Highway trailers 2

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thanks to Aamirsfan..


10 Responses to “Highway trailers 2”

  1. Rahul Tyagi:


    • this promises a strong soundtrack.. like the trailer for this as well. The film needed someone better than the actress they have here though!


      • AamirsFan Says:

        Rahman has set the tone beginning of the year with an amazing song. and i agree on the actress. she looks like a twelve year old…does not seem and look right for me.


  2. Liking this a lot….and AR Rehman seems to be back to his best


  3. AamirsFan Says:

    [added to post]
    seems like this is the 10,000th ‘maahi ve’ titled song in history lol. but at least its a good one! rahman’s 2nd ‘maahi ve’ song i believe.


  4. “Mahi Ve” full song official link…


  5. AsliSamar Says:

    Lucky Alia to get a song under AR Rahman!


  6. ‘Lucky Alia’ looks a school-going minor to me –somehow this casting has spoilt this undoubtedly interesting rahman album..

    Haven’t started hearing this album yet –will do so l8er ‘Asli samar’


  7. HIGHWAY album out – Enjoy


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