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  1. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3h
    #JaiHo Wknd 60.68 cr, Mon 9.50 cr, Tue 7.30 cr, Wed 5.80 cr, Thu 5.50 cr. Week 1 total: ₹ 88.78 cr nett. India biz only.


    • Jai Ho Has Ninth Highest First Week Of All Time
      Friday 31 January 2014 12.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Jai Ho had the ninth highest first week of all time as it grossed 83 crore nett in its first week. The film was decent on Monday but started to drop pretty fast from Tuesday onwards. The drops were pretty much universal

      The first week is in the same range as Dabangg which was released nearly four years ago and was the start of Salman Khan’s phenomenal run at the box office. The business is less than 50% of what Dhoom 3 did in its first week.

      Jai Ho has not done the expected business anywhere, Gujarat/Saurashtra is better than the rest of the country but even here the business is not fantastic and can be called good at best. Delhi/UP, East Punjab, West Bengal and Mysore even struggled with opening collctions.


    • One By Two Has Dull Start Jai Ho Drops
      Friday 31 January 2014 14.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      One By Two had a dull start with collections in the 10% range. Some multiplexes in Delhi city were slightly better but overall the opening hardly gives the film a chance. Collections in the Delhi/NCR area should be best.

      If we compare with some other January releases then the opening morning collections were better than Mr. Joe B. Carvalho but less than Dedh Ishqiya so the first day figure should be somewhere in between these two films.

      Meanwhile Jai Ho had dropped considerably on its second Friday with collections around 80% lower than the comparative figures on its opening day. This is despite the new release taking a weak start, it will still be the top film this weekend but collections seem set to be on the lower side.


  2. 80% Drop on Friday..makes it 3-4 cr 2nd Friday.


    • anything more than 110-115 is unlikely.


      • AsliSamar Says:

        So, Jai Ho is Salman’s Ra.One? Apparently its doing similar business. Yet another 100cr film to Salman’s list!


    • 80% Drop on Friday..makes it 3-4 cr 2nd Friday.

      that is damaging for salman khan,back to bacl blockbusters and now this..


      • AsliSamar Says:

        Do you think people have really exaggerated Salman’s stardom? This southern remakes phase was never going to last very long.

        The only Salman films which did really great business after Dabangg stardom were his 2 Eid releases – Bodyguard and ETT; rest were just good.


  3. That is Bhai ke hisaab se enough to keep his marketing going for constant 100 crore movie but he fails to realize the content has degraded more and more.


  4. Testing my comment posting ability here. Tried to post comments in “AAP ka Saath”, but they did not display.


  5. How does one make an actual post on this? Or we are only allowed to comment?


  6. I was beaten because of Mr Bachchan: Mohammed Azharuddin
    Priya Gupta,TNN | Jan 31, 2014, 12.00 AM IST

    Mohammed Azharuddin has turned 50. He lost his grandfather, the man he loved the most on November 17, 1984. Azhar debuted on December 31, 1984, scoring three centuries. In his 17- year
    cricketing career, he was captain for nine years. A life ban on playing cricket, divorce with his wife Naureen, second marriage and separation from Sangeeta Bijlani, losing a 19-year-old son to a road
    accident — he has seen it all.

    In the words of Ekta Kapoor, who has now bought the rights of making a film on his life, he is a Victim and a Victor who has emerged victorious. He had led a glorious life, but one that was never picture- perfect. He is humble, emotionally strong and very stylish. Bombay Times spoke exclusively to both about their reasons for making and agreeing to this film on one of India’s greatest cricketing icons. Excerpts:

    Do you watch Hindi movies?
    My favourite movie is Abhimaan as my favourite actor Mr Amitabh Bachchan was in it. The only time my mum lifted her hand at me was when she caught me listening to Sholay dialogues by the roadside. That is the only time she beat me. Long back, I told Mr Bachchan that, ‘Sir, because of you I got beaten.’ Nobody can touch Mr Bachchan in style.


    • AsliSamar Says:

      This could be another winner for Ekta like The Dirty Picture and OUATIM; Azhar’s story has perfect ingredients for a feature film!


  7. RajRoshan Says:

    Wow…thats really bad for Jai Ho…but this is Salman’s worst movie in recent times(more pathetic than the likes of Ready, Bodyguard etc)…the movie of these big stars keep giving competition to each other for worst movie award…Jai Ho, CE, Dhoom 3, Krrish 3…lol…all garbage


  8. Jai Ho Second Friday Business
    Saturday 01 February 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Jai Ho grossed around 3 crore nett on its second Friday which is more than 80% down on last Friday. The total is now around 86 crore nett in eight days and the way the film is going it won’t make it to 100 crore in before the weekend is out unless collections double up either on Saturday or Sunday.

    The film did not take a bumper opening but the the big holiday collections gave it a chance of a good total if it managed to sustain but that has not been the case.

    The second week practically being an open week has not helped much. Jai Ho is now looking at a finish of around 110 crore nett which means the lowest Salman Khan grosser in the last three years.


    • One By Two First Day Business Details
      Saturday 01 February 2014 15.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      One By Two had a poor first day collecting in the 50 lakhs nett range. The film fared poorly in all circuits with Delhi city and Punjab area recording best collections. Below are the first day figures from some circuits..

      Mumbai – 15,00,000
      Delhi/UP – 13,00,000
      East Punjab – 8,00,000
      Rajasthan – 3,00,000
      Mysore – 4,00,000


    • what has happened to “jai ho” , salman was riding high and suddenly this will major setback..has D3 and CE took the steam out of it..not a good start for 2014.


  9. 3 crores on 2nd Friday…hmm. The writing is on the wall..bhai ke fans bhi samajh gaye ki bhai ke bhaiyon ki difrect ki hui picture ek dum faaltu hoti hai. I doubt this is even a Semi Hit.


  10. AsliSamar Says:

    Suddenly rumors that Salman recommends Daisy Shah for his next film with Sooraj Barjatya! Looks like the original title of Jai Ho – Mental was apt for Salman!


  11. tonymontana Says:

    This is extremely sad. Philip Seymour Hoffman no more. Such a fine actor! RIP..


  12. AamirsFan Says:

    Jai Ho Grosses 95 Crore Plus In Ten Days
    Monday 03 February 2014 11.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Jai Ho collected 13.50 crore nett in its second weekend taking its ten day figure to a little over 95 crore nett. The fact that even after ten days it has not yet crossed 100 crore nett is disappointing. The second weekend saw a drop in collections of 75% plus.

    The film will have crossed 100 crore by the time the second week is over but it is not sustaining so a 110 crore nett total looks out of reach and the distributor share will not go much higher than 60 crore nett.

    The film showed growth on Saturday and Sunday but the drops in mid week had done the damage as the film ended up with a low second Friday and growth from there was a bit irrelevant for a film with such huge expectations.


  13. AamirsFan Says:


    #JaiHo *actuals* Week 1 – 88.78 cr, Wknd 2 – 13.80 cr. Grand total: ₹ 102.58 cr nett. India biz only. Figures confirmed by Eros.


    • AamirsFan Says:

      so 6-7cr extra being reported by Eros. guess they wanted to ‘save face’ by passing the 100cr mark in 10 days at least.


  14. AamirsFan Says:

    most awkward moment in history of award shows…


    • I like Ayusmann…very competent actor

      After this movie though, he needs to try another genre before he gets pigeon-holed or stereotyped


  15. LOS ANGELES — Next week, about 6,000 Oscar voters will start casting ballots for their favorite films of 2013 and those who made them.

    Will they make moral judgments as well as artistic ones with their votes?

    That question and others erupted this weekend as a controversy emerged involving people and movies in the annual film awards race.


  16. . This article seems more like an open letter to him to disassociate himself from Modi. Poor Salman, I wouldnt be surprised if he apologizes for meeting with him

    Why Salman Khan’s Muslim fans are angry

    Salman Khan’s latest, Jai Ho, didn’t set the cash registers ringing, and one reason could be that his diehard Muslim fans were put off by his support for Narendra Modi, says Syed Firdaus Ashraf.

    A Muslim friend of mine posted his dashing-looking photograph, sporting dark glasses etc, on a popular social networking site.

    Below that another Muslim friend commented: Mashallah bhai, Jai Ho. Looking like Salman Khan.

    The first friend replied: Don’t compare Salman to me, mujhe ussey nafrat hai (I hate him).

    To which his friend replied: Samjha (understood).

    What is left unsaid here is that these two, like many Muslim youth, are huge Salman Khan fans.

    What is also left unsaid is that the superstar — who Shah Rukh Khan listed among the biggest entertainers in India, in a film awards show recently — is not to be loved anymore because he supported Gujarat chief minister and the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

    Not only did Salman Khan call on Modi in Gandhinagar on the eve of the release of his Jai Ho, but also dined with him, apart from flying kites, during Makar Sankranti. He also described Modi as a ‘good man’, and followed it up with an interview where he said that since the judiciary had given Modi a clean chit why should he apologise for the Gujarat riots?

    For the Urdu press, which rarely reports on Bollywood news on the front page, Salman’s endorsement of Narendra Modi was big news. And bad news, too.

    Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen leader Asaduddin Owaisi was quick to state that Muslims should boycott Jai Ho for Salman Khan’s support of Modi.

    No wonder, when it was clear Jai Ho’s opening weekend collections did not reflect the usual fan frenzy of a Salman Khan film, Urdu newspapers went to town that Salman had paid the price for supporting Modi.

    The collections say it all. More than a week after its release Jai Ho has huffed and puffed its way past Rs 100 crore collections, while Dabangg 2 (December 2012) did a business of Rs 158.5 crores; Ek Tha Tiger (August 2012) earned Rs 198 crores. Even the middling Ready (June 2011) did Rs 125 crores.

    So, are all Salman fans Muslims? No, but it is safe to say that among the Khan triumvirate, the Muslim community has always felt closer to Salman Khan than to the other two.

    Visit any barber shop in a Muslim neighbourhood, chances are you will find Salman Khan’s posters inside. Aamir Khan may rule the box office like none other but you won’t find his photographs, even though you might find Shah Rukh’s once in a while. But Salman will reign over the dingy space in the splendour of his hairstyles and clothes.
    This adoration for a man considered for long the brat of Bollywood survived his many brushes with the law.

    Muslims constitute a significant section of the film-going public – not the multiplex variety but the single screen ones. One indicator of how their presence can make or mar a film’s prospects – no Bollywood biggie is released during Ramzan, the Muslim month of abstinence. Add to this that Salman has virtually claimed the Ramzan Eid weekend for his films – Wanted, Dabangg, Ready, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, which were all blockbusters.

    But clearly, for the Muslim community Salman had crossed the line with his support for Modi. For the average Muslim – not those who queue up to pay obeisance to the Gujarat chief minister in full glare of television cameras – Modi represents the very anti-thesis of a secular democracy. They have started believing that their identity in India will face a crisis if Modi comes to power, what with opinion polls day after day projecting him as the next prime minister — a prospect that most Muslims find abhorrent.

    And Salman, their Salman, had to add to their woes by giving a clean chit to Modi of all people.

    Salman Khan was not wrong when he said the courts had given Modi a clean chit. He is not the first one to say this — none other than Sharad Pawar is the latest to say so. But for the Muslim community, which bore the brunt of the bloodletting in Gujarat in February-March 2002, it is not about the court’s finding but what they know to be a tragedy for them. Did Salman Khan not know that hundreds of innocent Muslims lost their lives in the violence during Modi’s rule? Didn’t Salman ever hear Modi’s anti-Miyan speeches during election time taking potshots at the community? Or Modi’s puppy-under-the-car-wheels analogy in an interview recently?

    Another Muslim friend asked in disgust, “Is Salman Khan really a Muslim?”

    The answer emerged in the discussion that ensued: “Yes, but only when he is in trouble.”

    In 2002 when Salman Khan was arrested for a hit and run case in Mumbai, he appeared in a local court sporting a skull cap for no other reason but to display his Muslim identity (check the photo above).

    Suddenly there was shock among his Muslim fans, that their Bhai (brother, as his fans worshipfully call him) is being victimised because he is one of them.

    After all, the charge he was facing, causing death due to accident, was not serious and was bailable, and there was no reason to play the religious card.

    Nevertheless, Salman did just that, emerging as a Muslim victim. Remember, this incident happened barely six months after the Gujarat riots.

    Already facing prosecution in a Rajasthan court for an earlier crime of hunting the protected black bucks, everyone thought Salman Khan’s career was over, he was now finished, after the latest court case.

    In August 2003, his film Tere Naam released and his fans made it a huge hit and Salman Khan was back in Bollywood. Tere Naam became one of the biggest Bollywood hits that year.

    But his troubles were not yet over. Two years later, in 2005, Salman became the target of the BJP after an alleged old recording of his emerged that had him boasting about his underworld connections.

    His film Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya was to hit the theatres and when the BJP took to the streets to prevent its release it was felt that Bhai was being targeted by the Hindu right-wingers because of his religion.

    Naturally it hurt his Muslim fans enormously when Salman Khan openly supported Modi, whose party was ranked against him in 2005.

    Not only that, Salman also went and danced at the Saifai festival in Uttar Pradesh at a time when the Muslim victims of Muzaffarnagar riots were rotting in the relief camps, with the Samajwadi Party administration immune to their agony and suffering.

    He was seen celebrating with likes of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, whose government is perceived by the community to have let them down by failing to prevent the Muzaffarnagar riots.

    The Muslim masses have now started asking questions of themselves.

    While they stood by Salman Khan when he was down in the dumps, now that he has bounced back to the very top doesn’t he think twice about hurting them intentionally in order to get tax-free certificates from state governments for his film?

    Why does Salman Khan need to do these stunts when the fact is that he has never needed politicians to support his films?

    Why did he have to go licking the boots of Modi and Akhilesh for his Jai Ho, they want to know.

    After all, Bhais don’t do such things, but if they do then they can no longer be their Bhai.


    • Rajenmaniar Says:

      This is really shameful but not entirely untrue. Lot of things bother one here but the most unsettling is this sense of insecurity amongst Indian Muslims and an us versus them mindset.


    • The films he acts in have run because of luck and some initial novelty. When the novelty has wore off, when the film itself is mediocre, it cant become a superhit. Now all sorts of excuses.
      Even Sushant singh rajput is bettering his record due to sheer hard work and merit. Muslims know that Salman is paying lip service to Modi and Salman and his Ganpati connection is well known.


      • Using religion is a double edged weapon. One will get support from one section and at the same time lose some support from the other section. It balances out.


  17. ideaunique Says:

    off-topic: anyone trades stock mkts here? – DJ/NASDAQ/ES crashed vertically – bloodbath – wolves of the wall street? 😉


    • Was expected. The up move was too long in the tooth. Market was more overbought in December, than it was oversold in March 09.


  18. Jai Ho Daily Collection Second Week
    Tuesday 04 February 10.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Jai Ho grossed 2 crore nett approx on its second Monday taking its four day second week business to around 15.25 crore nett. The second week will be around 20 crore nett which will take its two week business to 102 crore nett approx..

    Friday – 3,00,00,000
    Saturday – 4,30,00,000
    Sunday 5,80,00,000
    Monday 2,00,00,000 approx.


    • remarkable, it won’t even get to 110. By Taran’s number it will get to the latter as he has it at 102 through the second weekend.


  19. Aseem Chhabra in New York

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    After a world premiere at the Chennai International Film Festival, the documentary is now headed to other festivals.

    Bali, a Mumbai-based alumnus of the Film and Television Institute of India, tells Aseem Chhabra about how he stumbled upon this fascinating story.


  20. Who says Bollywood actresses have all the fun?

    Zee Talkies has launched a new 2014 calendar, featuring 12 gorgeous Marathi actresses.

    The calendar is a beautiful tribute to the behind-the-scenes heroes.

    Here’s a look at the actresses featured on the calendar.

    Girija Joshi

    Girija hails from Raigad, a district in Maharashtra.

    She has starred in two Marathi films (Karun Tak Golmaal and Dhamak), and has signed up three more.


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