History Reloaded (The Hindu, January 30, 2014)

Thanks to Agyaat for sharing this article…


Excerpt: “We lost the print in India. But the Berlin Film Festival, where it was screened in 1978, has restored it for a special screening this year.” Chennai’s K. Hariharan, part of the political film Ghashiram Kotwal, talks to Sudhish Kamath about how the movie took shape. Life has come a full circle for K. Hariharan, director of the L.V. Prasad Film and TV Academy. He had taken his landmark debut film Ghashiram Kotwal to the Berlin Film Festival in 1978. The print of the film was destroyed after the lab where it was being preserved shut down over 10 years ago. But Berlin Film Festival has restored it to its original glory for a special screening this year.”


3 Responses to “History Reloaded (The Hindu, January 30, 2014)”

  1. I read this fascinating article in the print edition. Was thinking–why don’t we have on Indian tv a channel that promotes and telecasts such rare films? It should be a non-profit channel that can afford to telecast good small films from past and present, plus good documentaries. In fact Deepa Sahi or someone else maybe, one of the art film actors, did say such a thing on stage, at a Mumbai short film festival.But all we have on tv is commercially viable trash. Maybe DD Bharti should step in and do the needful.


    • Yeah — earlier Doordarshan played at least some role in making rare/offbeat Indian films available to the public, but something more is needed to target a (perhaps small but enthusiastic) audience of cinephiles. The channel could also focus on subtitled films from multiple Indian cinemas…


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