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  1. Dhoom 3 Crosses 150 Crore At Multiplexes

    Thursday 9th January 2014 11.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 has become the first film to cross 150 crore nett at multiplexes and could even go to 175 crore nett. 3 Idiots had clocked multiplex business of 135 crore nett while Chennai Express grossed around 130 crore nett.

    Dhoom 3 may also become the first film to cross 100 crore nett at the multiplex chains. The film had crossed 90 crore nett in the five major chains of PVR, Inox, Big, Cinemax and Fun in seventeen days and could hit 100 crore in the next two weeks or so.

    The all India final multiplex business will be in the 165-170 crore nett range with the rest coming from single screens. Single screens may also touch 100 crore nett for the first time.


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 19h
      #Dhoom3 language-wise breakup: Hindi ₹ 263.41 cr, Tamil & Telugu ₹ 12.68 cr. Grand total: ₹ 276.09 cr nett. India biz only.


    • through the last weekend it was at 7.8m in the US. will do a bit more than 8 probably. A stunning number!


    • Dhoom 3 At 258 Crore After Three Weeks

      Friday 10th January 2013 10.30 IST
      Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

      Dhoom 3 grossed around 19.50 crore nett in its third week taking its three week business to around 258 crore nett. The film is probably looking at a 270 crore nett finish with a phenomenal distributor share of around 145-150 crore.

      The film is the most expensive Hindi film ever made but it will the first film in history to have a recovery of over 300 crore from all revenue sources. The film has hit new benchmarks in most circuits with upto 40% more business than the previous record holder in some circuits.

      The only circuit that may struggle to hit a new record is Mumbai and it could be the only circuit worldwide where Dhoom 3 does not put up a new record. It will be an unusual scenario that the film smashes all records left right and centre by huge gaps but falls a little short in the biggest circuit of them all.


      • Both the new movies have released in 1200 screens each. I dont think D3 will reach 270 crores. It will not add much from now on. Fantastic figure considering the WOM but could have reached 300 easily with that hype…


        • D3 could have easily done 350 after that start. When D2 released I felt that movie could have done 100 then. This time around I’d say 350 was very achievable, maybe significantly more.


          • Yup.
            I’d say India could have been 350 crore minimum, maybe up to 375 crore. Again US number of $8mm is great but this could have been $10mm.
            Basically the global 500 crore (which will probably end at say 525 crore) could have been 600 crore + and the $83mm (today) but likely $90mm should have been the first $100mm global film.
            All missed opportunities by YRF! But hey they are sitting on a neat 300 crore reported profit here, so the biggest film in terms of cost has delivered the biggest profit.


          • True the US could have cracked the 10m mark but the 8m is nonetheless truly extraordinary. The first weekend was 3.3m. Even including the week it will have more or less doubled its initial. So both initial and final numbers are astonishing.

            On that 300 crore number that is probably why they don’t think there’s any problem. It’s like 85 crores on D2 is a lot so no one thinks that more might have been possible. Same thing here though in this instance there were lots of 300 crore write-ups. Think Yashraj know they could have done more with the Indian number.


          • US is a huge number. That market is growing like India it seems or at least has the potential to with the right film.
            I guess the figure that has stopped D3 from hitting 300 crore is Mumbai. It seems the only record it won’t achieve which is quite ironic! Any substantial record there in the same margin as other markets and it was there.


          • 350 would not have been easy even if the movie was good. Definitely a outside chance but not easy. Yes the second week and third week together would have made some 35 – 40 crores more with 3I types WOM but to reach 350 crores it would have needed around 4-6 weeks of a sustained run. With 2 medium size movies releasing this week (1000 screens each) and Jai Ho in another 2 weeks time, even with the best WOM 350 crores would have been a stretch as it wont be around in too many screens.
            But the movie still remains a mystery to me as to how to it reached 270 crores with that WOM. I know for a fact it was accepted greatly by masses but the reaction in multiplexes have been below the mark in general.


          • IdeaUnique Says:

            no repeat value – thats why. Had it been tighter / grippier / slicker – by now it wud have crossed 350


          • It is NOT easy to do domestic business of 350 crores. Sometimes, we are guilty of extrapolating AND MAKING ASSUMPTIONS WHICH FRANKLY ARE RIDICULOUS. Even after the great start, a lot of things would need to break the movies way for it to reach 350 crores. Am not sure what inflated adjusted number would be for 3I. Even wit the Dhoom franchisr,starcast etc 350 no matter what kind of film they made would be an uphill task. With a more liked/better liked film probably, another 20-30 crores might could have been added.
            And, that would be from repeat viewings. Otherwise, I believe most of the target audience saw the film.
            I think saying it would have done 350 crores with a different product is like adding 2 and2 and coming up with 5.
            Even for PK , I think 350 is not possible.
            If it is as good as 3I and has the same universal appeal, may be 300 crores.


          • I’d argue differently. There are certain trends in D3 numbers which can be detected even at the end of week 1 to suggest this one had a lot “more” juice. The Thursday to Friday drop from 14.5 to 10 crore was “heavier” than usual. It’s not a disaster and agree with the sentiment that the film has achieved a big number, only suggesting like others that if the film was more polished, better edited (even shorter) it would have trended better.
            I can see a 200/90/40/15/5 possible (I include regionals) whereas the film will do 185/70/20/10? = 285. It doesn’t need to be appreciated at a level of 3 Idiots either.
            I think anecdotally from the people I know who have seen it, it’s more a film of moments than a full 3 hour experience. There are tremendous “down” periods. If corrected making another 65 crore over 5 weeks is no biggie in today’s times.

            It’s all estimates anyway. And I think its unlikely a film will make 350 crore this year, just don’t think the timing is right for P.K and as big as Kick/HNY/Bang Bang might be, the track record of the stars/banners here does not suggest a “sustained” film to hit such a number. P.K arrives with such pedigree, still has a shot at but will need to match D3 in first week.


          • And ,BTW this is commented is directed at Jay and Satyam. And, any one else who is prepared to approach this with reason. I have ZERO interest in indulging in any kind of discussion with people indulging in agenda driven garbage.


          • The domestic market is growing but not as rapidly as we think.
            Wake me up when a movie makes 350 crores. Might be sleeping for a few years!


          • In India the infrastructural growth is not in sync with the population growth. So you will always have lot of movies getting churned due to people ready to watch it, but not enough theatres to screen it. So for every movie whether it is D3 or a CE there is always a problem in getting screens once a new release is ready. CE losing 2500 screens to OUATIMD after a 150 crore Week 1 or D3 losing 800 screens to Joe C and Sholay or 1000 screens to Desh Isqiya after all those records is unavoidable till there are enough screens to play the movie. For 350 cr to be possible not only the product has to be good but there should be no releases for a 5-6 weeks after that movie.


          • I just don’t agree. To put it in perspective 3 idiots reached 200 crore on no less than 1300 screens. A bad film will collapse…a good one will lose a bit to competition but it will still accumulate. Id liken it to a batsmen racing to a 100 but having the composure to reign in it and amass runs post century whereas some batsmen do the opposite and give their wicket away! Losing 1000 screens is more detrimental to a film going 100% than one going 50% in any event.


          • CE lost those screens because it was CE and D3 did not as frankly who’d dare. I’m sure CE lost some business but hey it had two national holidays in week 1 and many more holidays in the following week. It made it up by the end or lost a small amount. How much can a film lose when the norm is 60-80% business in week 1 for an average film. If anything it should count itself lucky of the 19 crores on Thursday instead of a 10 crores.


          • [edited]


  2. Sholay (Re-Run) Grosses 8.75 Crore In Week One

    Friday 10th January 2014 10.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Sholay (Re-Run) grossed 8.75 crore nett in week one as it held steady in the weekdays. The collections are actually very good for a re-run and a decent return for a 500 approx screen release but the makers spent a quite a bit on the conversion and release of the film therefore misjudging the potential of a re-run film.

    Due to high ticket rates, only 15-20 new films find an audience every year so the potential for re-runs is hardly there, although there is no precedent it can be safely said that the 12 crore nett lifetime that Sholay (re-run) will do is the easily the limit for a re-run film.

    Mr. Joe Bhi Carvalho collected a poor 3.25 crore nett in week one with collections falling fast on Monday after a dull start.


    • remarkable number!


      • Great number for a re-run but I am surprised that the makers were ready to spend 20 crores for the conversion. That doesnt make any business sense as a re-run can never ever touch that figure IMO


        • the 3D thing was unnecessary except perhaps as an advertising gimmick. Good restorations are all that’s needed. Unfortunately in India there’s not much of a market for this stuff. So the Sholay week 1 number is great given how many times everyone has seen it. But this is also the best possible one. If Sholay’s getting this most of the other films don’t have much of a chance! Having said that you need to create the right campaigns for these films. Sholay is a bit too familiar for everyone. But other important films that don’t have the same exposure might get a better response from certain segments. For instance a restoration on Guru Dutt might be worth something. But again it’s a very negligible market for this stuff in India. We see this in every sense. This is once again where the lack of a proper ‘critical’ film culture becomes deeply problematic. You need the right voices educating people at all times.


  3. @Apex
    Continuing from Previous thread,
    Reply to your Fake analysis,
    Just like you and your Hrithik, your collections are fake too, that makes your analysis meaningless.
    Ghajni weekend was 29.64 cr, so weekend to total ratio is 3.85.
    Thus even in your list, it sets Aamir’s 2 movie at first 2 places.


  4. Dedh Ishqiya And Yaariyan Open At Similar Levels

    Friday 10th January 2013 13.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Dedh Ishqiya and Yaariyan both opened at similar levels of around 20% which is not impressive. The opening is much better than last weeks Mr. Jo Bhi Carvalho but that does not mean much.

    Dedh Ishqiya is a sequel to the film Ishqiya which released in 2010 and did fairly well but that has been no help to Dedh Ishqiya as it will have to depend on word of mouth. The language of the film may go against it in many circuits, although there are subtitles with most of the prints, the language is a minus for film outside a few centres in the North where this type of Urdu is more prevalent.

    Yaariyan opening is not bad if looked from the point of view that it has all newcomers and sometimes these types get audience counts in single figures which is not the case for Yaariyan. But still occupancies are low all over and the film will have to show good growth on Saturday. It could edge out Dedh Ishqiya on day one.

    Both films have a similar screen count in the region of 1100-1200 screens.


  5. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 23m
    #ChanderPahar continues dream run at BO, collects ₹ 2.73 cr. 3-week total: ₹ 12.02 cr. Highest for any Bengali film. Debuts in USA today.


    • Chander Pahar is destroying every record ever at the Box Office. Has anyone seen it here?


      • no but here’s the NY Times:

        [Set in Africa and featuring a Bengali hero,“Chander Pahar” might seem like a refreshing take on a Boy’s Own Adventure story. But Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s film, based on a novel by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay (who also wrote “Pather Panchali” and “Aparajito,”the source material for Satyajit Ray’s great Apu Trilogy), feels stilted from the get-go.

        In the first half, Shankar (Dev Adhikari), who has left his village in Bengal to work as a stationmaster on the Uganda railway, battles fauna in scene after scene. Elephants chase him, and lions menace him. (He kills one, earning the respect of the Masai.) Even when seemingly safe in bed, he finds himself eye to eye with a snake. What to do?

        Get out of Dodge, of course. Shankar teams up with a Portuguese man whose life he has saved in a rigorously unbelievable bit of derring-do, and the two set out for the Mountain of the Moon (Chander Pahar) in search of diamonds. Not that Shankar is greedy, or so we’re told. It’s just that he has a dream to see the world, and so what if it means courting danger in a new series of misadventures? One reason “Chander Pahar” seems so plodding is that Mr. Mukherjee has a habit of telling us what he doesn’t know how to show.

        And some things just don’t work. With his sweet smile and diffident manner, Mr. Adhikari’s Shankar never seems driven by any compulsion beyond the clumsy script (by Mr. Mukherjee). Soft and presexual — when an Indian friend says he misses his fiancée back home, Shankar counters that he misses his mom — he is an innocent abroad whose triumphs have the same storybook unreality as his trials.]


      • It’s of course one of the most cherished classics of Bengali literature (technically a younger person’s book but really for all ages) by the author of Pathar Panchali and Aparajito (Ray made a trilogy out of two novels). Heard from certain quarters that it’s a decent effort but the Times reviewer seems to disagree.


  6. Not quite sure why folks are under-whelming DI. Here’s the public reaction – just one guy gives less than 3 for the film..

    When sub-standard fare like D3/K3 can make freaking millions, a movie that has beautiful language and old-world charm AND is gripping should not fail..spells doom for people wanting to try out such things..

    Hope this one takes the KAHAANI route & turns out a slow winner..


    • Just like critic reviews, these public reviews are also deceptive. First show Public are mostly fans, going by these perceptions every movie is superhit. Such feedback is general for outright flops too.
      Look at public reviews of Kahaani, English Vinglish, Oh My God, then you can understand what is real difference i am talking about. Unless feedback like those movies, i wont bet on long legs based on these public reviews.
      If one watches public reviews regularly you can see this is normal feedback, judging based on these videos one cant think of BOSS, Satyagrah, OUTIMD, Besharam, Khiladi786 becoming anything less than blockbuster.


  7. Baja Sen gives it a 5 star!!!! Unfortunately, his in-consistency & fan-boyism is always a problem that crops up when he reviews..


    Raja Sen feels Dedh Ishqiya is a genuinely smart film.

    Public recitation is as fine an art as poetry itself, and — like in a magic trick — so much depends on the reveal, on teasing the audience into expecting a certain completion to the thought, a certain rhyme, and then to deny them that (but with a flourish.)

    It is this taunting of the listener that makes shayri so special, the wizards of Urdu repeating their half-lines over and over, forcing those present to fork over applause even before the punch line.

    And when that final line falls into place just right, surprisingly and cleverly, the abracadabra moment is one of rapture.

    Abhishek Chaubey’s Dedh Ishqiya, true to its fractional title, lives for those half-lines, teasing and wheedling and coaxing its audience so that we fall in love even before the charms of the final act are upon us.

    Calling a film “One and a half” instead of “Two” could signal varied intent — including tributes to Federico Fellini and/or the Naked Gun franchise — but I’d like to believe Chaubey’s superb sophomore effort shies away from the obvious name because it’d rather be called an equal than a sequel.

    Rarely is a Hindi film as mischievously besotted with wordplay, but one look at Chaubey’s co-conspirators confirms that no syllable has been picked accidentally. In this sleight-of-hand tale where gangsters point with iambic-meter before pointing with guns, Chaubey has master wordsmiths Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzar alongside him, making for a script that balances words as deftly — and, crucially, with as much nervous energy — as a knife-juggler with a case of the hiccups.

    It’s a marvel.

    (It’s also a marvel we may not have been able to understand. Most of us, even those who drop stray Urdu words into conversation, could scarcely navigate the many nuances on offer without the sharp subtitling job. Having the lines present in spirited (and non-literal) translations helps enormously, and it’s a very wise decision to keep the subtitles around even for us Hindi-speaking philistines.)

    Set in the fictional town of Mahmudabad, the film sees returning anti-heroes Babban and his dear Khalujaan Iftekhaar back and, as ever, on the run.

    The two ignoble opportunists are, in a way, like a very amoral Asterix and Obelix: one shrewdly has his eye on the prize while the other frequently squanders his menhirs in the name of love. Questing thus for inaam and inamorata, the leads — played by Arshad Warsi and Naseeruddin Shah — wade through increasingly muddy waters.

    Yet is it fair to call these lovable oafs the leads? For this is the tale also of an enchantress, a bonafide beauty whose gorgeousness and fortune brings forth many a suitor from across the land, poetry-lined notebooks in hand.

    Because, you see, this winsome widow wants to be charmed by couplets, swept away by sentences, ribbed by rhyme. And thus we have a swayamvara where instead of bows and arrows — as her sassy handmaiden explains — a line must be tossed into the air and a challenger must shoot it down with a lyric. The one and only Madhuri Dixit is the suitably unattainable lady in question, with Huma Qureshi as her first mate, so to speak.

    Speaking of challengers, however, Dedh Ishqiya may perhaps be the story not of the first-billed impostors or either woman, but of the yearning lover who kidnaps poets to furnish his chance at romance.

    A slaphappy politician who is a bully, one suspects, because brooding isn’t considered macho enough. A plum role played masterfully by the scene-stealing Vijay Raaz, this gent too is part of the mix, then, putting the ‘verse’ in ‘adversary.’

    Voila, what an ensemble.

    Unlike the first Ishqiya which was — even to those like me who loved it — at best a glorious mess, the plot this time, while rollicking enough, is fiendishly simple. The focus, instead, is on the characters.

    And, as mentioned, on what exactly they say.

    A fair bit of the film admittedly takes its time staring at Madhuri, and this is no complaint for the legend gleams brighter than we’re used to seeing in our movies nowadays.

    She’s old-world, breathtaking and so utterly graceful it’s like someone draped a saree around a Rolls Royce. Her performance — one that demands small, precise shifts in tone instead of showy histrionics — is pitched perfectly. And it’s a privilege to see her dance the classics.

    The actors are uniformly smashing.

    Naseeruddin Shah is great, wistful and dreamy and unashamedly wicked, chewing luxuriantly on the dialogues as if they came wrapped in betel-leaf.

    Arshad Warsi has always been instantly loveable, but he equips his character with a flammable fury that makes him very compelling indeed. Huma Qureshi uses her fiercely intelligent eyes to great effect as she keeps things unpredictable, while Manoj Pahwa and Salman Shahid make themselves impressively indispensable with mere scraps of screen-time.

    And then there’s Vijay Raaz. Too often do we Hindi cinema audiences unfairly sideline villains and comedians, but here is a gem of a part, a truly meaty role — the kind of character that, in a Hollywood film, would have been played by Christian Bale or Javier Bardem — and Raaz sinks his teeth into it magnificently.

    A lanky man given a leonine mane, Raaz here looks disconcertingly like the director himself, and it may even be this doppelgangering that sees his character so well-etched.

    He performs with an all-knowing weariness so masterfully that he emerges not just a memorable villain, but, like the most memorable villains of all, impossible to root against.

    This is a rare joy.

    It’s a genuinely smart film. It’s beautifully, lovingly shot.

    The music aids the narrative instead of distractingly taking it hostage. It’s the most quotable Hindi movie in years.

    It’s a sequel that leaves even a highly original first-part far behind.

    And, for a film so accessible, it’s armed with the most cunning, most delicious twist. It’s terrific — and a half.

    Dedhriffic, then.


  8. Is Shahrukh Khan planning to compete with Aamir Khan and Salman Khan on television?

    why even bother,CE did extremely well,unless he thinks he is missed in television…after two flo shows maybe third time lucky,hmm srk


  9. For Those who were rubbishing my claim/prediction based on music popularity yesterday.
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 7m
    Whatever little data got, early trends suggest #Yaariyaan 3 times #DedhIshqiya… Power of music !!


    • Naah nobody is rubbishing your prediction. I am the worst ‘predictor’ so don’t indulge in this stuff. I was only talking of the ‘quality’ per se; not how it is being received. If interesting music laced with superb lines and heaving backing of the classical-oriented stuff does not work, then these will die a slow death. Anyway in the Hi-fi, one hardly gets to listen to such songs.

      YAARIYAN might obviously work for the What’s up Let’s f!@# generation because it caters to their state of mind. Fast food is always juicier than the traditional thali! – or so it seems!

      Though the reviews are unanimous, this is not always a good sign!! Don’t trust these guys anyway. I will check it out for myself. The only reliable guy so far is SAIBAL CHATTERJEE from NDTV. I have been following him since 2004 and rarely does he display any motive. Plus the public reception seems to be good as shown above in the video.

      But when Baja Sen gives a 5 star, there is always 90% probability that the film flops!!


  10. [edited]


    • Apex,

      “Trending” theory is only for movies which faces compitition like CE, K3, etc…

      For movies like D3 which has no competition week after week, ‘Trending” theory doesn’t apply 🙂

      Don’t be surprised if you hear jayshah say only the movie that faces competition trands better. I’ve heard more suprising stuff from him in past.


      • [edited]


      • Can find you a mirror if you don’t have one at home. Can also spell the word ‘honesty’ for you. Finally can also suggest a cure for the Ghajini-like condition you seem to display where you very selectively remember things or pretend to at the very least and/or quote things in this fashion. I’ve already responded to your ‘competition’/’trending theory’ bits in the past but your utter lack of honesty in these matters doesn’t merit a further substantive response. I’m putting up this comment to point out the lack of ethics on your part, not for the first time.



      “You could have easily related it to some add campaigns of “where were you when you first saw Sholay” or some really retro memories of those times.”

      This is just slightly less ridicullus than your other suggestion of making katrina Aamirs sister (!) in dhoom 3!!!
      That was enuf to single handedly convert dhoom to ‘doom’ !!!

      People are NOT fools
      Even if they may have surplus money, a ‘hook’ is needed to capture their short attention spans —
      Be it deepikas legs or whatever..,

      There’s a only a limit to which u can sell NOSTALGIA on the big screen with the current ticketing structures —

      The possible answers to this MAYbe—

      DIFFERENTIAL ticketing
      Wherein NOT every film ticket costs the same
      But there are TIERS wherein a k3 /d3 or iron man3 costs different from a moderate budgeted project or semi indie film or even a Dhobi ghaat

      INSPITE of that –sholay rerun can’t do beyond a point

      UNLESS there are VALUE additions—

      Adding Directors cut

      Adding some DELETED scenes of present in original version

      Or my favorite idea

      Adding a couple of scenes in the end after filming the very much alive bachchan , jaya, hema and dharmendra

      NONE of whom are big privey big stars now
      And can easily spare a few days
      And add a Continuity element

      And add a promo

      Check what happened to the sholay characters are three decades ?


    • This is blind folded written theory where you dont even read other’s feedback.
      First comment in this thread will help you unfold you blindness.


    • Let me help you.
      Continuing from Previous thread,
      Reply to your Fake analysis,
      Just like you and your Hrithik, your collections are fake too, that makes your analysis meaningless.
      Ghajni weekend was 29.64 cr, so weekend to total ratio is 3.85.
      Thus even in your list, it sets Aamir’s 2 movie at first 2 places.


  11. [edited]


  12. @Satyam
    How long we have to tolerate this guy? He is not here to make any sense or argument. When his comments fell apart, he goes personal.
    No action has been taken,i have faced many foul language from him.
    Let us know If you have chosen him, I will happily stay away from this place.


    • check out my comments in the ground rules thread. I agree with you and many others have the same problem. I have issued in the other thread what I consider to be a final warning.


      • As usual –I personally don’t care if my comments are deleted.. Have no such ‘ego’ issues…

        But just to clarify for the public -who see these ‘edited’ comments–they had NOTHING /minimal offensive or abusive!!

        Yeah it had some questions /posers mostly about box office matters esp relating to dhoom3/k3 and ‘trending’ …
        A discussion/debate that has been ongoing ..,

        On this particular occasion d3 has dropped from 250 in 2 weeks adding less than 30 cr in its ENTIRE RUN, it seems –thus totally ANNIHILATING the TRENDING debate
        And has DESTROYED all the ideas some like jayshah has been propagating …

        Nothing against him or trending but have only innocently pointed out that with ‘innocent rational’ questions…

        It’s neither ‘repetitive’ since it’s only after 2 weeks that the hourly (even daily) updates on d3 have stopped here (seems even on BOI!!) –any prizes for guessing why!? Lol

        Let Satyam ‘restore’ the above comments and let the ‘Aam aadmi’ judge for him/herself !! For eg the juvenile rant above about an irrelevant memento cum south remake ghajini isn’t deleted but the response to that has been (including the parts which are far from offensive)

        I DO understand that Satyam has a blog on box office to run and he MAY have some other ‘CONSTRAINTS’ on what info he can let be disseminated (& which one not!) lol

        But let’s NOT pretend that this ‘deletion’ is about some ‘principled’ stance to root out evil or something,,,,
        It’s basically a ‘face saving’ measure for some undeniably still valid but essentially now defunct/outdated principles/theories —
        Let Satyam face this fact and not hide behind words /deletions..

        Beyond that (although I can) I won’t make it more difficult for Satyam on this –just like that scene in dhoom3 where a beleaguered abhishrek aka Satyams life was ‘spared’ by aamir


  13. By the way, for those of you who has never see Sholay, go see it if it’s playing in theatre near you. For that matter, any old movies.


  14. AsliSamar Says:

    Notice at Wolf of Wall Street’s screening:


    • This really cracked me up. Hilarious to say the least!

      Take out the expletives part and replace it with ‘current form.’ – and this could well apply to RAM GOPAL VARMA..


    • ha ha this is great

      case in point his films never have been huge box office grossers but he always has been one of greatest director alive


  15. One of my favorites spots worldwide —& some brilliant photos …



  16. A remake (of a book, movie or anything else) must not only hold up a mirror to its own world but equally approximate the ‘symmetry’ between the original film and its contexts. It is safe to say that most Bombay remakes horribly fail this test but on this larger problem (including in Hollywood and the West) here is a very useful Pankaj Mishra piece (scroll down) that deals with the Sherlock Holmes resurrections and even moreso Bond:


  17. btw the third season of sherlock in bbc is immensely enjoyable lets see what bollywood has to offer with feluda and byomkesh mukherjee

    must say while growing up byomkesh mukherjee was one of my all time likeable soap on doordarshan ene even has soft spot for ray’s sonar kella

    advait kala recent book wich itself has the hangover of feluda gave immensely enjoyable kahani and ray’s modern time recycled jadu in koi mil gaya was immensely enjoyable among kids



    its high time india’s own raj comics superhero get what they deserves and its hillarious to see some 40+ so called intelligent actor repeately shamelessly copying instead of trying to innovate something new


  19. As expected, Reviews shows some significant, still insufficient to change verdict of these two movies.
    Dedh ishqia jumped by 60% in kanpur and Yaariyan fell by 30%.
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 30m
    KANPUR (YARIYAAN) Saturday Multiplexes-400557 Single Screen-78594 TOTAL-479151 2days Total-1061819

    KANPUR (DEDH ISHQIYAAN) Saturday Multiplexes-255858 Single Screen-75246 TOTAL-331104 2days Total-532791


    • Yaariyan is still ahead by 50%. Saturday could be 5 cr.
      Dedh ishqia should improve to 4.25 from 2.75 first day If this trend is universal.


    • Dedh ishqia: Huge 80% jump in multiplex dominated city of Gurgaon. I think this trend will be similar in every multiplex dominated Big city. And Both movies will fetch similar collection on Saturday.
      Yaariyan is up just by 10%.

      Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 5h
      Gurgaon Sat #DedhIshqiyan TOTAL – 1523200 G.TOTAL – 2395091
      Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
      Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 5h
      Gurgaon Sat #Yaariyaan TOTAL – 922802 G.TOTAL – 1782187


  20. Saw dedh Ishqia. well made film nothing so surprising or spectacular in the end as suggested by reviews. Little disappointed but Decent timepass for me.
    Though, I don’t think it will have long run at BO.
    Nasirudden shah stands out among all performers. Madhuri fans will be disappointed, this is no her film.
    Art direction, lot of work done on lakhnavi -urdu style augurs well for the film but trying too hard with Dialogues shows.


  21. Satyam (plus other Abhishek fans) – check this out if you’ve not seen it. He’s on great form here and comes across really well (I suppose in contrast to his slightly ‘brittle’ appearances surounding Dhoom 3’s publicity). The bit where he talks about his struggle is particularly good

    Arjun Rampal however is an idiot.


  22. Dedh Ishqiya review.

    The movie is the best thing to have come out of bollywood in a very long time. Absolute entertainer, loved every bit of it.

    The movie is a very smart piece of cinema, a thriller about an old nawabi state, a wannabe nawab, a couple of pennyless women, a lots of poets and the two thiefs.


    Two best scenes,

    1. The batman & joker reference given by mushtaq :).
    2. The seventh stage of love scene when both nasseer nd arshad are bound.


  23. saw sholay 3d couple of days before.. loved laughed cried and one of my best days of fun seeing any movie.. had always wished to watch sholay once in big screen and wow what a wonderful time it was watching it in big screen!! go and watch if you havent yet!! mind you have watched sholay n th number of times but wasnt bored in any moment. planning to go again!! 🙂


  24. Bollywood dances to Akhilesh’s tune –


    Bollywood stars who danced away in Saifai, while riot victims in Muzaffarnagar shivered, are being slammed. Should the stars have said no to performing in Saifai? Does Bollywood have a conscience?


  25. tonymontana Says:

    Liked watching dedh ishqiya. Thought Vishal Bhardwaj as a fine director and composer but it turns out he is a terrific dialogue writer too.. the tale is interwoven with a magical blend of fine performances and terrific lines.


    • good to hear.. how would you compare it with the first one? To be honest even that I found a bit overrated. It was certainly fine but not quite the classic many made it out to be.


      • There are too many movies releasing on Netflix? Your picks?
        Prisoners, The Lone Ranger, Short Term 12, Fruitvale Station, The Spectacular Now. Last three are rated very good on RT.


        • Prisoners is outstanding. I didn’t care as much for the last 15 min or so but this was otherwise excellent in every sense. Liked Fruitvale a lot too. The Lone Ranger reviews scared me a little bit so I didn’t check it out in the theater though I’ve also heard that the reviews were simply too harsh on this. In any case will watch it on DVD myself. haven’t seen the other two either. Terraferma is also worth checking out. Also early next month Closed Circuit comes out. Haven’t seen it but should be a good DVD watch. The same holds for Runner Runner.


      • tonymontana Says:

        Honestly I havent seen the first one properly in one go to really let it sink in. But that one had a certain pace which this one lacks in the middle portions. Still id probably take this over its predecessor solely coz of the wordplay and Vijay Raaz in particular.


  26. Second Golden Globe award for Leo after Aviator.
    Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Actor – Comedy/Musical for The Wolf Of Wall Street


    • But my favorite Male performance of the year remains Matthew McConaughey for Dallas buyers club.
      i was restless for first one hour of the film, but Ron character is stuck in my mind for last one week. I didn’t enjoy movie that much, but audience in my screen were having better time i guess.
      Loved Wolf of wall street, it was so much fun i already ended up watching twice, actually i went for the Great beauty today and ended up watching Wolf of wall street as well.


    • The Great Beauty was pathetic to say the least, and i think audience also didnt get it for most part. It is such a nonsensical movie. I asked an italian guy after movie was finished, he said he liked it because it was different. LOL


    • apparently i should start watching brooklyn 99! it looked pretty funny from the promo’s in the summer..but never made time to watch it. now will find time to watch it on fox!

      was really rooting for tom hanks to win the best actor in a drama. but MM has HUGE momentum for Oscars now….to think a decade ago you’ve never thought this guy would come close to a best actor of any kind!


    • Golden Globes 2014: And the winners are…

      just can’t see andy samberg being better in brooklyn nine-nine than jason bateman in arrested development or jim parsons in TBBT. probably the upset of the night for me.


  27. Leonardo finally wins Best Actor for WOWS!! Alfanso Curaon wins Best Director for Gravity which also won Best Film!!


  28. Dedh Ishqiya UP Yaariyan DOWN

    Sunday 12th January 2013 12.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    The collections of Dedh Ishqiya were up on Saturday while Yaariyan fell a little. The collections of Yaariyan were around 5 crore nett on Saturday from 5.75 crore nett on Friday while Dedh Ishqiya was around 3.75 crore on Saturday with 2.75 crore nett on Friday.

    Dedh Ishqiya has been slower to pick up as its audience is not in the 16-25 age group. The film has shown decent growth on Saturday and could pick up a more on Sunday. The two day total is around 6.50 crore nett

    Yaariyan dropped on Saturday and may not grow much today but with a total of 10.75 crore nett in two days and a potential 17 crore nett weekend it has done well and is the first success of 2014.


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 8h
      #DedhIshqiya witnessed escalation over the weekend. Biz grew with each passing day.


      • Monday is crucial, 11.5 cr weekend doesn’t help at all.
        Kahaani opened to same first day numbers and made 13.5 cr weekend, went on to do 58 cr nett.
        EV had even much lower first day of 2.25 cr, then made 12.25 cr weekend and went on to do 40 cr nett. It did very well in overseas too with 6 mn.


        • Has anyone seen American Hustle? Recommended?
          I went to see it yesterday but missed the show and ended up watching Delivery Man. I should have watched paint dry instead!


          • I saw it yesterday, it is definitely recommended. Drama is captivating with comic relief & few surprises with good performances glue you to sent for 150 mins.
            It is nothing like new kind of cinema. I liked its soundtrack as well.
            Jeremy Renner as Mayor looked classy direct from 80s. Amy adams is better than jennifer lowerence.
            Only movie i wont recommend among all Golder globe winners is The Great Beauty. If anyone finishes it and understands something, please review it and explain.


          • Entertaining for sure, even if I think it’s been pretty overpraised. David O. Russell still hasn’t made a better movie than Three Kings.


          • I liked American hustle quite a bit. I dont think it is extra-oridnary but engaging with excellent performances by all- Bale,Cooper,AmyAdams,Renner and Lawrence.Nice cameo by DeNero as well.


        • Anyone seen 12 years…..?


          • Liked it a lot. Very brief comment from elsewhere:

            [After watching all kinds of violence on screen from the literal variety in dramas or what have you to the ‘historical trauma’ types one tends to get desensitized. But McQueen really makes this subject improbably fresh. And by not showing that much actual violence. It;s a tremendously upsetting film. And Dargis was right. this film decisively rips the curtain off the whole Gone with the wind view if Souther gentility. Even otherwise I don’t believe there’s another film on the subject quite like this one. Between Django and this there have suddenly been two very strong films on this subject.]


          • Yep. The best American film of the year in my opinion, though I haven’t seen one or two including Spike Jonze’s film Her. Can’t think of one as moving in the last several years.


          • HER is a remarkable venture. Joaquin Phoenix is one helluva performer when it comes to complex roles. This is a FINELY written movie. Unmissable.

            It stands out in its writing – the conflict of dealing with ‘real’ emotions with real people versus the opposite. Some hilarious real-life situations are transposed onto the machine world and the effect is both funny and deep..


            BTW, Armond White the contrarian again gets in bad press after heckling Steve McQueen..below is his scathing take on 12 years..personally, I am no more interested in watching slavery epics..I am done..with at least the new ones..



            By Armond White

            Brutality, violence and misery get confused with history in 12 Years a Slave, British director Steve McQueen’s adaptation of the 1853 American slave narrative by Solomon Northup, who claims that in 1841, away from his home in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., he was kidnapped and taken South where he was sold into hellish servitude and dehumanizing cruelty.

            For McQueen, cruelty is the juicy-arty part; it continues the filmmaker’s interest in sado-masochistic display, highlighted in his previous features Hunger and Shame. Brutality is McQueen’s forte. As with his fine-arts background, McQueen’s films resemble museum installations: the stories are always abstracted into a series of shocking, unsettling events. With Northup (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor), McQueen chronicles the conscious sufferance of unrelenting physical and psychological pain. A methodically measured narrative slowly advances through Northup’s years of captivity, showcasing various injustices that drive home the terrors Black Africans experienced in the U.S. during what’s been called “the peculiar institution.”
            Depicting slavery as a horror show, McQueen has made the most unpleasant American movie since William Friedkin’s1973 The Exorcist. That’s right, 12 Years a Slave belongs to the torture porn genre with Hostel, The Human Centipede and the Saw franchise but it is being sold (and mistaken) as part of the recent spate of movies that pretend “a conversation about race.” The only conversation this film inspires would contain howls of discomfort.



          • “personally, I am no more interested in watching slavery epics..”

            You speak as though there have been so many! As for Armond White, yeah he’s a career contrarian and his opinion here is as expected.


  29. WOWS closing in on 80m:

    should do a 100.


    • With Award Season just kick off, WOWS and American Hustle can add $50 mn each in next two months.
      120-130 mn – WOWS
      140-150 mn – AH


  30. Madhuri Dixit Visits PVR Cinema To Catch Audience Response


  31. Dedh ishqiya is stable compared to very low friday, around 50% of saturday and 60%+ fall from sunday.
    Yaariyan fell as per regular standards. Still, yaariyan will fetch bigger number than dehd ishqiya.
    My estimation –
    DI – 2 cr
    Yaariyan 2.5 cr.

    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 1h
    KANPUR (DEDH ISHQIYAA) Monday Multiplexes-116505 Single Screen-34104 TOTAL-150609 4days Total-1172487
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 1h
    KANPUR (YARIYAAN) Monday Multiplexes-214086 Single Screen-48885.50 TOTAL-262971.50 4days Total-1923945.50
    Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More
    Girish Johar ‏@girishjohar 1h
    Varanasi Mon #Yaariyaan MPX 146616 SS 2382 TOTAL 148898 #DedhIshqiya MPX 108832 SS 9312 TOTAL 118144


  32. AamirsFan Says:


    [post created]


    • AamirsFan Says:

      [post created]


      • This following link is for any Aamir fan interested in this long and interesting interview that Aamir has given to Boxoffice india site team. Four pages of sensible talk from the man who generally makes sense when he talks to the media. He has spoken about his core audience not being taken up with Dhoom 3, why he did Dhoom 3, how he has to act in films that move him personally, why he cannot simply just follow the wishes of a section of fans , how the whole Dhoom team needs to be credited for its success… a lot of stuff. Follow this link if interested —


        • A very interesting interview. It took a lot of time to read and it is worth. An actor belongs to himself, not to fans. Aamir has created new audience and his real fans wont mind it. Dhoom 3 is not an empty movie but a fun movie with some interesting twists and turns. Curse it or dont like it, this movie is a thundering success. An answer to those who understand only money.


          • I think it could have been crisper movie like Ghajini without cutting much of the movie. D3 is not a bad movie but it is a lazy movie where easy route was taken.
            ps – I don’t know why they take so much time to write such a convenient script.


        • And here is a parallel interview with the Box office india team and Victor Acharya, the director, plus Aamir Khan giving some very interesting and sensible solid gyan, as usual.


          • A couple of wonderful excerpts from this BOI interview above.

            BOI: Aamir, did you ever feel Victor was nervous while shooting?

            AK: I think one of my strengths is that I don’t consider myself better than anyone. So when Victor has written a script and he is the one who is directing it I automatically look up to him to guide me. It is a natural stand that I take. But the only time I had to work on it was when we were filming Lagaan. Ashu (Ashutosh Gowariker) had made two films earlier which had not worked. And I had the faith in him as I had worked with him before. It’s like Adi having faith in Victor. So during Lagaan, Rahman would often call me to Chennai for music sittings. I felt that he did not trust Ashu and expected me to work on the music with him. Likewise, the other actors on the set would ask me how to enact a scene. And I used to wonder why they were asking me especially when the director was around. So very early during the prep of Lagaan, I realised that people were actually not seeing Ashu as the captain of the ship and they were doing it out of their own insecurity or maybe because of his past films. I sensed it very early in the proceedings so I did a few things. And these were very physical things that I implemented. The moment I spoke to Rahman I said that I just want you to know that I will not be coming for a single music sitting and the person you are going to be dealing with is Ashu and if you have any faith in my music sense Ashu’s is 10 times better. So usko toh maine saaf bol diya ke bhaiya Ashu is the boss and music tu uske saath hi create karega. But if you both have to bounce off a tune or two with me, I’m there for that. I am a producer so I am there for that. With actors, I realised that I need to go on a low angle. When someone used to ask me ke Aamir bhai ye scene ko kaise karna chahiye? I would not tell him why are you asking me and not Ashu because by saying those words I was making that person feel small and I was also making my director feel small. So if someone would ask me about a scene I would just go to Ashu and say this is a good question how should this scene be done. So within 10 to 15 days it became very clear that Ashu is the boss but if I had not done that it would have caused a problem. If I don’t have faith on the director then I should just not work with him. Also whenever we used to have a meeting, I would sit on the floor next to Ashu. Ashu chair pe baithta tha aur main zameen pe uske charno ke pass jaa ke baith jaata tha. So sabko ek jhatke mein samajh aagaya that Ashu is the boss. I had to think of something which conveys that in an instant. That was the only time I remember in my career that I had to do a something specific.

            BOI: So how close is the final film to the narration that you heard for the first time?

            AK: Fairly close, in fact except a track in the film which Adi and Victor removed at the script level itself. And that is a track that I loved so I will never forgive them for that. When we are 80 years old I will still remind them about Sweety.

            BOI: Sweety?

            AK: There was a character in the film called Sweety who played Abhishek’s wife. And there was an entire track on Abhishek and his wife which was not connected to the main story and because it was not connected to the main plot when you remove it you don’t come to know that it was ever there. Victor and Adi said that we would rather do away with that or it would have increased the runtime of the film by 10 minutes. But I had a solution for that as well. I told them that itne lambe chases hain. Do ya teen minute har chase se nikal do. So that was my solution for what it’s worth. But I loved that track even though it wasn’t mine. I thought it brought a certain colour to the film but of course I was over-ruled.

            BOI: So why didn’t you listen to him?

            VKA: Woh agle part mein hai. But there are few things honestly. (Laughs)

            AK: I am not saying anything I am just saying as when you asked me how close is it to the narration. Other than that track everything is exactly how you narrated. Everything is exactly or even better than how you narrated. Except for that track and I personally miss that track.

            VKA: There were couple of reasons I agree with Aamir that it brings a different colour to the film. However sometimes things start to go towards the exit door. And by the time I came back from Chicago and thought about it Sweety was already standing near the exit. So that is what happened.

            AK: I kept pushing for that even two months before the release of the film. Abhi bhi time hai abhi bhi dal sakte ho.

            VKA: In fact on the day of the release he said let’s shoot that and we will put it in the DVD. But my promise to Aamir is that I will have her in the next Dhoom.

            AK: Ek dialogue hai Muqaddar Ka Sikandar mein jo Dilawar Zohra ko bolta hai ‘Tu agar Dilawar ki na ho saki toh kissi aur ki naa ho sakegi’. Toh woh sweety ka jo track hai woh agar mera na ho saka toh kisi aur ka bhi na ho payega. (Laughs)

            Read the rest at link–

            Satyam, pl excuse this digression caused by me. I think i should seriously start a ‘sensible aamir stuff’ page or blog, so I can put such matter there. Most net space is devoted to filmi gupshup of the meanest sort or fluffiest crap. Meanwhile, if it is possible I would request you to put up these two Box Office India interviews here on your blog. If not possible, I understand.


          • LS- thanks for this part of the interview! very interesting tidbit about the ‘sweety’ song.


          • Enjoyed reading about Sweety. Keep on posting these interesting things or atleast the links. Not only for aamir’s fans but also for others who are not overtly biased. Also amusing to read about how aamir showed who was the director of Lagaan.


  33. Yaariyan And Dedh Ishqiya Struggle On Monday

    Tuesday 14th January 2013 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Yaariyan and Dedh Ishqiya struggled on Monday with Yaariyan falling more than 50% from Friday while Dedh Ishqiya fell around 35-40% but ths collections were low as it had low starting point.

    Yaariyan grossed around 2.50 crore nett taking its four day total to 19 crore nett. The film should gross around 24-25 crore nett for the first week which is decent though the film its unlikely to add much afterwards.

    Dedh Ishqiya collected around 1.75 crore nett on Monday taking its four day total to 13.25 crore nett. The first week should go to around 17-17.50 crore nett which is poor and leaves the film struggling to reach even the 25 crore nett mark.

    The lifetime business of Dedh Ishqiya may not reach even reach the first week business of Yaariyan despite Dedh Ishqiya costing around 60-65% more.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      where the heck are the D3 numbers? this is where the inconsistencies start when it comes to reporting numbers. last checked it was about 280cr (all languages included) in India.


      • that’s about it for the film.


      • Don’t know if this has been mentioned here anywhere, but I believe that the releasde of P.K. has been pushed to December 2014, instead of June. Guess Aamir doesn’t want to give away the December release that has worked for him so well time and again now. Guess what this does to Bombay Velvet, if true.


        • Source?


          • AamirsFan Says:

            not sure about this website….but….

            Aamir Khan Ka P K release postponed, to clash with Ranbir Ki Bombay Velvet?

            Heard this? Aamir Khan, the perfectionist superstar of Bollywood who plays lead in upcoming biggie PEEKAY from Rajkumar Hirani, will not have any release during summer holidays this year and instead the date has been pushed to Christmas (Dhoom 3 effect?).

            Sources close to production house reveal that Aamir Khan’s film was pushed to Christmas date to take the advantage of his rocking record at that date (Remember Aamir Khan’s films—Taare Zameen Par, Ghajni, 3 Idiots and Dhoom 3 have all been Christmas releases and blockbusters at the box office).

            However, this change in Aamir Khan’s film release has created problems for Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming Bombay Velvet, which had earlier been scheduled for a Christmas release in year 2014.

            Sources close to Bombay Velvet reveal that Ranbir Kapoor is likely to finish the shooting of the film by this October, and hence, they had decided on a December release.

            But now if Aamir Khan’s biggie Peekay is going to release on that date, they will have to review the situation and act accordingly. As far as Aamir Khan‘s upcoming biggie is concerned it has unfinished work of around twenty- five days.

            But as Aamir Khan is presently busy with this s how Satyamev Jayate, it may take some more time to complete. However, one thing is certain that the movie will not be releasing on June 6, as was planned earlier by the makers.



          • AamirsFan Says:

            there was a report by taran about a month ago that the rumor of P.K. being delayed till Dec 2014 was false. so this is a new report. i wouldn’t be surprised if it got delayed but i hope it doesn’t, especially if there is no legit reason.


        • IdeaUnique Says:

          “Wouldn’t that affect P.K. in any way?
          The talking part in P.K. is over. There’s one song that’s left and for that I’ll be travelling all over. It will require around seven to 10 more days.

          – See more at:


  34. Watched Sholay 3D on the big screen. What an experience! Stupid car chasing of D3 gave way to chases on horseback and all that wonderful wild scenery. It didn’t seem like I was watching a film I’d already watched umpteen times.
    The hall was 3/4ths full with a lot of young people who seemed to know the dialogue by heart. A young man sitting next to me kept telling his woman what came next – ab pakdi jayegi – ab woh usko le ayega etc etc. It didn’t annoy me because I knew what was coming 🙂

    Errr, does anyone know the BO numbers?


    • Thanx for that update oldgold—haven’t seen sholay but this sounds fun..
      Do u think the 3D ADD to the films impact or ‘robbed’ it of its natural ‘classical timeless’ appeal making it more ‘gimmicky’ ?


      • Oh that’s too technical for me. All I cared for was watching the film which I did and enjoyed.
        I only crib and complain about remakes and also ‘colouring’. Rest is fine with me.


  35. According to Koimoi, Sholay 3 D is 11 crore. Seems stupid people are loving stupid films than classics. Like Yaariyan than Dedh Ishquiya.

    Sholay cant compete or for that matter any old movie can compete.. Even Hum Dono and Mughal e Azam were disasters after being colored.


    • MEA wasn’t a disaster, despite re-releasing on same day as Veera-Zaara, Aitraaz and Naach, MEA made 10 crore back in 2004.

      Probably not a great # but it’s not disaster considering it had released about 10 years ago when ticket prices were not as high as now, competition, no youth interest (not a masala film), etc…


  36. “there was a report by taran about a month ago that the rumor of P.K. being delayed till Dec 2014 was false. so this is a new report. i wouldn’t be surprised if it got delayed but i hope it doesn’t, especially if there is no legit reason.”
    ROFLOL -check out the gymnastics here—-
    & same old ‘delays’ ‘conjectures’ & strategising with ‘hesitancy’
    Folks here acting as free diary schedulers /secretaries for the ‘hesitant’ khan
    ….jus checked –thought there will be somethign new but the same old tricks n antics lol—c’mon…..


    • @ Apex and OG –. Is Aamir always a joke to you guys? Doesn’t he deserve fairer treatment?

      She needs to bring in Dhoom 3 while discussing Sholay 3D version and apex needs to laugh at the idea of fans discussing possible release date of PK. Talk of negative obsession.

      If the film doesn’t make it this summer, it simply means that Aamir is too busy with Satyamev Jayate or that PK may need some work. Or maybe they don’t want it released right after the elections when BJP is expected to win…to me this seems a distinct possibility.

      PK has already been in trouble while shooting in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk some months back. A BJP MLA attained his 15 minutes of spotlight by getting an AD on PK’s team arrested and jailed ( a few days) — for supposedly hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus — apparently a character dressed as Shiv bhagwan was seen driving a cycle rickshaw that seated a burkha’d lady. So now a film is to be censored even while it is being made. And we wonder why our films are not as sparkling and adventurous unlike films from Hollywood. Here is a director attempting a political satire — and his film is being troubled even during production. Wonder how much more trouble is going to be faced by PK by the time it releases. I wish the team well and hope it survives India’s mobocracy.


      • Thanx LS- for the useful info –didn’t know about these serious ‘problems’ pk is facing …
        Ps: btw on a serious note–am awaiting your review on ‘blue’…(c’mon rise above that 10 min scene-will ya lol)


  37. “AamirsFan Says:
    January 14, 2014 at 6:09 PM
    where the heck are the D3 numbers? this is where the inconsistencies start when it comes to reporting numbers. last checked it was about 280cr (all languages included) in India.

    Satyam Says:
    January 14, 2014 at 9:17 PM
    that’s about it for the film.”

    Haha that’s it about BOI, unbiased reporting on dhoom 3 (vis a vis k3) & above all ‘trending’ 🙂
    What a joke lol


  38. @LS
    >Is Aamir always a joke to you…

    Yes :-/

    > Doesn’t he deserve fairer treatment?
    He treated me very unfairly by giving me an overdose of himself in D3. I’d have preferred to watch unfairly treated Abhishek and the heroine.
    In D2 I didn’t mind looking at Hrithik.
    Anyway he mostly boosts male ego.


      • Cross my heart and hope to die if I lie – I promise Amir, Modi and his BJP are the only things I hate, not everything as the heading of this article says (You don’t really expect me to read the article).


        • “Cross my heart and hope to die if I lie…(You don’t really expect me to read the article).” 🙂 that’s a golden comment — goldie…
          Btw how did u find dhoom 3 (barring aamir) & katrina…


        • For some reason people who don’t like Aamir, write Aamir as Amir 🙂


          • Well picked by the ‘sharp’ munna …
            Btw seems this ‘aamirsfan’ is NOT the one who used to post long ago–and if this is a female commenter (I suspect I know who that is) I take back harsh remarks–I’m not nasty with females …lol


          • apex – I think if comment is on subject or stars, no one would bother. But lately you have been passing personal comments. No one minds, against the grain positions but not personal comments.

            I have put comments of both yours and Aamirsfan in spam for Satyam to approve or edit. But I request you not to push Satyam to take any action.


          • I had commented on the ‘content’ of aamirsfans comment –there was NO personal comment on her. It was only when she made the ‘rough turd’ comment–that I ‘retaliated’–obviously u and Satyam know how to read ‘time stamps’ to know which came first …had I known aamir fan is a girl -I would have been more ‘gentle’
            Ps: btw c’mon Goldie–let’s watch some ‘dhoom3’ songs 😉


          • I’m respecting Munna’s comment and giving you a very last shot at all this. Your comment was beyond the pale. I read both comments and aamirsfan did not deserve your kind of response. You take this stuff several notches higher. Consider yourself granted another life only because of Munna. I hope you will consider his request. Otherwise the next time around I won’t get into who said what. I will simply consider it your fault. There is simply no room anymore for chances of any kind. If I were you I’d consider the very next comment I made very carefully.


          • I repeat—what he/she said she got apt response –yes maybe a notch higher but that was the point !
            He/She camt provoke the other person and then hide behind u ..
            As for what u do with those comments –it’s your choice and has been–(agree that it was taken to a higher level by me)
            Ps but u can’t make me praise aamir or trending of dhoom3 just to avoid these ‘deletions’ etc–that ain’t gonna happen…


          • Ll I had done was cut copied pasted YOUR OWN reply to aamirsfan question–“wtf about d3 numbers?”
            Is it my fault that it’s a big soup in terms of trending ??
            The ‘turd’ comment was entirely unprovoked!! Yes there were some hard facts on d3 from me and it’s remarkable ‘trending’ but that’s it!!!
            READ the comments …And u had NOT deleted that either …
            These ‘irritant’ comments are ignored but u pick upon the the ‘reaction’ …

            Having said that–u are the moderator and ARE entitled to delete as u wish & are NOT answerable —but let’s not pretend this ‘principled’ bit plz


          • I’m so happy for being ‘granted another life’ lol

            But before I use that ‘another life’—

            In true dhoom 3 cheesy style —(only those who have seen d3 will understand)—



          • @ munna–exactly! Well, perverse pleasure I guess, misspelling Aamir’s name. Anyway that is his name and he needs to be spelt so, with two As. Have never seen SRK’s name or Salman’s name being misspelled.

            I remember an Imran Khan interview, where he said that his name was spelt Imran, easily, whereas maamu disliked his name being spelt with one A.It’s not fair to deliberately mis-spell a person’s name simply because you hate him for some unfathomable reason. I have none in any hate list, no politician, actor, whoever. Probably terrorists, killers and rapists and such like are the only people I could dislike. Same goes for most of us ordinary folk. But the internet is a strange place, full of hate and frothing …can’t really come to terms with it…:(


          • > perverse pleasure I guess, misspelling Aamir’s name.

            If Shahrukh Khan can become SRK why can’t Amir have his name shortened …… to suit his height. hahaha (I ‘must’ laugh since no one will – on this Amir fan blog.


    • @ OG — Why watch D3 when you are aware that it stars your pet hate in a lead role? Aamir OWNED D3, double role and all and though i was just ok with the film , I loved him ( and Katrina). I am happy that Aamir attempted successfully a role and film out of his comfort zone. But I do wish that Sarfarosh 2 would become a reality and he reprises the police officer role ( ACP Ajay Rathod, done to a turn, absolutely fine) that made me his fan.


      • @LS
        >Why watch D3 when you are aware that it stars your pet hate in a lead role?

        A good study of why people watch films. In this case it won because there was nothing else playing. Visiting India I was longing to watch a film in a hall, being deprived of it here. Sholay was yet to release.

        Actually I wanted to watch R rajkumar but was told it wasn’t playing in a ‘good’ hall (meaning ‘single’ screen.
        Above all no one realised they should find out if I’d want to see D3 before booking the tickets. It was thought I just wanted to watch *a* film and if R rajkumar is not around then any other would do just as well. 😦
        God! What torture to watch the *owner* of the film flaunting his ownership throughout. *groan*


        • “boy oh boy” finally managed to watch D3 last night after hectic xmas commitments,managed to get to trafford center but unfortunately 8.10 show was full,got the tickets for 9.00 p.m. and guess what its almost 4 weeks for this film and 88% show was full.

          watch the film and first half was amazing,went so fast that film went from mumbai ti chicago in clappers,some of the action were unnecessary but they portrait superbly,the most amazing part of the film was when amir is injured by abhi bullet,wow what an suspence storyline,steps in duo amir khan.jackie had a short role but it did made an impact,indian circus wait vacant while both amir grew up,it looked stupid but hey its a bollywood adventure.

          abhi was good and uday comedy in some parts was excellent.

          overall it was out ant out amir khans film,he was “outstanding”
          both role he potrait were superb…no wonder yash raj film is laughing all the way at the was outstanding film and it showed last night that the crowd absolutely loved the film.

          katrina was beautiful as ever,she looked more glamorous in her cheekyness circus girl…

          cannot wait for 4th francise of this “dhoom”


  39. Hmm this doesn’t seem to be the ‘aamirsfan’ who used to comment earlier, it seems..
    But anyways–read the reply above –& Satyam if u retain his turd-ish comment–let mine stay as a ‘reminder’ to him/her …

    & stop trying to exert any brain cell in googling—-just give secretarial ‘support’ to your idol aamir … (& for free)
    Maintain his ‘diary’ for starts–and
    Learn about Aamirs ‘toilet habits’ first –to qualify as a true ‘Aamirsfan’ 🙂


    • AamirsFan Says:

      actually its been the same ‘AamirsFan’ ever since 2009 when satyam began his blog. its been the same ‘AamirsFan’ since last year when me and this reasonable guy named alex 😉 exchanged some pleasantries. not sure what happened to that man??

      i try really hard now to ignore your comments but lately you’ve copied and pasted couple of my comments and twisted it into something that it was not meant to be. now i know why Henry left the blog sadly, about a year back (thank goodness he still makes comments from time to time). you try to entice people into making an issue more than what it is. just relax and enjoy the blog.



    It’s getting really difficult to pass a day without getting confronted by a billboard extolling us to watch this ‘best film of the decade!!’ Or some such exaggeration..
    I mean–c’mon wtf …
    Totally agree with those like Armond ‘White’ who have gone after this film. How easy it is —get a bunch of good saleable actors, put together the most horrific of slavery excesses laced with exaggerated special effects meant to be palatable to the ‘violent porn fetishist’ (remember those like Anu!), release it near awards season—get an added ‘boost’ to box office besides getting ‘critical recognition’ and there u go..
    Yeah it must indeed be a ‘v good’ movie but it depends on the ‘intent’ and the ‘relevance’

    WHY must u know the gory details of how the slaves were maltreated and so on. Isn’t it enough to know this did happen and is reprehensible?
    Why must u insist this be played out repeatedly and be ‘uncomfortable’? –if not to satisfy some violent porn urges besides reminding one of the ‘superiority’ of some race(s) !!!I can go on and on—but here’s a huff post piece that nails it –agree totally–

    I saw this on the side of a bus the other morning: “One of the best films ever made.” Oh hum. Film publicity hyperbole, don’t you just love it? Anyway, this highly unimaginative bit of hype was bigging up the new blockbuster about slavery 12 Years a Slave, the British director Steve McQueen’s biopic about Solomon Northup (Chiwitel Ejiofor), a man sold into slavery in 1841.

    So it’s about slavery and it features lynchings, floggings and rape – yet strangely enough 12 Years a Slave is more or less a feel-good movie. Or rather, it’s a feel-bad-so-as-to-feel-good-later movie.

    Or so I think. Because it’s a film with little to seriously unsettle the viewer. Most 12 Years audiences will be expecting two-and-a-quarter hours of high-calibre spectacle on the subject of how slave-owners in USA’s pre-Civil War southern states mercilessly mistreated their human “possessions”. And this is precisely what they get. It’s confirmational stuff. Slavery was very bad; slave owners were odious; the slaves were essentially good people; there were a few enlightened white people who wanted to change things. The film gives us characters nearly always neatly delineated as monsters or victims, and the plot casts its main protagonist into the hell of the cotton or sugar cane plantations while ensuring that the energy of a typical Hollywood ‘drama’ is maintained with regular incident and even a redemptive and happy(-ish) ending.

    Or to put it another way, for an experimental Turner Prize-winning artist with a professed love of Andy Warhol’s films and the nouvelle vague, McQueen has made a curiously un-arthouse film. Perhaps that’s deliberate. To me – admittedly someone who now watches almost exclusively non-mainstream film – this felt positively Spielbergian in its aesthetic: lots of directional mood music, scenes of violence where the blows use very amplified contact thuds, lingering close-facial shots of the central character, and a regular succession of evenly-edited scenes with very few unusual camera angles or in any way “obscure” moments.

    Okay, maybe that was McQueen’s intention. To lob a biopic on the heavyweight subject of slavery straight into the mainstream. Perhaps he wanted to produce a bit of “event” cinema, much as Alex Haley’s epic Roots series was event TV on the subject of African-US slavery for 1970s audiences. If so, fair enough. Because on this level, 12 Years works well enough.

    Critics are calling it “harrowing” and a film that unpicks slavery’s ‘everyday horrors’, and in a straightforward sense it is. The dramatic shock of seeing the previously prosperous ‘free negro’ Solomon Northup suddenly manacled in a dark cell and then viciously assaulted is weighty indeed. The creeping horror – for him and for us – that he’s being sold into slavery in the US South despite being an apparently carefree and well-respected family man in New York State, is one of the film’s best sequences. And for the next two hours we see Northup endure the humiliation of being sold in a New Orleans slave market, being victimised by a vengeful and insecure overseer, and then tormented by a maniacal, Bible-spouting cotton plantation owner (Edwin Epps, rather brilliantly played by McQueen regular Michael Fassbender). And one passage above all others worked for me in the film: a long-sustained scene where Northup has narrowly survived being lynched but remains suspended from a rope with his feet just touching the muddy ground, slipping in his attempts to retain a grip and going apparently unnoticed for long minutes or even hours by slave owner and fellow slave alike. Unlike everything else in the film, the scene goes on and on, an agony of suffering that I think begins to mirror the condition of slavery for the first time in the entire film. Strange Fruit indeed.

    And yet, and yet. This was still a popcorn movie. (Two women sitting next to me at the screening did little else but munch and rustle their way through the entire film). The film avoided much in the way of moral depth or complexity. The first of Northup’s ‘owners’ – the ‘benevolent’ William Ford (Benedict Cumberbatch) – is fairly swiftly replaced by the unambiguously sadistic Epps character, and so the film more or less skips the potentially fascinating exploration of the murky compromises that a supposedly ‘kind-hearted’ Southern slave-owner would have been required to make. Instead, the film takes the easy option of giving us a hate figure like Epps to boo and hiss. Similarly, the cruel overseer who persecutes Northup is more caricature than character (in the cinema the other night some audience members actually laughed and cheered when Northup fights back at one point, shouting “Go on” as he – fairly viciously – beats up the overseer). In fact, I think it’s a measure of the veering-toward-caricature nature of the film’s characterisations that critics have praised the “complexity” of characters like Epps’ equally cruel wife and the female slave Patsey merely because … well, they’re a tiny bit enigmatic.

    Of course, 12 Years is based on Northup’s autobiography so one could argue that the film is just following his story, but films surely tell their own story as well – with their framing, their characterisations, and dozens of the other filmic devices. But maybe I shouldn’t quibble like this anyway? Given that slavery in the USA was such an obvious abomination perhaps I should ‘support’ McQueen’s film and turn a blind eye to its soapy techniques. Well, maybe… but, I’d still prefer something with more depth and more challenge. I think the ravages of the Atlantic slave trade and what happened to millions of human beings in the Americas is such a devastating topic that 12 Years barely scratches its surface. In fact, with its rather rosy picture of black families living free and easy lives in 1840s New York State, it surely lessens any sense of the historical reality of racism in the United States – ie that it was not just in the South and not just until Lincoln and the abolition of slavery in 1865. (As a – sort of – corrective see this largely unknown account of how hundreds of thousands of freed slaves rapidly died of disease and starvation in a few short years after Civil War emancipation).

    As my companion at the 12 Years screening remarked, McQueen might have done better to have tackled slavery in an altogether tougher way – for example by looking at its contemporary incarnations. Authors like Kevin Bales have talked about the new slavery of debt bondage and contract slavery, and in the hyper-modern environs of Qatar Amnesty has recently exposed how migrant workers from Nepal and India are forced to labour over glitzy World Cup projects while being “treated like cattle”.

    I began this post by mentioning a bus, and that’s how I’ll end it. On the way home from the 12 Years screening I found myself witnessing a confrontation on the upper deck of my bus between a hostile man of Afro-Caribbean appearance and another man of (roughly) North African appearance. The first said to the other: “Get out of my way, you fucking Arab”. The second (himself apparently drunk) said: “I am not an Arab. I am an Ethiopian. The original man!” This – just about – led to a defusing of the situation and even elicited cheers from some of the other passengers. Racism, the African continent, ethnic belonging, migration and common humanity: this little incident was strangely more meaningful than McQueen’s much-fêted film. Still, go and see 12 Years a Slave anyway.


  41. AamirsFan Says:

    what the whatttttttttttt????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check out: Amitabh, Jaya greet Rekha at award function


  42. If someone wants to forget civility, basic manners etc. why cant moderators allow the same freedom to everyone?

    There is one lovely hindi dialogue tumhari muh mein keeda…
    And keeda’s have very short heights and they are indestructible.

    It is the biggest and tallest ones that are first destroyed and become extinct like dinosaurs while the lowly keedas are simply impossible to be destroyed. Ultimately the last creatures to die will have the last laugh. And they love to dwell with certain people.

    In a storm, the big trees fall while the small ones survive.

    This torturous film by one amir won the biggest boxoffice battle with amir allover. Some others are nothing in front of this short one. And by logic, the short one always wins the race with both quality films and boxoffice stuff. Here I am referring to his contemporaries not the past greats.

    Be tall with basic goodness and dignity. Hatred begets hatred and love begets love. It is ok to be nasty once in a while but becoming nasty always makes one a bitter psychopath. One can have reasons to hate someone, but then they should be ready to accept the same. If you throw a stone, dont expect a flower in return.

    What is the use of having a mind and heart full of venom towards a person who is not even related or a friend. A person may not be religious but should practice basic ethics even here. Hating someone for his or her height over which one has no control is really pathetic. It showcases how mean minds work.

    I know it is of no use telling someone all this. But the hatred is increasing by leaps and bounds and I have to say these things.


    • LOL! Why can’t I hate an actor just as I can love an actor/actors? I love so many of them – Shammi Kapoor/Dilip Kumar/Amitabh/Dev Anand/ ….and the list goes on. Among the present I don’t mind the rest. But I’m comfortable with the situation.
      Anyway It’s fun to see how it unsettles some people.


      • If this is your idea of fun…well, have it your way, the way some others do so, at sites like imdb, pretending they are the smartest, the coolest…the internet has place for all sorts, the civil, the insensitive, all.


        • How fortunate…for people like me 😉


          • C’mon LS & sanju–plz don’t ‘bully’ poor Goldie…
            It’s not ‘illegal’ not to like aamir (inspite of the best efforts of Satyam & his coterie to try to make it seem so) 😉


  43. Rooney:

    Abhay Deol BEATEN By T-Series?

    At the 20th Annual Life OK Screen Awards held Tuesday night, Abhay arrived with a swollen eye and when asked if he was alright, he said, “No, I am not alright. My film is releasing Jan 31. My music has not yet released because the music company wants me to get the composers Shankar-Ehsaan and Loy to sign a clause which is illegal.”

    He openly named the company and said he has suffered the loss and the music is not available anywhere.

    “It’s T-series… The solution is: don’t make me sign a clause which is illegal. It’s just two weeks to the film and my music is not available. The loss has happened, the film releases Jan 31 and my music is not available anywhere. I will not hide anything. I can only go to the press now,” the 37-year-old said here.

    Abhay stars alongside girlfriend Preeti Desai in the film.

    “Let’s see what will happen, they are not marketing my film, the music is not on the radio also. What else can I do?” he added.

    Abhay will soon hold a press conference about the issue.

    “It is an issue of copyright. I will talk about it after first talking to Shankar, Ram Sampat, Vishal-Shekhar, they are all with me. The music industry is supporting me, let’s see if the actors and producers will,” he said.

    I am also against the exploitation of artists. I believe in their rights and even if a musician was ready to sign it, I would advise him/her against it. As a result, I have no album in the market. In fact now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the music company pulls out my promos from the TV channels. I don’t have radio play anyway.

    So far, no producer or studio has taken on this record label. Me and Viacom have nothing more to lose, they have already killed any potential buzz the music could have created for the film had it been put up for sale weeks ago. At the moment I have the entire music fraternity behind me. Ram Sampat and Sona Mohapatra , Amit Trivedi, Vishal and Shekhar, Javed Akhtar and of course Shankar Ehsaan and Loy have all expressed their support.

    Now I am just waiting to see which producers, actors and studios will come forth to highlight this issue.I hope my film will not suffer as a result. I believe in the power of the individual.

    Not so long long, Sonu Nigam had announced his retirement due to a similar issue .

    Sonu on knowing Abhay’s stand tweeted, Finally. ….someone has decided to understand…and support truth. Here’s where Education and genuineness comes handy. Kudos Abhay Deol.


  44. some amusing stuff here!


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