‘1… Nenokkadine’ trailers (updated)

2 Responses to “‘1… Nenokkadine’ trailers (updated)”

  1. thanks Shetty!


  2. This is the most fun Mahesh film I have seen in quite some time (didn’t check out SVSC, but it’s far better than some of his recent films) though it’s more a loopy thriller than a Masala film (and that’s pretty much the reason it flopped; whenever Mahesh veers even slightly away from the populist route- Khaleja, Sainakudu- the films don’t work)

    BTW Sudeep is a pretty decent actor and has a great presence (of course this was very evident in Rann and Eega as well. He will run rings around the likes of Vijay). I checked out “Bachchan” (which has ridiculous twists, but is otherwise enjoyable on the whole) and he made it work on me; also there can’t be a more explicit Amitabh Bachchan tribute than this, after every 10 minutes there is a scene with a direct reference to an AB film/dialogue.


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