Rare Regional Filmfare Awards footage

This must be the early 80s…

7 Responses to “Rare Regional Filmfare Awards footage”

  1. great to see a number of Southern luminaries here.. a few Bombay actors also present.


  2. Great footage! Suppose it’s award for 1979. Main thing is that award for Shobha is received by her mother, not her (she died tragically in 1980 and got Filmfare – and National Award -for one of her last roles). Also – as can be checked on Wiki – Filmfare for that year went to Sivakumar in tamil, Sobhan Babu in telugu and Pratap Pothen in malayalam, so everything is as we can see here.


  3. Nice to see southern stars with their traditional love for gold, bright sarees and long plaits with flowers, kuchchus and bright smiles.
    One lady even tied her pallu’s end to her waist, the south way of not letting pallu fly. Compare it with the bollywood girls who now sport uniformly boring loose hair, quirky styles and imitating hollywood divas. Good to see amol palekar, kamal hasan, shashi kapoor, jeetendra at their youthful best.


  4. It was 1979 as the footage says Mahendran got the best director for Udhiri Pookal.


  5. Man this was quite a nostalgia trip, down to the commentary… I so miss saris! The thing is that contemporary Bollywood actresses just don’t dress very well (i.e. they dress in Western party-wear for these functions, but don’t really dress WELL), and come across as wannabe — at the same time any Indian flavor is lost, except for our apparent fondness for tasteless humor.


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