Anjali Devi passes away…

[Veteran actress Anjali Devi, who did around 400 films in Telugu, Kannada and a few in Tamil and Hindi passed away today (January 13) afternoon at a Chennai hospital.

She died at the age of 85

Anjali Devi became popular doing mythological characters in early Telugu films. She is well known for her role as Sita in Lava Kusha and roles in movies like Suvarna Sundari and Anarkali. In Hindi cinema, she is better known for her roles in ‘Devta’ opposite Gemini Ganeshan and ‘Sati Savitri’ opposite Mahipal and ‘Bhakta Prahlad’.

Anjali Devi was married to music director P Adinarayana Rao and the couple have two sons. Her granddaughter Saila Rao is also an actress.]

6 Responses to “Anjali Devi passes away…”

  1. Rajenmaniar Says:



  2. One of her more famous hindi appearances


    • Other famous songs.
      some of them in telugu

      Alugakura(azhaikkade in tamil) from Suvarna sundari

      Rajashekhara nee pai moju teera ledura (by Jikki and ghantashala) from anarkali

      Chettulekkagalava o narahari puttalekkagalava from Chechulakshmi with NTR as the hero.

      In Lava Kusha she played Sita.

      A good dancer.

      I think she was related to Vijaya Nirmala who is an actress and wife of actor Krishna of Padmalaya fame.


  3. RIP
    Knew her for her for the wonderful song picturised on her – kuhu kuhu bole koyaiya and other beautiful songs from film Devta. This classically based is great.


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