Sholay 3D, Joe B C, D 3 (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. Dhoom 3 Grosses Has 65 Crore Second Week

    Friday 3rd January 2014 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 grossed 65 crore nett approx in week two taking its two week total to 239 crore nett. The second week collections were a record and is one of the more significant records of Dhoom 3 as the second week record of Three Idiots was a long standing record.

    The initial records are always there for the taking for an event film and they change every 6-12 months but the second week record had stood for four years and finally Dhoom 3 beat and by a decent margin of 9 crore nett approx. The film has chances of a 275 crore nett final nett gross.

    The film will also dominate the market this week as there is no strong competition.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      sheesh…second week was a pretty steep drop especially considering holiday season still going on. it will have surpassed my expectations though by end of this weekend (i predicted around 220-240cr). satyam, you said anything below 300cr would be a disappointment by your standards…you think it makes it to 300cr? i honestly think the 275ish prediction by BOI looks to be close.

      it is still going to end up over 250cr domestically and that is quite an achievement. and add the worldwide total…we won’t see numbers like these for awhile IMO.


    • 300 is unlikely unless the third weekend is proportionately stronger. Jay had a great note on this earlier:


      • That comment should also be in prediction thread.


      • AamirsFan Says:

        that is a great summation of Dhoom 3. on point with everything. like i stated above, we won’t see numbers like these for awhile. i think the second week drop proves this film was not loved like a typical Aamir Khan film. but the number is still so huge it doesn’t even matter at this point.

        Poor SRK though, whenever he sets a record, Aamir Khan comes along and smashes it. At least this time around he got to enjoy it for 6 months instead of 2 weeks. lol.


        • SRK did it with competition. Put anybody in Dhoom series and it’ll be same result. It’s not like aamir accomplished this with talaash.


          • yes this is what really makes me sore. I was in talks with Yashraj for D3. Somehow Aamir swooped in at that last minute otherwise I would have been sitting on a huge grosser right now. Very frustrated.

            On SRK I guess going by D2 and now d3 Yashraj have decided ‘anyone but SRK in Dhoom’. They like to place SRK in competitive situations (RNBDJ/Ghajini, JTHJ/SOS). Of course SRK doesn’t mind because when he got the chance he blew everyone out of the water with Don2, the sequel to a remake, it released in this very same Christmas/New Year season and got a fantastic Talaash-like initial.

            Aamir meanwhile will play dirty again. The Hirani will be a solo release. Whatever that film makes we don’t need loser records like that. SRK in the 90s and beyond never released a film unless they was competition. And when there was he was fair enough to actually give the other film the best screens.


          • LOL! To answer the slur on competition and timing of release is quite simple.
            If SRK (CE) and Hrithik (K3) had the guts they would have given their film the Xmas release.

            You cannot blame any producer to avoid the post Xmas release.

            In essence competition is decided on when TWO or MORE parties think they can compete! The fact that Ram Leela released after K3 and OUATIM2 released after CE proves one think – those makers of Ram Leela and OUATIM2 did not think K3 and CE posed a big enough threat! No producer who is in the business of making a film and making money of it would be so stupid if they did not feel they could “get some” of the pie.

            So to answer your question of competition and edge…it actually comes full circle. The industry probably believed D3 was going to be OUT OF THE PARK and avoided the film completely. Who wants to make loss. Whereas with K3 or CE, they thought “hey we probably won’t maximise our returns but we still got a decent enough chance to make some money”. In Ram Leela’s case they were proved right! In OUATIM2’s case clearly they got it wrong!

            Unfortunately the big films (and I mean the “really” big films) will get this edge.

            Much like great football players get more kudos when they score a great goal than a Sunday park kid. A Sachin gets a bigger cheer when he creams a 4 to the boundary than Ishant Sharma. We live in a world which is not fair…is your complaint. I’d say goodwill plays a lot with this and Aamir at Xmas has shown with TZP/Ghajini/3 Idiots/D3 – you don’t want to mess with his film! Whereas an Ajay Devgn starrer now has the guts to stand up to a SRK/YRF/Katrina release at Diwali and actually go toe to toe (would NEVER have happened at SRK’s peak and if it did, the films would have been in the main part destroyed [OSO/Saawariya, Don/Jaane-maan etc.]

            But I guess SRK had all the “edge” he wanted in the past. Every Diwali his big films came! Heck even the odd Xmas! It’s not like he never got it in the past. Hrithik has Bang Bang next year with a huge holiday edge. Of course he is coming with the big star from D3 in Katrina so there should be no excuses spared. SRK comes with Happy New Year on Diwali. Salman has Kick during Eid. Poor Aamir releases without no holidays this year. Let’s see where they all land. It all comes in circles. Talaash released last year and one week later Khiladi released (did I hear anyone cry foul play then?)

            2014 will of course bring more of this nonsense. I’m already gearing up for 2015. If Deepika signs the Barjatya film, and Barjatya returns to any kind of his 90’s form…Salman Khan is going to own that year. That could be a massive casting coup as Deepika could really be the perfect Barjatya girl and they’d make quite a pair IMO. Musically if the film clicks, it could be earth shattering. But between now and then Salman may very well lose some steam (that would be my prediction as Dabangg 2 underperformed).


          • Satyam , yours and jays stand is strange here when you say competition was not a factor in CE,s case. The movie was playing on 3700 screens n Wednesday, lost 1000 screens to OUATIMD on Thursday which was Independence Day and did 20 crores. And then lost 1500 screens again to the same movie on Friday and made 6 crores. Had it retained those screens it would have made 10 or close to 10 on that day. The competition need not be due to a major release doing well it can even be if one has to lose screens to any other release whatever that may be. And then there was a release every week in the form of madras cafe and satyagraha. I am not saying it lost 30 cr due to competition but there was a dent there for CE and in the second week it could have made more.


          • So on second Friday CE was playing only on 1200 (3700 – 1000 – 1500) screens? Kapoors were pissed because they didn’t get the screens on Thursday as promised, as CE was doing good.

            ps – At one place it says 1200. At another place it says 1600

            It started with 3650 screens in 2550 halls. And if you follow the % decrease in theatre is 28% only in second week.


          • Neither one of us has ever ignored competition Krish.. we’ve talked about this and many other factors for years.. but it’s hard to have conversations with people on this or any other matter when they’re utterly dishonest about this stuff and only introduce it selectively.


          • Krish, that is my point exactly.

            If Vada Pav is the only item on menu than that’s the only thing that will sell. If the menu also has Pav Bhaji on menu than you will have some people who will eat Pav Bhaji as well. And between UOATIM/MadrasCafe/Satygrah, you’re not talking about movies like mahabhart cartoon. Between those 3 films the total gross was over 170 crores.

            If Jai Ho had released last Friday and D3 had to give up 2,500 screens, D3 would have tanked without a trace.

            What D3 collected is product of Dhoom Franchise otherwise we all saw boxoffice power of aamir in talaash.

            But this is how it is. Taran/BOI/Komal/Producers are reliable source for one film but not other.
            Market/growth/etc is factor when SRK film releases but not for aamir (where is that limitless market growth talk that we heard so much about during CE?).

            Then you have puppets who pops in pretending to be boxoffice expert and you know what that persons agenda is based on his comments.

            It’s all crystal clear.

            But you can’t question it, otherwise you have bad faith, etc…


          • dhoom 1 and 2 both where the biggest grossers of there time in there respective year and trend setters and have tremendous value in satellite tv along with bike crazy youth infact much before hrithik even original dhoom was trend setter and ya any a lister in in it it was bound to be huge

            people where asking for a year when it was coming


  2. IdeaUnique Says:

    but still jai ho comes after 15 days i guess – so D3 can touch 300 cr….


  3. Mr. Joe B Carvalho Opens To A Dull Response

    Friday 3rd January 2014 14.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Mr Joe B. Carvalho opened to a dull 10% response at the box office. The film continues the tradition of a dull opening for the first release of the year. It has been the same scenario for the last thirty years bar a couple of exceptions.

    The film is likely to find it a struggle at the box office with Dhoom set to dominate as collections were good for the 15th day of that film. This week also saw the umpteenth re-release of the 1975 legendary blockbuster Sholay with the added feature of the 3D format. It is a limited release if we go by normal standards today but a huge release for a repeat run. The 3D is the novelty but many screens are running the 2D version where the novelty is less.

    Despite being an old film the film managed better occupancies than Mr. Joe B Carvalho at multiplexes all over but they were still low at around 20% on average.

    It will be tough for the film as tickets are costly today and there is only a limited audience who will pay these rates to watch a film they have seen on television or Home Video before. But still it can give the new release a run for its money over the weekend despite being released on 60-65% less screens as should show better growth than that film.


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h
      #Dhoom3 [Week 2]: Hindi ₹ 66.27 cr, Tamil & Telugu ₹ 2.06 cr. Total: Hindi ₹ 245.24 cr, Tamil & Telugu ₹ 12.07 cr. Grand total: ₹ 257.31 cr.


  4. P.K Talli Says:

    Before Barjatya film Salman is doing another yrf film with kabir khan . Kabir khan said on twitter they are starting on Nov 2014 an d looking for Eid 2015 release .


  5. Bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    Really think you should rename this thread to Sholay 3D, JOE B C.. and D3, I mean when do you get a chance to post such a title on your blog for Box Office, For whatever its worth.

    Also, regret living in the US for the first time in my life, cant go check out sholay.

    BTW just got back from a long trip in Thailand, D3 is doing great guns there as well, tried to catch couple of evening shows early on when it released, but didnt find any tickets in Bangkok. They did not release it on Imax. Couldn’t go for any other shows as the priorities were elstwhere, Gotta take wifey shopping every now and then and Bangkok is hte shopping Mecca. HOpe to catch D3 and Wolf this weekend.

    Happy New Year Friends, Hope better sense prevails with Alex this new year. , Dont really know who you are anymore bud.


    • Ha, that’s a great idea! check it out now.
      Good to see you back after a while.


      • Good to see u kash–yup nice place — have also been to Bangcok earlier though am a bit surprised u went there with your ‘gf/wife’ lol–But anyhow..
        Happy new year
        As for me, I remain an ‘innocent observer & learner of life’


        • Bachchan1 to 10 Says:

          Thanks Satyam Sir, Only reason wanted that title was to live it for a little while. I am sure it was a completely different ball game when it released and imagine if we had the blog back then and the BO reporting?

          Thanks Brother man, Yeah wish I had gone there when I was single, But its a good thing honestly or New Year to you and all here.


  6. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h
    #Dhoom3 *2-week total*: USA-Canada $ 7.537 million [₹ 46.86 cr]… UAE-GCC $ 5.870 million [₹ 36.49 cr]… UK £ 2.332 million [₹ 23.81 cr].



    As Sachin Tendulkar played his last cricket match, Bollywood stars, politicos and biz personalities came to say their goodbyes. Hrithik Roshan meets Anjali Tendulkar, the master blaster’s wife, at the Wankhede stadium on Friday.
    more photos »
    Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan are believed to have become close friends; since Diwali, the two stars have stayed in touch.

    Hrithik Roshan is known to mingle with just a close group of friends. But since Diwali 2013, industry insiders say that Hrithik has found a new friend in Aamir Khan. Hrithik is also known to be good friends with another Khan — Shah Rukh.

    “Both of them have always been fond of one other. In fact, Hrithik went out of the way to attend Aamir’s Diwali party after he attended the Bachchans’ bash. And not many know that they partied till the wee hours of the morning. Later, they bonded on two other occasions,” says an insider.

    They were also seen watching Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell Test match together at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on November 15. It’s believed that the last time Hrithik met Aamir was right before he left for Los Angeles in the last week of November (Hrithik announced his separation from wife Sussanne from LA).

    “Aamir also invited Hrithik over to his Panchgani home on New Year’s Eve, but Hrithik couldn’t make it (instead, the Krrish actor was spotted at Sonali Bendre-Goldie Behl’s place in Juhu on New Year’s Eve, where he bonded with close friends Goldie and Kunal Kapoor).”

    The friendship, apparently, started back in 2011, when Aamir attended the launch event of Sussanne’s lifestyle store, The Charcoal Project. At that event, too, the two had bonded over the Dhoom franchise (Hrithik had acted in part two, while Aamir was preparing to act in part three).

    When contacted, Hrithik replied with a somewhat a somewhat cryptic text message: “Aamir is genuine (sic).”

    – See more at:


  8. @ Satyam–Haven’t seen sholay so wanted to check sholay 3d but not showin near me!! (Maybe Oldgold will review on sholay 3d)
    I’m trying to avoid ronin & such ilk since imo they are ‘school kids’ genre really…
    May check out something this weekend–
    Thinking of -‘all is lost’ since Redford is a favorite & this maybe his last film ever …or ‘Nebraska’
    Oh yeah d3 still on its last legs –worth a rewatch for katrina? 🙂


    • I’m not interested in the 3D at all. Doubt it will be worthwhile. But would love to see the restored 2D. Specially if it’s the director’s cut.


    • Apex, you have not seen Sholay???

      You’re on my sh!t list from now on. Just kidding.

      It’s not just a movie, it’s an art. Every single frame of sholay is an art.


  9. Bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    He seems to be little bitter with the chopra’s.

    he first time I met Abhishek Bachchan he was curt, almost to the point of being rude. The second time he impressed me with his eloquent conversations on many topics over coffee and snacks. He also gave me sage advice on my ankle fracture (which benefited a lot) and how to take care of it. Today the Bachchan Jr I know is far different from the moody and reserved actor I first met while he was shooting for Yuva in Kolkata. Off record he is witty, sarcastic, well-read and extremely courteous. Of course, on record he is still as concise and crisp with his one-line answers (and still hates talking about his personal life) but once you get to know the real AB Jr, you can never forget him. A tete-a-tete with the star…

    You entered 2014 with a dhoom…
    I don’t think the intention was to break any records but to make Dhoom 3 as entertaining as possible. Of course, I am extremely happy that we managed to live up to our promise to our audiences and make an extraordinary film. The year did end with a dhoom. I’m glad that so many people enjoyed the film.

    Which amongst the Dhoom series is your favourite and why?
    (Pat comes the reply) Dhoom 2. Because it has everything — great music, good plot, characterisation, cinematography, locations etc! All three Dhooms are very different from each other and though it’s not fair to compare them, I enjoyed doing Dhoom 2 the most!

    Apparently, you worked out a lot for your role as Jai Dikshit for a leaner look in Dhoom3…
    Honestly speaking I received a lot of flak for Dhoom 2 because of the way I looked. People expected an action-adventure-drama, I should have looked fitter. The criticism was harsh and it hurt but I took note of that. I was shooting for Guru and Dhoom 2 simultaneously and for Guru I had to put on 20 kg. Jai Dixit being a police officer and the kind of character that he is, he must have a certain physical presence. This time before D3 started, I paid a lot of attention to my physique. I have always worked out but for D3 there is a lot more emphasis on physical fitness.

    The goal was not a beefed-up, but lean-and-fit look.

    Last year came with its share of controversies. Also, you were not invited for an event. Do you feel that D3 was promoted as more Aamir Khan’s film than yours and you were kept out of the limelight deliberately?
    My job is to do and not feel. If my fans were upset about that, they have every right to be as they are very protective about me and love me. But I do not react to these things and just do my job. This question should be best answered by Yash Raj Films and Aditya Chopra as they take all the marketing decisions. It’s true that I was never asked to participate in the beginning of the promotional events but I will never interfere in their decision. If someone asks me tomorrow I will gladly offer my suggestions. YRF evidently felt that my presence wasn’t required at certain functions and that is their prerogative, and so be it.

    Apparently your entry could have been more grand — befitting a Dhoom film, especially when Aamir and Katrina had great entries…
    You have to understand the reason and concept behind the entire action sequence. The idea was to shoot the film abroad and use different styles of shooting so D3 looks very Western. But Adi felt there must be something very desi in the film too and hence my entry in the auto rickshaw. I guess I was meant to be the desi stuff.

    Do you always accept what the director wants from you?
    It is part of my duty as an actor to express an opinion. It’s all part of the creative process and very normal. If I have a difference of opinion, I will discuss it with the team. If I don’t tell the team I won’t be fair to the team. It’s good to have creative differences, sit and discuss them in the open and resolve them then and there. I have no ego to do it in my way. I could be wrong but if I feel strongly then I need my director to convince me.

    Jai Dixit is very popular today. What does he have that Abhishek Bachchan doesn’t?
    He has beautiful bikes which he can ride. I can’t, though I enjoy riding them. I remember John and Uday had taught me how to ride bikes before Dhoom. Both would take me out at night to teach me and I loved the experience.

    How similar are you both?
    Not much… I admire Jai for his focus, dedication and relentlessness. Once he sets his mind to something he goes for it! That’s vital, especially if your are a police officer.

    Now you have worked with Aamir and Shah Rukh tell us what’s the difference between both.
    Both are unique. Both have individual qualities, are individuals in their own right and masters in what they do. It’s unfair to compare them with the same yardstick. I love and respect both. Every actor has their individual process of working and won’t do things other actors do. With Aamir I learned how to listen the way he does. He is open to other people’s ideas and give everybody a fair chance. With Shah Rukh I learned a new meaning of enthusiasm. His enthusiasm, humility and dedication towards his job is noteworthy. Both are great fun to work with!

    Who is the hottest star in Dhoom3?
    The hottest star in Dhoom 3 are by far the bikes!

    There were rumours that your role was edited and could have been much better. Would you do a film with Aamir Khan again?
    If the script is good, yes I will but I won’t do just another film because it has Aamir in it.

    Aamir’s son saw Dhoom 3. Have you shown Aaradhya the film?
    No. Aaradhya is too young to watch any films. Of course she recognises me when I come on TV but she does that with any member of the family. Right now she watches only cartoons. My daughter is too young to be watching films.

    You are one star who has had hits but never thrown a success party. Why?
    What makes you think I don’t throw success parties? When I throw it is for the team of the film and not to be used for publicity and PR purposes. People who have success parties and invite the media do it as a PR exercise. I will do it with each and every member of the team who has made the film a success.

    Tell us about your next projects.
    There’s Umesh Shukla’s All Is Well. It’s a social film with a message but not a preachy one. It’s about a father-son relationship which has Chintu uncle (Rishi Kapoor) and me. Then there’s Amit Sharma’s film which I can’t talk about now. AB Corp is also producing a film.

    Are you taking a more active interest in the day-to-day affairs of AB Corp now?
    I always have done that. Our next film is with my father and it is being directed by R Balki. I’m completely involved in putting together all the projects right from pre-to-post production in every aspect.

    Have you ever thought of producing a film with Aishwarya?
    As a producer I like to find the script and director first and then the cast.

    Who is your biggest fan and biggest critic in your family?
    They all are. My mother is biased because she is my mom but my biggest critic would be my father as he has the ability to break down my performance and explain what he liked and didn’t like. He also tells me where he feels there’s room for improvement and I love that.

    People often perceive you as a very reserved, serious, intensely private person with no humour, yet your co-stars and directors vouch for a fun-loving, prankster Abhishek on the sets…
    My friends and family know that I am just a normal person. It all depends on the situation and how I react to it. I am a bit of everything that you said — fun loving, serious, prankster and can be very reserved when I need to be.

    Do you cry?
    Of course I do! Simple things like watching movies make me cry. I cry on the spur of the moment. Every actor is very emotional and so am I. I feel it’s important to learn to see the brighter side of life, and possess a sense of humour for that. My sense of humour has saved me many times when I have felt low. When you are low you have to be very positive and think of the bright side and I think I am a very positive person.

    Do you feel being a star you have to always put up a facade?
    No I don’t think so. One just needs to be well-behaved. Good behaviour is not a facade but inherent when you are a public figure. When you are a celebrity you must understand the responsibilities that come with that and live up to to the expectations but the day it’s a facade your image will get broken. It has to be what you are as it’s your job to behave in a responsible manner. Also my behaviour will be different at a public event against what I will be doing at home.

    How would you describe your journey till now?
    Necessary. All that I have gone through in life till now — the pain, the struggle and the happiness was necessary for me to now move forward positively. One must experience all the high and lows, happiness and sadness to grow in life or it would be terribly boring. You have to have a bit of everything — that’s what makes life so exciting!


    • yes some of his recent interviews have been candid to say the least.


    • thing is advisors like satyam ruined him in 08-12 period with prestige crap …after d2 guru arrived after 3 months (and ya great maniratnam with left touch in raavan made him put 18 kg resulting in alternate d2 where he looked like rickshaw wallah

      should speak more :

      his entry in autorickshaw and other in grand bike, first time in DHOOM SERIES jay’s life being spared by thief and the humiliation at work and its good he is doing commercial cinema more and sucess only keep people quiet


      • IdeaUnique Says:

        unfortunately this is true that though abhi did pretty well in whatever was scripted for him – his role had to be very very strong and there shd have been a palpable chor-police tension in D3 – that wud have made D3 a sure repeat-watch and it wud have gone to 300 cr by now…..


      • didn’t realize I had that kind of power over him or anyone else. LOL!

        Ratnam gave him his greatest career moment in Guru. I don’t believe he asked him to shoot D2 at the same time!


        • lol ya in other words thats the only hindi commercial sucess he has and who gave him and ravan put his career back by considerable time and his worst response in media( an actor supported him despite writing on wall with multiple heart attack of director)

          btw even masterpiece of his starring your own thespian iruvar is commercial failure


  10. In this interview with Rajeev Masand, the directors behind five of the most significant films of 2013 – Rohit Shetty (Chennai Express), Ayan Mukerji (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani), Vikramaditya Motwane (Lootera), Abhishek Kapoor (Kai Po Che) and Mohit Suri (Aashiqui 2) – talk about working with star producers, fighting for their vision, and the unhealthy obsession with box-office.


  11. In this interview with Rajeev Masand, the four actors who delivered the strongest performances in 2013 – Irrfan Khan in The Lunchbox, Farhan Akhtar in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Ranveer Singh in Lootera & Ram Leela, and Rajkummar Rao in Shahid – sat down to talk about jitters on the first day of filming, their early experiences in front of the camera, and about constructing solid characters for the screen.


  12. Bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    This is going to be interesting going forward.

    This year has been one of the most significant years in Bollywood with multiple films crossing the 100 crore mark and the superstars moving into 200 crore clubs. In today’s day and age when the definition of a film’s success has shifted from the count of the number of days it runs in Cinemas, to the number of crores it has collected, it has become a daunting task to rank a film as being a hit, without a robust box office tracking mechanism.

    Thanks to this shift in mode of evaluation, more often than not, we see different figures denoting a particular film’s box-office collections floating around in the media. Across Movie Industries in India, As far as reporting of the box-office figures is concerned, the numbers vary from website to website and from magazine to magazine unlike in Hollywood. Of course some filmmakers inflate the revenues generated, in turn projecting their film to be a hit, while still others prefer to call a spade a spade. In fact some producers even come out with ads highlighting gross figures, instead of nett numbers, adding to the confusion.

    Conflicting and confusing box-office figures are sometimes fueled by the respective stakeholders’ eagerness to stake a claim to fame, as the top grossing film, at that time. Such claims, inherently not provable, have a negative effect on the overall market evaluation and cause a lot of skepticism about the Indian Movie Industry as a whole, and leading to trust deficit among its stakeholders.

    Besides, until this point, the absence of a trusted box office measurement currency in the Indian Movie Industry has been severely impairing the prospects of maximizing the potential of this phenomenally powerful medium called Cinema and effectively monetizing new opportunities. As we know, besides Cricket, Movies are like a religion too in India. Apparently, India is the largest producer of films (over 1000 per annum) and largest consumer (over 3 Billion admissions annually) in the world. Despite this dream like popularity, Indian Movie Industry is missing certain ingredients that can catapult it, to its rightful position in the world and allow it to compete with Hollywood in size and scale. One such ingredient, as Movie Industry Stalwarts, Media Companies and Advertisers vouch for, is a standardized mechanism, and an agency with a proven record, reporting on the authentic box-office collections and put the Industry in perspective.

    In this scenario, RENTRAK Corporation, the Global leader in Box Office measurement, with foot prints in over 38 countries, including USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and China, and serving the most recognizable players in the industries, is setting up operations in India, to serve the Indian Movie Industry.

    • Rentrak collects Box Office information from over 100,000 screens on a daily basis.

    • Rentrak converts data into tangible information that creates knowledge that helps markets to move forward collectively and individually in a more efficient way.

    • Rentrak brings value to the industries helping it´s player to better understand the market place on a real time basis.

    • 24/7, professionals throughout the world connect to Rentrak service to find information that helps them take key decisions.

    Rentrak aims to provide Global Standard for Box office Reporting in India, as they do in the other markets they operate in, and consequently bring in global best practices in this space into India. In fact, publications like Wall Street journal and NY times have special columns to publish Rentrak box -office analytics. With more than 700 clients around the world, Rentrak is the global movie currency, integral for studios and content creators, to succeed in the industry. Currently, Rentrak’s weekly coverage accounts for more than 80 percent of the worldwide box-office.

    Today, Rentrak serves every major film studio, mini-major and prominent independent film distributor, exhibitors and multiplex chains in the worldwide industry. Rentrak’s unique, proprietary systems collect and deliver box-office results and attendance information from more than 100,000 screens in more than 20,000 theaters across the globe, delivering crucial box-office grosses including weekend results and estimates in near real time. It delivers tremendous value to Producers, Distributors and Exhibitors alike.

    For the record, In the US, Rentrak also measures, other devices such as Linear TV, VOD, Mobile, PC and DVD, being the only company that currently measures the life of a content, in all windows. Known for being an agency that features and logs confirmed and vetted box-office numbers, Rentrak is sorely needed within the Indian market.

    Speaking on the development, Rajkumar Akella , Managing Director of Rentrak – India said, “India is a priority for Rentrak, as Indian movies are gaining importance globally with huge successes, and Hollywood Movies and World cinema are rapidly growing inside India. I would say this is the right time, and the right place for launching a service like Rentrak, Indian Movie Industry will surely benefit from Rentrak’s cutting edge technologies and services, as much as Rentrak will be enriched by the Indian experience.”

    Enabling streamlining data and providing immensely valuable analytics, while being unbiased and independent from any outside influence, Rentrak has an impeccable track record of over two decades.

    And hopefully, the Indian film industry, just like its Western counterpart, would also have uniformity when it comes to sharing authentic box-office collections, thus helping the industry grow exponentially and scale new heights in time to come.


  13. On “The Front Row” this week, Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan chats with film critic and host, Anupama Chopra, about how he stumbled upon the world of Hindi cinema. Also in conversation: Director-turned actor Farhan Akhtar and young stars Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh.

    Edited excerpts:

    Anupama Chopra: Sir, since a bulk of this panel’s acting experience – 44 years – is yours, let’s begin with you. Is acting nature or nurture for you? Were you born to be an actor or were you nurtured to become one?

    Amitabh Bachchan: Neither was I born to become one, neither did I ever have this dream of wanting to become an actor. I think it’s something that happened quite by chance and I don’t think that acting can be taught. I think it’s something that comes from within. You have to feel it. I really admire those who have been to acting schools and had the opportunity to learn the craft. I sometimes lament the fact that I was unaware of the Film Institute, for example. Had I been aware of it maybe I wouldn’t have spent three years in university doing my graduation, of which I know nothing at all now. I like to believe that I learn every day. I watch, I see, I observe and hopefully incorporate it in some of my performances. I think that’s the general tendency among all actors.

    Anupama: Was there one transformative moment when you were watching something or perhaps doing a play in school, when you decided that, “This is it, I want to be an actor.”

    Farhan Akhtar: I have never ever had this moment where I wanted to be an actor. It’s something that has happened inadvertently in my life. I have always loved films. And I have always wanted to be a part of films.

    For me the big moment of saying, “Okay, this is something that I am going to do,” was possibly watching Robert De Niro’s work. It was a very big thing for me, watching how he was bringing so many varied characters to life in very different kind of films. I feel his work — and of course Amit uncle’s work — have been the two motivational or the inspirational factors for me to say that I want to be a part of this world.



      The Dark Knight-inspired setting and the twist being similar to that of The Prestige were too apparent. How do you explain it?

      While writing, Adi (Aditya Chopra) and I were aware that this was going to come up and we won’t get good press. I admit the plot point is similar to that of The Prestige, but it seems all the more alike because in both the movies, the protagonists are showmen. The similarity doesn’t go beyond that. The characters are different, and the films go in different directions. I am undoubtedly inspired by the world Nolan creates in his movies, but this is like an old-fashioned revenge drama. Double roles have been working for years, so it’s a device we took from our own world. The twin-brother twist is a part of the Hindi commercial cinema traditions. That way, The Prestige is also similar to say, Ram Aur Shyam.

      So Nolan was an inspiration somewhere?

      I am in awe of the way Nolan turned the Batman franchisee on its head. It was an inspiration in that sense. We were trying to create a world of its own where we could reinvent Dhoom, and make truly engaging drama. But they have a source material, a history of graphic novel culture. Let’s face it, we have different worldviews from the West.

      Dhoom 3 has broken all box-office records but the reactions to it have been mixed.

      You can’t please all, some are bound to hate it. Dhoom is anyway not a very critic-friendly film. Critics, most of the times, fail to see it in context of Hindi commercial films. It makes me wonder how off the mark can they be from the popular taste.


      • There is no harm in following traditions but you need to update based on sensibilities of present time. No one wants to have grand opening scenes for each actor when none of them are charismatic.


        • Rajenmaniar Says:

          Any body see Wolf of WS?
          Not bad IMO tho Scorcese is guilty of excesses and Leo should have kept his clothes on. Cuts a sorry figure in naked scenes.
          Is characterised as a comedy and even tho it jas its funny moments, is more of a drama.


          • Can’t say I really dwelled on his naked figure (!) but here’s Satyam on Wolf:


            And a comment I offered to him elsewhere:

            ” ‘Compulsively watchable’ seems the most appropriate way to put it, though not necessarily to the audience’s credit, so I’d agree that it’s unsettling, and I’d probably give it more credit for this. Because at first I thought I found the film overlong, (which I still kind of do) but it occurred to me that Scorsese really gets into the dirt with these guys for a good long stretch of the film and ultimately justifies the running time because of what he finally presents us with at the very end. Because there is no redemptive passage here, no attempt to put things right, just the pure entertainment of seeing a bunch of gross guys do a bunch of gross things with DiCaprio as a ringmaster for the epic running time. The “unsettling consumerist compact” to use your words is presented within the film but the film itself is also a product, constantly and forcefully selling the very life it presents in equally flattering and unflattering though most (most!) importantly very entertaining, very consumable terms. All of this might not really matter if it weren’t for Scorsese’s final shot. Can’t remember the last time a film so effectively sold me (!) with its final frame. It reminded me quite a bit of an early shot from Amour, where Haneke places the old couple within an audience at a concert, facing forward with the crowd so that the frame is almost a mirror for the moviegoing audience. Haneke’s film for me worked mostly as a film about intrusion, a narrative about intrusions from the outside world that simultaneously implicates the audience as an intruder by way of their gaze on the emphatically (in this case) guarded, private lives on screen. In Wolf the film itself is more the intrusion, the characters are certainly intrusive, and our gaze is precisely the thing they’re after. The appetite for the obscene, the compulsion to take it all in, to be sold on it is never more unsettling than when Scorsese offers his own mirror at the end.

            A really sly film, I’d say. I don’t know if I have the patience for another viewing…but it really is one of the better works this year. And yeah I think DiCaprio is in top form. This is one of this best performances though among his Scorsese collaborations I’d probably take Shutter Island over everything else. Both the movie and the performance I mean.”


          • Thanks,GF for that note and pointing put Satyam’s comments on the film.
            Less impressed with te final scene. Found it somewhat predicable. DiCaprio is brilliant in most scenes. But, was somewhat put off by an overdose of drugs and sex scenes and Wall street presentation was lop sided – satire or not.
            Loved the cameo by Matthew McConaughey. Highlight ofther movie for me.


          • McConaughey was fantastic in those brief moments he had. He’s really bloomed into an interesting talent. Or maybe he was always one but never got the right breaks.


          • watching wolf of ws today as not everyday one gets martin scorcese and leo together though people have warned of glorification of crime and 3 hr length

            btw the secret life of walter mitty has released and while its getting better review from critics in twitter they have panned it like anything


          • “Not bad IMO tho Scorcese is guilty of excesses and Leo should have kept his clothes on. Cuts a sorry figure in naked scenes.”

            this may put off ..but ya when you have scorcese and sholay together its tough to choose

            isn’t in aviator leo(and scorcse) had many nude scenes and was phycho…a paralysed and insane celeb facing his last trial in court…don’t say mani was not inspired in climax of guru and they say only anurag kashyap gets inspiration from him

            give it to man …at 70 still directing and going against flow…

            hats off




  15. Dhoom 3 Third Friday Business

    Saturday 4th January 2014 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 collected around 3 crore nett on its third Friday. The third week will not see any records as Three idiots collected a huge 33 crore nett in its third week but still the collections will be excellent for Dhoom 3.

    The second highest total for the third week is a little over 19 crore nett by yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Dhoom 3 should be able to beat that figure. The film has had an extraordinary run over the first two weeks so it is inevitable that the film will slow a bit.

    The film will beat the previous all time high grosser Chennai express by more than 30%. Surprisingly the out performance has come in East Punjab where it will set a new high by around 50% and this is despite the cold weather.


    • Mr. Jo B Carvalho And Sholay (Re-Run) First Day Business

      Saturday 4th January 2014 11.00 IST
      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Mr Jo B Carvalho grossed around 75 lakhs nett on day with poor collections all over. The film is unlikely to get even a 3 crore nett weekend. It follows the trend of a dull start for the first release of the year, its ben the same story for thirty years barring a couple of exceptions.

      Sholay (re-run) did better as it collected around 1.25 crore nett and it was showing on less than 50% of the screens of Mr. Jo B Carvalho. The film should do better over the weekend and these are fair collections for a film which is 38 years old and had so many television screenings. There is novelty of 3D but a it is also showing at many places on 2D which is the same Sholay of 1975 with possibly better picture quality and sound.


    • That’s a decent number. d3 lost around 800 screens to sholay and joe carvalho yesterday. I was expecting around the 2 cr range but 3 is quite decent. Looks like it will end around 270 crores.


  16. AsliSamar Says:

    There were reports that Faisal had accused Aamir of keeping him captive in the house and forcefully feeding him pills for mental sickness. But the superstar has rubbished such talks.

    “He is doing very well. In fact, Faisal and I had together heard the script narration of ‘Dhoom 3’. Faisal had felt that I should do the film. Faisal reads many scripts I get and he helps me in selecting my scripts. He is very much a part of my career now,” Aamir told in a group interview.

    ** Now I see the reason for Aamir loving Dhoom 3 script **


  17. Coming back from Sholay in 3D format, in packed house at Prasad Imax, Hyderabad.I lost count on how many times I have seen it .. but this time, gap was biggest, last saw(in a stretch) 2 years before I guess. reviewing movie or content is futile, only thing i can say that even on’N’th viewing, it engaged me and my family from start to finish. Audience at my show was equally responsive and enhanced the viewing experience with claps and whistles at many places. restoration process looks fine on screen, print was very clear and colors brighten up. Songs are instrumentally remixed, though not sure why it was require, as original was also matchless. 3D effects were hardly felt in 4-5 scenes … otherwise wearing 3D specs are unnecessary burden, I will recommend 2D format instead.

    some scenes which looked stunning on big screen :

    1. Initial train robbery
    2. Gabbar Entry Sequence
    3. Gabbar first attack
    3. Thakur’s family killing
    4. Mehbooba Song
    5. Jab Tak Hai Jaan song (hema deserves kudos for it)
    6. Amitabh death scene

    Technically movie still stands out even after 38 years. Few youngsters i heard while coming out “Yaar kaun se camera se shot hui thi movie, itna sahi capture to aaj ki movies mein bhi nahi dekhne ko milta”. Overall it was awesome theatrical experience after a decade, no wonder even after 38 years it has charisma to wow the today audience as well.


  18. Saw Lootera, what a slow, tedious, crappy, dull, meaningless, Faltu movie……..
    but hey got 5 out 5 from Baja Insane…


    • Sonakhshi acted really well and looked very much like Reena Roy in a lot of scenes….
      so may loopholes but no one will dare to point towards them.


      • The BIG loophole in The Lunchbox — nobody dares to point towards it –the main story–is it possible in real life, that a wife continuously for days on end happily plays platonic footsie with a stranger while the lunchbox is mis-delivered every day? Wouldn’t the husband wake up after a couple of days? Agreed he is busy with his office affair, still, you’d expect him to notice that the varied lunchbox is now simply a dhaaba type aloo-roti affair everyday. How convenient for the scriptwriter that the husband never notices anything and this middle class lady merrily exchanges notes, poetry and food with a total stranger. A real life-housewife would be more circumspect and cautious.

        But no, Raja Sen and all other hi-brow critics will not point this glaring loophole — something many have commented on even while they have enjoyed the film otherwise. I liked the film a lot, except for this huge hole. But it looks like parallel cinema gets it easy on ‘logical ‘ grounds.


        • Some good lunchbox loopholes by LS –seems LS is talking about ‘experience’ & knows the ‘practical difficulties’–what say Amy 🙂 (just kidding)

          As for the nargis fakhri pics with uday lothario chopra—noooo…


        • Great points LS…


        • whole notion is based on mistake of mumbai dabawallah:


          The Mumbai dabbawala has been heralded in film, song and Harvard Business Review case study. And now, many marketers agree that this nearly foolproof pickup and delivery mechanism is the perfect advertising medium for a notoriously short attention spanned city.

          The much in the news Hindi film The Lunchbox has brought the much-feted dabbawalas or tiffin carriers of Mumbai into the reckoning once again. They are a unique feature of the city, as they go about their task of delivering food from point A to point B. They have had loyal (or should that be royal) admirers in the likes of Prince Charles (as per the folklore: of the four people from India invited to his recent wedding, two were dabbawalas ), Virgin group’s Richard Branson and the renowned management guru CK Prahalad.

          They have had a documentary made on their work by the Carnegie Mellon Professor Paul Goodman besides of course the famous HBR article. Their appeal and their reach, have made brands use them in a plethora of ways.

          The German conglomerate Siemens embarked on its global campaign ‘Answers That Last’ in order to get the B2B brand closer to people, narrating stories of how it improved lives, cities and businesses. Launched in over 80 countries, the stories chosen were localised to make them relevant, informs Sudhir MD, head of digital media at Siemens India. For India, the brand identified dabbawalas as the pivot for the launch.

          In the integrated digital campaign, where social media is complemented by a QR code, on-ground and off-line promotions, a dabbawala named Kiran Gavande narrates his story. Online banners direct browsers to the video on YouTube, which in turn leads to the website with details on the technology that has contributed to the dabbawala’s life.

          Dabbawalas also get repeat customers from marketing organisations. Rameet Arora, senior director marketing , McDonald’s India has used them both in his current assignment and in an earlier stint with Colors. He recalls the many promotions done with dabbawalas that include the launch of the channel which had them deliver Jai Sri Krishna tags on the big day and when they sportingly wore masks with Amitabh Bachchan’s face, all along their travel path, to launch Bigg Boss (back when the show starred Big B).

          When McDonald’s had an lunch offer going, Arora got back to using them. He says, “They are the lifeline of Mumbai. They’re ubiquitous, visible and have the privilege sometimes of a momentary interaction with audiences across spectrums. By definition they’re a great marketing medium.” They can also be a great reminder medium. To launch its show, MasterChef Kitchen Ke Superstar, Star Plus pasted every individual dabba with a tag announcing that ‘your own MasterChef prepared this delicious meal for you.’ The channel also branded all the dabba-delivery crates to reinforce the connect.


          • and ya let it be cinematic liberties as many hollywood films are sillier and many are masterpieces

            a pregnant vidya balan emerging from airport start kahani but in reality scanning machines in airport caught everything and even in airpor you can’t fake with cctv’s or change inside

            examples are numerous



            An average of 200,000 lunches gets moved every day by an estimated 5,000 dabbawalas. The average fee is very small. The most important is that the percentage of delivering a box in the wrong person is very small. The error rate is 1 error in 16 million transactions. The American business magazine Forbes gave a Six Sigma performance rating for the precision of dabbawalas. This rating indicates a 99.9999 accuracy percentage of correctness.


    • Baja Insane…hah ha! Good moniker for this pretentious hack. from rediff.


    • OmRocky Saab!!

      Still stuck in Chicago!! All flights canceled! No flight till Tuesday!! Yeh Kya Ho Raha hain???


  19. tonymontana Says:

    Thanks GF, satyam and rajen for your comments on wolf of wall street. I had posted my commet earlier but it seems to have disappeared.

    Mixed feelings for the film. The wildness and over the top display of all bad things was such that I couldnt avert my eyes for a second. The people in theater laughed all the way through. Disgusting film but serves itself like junk food. U know what u r eating is crap. But you couldnt resist it. If that was the intention, then it acts out loke a satire on he audience. The joke isnt on the Amer8can culture. Maybe it is. But the bigger joke is on the viewers


  20. Mr. Joe B Carvalho Falls Flat Sholay (Re-Run) Shows Growth

    Sunday 5th January 2014 15.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Mr Joe B Carvalho fell flat on Saturday as collections were in the same range as Friday with the film failing to show decent growth at any centre across India. Sunday should see the normal Sunday growth and finish with a weeknd in the 2.25-2.50 crore nett range.

    Sholay (re-run) showed good growth at multiplexes across the country and collected around 1.75 crore nett. The film will do double the business of Mr Joe B Carvalho despite being on half the screens over the weekend. The film is a limited release mainly at multiplexes but some single screens where it has been released have reasonable collections.

    The film will hang around at theatres until the release of Jai Ho at the end of the month.


  21. Among the Christmas Day releases, Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street led the pack with $18.5 million ($34.3 million five-day). That’s noticeably lower than last year’s Django Unchained ($30.1 million), which was also a very long, controversial movie from a popular director (and also featured Leonardo DiCaprio!). Django did have a much more appealing story, though, and for a three-hour movie about corrupt, drug-addled Wall Street bankers, it’s hard to imagine a significantly higher debut.

    Wolf’s audience was 54 percent male, and a whopping 90 percent were 25 years of age or older. They awarded it a terrible “C” CinemaScore; on the surface, that suggests the movie will burn out quickly, though the controversy about the movie’s borderline pornographic content could spur some interest. If Wolf also garners a handful of Oscar nominations, it could theoretically flirt with $100 million before the end of its run.

    they’re predicting 11.3m for the current weekend which would be a 39% drop.


  22. Katrina getting closer to Hritik after split with Suzanne

    Ps: Satyam where are the dhoom3 weekend numbers?
    I’m expecting a big jump overt the fri/sat/sun after some tepid weekdays ….


  23. The guy knows his business really really well…..good Interview
    The Hindi film industry has changed beyond recognition in the last five years and to get a proper sense of this change one has to go behind the scenes and look at how movies are produced now. At the helm of this change is UTV which was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 2012. Siddharth Roy Kapur is Managing Director (MD) of The Walt Disney Company India’s studio wing Studios – Disney UTV. From January 1, 2014, he will be MD, The Walt Disney Company India. Kapur loves the movies and knows the movies but foremost he is a hardnosed businessman. In this all-you-need-to-know interview he gives us the lowdown on the business of films in Mumbai – See more at:


    • and family business to:( not including his wife vidya balan)

      all 3 brothers where together in movie yjhd, he behind the camera and other 2 in movie

      siddharth roy kapur(aashiqui 2) and kunal roy kapoor(husband of kalki)


  24. Guftagoo with Anurag Kashyap:

    Anurag Kashyap in a talk with RSTV Anchor Irfan.

    Anurag Kashyap, born September 10, 1972 is a film director and screenwriter. He made his directorial debut with as yet unreleased Paanch, He is known for his films like Black Friday (2004), No Smoking (2007), Dev D (2009), Gulaal (2009), That Girl in Yellow Boots (2011) and Gangs of Wasseypur – I & II (2012). As a screenwriter, he wrote the scripts for Satya (1998) and Canadian film Water (2005)..

    Kashyap was born in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, where his father worked for the state electricity board. He grew up in several cities, including Varanasi, Saharanpur, Gorakhpur and Obra. He did his early schooling in Dehradun and, age eight onwards, at the Scindia School in Gwalior.

    He was fascinated with films right from childhood. Even at age five, he would watch Hindi films like Kora Kagaz and Aandhi at a nearby club and open-air theater which he had to give with the start of schooling. Due to Kashyap’s desire to become a scientist, he went to Delhi for his higher studies and enrolled himself into a zoology course at Hansraj College (Delhi University) graduating in 1993. During his college days, he started watching films again and also got involved with drugs and alcohol. He was confused and depressed and had joined a street theater group, Jana Natya Manch and ended up doing a lot of street plays. The same year, friends introduced him to world cinema and urged him to catch a “de Sica retrospective” at the International Film Festival of India. In ten days, Kashyap saw 55 films at the festival, and de Sica’s Bicycle Thieves was the film that influenced him the most. Kashyap recollects “in a way you can say that these films changed my life and it’s meaning completely for me. Just that one film festival and I decided that this is what I want to be a part of — in next five months I was in Mumbai”.


  25. Dhoom 3 Crosses 250 In Seventeen Days

    Monday 6th January 2014 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 (Hindi) crossed the 250 crore nett mark in seventeen days as it grossed around 12 crore nett in its third weekend taking its total to around 252 crore nett.

    The film is the number one grosser in every circuit across India apart from Mumbai. In Delhi/UP and East Punjab the film is nearing important benchmarks of 50 and 25 crore respectively and they will be achieved over the weekdays.

    The three week business of the film will be near 260 crore nett and the film can add another 10-15 crore nett taking its final business to the 270-275 crore nett range. The dubbed Tamil and Telugu version should collect around 12.50 crore nett in its lifetime run.



      Not bad for a film hated by a section of public and media. If the film had been edited into a more cohesive unit, it could have easily garnered Rs 300 crore in India. Now it looks like it may end up with Rs 270 crores net in India, finally. Rs 500 crore is the gross after 3 weekends, and that’s pretty good if we see the table.

      Dhoom 3 was a mix of Dhoom franchise, Aamir’s mainstream emotional dramas and a bit of Rajnikant style potboiler, So…a mixed reaction with some absolutely hating it and some of us willing to appreciate the good parts and ignore the bad bits. For me it is worth watching twice.And all because of the song sequences and the second half content.

      Incidentally, from Aamir’s recent post-film release interviews around new year — it is evident that the brothers’ story affected him enough to do the film. Says that his own brother, now apart of his AKP, listens to scripts with him and helps him decide.


      • rajni?

        masala element had signature of certain someone:

        two criminal brothers who are twin and a lone inspector searching them(akayla)- the intro scene in front of mirror of introduction of both brothers was direct homage to infact as it is in original

        revenge of trishool:

        man who was wronged came back and his revenge was taking away the wealth of the guy who did it


        • ya something is there on net

          The third part of one of the most successful, grand and famous series of Hindi Cinema is here and that too along with Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan leading the sequel from the front. But before going into the review, let me put up a question that having seen its first two parts, what exactly can be stated as the main USP’s of this exciting series called DHOOM in totality? Now where a difference of opinion might be there with many friends but for me there are three major USPs of DHOOM series given as below:
          1. It essentially has to be an exciting HEIST movie in particular with some nail biting robbery scenes, where the negative opponent successfully manages to fool the policemen and finishes his loot-act in style escaping right in front of their eyes and they all fail to catch him red handed. (As enjoyed in its previous parts and films like Ocean’s 11-12-13, Mission Impossible, The Italian Job, our own Shalimar and many more.)
          2. The film is bound to have an upbeat, trendy & enjoyable SOUNDTRACK (and background score) which lifts the spirit of the movie at regular intervals and the viewer actually awaits each song to come on the screen with some great visuals and choreography.
          3. And lastly it should have some BREATHTAKING ACTION sequences with an exceptional CGI taking the stunts to another level, forcing the viewer to come on to the edge of his seat with amazement.
          However, with AAMIR being there in this third part, another requisite needs to be added in this list as per the big reputation of Mr. Perfect and his choice of scripts.
          4. So keeping AAMIR in mind, a Dhoom sequel should also have an EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT SCRIPT written thoughtfully where the main protagonist plays some mind blowing tricks fooling all the police men around.
          Now after studying these essential USP’s of this hugely celebrated series, let’s see what the latest sequel DHOOM 3 has to offer its viewers in the actual terms.
          1. Shockingly despite DHOOM being a heist based concept, D3 shows no actual robbery happening in details to its audience. So when they say the bank has been robbed, you got to assume that it has been robbed just like that without seeing how it was done and when. Therefore for viewers like myself who were actually more interested in seeing some thrilling heist sequences with Aamir, the film has simply got nothing to offer in that field and is a big disappointment as per its first USP.
          2. D3 completely fails to impress in its Soundtrack department too as it has no memorable track having the melody to stay in your mind for long. The songs are heavily arranged and worked upon but are just not upto the mark and add no value at all to this big venture. Plus it was really sad to see both Aamir (Tap Dance) & Katrina (Rope Acts) trying too hard in their individual acts on the tracks which were just not able to enhance their visible efforts on the screen in a big way. So unfortunately D3 is a major let-down considering its second USP too and the same can also be said about its background score which is not able to excite you well throughout.
          3. Saving it to some extent, the film thankfully delivers the expected BREATHTAKING ACTION sequences with an exceptional CGI taking the stunts to another level. But here too the effort goes over the top (becoming hilarious) when, you see Aamir coming down from a high rise building vertically with dollars raining all over (a purpose-less inspired sequence just to add the style factor), jumping from the top with wires posing as Spiderman and then having a ‘Transformer” like motor-cycle posing as Batman.
          4. Coming to the 4th essential USP of a DHOOM sequel featuring AAMIR KHAN, I would like to say that before watching the film, I was expecting some great mind boggling sequences intelligently written & executed brilliantly being AAMIR there in the team as usual. Because the last decade of the actor (since LAGAAN), forces me to keep my thinking cap on while watching a Aamir Khan film in particular. But unfortunately and surprisingly DHOOM 3 has been made on such a questionable script that I was constantly thinking that how could Aamir approve this kind of weak and easy-going script written so carelessly.
          In other words DHOOM 3 forcibly made me think that,
          “Am I now supposed to watch a Aamir Khan film too leaving my thinking cap at home after all this intelligent career build-up by this outstanding actor?”
          Anyway by now it should be pretty clear that what kind of experience it must have been watching this (another) mediocre film by the TASHAN director Vijay Krishna Acharya. Honestly I was never interested or willing to remember that debacle at all since everyone deserves a second chance. But D3’s second half forced me to remember that repeatedly and that should say it all about its story progression.
          To give you an idea, the first half of the film begins with a lengthy flashback and then there is nothing but long introductions of each character, fights and chase sequences shot well in some picturesque locations abroad. The use of English puts you off at times featuring the Englishmen who refuse to grow old even after 15-20 years and the two poor musical tracks fail to keep up the spirits unexpectedly. Even the immensely famous ‘Dhoom Signature Tune’ also falls flat whenever used without any focused vision. Once again Uday is the only person who manages to bring some smiles on your faces through his silly acts and then the interesting twist in the interval assures you that all is not lost yet.
          Raising the expectations, as the film begins post intermission; you are introduced to some more characters in the script continuing the shock but the narration again goes back to all seen before formulas of love triangle squeezed in amateurishly. In fact this love angle of D3 can easily be used as a clear indicator that, NO we cannot make any film here without using the love factor, bringing forward the heroines to kiss and do some skin show as required for selling the film in the market. Moving towards the climax, D3 goes on and on (read over lengthy) with a completely uninteresting progression and then ends on another shocking note which is unable to make any solid impact on the viewer as desired.
          Talking about performances, for the first time I found Mr. Perfectionist trying too hard in almost everything and yet not coming up with anything extraordinary, even in his surprise act in the second half. And as a choice of project/script, I personally rate DHOOM-3 as the first and major mistake made by Aamir Khan since LAGAAN contradicting his own reputation of a tough chooser. Plus I don’t know if many of the readers too felt that way or not but after many years I found Aamir appearing to be quite small in stature in those huge bright sets on the screen performing his various acts.
          Anyhow the film completely belongs to Aamir alone as everyone else is simply used like few hamming puppets doing their assigned roles whenever required. Katrina is only there for few songs, adding the glamour quotient with her revealing dresses, making a kiss and that’s it. Abhishek looks like a lost man playing the tough inspector who finds no harm in ruining poor people’s houses in a slum as he fights with the goons in his entry sequence riding an auto. Thankfully Uday provides the much relief moments at times but the director seems to be confused that how much of Uday he actually has to incorporate in the movie to avoid some expected backlash. As a result Uday’s character in DHOOM 3 goes no-where and appears to be just an unavoidable comic actor, till the end. Jackie Shroff impresses in the beginning as the father and so does Siddharth Nigam playing the young Aamir superbly.
          In all, this is not a film of Aamir Khan we know since 2001. Putting it bluntly its quite a childish film from his standards and doesn’t give you anything at all in return to take back home. Wasting a gifted chance D3 is again an unimpressive attempt from director Vijay Krishna Acharya and the weakest film amongst the three parts of DHOOM series unarguably. Actually the film also becomes a victim of Yash Raj’s faulty marketing vision where they always try to make their BIG films half for the foreign and half for the Indian market deliberately. Due to which neither they are able to exploit the foreign elements properly (like weak portrayal of International Banks & Police) nor are willing to use the Indian elements in the required dosage (like the magic factor and Uday’s workable tapori humour). So getting affected by this confused monetary vision DHOOM 3 keeps hanging in the mid with no specific emphasis on its Indian characters operating abroad.
          Still if you are more interested in watching the grandeur, Rohit Shetty style action, well shot chase sequences, eye-catching cinematography and foreign locations then you may opt for watching it once (at normal prices) as a time pass venture but don’t expect something out of the box here as an Aamir Khan film.
          (Spoiler’s Ahead)
          Revealing DHOOM 3’s inspirational sources, many friends would like to name Christopher Nolan’s THE PRESTIGE (2006) for the magic and magician plot and Louis Leterrier’s NOW YOU SEE ME (2013) for the raining dollars and bank references in particular.
          Yes it really seems Aamir is quite influenced by Nolan again post his GHAJINI taking it all from Chirstopher’s MEMENTO. So the references of these films are right there but actually D3 doesn’t use magic factor as extensively as shown in its promos and trailers released a month ago. Therefore if you think its all about magic and magicians then you are pretty wrong because in reality DHOOM 3 is like a tribute given by both Aamir and Abhishek to the living legend Amitabh Bachchan.
          Now since the explanation to this link to Amitabh will at once reveal the suspense of the movie, so I am not writing it here in details and would like all the friends who have watched DHOOM 3 to take a guess first.


          • Various blog-posts, discussions and reviews have quoted Christopher Nolan’s THE PRESTIGE (2006) and Louis Leterrier’s NOW YOU SEE ME (2013) as the inspirational sources of Yash Raj film’s DHOOM 3 in particular. Now no doubt the traces of both these films can easily be found in various sequences and storyline of DHOOM 3, since the magic and magician’s trick plot reminds you of Christopher Nolan’s famous classic and the raining dollars, hatred with the bank (Insurance Co.) & revenge angle make you remember the recent Leterrier’s film talking about four young magicians.
            But actually the major twist of DHOOM 3 dealing with the hidden character of Aamir Khan has taken its inspiration from one of our own Hindi films featuring Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role of a Police Inspector, released decades before both the above mentioned English flicks in the year 1991. The movie is AKAYLA, directed by Ramesh Sippy which introduced Keith Stevenson as the main villain in a double role where one of the brothers was a mentally challenged one too posing as the alibi.
            Now where in DHOOM 3 the plot has not been used as extensively as it should have been, in AKAYLA the two cunning brothers start teasing Amitabh right from the beginning and he gets fooled repeatedly as there is always an alibi present with the main culprit, of being somewhere else, far away from the crime scene. At the time of its release though many thought that Keith played that role a bit over the top as Tony & Jojo Braganza, but for me he was quite cunning to make you feel the irritation too and I actually still remember enjoying his performance a lot more than all the forced acts in this new age version of 2013. To add further the film was not a box office success featuring a highly famous insertion of a car named as “Ram Pyari”, but it is still rated as one of the most under-rated failures of Amitabh Bachchan from those indecisive years of his career.
            Interestingly in AKAYLA, Amitabh cracks this mystery of two brothers, while watching another hindi film SEETA AUR GEETA (1972) in a scene, which was also a Ramesh Sippy directed movie having the dream girl Hema Malini in the double role.
            Later there came another Hindi movie MUQABLA using the same plot in 1993 directed by Rama Rao Tatineni, wherein again two evil twin brothers were used by Shakti Kapoor to commit all his crimes, fooling both Govinda and Aditya Pancholi playing two honest Police constables fighting with each other on this very confusion.
            So in reality DHOOM 3 is more a re-worked version from our own old duds of the early 90s than being another inspired big budget venture taking it mostly from the west and the film has Abhishek playing exactly the same character as his father played in AKAYLA.
            (Note : Though Amitabh’s AKAYLA too had references of Sylvester Stallone’s COBRA (1986) and Clint Eastwood DIRTY HARRY Series, but I am still searching if the twin brother plot was also taken from some other film or not. So if you do have any clue about the same, then please let me know through comments, mail or FB and I would be glad to update the article with your valuable input provided at the earliest.)


  26. Ranbir Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan to take on Maradona in Dubai
    Bollywood celebrities will play a charity football match
    By Ajanta Paul
    Published Monday, January 06, 2014

    Cricket and Bollywood go side by side in India. Be it the Indian Premiere League (IPL) or the Celebrity Cricket League – where movie stars are paid to attend or play matches.

    But for Abhishek Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor sports is not always about money.

    These two stars have joined forces to play a charity football match.

    The duo will come to Dubai on January 31 to play their first ever international football match.

    They will be pitted against none other than the legendary footballer Diego Maradona and his Al Wasl football team.

    The match will be held at Dubai’s Al Wasl football stadium on 31st January.

    This confirmation comes from Bunty Walia, MD – GS Entertainment, “Proud to announce celebrity football match at Dubai’s Al Wasl football stadium on 31st Jan!”

    All Stars Football Club (ASFC) is an initiative by GS Worldwide Entertainment (GS) and Playing for Humanity (PFH).

    The club came together with well-known faces from the fields of Films, Television, Fashion and Sports.

    ASFC is run and managed by GS Worldwide Entertainment with the objective to promote the game of football and to help raise much needed funds for a variety of chosen charities.

    The proceeds generated from the exhibition matches is donated to charities selected by the trust.

    The ASFC is a 26 member team comprising of players from different walks of life namely Abhishek Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Mahesh Bhupati, Leander Paes, Baichung Bhutia, Dino Morea, Zayed Khan, Harman Baweja, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Arjun Kapoor, Marc Robinson, Viren Rasquinha, Karan Wahi, Hrishant Goswami, Raj Kundra and others.

    India’s star football player Baichung Bhutia often shares his expertise with the members of ASFC.

    A football fanatic Ranbir Kapoor never misses his chance to play. He has been playing football ever since he was 14 and regularly spotted practicing his moves.

    Die-hard football fan Abhishek Bachchan has been playing friendly matches for charity.

    For their Dubai match, actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra is all kicked to take the defence along with Abhishek Bachchan.

    Well known football presenter Joe Morrison seems to be excited about the upcoming match in Dubai and extended his support.

    With these Bollywood hunks coming down to Dubai we are sure to spot some WAGS in the dugout.

    Anyone eager to see Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Katrina Kaif has cheerleaders?



    Director Ramesh Sippy’s ‘Sholay’ is probably the most cherished film in the history of Indian cinema. Each and every character of the film has become legendary now. They have been copied and reproduced on screen several times, but their original charm is still intact. The film was first released in 1975 and now it has been revamped in 3D. The new generation would love to watch those characters on the big screen about whom they have been hearing since long.


    • Everybody:

      The above is a good video of BEHIND THE SCENES of the making of Sholay and its progress. Take a look.


  28. No one could have said it better than Scorsese.

    Scorsese’s letter to her daughter regarding the future of cinema-

    “Dearest Francesca,

    I’m writing this letter to you about the future. I’m looking at it through the lens of my world. Through the lens of cinema, which has been at the center of that world.

    For the last few years, I’ve realized that the idea of cinema that I grew up with, that’s there in the movies I’ve been showing you since you were a child, and that was thriving when I started making pictures, is coming to a close. I’m not referring to the films that have already been made. I’m referring to the ones that are to come.

    I don’t mean to be despairing. I’m not writing these words in a spirit of defeat. On the contrary, I think the future is bright.

    We always knew that the movies were a business, and that the art of cinema was made possible because it aligned with business conditions. None of us who started in the 60s and 70s had any illusions on that front. We knew that we would have to work hard to protect what we loved. We also knew that we might have to go through some rough periods. And I suppose we realized, on some level, that we might face a time when every inconvenient or unpredictable element in the moviemaking process would be minimized, maybe even eliminated. The most unpredictable element of all? Cinema. And the people who make it.

    I don’t want to repeat what has been said and written by so many others before me, about all the changes in the business, and I’m heartened by the exceptions to the overall trend in moviemaking – Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater, David Fincher, Alexander Payne, the Coen Brothers, James Gray and Paul Thomas Anderson are all managing to get pictures made, and Paul not only got The Master made in 70mm, he even got it shown that way in a few cities. Anyone who cares about cinema should be thankful.”…..


    • According to the link above these following territories are yet catch the film, but will open up soon:

      ‘Germany, Peru, Romania, Japan, Russia, CIS, Turkey and others to follow.’

      Aamir has penty of Turkish fans, so some mmoney to be made there. Japan has Rajnikant fans, so this film may work there to an extent. Germany has SRK supporters, so wonder if Dhoom 3 will make it big there. Still, overall some small pickings left for Dhoom 3 team.


  29. Utkal Mohanty Says:

    Saurabh, thanks for the wonderful pst. LOvely reading Scrosese’s thoughts on the future of cinema. Nice to hear him mention Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater, David Fincher, Alexander Payne, the Coen Brothers, James Gray and Paul Thomas Anderson ..exciting filmakers all.


  30. aah memorable :

    taxi driver is still my fav(and its ending ) and ya one of his inspiration which he always acknowledged is “satyajit ray”



    The Indian filmmaker who showed him the way

    Quick quiz: who is Martin Scorsese talking about here? “I remember going to see my first film of his at 15 and witnessing a whole new world presented visually before my eyes. Without a doubt, in his films the line between poetry and cinema, dissolved… His work is something that I personally cannot wait to show my own daughter, once she is old enough to understand them.”

    Hint: it’s not Michael Bay. No, he’s talking about legendary Indian director Satyajit Ray, who died in 1991. Watching his films, Scorsese did more than file them away for his daughter, too: when he was making Taxi Driver, it’s a fair bet he was referring to his notes from 1962’s Abhijan aka The Expedition.

    Its lead character, Narsingh, is a taxi driver – sound familiar? Sure, he’s not a Vietnam veteran, and he never opts for a Mohican – but he is a volatile sort. A Rajput (a warrior caste), he’s been reduced to far lower social status than he feels he deserves, and vents his frustration and disillusionment by drinking. After an unwise passing manoeuvre on some local bigwigs, he flees to the sticks, gets involved with some opium smugglers, falls in love with a prostitute, and sets about rescuing from her sleazy associates. Frankly, the influence could only be clearer if Jodie Foster played her.

    Of course, the films aren’t completely identical. Narsingh never thinks about assassinating any politicians, the mellow Ray had problems directing the film’s one fight scene, and we’re not sure how many porn cinemas there were in 1960s Bengal. Still, it’s impossible not to see the overlaps – and Scorsese’s not the only Ray fan in Hollywood, too: a well-known script by Ray is about a benevolent alien stranded on earth who befriends a group of children. Care to guess which Spielberg film this inspired?


  32. Despite receiving an awful “C” CinemaScore, interest in The Wolf of Wall Street appears to still be quite high: on its second weekend, the three-hour Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio flick dropped a light 27 percent to $13.4 million. To date, the movie has earned $63.3 million, and it remains in contention for a $100 million total (so long as it can grab a few key Oscar nominations).


  33. HR on K3 BO.

    I think he should have stayed mum.
    Most SANE people know what the truth is here.
    Even at 180 -190cores domestically, it is not a washout and relatively credible.


    • He sounds not himself at all here.


      • There came out they ‘jayshah’ from the hiding !!!!
        The spokeerson for BOI & all talibanistic ” khan rule over Bollywood” supporter … 🙂

        And where were u for the last few days / last weekend where d3’s real game began — aided by clear weeks with no releases …


        • Apex. Your a pretty low character as it is but this a comment even i cant pass up. I’m sorry but comparing me to the Taliban is ridiculously low. Engaging in now what is clearly a racist or communal attack is pretty low. Grow up. Hrithik is only an actor…not god.


          • Look @ yourselves ‘jayshah’
            Have seen u appear ONLY to prop up certain stars’ (we know who) box office figures and put spin on others that don’t fit the bill!! C’mon grow up

            This is NOT Taliban land !!

            And There’s more to life than box office numbers

            And where are d3 third/ fourth week numbers

            What happened to your TRENDING theory ??? 🙂


          • Jay had an extraordinary and extraordinarily fair summary of the D3 box office a number of days ago. Surprised you missed it. Or you’re pretending to! In any case I can’t say I am going to be bothered to dig it up for you. I’m sure Hrithik can tell you how much his D3 has grossed..


          • There’s more to life than box office numbers and then you follow it by asking for third fourth week numbers. Do you actually have a legitimate conscious on what you are saying? The hypocrisy is rather obvious. Anyway, ive said what i wanted to on d3 and repeating myself is not going to change your radii station so i will stick to what i said. You keep barking as only you know how.


        • Didn’t expect this sort of communal statement from you..

          You’ve really gone off the deep end since K3..


    • agree.. on all counts..


  34. Hritik Roshans OFFICIAL STATEMENT on K3 box office

    “Hrithik Roshan has slammed those in the industry and trade, who have been unnecessarily targeting the Roshans over the box office collections of their 2013 blockbuster Krrish 3.
    The superstar, who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the last few weeks, has also officially declared the domestic and overseas collections of Krrish 3.
    Krrish 3 has done a business of about 244 cr India and around 55 cr overseas. I wonder who these people are who have been so affected by these numbers and my success. Are they the ones I call my friends I wonder? I would like to tell them that they need not ever be insecure about another man’s success cause all they need to do is concentrate on their own hard work which in turn will help them achieve what they want.
    Some from the industry and certain sections of the media are hell-bent on putting me, my father and ‘Krrish 3′ down. I have maintained my silence until now but these derogatory manipulations need to stop.
    In the meantime stop manipulating the press! Believe in karma. As my father and I do. And one last thing about my father and me as a team – WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!”

    Now I didn’t want to linger onto this ‘controversy’ but knowing HR & even Rakesh Roshan over the years & following their track record/behaviour–one can safely say that HR will NOT offcilcially stick to the stand if there was over-inflation (beyond usual ‘stadanrds’ in Bollywood.

    This is a TIGHT SLAP to those
    Who think that this KHAN-RULE over Bollywood (sic!) or whatever perverse agendas they have, can be done by buying a garage outlet like BOI & under reporting /over reporting figures strategically .,,

    Well said Hritik…

    As for the ‘friends’ of hritik like the khans who NEVER visited him after his brain surgery (previous & recent!) but foind time to ‘encourage’ Suzanne’s ‘store launch’ —well….

    Let the dogs bark….


    • The very fact that he had to come up with a official statement itself means there was something fishy. There is no smoke without fire…HR would have done better if he had just kept quiet…Poor guy…


    • AsliSamar Says:

      Hrithik has far more important things happening in his life with his divorce, Brain surgery and shifting to new houses than to come back to India and bring out the dead horse and trying to justify the collections of K3. He should have let it go and started 2014 on a fresh note and new beginning. Its not worth going back and better to look ahead in life.


      • AsliSamar Says:

        Actually I have some inside information about Hrithik’s surgery but I didn’t wanted to spread it here and pass me of as a Hrithik hater, when am not. Also, its his personal life, nothing to do with movies. Not sure who all are his die-hard fans.


        • You share it or not, if you believe in lower number than Roshans’, you are a hater in Apex’s view 🙂


          • AsliSamar Says:

            Okay, i want to be away from wrath of Roshan’s and Apex. Hrithik is no.1 and Krrish 3 did 300crs 🙂


  35. Where are the dhoom3 daily figures Satyam ?

    I just looked for them now but couldn’t find the usual daily figures( forget hourly!)

    Not even fri/ sat/ sun breakdown this weekend
    Instead a clubbed figure for weekend headlined ” d3 crosses 250 crores!” Lol
    And what happened to this Monday / Tuesday btw?

    THIS is the actual game, remember ….


    • this might come as news to you but I have no control on how and when the D3 figures are released. When one source or the other puts them up I (or others) provide them here. Looks like the film will end in the 275-285 range on the Hindi, 10-15 more with Tamil-Telugu combined. Will probably fall short of 300 even with all the versions put together. That’s still 80-90 crores more than CE (the next highest grosser where I think it’s not more than the 3I number though the producer number is 220 or whatever) and more than a 100 crores over K3 (I didn’t get any check in the mail so I don’t see any reason to accept the Roshans’ number). It’s fair to say that Aditya Chopra has nonetheless missed out on a 350 opportunity here (minimally). Referring to Hindi only. So I’d say that despite all the records it’s broken at so many levels (and these are genuine ones unlike some of the stuff thrown out for other films) and despite its remarkable overseas totals (the US has been most spectacular throughout and sure enough it’s beating 3I, the previous highest grosser here, by quite a margin) the Hindi version not crossing 300 is somewhat disappointing. Ironically though all the sources here have more or less the same number. Because when the producer is truly confident he’s not likely to inflate things very much. So the differential is really very minor. I say this because playing by CE rules (and in fact those of most big films these days) the Hindi version would have comfortably crossed 300. By K3 standards the film would be at 350. Given that you follow the Roshans I think the film has met your target! Hrithik has two big ones this year..!


  36. Satyam –NO use trying to ‘cover up’

    YOU know that D3 has LOST the BIGGER BATTLE after winning the small initial mini fight…

    200-250 was the BASE that D3 started with …
    Aided by NO BIG RELEASE not in One or two

    and the way D3 has PETERED OUT TAMELY
    & INSPITE OF the best efforts from BOI

    “I have no control on how and when the D3 figures are released. “–
    No wonder–there was NO ‘release’ for the last few days
    When the REAL game started ….

    I’m DISAPPOINTED by the D3 showing afte the TWO weeks

    What a LIMP ending 🙂


  37. @ Satyam , ‘Jay shah” ‘krish’ & whoever may come—

    NO USE in spins –ACCEPT your defeat

    U will be OWNED (like u were this time)
    Every time …

    As someone said —

    U take my house
    U take my toys /gadgets

    The truth is —

    I AM iron man


  38. The DEATH OF TRENDING theory (in Bollywood!)

    Its a FACT

    Dhoom 3s third & fourth week are the ULTIMATE DEFEAT or NEGATION of the TRENDING theory …

    Let’s hope Satyam & ‘jay shah don’t hide behind words & spins & FACE the world …
    & ADMIT

    there’s NO shame in losing to me 🙂

    And lemme celebrate this victory

    Make NO mistake
    I enjoyed parts of D3

    As for kamli—
    ace music, singing, lyrics, choreography
    Katrina is just brilliant

    & aamir is EXCELLENT here
    He gets the expressions spot on
    Not orgasmic or perverted

    Here aamir just sat back & enjoyed a class act & RESPECTED the ‘art’ & ‘hard work’

    C’mon Amy …
    & Just like aamir, I sit back and enjoy this track & this VICTORY
    And ‘fire’ the likes pf ‘jayshah’ & his ‘trending theory’


    • Try to say all of this in one comment.. too many non-serious comments will be deleted if they’re repetitive.. on the rest I can recommend some good doctors..

      after your treatment we can talk about this stuff more..


  39. “too many non-serious comments will be deleted”

    THATS the ultimate ADMISSION of ‘DEFEAT’ from u: Satyam
    It’s not the first time
    And I suspect, it will not be the last

    U should have admitted on your own but alas…lol

    In this very ENTERTAINING K3/D3 ‘event’

    I will REVEAL now

    I had made TWO DECISIONS of admitting I was wrong here

    A) on the first Monday –contrary to all, I said K3 will pick up–
    It broke the existing record of that time

    B) that D3 has the apt /achievable target of 350—
    After 2 weeks @ 250, with no competition for week 3&4–it WAS achievable
    I was READY to accept Aamir & trending …

    Unlike u –I would HAVE admitted my mistake…,

    But fortunately, I do NOT have to admit (it’s u Satyam)

    Your ‘threat of deletion’ is your last resort, Satyam
    And u know it….

    Will let u enjoy the song above Satyam (& think about this/introspect…)


  40. I will tell u what u two (Sally & rajen) are dying for (& need!)-

    Ps: @ Sally/shalini–plz stop posting as ‘salim’—face the world in your real ‘gender’ 🙂


  41. & Sally/shalini–stop sulking that I’ve cast Amy for ‘kamli’ (& not u!)
    U need to work on your fitness & behave/dress like a chick first 🙂


  42. apex,
    is something wrong with you,get a good doctor or g.p. straight away,chill out mate


  43. Thanx ‘mohan’ -I saw a few ‘doctors’–(some even here)…
    They got confused/ needed treatment are admitted in hospitals now
    This reminds me of poor anu–tried ‘treating’ me but got ‘treated’ 🙂

    Ps:Hope poor Satyam, ‘jayshah’ etc recover from today’s ‘doses’ –
    Thanx 4 the entertainment folks –now I need 2 catch up some ‘work’..


  44. would be deliriously happy for Mads if this were true..but after K3/D3, need to be a little cautious..

    kartik krishnan @nagrathnam
    Dedh Ishqiya deserves to be seen twice !
    2:27 PM – 6 Jan 2014

    Unglimal @ronyd
    Dedh Ishqiya is one up on Ishqiya. The scenes, the lines and the milieu add to that Sethu’s fantastic cinematography. Lilaah!

    Mihir Desai @MihirBDesai
    ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ was great fun! Chaubey has gone all out with his quirky screenplay. Hilarious stand off & shoot out scenes. Beautifully shot!


    • Would be happy to see Mads get something decent out of this. Thought she was unlucky with Aaja Nachley, which was a decent film


      • Agree. Aaja Nachley was pretty good, but the film did not work with our male-oriented audience , since it did not have a big male star equal to Madhuri’s stature. Sad really. A good film should work, star or no star. In fact i am keen to watch Dedh ishquia for her as much as the male actors and the quirky story. loved Ishquia, so high hopes with this one.


    • Kudos to Milano. This is a strange disease that is affecting the society. As soon as a woman is a mom, it is as though her body and entire being is up for public scrutiny. The telescopic gaze used for Aishwarya’s post-partum days were ridiculously insane to say the least! They act as though these women have signed a contract with them to remain eternally beautiful and satisfying visually!!

      It is nobody’s business except the woman’s to decide how she wants to look and stay post-partum. Commenting in public on such a life-changing experience is truly illiterate and heinous..


  45. Sholay 3D box office collections at Rs 6.30 cr as Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra prove old is gold



    ‘One of the boys who was caught in match-fixing comes from a village near Rawalpindi, where he lived in very basic conditions. Suddenly this boy becomes rich, he has two houses in Lahore, he is a glamour boy, he comes on television and the gap between rags to riches has been achieved. So he is a product of this environment; the environment of corruption!’

    ‘I made sure Danish Kaneria stayed a Hindu. There was pressure from Inzamam; there is no doubt about it, but we are very proud of a Hindu playing for Pakistan!’

    Shaharyar Khan, former chairman of Pakistan’s cricket board, in an exclusive and frank interview with’s Manu Shankar.

    He was the most outspoken chairman the Pakistan Cricket Board ever had.

    In the three years he was at the helm, Shaharyar Khan brought stability and freshness to the game in the country.

    However, there were many lows too, and those included the Oval Gate scandal and the mysterious death of the country’s coach Bob Woolmer, shortly after Pakistan were eliminated from the 2007 World Cup.’s Manu Shankar caught up with the Pakistani diplomat while he was in Delhi to release his book, Cricket Cauldron: The Turbulent Politics of Sport in Pakistan.

    During the course of a freewheeling interview, Shahryar Khan, who is Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s special envoy and Indian cricket legend Mansur Ali Khan ‘Tiger’ Pataudi’s first cousin, opened up on the infamous Oval Gate, where Pakistan cricket stands at the moment and why India and Pakistan should revive cricketing ties.


    • satyam may ban this :

      it was not easy to convert kaneria anyway like yousuf youhanna as anil dalpat the known name and his uncle was the first hindu and only one…sharyar khan seems to be unaware of how many sindhis migrationg to india and no one stopped them including the death of bob woolmer which wasn’t stopped


      • not sure what your point here is? Hope it’s not a communal one whereby the insinuation is that I’m somehow soft on this stuff when it comes to one side and not the other. This too would be pure bull but again I am not going to bother pulling up the evidence on this. Everyone knows or ought to know where I stand on all this stuff. Those who nonetheless don’t earn my pity..


  47. Box Office: Aamir Khan’s multiplier theory By Suleman Mobhani
    The recently released Aamir Khan starrer Dhoom 3 generated massive collections at the box-office breaking multiple records. While we at Bollywood Hungama take a look at how each film fares at the box-office in comparison to the previous release, Aamir Khan threw open yet another comparative metric.

    According to Aamir, “To measure a film’s success, you need to see the weekend figures and compare it with the total collection. Like 3 idiots did Rs. 40 crores on the weekend and the total business was Rs. 202 crores, so the weekend multiplied by 5, is the behavior of the film which is very good. That shows people have gone again and again to see the film. Jo film teen din mein 100 crore karein aur total mein 200 crore karein, then that film is not good.”

    In this report while comparing the quality of movies, we introduce a Metric – Weekend to Lifetime Multiple for the 100 crore club. According to this comparison, a higher multiple indicates strong content and therefore longevity at cinemas, which in turn signifies footfalls being attracted in subsequent weeks.

    From this analysis, Shah Rukh Khan’s two films Ra.One and Jab Tak Hai Jaan rank at the bottom of the list while his recent hit Chennai Express comes in at number 17.


  48. Looks like Yaariyan will surprise this week. It fetched good booking in North India. NCR has some really good bookings, Dedh ishqiya seems poor at BO despite good reviews sofar.


    • Music of Yaariyan has worked for the film. Dedh ishquia’s music sucks big time.


      • If DEDH ISHQIYA’s music sucks, God help us.


        The only ones dubious are HAMARI ATTARIYA and Raper Singh’s HORN OK


        • I am referring to popularity of music, it has not clicked atall. On the contrary, yariyaan music has become very popular and occupied space created by failures of D3, K3 and everyother music failure except Ramleela.
          And this is helping for the film at BO.


    • Unanimously better booking for yaariyan, movie set for much better start than established brand ishqia.


    • Also reviews are decent for both movies, dedh ishqia has fared better in reviews as expected though.


  49. Abhishek Bachchan to host Zee Cine Awards this year
    January 9, 2014

    With the award season fast approaching, the stars are gearing up for the grand functions. While Priyanka Chopra and Ranbir Kapoor have been announced as the hosts for Filmfare awards, Shah Rukh Khan is said to be hosting the 20th Screen Awards.
    The latest is that Abhishek Bachchan will be hosting the Zee Cine Awards this season. What’s more, there will be performances from Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Madhuri Dixit and Yo Yo Honey Singh to add to the entertainment extravaganza. Are you excited?


    • only in India is there a cache on stars doing this stuff! Some do it better than others but in general I consider it a total waste of a star’s time. Plus there are so many professional hosts who are vastly better than even the best performing stars at this sort of thing. But it’s a cynical game where you keep a star on at all times and guarantee an audience. In any case everything about these award functions is so utterly hollow they might as well go for the show!


  50. Box Office: Aamir Khan’s multiplier theory

    The recently released Aamir Khan starrer Dhoom 3 generated massive collections at the box-office breaking multiple records. While we at Bollywood Hungama take a look at how each film fares at the box-office in comparison to the previous release, Aamir Khan threw open yet another comparative metric.

    According to Aamir, “To measure a film’s success, you need to see the weekend figures and compare it with the total collection. Like 3 idiots did Rs. 40 crores on the weekend and the total business was Rs. 202 crores, so the weekend multiplied by 5, is the behavior of the film which is very good. That shows people have gone again and again to see the film. Jo film teen din mein 100 crore karein aur total mein 200 crore karein, then that film is not good.”

    In this report while comparing the quality of movies, we introduce a Metric – Weekend to Lifetime Multiple for the 100 crore club. According to this comparison, a higher multiple indicates strong content and therefore longevity at cinemas, which in turn signifies footfalls being attracted in subsequent weeks.

    From this analysis, Shah Rukh Khan’s two films Ra.One and Jab Tak Hai Jaan rank at the bottom of the list while his recent hit Chennai Express comes in at number 17.

    Rank Movie Name Opening Weekend (Cr.) Lifetime (Cr.) Weekend to Lifetime Multiple
    1 3 Idiots 40.65 202.47 4.98
    2 Bhaag Milkha Bhaag 32.3 108.93 3.37
    3 Krrish 3 72.8 244.92 3.36
    4 Barfi! 34.60 112.15 3.24
    5 Singham 30.98 100.30 3.24
    6 Golmaal 3 33.58 106.34 3.17
    7 Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 62.11 188.57 3.04
    8 Ready 40.65 119.78 2.95
    9 Ghajini 39.02 114.00 2.92
    10 Dabangg 48.50 138.88 2.86
    11 Rowdy Rathore 48.30 133.25 2.76
    12 Grand Masti 40.18 102 2.54
    13 Dhoom 3 107.61 276.1 2.53
    14 Housefull 2 42.50 106.00 2.49

    Ps1:Been busy but seems NO update here on the dhoom3 box office here after the second weekend (where the real game began)–I mean the daily updates have stopped (forget hourly)….

    Ps2: folks note–
    Check out where Aamirs dhoom3 stands as per his a OWN theory –amongst the likes of housefull2 & grand masti
    MUCH below krrish 3 ….

    It’s one thing not to be able to find place to stand
    There’s another thing not to have a leg to stand on 🙂


  51. AsliSamar:

    Bhansali finds his Bajirao!

    I think Kareena has been signed as Mastani already.


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