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  2. HaHa..Good title..


  3. ha ha funny

    btw right thing will aap ke spammers

    AAP’s Somnath Bharati is in 3 Indians among top spammers, Lax cyber laws encourage spammers to route operations through India.

    hey have made select-and-delete an involuntary reaction among net users by flooding e-mail inboxes with spam, offering weight-loss panacea or herbal viagra. And with spam being a lucrative business across the globe, even Indians are entering the fray in a big way. Spamhaus.org, a British non-profit organization regarded as the most authoritative voice on spamming, features three Indians among the world’s worst spammers who together account for 80 per cent of the world’s spam: Somnath Bharti, Husein Gandhi and Daniel Mankani.

    All three have several aliases, email ids, false addresses and phone numbers strewn across the net. While DNA managed to trace Bharti in Delhi, all efforts to locate Gandhi and Mankani drew a blank. Unlike the United States, India does not consider spamming to be illegal, making the country a haven for spammers, says cyber law expert Pavan Duggal. Notorious spammers like Alan Ralsky, Paul Aunger and Scott Richter route their operations through India.

    While Bharti and Gandhi operate from India, Mankani appears to be based in Singapore or Malaysia. Bharti, whose photograph appears on Spamhaus, did MSc from IIT Delhi in 1997. IIT’s alumni association website gives his email id that links him to a company called Madgen Solutions. Attempts to reach him through this email ID or the phone numbers on the company’s website reached a deadend. But a call made to a cellphone number, which IIT Delhi authorities provided after going through alumni records, was answered by one Rajesh who described himself as Bharti’s secretary. He denied Bharti was involved in any kind of spamming but refused to confirm or deny whether he runs Madgen.

    According to Spamhaus, Bharti and his partner Paul Aunger run a large spam operation called Topsites. `Rajesh’ denies all this but brushes off all questions on how Bharti came to be listed by Spamhaus at all. According to site of Techpreneurship Singapore, Mankani launched PerPay for online financial transactions in 2001. He also launched a slew of companies in Singapor. Gandhi claims to be an MBA from a Mumbai institute. On elance.com, Gandhi advertises bulletproof hosting – a popular spamming tool – and claims to provide domain registrations from a server in Argentina. Somewhere along the line, he teamed up with Alan Ralsky.
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    • a blast from past :


      The ROKSO (Register of Known Spamming Operations) is a list of the 200 top operators in the world, who are estimated to contribute about 80% of all spam. One of the criteria for being listed in the ROKSO is that at least three ISPs should have previously terminated the operator for spamming.

      Three Indians figure in the ROKSO list, maintained by SpamHaus.org. We met up with one of them, Somnath Bharti.

      Bharti, an MSc graduate from IIT Delhi runs an IT firm ‘Madgen solutions’ based in Delhi. The Spamhaus case against Bharti is that he is spamming on behalf of a company called Topsites LLC.

      Two ISP’s-Estelcom based in Gurgaon and SRILRPG in Delhi, host Somnath Bharti in India. Of these, we contacted Estelcom, as Estelcom had more IP addresses listed in the ROKSO.

      According to Somnath, he got listed in the ROKSO after Conrad Longmore, an editor at the Open Directory Project and the webmaster of dynamoo ran a story on him


  4. a blast from past :


    The ROKSO (Register of Known Spamming Operations) is a list of the 200 top operators in the world, who are estimated to contribute about 80% of all spam. One of the criteria for being listed in the ROKSO is that at least three ISPs should have previously terminated the operator for spamming.

    Three Indians figure in the ROKSO list, maintained by SpamHaus.org. We met up with one of them, Somnath Bharti.

    Bharti, an MSc graduate from IIT Delhi runs an IT firm ‘Madgen solutions’ based in Delhi. The Spamhaus case against Bharti is that he is spamming on behalf of a company called Topsites LLC.

    Two ISP’s-Estelcom based in Gurgaon and SRILRPG in Delhi, host Somnath Bharti in India. Of these, we contacted Estelcom, as Estelcom had more IP addresses listed in the ROKSO.

    According to Somnath, he got listed in the ROKSO after Conrad Longmore, an editor at the Open Directory Project and the webmaster of dynamoo ran a story on him ( http://www.dynamoo.com/diary/topsites_topsitezus.htm ).

    Says Bharti, “Each of the e-mail which we send does respect all the laws laid out for business communication through


  5. couldn’t laugh at later comments of previous thread:the law minister on dharna and known offender

    muzzafanagar: bhai modi to chodo riots was between jats and muslims, talllest jat leader is ajit singh patna hai na criticism faced and he is the aviation minister under congress central government

    its modi not congress who is busy giving reservation to jats and muslims

    akarauddin owaisi threatning salman:

    he famously said take out police 25 cr muslim will finish hindus in 15 min

    results :

    people filed cases and this guy was out of country (cue for salman)

    his ancesstors faught against indian army( operation polo)…what happened


  6. HAHAHA poor BJP and congress!


      • owaisi belong to razakars


        The Nizam’s defiance was backed by Qasim Razvi’s armed militias, known as Razakars and had the moral support of Pakistan.[2] After a stalemate in negotiations between the Nizam and India, mass killing and rape of the Hindu population by Razakars, and wary of a hostile independent state in the centre of India, Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Patel decided to annex the state of Hyderabad.[6] He sent the Indian Army and the Hyderabad State Forces were defeated within five days.


      • OK


          • Like

          • I don’t live in the past, except for old films.
            I also don’t play the kind of political support for a party the way you are that’s why I really have nothing to say.

            Getting old videos, cracking personal jokes of a party’s leaders etc pushes real stuff and issues into the background. If not that then bringing old issues and trying their best to make it relevant to modern times, arousing peoples negative passions.
            The political parties have been playing this game for a long time. The race to the seat have been done on these grounds for too long. And once in the seat the national treasury becomes their to loot and enjoy.

            I prefer a government doing dharna, taking on a corrupt police head on who has troubled people for years, and pushing their manifesto promises as much as they can.

            This is the kind of video the people need to see.



          • It seems the video has been shortened from what I saw a while ago where it showed real brutal beating. Maybe it is against the rules to show such brutality. They have even made a long weak speech to go along with it. The other completely raw video has been toned down here.


          • Double standards of AAP. They share 12 day old video of Police beating a man and blamed police for corruption. Still, police has suspended 3 police shown in video footage.
            Will AAP take any action against Somnath Bharti and Arvind Kejriwal for breaking so many laws?

            Delhi: 3 policemen suspended for beating civilian
            New Delhi: Within an hour of AAP bring in public a Youtube video showing two Delhi Police constables beating up a civilian, the Delhi Police has suspended three policemen over the incident.
            The accused policemen were posted at the Civil Lines police station. A departmental inquiry has been ordered into the incident which will be headed by a ACP level officer.
            Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi has reacted strongly over the incident and added that police brutality will be strictly dealt with. “We will not tolerate any such incident. We will inquire about this video,” he said.
            AAP on Friday dug out a 12-day old video from Youtube in which two Delhi Police officials are shown beating up a man. The video shows the constables beating up man near Lal Quila. The party claimed that the video also establishes that police officials indulge in corruption.
            AAP has asked why the Union Home Ministry, under which the Delhi Police functions, failed to check their actions.
            “Not only does the video clearly show Delhi Police’s inhuman behaviour but also the urban legend of police extorting money is caught on camera. This video was shot by a vigilante near Lal Qila and will the Home Minister (Sushil Kumar Shinde), under whom Delhi Police comes, make sure that action is taken against these policemen,” asked party members while releasing the video.



          • In my opinion, AAP has lost moral right for any action still Police suspended them. Can AAP take action against Somnath bharti and kejriwal?
            This is the same party who used yo say Police should be independent but after coming to power, no word about it. Instead, they want it under them.


          • I give up.
            I’m not here to support a party at any cost but because I see it better than the other two in their aims and this very big achievement.
            A woman has been publicly raped but there is no protesation.

            But anyway, the accusations against Somnath Bharati are getting out of hand. Yogender Yadav has said they have the full video clip of what happened there and none of the allegations stick.
            I believe him, and I guess they will bring this clip out at the appropriate time.

            I support Kejriwal’s dharna, so there is nothing to defend there.

            One could bring up old videos of Modi showing him in compromised positions and interviews.


          • “I don’t live in the past, except for old films.
            I also don’t play the kind of political support for a party the way you are that’s why I really have nothing to say.”

            seems again you gone personal and when unable to make any sense…what old nonsense its recent one and this guy openly talk about an actors visiting and threatnin people to call for massive boycott of his movie released today

            i have seen your earlier support for sonia to now aap even when you know there don’t know any thing about them

            stick to quotes


          • >what old nonsense

            Ref: all that Nizam, India etc

            >its recent one and this guy openly talk about an actors visiting and threatnin people to call for massive boycott of his movie released today

            It could be a publicity stunt. It has happened before.

            >i have seen your earlier support for sonia to now aap even when you know there don’t know any thing about them

            I still support Sonia/Rahul IF the ONLY OTHER CHOICE is Modi. But thank God for AAP. I know almost everything about AAP except of course their internal party matters.
            They have made mistakes hich are NOTHING compared to the other two.

            >stick to quotes
            See, I did.


        • speechless …hyderabad is still called nizam’s territory and even in this bollywood what that territary is called and ya you refer this as publicity stunt good for you not for others who are watching things politically….ignorance

          you accuse me of blindly suppor but i can see a blind hatred and ya take a break this is now total mental disintegration …see what you are reduced to

          take a break think and type something substantial …


          • Quotes;
            >blind hatred
            >take a break
            >total mental disintegration

            From an earlier comment;

            >seems again you gone personal



          • nope i replied to a barb and if you accuse somebody of blind support don’t be scared of replies


            Assault on India by a Chief Minister

            The recent dharna at the venue of the Republic Day Parade was a perfect lesson as to how External Security and Internal Security conflate with politics. When the politics of the day assaults on the integrity of India, it is the Constitution which comes to the rescue of the State.

            Perniciously, this time the assault was not from extra-constitutional forces, but the elected government in Delhi. The assault was spearheaded by the Chief Minister, who continued to spit venom on the State.

            His venom was unforgivingly directed at the Republic Day, which celebrates the very Constitution that made him the Chief Minister. The Republic Day Parade draws men and women, boys and girls from all parts of India. It is a perfect symbol of national integration, sovereignty and aspirations of India.

            Young boys and girls of the NCC wake up at 4 O’clock in the morning in the Delhi cold to rehearse for the Parade. Those children who win the bravery awards come with their parents to the Capital, full of pride and enthusiasm. The young girls’ band of Birla Public School is a regular feature. Widows receive gallantry awards on behalf of their martyred husbands and children. It is these martyrs, because of whom we live in security, the same security without which Mr. Kejriwal cannot carry out his dharnas.

            If Mr. Kejriwal really understood the elan and pride that the participants evince in the Republic Day Parade, he would have probably not decried it in the manner in which the Maoists, the insurgents and separatists do. This author while writing a book on Maoism, interacted with the District Magistrate of Gaya district in Bihar, the DM narrated an incident wherein the Maoists had issued a diktat that black flags will be hoisted on the Independence Day in all schools in the area under their terror.

            In one of these schools, one eight-year-old girl could not bear the sight of a black flag being unfurled. She in a patriotic rage brought the black flag down, tore it, and hoisted the national flag. The girl and her family were subsequently compelled to relocate themselves. Is it surprising that the core of the ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ comprises over-ground Maoists, Maoist sympathizers and ‘collapsed ultra-leftists’?

            A perusal of the documents issued by the Central Committee of the Maoists in India makes it evident that their final objective is to capture the Indian State. In the bid to capture the State the Maoists have divided their push for taking over the State into three broad phases, i.e. Phase-1 (strategic defence): capture of rural areas; Phase-2 (strategic stalemate): characterized by balance between security forces and Maoists armed strength; and Phase-3 (strategic initiative): capture of the epicenter of power.

            In this endeavor they elicit the support of all anti-state forces. Therefore, Prashant Bhushan’s advocacy for separatists and referendum on the deployment of State forces in Maoist affected areas should be seen in this backdrop. Also Mr. Kejriwal’s comments on Batla House encounter and his refusal to comment on Pakistan amounts to pandering to jihadi forces and Pakistan. One does not call a press conference to give merely inane remarks on issues of such vital security interests. The design is therefore obvious.

            The Chief Minister could have gained equal amount of media traction, had he chosen to abide by the order of carrying out his dharna at Jantar Mantar. The purpose, however was sinister. It was to pose a threat to the nerve center of India, i.e. the South Block, North Block, Parliament and Rastrapati Bhawan complex. It is for this reason that he duped the authorities by first stating that only he and his cabinet colleagues would form part of the dharna. Once he established himself he gave a call to cadres from all parts of the country to converge on the nerve center of India.

            What saved the situation was the insipid heed to his call and the vigilance of Delhi Police. The objective to capture the nerve center was betrayed by the very language of the Chief Minister. He went to the extent of saying that it was not for the Union Home Minister to decide whether he as Chief Minister will sit on dharna, instead it is he, who would decide where the Home Minister of India should have his office.

            Significantly, the target was not Mr Shinde, but the institution of Home Minister. He could have well issued the same threat to the Supreme Court of India?

            All through the ‘Aam Aadmi’ leader emphasized on his status as Chief Minister and his right to dharna, anywhere and everywhere in Delhi, as ‘real democracy’. The Chief Minister should reflect on the outcome, if another group of ‘aam aadmi’ opposed to him occupy the same venue and contest his dharna in the same democratic refrain.

            Apart from other pressing considerations, it is to guard against such imponderables of rogue Chief Minister that the Delhi Police cannot be placed under Delhi Government. Imagine what would have been Mr Kejriwal’s response when information was given about presence of terrorists in Batla House?

            He would have probably refused to order the Delhi Police to take action. It must be underscored that for most federal security and intelligence agencies located in the Capital, the Delhi Police is the armed executive force in support. A rogue Chief Minister with Delhi Police under him can even order the arrest of the Home Minister, an institution for which Mr Kejriwal showed complete disdain and disregard.

            The plan of dharna was therefore well planned and calculated. It was a trial assault on India’s nerve center. What saved India from this assault was the Constitutional safeguards.

            Democracy and Constitutional culture evolves. Every country passes through its period of trials and tribulations, hits and misses in the evolution of political culture and awareness. India is no exception.

            Even UK, the mother of Westminster democracy, has one of the most abnormal coalition government of Conservatives and Liberals, which some may say is travesty of democracy.

            Mr Kejriwal displayed total hatred for national symbols and institutions. He has no business to abuse the same very system that subsidized his education and allowed him ‘study leave’ at Aam Aadmi (taxpayer’s) expense, which later had to be returned under legal threat.

            Mr Kejriwal also said that from now onwards the Republic Day will be in his style. He did not have the intellectual capacity to appreciate that the Prime Minister of Japan was not coming as a Chief Guest to watch his style of Republic Day. I can bet that none repeat none in Mr Kejriwal’s cabinet knows the significance of emerging geopolitical equation between India and Japan.

            The country cannot be hostage to such vicious plots by any Chief Minister in the garb of democracy. India cannot permit externally funded anti-national outfits to dismantle the constitutional framework, rather the country itself by such sophisticated plots.


  7. omrocky786 Says:

    ha Ha, great title ,
    Satyam did you ever write your Dhoom-3 review ? or you are waiting to see it for the 5th time before writing ?lol


  8. Coming back to the Indian Medical System discussion from the previous thread, would like to say that I cringe everytime I hear Kumar Vishwas’s misplaced jingoism wrt Indian docs. There is a big diff between Indian docs who work in India and the ones who migrate to the US. Here they have to undergo a grueling USMLE licensing exam, which many of them fail in several attempts. Once they get through, they have to apply for Residency, which itself is not very easy, as they have to go through the ‘Hospital-Candidate Match Mechanism”. Then they spend 3yrs learning the US Medical System, with all of its checks-balances built in. And for specialization another 2-5 yrs. When they come out of it all, they have literally unlearnt the Indian system and been transformed into the American system which has heavy malpractice protections built in. There are STARK law impositions which forbid docs from ownership in downstream services, eg the doc-pharma nexus in India.
    So if Kumar Vishawas thinks that the Indian docs who treat Obama are the same as the Indian docs he gets to see in India, he is sadly mistaken. In fact that AAP MLA who had the bad medical experience in India ought to call Kumar out on this statement he keeps making re: Sonia going abroad for treatment. It is a truth, any Indian with the means to go abroad should go abroad, because in India, one just cannot guarantee the type of treatment they will get. Fees are charged based on the patient’s wealth. The same heart bypass costs anywhere from 2lakh to 10lakhs depending on how much the doc can armtwist out of the patient.
    And in that vein, the people in the US who keep cursing docs (read: Democrats) need to comprehend how good they have it here. Off course, Obamacare will eventually destroy the system here as well.


  9. and its not me but election commission of india who is communal and warning people of politics played



  10. This is Funny and ridiculous how some people comparing kejruwal with Gandhi,
    Gandhi also broke law. But, against whom ? British rulers were not democratic, they were not selected by people, they were invaders.
    Here we have a democratically selected government, if that is bad. You have a chance to choose someone else.It doesnt mean you eradicate democratic system which is very dangerous and not far from what we see in Middle east countries like Egypt, Libya. And isnt it the reason why Kejriwal made a political party to improve system within system ? Then why is he going on protests again. Why cant he form Task force as he promised before elections?

    Also, there is 360 degree difference in Anna’s movement and kejriwal’ protest. Anna made suffer himself by fasting, tolerance thus support grew, here Kejriwal going on streets without fast but with anger, just creating problems for public. Moreover, there was violence in protest.


    • He went on protests again because he is u-turn master, he is confused and inexperienced. Suddenly, with so much power in his hands he doesn’t know what to do.


    • My thoughts on this whole protest by Kejriwal-
      1) If he was concern about people, then he would have gone for protest when danish woman was raped. But, he started dharna to protect his minister. Later, Kejriwal started saying this dharna was for the demand of police under his control.
      Kejriwal’s protest was never for police control. it was to defend his minister who was bashed by many critics due to breaking law. It was an ego battle to show supremacy of minister over policemen. He used police under control of delhi as defense tool. But, then his defense was weak too.

      2) He should have gone for Dharna to demand make Police independent body. DIdn’t he say before elections that he will try to make police independent body. Now, instead he wants police under his control. I would also have supported kejriwal if he had protested to make police independent. But, you see how different is his politics from conventional politics. Only, different is in gimmicks.

      3) Congress gives electoral freebies , AAP gives electoral freebies + Media Gimmicks. After managing Anna’s movement, Kejriwal understood how to create gimmicks and use media for political purpose.

      As for Pranab Mukherjee indirectly criticizing AAP in his Independence day speech, Everyone knows congress, they made him president to use politically. But, how different is AAP from congress? They will do same as AAP loves dictatorship and wants everything under their control.
      Only, BJP made non political background right person our president ‘Abdul Kalam’. They even supported him this time, but BJP doesnt have majority in Loksabha.


  11. ok guys since there are a lot of political discussions these days any articles that are quoted should be kept to a shorter length. Either put up just the link or the link and a small extract. The political stuff is drowning out all other discussion and while I don’t have an issue with the discussions this also isn’t primarily a political blog.


    • Newspapers are full of political news. So better film blogs remain film blogs. Everyone said whatever has to be said and there will be nothing new except repetitions and propaganda.


      • I will come here only to educate anyone who comes up with any wrong notions about AAP or spread any wrong information about AAP – and ACCEPT any wrong doings of AAP.


        • The AAP needs to first accept its own wrongdoings before its supporters start doing so on behalf of the party. IMO, the media has got them by their throats with the Somnath Bharti case, and their really is not argument that can absolve Bharti. But AAP is acting like other parties in shielding a tainted minister. Self-Righteousness without the ability for personal responsibility erodes credibility. They need to act on this quickly.


          • See, we know the corrupt media. The very next morning they came up with sensational news of AAP supporters raiding, mobbing women, making them urinate on the roadside for samples, manhandling, touching, no policewoman etc etc. To me this news sounded bizarre.
            But the media and opposition created such a noise and din that it was unstoppable. AAP didn’t even know how to handle it.

            All that I have listed up is proved wrong by the video clips that they have posted on their sight.
            -there was a women policewoman
            -no mob chasesd the woman (it was a policeman) clearly seen)
            -Somnath Bharati standing there asking a police official (seems to be a high official) to raid. We know you don’t need warrant where drugs are concerned. Even so you cordon off the area so no one escapes and one goes to get the warrant.
            At one point he’s even asking this policeman to contact the sp/DSP(?) called Jaiswal so that he takes some action, which this man doesn’t agree, saying I’ve sent a message etc. This delay turned up nothing.
            Later arrives a taxi. The girls see the police and some people and start running away. I too would get frightened and nervous if I see police and people around my area, and think, ‘what happened?’ Running away seems fishy. Yet, I’ll not judge. Maybe that was their reaction.

            Some allegations have been proved wrong by watching this video.
            But I’m still waiting for the investigation’s completion. In such a serious matter I’ll definitely not base my opinion on media’s portrayal.

            So I’m not yet accepting any wrong thing yet.
            His going with the people there and saying ‘go and raid’ I take as telling them ‘do something’. Nothing happened. They didn’t raid, or did at a later stage when nothing turned up (this part is not clear). All the stories seem to concentrate on the arrival of a taxi with some women, they say from Gurgaon in their statement to police, while the driver says he picked them up from somewhere in Dwarika. Anyway.
            If you want to say Somnath Bharati’s going there at people’s request was the biggest mistake ever made in the life of Indian democracy, I don’t agree.


          • Of course like with the so called sting on AAP before the elections even this won’t get corrected in the media. The false perception and allegations will remain in the media and their archives. Even today there’s a BJP spokeswoman who always brings it up inspite of knowing it was fake, and the whole footage is on their site to show the clear doctoring.


          • Calling the media corrupt is not going to help. It is the same media which gave exposure to Anna’s movement with constant 24X7 coverage. This is how Kejriwal got his first 15 mins of fame, which he strategically exploited all the way to the elections. This is the same media that was being felicitated for denying the Godhra incident, and hounding Modi for 10 straight years. When it did so, it was not ‘corrupt’. But now that the same media is asking tough questions of the AAP, it has become ‘corrupt’. This explanation is synonymous to Mamta’s denials of rapes as political conspiracies.
            The Cong and BJP have learned to live with the media’s brickbats and the bouquets. They have learnt it the hard way, that they cannot coverup for taint and get away with it. AAP needs to do the same if it wishes to mature onto the next level. The longer it denies, and the longer it blames the messenger, the more credibility it will lose. It will become entrenched with its core supporters in an echo-chamber and lose out on attracting the fence-sitters.


          • I don’t think you got my point, or ignored it. You took up my calling media ‘corrupt’ and ran away with it.
            It’s the hastiness to give false news which results in false perceptions I’m talking about.
            Following a movement is hardly a comparison.
            But of course if you don’t want to see what I’m saying what more can one say.

            As for Arvind’s 15 minutes fame, well I have an interesting tweet.


          • A bit more on 15 minutes fame. I hope you can see it. It’s at a school’s fancydress programme today.


        • One tweet does not a news make. Similarly, wrt that fancydress. I have a personal story, I was at a Rotary Club fancy dress event in Kolkata a few months before Mamta came into power. The loudest cheers were for a 10 yr old girl dressed as Mamta, who gave a rousing speech in Bengali (which I scantly understand). Cut to 2014, the same Mamta faces brickbats for her actions. And most Bengalis do not even doubt her honesty or integrity, but they do doubt her sanity for her reactions to the incidents around her. I find the AAP to be falling into that same frame of mind.
          And this is exactly what Anna had speculated. When you get into the dirt of politics, it will be very difficult to wash your own hands off the dirt that is thrown your way. Every little action will be brutally scrutinized by the media. He chose to stay away, so that he could preserve the sheen on his image. Kejriwal ought to be prepared for this media onslaught, and not shy away.

          But coming to the bigger issue which he is currently fighting for, ie, control of Delhi Police under the State Govt. While this issue may find resonance in Delhi, every other state actually wants an independent State Police, precisely because their controlling masters in the State Govt have abused the police for their own political motives. This is one issue which seems to have flumoxed the AAP’s tacts, and has stopped its momentum. They are fighting for this cause at the same time as they are trying to go national. And it makes them appear contradictory, because these tactics appear insane to voters in every other state they go to. Contrast this with Modi, who stuck with Gujarat for 10 yrs, passed the development test with flying colors, and is now talking about replicating the model nationally. This is what AAP needed to do. First clean up Delhi, create that template and then go national. The AAP is losing the media battle precisely because they are trying to go in two diff directions at the same time.

          This is also reflective in their national membership drive numbers.


          Outside Delhi, they got the max numbers in UP, Maharashtra and Haryana where there there are non-BJP ruling govts. They got decent numbers in MP, but that state is forecast to be swept by the BJP. Their response in Gujarat is timid, which actually reflects the ground reality over there.


        • AAP invites Gangster Dawood Ibrahim and Arun Gawli to join party. How low can they stoop to ?


          • Another example of an AAP intellectual going bananas. Kejri has said that he does not mind people of opposing ideologies joining AAP, after all they are a true democratic party. They can freely exchange their views and arrive at decisions. Unfortunately, these AAP members exchange their controversial views with the media, and all hell breaks loose. AAP is a rainbow coalition of ideologues, each looking for an intellectual soundboard. Every week, the immature statements of an AAP member is keeping them in the news for all the wrong reasons.


  12. media nahi national commission of human rights involved …if media is so currupt why somanath is not apparing and why kejriwal is apologising lol

    fantasti stuff from akbar sahab


    ongress needed a surging Kejriwal as their last big, if indirect, bet against Narendra Modi. The party has abandoned hopes of forming the next government; its senior spokesman P Chidambaram said as much at Davos when he projected a split Lok Sabha after the next elections . Congress is not worried about being replaced by BJP; it gets antsy only at the prospect of Modi as PM. Congress thought Kejriwal could fracture BJP numbers.


  13. AAP invites Gangster Dawood Ibrahim and Arun Gawli to join party. How low level can they stoop to ? Anti national, Anarchic and now Gangster too.


  14. @NyKavi (satyam please delete my comment above, I posted it in the wrong place)

    >One tweet does not a news make.

    Agreed, It was an interesting tweet and I thought it must be a result of at least 16 minutes of fame.

    >Similarly, wrt that fancydress.
    Oh, I thought the little boy looked so cute.

    As for the police. Doesn’t BJP have the same demand in Delhi? And you don’t think the controlling central government applies it for political purposes? Anyway, they should bifurcate it, one under centre the other under Delhi Govt for better accounbtability. Accountability which is so extremely lacking with everyone pushing the blame here and there.

    As for whether AAP should go National or not – I find political analysing very tiresome. Especially in the case of AAP.

    They are NOT following the old fashioned system. If the people want them they will get mobilized and move with them.
    If they want a man, Modi taking all the credit as a one man show, for the development, then they can stand back. It’s up to them.

    Why should AAP not try if BJP is stronger in a region and they are sure to lose?
    That’s the congress/BJP hand in glove attitude.
    Leaving the path easy and clear for each other. Let AAP go and fight and lose, but at least let them offer opposition.

    AAP will be good in the opposition. BJP was a miserable one. Taking part in congress corruption scams, and never really opposing their actions.

    AAP may have had some difficulties and taken some wrong steps (as though the other partie, inspite of their experience have always taken the right steps), but they want to change the system and I am all for it. The people will feel pride in the development instead of putting a man on the pedestal.

    >Contrast this with Modi, who stuck with Gujarat for 10 yrs, passed the development test with flying colors

    Come on. As if Modi alone could do it. What arrogance. Gujaratis are a business people, and that has been the main reason for the money coming in (also leading to a lot of corruption).
    His sort of development is going to increase the gap between the two Indias already in existence

    Just read your comment about the ‘rainbow’ thing. It has been emphasised again and again, that the party can have a rainbow of opinion, that’s true representation of the diversity in India) but the policy will be the one formed by the working committee of the party.

    That’s a modern approach. People with a set way of thinking won’t undewrestand it.


    • Here is another perspective on their video proof of Bharti:


      The Aam Aadmi Party’s decision to release a series of videos — as proof of its moral rightness — makes it clear that Kejriwal’s support of Bharti and his actions reflects not political expediency, but ideological agreement. It reveals a willingness to shame women, willfully violate their privacy to justify moral policing of the most illegal kind. But what is more shocking is what passes as ‘proof’ of illegal and immoral activity in the AAP worldview.

      Read more at: http://www.firstpost.com/politics/madness-of-king-kejriwal-aap-dons-its-khap-panchayat-avatar-1359025.html?utm_source=ref_article.

      Ab kisko believe karogey? In the end, every political party creates a set of core supporters who have a faith or ‘aastha’ in its actions. And there will always be a set of detractors. The final yardstick for anyone is not dharna but karna (ie performance). We need to wait and watch the net effect of AAP on Delhi when it finishes its term. When the times comes to vote again in Delhi, in 5 yrs, its positive or negative performance will clarify everything.


      • > In the end, every political party creates a set of core supporters who have a faith or ‘aastha’ in its actions.

        Yes, and every political party’s aastha supporters strive to negate any explanation with fearful sounding words like khap, and not accept anything of another party which might just let them off the hook. It wouldn’t do, would it?

        One allegation cleared brings on another. Even the supporters have to go through it. I’ve been doing nothing but clearing allegations, analyses, etc 😉

        In return I’ve not really said anything against any party unless it was brought up to counter any attack, because I really don’t care what they are up to. All I’m interested in, is, how AAP is faring. But the other parties are so obsessed with AAP, giving advice, being condescending, and what not. One senses restlessness, and worry.


        • That is true for stars we support.


          • oh come on. I’m not even that interested in contemporary films. Just for the sake of argument if I speak in favour of SRK (because I see some unfairness against him here) does not mean my passionate support for AAP (as of now, I believe in them) is the same as for SRK!!! Even I’m shocked to read this comparison.


          • You may not, but for many that is very much true.


      • I visit only Aam aadmi page and they just concentrate on their own party’s goings on. Never seen any dirt about other parties there. They really mean to do clean politics.


  15. Follow ‘i am sorry i voted for AAP’


  16. WOW! Thanks to Somnath bharti and Kejriwal, African union to complain against india in United Nations


  17. I think AAP is suffering from teething problems.
    They should start governing. The foreign powers who do not want a strong India will encourage anarchist parties, maoists, separatists etc. AAP should not fall into their trap. They got and are getting solid middleclass support as well and they should use this opportunity to provide a third front. Otherwise people will fall back on tried and tested parties.


  18. Why people are attracted to AAP? It looks and presents itself like a doer party rather than talk. People are disgusted with red tape, not moving files, penalising consumer, pro establishment stance and regional politics. They want a broad based party which can tackle issues in an unorthodox way even if it looks like anarchy. If anarchy makes things easier for the aam aadmi, it is not such a bad word. Sticking to law makes an ordinary citizen wait for eternity to get or not get justice, make the bureaucrat more powerful and the aam aadmi helpless. Inspite of bad press, AAP is still popular and people are not in a hurry to leave it. The one good thing that congress had done is supporting AAP. Hope they will continue to support it and if they dont, they will be wiped out in the next elections.


    • One simple example as to how this rotten system works. To change name in Electricity Bill which is address proof for most, one has to submit chain agreement for sale, pan card xerox and around thousand rupees besides filling an application form. Even after entering correct details, names are usually misspelt and the consumer is asked to make another application for correction and submit further attested documents like pancard though he or she already submitted them and also pay a fee. No guarantee that the spelling will be correct this time and the clerk who entered the misspelling is not at all held accountable.
      This is how the rotten system works most of the time making life difficult for the ordinary citizens.


      • but again this is nehruvian buerocracy and the same oppose privatization and are forever ready to give freebies not open the market …see what happened to telecom


        • http://www.niticentral.com/2014/01/25/to-eulogise-father-rahul-gandhi-concocts-telecom-history-183138.html

          Till 1984, manufacturing of the telecom equipment was reserved for a public sector company. In 1984, private sector was allowed entry in manufacturing of telephone sets. But even till 1989, when Rajiv Gandhi lost power, the manufacturing of telephone equipments fell short of demand leading to increasing import dependence. It was not before the economic liberalisation of 1991 that the entire telecom manufacturing sector was opened up to private players. The erstwhile Indian telephone industries, Bangalore had first developed a prototype of push button telephone in 1974. But its credible line of commercial production was not developed until 1986. Till 1989, only MTNL customers in Delhi and Mumbai could get push button telephone on payment of Rs 500/- per set.

          Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on May 21, 1991, approximately two years after he lost power. As per the 1991 census, there were 5,87,258 inhabited villages in India. But even in 1995 (when again the Congress Government was again in power) telephone connection had reached 1, 63,655 villages only. This was informed by Sukh Ram, MoS, Communications on February 14, 1995 in Rajya Shaba. It means under Rajiv Gandhi and three succeeding Prime Ministers – telephone connection had reached only one-third of villages across the country. Clearly, neither Rajiv Gandhi formulated the idea of one PCO per village nor did he bring to completion the mission.

          Dear Rahul Gandhi, if not history read some newspapers at least

          When the Ninth Plan was rolled out by Atal Behari Vajpayee in 1998, there were still 6,07,491 villages left to be connected telephonically. The Ninth Plan put the target at linking 3,39,659 villages. As per the 2001 census, there were 5,93,601 inhabited villages in the country. By 2008, approximately 5,30,624 villages had been provided with Village Public Telephones (VPT). Five years later, as July 31, 2013 some 5,82,185 revenue villages (or 98 percent) had been connected with VPT. There is a deficit of less than two per cent now, but can be made good with mobile telephone connections. Mobile telephone service first began in Kolkata in August, 1995 by a private company. Rajiv Gandhi had passed away in 1991. It was the NDA Government policies, which led to proliferation of the mobile telephony in India.


    • No body mentions the teeth that have already come out. It has been nothing but a delirious orgy of negativity.
      80000 jobs have been created. I haven’t heard anything about it on the more prominent media.
      One example (there are others such).


  19. its not created but announced again as popular election measure and so has been chorus on contractual job..sheila has tried and nitish has won election it..it takes time and infrastructure to beild and implementation…..



  20. this is a note for everyone on these political threads. I think things are going overboard. I don’t have a problem with the discussions, just the sheer volume of it. It’s drowning out everything else. The blog has become more of a political one. I do like variety in discussions, sometimes things get more involved, I even like the idea of a political thread but not if it’s the only thing being discussed. Also as far as I can tell it’s the same points being beaten to death every single day. In the context of a precise discussion it would be one thing but if every single day people are going to show and say the very same things and have a crusading zeal about it this becomes problematic. At a lesser volume I don’t have an issue. But with this extraordinary volume I certainly do. I’d like to keep these sorts of threads alive but not sure if I can do so at the risk of the blog being overrun by them. Hope I haven’t offended anyone with this comment. This isn’t my intention. And again I don’t have a problem with the discussions as such or whatever views one holds. But there has to be reasonable volume in these matters. I have said the same thing about silliness on other occasions. We all engage in it from time to time but there’s again a question of volume. So hope no one takes this the wrong way. It’s not directed at anyone specific in any case.


    • Yes, I’m going in circles defending similar attacks and have started to feel dizzy.
      So this one last comment before a very long gap (hopefully) for those people commenting here the most.

      हाईकोर्ट ने हर्षवर्धन पर ठोंका जुर्माना



      • lol today hc has issued notice to mr arvin kejriwal


        pata nahan clearly amounts to mockery of law if one sue him but he is not that important

        on ur harshvardhan:

        It was under his supervision that the National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP) was introduced. The project, started in 1997, led to the elimination of the wild poliovirus type 2 by 1999, which caused one of the most debilitating varieties of polio in India. The surgeon, fondly called ‘Doctor Saab’ by the party cadres, was elected for the first time from East Delhi’s Krishna Nagar constituency and has held that seat ever since. A graduate from the GSVM Medical College in Kanpur, Dr Harsh Vardhan had completed his MS in ENT surgery and then set up a private practice. Being a doctor himself, his focus on health had been one of the high points of the NDA government. He not only launched the polio eradication programme in India, he was instrumental in formulating and implementing one of the first anti-tobacco legislations in India. An article on him on online journal Bihar Prabha notes: He was instrumental in passing the Delhi Prohibition of Smoking and Non-Smokers Health Protection Act in 1997. Later, the Supreme Court passed an Order asking all states and the Centre to follow suit. Soon, other states followed Delhi’s example, culminating in a Central legislation banning smoking in public places in 2002. The doctor, who has been a member of the RSS for close to 40 years, had once roped in the RSS, along with 400 NGOs and school children, to spread awareness about polio and oragnise mass immunisation programmes. The former general secretary of the Delhi Medical Association was also awarded for his work in steering anti-tobacco campaigns in India. The Delhi Assembly website mentions: This attempt received worldwide acclaim and for this historic effort he received WHO’s Commendation Medal in May-1998, at a Ceremony held in Rio-De-Janeiro Brazil.


    • Pappu pulls a Palin on Arnab:
      Arnab: Inflation? Pappu: RTI
      Arnab: Corruption? Pappu: Women’s Empowerment
      Arnab: Dynastic Politics? Pappu: MNREGA
      Arnab: Communalism? Pappu: A tree never fell so the earth never shook.


    • Man this interview was something. I usually keep away from these political threads but whew, what an interview!! Nobel peace prize to ArGo for not reacting violently to the dumbness and numbness of RaGa.

      Seriously!!! RaGa should go nailin Palin. They are so freaking made for each other!! The ultra-left libtards should think really, really hard. Wallowing under some stone-etched ideology, do you really want the country to be ruled by this guy? Making destiny-altering decisions? I shudder to think how this guy will deal with Pakistan, China, or even the US!! It is really scary to even think that he is the PM candidate of a country of 1 billion!!

      ArGo is asking about price rise and this guy is talking of ‘wimen’ empowerment!! I know he is the favorite of ladies log but still! Heck!! Has he been on auto-pilot mode for the past 10 years? 10 years in politics and this is what he has learnt!! A 1 year old kid gains better intelligence in 10 years than this guy!!

      One really needs to put away ideological blinders and see things for what they are..the country will go into a limbo a la Inception if this guy ever becomes the PM..He cannot understand anything even if he is given another 25 years..

      A la Niro, When India was burning, RaGa was interviewing..


  21. Like

  22. and they keep electing him ….third term was with close to 2 3rd of majority…this is going on for years



  23. exactly…jyoti basu 5 but none with continious media hostility, ignoring someone for years and going full vitrol…kya hua only rise

    barkha famously said pappu as next obma no pun intended

    in the first week of hers government godhra didn’t happened and after that 3 state run by congress cm who refused police which would have saved life(enough hostility to rattle anything), later massive earthquake and destruction and finally despite sharing border with hostile neighbour security is unblemish..in nearby maharashtra 26/11 happened.


    • Journey into the unknown. Premonition and sixth sense. The dark world of unknown truths. To believe or not to believe. Life is a philosophical journey more than a materialistic journey.


  24. Wish Modi would prove himself more educated than Rahul Gandhi.
    After several other ignorant remarks he comes up with this.

    There is no country in the world where there is not a war memorial. India has fought many wars and thousands of our soldiers have lost their lives fighting for the country, but there is no memorial to honour their sacrifice

    –Read More At:


  25. ya with all governance awards he has and may have learnt to fake education cases of swany(going after pappu)and neither completed and had he ever hold any office of oath to be pm


  26. “national war memorial” ask why upa2 was keen on it…standard of media



  27. AAP timid turnout in Guj yatra:


    Again, this was to be expected, as has been mentioned several times previously on this and other threads. If in the next few years, Kejri manages to pass the Delhi test with flying colors, AAP will defn rise bigtime on the national stage.


    • Those who think conventionally and are in the same rut of politics for years it is difficult to think otherwise.

      Difficult to think that if there’s no show of pomposity and rhetoric at speeches in a thundering voice with a mass of people sitting in obeisance to a diety – it is ‘timid’.

      Even if two people walk expressing that they see falsehood, and the emperor with no clothes – it’s great!
      It’s democracy in the right sense.
      This idea that everyone should just sit back because the ‘great’ Modi will anyway win is so ridiculous.

      Anyway, it is not as timid as you think.
      Here’s a much better coverage by NDTV and the yatra isn’t that ‘timid’.



  28. One step forward, two steps backward. Now Kejri defends Khap Panchayats !!


    This is again pure opportunism. To fight Haryana elections, now AAP will embrace Khap. Now, how is this being modernist in any way?


    • How ridiculous!
      Just because there are corrupt MPs and MLAs sitting in the LS does it mean these assemblies should be banned?

      Khaps can also be changed radically to include women, punish strictly for any nonsense, and above all – modernise them.

      Did he say keep these men who have been doing illegal and unsocial things?
      kuchh bhi.


      • kai po che roflmao…nonsense and rubbish of highest order

        mp and mla’s are elected by law and for framing law numbers and floor of parliament or legislative assemlies are there defined by constitution of india

        honour killing pe bhi danda law hi deti hai


        • http://www.deccanherald.com/content/383883/sc-approves-police-action-kejriwal039s.html

          NEW DELHI: Coming to the aid of private discoms, particularly BSES Yamuna which had warned of 10-hour outages in east Delhi, the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has granted a hike of 6-8% to the utilities by way of a surcharge. This means, power bills will be 6-8% higher from February 1.

          The hike, effected in the power purchase adjustment costs (PPAC) surcharge, would help avert an outage crisis, sources said. It will be implemented in consumer bills from February 1 on total energy charges.


      • Khaps have been banned by the Supreme Court. There is no question of ‘modernizing’ the Khap system. The legal alternative is a Gram Panchayat. Khaps are extra-constitutional bodies. Who will punish an errant Khap? What’s the point of letting a system flourish that by design is a parochial and chauvinist setup? They will invariably and eventually always pass judgements that cause harm to women. Will Kejri erase the agony of Khap gangraped women? Or will he raise honor-killed women from the dead? Women’s Orgs all over India are outraged at Kejris statement.
        In his quest for Haryana, the great leader forgot that he is trying to throw women rights under the bus. Once again, in their own echo-chamber, AAP is scaring away prospective fence-sitters.
        Anyway, only time will tell the result of this khichdi experiment of varying divergent ideas.


        • Last I heard, the supreme court said it was unconstitutional.
          When did it ban?

          I would like the khaps banned, myself. So in this I don’t agree with AK, unless modernised with elected members including women etc. You say;

          > Will Kejri erase the agony of Khap gangraped women? Or will he raise honor-killed women from the dead?

          You have to read the complete statement.

          “No, it is not a question of banning these panchayats,” Kejriwal told Thomson Reuters Foundation late on Monday, referring to ” khap panchayats”, the name given to village councils in rural areas of north India.

          “Khap panchayats are a group of people who come together. There is no bar on people to assemble in this country … *********(But) whenever they take a wrong decision, whenever they take an illegal decision, they ought to be punished,” he said.*******

          Though I’d like them banned because of what they symbolise, I know that rapes/honour killings will continue inspite of that.


          • “(But) whenever they take a wrong decision, whenever they take an illegal decision, they ought to be punished,” ”
            That is being retroactive. The history of Khaps is replete with appalling judgements. These are male-dominated setups which will always go against women. They need to be proactively wiped out. That might sound too draconian to the rural Jat voter in Haryana, but it is necessary to eradicate social ills. Without draconian measures, the Brits couldn’t have eradicated medieval customs like Sati. There really is no fine line over here to walk on. Kejri is stretching it with this issue.


          • Actually I do agree with you.


          • But if one *has* to give it a political angle then what is the stand of BJP on this?


          • For sure the BJP will go with the existing status quo. We already know that the existing parties will bend backwards for garnering votes. The AAP was not supposed to be making deals with the devil. More and more they seem to be doing this, and tarnishing their credibility.


          • >The AAP was not supposed to be making deals with the devil.

            Seems like AAP has to be punished for declaring they mean to root out corruption and criminal MLAs and MPs. To be transparent.
            To do this they have to be in a position which enables them..
            To get into this position they have to get elected.
            To get elected they have to fight a huge, rich, and powerful macinery which is corrupt and criminal.
            There is no easy way to fight these paradoxes.


      • Arvind backs ‘India’s Taliban’


        • And BJP? What is their stand? Was there any statement made against khap by any leader? May I have any link showing that?


  29. khud bhi haryana ka hai …


  30. Kejriwal movies to Government alloted bunglaow. LOL our all party memebrs and MLAs will work from their own house, we will not take anything from Tax Payers’ money. This guy is more dangerous than any other party. So much for change in politics and in name of different party. Only rhetoric.


  31. what makes you think people don’t pay attention but they don’t to some attention seeker and ya mulayam supported some nonsense agitation (on the day when on tv someone’s was giving his vision of governance ) and how someone travelled backdoor to u.p. and on front venom till elections..where will do these small votecutters will go….

    aside not only khap but a certain bhullar and in retaliation muslim shouting for batla house encounter and demanding(read sc judgment on them) makes it laughable…

    in this era of social networking there won’t be another monster like bhinderwala(created to counter akali and bjp in punjab), a prabhakaran or even raj thackrey (send free and allowed by congress government in maharashtra and centre with some of his action)


  32. The 2002 Gujarat riots did not happen because Narendra Modi authorised the killing of Muslims that cold February. The longer we dwell on his direct role — for which evidence is thin — the longer his “clean chit” will be used to wipe out two other crimes. The first of those is the role BJP politicians, Sangh Parivar members and police officials played in the killing of more than a thousand Muslims early that year.



    • None of this is debatable. It also displays the sheer politics of it all, the “get Modi” at any cost argument. The writer clearly states, “Modi’s personal criminal responsibility for the 2002 riots is no worse than Rajiv Gandhi’s for the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, Sudhakarrao Naik’s for the 1992-93 Mumbai riots, and every chief minister’s for riots that have happened under his watch. Let’s end that campaign once and for all.”
      It is a fact that the Guj riots were spontaneous. Prior to 2002, there was a continuous chain of riots in Gujurat for more than 30 years. Curfews in cities and towns were a daily occurence. The Gujurati society was already polarized. There were few Muslim communities such as the Bohras who maintained business relations with Hindus, but the rest were totally cut off. In Ahmedabad, riots always happened in muslim localities where Hindu merchants owned shops, which invariably got destroyed in these incidents. Hindus blamed Muslims for loss of property in every riot, but the consecutive Congress state govts did little to alleviate the issues. The resentment that had built up over 30 years finally erupted after the Godhra incident. The rioters were not paid party workers. They were ordinary people, venting their frustrations in a orgy of fury. People were settling vendettas built up over 3 decades. This was not planned, it was spontaneous. the riots erupted all over Gujurat simultaneously. This is also why the Guj police could not handle the situation, despite killing more than 300 rioters. The rioters were at war, they did not mind getting killed in their quest for vengeance. Modi did not get any police help from the neighbouring Cong states either.

      Whatever be the motives, murderers and rapists must be punished. The law must be applied. But one should ask the writer, what about the unresolved cases of 1984 that collect dust in Delhi Police archives? There is a stark contrast between 1984 and 2002. There was no 3 decade animosity between Sikhs and other communities. But the fury unleashed on SIkhs was unprecedented. The loss of life in 1984 was much larger than in 2002. The coverup from the govt was blatant. No rioters were stopped, none were killed by the police. In many areas the Police did not even fire to disperse the crowds. Yet to this day, the media has been silent on seeking justice for the 1984 victims. We should all thank Pappu, because had it not been for his brilliant analysis, people would have let the organized Congress goons go scotfree.


      • forget rajiv mms gets rs seat nomination from assam and one know what has been done and where he was hiding very recently which was bigger than both….big silence of godhra and its legal implication and what you said is known to most of gujratis


  33. harsh reality and big silence and cover up all these years:

    congress mla haji bilal was convicted of godhra


    further kps gill on his biography — “KPS Gill: The Paramount Cop:

    “I realised that people of all political parties who were anti-Modi and anti-BJP were taking advantage of this mayhem and making all efforts to defame Modi one way or the other,” he says and 3 nearby congress neighbour ruled who refused police


  34. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/godhra-investigation-most-suspects-behind-sabarmati-express-fire-have-criminal-records/1/220310.html

    Kalota and the other councillors are also alleged to have siphoned off Rs.25 lakh of municipality funds. As president, Kalota reportedly issued cheques in the names of some councillors, including Congress members, a day before the massacre. The cheques were deposited in the bank the same day but the money could not be withdrawn. The police suspect that the councillors may have wanted the money to reward those involved in the carnage


  35. Greed, Dishonesty and Lies of Kejriwal exposed. Kejriwal runs away from media.
    Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal sought bungalow-


    • 34000 SqFeet Bungalow worth 200 cr in Porsche delhi area was sought by Kejriwal in 48 hours of sworn in as CM. And wth he kept saying I was offered by Delhi Govt. While he himself demanded those 2 bungalows specifically in urgency as a special case. And Congress backed Governor allotted him immediately.
      Congress + AAP = AAPCON Whole Delhi is conned by these two malicious parties.
      Biggest White Lies.


    • LOL Now, He doesnt want to talk to Media. Same guy who held press conference every day. Also, In Arnab’s debate on TimesNow, No AAP member showed in debate.


      • lol sad part is if you go to media to each and everything for masala instead of governance again to media bhi maze legi

        he shouldnt have shouted on national media that i refused vip culture and refused cm bunglow on tv as theatrics

        media made him and now finishing him


        • http://www.niticentral.com/2014/02/03/why-aaps-revelations-against-bjp-carry-no-weight-186170.html

          The AAP has alleged the BJP was engineering its fall by enticing MLAs. The alleged amount Rs 20 crore is spectacularly big one. It was alleged offered by a top leader of the BJP. Could AAP have asked for a better opportunity to expose the devious deal? It was a fit case for sting operation. That electromagnetic arsenal could have devastated the BJP-provided there was one. But that AAP MLA did not at all think on those lines raises suspicion. It was un-AAP like.

          On a personal note, I had spent my spent my childhood for two years in Kasturba Nagar also called Seva Nagar. Those were all Type-I quarters. In those days, there was hardly any television set especially in that modest locality. A ‘bioscope-wallah’ used to visit the colony. He carried a huge box with several lenses. Three to four children would look into that box through those lenses. The ‘bioscope-wallah’ would rotate a disc and a panorama of still pictures would revolve with a music playing in the background. This virtual reality was matter of great excitement amongst us children then.

          Today I discover a bioscope-wallah still lives in Kasturba Nagar. He is called Madan Lal. Delhi is still bemused by bioscope of AAP. But citizens are increasingly getting disenchanted by AAP’s virtual reality of honesty.


        • from man himself:


          Curiously, the AICC General Secretary, Shakeel Ahmed made a statement about these incidents of alleged bribe giving an hour before Madan Lal’s press conference.


  36. What’s big issue if AK sought for DDA flat ?? This is most stupid story by media till date … the guy who himself living in 4 BHK flat in kaushambi .. would obviously ask for equally good replacement to shift in Delhi. Kya chahte ho ?? Vo apna 4 room flat chod kar 1BHK mein aa jaye ?? aur Sarkar bhi chalaye ?? Hadd hai ..


    • 1) First thing it is not about Size of Bungalow, People always wanted he live comfortably and work efficiently. No one minds or ever discuss house size of a CM. But, it is Kejriwal who started this debate and accused everyone blindly.
      2) His whole campaign was against VIP culture. His biggest lie was in the same week he was seen saying We will not take any government facility on taxpayer’s money.
      3) While with other hand, he was ordering bungalow on same tax payer’s money. I must say he is pathological liar.
      4) Lets suppose he realized need of bungalow after being CM. Then why he lied by saying, delhi government wanted him to accept bungalow; he never demanded. Those were his words, while letter was written by him 2 weeks ago. That is totally hypocritical person.
      5) What kind of politics of difference he has been talking about ?
      Just 2 days back he released his manifesto, stating we do politics of difference and totally changed VIP culture.
      6) Guilty on his face and body language is shown clearly, as he runs away from media. None of AAP member attended Timenow Debate yesterday. They don’t like to be criticized; thats called Dictatorship ?

      But Narrow minded Liar people always go on excuses like my size is smaller than yours; when they all are involved in crime of rape.
      For such people, lets get into size, The bungalow which is smartly twisted by AAP blind Supporter as flat is 2 duplex of 5 bedroom each with separate servant quarters and additional 1600 sq feet lawn with total 3400 sqr feet bungalow. Its estimated worth in delhi is no less than 200 cr.


      • 1. Kejriwal is against VIP culture .. he refused bungalow and Red light culture .. for which he stands till now.

        2. 5 bedroom flat is not bunglow, this is just a replacement of house which he already owned in Ghaziabad for 6 member family.

        3. he definitely changed political discourse .. no doubts about it. Now we are closely watching hourly updates on government work. When did this happen last time ?? Never.

        4. I am glad no one from AAP attended times now debate .. that was not even worth of seeing on TV. Its better to utilize that one hour of energy for betterment of Delhites.


        • It is actually a 3 bedroom flat.
          He moved into it from a 4 bedroom flat.

          And I can’t believe the opposition supporters are being so petty that they can’t see the difference between his way of living and conducting himself when compared to others.

          If they don’t see the difference then they don’t want to, and it’s uselss paying heed to their accusations.

          There’s no discussion on several major steps that he has taken recently.
          No media is taking it up, but they discuss things like – is AAP losing it’s sheen? How long before AAP government falls? etc etc


          • I assume that you did not understand the entire controversy. Here is the timeline:
            Dec30: Kejri shoots off letter to Lt Gov asking for allotment of 2 specific 5 bdrm bungalows on Bhagwandas road. The Lt Gov immediately grants the request.

            Jan 4: News comes out that Kejri has been allotted these 2 bungalows. When his own party people criticize this allotment, he blames the Lt Gov for having allotted them. He does not reveal that it was his own letter specifically requesting those 2 bungalows which prompted Lt Gov to allot them.
            Further, he plays a martyr and refuses to shift into the ostentatious bungalows. He continues to work out of his modest digs, and later, he gets allotment of a 3 bdrm flat and moves into it.

            Feb 4: Times Now gets is hands on the original letter (dated Dec 30) and asks Kejri for an explanation. There was none to give.

            The question is not whether he deserved those 2 bungalows. He very well could have justifiably lived in them. When faced with criticism on Jan 4th, he should have honestly stated that he himself requested those bungalows, and should have justified his need. Instead, he played a martyr by refusing to move into them, and enjoyed all the ensuing accolades/praises he received for not moving into 2 200cr bungalows. This incident just displays his own character.
            And now he got caught. Thats all!


          • Check out my link below, NyKavi!

            >Times Now gets is hands on the original letter (dated Dec 30) and asks Kejri for an explanation. There was none to give.

            Really?? Such a shame. He should learn from other upright ministers who answer all the questions about even minor things like scams and selling away India’s natural resources, and he lies about two 5 bedroom houses? One of which was to be his office, he says!! Shame.

            How easy is it to get hold of letters from the office of LG?

            Poor corrupt parties, they aren’t finding any mud to throw on him with the help of the paid media. They are doing their best – but to no avail. Poor people, even their racist/sexist attacks have dwindled out.

            I’m glad Arvind has finally learned not to start answering stupid questions about houses.

            He owes nothing to the media. They have outdone themselves in their attempts at bringing down AAP.
            I know all about – this is politics etc but this is exceptional. I don’t see any other party being bashed this way.


  37. obviously updates will be there as its ELECTION TIME and these people themselves media and media wallah


  38. let kejriwal keep on creating nuisance not bothered about it but why big ruckus and absurdity of blabbering modi, jaitley without anything on hand…do people are fool to beleive someone can bribe somebody without declaration of election result and who is winner…this is nuisance not governance…and ya this was pre poll…bachchon ki kasam lol

    I swear on children I will not take support from Congress – Kejriwal


    • Don’t misquote him. You are doing what the media does all the time.

      He said I won’t form a GATHBANDHAN (alliance).


      • (Sorry satyam. I’m done for the day here.)


      • first learn to quote properly rather than blabber…there is a coalition government in delhi(outside support) …gathbhandan sarkar only

        somebody who is using media daily and for last 3 months and even apologizing in front of them says the otherway as usual

        anyway with formation of third front(coming together of 11 non congress bjp parties 2 days back) he is neither here nor there…


        • Oh good. His being neither here nor there should come as relief to the corrupt parties
          Now they can leave him alone in his house

          An alliance requires some MLAs of the other party getting a post of a minister in the cabinet.
          They have to be consulted about issues and included in the decision making.

          Anyway congress and members of bjp of mcd are in trouble


  39. Rajenmaniar Says:

    Something funny I came across

    I just want AAP’s govt to last at least for six months. Delhi ke vikas ke liye nahin…just want to see ki ye banda May- June mein bhi muffler utarta hai ki nahin… =))


  40. @NyKavi

    So you heard the ‘ghar ki baat’ and saw the gravely discussed debate on it, but this unimportant stuff sort of has to be mentioned as it’s going unnoticed.



    • And this;

      There is a list of other unimportant issues, but I’m just mentioning this one as it came up in a discussion once.


  41. WOW!!


  42. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/I-sympathize-with-Kejriwals-ignorance-Moily/articleshow/30219671.cms

    The minister said India is importing 73 to 75% of the petroleum product, which requires more than $165 and 170 billion.

    “If he (Kejriwal) can give some money, I think we will be very happy to reduce the prices,” Moily said.


    • I’m quoting directly not the Ambani/Reliance bought media.

      They created artificial scarcity by producing less.
      They sell same oil to Bangladesh for $2 and in India it will be sold at $8 from April on.

      Moily has a criminal charge against him.

      LOL!! GREAT!!
      You are defending a congress minister????? 😀

      Not only you, but on TV BJP is busy defending them, because they are in trouble too. Both congress and BJP have amassed wealth with this. Modi was Ambani’s stooge. HE NEVER HAD THE COURAGE to stop this corruption!!


      • was it addressed to me …first learn because

        roflmao and ya ibn live/tv 18 who owns …mukesh ambani only btw who gets money from ford and refused to come under rti for funding..any idea


    • Reliance bought media is going to BLACK OUT all news about it and spread falsehood.

      But what is happening – is happening! The shares ahve already fallen!!

      Poor Ambani. Kejriwal put a spoke in his dreams of becoming the richest man in the world.

      Rockstar. This effects the country’s natural resorce and wealth which is being looted. I hope no amount of loyalty will lead you to defend this act of heinous crime.


  43. heinious crime declared by…

    kejriwal knows price fixing becore pm and accuse people of bribing elected before they where elected..lol


  44. but who discusses first and thump chest and apologises to media(in case of somnath) …fir in delhi police which comes under central government against a central government minister that to yesterday when one is in minority lol


    • Lets talk about looting the country!!

      Lets hope Modi (also thumping his chest) will apologise for his silence over this looting by reliance who is hand in hand with bjp and congress.


  45. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/stocks-in-news/analysts-play-down-arvind-kejriwals-allegation-against-ril-stock-slips/articleshow/30211779.cms

    “Mr Kejriwal should answer a question – what price the gas is available in the international market. If you are buying gas at $15 and $16 per mBtu and if Indian companies are given 8 mBtu kind of per dollar price, I do not think that they have been given exorbitant hike. That is the first point,” said Deven Choksey, MD, KR Choksey Securities, in an interview with ET Now.

    “Second thing, one must understand that gas exploration requires investment and if this investment is not allowed people will not put money in India; they will put money somewhere else, like Reliance put in money in America. So, this is a serious matter,” he added.

    Choksey is of the view that the trouble for India’s entire corporate sector at some point in time emerges from this kind of disruptive politics that is being played in the name of giving cheaper commodity to the consumer. ..


    • Why international market? It is the county’s well, where oli is produced at less than $1 litre.
      17 years contract was signed to sell it at $2.3, but they are now going to increase it to $8 in April.
      Niko is not doing that. It is still selling at 2,34 to bangladesh.


      • chalo i will come down to your level:

        which reliance…reliance industries (mukesh) or bses(anil)

        in delhi power suppy comes from ndpl and bses…kal ko band huyi power whole infrastructure ,cost and time…who will set up

        india is eyeing huge untapped natural gas resources from bangladesh from future to meet energy requirements only


    • Media (bought by reliance) which you are quoting is going to defend, but their case in the above article is extremely weak.

      A joke going on was – Ambani is going to buy the twitter and wipe out all the twiiters there.


  46. just told you think before type and this schoolkid nuisance …how old are you lol

    in case of petrol and natural gas india’s is dependent on international market

    India already has two operational LNG terminals on the Gujarat coast, and a third one in Kochi. (even ril takes helf from gspc…learn what it is..pagal nahi hai ki only shout


  47. lol,
    now the films ae running on empty,we have boxoffice of politics.
    I thought this forum was about films & stars but anil ambani and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal & co are running 90% of politics boxoffice. bollywood please bring i biggie every week so I can enjoy the reviews ,rather then reading to this political issues..who does what…


    • >rather then reading to this political issues

      Really? Well, I do apologise for rejoicing.
      For the first time one is not shouting scam scam, but politicians and corporate head is being FIRed.

      But yes, it’s so uninteresting to be reading about loot of the county’s natural resources.

      But how does writing here stop anyone from posting there?
      This just means no one has anything to say about any films.

      Why do’t you go and comment there instead of here?


      • it looks like “oldgold” you would make a damn good polititian,whoever or whatever every politian or M.P. are there to do their job and instead of his/her job easier you lot are making it harder…corruption is everywhere.

        oldgold your word say it all.Let me rephrase

        ” Why do’t you go and comment there instead of here?

        lol,its your comment , get a politian forum and make an agenda and maybe someone will listen to you.

        oldgold,i have seen your comment in every section,its all arguments be it films or politics,just to prove that you know everthing.
        for god sake ,move on neither you are politian or film star.Anyways who gives a damn what you think about ambani or anyone else,they are there for a reason and no one is perfect.
        everyone has their drawbacks…this is 21st century , india and chinese launching rockets to mars and venus.maybe this planet needs a huge astroid and we all can start fresh but I will make sure I am out that day when astroid hits the earth.

        back to this forum when it was “orignal” film gosips and reviews.

        back to films and Amitabh is busy again ,

        Amitabh Bachchan to act in Hamsalekha’s debut movie?



    • Vijay: It’s hard for the likes of Hasee to Phasee to compete with Kejriwal (man, is this a guy who’s seen Bachchan’s “Inquilab” one too many times or what?!); Modi; Rahul; Sonia; and company 🙂


  48. Our post Nirbhaya anger leading to calls for the death penalty for rapists has allowed our law makers to implement an easy solution without actually tackling the institutional and systemic socio-economic and cultural factors that are the root of the issue. Hang them, and get over with it. Also create a law where a woman’s word is sacrosanct: because once again the opposite sex is not capable of deception like we men are! See how we retained certain patriarchal notions but made everyone think it’s progress?

    Remember to reprimand anyone who raises doubts about the way the social and established media castigated ‘Ex Public Vigilante’, Tarun Tejpal, regardless of the lack of evidence available against him in the public domain. If they continue to disagree just throw around words like sexist and misogynist. It doesn’t matter if they are or not, use them regardless, and enjoy the spoils of victory.



  49. gas price collusion

    Sincerely wish the people of India will seize the moment and make the most of every opportunity thrown by AAP and Kejirwal. This is India’s golden opportunity to set things right….at least partially.


    • Isn’t there a PIL in SC by same set of guys? This looks more like self promotion?



      • PIL is a weak thing. FIR with anti corruption department directly implicating ministers and the topmost businessman carries more punch.

        PIL in SC will sit for years, though that was the best thing attempted by the CPI, I think, when out of power and involving powerful people.


        • The case will be thrown out because of jurisdiction issues.

          Here is an old article explaining some of the intricacies:


          • In short no one can shake the ambani empire built with corruptiom and help of corrupt govt stooges. Sad state. Be afraid. Very afraid.


          • empire hilega to lakhs of shareholder ka kya hoga….what about jobs which created in every field and what will happen to jobseekers…ever heard of fundraiser in us and uk elections ..right throughout nexus hai worldwide corporate and politicians ka even in communist republic

            its not like when bses(anil ambani) refused to slash electricity price and derc rules in favour suddenly kejriwal remember gas and give free rights to autowallah to increase price (because they campaigned for him) and give free run to power defaulters(power theft)

            for record even kejriwal wanted another corporate tata to run electricity in delhi


          • Yes, that’s what they’ve been saying on the TV. Spreading fear. Why was he allowed to spread like cancer?


          • what spread and fear

            for a change make sense than usual nonsense what do you mean is it ambani or kejriwal

            dhirubhai was a small petrol pump attendent(aam aadmi) ..do you know his rise when he was stopped by bombay dyeing or when government did cases on him and ya his bribery on rajiv is part of folklore and it was arun shourie who went after him

            kejriwal to was once advisor of sonia gandi(on aruna roy team)


  50. In the US, the natural gas market is not ‘fixed’, the prices vary based on supply and demand. There is so much competition amongst the private players, that a monopolistic situation never arises.
    Another thing Re: gas prices: The US price used to be $12 back in 2008, and then due to major discoveries of shale gas, it plunged to $3. The Russians have a monopoly on gas supplied to the Europeans, who pay a dear $8-9 for it. The Europeans are desperate to get it from the US, only if Obama would let some sort of infrastructure develop.
    That being said, it is inconceivable that the price of extraction in India can be anymore than a couple of bucks. Trying to charge $8 is clear gouging. Reliance has always been a ‘political fixer’. They are a monopoly, precisely because they play so dirty that the other corporates do not stand a chance in any competition. I am a capitalist, but I abhor monopolies that vitiate the fairgame for every other capitalist. Reliance needs to get their balls handed to them. I hope Kejri actually gets something done here, despite all my misgivings about AAP.


    • Well said. I hope Kejriwal wont leave this issue halfway and go full steam. Ambanis need someone to prick them hard. Congress and BJP failed to do it.


      • Given his trackrecord, this issue might just turn out to be another ‘headline-grabbing’ event to keep the AAP bandwagon afloat. His list of incomplete accomplishments just keeps growing.


        • >His list of incomplete accomplishments just keeps growing.

          Oh yes!! 40 days is too long a time to accomplish what they promised, like actions of ending corruption, putting ministers behind bars, setting water/bijle supply on the right line, etc etc
          They did say they were different and honest, which includes magic.

          Look at the other parties! How quickly they accomplish things. AAP/Kejri should learn a lesson from them about accomplishing this in 40 days.

          That’s a good title for a film.
          Desh Nirman in 40 days!


          • What do you say to subsidising those who did not pay electricity bills for 6 months? What about those who did pay bills? This is the type of idiocy that I have misgivings about. What exactly is AAP trying to do here?


          • On the face of it it does look illegal. But on ethicalgrounds seems ok to me. After all with their support who risked legal action AAP got to this place and was able to give 50 percent cut to those who did not take risk or support their action. They gain in spite of.


          • At least you are being honest in saying that you are rewarding AAP supporters, unlike many AAP spokespersons on TV who are going blue in the face trying to deny this dole to its core supporters.
            Unfortunately, such special interest favoritism does not fare well. It does piss off those who were honest in paying their bills on time. There is no logic to any of this. So reward those who broke the law by taking money from those who did not! There is never a blank check, someone always ends up paying for such frivolous largesse, and it always ends up being honest taxpayers. AAP can kiss that demographic good-bye.


          • Yes, this is the second mistake that will cost them. The Somnath Bharati case which was not what it was made out to be, but the damage was done by the media and now this.

            I can go along with these two as long as they don’t commit the crime of scam.

            I will also accept this as a payment for the flak that AAP gets without praise for all the hospital/school etc work they have done.
            At least now they will get it for something that desrves it.
            They have borne unnecessary muck for the two kejriwal flats.


  51. Kejriwal is the super star and mega star rolled into one. Everyday we wait for his next move, next dhamaka, next dharna.
    Jai ho did not run to expectations because of competition from Kejriwal. Dhoom 3 could not cross 300 crores domestic net due to Kejriwal’s daily blockbusters.
    Our next prime minister will be Kejriwal. Even rajnikant wont be able to beat him in popularity.


  52. Frankly, I have nothing against an alternative to Congress and BJP.
    But, it has to be viable. I am prepared to admit Kejriwal’s intentions might be legit even if it would need some convincing. My bigger problem is that even if one were to accept that AAP has honest intentions, based on the evidence so far, I would be hard pressed to be convinced that they are capable of providing stable and effective goverenance. It has been too short a period for them to make a meaningful mark but the same argument would hold for waiting a bit longer before entrusting them with more power and responsibilities. They need to make a go of governing Delhi well for this term and if it seems to proceed in right direction, then expand their horizons and fight more elections. They dont have to come to power at the Center right away!
    I can see that there is a sizeable chunk of population that is desparate for a change and willing to go along with AAP in hope of a better governance but it would be too much too soon. Let them do a good job with Delhi. Then, they can ask for more at the time of next round of elections. For those who have their hopes pegged on AAP, I would say there is more than an even chance of them being disappointed.
    I still believe the best bet for the nation right now is Modi.


    • No, no. I don’t think any supporter of AAP expects it to form a government at the centre. The hope is of a strong opposition who will not be silent sharing loot like BJP, with congress.

      The reason AAP is fighting the LS elections is because this is the time when the desire to change the system is running strong and people are looking for an ‘alternative’, not a ‘substitute’.


  53. and vote cutters

    it took 3 years for him to make base in delhi and being compleately lost or being alien in governance suddenly parliament

    what is silent loot:

    subramaniam swamy single handedly ON COURT exposed 2g …who exposed cwg

    coal scam was exposed by files by opposition list are many

    even kg basin in in talk for last 1 year nothing new


  54. omrocky786 Says:

    The BJP and the RSS are often accused of trying to rewrite history, but it was the Left that began this project and reduced the liberal space in Indian academics. The intolerance of the Left for other ideas in history and economics was the primary cause for the diminution of liberals in India. That the Right-wing was later happy to join this brigade to demand its own bans and exclusions is recent history. Now both Right and Left are complicit in reducing freedom


  55. omrocky786 Says:

    The decision of Penguin to withdraw Wendy Doniger’s book, The Hindus: An Alternative History – withdraw it and squash it to pulp – in the face of a court case filed by Dinanath Batra of Shiksha Bachao Andolan is deplorable. What is more deplorable is the spin that is being given to this decision. Penguin is no longer the scapegoat. Jairam Ramesh was the first to lend support to Penguin, venting his ire at Dinanath and his fellow-petitioners. “The organisation that demanded Penguin take such action is clearly some Taliban-type outfit. It is distorting and destroying our liberal traditions. I hope Penguin reconsiders its decision and musters up courage to tell this outfit off”, he said. He conveniently forgets that, not very long ago, it was presumably another Taliban-type outfit, the Congress Party that demanded a ban on Javier Moro’s El Saro Rojo, The Red Sari – a book on Sonia Gandhi.

    What the Congress Party did to Moro and his book was nothing new. Salman Rushdie, in his introduction to Midnight’s Children, gives a detailed account of how Indira Gandhi took him to court over an innocuous remark regarding Sanjay Gandhi. And lest we forget, the cynosure of every Indian writer and publisher, Khushwant Singh, was the first to advocate a ban on Rushdie’s Satanic Verses.

    These aren’t exceptions. Every political party has tried to ban books. What is unfortunate in this case is that the sugar-coated let-off has come from the author herself. She should have been readying a team of lawyers to sue the tailcoat off Penguin. Instead, here is what she said. “I was, of course, angry and disappointed to see this happen, and I am deeply troubled by what it foretells for free speech in India in the present, and steadily worsening, political climate. And as a publisher’s daughter, I particularly wince at the knowledge that the existing books will be pulped. But I do not blame Penguin Books, India.” Taking cue, many intellectuals have termed Dinanath and his fellow petitioners as “cretins” and “idiots”.


    • arundhati was shedding tears along with ndtv(her mother has joined aap)…another anti india article coming


    • almost a decade-old Dalrymple piece that has become relevant all over again:



    • I always find it hilarious that within the class of opinion-makers on the Right as well as others elsewhere there is this rather strange logic whereby ‘we hate the Left till we join it’! Which is to say that one first abuses the Left for all sorts of things but then one starts following the same (assuming this to be true) one immediately starts saying ‘they did it first’. This irony is hardy unique to Indian politics. The Nazis took over the tactics and even language of what was then a Communist movement in germany, the Israelis took up certain Nazi tactics in the areas of urban warfare and elsewhere. History is filled with such terrible ironies. Humans do what they can to gain power and the ‘principled’ positions fall by the wayside rather soon.

      The battle over history is of course always a paramount one in every culture but it becomes more difficult still when mythology in the proper sense (and not just mythologized history) is mixed up with the idea of history. The problem is further exacerbated when a sense of paranoia pervades everything. The combination of all these elements is usually a potent one and leads to a position of ‘unreality’. Ultimately the Left-Right dichotomy or the Hindu-Muslim one or the North-South one or whatever else it is one has in mind becomes an excuse to avoid facing what by any reasonable estimation is a dispassionate historical record in the sense of containing factual verifiability. Otherwise we’re in the Palin v Obama world. The difference here is not one of perspective but that one side relies on a certain interpretation of the ‘factual’ (which one can debate depending on one’s ideology in various ways) while the other side simply constructs an argument on completely imaginary premises. Of course the ‘imaginary’ has to be taken seriously. So much in history would be different without it! But my larger point here is that these labels or the positions of those we’re arguing with sometimes become easy ‘buffers’ that we place between our own selves and the ‘truths’ we daily suppress (again from ourselves). Solzhenitsyn had a great thought:

      “We do not err because truth is difficult to see. It is visible at a glance. We err because this is more comfortable”


    • Rockstar:

      finally kanchan gupta


      Here are the facts. Wendy Doniger’s book was published in India by Penguin five years ago. It met with a hostile reception and its contents were contested by several writers well-versed with Hindu texts and Sanskrit. Even the most casual reading of the book would show that the ‘alternative history’ that Wendy Doniger peddles is so much bunk and no more. For all her scholarship, her interpretation of text and tradition, her understanding of the finer nuances of Sanskrit, come across as amazing shallow in this book.


  56. where is paranoia instead one see a desperate attemp to create one;

    was there a fatwa or burning of religious book in other case …it was a simple intellectual process on law and then you mock indian law when at first place one is chickened out

    why one is scared of ideological debate


  57. and ya one shocking part :

    history would often benefit from being represented as economic, and technological, rather than ideological as it too often is but again who imposed it …where ideology created most censorship and ban and which

    how many indians today know pythagorean theorem discoverd by Baudhayana, or the thoery of atomism which developped under many schools of thought during the 6th century BCE

    its good to be pseudo-secularists-i.e., English speaking, westernized Indians but atleast rationality should be there which was never the case ,

    culture of banning was always prevalent in indian historians dominated by left and look in which country maximum censorship is there


  58. So Kejri Quits! And adds one more ‘event grabbing headline’ to his 48 days of continuous melodrama. What a crock! This is what they wanted to show Gandhivadis to be made of. Quit in 48 days!
    Sach ki rah hai kathin, cheer jatey hain pug chalte-chalte. Aur yeh mahashay to pehley hi kadam pur fisal padey.

    Despite all his honesty and integrity, Kejriwal ultimately succumbed to a the show-shaw-baazi of an ordinaty politician. All he wanted was to create a daily headline and become a political martyr in the end. Hero Hiralal picture dekh lo. Be enclosed in a glass case, have water pump in, and before he can drown, unashamedly break the glass so he can escape and play another innings.


    • I’m all for his quitting.
      The evil corrupt parties would never really have let them work.

      The Janlokpal Bill is the pillar on which the party stands. They always said, after coming to power, we’ll carry on with our work in our manifesto, but the moment we are stopped we’ll leave.

      The two parties wanted to gain political leverage by pushing AAP into forming a government, but have fallen flat on their faces. Good!


      • to manifesto main sirf jan lokpal bill thai in all lol ..power theft reward or investment of autowallah nahin(its corruption only)

        any constitutional exert consulted,opposition or misconduct of speaker .any other way with rule if political will…rule followed

        honest kejriwal(rti activist in past) who refused to come under rti for his funding


        • and ya emergecy calling on house on gazetted government holiday(guri ravidas jayanti not only valentine day for dumbs)

          in terms of drama script of nayak pre election and inquilab post election

          nautanki saala


        • Didn’t understand anything. Please write clearly.


          • kids blabber they don’t understand


          • in short eveyone is evil and corrupt except raja harischand

            there are no constitutional expert who needs to be consulted to save backlash

            no political will needed to remove deadlock and follow constitutional process just shoot and run with mouth with no substantial thing to back on anyone

            finally excuses to run from governance


          • http://indianexpress.com/article/india/politics/congress-bjp-unite-to-take-away-speaker-powers/

            other parties joined forces to adopt a motion diluting the powers of the Speaker including the power to suspend or expel MLAs from the House.

            The AAP legislators’ inexperience was evident after they technically supported the motion by not voting against it.

            Delhi Congress chief and Gandhinagar MLA Arvinder Singh Lovely moved a motion to suspend Rule 293 of the Rules of Procedures and Conduct of Business in Delhi Assembly. Close to 40 MLAs from the BJP and independents supported the motion, thereby suspending the Speaker’s powers to expel MLAs from the House.

            The motions took away the Speaker’s powers to be supreme and absolute. The House suspended Rules 293, 277 and 278 of Rules of Procedures and Conduct of Business in Delhi Assembly. While Rule 293 says that the Speaker’s ruling cannot be questioned, Rule 277 gives the Speaker the power to enforce peace in the House and Rule 278 gives the Speaker the power to call the name of an MLA in the House who needs to be evicted from the Assembly.

            “Until now, the AAP had adopted the technique of sitting silent and getting its tasks done through the Speaker. We are 40 MLAs of the BJP and the Congress and we approve the motion suspending rules 277 and 278 in the House,” Lovely, who moved the motion, said.
            On a day that saw uproarious scenes in the House, the Speaker often looked to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for signals and his staff were seen consulting the CM on adjournment of the House.

            “There was an option before the parties to bring a no-confidence motion against the Speaker, but the AAP would have opposed it and it might have been another tricky situation. So they brought the motion to suspend the rules that empower the Speaker. This is a very rare and peculiar incident in the history of the Assembly,” he said.

            Senior BJP MLA Jagdish Mukhi took a dig at the whole situation. “Not just us, the AAP too supported the suspension of the Speaker’s powers. When the Speaker asked for those who oppose the motion, the AAP MLAs did not react. It was an unanimous decision,” he said.

            The Speaker could not react when the BJP MLAs declared that his powers were taken away by the House.


  59. trying to encash but re-election with huge cost is unlikely..bjp has to step in and till them governments rule

    honesty and integrity is absurd…lied to ofren

    the same lg governor saved his face when his dharna against police was drawing flak in media and from people

    rode to fame by submitting 370 page dossier against sheila…what action on her scams and ministers…none

    today while going soft on dynasty and blabbering on modi (jo iska stature nahin hai) here is one harsh fact:

    forget mukesh :

    the same tata who kejri wished to run electricity why he went to gujrat from kolkata…why ford the u.s giant and ironically delhi based maruti


    examples are many sab ch*****ye or agent hai


  60. He has outsmarted both the corrupt parties and everyone is so angry and frustrated, blustering, and spluttering against him and AAP. LOL!


    • Uska naam Kejriwal nahi, Mr Natwarlal hona chahiye. Kyunki wohi smart hain, baaki sab bewakoof. He managed to con a large number of gullible people for a long time. Finally, Lincoln’s old idiom came true, he could not fool all the people all the time.


      • Errrr…you mean the two corrupt parties were doing so well for the country (that’s Ambani, because he’s the country and the country is him), and the people were no fools, they loved it. It’s Kejriwal who ultimately succeeded in fooling the people. That in itself is an achievement. The people who could never be fooled, were finally fooled. Now they realise that Ambani is not the country but they are. That’s really foolish.


        • seems neither you can refute nor have the proper ability to reason and its amusing to see blabbering with no context

          for a change make sense

          what change has been made now and it comes by doing work not shouting and gimmicks..who will pay for re-electionneither kejriwal but us taxpayers(aam aadmi which will increase inflation)

          did kejriwal advocated any media reform or was forever in media enjoying limelight


  61. AAP exposed, political gamble of blame-game will backfire. Good to know journalists and Political Analysts are reading into it and can see through it. Bill never went through legal procedures and never got introduced. AAP sent copy to BJP and congress 12 hours before introducing in parliament. They didn’t even wait for 5-6 days that others can go through bill and bill can go through legal procedures.
    There is strong doubt Congress is smiling and is really behind it. As their new slogan is ‘Shiela ko haraya ab Narendra modi ki baari’. So, this is only about defeating in elections, nothing about governance? There was no FIR against shiela dikshit. And look at the defense, AAP say we cant file FIR against everyone, we will go one by one.


  62. Hmmmm. Who owns the media?
    Why don’t these TV *reality shows* ever debate the corrupt leaders?
    There should have been a debate titled;
    -‘Modi’s silence over Gas scandal, what does it tell us?’ or
    – ‘Ambani bought ministers’ or
    -‘In Modi’s Gujarat vigilante boys throw stones at girls with their boyfriends’. etc etc

    But nothing beats Kejriwal and AAP does it? 😉
    The underlying fear is pushing them on.


    • vigilante means khap or batla house encounter or dancing before a known beheaded fatwa person

      an ex cm in delhi faced criticism when bulk of north east people where doing protest after rape and he was busy doing dharna

      before shouting one even know one of the biggest contributor of gas gspc…now out of 3 2 of india’s lng terminal at gujrat

      delhi is a small ut and how it was managed …any thing concrete steps of security, economic or technological front


  63. Shiela Dikshit thanks AAP for not filing FIR.
    And Mukesh ambani congratulate AAP for filing FIR just two days before resignation and then not following investigation.


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