 crore nett in two days.

    The film did show an uptrend in multiplexes in the North but not the sort that suggests the film will score in the North. In the final tally the film will do decent business in Mumbai, CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan, Nizam and Bihar with other circuits being below the mark.

    The film will not be a huge hit but won’t flop either. On a normal trend for the week the film is looking an average fare, if Monday can sustain well and put up a total around 5 crore nett then it will emerge better than average.


  18. Abhishek Bachchan and Farah Khan will be seen together on Koffee with Karan! “Abhishek Bachchan and Farah Khan in the Koffee House!!!! A RIOT!!!”, tweeted Karan.
    We’re sure this one’s going to be a riot considering the camaraderie the trio share! We can already imagine Abhishek saying, “I’ll do anything for you, Karan!”


  19. LOL. Only Rangan could have unearthed Yojimbo in a Prabhudeva film. While I disagree that this was half as good as Bullet Raja, Rangan’s piece is insightful to the say the least (the best part is that apart from the writers on SS, Rangan is the only Indian film critic who takes Masala seriously)-

    “Take away this romantic track and you have the Yojimbo-like story of a drifter – Rajkumar – wandering into a village where two rival gangs are perpetually at war. (One is headed by Shivraj; the other by Manik Parmar, played by Ashish Vidyarthi.) And like the protagonist of the Kurosawa film, Rajkumar allies himself with one gang, endures a severe thrashing and ends up being helped by a friend, and here too we have a woman who loves one man and faces the prospect of leading a life with another and is treated like chattel. And from this base, Prabhu Dheva takes off and does his own thing. He Indianises the material not just with the masala treatment but also by quoting older film songs (Aji roothkar ab kahan jaayiyega and Khush rahe tu sada yehi dua hai meri) and by including emotional highs (there’s a good solidarity-of-the-small-men bit at the end) and by moving the woman further up in the chain of events. We first see Chanda as Rajkumar first sees her, in the midst of a fight between Shivraj’s men and Manik Parmar’s men. It’s love at first sight. And it’s the film’s motto as a visual: Pyaar, pyaar, pyaar… Maar, maar, maar.”…

    “But at least in the songs sequences, we see why Shahid was cast. Is there a dancer who moves as well as he does, and who radiates as much joy to the audience? Pritam supplies the film with just the kind of soundtrack it needs – catchy beats to go with the inventive nonsense-lyrics. And the madcap choreography, mostly, is a joy. In Gandi baat, the dancers register mock-disgust at the gandi baat by slapping their foreheads. In Mat maari, Chanda kicks Rajkumar in the crotch, and without missing a beat he follows up with woozy steps where his knees are pinned together. In Dhokha dhadi, during the refrain “ud gaye,” they spread out their arms and make motions like children pretending to fly a plane. And in Saree ka fall sa, a backup dancer opens a giant doorway in the middle of a desert, leaps through it and races past the leads and keeps running till he joins the extras in the background. This is another thing R… Rajkumar knows that Bullett Raja didn’t. Amoral masala-movie heroes can’t just be shooting bullets. They need to shake some booty too.”



    • Yes, but it is BJP which will rule Delhi, not AAP. Its easy to defeat an incumbent than to defeat a determined opponent. I expected it to get majority and then see how Kejriwal manages I think he must be heaving a sigh of relief.


  20. Clooneys currently in what one calls THE ‘zone’…
    And did I see dujardin there as well…? Hmm..


  21. ** This is a good read. especially for folks who are into the golden age of Hi-fi**

    When Dev Anand with his typical enthusiasm decided to make the film, he chose to pull out all stops, getting Pearl Buck involved. He flew to meet R. K. Narayan and impressed him with his energy. Soon the film shoot was up and running but it became clear that the initial plan of shooting it bilingually at the same time would not work; the two directors could not see eye to eye. When Chetan Anand, the director of the Hindi version left to make his own film (Haqeeqat), Dev Anand asked his younger brother Vijay “Goldie” Anand to direct. He flatly refused, pointing out that the subject was not in conformity with Indian attitudes. How could they show an Indian heroine (who needs to be purer than the driven snow) having an affair, whatever the motivation? In the book the hero, Raju guide, is an unscrupulous man who seduces Rosie soon after he meets her. Rosie is an unsatisfied wife whose husband is more interested in statues than her. Even so, why would she stray? After Dev Anand prevailed on Goldie, the latter shut himself in a room for a few weeks to write a new script with a completely new angle to the story. This version had a few plot twists— a scene that justified the adultery and the desertion by the wife and then, subsequently, a new ending which was more cathartic and satisfying.

    – See more at: http://thebigindianpicture.com/2013/12/evergreen/#sthash.BT33ZDsd.dpuf


    • Nice article but it has a couple of errors I think. For example they say that the distributor-exhibitor split is 40:60. But then how does BOI have the distributor share of CE at 116 if it made 207 according to their numbers? I think the article’s distributor-exhibitor ratio is wrong.


  22. R… Rajkumar Has Decent Weekend

    Monday 9th December 2013 10.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    R… Rajkumar had a decent weekend of around 27.50 crore nett on the strength of business of single screens. The business at multiplexes was average to dull depending on the area but single screens ranged from excellent to good. The film put up very good weekend numbers in CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan, Bihar, Nizam and Maharashtra.

    It is the first film of Shahid Kapoor to take such a start in the heartland as normally his films fare better at metro multiplexes. The film is likely to do well in the circuits where it has very good weekend collections but a steady run at multiplexes till the release of Dhoom 3 will really help its cause. The breakdown for the weekend is as follows

    Friday – 8,75,00,000
    Saturday – 8,25,00,000
    Sunday – 10,50,00,000

    TOTAL – 27,50,00,000


    • Thanks for posting this – really enjoyable read. Khamoshi was a beautiful film with one of Hindi cinema’s greatest soundtracks – each track (by a different singer) was a masterpiece.

      I certainly don’t think it should be remade (again) but I think Rituparno Ghosh could have made a good version, with Aishwariya. Maybe Abhishek in Dharam’s role. Not sure who could play Khanna’s part – perhaps Ranbir…


  23. Rishi starts shouting whenever Ranbir’s banging antics come out in the media – and Ranbir snatches press’s camera when they try to click him and drives away!!! Baap numbri toh beta dus numbri!!!!



  24. testing


  25. Tested!—this sounds just right…

    Seems after descendants (haven’t seen gravity yet!)–clooneys hit the right note again….enjoy

    i hold my head up just enough to see the sky
    and when we go we wont go slow we’ll put up such a fight!


  26. R… Rajkumar Holds Well On Monday

    Tuesday 10th December 2013 10.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    R… Rajkumar held well on Monday with collections in the 4.75-5 crore nett region. The film held up well all over with a very strong hold in CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan. The film is a big hit in these markets. The film was steady in East Punjab as well where it did not perform well over the weekend, the collections were low but the drop was less than 50% compared to Friday. The all India drop from Friday was 45% while some circuits showed just 35% drop.

    The Maharashtra and Gujarat areas have also seen good collections since release and were solid on Monday. The total collections in four days are around 32.50 crore nett and the week should go to around 43 crore nett. The film is now set for a good two week run till the release of Dhoom 3 next Friday.


    • Prabhudevaa has done it again and this in a season where some of the other recent films didn’t even get an opening on day 1.


      • It is actually well made. Provided you like the genre. I am not sure why it is getting 0 or 0.5 stars. IMO it is better than Dabangg or Shingham. I will put only wanted better than this.

        ps – Don’t want to raise expectation (I am not a big fan of this genre) but it is a masala movie with nice songs and cohesive narrative.


        • thanks… it certainly seemed promising from the trailers.. I was surprised to see the film get bad reviews because Prabhudevaa makes entertainers if nothing else.


          • Very happy for Shahid. I think he has improved very much as an actor and was very good even in PPNH. He is easily the best dancer in Bollywood in my books. Even otherwise for some reason have always liked him. He deserves better than the movies he has been signing


    • Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 4h
      @nayan85 since overseas has under performed, india bo shuld be 65cr+ for above avg


      • Trade is expecting 65 cr from R…rajkumar and declaring it a hit already with expected trend. It is possible considering 2 open weeks. THough, i don’t think it will go beyond 50 cr which is strictly below avg.


  27. couple of big time movies coming next summer:

    I like it!

    [posts created on Godzilla, Jupiter Ascending trailers]


  28. Idea:

    This looks good. But I can’t believe they are releasing it on 25th Dec!!! Suicidal decision…..


    • These cheap animations just do not do justice. The only attraction is the actors’ voices. Unless someone produces a truely genuine visual experience, they will keep doing these reboots of the story, without ever hitting the big payday.


  29. Dilip Kumar turns 91, to celebrate with family, doctors

    Legendary actor Dilip Kumar, who turned 91 December 11, will have a quiet celebration with close friends, family and a team of doctors, says his wife Saira Banu.

    “I only want to thank Allah for whatever he has given us. We will have a great celebration with family members and around 30 to 40 doctors who looked after him. They are like family to us,” Saira Banu, who has been married to the veteran for 47 years, told IANS.

    The star of films like “Devdas”, Madhumati”, and “Mughal-E-Azam” started receiving wishes from Tuesday itself.

    “His day has been wonderful so far…wishes started pouring in since last night. He is now tired a bit as he has been busy since morning. He is taking some rest right now,” she said.

    Saira, who worked with Dilip Kumar in “Gopi” and “Sagina”, has organised a garden party at their Pali Hill residence in the evening.

    This year is extra special, thanks to the date – 11/12/13.

    “It’s all the more a special day as it is 11/12/13 today. I exactly wished him at 8 hours 9-minutes and 10 seconds …so it’s 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.”

    Talking about Dilip Kumar’s health, Saira said he has become little weak but he is healthy.

    “He was in the hospital some time back as you all know so he is a little weak, but by god’s grace he is healthy,” she said.

    When asked what did she gift him on his birthday, she said: “Dilip sahab is not fond of many things. He only believes in humanity, so I gifted him lots of love and each year the love is only getting bigger and bigger.”

    Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/dilip-kumar-turns-91/1/330628.html

    Happy B-day!!


  30. Yesterday Saurabh asked me what I thought of Eega. Today the Supreme Ct decision came down. Rather conveniently (or absurdly!) I was able to twin the two in a comment on Bachchan’s blog which I offer here in its entirety and which as always I take no moral responsibility for:

    [“Hatred is one of the passions that can master a life, and there is a temperament very prime to it, ready to see life in terms of vindictive melodrama, ready to find stimulus and satisfaction in frightful demonstrations of ‘justice’ and ‘revenge’.”

    — H G Wells

    The Supreme Court decision was a very unfortunate one. The earlier High Ct decision was rendered some months after Dostana released. Perhaps we finally need the sequel now to spur further action on this in the right direction!

    The idea though that Parliament could change laws any time it wishes but that in the absence of this the High Ct had no authority to render this decision is usually the standard reactionary argument in these matters. One hears it all the time from the US Supreme Ct — ‘hey we’re just following the law’! Even if the point is conceded as a technicality it doesn’t mean very much. Because ‘politics’ often takes a while to catch up with justice. On certain moral questions one cannot wait for majority votes! Does one wait for instance for dowry to be outlawed somewhere or do one first require the majority somewhere to vote for this? Does one wait for people to actually vote out slavery? No. Because that process takes too much time. But with the stroke of a pen a Ct can introduce dramatic change right away. And again I am never a great fan of insisting so much on the letter of the law. Any legal framework must bend towards justice and not use such technicalities to impede progress on many of these issues.

    But this gets to a larger problem of democracy sometimes where we often fetishize the majority so much that we forget to consider how the question of justice transcends it. A democracy might be the best of all political arrangements out there (at least given the limits of our vision) but this doesn’t mean that justice or right automatically reside on the side of majority votes. In fact quite the opposite has been the case at many points in history. And so one of the problems is that we reduce everything to the spectacle of a superficial debate. We then go home happy that we’ve discussed things vigorously, that we’ve enabled democracy a little more. Many TV shows thrive on this absurdly simplistic notion.

    As always let me offer a film example. What if we put Vijay’s decision not to pay hafta up for debate? The pros and the cons of refusing to do so versus meekly complying. This is not just a ‘filmi’ example because as we all know the legal framework often gives the powerful and unfair advantage in these situations. This example is not analogous in the strictest sense but it still drives home the point. There are times in life when ‘debate’ is the enemy of the ‘good’ because it is a way of deferring and even avoiding the just outcome.

    I finally saw the Telugu film Eega. This was a big hit when it released (it was dubbed into Tamil as Ee and into Hindi as Makhi). I personally wasn’t all that enamored by it. It’s assuredly entertaining but it contains a rather uneasy mix of live action and animation. It’s also a very basic and elementary plot-line. Nonetheless there was one feature here that interested me and that took me back to your Namak Halal. First off there is a scene here which very nearly duplicates your fly-swatting sequence from that film. But it seems to me that perhaps the entire film might be derived from yours as a matter of genealogy. The malevolent which becomes a vehicle to track down even more malevolent humans! Eega is a revenge drama, what wasn’t clear to me was why the nice chap deserved to be ‘reborn’ as a fly. One wouldn’t have expected this downgrade for him! Presumably he could have exacted his revenge in other ways as well. But flies should only be taken seriously upto a point! Which is why that over the top scene works in Namak Halal and for more reasons than one. However when you face the prospect of the girl getting attached to the fly because it contains her lost lover’s soul or when the two team up to enable their revenge we are somewhat in the realm of the farcical and not entirely by design! I think actually that Shankar handled this kind of ‘bug’ moment in much more inspired fashion in enthiran (robot). Again it was just one sequence. Again you have some malevolent bugs and only the ‘robot’ can communicate with them and in essence descend to their ‘underworld’.

    I started off with revenge by way of Wells and ended up with revenge via Eega. Some kind of sublime led to some kind of ridiculous! The game was almost lost except that ‘shakaal ke haath main jitney patte hote hain utne hi uske aasteen main hote hain’! And so the Namak Halal rabbit was pulled out of the hat! All is well…]


    • Satyam: Excellent comment and loved reading it (since we hardly get to read proper pieces from you these days, we have to do with these tantalising nuggets). I especially love the way you have these literary references in many of your comments which you post on AB’s blog.

      On Eega, I too said had said something on similar lines-

      “This act of self-immolation by the lady’s saviour could be very well seen as a sort of ‘cinematic inversion’ since it’s the raped, victimized and molested women who commit such an act and not their men. And it should be nothing short of poetic justice that when the ‘gentleman’ today has become so meek and impotent that he has turned into a silent spectator to all the heinous crimes being perpetrated on women and when the moral standards have plummeted to a new low, the onus of saving the day should also probably lie on one the ‘lowest’ evolutionary forms of life. In the context of things one simply cannot help but recall the dialogue of an inebriated Amitabh Bachchan in that famous scene with a cockroach from Hum- “Is duniya mein do tarah ka keeda hota hai. Ek woh jo kachre se uthta hai. Aur doosra woh jo paap ki gandegi se uthta hai. Magar paap ki gandegi ka keeda saare samaaj ko bimaar kar deta hai. Kachre ke keede ko maarne ke liye flit bazaar mein milta hai. Magar paap ke keede ko marne wala flit, saala, bana hi nahi hai aaj tak.” To vanquish that ‘paap ki gandgi ka keeda’ we might as well need to look for a creature which, while occupying a rather uncharitable position in the food-chain, has a certain timelessness and an enviable evolutionary history”


      • thanks for the comment Saurabh and the great extract from your own piece. Could you put up a link for the whole thing here?

        On the rest yes it’s true unfortunately I’ve been unable to put up these pieces.


        • Satyam: Could you please suggest any sort of literature (books/articles/anything) on ‘Othello’- anything which you consider as an important ‘reading’ of the play. Or any thing which looks at the play through a different prism. If you have said something on the play, would like to read that as well. I know there are tonnes of analytical pieces there on the play, but I am looking for something which helps in seeing the play in a different light.

          Here is the link for the piece- https://satyamshot.wordpress.com/2012/10/18/eega-and-the-absurdity-of-art-saurabh-on-eega/


          • the best place to start would be Bloom’s 40 page essay in Shakespeare, the Invention of the Human. Bloom tends to respond (at least implicitly) to a whole history of criticism on a work. In a similar work, Shakespeare After All, Marjorie Garber offers a lucid reading of the play. But it’s true there’s been lots of stuff just over the past 10-15 years.

            thanks for the link, will check it out later. I now recall this piece..


          • this was a wonderful read Saurabh.. you are kinder on the film that I would be but your spirited reading here is certainly a very convincing one.. thanks..


        • Satyam: Thanks for the comment and the reccos. Would get to Bloom’s work ASAP


  31. Golden Globes nominations 2014: The list of nominees

    Best motion picture, drama

    “12 Years a Slave”

    “Captain Phillips”




    Best motion picture, musical or comedy

    “American Hustle”


    “Inside Llewyn Davis”


    “The Wolf of Wall Street”

    Best Actress in a motion picture, drama

    Cate Blanchett “Blue Jasmine”

    Sandra Bullock – “Gravity”

    Judi Dench – “Philomena

    Emma Thompson – “Saving Mr. Banks”

    Kate Winslet – “Labor Day”

    Best Actor in a motion picture, drama

    Chiwetel Ejiofor – “12 Years a Slave”

    Idris Elba – “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”

    Tom Hanks – “Captain Phillips”

    Matthew McConaughey – “Dallas Buyers Club”

    Robert Redford – “All Is Lost”

    Best Actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy

    Amy Adams – “American Hustle”

    Julie Delpy – “Before Midnight”

    Greta Gerwig – “Frances Ha”

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus – “Enough Said”

    Meryl Streep – “August: Osage County”

    Best Actor in a motion picture, musical or comedy

    Christian Bale – “American Hustle”

    Bruce Dern – “Nebraska”

    Leonardo DiCaprio – “The Wolf Of Wall Street”

    Oscar Isaac – “Inside Llewyn Davis”

    Joaquin Phoenix – “Her”

    Best supporting Actress in a motion picture

    Sally Hawkins – “Blue Jasmine”

    Jennifer Lawrence – “American Hustle”

    Lupita Nyong’o – “12 Years a Slave”

    Julia Roberts – “August: Osage County”

    June Squibb – “Nebraska”

    Best supporting Actor in a motion picture

    Barkhad Abdi – “Captain Phillips”

    Daniel Brühl – “Rush”

    Bradley Cooper – “American Hustle”

    Michael Fassbender – “12 Years a Slave”

    Jared Leto – “Dallas Buyers Club”

    Best Director – motion picture

    Alfonso Cuarón – “Gravity”

    Paul Greengrass – “Captain Phillips”

    Steve McQueen – “12 Years a Slave”

    Alexander Payne – “Nebraska”

    David O. Russell – “American Hustle”

    Best Screenplay – motion picture

    Spike Jonze – “Her”

    Bob Nelson – “Nebraska”

    Jeff Pope and Steve Coogan – “Philomena”

    John Ridley – “12 Years a Slave”

    Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell – “American Hustle”

    Best Foreign Language Film

    “Blue is the Warmest Color”

    “The Great Beauty”

    “The Hunt”

    “The Past”

    “The Wind Rises”

    Best Animated Feature film

    “The Croods”

    “Despicable Me 2”


    Best TV series, drama

    “Breaking Bad”

    “Downton Abbey”

    “The Goodwife”

    “House of Cards”

    “Masters of Sex”

    Best TV Series, Comedy

    “The Big Bang Theory”

    “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”


    “Modern Family”

    “Parks and Recreation”

    Best TV movie or mini-series

    “American Horror Story: Coven”

    “Behind the Candelabra”

    “Dancing on the Edge”

    “Top of the Lake”

    “The White Queen”



    • looks like ‘American Hustle’ is the critics fave at the moment. Ton of momentum towards the Oscars already. Looking forward to watching it.


  32. im not trying to be the ‘trailer guy’ but i know there are some tom cruise fans here:

    [post created]

    not sure how smart it is when his last release was of the same genre and it did poorly domestically. the movie itself (oblivion) wasn’t all that bad.


  33. Harsh Jain ‏@Harsh_sanman 4h
    Sir @taran_adarsh why have u stopped giving figures.I’ve heard the website u work for has stopped u frm tweeting figures.Right @KomalNahta ?

    Komal Nahta ‏@KomalNahta 3h
    @Harsh_sanman Ha ha ha ha. The world is talking about this. To borrow from the song from PYAAR TOH HONA HI THA… Yeh toh hone hee tha!!


    • Maybe cos they feed false numbers!


    • Nahata himself after leaving koimoi is constantly bad-mouthing that site. But something similar happened in each case. Whether it was Nahata with koimoi or Taran with bollywoodhungama they were the sole box office sources. At some point though the sites started publishing box office columns independently. Not sure what sources they used but in any case this became problematic because the sites tended to be less biased on the commentary and the numbers would often conflict with those provided by these guys. I do think though that with Krrish we have reached a bit of marker. For the longest time whether online or offline no one really trusted the numbers. Sure, partisans would seize on one set or the other but the credibility was lost long ago. With Krrish Roshan went a bit too far and all sorts of stories popped up on this. Now Taran has been neutered not being able to give out his numbers. Nahta does this less consistently anyway on twitter or wherever. These are the two biggest names on this front. But then there are other figures who put up their own numbers on twitter. Overall this whole process has been greatly deconstructed and for good reason. With most films now I think people have a general sense of whether it worked or not or to what degree it worked. Sometimes one might have distorted sense of things depending on the demographic one belongs to but by and large this holds. Similarly online people who follow this stuff more closely know generally how much a film is likely to have done in terms of a larger range. But certainly a threshold has been reached. The credibility of these guys has never been lower and this is great. Now they’re just left with their orgasmic commentary! Taran pathetically now just provides the overseas numbers! Ha! We don’t need him to figure out how much a film has done in the US or the UK!


  34. i am afraid thats true … shocking !!


  35. iFaridoon @ DM FAV RT ? 10 mins ago
    RTretweeted by BeingKhaled
    Hrithik Roshan has issued a statement that he and Susanne are getting separated but he still believes in the institution of marriage…


    • thats sad, wonder what caused the breakup?


    • She demanded 50-50 split from the extra 100crs (ie producer total – BOI total) made by K3. RR/HR will pay it in installments for the alimony.


      • lol, had read a Blind Item a few months ago alluding to this i.e. an A-list star on the verge of getting a divorce. I guess there was some truth to that gossip


      • Suz to RR: Sasurji, mujhe sau crore mein se pachaas crore de do.
        RR : Magar Beti, woh sau crore K4 ka budget hai.
        HR (in retard mode): Main apne naye invention se hawa mein se sau crore bana ke dikhaonga.
        Suz: Kya! woh hawa mein ud gaye?
        HR as Jalaluddin with flaring nostrils: Begum,Is Gustakhi ki himmat kaise ki? Hamara farman hai ki aap Bengaluru vaapis chali jayengi!

        And thus ended another love story of Bwood.


        • ROFLOL… good one NyKavi..

          Vaise, why do you need an ‘invention’ to add another 60 or 100 cr or whatever? Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik Roshan, aur Taran Adarsh toh aise hi chai pe bana dete hain usko!!!


    • this is sad…feel bad for the kids. it doesn’t matter who is at fault, the kids are f*cked either way.


  36. I think we must have a separate thread for Hrithik’s breakup as this thread will be clogged .


    • Request to satyam and munna.


    • I generally don’t like to devote posts to gossipy things. Also this thread doesn’t have too many comments so far. Plus there’s no important box office news this weekend. Still if things get clogged a new one will be started.


      • Though related with Bollywood, IMO it is a personal issue and we don’t know the facts. This BO thread should be good enough for any comments. If the discussion is serious (social issues) you may want to have a new thread.


  37. For gossipers here is a link which read the bottom half

    Suzanne Roshan is known to be a big druggie. Not even her, Arjun Rampal, Hrithik Roshan, Gauri Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Anu Dewan, Deepika P & too many to be named

    Next few pages 132,133 are pretty candid and direct.and seem to have first hand info.

    I suspect srk was part of this zombie gang too when he was behaving weirdly but since has pulled back. It’s mainly Ecstasy which is involved.


  38. Few excerpts:

    “PZ actually disappeared because of her cocaine addiction thanks to Ness Wadia & Suzanne Roshan amongst others. She had to check herself into a rehab clinic in the US. Recently it was strongly rumored that she was involved with Vikram Chatwal & they were seen making out in the first class of some airline. And she was bitching about Ness Wadia to him . I don’t know why but i find this funny .. When he refused to leave his wife (or more likely his philandering ways) for her, she sunk into a depression & disappeared from the limelight. ‘

    “I’ve myself seen Suzanne in a very exclusive nightclub sticking away needles. Infact Arjun Rampal’s club . I saw her, Mehr & Arjun Rampal with needles & snorting cocaine. And yes. They were doing this in full pubic view. Everyone at their club saw it.

    “Apparently Ness’ mother and PZ had the same man-Marc Robinson.” – This was a fact


  39. Pretty sad, all around.


  40. Like the Saif exchange here:


  41. Taran Adarsh tweeted this:

    Hrithik Roshan and wife Sussanne separate. Just received the official statement from Hrithik:

    “Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17 yr relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family and I request the media and the people to grant us our privacy at this time. I do not wish this news to disempower my fans and the people about the institution of marriage in any way. I am a firm believer in this institution and respect and honour it at the highest level… And once again I thank my fans for all the concern and prayers for my health, my treatment is going well and I should be able to resume my life in every way very soon. Thank you.”


  42. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 6h
    #RRajkumar does very well in Week 1. Collects ₹ 47.05 cr nett [India biz].


    • ok so i was off by 15cr or so for my first week prediction. at least this didn’t bomb…am planning onto watching it this weekend.


  43. “Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17 yr relationship.” ..Hrithik puts the blame squarely on Suzanne for the split


  44. Just saw this–Have commented on this before
    One could see it coming–
    “..Hrithik puts the blame squarely on Suzanne for the split”–Think hritik is right here …
    And seems to have shown lot of ‘restraint’.
    There’s always two sides of a story but when one side is addicted to coke, we know which side to believe in..


  45. this should also be a ‘lesson’ to all those who are/were thinking about going down Hritiks route…

    Let this be an ‘eye opener’ folks…

    Anyhow–I should not be saying this at this serious juncture and one should behave with sobriety and all that


    Hritik: Welcome to the ‘freedom’ club…. 🙂


  46. So this isn’t a rumour (as I had mentioned earlier)– the official statement…
    (Mature stuff from Hritik)
    The thing is one can try to deal with an addict but only to a point!
    Disappointing & irresponsible behaviour from Suzanne!

    Recently, there were speculations about the split between Hrithik Roshan and wife Sussanne. But the actor and his family rubbished all the rumors surrounding their spilt. But now in a shocking turn of events, the actor has confirmed the separation in a letter written to media.

    Hrithik confirms with a heavy heart, “Sussanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year old relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family and I request the media and the people to grant us our privacy at this time.

    “I do not wish this news to disempower my fans and the people about the institution of marriage in any way. I am a firm believer in this institution and respect and honour it at the highest level.

    “I thank my fans for all the concern and prayers for my health, my treatment is going well and I should be able to resume my life in every way very soon.”


    Ps: some nice pics/ slideshow there in the link above…
    To add, Suzanne doesn’t seem to have grown from the college days –same night outs —

    Ps2: just checked Suzanne out in those skin tight jeans in the pics above…Hmm…


    • Man if Hrithik stabbed someone you’d blame the other guy for coming in the way of Hrithik’s knife! And you’d then call Hrithik ‘mature’ for soberly calling it the other guy’s fault. These personal issues don’t interest me one way or the other (of course the breakup of such a long relationship is always regrettable.. think we can all agree on this). Certain things should be left to the privacy of individuals even if they are stars. And so I won’t get into what some of the issues might have been on the other side but your version is simply that of a completely besotted fan! You don’t have to say anything you know..!

      Let’s hope leaving this aside that Hrithik can cure his health issues. Because that’s even more important in many ways. He’s clearly going through a great personal crisis. The health, the marital issue, even the krrish numbers became a joke. But the first of these is obviously the most important one. He also said in the statement (which was posted earlier in this thread) that his treatment is going well. Not clear what he’s getting this for but his father said that despite the surgery the headaches hadn’t subsided. I’ve accused him in the past of taking too many long breaks with no justification. At this point though he should really take some time off. Think he has too much on his plate. Then again some people find work the perfect release in these situations.


      • “Man if Hrithik stabbed someone you’d blame the other guy for coming in the way of Hrithik’s knife!”
        If he does so, Yes, he is to blame — but What ‘stabbing’ has hritik done?

        The flings / debaucheries ranbir is indulging in are just trailers compared to what hritk could have /can do still !
        Instead hritik is leading a relatively ‘restraint’ & ‘controlled’ life..
        And this is what Suzanne ends up doing !!
        Time to learn from this …..


  47. ““I’ve myself seen Suzanne in a very exclusive nightclub sticking away needles. Infact Arjun Rampal’s club . I saw her, Mehr & Arjun Rampal with needles & snorting cocaine. And yes. They were doing this in full pubic view. Everyone at their club saw it.”

    Irresponsible & reckless behavior from Suzanne –& this is a MOM of two kids snorting cocaine with needles et al.

    She actually was a cute n sensible girl (check out the pics above)…
    But this is what addiction does to u!!

    Kudos to hritik for trying to ‘reform’ her for so long!!

    So all u young kids—learn from this !
    Learn from Suzanne’s mistakes

    Shun drugs ….

    Enjoy ‘Xtacy’ (but without drugs!)


  48. Photo album–In Pics: Moments Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne will never forget.

    Hrithik Roshan has surprised everyone by confirming the reports of split with wife Sussanne. “Suzanne has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year old relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family and I request the media and the people to grant us our privacy at this time,” the actor said in a statement issued to media.

    The split has sent a shock wave across the Bollywood fraternity because the two were considered as the most romantic couple in B’town. Their love story could be a source of inspiration for many young couples. It was a love at first sight for Hrithik. The Bollywood heartthrob fell in love with Sussanne Khan when he saw her at a traffic signal. Hrithik knew right then and there that she was his soul mate.

    Duggu and Sussanne used to live in the same locality and their marriage was one of the most talked about weddings of Bollywood. They have two sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

    Click to see pictures of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne.


    Some nice pics here..
    All good things come to an end (usually)….


  49. Shah Rukh Khan and Farhan Akhtar in Raees
    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Dec 14, 2013 – 10:55 hrs IST

    [posted created]


  50. SRK is having a great day!!

    Shah Rukh Khan Tops Forbes India Celebrity 100 List Second Time In A Row

    Shah Rukh Khan retained his No. 1 spot in the 2nd edition of Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 List, a ranking of India’s most powerful celebrities. Shah Rukh, the Baadshah of Bollywood, continues to be on the top on the back of his earnings, even though star cricketers scored above him on the fame rankings.

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni (No. 2), with his immense popularity and endorsement deals, moved up from the third spot last year, switching ranks with actor Salman Khan (No. 3), who slipped to third place. They are followed by Sachin Tendulkar (No. 4), who moved up from No 6 and Amitabh Bachchan (No. 5) who retained his position, completing the top five on the list.

    Read more: http://forbesindia.com/article/2013-celebrity-100/shah-rukh-khan-tops-forbes-india-celebrity-100-list-second-time-in-a-row/36741/1#ixzz2nR9JGybI


  51. Hritik Roshan on Facebook !

    “This is my greatest tribute to love. Sussanne is and always will be the love of my life for the rest of my life. If her smiles are brighter without me my love for her must accomplish that. Unconditional.”

    One feels for poor Hritik–just before his brain procedure, Suzanne drops this bomb. She wasn’t seen in any of the krrish3 events and couldn’t attend even his last brain surgery.

    It’s also a bit uncharacteristic of Hritik to post these ‘personal declarations’ on Facebook (of all places!)
    Shows Hritik is really on the edge and losing his equilibrium

    Actually this is not a small personal/family thing only in practical terms. HR is too big a Bollywood star

    And IF/WHEN HR copes/survives it, this will be the start of another SAGA–this will shake up the Bollywood echelons (in many ways) …
    (Besides shaking up the current heroines!)

    Hope HR weathers this storm


    • IdeaUnique Says:

      if that Uncoditional was the love for suzanne – HR wud have chosen to stay separately from his parents – this looks more like a saas-bahu fight and HR behaves like a “mama’s boy”- anyway if suzaane wants to leave alone – nothing wrong with it. Respect her choice and give her space.


      • This is what happens when one marries a very rich, from a famous family, financially independent woman who is also not ready to play the typical bahu role in a somewhat traditional Indian family. After 17 years, the excitement of being a filmstar’s wife wears out as she herself happens to be the daughter of a very rich and successful hero Sanjay Khan. She is not a Gauri from an ordinary middleclass family or a Kiran Rao from a non filmi background. But I really feel sorry that Hrithik has to face this when he is suffering from serious health problems. Here Rakesh Roshan must play a neutral umpire trying to bring them together if it is possible. Otherwise there are thousands of pretty, qualified girls who are ready to marry him. And he can have children from second marriage so that the absence of his first wife’s children will be somewhat tolerable. And he also have a career to look forward too as he still is the handsomest hero with some talent as of now.


        • he also has a career to look forward to


        • Sanjana: I find it striking that without knowing anything about the situation, you are casting HR in the role of a victim!

          Personally, I think Hrithik issuing such public statements and press releases is in poor taste.


          • Hrithik is now in a vulnerable state due to his health issues and so my sympathies are with him. And I am not finding fault with Suzanne either. She may also start giving interviews to counter Hrithik’s statements and we maybe able to hear the other side of the story too. there are always two sides.


          • I’m apalled at how presumptuous people here are being. Someone is saying it’s a saas-bahu issue, another that Suzanne has a drug addiction, and yet another that she got bored of being a star’s wife and that’s because she comes from a rich family (suggesting people should only marry girls from poor families?!!

            Nobody knows what goes on inside a marriage other than the couple themselves. Hrithik’s ill health is of course sad, but that doesn’t mean suddenly he’s the victim in the marriage.

            I totally agree that Hrithik’s statement was in poor taste. A simple ‘we have decided to seperate’ would have sufficed.


          • agreed on all counts..


          • Yup, everyone is wrong except the ‘Sally’ who is posting as ‘salim’ here lol
            As for the ‘statement’, by your logic, why is even the one-line statement that u suggest needed?? Is not personal life and is it related to any of his film(s)?
            The hard reality is that the ‘star’ is in a way ‘public commodity’ and most people feel they ‘own’ the star or atleast their image.
            Just like bachchan now (rightly) uses his own blog to clarify the mischief mangers in the media, hritik (who has a bigger fan base than Suzanne for obvious reasons!) thought it prudent to put his version before some other mischief monger(s) put his/her own version or misinformation.
            And what’s there to cry about his statement? Is he maligning Suzanne ?
            Has HR ever talked bout her snorting habits and the ‘snorting buddies’ she hangs out with? These reports have come out in media circles and not from hritik.
            Is declaring that he loves her (inspite of serial public drug-consumption episodes etc) in ‘bad taste’ ?

            Ps: on a related note, if u think, a curt one-sentence state ten would have sufficed and that nobody should have even commented or conjectured about what’s surely one of the major ‘events’ of the year in Bollywood (offscreen)—u shouldn’t be blogging!
            U should be reading your book and watching your iPad movies on the metro and keeping your thoughts to yourselves!!


        • “One feels for poor Hritik–just before his brain procedure, Suzanne drops this bomb. She wasn’t seen in any of the krrish3 events and couldn’t attend even his last brain surgery.”

          ” Otherwise there are thousands of pretty, qualified girls who are ready to marry him. And he can have children from second marriage so that the absence of his first wife’s children will be somewhat tolerable.”

          Whew! Talk about throwing women under the bus. Somehow the wife is always the culprit. And people wonder why India is so patriarchal,


          • Well said sanju–kudos to u for these brave comments. I feel–
            Btw sanju -we should be safe until a ‘feminist’ here attacks us …hope she is not reading this (hope u know who I mean!) 😉


          • Wnen a famous filmstar ditched his former wife suffering from terminal cancer, I felt very bad. I dont like if a husband or wife ditches the other when that other is critically ill.
            Forget about illness, I am not comfortable with another super star when he divorced his first wife. Still now she has not married and single while he is flaunting his second wife left right and centre.
            It is not about patriarchal. It is about being human.


          • “It is not about patriarchal. It is about being human.”– wow sanju–that’s the quote of the day !! Agree…
            And coming from u ( a girl/woman)– it’s more valid…

            “Forget about illness, I am not comfortable with another super star when he divorced his first wife. Still now she has not married and single while he is flaunting his second wife left right and centre.”– hmm can someone guess who that ‘gentleman’ is 😉


          • Your guess is correct.
            I always think first as a person and last as a person. I am not a feminist for the sake of it.


          • “I always think first as a person and last as a person.”well said sanju.
            ” I am not a feminist for the sake of it.”–that’s what it should be!
            But sanju we have to ‘hide’ soon lest the ‘real feminist’ of the blog appears again . I’m ‘scared’ of her 😉


  52. That things are not fine between Hrithik and his wife Suzanne has been the buzz in B’town. Hrithik has now flown overseas for treatment and will not be in town when Suzanne launches her luxury concept boutique Bandra 190 on December 11th. It’s believed that Hrithik is deliberately giving it a miss. However, it’s now Salman who has come to her rescue. Her friend Seema Khan, Sohail Khan’s wife had persuaded him to come for the launch though there is a great amount of animosity between Salman and Hrithik. We wonder how Hrithik will react. Watch the space.



  53. So Salman coming out to ‘help out’—now arjun rampal…

    It’s not a while ago that the rumours of Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Roshan split went to the round.

    The latest highlight of their relationship is the surety of their impending separation. And what has come out as the reason of their split is Mrs. Roshan’s increasing proximities with the actor Arjun Rampal.



  54. Though we may never get to know the real truth except parties involved , here are few thoughts/ speculations :

    1)HR is too much of a nice guy and I don’t feel there is much animosity involved here. Both belong to very graceful families and not been involved in any gimmicks whatsoever. Except the K3 box office numbers where Roshan Senior genuinely tried to give boast to his son’s confidence since he was going through a bit of a low. Rest… Roshans have been first class.
    2) It seems Suzzane feels her addiction has hurt HR and his family and in being unable to give up, she decided to move out – a scenario where she feels HR deserves much better….filmy style sacrifice!
    3) Problem is HR too was involved in these parties at Mannat and God knows what went in there. For all you know this may be a typical swingers club and things went out of hand. I also don’t rule out gay encounters, as they may have felt it’s all about trying different stuff in life…esp so when you are on a high literally ! Arjun Rampal was at Hindu College during my graduate days and there were unconfirmed reports about him being keep of many fashion designers in Delhi and Mumbai when he was trying getting a foothold in fashion industry.
    4)HR & Arjun may just be involved for all we know….There was a period of time SRK, Arjun and HR were all behaving weirdly and coming across very effeminate men.
    5)This Barbara Mori thing and Suzzane being involved with Rampal is all bull as Arjun will never hurt Mehr and there are hotter things/starlets in bollywood than Babara Mori
    6) Most of it started with Preity who bonded well with Roshans. This what I got from hearsay ; “They all used to hang out together though yes – Ness Wadia is the one who introduced PZ to cocaine. She used to have a lot of it to bond with with Ness.
    7)This may all lead to amicable settlement in the end so no worries….


  55. R… Rajkumar Set For Decent Second Weekend

    Saturday 14th December 2013 11.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    R… Rajkumar had a decent second Friday collection of 2.25-2.50 crore nett. The film continues with strong collections in Maharashtra, Gujarat, CP Berar, CI, Rajasthan, Bihar and Nizam.

    The only places where the film has not performed is Delhi city and East Punjab, these places are steady but with low collections. The film has even managed to put up decent figures in West Bengal and Mysore where this genre tends to fare badly.

    The film should go on to do gross around 10 crore nett over its second second with a big jump on Saturday as the new releases have fared poorly.


  56. taran_adarsh @ DM FAV RT ? 4 hours ago
    While Salman did not have a release in 2013, the battle of supremacy is between SRK [#CE] & Aamir [#D3]. Who will emerge victorious?…. So where is K3 ? LOL Taran .


    • Haha he knows it did not break records…that was paid dues that last a few weeks


    • not a fair comparison though since no Salman film has the staying power to challenge a film like D3 which even otherwise cannot be beaten in terms of the initial. In other words all else being equal no film can beat Dhoom. it then requires a historic trender like a 3I to be able to manage a bigger final total. The next Hirani-Aamir for instance could be the biggest grosser ever but it’s unlikely to have a bigger initial than D3.

      By the way STalin even in Telugu was a massive opener-decent follow through kind of deal. Hardly the greatest trender around which is why there was controversy in some quarters about its box office.


      • >but it’s unlikely to have a bigger initial than D3.

        Do you know what the initial is? I’m confused. Has D3 already been released this Friday? :-/


        • Oh I could tell you what states the Republican party or the Democratic party is likely to win in 2016. Of course the election hasn’t been held yet..


          • Ha Satyam–even a person on ventilator support can predict that about dhoom 3. As I said before–Anything less than 350 crores, should be underperforming.
            But the positives here, is that atleast after a long time, u did make a ‘difficult’ ‘prediction’ (d3) lol

            As for krrish3– lemme repeat this.
            The ‘truth’ is somewhere in between and the BOI numbers are definitely not accurate either and is deliberate underestimation.
            Perhaps the producer numbers aren’t accurate either but that’s not new either! But what got everyone’s goat is that someone (Roshan) did a number on the very people who think it’s their birth right to control the numbers and discourse. As for the likes of taran, yeah they are paid agents, but even he will secretly admit that this is not the first (or the last) time that this has happened. But it’s the first time, the cries of ‘rape rape’ have gone so loud at this. The reasons are obvious–the ‘king’ of media’s record was broken (taking the small khans record in its wake!)
            As for Rakesh & hritik Roshan, perhaps they have other bigger problems on their plate now to bother about clarifying or explaining their numbers –hence the likes of taran can do a second round of ‘payment’ to undo the records lol


          • “Ha Satyam–even a person on ventilator support can predict that about dhoom 3.”

            Oldgold evidently believes I’m even less than that!

            On the rest the numbers are fed in most cases but it’s like a guy being corrupt involved in a small scam and another doing the same with a 2000 crore telecom deal! It’s often the scale that does you in! Anyway they definitely have bigger problems to worry about at the moment and I certainly wish Hrithik the best when it comes to his health..


          • How does anyone know the ‘scale’ is different here?
            It’s as anecdotal as the one about CE, or 3I or dhoom 3 will be!!
            Did the other two (CE, 3I) suddenly get Hollywood standard ticketing and computing.
            On the other hand, k3 did better in the interiors etc than CE-the former are mostly multiplex based usually ..(this being only one of the reasons)

            The point here is the sudden confidence in the over reporting of k3 and the sudden belief in the CE, 3i numbers
            It doesn’t take rocket science to know why anyways,,,lol


          • “How does anyone know the ‘scale’ is different here?”

            because the difference among various sources on those other films wasn’t this great. It wasn’t this kind of spread. Ergo….!


          • Ah prediction and a firm one at that. I did really think D3 had been released, but was wondering at the lack of a new thread.
            For Abhishek’s sake I hope it is so.


  57. The Hrithik-Barbara Mori stories were all BS. Maybe even a publicity stunt by the Roshans at the time of Kites release. Most of these stories were from the media in India but a niece of mine who watches plenty of those latin telenovelas was telling me that Mori was in fact being linked with a couple of her co-stars there in the Mexican press over the last few years and no one would link Mori with Hrithil there. Mori has worked in a Bollywood venture and that’s it. She has moved on with her career in Mexico after that.


    • Some good and sensible advice/ points there about the hritik/Suzanne issue above by sanju …well said

      @ nykavi–“Whew! Talk about throwing women under the bus. Somehow the wife is always the culprit. And people wonder why India is so patriarchal,”

      Who is throwing any woman under the bus?
      When the woman is busy smoking weed /joints and slipping in needles/cocaine in public view apparently. Discretion and sensitivity was shown , it seems and all sorts of ‘rehab’ and ‘detox’ procedures were tried. But certain habits die hard.
      Ok, let’s blame it on her ‘loneliness’ or depression!

      Political Incorrectness alert —
      Had it been hritik doing the drugs and someone had tried blaming a mans indiscretions or drug addiction on his ‘depression’ or ‘loneliness’–he would have been lynched!!

      Yeah it is politically incorrect, but seems standards for guys are different. Women seem to do no wrong.( here I’m not talking about the abused downtrodden lower socioeconomic strata women –I’m talking about the cool party cat/junkie!)
      It’s probably the drugs fault to be used by the woman!

      Overheard in the grapevine—
      “The 2 kids and hritik deserve better than the junkie!”
      I think that’s a bit rude and blunt though…

      But hey– compare this–how about those like srk and ajay who are (no less) ‘infidels’.
      how about gauri and Kajol also starting doing cocaine?
      How about all depressed girls/women start doing drugs?

      I mean -what should be done–to publically acknowledge/ applaud such public drug intake ?

      C’mon guys arise n awake …


      • we may die of overwork but there are some who claim to be ‘bored’ and ‘neglected’ and on top of that, do drugs and ‘justify’ that on ‘loneliness’.
        C’mon gals/ women here–is it fair ? 🙂


  58. Saif and Kareena on holiday abroad !!

    Just saw a clip put up by Satyam with saif talking box office numbers of k3, I presume
    Haha wtf ??
    I mean, after bullet 40 crores raja, saif should be underground and shouldn’t be opening his mouth for sometime

    Err, one good thing saif and Kareena did –go on holiday!
    Kareena after delivering ultrafailure gori tere pyaar mein
    And saif after excreting ‘bullett raja’

    This is what’s called ‘drowning in each other’s sorrow’

    Think bout it–

    One can visualise saif and Kareena Fcuk-ing their frustrations and sorrows on this holiday
    All day n night long 🙂


    • No he didn’t say anything about Krrish.. he was talking more generally on stardom and so forth and offered some rarely heard intelligent commentary on the subject.


  59. With every passing day on twitter and such articles Javed Akhtar proves he is nothing bt cheap mean fellow …

    Bollywood’s famous scriptwriter duo Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar though finally buried the hatchet yet their split remained a mystery unsolved. Together the talented duo scripted some of Bollywood’s biggest success stories—Sholay (1975), Don (1978), Deewar (1975) and Trishul (1978) before the end of their association. Mr India (1987) was their last film together.

    There were many reasons and rumours hovered over their parting ways but according to Anita Padhye’s book ‘Yahi Rang Yahi Roop’, it all started when they approached megastar Amitabh Bachchan for Mr India, who due to some reasons declined the offer.

    Javed Akhtar was not happy with Big B’s decision and apparently vowed never to work with the star anymore. However, Slim Khan didn’t approve his emotion and asked him to let it go. However, a few days later, Javed went to Amitabh’s house to celebrate Holi and apparently told Big B that Salim didn’t want to work with him. When Salim came to know about being falsely accused, an argument broke out between the two. This was the beginning of the split.



    • Let’s not get carried away just because he’s always gunning for the BJP…!


      • You think like that not me. You have BJP in your mind all the time.

        He has to eat crow most of times and He is Cheap, mean Bigot unraveled on twitter since Azad maidan incident.

        I am very lenient and not like you who brings Nazi/Hitler 1st before writing single alphabet…

        Look Within 😉


        • Name me a public figure who is a critic of the BJP and who you’re not violently opposed to..

          I rest my case!

          and once you are you bring in all kinds of gossip and what not to attack the same person whether or not it has anything to with his or her politics. It’s very easy to play this game. For instance if I don’t like a star for certain reasons I attack him on those grounds but then I also start introducing gossip about his personal life and so forth knowing full well that many people won’t approve of the latter. This is the classic political move of character assassination. Now one might have an opinion on those matters otherwise but these issues are different from the person’s politics.

          You are an absolute ideologue for the Right and in the most irresponsible ways possible. Many people are this on both sides of the equation. But let’s not pretend your claims on Javed Akhtar or anyone else are about the merits of the case! Akhtar spends as much time blasting Muslim religious figures who engage in certain kinds of politics as he does BJP politics. To call him a bigot is ridiculous.


  60. Respect Sussanne and Hrithik Roshan’s privacy, urges Abhishek Bachchan
    Sunday, Dec 15, 2013, 21:33 IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: PTI

    Hrithik and Sussanne Roshan must be given privacy to sort out their issues, says Abhishek Bachchan who has been a close friend to the couple.

    “If you read the statement, Hrithik has requested his privacy to be respected and that is exactly what we should do. We should respect that privacy and give them strength during this trying time.

    “I really feel that it will be wonderful if the media backs off and let them do what they wish to. It is very nice that he has issued a statement, his request for privacy should be respected. I will do so and so should you all,” Abhishek told PTI.

    Abhishek’s reaction comes after Hrithik issued a statement recently about his split from his wife Sussanne.

    The couple married in December 2000 and has two children named Hrehaan and Hridhaan.


  61. ‘Dhoom 3’ is my film and I am the hero: Abhishek Bachchan

    Mumbai: Actor Abhishek Bachchan, who has been a constant feature in ‘Dhoom’ series, says he is the hero of the film which could not have been made without him and co-star Uday Chopra.
    In the third installment of ‘Dhoom’ series, Abhishek and Uday are reprising their roles as Jai Dixit and Ali Akbar, respectively, while actors Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif form the antagonist duo.
    “…Dhoom is my film and I am the hero. Nobody can take that away from me. You can be the biggest or the smallest star but ‘Dhoom’ is about Jai and Ali. It is as simple as that. If the characters of Jai and Ali are not there in ‘Dhoom’, the film won’t be there,” Abhishek said in an interview here.

    There were reports that Abhishek was not happy with the way the film was being promoted. “You should ask the people who decide the marketing strategy which evidently isn’t me. It is my film and wherever they ask me to come I will. Obviously, I want to stand by it. If they feel there are certain events where they don’t want me to be around, what can I do about that. Do I feel bad for it?..No, I don’t give attention to these things,” he said.
    Aamir Khan, who plays the baddie in ‘Dhoom 3’, seems to have been following the mantra of less is more as far as promotions are concerned. And Abhishek agrees with it considering ‘Dhoom’ is a popular franchise in itself.
    “I think it matters from case to case. In a film like ‘Dhoom’, I think it doesn’t need any stars. It doesn’t need Aamir, me and Uday. ‘Dhoom’ has become a franchise in itself, you can have newcomers and it will do great,” Abhishek said.
    Abhishek said ‘Dhhom’ has become a brand in itself and there is no need to go out and promote the film aggressively.
    With the focus this time more on Aamir, Junior Bachchan does not feel sidelined, as he is a constant feature in the film.
    “Why should I feel sidelined?..I am in the film, you can’t take me out. The audience doesn’t care whose film it is. Till date, one of the greatest film was ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’ where you had all the big heroes dad, Vinod Khanna, Rishi
    Kapoor and others…It was everybody’s film,” Abhishek said.
    Walking down the memory lane, Abhishek said, ‘Dhoom’ was his first successful film and he made some wonderful friends.
    “When we started Dhoom nobody thought it will be this monster that it is today. At that time, we were trying something new. I remember that time Adi saying to redefine the action genre, lets make it cool and make something young, have bikes and nice songs. Nobody knew that it is going to have a sequel. It has always been fun to be working on this franchise,” the actor said.
    When his attention was drawn to Uday Chopra’s comment that ‘Dhoom 3’ would be his last film as an actor, Abhishek said he will convince his actor friend if the fourth part in this hit franchise were to be made.
    “Uday had stopped acting since quite some time. It was in 2010 when he took the decision to move to LA and become producer. He has just come here to do ‘Dhoom 3’ because the character Ali is close to his heart. If ‘Dhoom 4’ happens, I will get him to do it,” Abhishek added.


    • Actually Aditya Chopra has done a lot of things for bollywood in his 18 years-redifined action (for bollywood, not hollywood), changed romantic movies with DDLJ, and started this multiplex romcom phase with Hum Tum.


    • I’ve always liked Abhishek, both on-screen as well as his off-screen persona, but am not so impressed with his recent interviews. I hope it’s just a phase because he really has always seemed like a very decent, well-mannered person.

      For example, in that ridiculous Dhoom 3 press conference, I thought he was kinda rude to the lady asking how Aamir felt about being a Dada (to Imran’s child). Yes Abhi was right that Aamir is not Imran’s father but in our culture a parent’s uncle is often also referred to as Nana/Dada. The woman’s question was pointless but not entirely ‘wrong’. Anyways, Abhi’s interjection seemed a little rude and unnecessary.

      I noticed it again in this week’s Front Row. Anupama asks a question (to Aamir!) beginning ‘In the west’ and Abhishek rudely interrupts ‘this isn’t the west, why always mention the west’ and i think Aamir says something like ‘at least let her finish the question’. She continues with the question and Aamir quite nicely counters her opinion (entirely disagreeing with her) but in a polite way.


      • LOL Jr B is not made of pure Gold, love to see now his most hardcore adamant fans agree too. Mazaa aaya. 🙂


        • Well one can look at it two ways. I’m quite persuaded he has a good role in D3 and I don’t think people will feel here what they did after D2. On the other hand if you have to say ‘I am the hero’ the game is in a sense lost at the outset. One shouldn’t have to say it. Whether the advertising has been true to the actual balance of the film or not this point can only be made once the film is released and people see it. If things are different the audience will notice it. Either way with just the advertising we’ve seen so far it’s hard to make a different sort of case. Of course he does say he doesn’t know why the existing advertising decisions were made. So he is trying to posit a split here between the film and the advertising but still it’s hard to make this point the way these things work.


          • I’m quite surprised that you are ‘quite persuaded he has a good role’ – I hope you’re right but I am not expecting that to be the case. Especially given his response to Anupama when she asked ‘what’s in for you’ and he said something about how you do some roles for emotional reasons etc (rather than the script/role).

            I actually enjoyed Dhoom 2 and wasn’t that bothered that Abhishek didn’t have much to do, and don’t mind if that’s the case here too. As long as he continues to do other good films then who cares about the fact that he’s playing second fiddle to Aamir. Better than doing more films like Game//Play/Plan/etc.


          • confident he has a better part here.. which is why the advertising is that much more unfortunate..


      • It’s certainly fair to say that he’s seemed a bit irritated in these interviews at times. Certainly judging by his normal standards. I must say I can’t blame him but that’s a whole different story. Having said that it’s also the case that if one is usually above this stuff as he is or at least presents such a picture it sounds awkward the few instances when one goes in a different direction.


        • Don’t think abhishrek has said anything so wrong here. And Satyam don’t think u should be so defensive about his utterings here.
          “‘Dhoom 3′ is my film and I am the hero: Abhishek Bachchan”– it’s technically correct and yeah shouldn’t be needed in an ideal world! But in an ideal world, the ‘hero’ of the movie doesn’t get snubbed by being not even informed/ invited to events/promotions!
          Its humiliation and that’s what’s forced abhishrek to try to ‘assert’ his presence on this film. Infact it’s high time the bachchans in general assert themselves where ended before they get relegated to even more peripheral space than they are already.

          “If they feel there are certain events where they don’t want me to be around, what can I do about that. ”
          @ Satyam–u didn’t believe me when I pointed this out
          U didnt believe multiple reports and even when aditya chopra apparently apologised to abhishrek for this ‘miss’
          But now there’s an actual quote from abhishrek himself lol

          “I’m quite surprised that you are ‘quite persuaded he has a good role’ – “– I’m not (surprised) lol

          And haven’t seen the interview but from what’s being described, it’s aamir who had no reason to tell abhishrek what to say to the journo and what not! Abhishrek technically is a costar (&a hero) -no more, no less…& shouldn’t be taking ‘orders’ from aamir.

          Having said that, the earlier combined group interview I watched, aamir was fine (though aamir was looking tired n old).

          The only thing I distinctly remember about that interview was that katrina had not turned up in her school miniskirt there lol


          • as always Apex you set up these straw men.. I am always precise about what I argue for or against.. haven’t said anything so far that I feel the need to correct..


          • IdeaUnique Says:

            i dont know why satyam deleted that link of TOI article – but the comments below the article were hilarious


          • didn’t delete it. I had already posted that story. I then put up your comment and link as a response to that. Scroll up and see.


  62. DECEMBER 15, 2013, 2:14 PM
    New ‘Hobbit’ Film Opens at No. 1

    Initial box-office results for “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” (Warner Brothers) came with a tinge of disappointment: Hollywood expects ticket sales for sequels to go up, and the initial total for “Desolation of Smaug” fell 13 percent below the opening amount collected last year by “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.”

    Financed by Warner’s New Line division and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for roughly $225 million — not including at least $100 million in marketing costs — “Desolation of Smaug” nonetheless posted one of the biggest openings of 2013, with estimated ticket sales of $73.7 million in North America. The well-reviewed movie, directed by Peter Jackson, took in an additional $131.2 million overseas, Warner said. Will “Desolation of Smaug” make up the lost ground? It’s too early to say, but an A-minus score from ticket buyers in exit polls bodes well for word of mouth, which will be crucial to filling seats over the hotly competitive Christmas period. Imax and other 3-D theaters contributed a healthy 49 percent of the “Desolation of Smaug” total.

    “Frozen” (Disney) was second for the weekend, taking in about $22.2 million, for a strong three-week total of $164.4 million, according to Rentrak, which compiles box-office data. “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” (Lionsgate) opened in third place, with estimated ticket sales of $16.2 million — by far the worst opening total posted by any “Madea” movie to date. Competition from films with predominantly African-American casts, including “Black Nativity,” may have taken a bite out of the “Madea” franchise, which is also aging. “A Madea Christmas” cost about $25 million to produce, and Lionsgate said on Sunday that it remained hopeful that audiences would find the film over the coming holiday.

    Among limited releases, David O. Russell’s “American Hustle” (Sony) had a very strong start in six theaters, taking in $690,000.


  63. omrocky786 Says:

    एनडीटीवी के 25 साल पूरे होने के मौके पर आयोजित समारोह में देश की 25 हस्तियों का सम्मान किया गया। इनमें बॉलीवुड के स्टार शाह रुख़ ख़ान भी शामिल थे। इस मौके अभिज्ञान प्रकाश ने शाह रुख़ से बात की… आप भी देखें…


  64. omrocky786 Says:

    एनडीटीवी के 25 साल पूरे होने के मौके पर आयोजित समारोह में देश की 25 हस्तियों का सम्मान किया गया। इनमें बॉलीवुड के शंहशाह अमिताभ बच्चन भी शामिल थे। अमिताभ से खास बातचीत की अभिज्ञान प्रकाश ने…


  65. Completely disagree with Amitabh’s defensiveness and TOTALLY agree with SRK here. Amitabh’s defensiveness regarding Hi-fi and not giving credit to Hollywood is a story almost as old as the hills so am not even sure whether he is the right person to talk of ‘globalization’ of Hindi cinema…

    Fine points by SRK and Rahman..


  66. Some random tweets/utterings going around…

    “Moral:Even a superhero like Krish cant handle/satisfy a wife.”

    “PC has always exposed married men and blown their fake cover of being this perfect ideal husband. Be it Akshay who could not stop swooning over Tina in print swearing to be a changed family man with tattoos of his newborn son, she went right ahead and exposed him. It takes real guts. Her other biggest conquest was exposing the biggest family man and ideal husband of India Mr Shahrukh Khan. The man whose fidelity and loyalty was legendary, engraved in stone like a fairytale, he was the brand ambassador of MARITAL BLISS who made a career outta his family man status. The golden man who claimed he would never be caught with his pants down in his lifetime !!!! PC exposed the biggest superstar as an adulterer and a cheat who p imped deals for a good time. His Midas touch was lost, his dream husband image came crashing down with just one stroke. This time too PC must have played a role in HR separation. He was another shining beacon of the institution of marriage and one of the torch bearers of happy married bliss. His last movie was with her. Too much of a coincidence.”

    Disclaimer : these are NOT my comments/views!!!
    But just a random sample to give readers here a flavour of what’s going around online …watch the space..


  67. Big B and Subhash Ghai to work together
    By Bollywood Hungama News Network, Dec 16, 2013 – 11:13 hrs IST

    Years ago there were talks of Bollywood’s showman Subhash Ghai teaming up with actor par excellence Amitabh Bachchan for a film titled Devaa. However, the project was got shelved never to see the light of day. Now we hear that Ghai will soon be teaming up with Bachchan for his next film, that is a biopic on Sarabjit Singh.

    In the film which is being produced by Ghai, Bachchan will feature as the Pakistani lawyer, while Sonakshi Sinha will apparently be seen playing Sarabjit’s sister. The film is based on Sarabjit Singh, the Indian prisoner in Pakistan, who died in May this year after being attacked in jail.

    Ghai confirmed the development stating that the script of the film has since been given to Bachchan who in turn is currently reading the same.


    • Subhash Ghai on Amitabh Bachchan in #Sarabjit

      “In our forthcoming film Sarabjit, to be directed by Ishwar Singh and starring Sonakshi Sinha and Anurag Sinha, I need to clarify that Amitabh Bachchan is not in the film. Yes, we did approach him but after reading the script, he informed us that he was playing a lawyer’s role in another film that he had already committed to. We mutually agreed not to cast him in this film, though I would have loved to have worked with a legend like him. So now we are still talking to other actors for this role and will soon be announcing the name.”


  68. Jackpot Dull Weekend R… Rajkumar Holds Well In Second Weekend

    Monday 16th December 2013 12.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Jackpot had a poor first weekend of a little more than 3 crore nett. The lifetime business of the film will be less than Boom (2006) which was the director’s last film featuring names like Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif. The approx weekend breakdown is as follows.

    Friday – 1,00,00,000
    Saturday – 90,00,000
    Sunday – 1,15,00,000

    TOTAL – 3,05,00,000

    What The Fish grossed very poorly with collections in the 30-35 lakhs nett.

    R… Rajkumar held well in the second weekend dropping just 65% which is better than the norm. The film grossed around 9.50 crore nett and has total of 53 crore nett in ten days.


    • This is a refreshingly candid episode, and will probably remain the best of the season. Ranbir and Kareena last week were absolutely dire!


      • yeah I saw bits of that episode and they seemed very unengaged. And yes enjoyed the Aamir episode.


        • Btw Satyam & munna –where’s the ranbir-Kareena-kjo episode?
          Feel like watching some comedy–who else but the air-head Kareena for some gross entertainment..
          Also has some one seen r.. Raj kumar–is it worth seeing for some fun?


          • StarPlus has blocked it on youtube.


          • yes, at least in the US they’re not accessible. I was earlier able to post the Aamir episode because someone had downloaded it privately. Even that might not be available anymore. Weirdly Starplus aren’t unblocking these episodes even after these have been telecast in the US!


          • can’t watch these episodes on youtube unless you’re in india. i watched the ranbir/kareena and aamir interview on dailymotion.com. Aamir interview was OK and his wife seems down to earth. nice to see Juhi talking about Aamir.

            IMO, Sallu interview was still the best and most entertaining.


          • I couldn’t find the Salman one on youtube or anywhere else. Saw bits of the Ranbir on TV, then the Aamir on youtube where it was on briefly.


      • The buzzer round was long. I guess there was nothing much to ask. At one point it seemed Aamir gestured that lets finish this.


        • Have watched the first two episodes with Salman and Ranbir-Katrina. Not bad.You basically get what you are signing up for.
          It is not great television. Am not a big KJo fan but have to say he does bring out some good stuff. He is respectful but doesnt brown nose and does ask naughty bits without fear.
          There was something Salman said which was genuine and touching – about how two things have influenced him tremendously. The spontaneous generosity of Kumar Gaurav abd Govinda’s dignified response to a silly comment by him when he was a nobody. It rang true and was new information. Salim was very forthright and honest.
          Ranbir was very mature and level headed and honest. Was glad to know Aamir has taken a liking to him. Ranbit said all the right things and seemed genuine. He admitted he watches all the new comers’ films and does feel insecure instead of giving the stock answer. Almost confirmed Katrina issue and K Jo and Kareena ribbed him quite a bit about it. Kareena was tolerable.
          On the whole, would certainly not call it dire and unless one is a die hard Ranbir hater, would expect most people to come out liking him more.
          Havent seen the Aamirt episode but as I mentioned he was refreshingly candid about his reasons for not coming on the show sooner. Look forward to it and am sure Aamir will raise it up a notch.
          Kind of easy to frown on this given the content, the cheese, the host and the format but Karan does it well enogh.


          • have to agree overall in terms of what the show represents..

            didn’t find the Ranbir-Kareena episode particularly engaging the bits I saw. Not that I had a problem with Ranbir otherwise. Aamir was interesting the first half though Munna is right about the second half dragging on a bit too long. will check out the Salman one. Must say though that I preferred his previous sets. This is literally like being in a living room and it’s a bit much!


          • i found the aamir interview the most boring to be honest. sallu was the most entertaining. kareena/ranbir was just a bit too much over the top like his k3g (also i can’t stand kareena).


          • i’ve really enjoyed all three episodes so far. it’s trashy but fun.


          • I’m not a ‘die-hard Ranbir-hater’ (!) (what on earth is a ‘die-hard hater’ anyway? Someone who throws darts at Ranbir’s posters? Creates voodoo dolls of Ranbir? Sends him abusive hate mail?) but I don’t like him, and this episode didn’t change my opinion of him. I am fond of Kareena, yet, I thought that she came off worse than him on this episode, with her constant, inane gushing about Katrina (who was clearly not comfortable with this episode, as her reponses to the press reveal).

            On the other hand, I have a much stronger objection to Salman, and I think it is disgraceful that he is such a celebrity despite his crimes, yet I must admit that his episode was very engaging (if unsettling), so it’s not that my ‘die-hard hatred’ (still LOLing at this term!) blinds me! 😛 In any case, with some celebrities and their questionable conduct, even hatred (or more realistically, critical dislike) is preferable to blind devotion and star-worship! 😛


          • LOL! Do you know many people with such gaudy living rooms, Satyam? 😛 I can’t decide what’s more ridiculous: the red piano or the opening titles! 😛


          • ^^ I don’t mean that you are blindly devoted to Ranbir BTW, lest my comment be misconstrued!


          • definitely the opening ‘tune’ is awful and hilarious at the same time.
            you know if Kjo doesn’t pretend to be someone he is not…then he is actually a decent and tolerable person. and in these 3 episodes this season…he has been tolerable. i felt sallu and Aamir kept him in check though.


          • LOL,Ami!
            I think there are two aspects to it.
            One is Ranbir, the star/actor and Ranbir the person.
            As an actor one may or may not like him.
            As a person, I do feel you are being unfair to him. He has not been perfect by any stratch but more I see of him off screen, the more I feel that he is grounded, honest and a decent person. Yes, he has said some things to which one can object but looking at him in totality, I get a sense that he is actually not a bad egg. Again, this is based on what we see. Who knows the real truth!


          • It’s certainly fair to suggest that he seems to be a grounded, decent person. Beyond this it’s an industry not a charity and all stars have their ambitions and by virtue of which they might act in objectionable ways at times or say things that are unfortunate. But hardly anyone could be exempt from this latter problem! I couldn’t think of a single person. It’s then a question of where the bar is set. I clearly find some people more objectionable than others because they say and do more that is problematic.


  69. Interesting 😀

    [post created]


  70. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3h
    Advance booking of #Dhoom3 is phenomenal.


    • Wait Wait..Haven’t I heard these words before..Yes! for K3, for CE, for YJHD, for G!!nd Masti, for xxxxxxxxxx………..What’s so special about D3 then?? Hmm..


      • As mentioned, this is the clear indication this is an “event” film. A few other “advance” reports are floating around suggesting the same that this is an incredible advance shaping up.
        It did not matter if it is releasing on a non-holiday. In fact chalking up a big “non-holiday” and having the holidays come up during the following weekdays will probably work out much better here. Every chance the first day record will be blown away. I fully expect the unrealistic expectation that D3 could not make up for CE’s distinct “release” date strategy to also be blown away (the EID release, coupled with the weekend ensured a great release period).

        D3 could have three 30crore + days in a row if the hype sustains and probably big 30+ numbers, not the low ones seen so far, but possibly 35crore+ or more.

        100 crore is more now probable than a possibility for the first 3 days. Another possibility is if it sustains for the whole week, 200 crore flat out in first week is possible rather than probable. But 3 Idiots surprised everyone with how it sustained on the weekdays so anything is possible if a film really clicks.

        It is an “event” film and the last one was definitely Ghajini. The advance for Ghajini was enormous for its time and this one is looking like repeating the feat. 3 Idiots was more a buzz film and opened damn well but not in the stratosphere of Ghajini. D3 is definitely in this stratosphere, if not it’s going to be even bigger. The closest to Ghajini would probably be Ek Ta Tiger but the multiplex support for Salman is not the same as the singles.

        My lowest estimate for week 1 is 160 crore – it would have to really collapse and be rejected on big proportions to not hit this number based on these reports, but even a below par performance and the film will land here I am sure. If it really clicks 190 crore is possible and more depending on the word of mouth. Looking at the promos and I’d say the “confidence” of not revealing much, the producers seem very confident here. If one was “concerned” with the product, you’d go flat out with marketing blitz to cover the first few days. This has not been the case here. The main trailer is pretty good and enough to seal interest in the film.

        Hard to believe some of the figures, I doubt 70% or 80% advance, its more the narration/commentary that this is a big advance, much bigger than anything seen before. The %’s are probably false as are some comments, one of the guys suggest the whole week will be booked which is rather daft. But it’s pretty consistent with every report out there, the hype is indeed historic and expectations are high.

        In my local London cinema, it’s got 14 shows a day – which is big for a 3 hour film. Back to the days of K3G and SRK’s dominance, this is the kind of # you’d expect.


        • agreed on all counts.. including the Ghajini thing.. you feel something is in the air with this one as there was for Ghajini and you’re right on 3I as well in this regard.


        • Agree entirely, Jay.


        • thecooldude Says:

          A 160 minimum should def. take the movie to well over 300 with normal trending. A 3I like trending and the final total would be jaw dropping.


          • Even CE made 155 – 160 in the first week. Hence I think this should make more as it has a established brand, a bigger production house, a bigger star casr, a free run, hiked prices (almost touching 900 in some places) , a big holiday (Christmas) on Wednesday and schools having Christmas vacation. I will go for a 170-180 cr Week 1 if liked as much as CE. If it is not liked it will be around 130 to 140 in Week 1. For it to go past 300 from a 180 Week 1 it needs to be extraordinarily liked. The good thing is unlike CE this has no competition till Desh Isqiya releases. So it can keep gathering even in Week 3 and Week 4.

            All said and done I think CE’s achievemt of 225 crs is very credible in my books as it didnt come up with that much expectation and still did that much for a Rohit Shettly movie. But D3 will surely obliterate every record books and 225 crores will be beat even if the movie is not liked, such is the scale of the hype for this movie. This is surely an event movie like no other in recent times.


        • thecooldude Says:

          The Ghajini advance booking craze…..how it was



          • Yep distinctly remember some of these reports on Ghajini’s advance. And really no film since hit these peaks in terms of advance…till now.


  71. Agree with Jay – let us assume:
    20th – Fri – 30
    21 – 35
    22 – 35
    23 – 25
    24 – 20
    25 – 30
    26 – 20
    27 – Fri – 15
    28 – 20
    29 – 20
    30 – 10
    31 – 10
    1 – 10
    2 – 9
    3 – 8
    4 – Fri – 5
    302 cr – 🙂 in two weeks flat


    • I would think its difficult to get a 20+ cr figure on a normal working day like 23, 24 and 26. On Day 1 even if it is a working day its still possible to hit that 30 cr figure, but not so sure about Day 4 hitting 20 even for a well liked movie…The only time a Day 4 working day can hit a 20 cr IMO is if it is a Roshan movie and they are throwing numbers through their hat. YRF did jack up their numbers for JTHJ so cannot rule that out here…

      I will go with a 30, 33, 36, 17, 18, 24, 15 Week 1 = around 175 crores.


  72. @ cool dude & krish–
    Predictions are not made AFTER seeing the advance bookings or the opening weekend numbers
    Or as in the case of Satyam –after the second Monday !

    There’s a certain sense one should get
    And all these numbers u are dancing around with become incidental.

    Numbers follow —

    As I had said and will explain, with dhoom 3 –350 crores is the bar to avoid disappointment —read below…



    Some had thought I had put in a naughty numbers but nope!
    I’m being serious and don’t intend to play petty games since in real issues, I’m above all this fan/non-fan business..

    Lemme explain it —

    Aamir is perhaps the WEAKEST in stardom ranking BELOW
    Salman (now), SRK (always) & Hritik (always!)

    But to tackle that, the INITIAL will be SUPPORTED by
    THE BIGGEST HEROINE (Barring deepika lately)
    GYMNASTICS / other frills
    Sidekicks like abhishrek (a semi star of his own)& uday (recall value form previous two parts!)

    As for the CONTENT—
    THAT is where AAMIR comes into his own
    Also release timing

    The 3-D & IMAX (if there’s one) should add to the watchability on the big screen
    INCREASED surveilance against piracy

    I have NO doubt that CONTENT /SCRIPT wise, this should be the BEST dhoom version amongst all…
    Which should reflect in the trending..


    This is a POTENT PERFECT combo to TEST THE LIMITS of the Bollywood market

    there was a reason I had set up the following parameters
    ALL of which are ACHIEVABLE here

    350 crores– atleast
    400 crores plus being a REASONABLE target

    As for DEFENSIVE NERVOUS fans–I can’t help them!

    As I had said earlier—

    There’s NO point in paying and FEEDING MILLIONS of dollars/pounds to ‘ICONS’ like 10dulkar, Lara or messi who keep sitting in the pavilion for FIVE years–

    When the time comes–
    They BETTER deliver!!!

    Anything less than 350-400 crores would be disappointing /even shameful ….


    • Apex.. I must say I’m offended you didn’t rank me over Aamir or Hrithik. I could get these numbers going in either D2 or D3. Of course for some it’s a challenge getting to such figures even in a krrish sequel!

      But I do agree that Aamir has always played this dirty game of appearing in strong scripts and/or good films. The best stars appear in garbage..

      On the Sachin/Lara bit I wonder what one would do if one’s spouse had such exacting standards. I’m divorcing you buddy the day you stop performing! What about at work? A bad week and you’re fired! It’s a bit to be a person drowning in ordinariness (like the rest of us) and putting up bars that even the likes of Tendulkar would have trouble living up to! I guess one’s ordinariness saves one from living upto any standards. This must explain some of the comments!

      At the end of the day let’s agree on this — Hrithik’s getting a hit in D3. Perhaps he should chalk up all his hits by not appearing in them. This way he’ll be saved the production and ‘post-production’ costs of K3!


      • Basically apex bigs up hrithik to be a messi but in fact when it when it comes to the worldcup he is like the orange boy. For aamir apex treats him like the orange boy but in the world cup he is the one asked to score the goals to win.


      • “Of course for some it’s a challenge getting to such figures even in a krrish sequel!”



    • thecooldude Says:

      your bar of 350 – 400 is really low….let’s up the ante to 1000000000000 CR for D3 to be ‘considered’ ‘a’ ‘hit’ !


      • Hehe cooldude(tte): u r sooooo witty ..lol
        Btw I like your new ‘outta the bed look’ u are sporting again
        Caught ya ? C’mon admit it 😉


        • thecooldude Says:

          As I have said before……you got me ‘sherlock’. Either that or you have seen too many reruns of THE CRYING GAME !


          • “As I have said before……you got me ‘sherlock’.”– yup I knew it lol. But don’t worry– I won’t ‘expose’ u
            I will keep this ‘secret’ ( but @ a ‘price’) 🙂


  74. @ Satyam– just saying that “this should do very well and records shoudl be breached” etc is NOT enough

    I know u have had many recent setbacks (eg CE, barfi, ETT, k3 ) and it has affected your confidence, but c’mon don’t hide behind these defensive / strategic positions

    IF u are claiming to be an aamir fan and he is what u and your cohort is claiming him to be, if he can’t deliver big time record altering numbers in even Dhoom3 –then when will he do it?
    The risky Talaash ?

    Be a man !! 🙂


    • I know u have had many recent setbacks (eg CE, barfi, ETT, k3 ) and it has affected your confidence, but c’mon don’t hide behind these defensive / strategic positions

      apex,relax man,its nothing of the sort..films do well on its merit and satyam has appreciated ….RELAX


    • I’ve said enough on what my D3 benchmarks are for months including just yesterday. I can’t help it if you don’t see all the comments..

      On the rest it might surprise you to learn this but having incorrect predictions on films has so far not constituted an existential crisis for me.

      “Be a man !! ”

      you keep saying this to me. Be truthful.. how many women have scarred you with that line?


      • “I’ve said enough on what my D3 benchmarks are for months ”

        D3 doesn’t need a ‘prediction’
        The other movies listed above did(but didn’t get a prediction or in the case of CE u fell short by >100 cr(wh)ores lol

        Words like ‘will do well’ are not really ‘predictions’ but ‘defensive wordplay’
        As for my ‘encounters with women’–no comments…
        This forum is inappropriate for that & I don’t do ‘obscene’ 🙂


  75. “On the Sachin/Lara bit I wonder what one would do if one’s spouse had such exacting standards. I’m divorcing you buddy the day you stop performing! What about at work? A bad week and you’re fired!”

    Yes I stand by what I said!!

    There’s no point in being this ‘icon’ when u can’t delver when needed
    Or in terms of your (obscene) reference –yeah one HAS to PERFORM in bed !!!

    It’s all about ‘performance’

    Anyways, aamir is not alone here

    Dhoom3 earnings anyhow –have more than reasonable contributions from hritik, katrina besides the franchise

    INSPITE of all this —if u are gettin nervous –well what can I say

    HAVE FAITH Satyam

    D3 SHOULD cross 350, even 400 (if there’s no underperformance!) 🙂


  76. And finally,

    To add

    IF krrish 3 did NOT pick up on the first Monday —
    Or if I had hated krrish 3

    I would have LYNCHED/DISSED the roshans

    but the fact is that the first Monday was the biggest EVER
    and k3 was no bullett raja (that I’ve ripped apart with saif in tow!)

    I play the ball straight
    half volleys go only in one direction–
    Out of the boundary 🙂


  77. For those interested in the Hrithik Roshan starrer DHOOM 3, here’s the US showtimes..



  78. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 6m
    #RRajkumar Week 1: ₹ 47.05 cr. Weekend 2: ₹ 10.90 cr. Mon ₹ 2.03 cr, Tue ₹ 1.75 cr. Total: ₹ 61.73 cr nett.

    suddenly Taran has day by day numbers after a few weeks!


  79. first off as always with BOI the dig at Abhishek towards the end (!) but leaving this aside they’re pretending as if it’s a big film like many others talking about it in bland terms and listing all the factors etc. This is going to blow past everything else!



    • Lol yea this is the most “cautious” of the advance reports so far. And the dig at Abhishek at the end is what we come to expect from BOI.


      • Cmon guys…I think they are saying this is a mega opening and the biggest of advance. And I do agree with them that the first day will be around that figure as it is a working day and you do see drops in the afternoon. My first day highest estimate is also around 30 crores. Also I agree with what they are saying that 200 crores is not earth shattering for this movie and we are all saying the same…Dont really see this as cautious…


        • It is given their prior commentary on a number of other films. put differently you couldn’t possibly say ‘less’ than they have for this one. Now this ‘sobriety’ would be fine if they had the same tone across the board but they don’t. They pick and choose favorites. If this had been a Salman film for example you would have seen far more orgasmic commentary.

          As a larger matter I think everyone’s missing the ‘event’ here. One can’t just use the normal standards or holidays or weekdays or whatever here. Put differently anyone with a pulse will watch this one. Even among big releases there is nothing that maximizes the potential audience like this one. Jay was quite right yesterday when he said that after Ghajini this film had that sort of buzz. Because while you often have huge openers the Ghajini thing was something else and adjusted for inflation is still something else. It was way ahead of any expected benchmark on the initial and the final gross. Then too people used the existing standards and this just blew them away. And there was a buzz about that film that was quite different (again Jay was right in that even 3I didn’t have this). I expect the same for D3. My point again is that you simply cannot use the existing spectrum of possibilities for D3. Of course any film can disappoint but doesn’t look like this will do that on the initial. I am also fairly confident of a strong script here given everything both Aamir and Abhishek have said about it. Again there are always risks (longer film, too serious for the genre) but this has I think enough frills (action, stunts, lighter moments) for the risks to not materialize. This is about as safe as it gets for this sort of thing. So yes I expect an unprecedented initial and a very good follow-through. How good of course remains to be seen. Either way I’d say there are going to be numbers way beyond the expectations of most.


  80. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 44m
    #RamLeela till Sun [31 days]: ₹ 115.50 cr nett. India biz only. Fantastic!


  81. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 12m
    #Dhoom3 India screen count so far: 4500 screens. Inclusive of Tamil and Telugu versions. Still counting…


  82. Virat Kohli scores a ton…What a awesome bit of news for this young team considering this is a against a top attack and outside India. Sorry Satyam did not know where to put this thing so did it here…


  83. Historic Advance Booking For Dhoom 3
    by Soumita Sengupta (December 17, 2013)

    Advance booking for Yash Raj Films’ magnum opus Dhoom 3 opened to a phenomenal response at multiplexes and single-screens across India, with the first weekend shows already 60 per cent fully booked three days prior to the film’s release. In most circuits, advance booking opened on Sunday and since then, tickets have been selling like hot cakes. Distributors feel by Thursday, the first week will be all sold out.

    The film marks the third instalment in the Dhoom franchise and features Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra and Katrina Kaif. The film is expected to earn massive returns at the box office and break the record for a non-holiday release.

    Following is a report on advance booking from distributors in various circuits.

    Rajesh Thadani, Multimedia Combines, Mumbai

    Everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of Dhoom 3. Since Aamir Khan and Yash Raj Films have teamed up, expectations are higher than usual. Frankly, I have never witnessed such a frenzy for advance booking. All-India, advance booking is 75 per cent including multiplexes and a few single screens, and in Mumbai, it is 70-per cent. It is safe to say that this film will create enormous box office records. The weekend shows are 70 per cent booked. It will definitely break records that were created this year.

    The film has been assigned over 4,000 screens all-India and over 1,500 in Mumbai. In Mumbai, ticket rates vary from Rs 500 to Rs 900 at multiplexes.

    Jaspal Dhingra, Nanaskar Enterprises, East Punjab

    The advance booking for Dhoom 3 is extraordinary. Usually, in Punjab, advance booking doesn’t draw too much of a response as there is a cinema hall in practically every locality. The opening of Dhoom 3 will be huge. Until now, we have witnessed 40 per cent advance booking for Friday. I am assuming that the weekend will be house full.

    Debashish Dey, Aum Moviez, West Bengal

    Today, we witnessed 35-per cent advance booking and, by tomorrow, it should be 100 per cent for the weekend. In fact, a few single-screens are yet to open advance booking. The advantage Dhoom 3 enjoys is that there has been no big release after Krrish 3 and audiences are waiting for this film to release. It will definitely break records and create new ones. Ticket rates in West Bengal start at Rs 500 in multiplexes.

    Vasudev Chachan, Sunny Films, Rajasthan

    Dhoom 3 has already broken the record for advance booking. It’s only Tuesday and 70 per cent tickets have already sold for the weekend. By Thursday, the first week should be sold out. In Rajasthan, tickets are priced between Rs 400 and Rs 500 in multiplexes.

    Ravi Machhar, Sahyog Films, Nizam

    The film has seen 80 to 90 per cent advance booking and the number is rising as we speak. Dhoom 3 is expected to be one of the biggest grossers of all time. I have never seen advance booking like this before. In fact, we don’t usually have advance booking in Aurangabad but we have sold 60 per cent tickets already! For Friday, all five shows in every multiplex are already booked. In a small town like Selu, where the population is only in the thousands, 300 tickets have already sold!

    Jeetu Khandelwal, Pioneer Movies, Orissa

    Dhoom 3 is seeing an extraordinary response in Orissa, where we have only one multiplex. Still, advance booking for the film is 70 per cent for the weekend. Dhoom 3 has been allotted 110 screens in the Orissa circuit.

    B H Basha, Bahar Enterprises, Mysore

    The film has experienced 70 per cent advance booking so far. Booking opened on Sunday and, in just three days, 70 per cent of tickets have been sold. Just wait till Thursday! The first week will see extraordinary collections. With such a positive response, Dhoom 3 will enjoy a smooth run at the box office.


  84. Contrary to reports doing the rounds, multiplexes and single screens have declared that the ticket prices will remain consistent to what they had charged this year for all big films including Chennai Express.



  85. Fantastic opening on cards here but if the opening day falls short of a 100 crores, I would consider this an underperformer!
    After all, it is Aamir-Kat.-YRF blah,blah,blah,blah!


      • Why stop at 100crores?


        • Really it takes a special kind of stoopid to make up the stuff about how it needs to make 350-400 crores! And,an even more special kind to be totally insensitive to the absolute derision and apathy with which such posts are regarded!


          • https://satyamshot.wordpress.com/2013/12/13/r-rajkumar-the-rest-of-the-box-office/#comment-236280

            Won’t like to repeat an oft repeated –“when an elephant walks, …. Bark!” 🙂

            Let’s branch for some entertainment now–records will/should be broken and let’s not get excited about em

            The interest here will be–

            When does the first 100 crores gets breached –should be before the end of first weekend domestic market (@ least)
            200 crores –should come before second weekend starts…

            All the best folks–

            Rise above narrow biases –these film should prove the upper limit of the Bollywood market–all the best

            As for biased/compromised/agendaoc/insecure pseudo fans- they can treat themselves with a repeat rerun of murder 2 !!


  86. Rajen/ Satyam: I personally think that Ranbir behaves like a brat! Take for instance his relationship with the media: he keeps flipping the paparazzi off in the most puerile way ( nearly every pap shot of him has him showing them the finger), and recently he got into a spat with a cameraman, whose camera he forcibly took, without the slightest consideration for the fact that the poor man’s livelihood depended on it.

    Then there is the ungentlemanly way that he let Katrina handle the media-storm surrounding the Ibiza pictures all by herself, and the way he lets his father keep prattling on in the most crass way about his conquests. Certainly none of this behavior seems decent, refined or classy in the least to me!

    Lest you accuse me of being partial or biased, let me say that as much as I like Deepika, I would hesitate to use similar adjectives to describe her as well. Her constant, ceaseless need to bring up Ranbir and their break-up makes her look increasingly pathetic.


    • To be honest I wasn’t aware of all this stuff. By and large he appears to be quite grounded. Don’t think one can expect much more within the industry. Not saying he’s some absolute model or anything. On the media episode very many stars have got into such situations. Not saying it’s ok though often one gets one side of the story. The media figures in these instances are not as innocent as they pretend to be later. As for his father don’t think he can be blamed what what his father says. On the Katrina bit again that’s something totally different. These two things are not related to the media episode where at least one could make a case. Even if one disagrees calling him a brat is really going too far!


      • Even within the industry you have actors like Aamir, Abhishek and Imran who have managed to conduct themselves with considerably more finesse. Not that I think that Ranbir is terrible, and there are certainly several stars who are far more objectionable than him, but overall he doesn’t come across as very endearing IMO.


        • Abhishek frankly is in a class by himself. Aamir is fine too though some SRK fans might disagree given some of his comments on the latter at points! But in any case my point isn’t that Ranbir is the absolute best in these matters. I’ll concede your examples but not sure if not being at the level of Aamir or Abhishek or whoever makes one a brat. Specially when there are stars who say and do far worse.


    • I think we just have to agree to disagree. One sees what one wants to see in such case. And that can apply to both of us!
      On a related note, I think some of Rishi’s behaviour is even more outrageous. At his age, he should know better. And, I say this as a huge Rishi fan.


      • To be fair, given the very wide gulf between the way Rishi and Amitabh carry themselves, perhaps it isn’t really fair of me to compare the behavior of their sons! 😛 Abhishek (barring the recent burst of petulance during the Dhoom 3 promotions) is a clear product of excellent upbringing; I remember watching an old KwK episode where Amitabh and Abhishek were discussing his break-up with Karishma, and thinking that it was the most dignified discussion of a relationship that I had seen on tha show!


        • yeah and on this point there’s no one in the industry who seems to disagree on Abhishek. But as you said no one has Bachchan as a father either!


    • agree on all counts. On the other hand, someone I couldn’t stand some time back has improved in every way. Ranveer Singh. Watch his interviews today….he is soft spoken and better behaved.


  87. I am really mad that they are not releasing Dhoom-3 in Imax here in Chicago.
    Aside- In our group for the first time 15 families are making a plan to watch a movie together and I have heard it from other groups as well. This will be huge !


  88. Abhishrek & amitabh certainly are classy and well behaved , it’s a no-brainer!But it’s not only about being a ‘good boy’ usually.
    A streak of mean nastiness & unpredictability IS needed –& infact some humans deserve it–‘niceness’ doesn’t work with all..

    But u can’t be much nicer if u see a mom of two behaving like a teenage hottie snorting cocaine with dodgy snorting buddies & u still say mum and maintain a ‘dignified’ silence ..(inspite of being blamed for those very indiscretions on grounds like ‘boredom’ and ‘loneliness’!!)


    • Even when the marriage was going well no one would have confused Hrithik with Abhishek in this department! The Bachchans are quite singular in this regard. Being ‘nice’ is one thing, one can even be refined but the class they represent is another deal altogether. Now it doesn’t always work for them. As we see with these recent D3 interviews the moment Abhishek says something even mildly aggressive it immediately stands out. But leaving this aside there are situations where that kind of classy behavior might not necessarily be one’s best friend. Leaving this aside the biggest negative (though this is only with respect to Abhishek, not his father) might be that such class is taken to be a marker of ultimate privilege. And there’s some truth to this too. Such class inasmuch it is always linked to a family name and so on can never be earned. Much as a crown prince can be less than ‘great’ but those who might seek to challenge him cannot become such no matter how ‘good’ they might be in terms of what they do. Shakespeare is as always the ultimate in terms of teasing out this tension. So classically in Henry IV (my favorite play of his.. both parts) there is crown prince who is seen as incompetent and unworthy, even by the father, though he of course isn’t, in fact he’s the ultimate dark horse, while Percy Hotspur is considered to be the guy who deserves to be crown prince, even by the king! And so even within industry terms the Bachchan name is akin to a royal one (some have suggested that it might be India’s only such family in a cultural sense and they might not be wrong). No matter what you took away from Abhishek you couldn’t take away the name. Of course this then invited ultimate resentment sometimes because the others know this too. The way this is dealt with in both Shakespeare’s historical situations and contemporary Bollywood is that the ‘rivals’ exaggerate the failings of the crown prince. In each case what they miss is that the crown prince is just playing a different sort of game and has a different clock in his mind. Which is why they can never quite kill the crown prince. I don’t of purse mean a literal analogy here but a metaphorical one. But the point I started out with here is that only someone with that kind of privilege could have this kind of confidence and patience. In other words it’s not that even the incompetent person is ok in such a situation. That never happens. Neither Hal in Shakespere’s play is incompetent nor is Abhishek for anyone who is willing to be minimally fair and can read the record he has not to mention understand that his market continues to be valued in the industry perhaps higher than his box office results (all of this is a different debate). The deeper insight here is that with the safety net of class and lineage all these questions are configured differently. In a way Abhishek’s truest rivals are not his peers but his father. I could make a long case for why this is so, have made some of it before and Abhishek’s own statements often point towards this. Put differently it is not that the father is an actual rival, he’s too great for that but that this is the only relevant model for the son. Compared to this everyone else pales in comparison. This too is a ‘royal’ or ‘class’ structure. But this often comes off as the lackadaisical attitude of the privileged when in fact it is something else. So the actual rivals are right, at least the ones who might be resentful (though there aren’t many because Abhishek is largely loved in the industry) while Abhishek’s own humility is predicated on a class structure. Again the humility is not fake but it is built as Nitezsche might say on a deeper arrogance! All of this would take perhaps some time to unpack. I just offer some signposts..!


      • Have to admit that this is a v good post, Satyam
        Infact brilliant
        Perhaps the best u have written in a while!
        When u go orgasmic about dhoom3 (like Nolan’s best film!) & it’s impending records & fight over petty box office stats, I get worried..
        But I do squeeze out these ‘real’ pieces from time to time 🙂
        On a related note–I will like to add another point not covered here which ALSO needs highlighting…
        Success (& true success) breeds it’s own ‘arrogance’ some overt, some covert, some implied and some subclinical…but it is there..If one takes away the ‘familial good upbringing’ angle, one can’t deny abhishrek and amitabh. But beyond that, hritik (to whom abhishrek was compared to here) and amitabh tear apart from abhishrek !
        Because abhishrek has never truly experienced gross mind blowing success, the types his dad, wife and hritik have seen (for example). So how abhishrek will behave when he encounters it, is not known and is likely to remain unknown unfortunately. Yeah he won’t start boning starlets but his ‘truer colors’ may reveal somewhat.
        Which is where amitabh stands apart–
        It’s one thing to behave in a certain manner but all these things are only valid if one has the power!
        It’s one thing about Sri Lanka threatening India whit dire circumstances (!!) or Korean ganging against china, bit the reality is that these don’t matter!
        In a way similar to bachchan sr (but to a lesser extent) hritik also is someone who could have got away with much much more… But he doesn’t /didn’t indulge in certain stuff…
        Restraint is creditable only ‘with’ power and capability..


        • It depends. If class supersedes that sort of success in one’s mind the latter doesn’t necessarily make a difference. Even otherwise throughout his strongest and weakest box office phases Abhishek has been quite consistent. I’d also say that most stars reveal their colors either way. SRK even before the release of his first film was making certain kinds of statements in the media. Aamir hasn’t really said anything from QSQT to the present that seems like an outlier. In fact can’t think of too many stars who changed completely in this sense. Because while they become more powerful with success that is very different from behaving in a very different manner.

          Now mind-boggling success of the authentic superstar kind is a different deal. But very few experience that anyway. Unless you’re a Rajesh Khanna for a certain period or Bachchan for a longer period no one is in that position.


      • agree with Apex, great set of points Satyam. and what a loaded statement, maza aa gaya –
        “his market continues to be valued in the industry perhaps higher than his box office results “


  89. Feel ranbir is fine and he is behaving like most ‘normal’ guys.
    He expectedly is irritated with the paparazzi after Kats ‘bikini-gate’ and I suspect those pics were a surprise not only for the public and Salman and others but also for rishi!!

    Having said that, katrina should’ve been more ‘discreet’ in Ibiza esp when some other indian/Bollywood creatures were also creeping around (including that ‘buddy’ girl in wus who perhaps leaked those pics)

    In the era of camera phones and direct to youtube upload era, they should’ve known better (unless it was preplanned on some1s part!)
    Infact we all should be careful 🙂

    And yeah –specially b4 getting onto an ‘elevator’…


    • It (bikini shots) was a publicity stunt…including the current D3 ‘I am the hero controversy’. It is oldest trick in the book.


      • D3 thing wasn’t a stunt. It remains to be seen whether ABhishek has been running a fool’s errand or his confidence is justified. He seems supremely confident there’s no D2-like issue here.


  90. Anurag Kashyap Denounces Smoking Disclaimer In Hindi Films


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