Happy 2014!

from Sangili, the Tamil remake of Kalicharan, the climactic moment when the truth of ‘No17’ dawns on the hero!

Best for the new year..


8 Responses to “Happy 2014!”

  1. Contd from

    Suggest folks post the tracks/movies/scenes they liked most in 2013 (if any) b4 bidding adieu to13

    Meanwhile I sit back & enjoy an apple from (the many) ‘Katrinas’ here 🙂

    Jus Kidding folks–happy new year…


  2. Happy New Year 2014 to all here !!!


  3. Happy New Year to everyone!


  4. And as I bid adieu to 2013—
    My no 1 song from Bollywood this year—

    From the biggest flop of the year…
    But I’m proud of this one—not a song but my ‘anthem’ …

    Any guesses Satyam? 🙂



  5. Satyam ji & all
    ~ Happy New Year 2014 ~

    Best Regards
    Rupam { xhobdo }


  6. A happy 2014 to all. May peace prevail on earth — and this blog.


  7. A very Happy new Year to all at SatyamShot……


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