Some Ground Rules..

Some reminders are necessary for some folks here…

1)Excessive and repetitive silly comments will be deleted. People who refuse to heed multiple ‘gentle’ warnings on this might eventually be barred altogether.

2)Political discussions are fine but this is a movie blog. Nonetheless there are specific threads available for these things and people who intend to develop party platforms here (!) should stick to those threads. Those who are prolific political commenters shouldn’t have any problem bookmarking those threads.

3)All discussions completely unrelated to a thread should go in the box office post.

Once in a while it’s fine to have loosely related stuff in a thread but a full-blown discussion cannot develop out of it. So those who respond also have some responsibility. The problem is that once there are too many comments in a thread on the ‘wrong’ topic it’s hard to simply delete them. It throws the order of the thread out of whack if things are not done carefully and to do the latter requires too much time. There is often no option left other than to close the thread. Hope people will be more careful about all of this stuff. But the first point is especially important. Because the other stuff is at least done in good faith and not merely to clog up the forum or to engage in total silly talk. I think all these issues can be smoothed out. For folks who still have issues on one or more of these points clearly this isn’t the right place for them.

Now, what’s that angry Rajni image doing here? Hopefully it doesn’t have to be spelled out! But there’s also a carrot to the stick. If you flout some of these rules but submit a Rajni movie review for a movie you’ve seen recently you can expect some leniency!


37 Responses to “Some Ground Rules..”

  1. Matlab baat yahaan tak pahuch gayi ki Satyam ko sirf is baat ke liye ek naya thread banana pada (I guess after his ‘thread’ of patience finally snapped as well). Haha!


    • yeah I dislike such threads.. but if I’d put all this in the box office thread it would have been missed by many.. this way there’s no excuse. To be honest 98% of the time there’s no issue.


  2. Reminds me of a Rajni Movie ” Andha Kanoon”…LOL, Just kidding.

    P.S.- I posted the First Post article in the Jai Ho thread because a. It was related to Sallu Bhai and b) It went IMO with the theme of Jai Ho. , If you disagree you can delete it.

    P.S.-1- Let’s convince Q or Munna to be the moderator and have a feeling of Deja Vu !!

    P.S.-2 if the above does not work, please fulfill Rajen’s life long desire to be appointed the moderator, LOL!!

    P.S.3- My most Fav. Rajni movie is Chaalbaaz !!


    • that’s fine Rocky.. I wasn’t thinking of you anyway when doing that post.. and I didn’t know you had introduced such a story to begin with. Just noticed today that there was a prolonged political discussion which seemed to have very little to do with Jai Ho.


    • Hope all is well with you, Rocky!:-)
      I am in constant need of moderation. Cannot be a moderator!

      On a serious note, I dont think Satyam needs a moderator but I believe this post is appropriate as some were taking advantage of Satyam’s leniency!


  3. Rajni ka Raj hai toh Hritk ka Hriday bhee hai ……


  4. i guess point number 2 is directed at me ya but the biggest culprit here had to be satyam who involves politics in everything right from nehruvian one in review of movies…before jai ho what was khobragate doing in a movie thread and how can one repeatedly gets with barb like hitler ….


    • and ya there are political thread but the history of satyamshot how it creeps into evey box office thread and reviews ( and ya same favourable political article from magzines get separate thead) and its going from ages

      tum karo to ras leela koi aur karein to character dheela


      • the idea that it creeps into every thread is utter nonsense. 99% of the time I don’t even get into Indian political discussions. My own contributions are usually only about larger ideological issues that are also furthermore related to some topic in that thread. For instance that film on the East Pakistani genocide where I then introduced a longer comment. It was all related. Otherwise I usually stay away from whole left v right thing where in a knee jerk way people think the sun also shines brighter when one is on one side of the political divide or the other! As for the Hitler reference which you seem to object to that too is made in context though it’s one that you don’t like! Beyond a point I find the whole right v left thing too superficial for all sorts of reasons. And again my objection here isn’t about whether one supports Modi or not (to quote a favorite example!) but that this be done in the right thread. Don;t think this is that hard to follow!

        In any case these kinds of political discussions are different from a political reading of cinema which tries to examine the ideological contours of a film. I do the latter a lot.


        • you bring hitler , call evil saffron may be they are related according to you but why you shy way from retaliation or counter arguments

          if hrithik’s personal life and digs on daily basis without context came into picture can’t see the same on aamir any different

          political reading of cinema …yes but it also at time extend into a full discourse which is reality

          people have different perception…some may call a glass filled with half water as half filled or half empty similarly at times even others have different poltical and ideological counter of cinema not matching yours


          • Actually I have never used the term ‘evil saffron. Ever! Not that you have been factual even otherwise. On Hitler I stand by everything I’ve said. But you also have to do the difficult work of trying to understand what is being said.

            As for different perceptions on a film I am not stopping anyone from having those!


          • Whatever you say is not rocket science so don’t worry about interpretation part and ya speaking same thing like parrot is one thing but when is unable to defend so makes the person more pitiable


    • I don’t have a problem with your political views but introducing 20 comments on this in a film thread is another matter. You can do the very same in the proper thread. As for my comments that’s a gross misrepresentation and I could very easily prove this but I am not going to bother.


      • same applies to you as well ..dont worry i can prove things easily to with many archives which are on net untill you don’t delete those

        a 20 comments of khobragate discussion and exchanges not involving me to are there and it involves your moderator …what got you so pissed attack on aamir khan before that what you where doing on daily basis on mr hrithik roshan with one or two spoons and it wasn’t political but on cinematic life of a star and gossip which you do on daily basis

        satyamshot archives only has “barkhagate” with huge comments over 500 and so and check who commented mostly


        • but that is a political thread. There’s another one called ‘left ya right’. You’re missing the point once again. First off you’re just factually wrong but secondly the problem isn’t your political views, it’s about having a huge discussion in a thread otherwise devoted to D3 or something! Not sure what’s so hard to follow here.

          Now as for Hrithik Roshan though I don’t agree with your characterization I’m afraid you’re sounding increasingly dictatorial if you want to police the kind of discussion that goes on on Hrithik or anyone else!


  5. from same movie which stars amitabh bachchan, rajnikant and kamal hasan


  6. Btw, Khobragade has left the US, granted immunity!
    Uncle Sam bends down to Mera Bharat Mahan:


  7. Hmm… when the cats away the mice make merry..

    So Satyam has been upto this mischief in my absence…

    Am currently snowed under lots of pending work…& ‘dead’lines…

    Lemme let Satyam ‘play’ for a while more..

    Will be back …if I survive the killing schedule.. hopefully….

    To repeat—

    U can take my home,
    U can take my toys & gadgets & paraphernalia

    But one thing will remain…..


  8. Thanks for writing this post Satyam. This is a great place and your efforts at creating and maintaining it are much appreciated. You shouldn’t have to waste your time clearing up other people’s crap – you’ve been extremely tolerant and patient with the repeat offenders and hopefully this post might be viewed as a final warning.

    I’m taking a break from movies…utterly hooked on Californication after a friend recommended it to me at Xmas time. Love it.





    • Apex, I’ve deleted all of your comments except the Sholay one. Everything you’ve said is either completely repetitive, completely dishonest, completely juvenile or (and most often) a combination of all three. Much that I’ve just said to Z in the other thread could also be applicable to you. Everything has been comprehensively discussed by Jay and myself and others here (including this morning!), the numbers have been provided wherever they are available (these were available for week 2 and were put up). We don’t control how these numbers are supplied. You come in, pretend not to see this or just look at the last 2-3 comments and keep throwing up this drivel. Don’t know why you’ve deteriorated to such an extraordinary degree but you’ve completely lost it after K3. You once had some useful things to say. Now it’s just utter nonsense if you’ll excuse my candor. You can do better because you have in the past. Not sure why K3 and now D3 have unhinged you so much. Forget everything else. The comments don’t even seem to come from a sane person. I really hope you can get back to your old self. Hrithik’s or Aamir’s career’s don’t depend on your psychological fantasies or the ‘version’ that you think ought to be reported on this (very insignificant) blog. You should snap out of this. We can have discussions like old times. I’ve deleted these comments today but I won’t do so every day and I prefer not taking any other step. Again don’t want you to go but your current self is unacceptable and you’ve been excused for this more than anyone ever before. I kept thinking that you would perhaps return to a somewhat more normal self. But that’s simply not happened. You still have a chance.


      • @ Satyam–
        You are obviously free to delete/block/ban me as always..

        the FACT however remains that under all these ‘repetitive’ ‘juvenile’ comments, there IS an element of ‘unique truth’ that clearly unsettles u (& the like of jayshah) and others …

        NONE of what i said tofay was OFFENSIVE Or even RUDE or even entrende-laden or VULGAR ..

        The fact that INSPITE of that, u had to resort to ‘delete’ all that proves–

        U have been cornered in your own spin and debate

        It happens with all of us
        Im sure sooner or later u will have the grace to acknowledge that —

        Take care

        Ps: usually I DO indulge in jokes /double entrendes/ fun leg- pulling etc

        But today –they weren’t ..:

        Anyhow enjoy life
        And don’t take it or yourselves too seriously

        And do try to ‘read’ what u has deleted and see what I meant to say — need to catch up some more work now 🙂


        • not unsettled at all. Have dealt with far far worse in previous lifetimes. But you keep repeating stuff without end. Even after people specifically address these very issues multiple times. Every other day if not every day there are conversations about these box office issues, yet you turn up with alarming regularity to suggest these things are to being addressed. It’s bad faith either way. either you pretend not to notice or you just look at some recent comments in which case you don’t know but ignorance is no excuse. If I stop reading the newspaper I can’t say news isn’t happening or that people aren’t discussing those issues! I have the responsibility of keeping up if I am interested. I can’t demand that the news be produced on certain subjects when I choose to look at the newspaper! All of this shouldn’t even have to be explained. That it has to only means that you’re acting in bad faith.

          Secondly it’s not only about vulgarity or rudeness (though you engage in both.. I just saw what you said to Raghav), it’s also about cluterring the forum with utterly nonsensical stuff. It’s not funny in the least.

          Again hope you can put all of this behind you and contribute usefully to the blog.


          • Satyam–I don’t envy u bcos what hits your blog in my form is nothing short of a ‘storm’..

            And read a bit of your post above now…

            U are right but it’s unfair to blame ‘folks’ here…

            Since I speak the ‘truth’–
            Will say the truth about that as well–
            NOBODY else is guilty of what I said above –frankly…

            So don’t blame the folks…

            But most importantly—

            Am going back to work after this ‘break’—

            Once this ‘storm’ passes—u may quietly secretly READ what u have deleted —


          • hope you’ll be back… wiser!


  10. Satyam, late but an indispensable measure as your leniency was letting some blokes taking too much of undue advantage. But better late than never 😉 . People tend to judge themselves differently than what they would like others to be judged upon, so under this fallacy, they reckon themselves the paragon of virtue and deem what they say is THE ULTIMATE TRUTH, which, in most cases, turns out contrary to their erroneous beliefs! But these people are like cave dwellers who come out of their cave once in a decade and see and discover for the time being and then get back to the same place, living an illusory life, but that ephemeral experience is an ounce of a bucket water, and ironically they believe that is THE TRUTH and keep blabbering and spreading the venom, if warned, behave as if they are the custodians of TRUTH! So it is timely given medicine for they don’t consider themselves to be patients, but in most PSYCHOLOGICAL cases it is the other way round.


  11. “hope you’ll be back… wiser!”–yup … See the ‘wiser’ response—

    On a lighter note–there ‘deletions’ etc only amuse and entertain me (& I think also increases the TRP of this blog)— and also seems to up the MASALA quotient …

    Am trying to RESTRAIN myself but what to do–old habits die ‘hard’…



  12. The ‘Wanted’ scenario…

    Surprisingly, the scenario facing poor Satyam here reminds me of a very forgettable film having an ace scene imo

    Director: Prabhu deva (I love his work!)

    Actor: Prakash raj ( I think that’s his name…)

    Played out here in real life by Satyam hahaha

    In a sudden ‘twist’ poor Prakash raj is told (to his utter astonishment) that the TAPORI contract offender is ACTUALLY someone totally different –an Adeline !!

    My full sympathies to Satyam and will try to RESTRAIN MYSELF

    Forget pseudo-humility and such bullcrap

    (& Credit for this term below goes to mr prabhu deva!)

    Basically what poor Satyam has been hit by is —



  13. Typo above –not ‘adeline’ but ‘elite army commando’

    Dedicated to that forgettable film which had some good moments (v applicable here to Satyam /prakashraj here lol)

    Salman @ his seminal best in santorini with this endowed heroine (forgetting her name)

    Enjoy folks..

    And Satyam–don’t hide behind words/deletions —be a man !! 🙂


    • comment don’t get delete as such and goes into trash section for 24 hours like mails in wordpress

      though one was immensely laughable

      ” some groping rules ” and goes well with endowed one


  14. Haha in this song–

    @ sandy ( the left one) & Mandy ( the right one)

    ” Dil leke dard-e-dil de gaye,
    tum jaan jaan kehake meri jaan le gaye”

    As for the heroine herself –though she is cute but can’t recognize her since i have rarely seen her face 🙂

    have converted ‘some ground rules’ to my ‘groping rules’ hoho

    Btw guys —which one u like more–
    Sandy or Mandy ?


  15. Btw That was just a joke folks–
    Just to clarify –‘Groping’ of any type is banned !!

    Run–before Amy comes 🙂


  16. tonymontana Says:

    Will make sure Satyam. Thanks for posting


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