NYT on Priyanka

The Move From Celebrity to Ubiquity

LOS ANGELES — Priyanka Chopra had a problem: what to do with the light.

The actress, singer and latest in a long line of bombshell models for the clothing line Guess was standing in a walk-in closet in the penthouse suite of the Beverly Wilshire hotel, preparing for a photo shoot. “Maybe if we shot it like this,” she said, pushing sheer curtains aside and posing, Bond-girl like, in the sheet of sunlight that streamed through a floor-to-ceiling window (yes, the closet had a window; it also was bigger than some bedrooms).

“Good lighting is something that I know now, out of experience,” she said with a shrug.

Ms. Chopra, 31, tall and sultry, has been photographed and filmed enough times, appearing in more than 40 Bollywood movies since 2002, that such tricks of the trade have become second nature. She travels with an entourage (“When we walk into a room, it’s like ‘Ocean’s Twelve,’ ” she said of “Team P.C.”) and knows, without the aid of a mirror, when her dark, lustrous hair has been teased to just the right height.

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10 Responses to “NYT on Priyanka”

  1. An interesting read there…
    “Trailblazing, a word Ms. Chopra is fond of, usually includes navigating rough terrain” — haha
    though lately she’s becoming more self-obsessed –PCs ‘urge’ remains intact—all the best..


    • Mis4Margaret Says:

      But Lancelot mused a little space
      He said, “She has a lovely face;
      God in his mercy lend her grace,
      The Lady of Shalott.” 🙂


  2. She has become totally full-of-herself in the recent past.


  3. Can’t stand Priyanka. Off-screen she appears arrogant, fake and irritating and on-screen she is overrated almost as much as Karisma Kapoor was after doing Zubeida and Fiza.

    And her songs really suck.


  4. Right now I am happy to watch Kareena and Katrina; they light up the screen, make things interesting. Priyanka doesn’t seem to do it.


  5. She seems to be multifaceted. Apart from acting, she loves singing. Recently she attended a party in a brand new rolls royce. She and Kareena are clever in that they dont depend on films for their survival. Kareena loves fashion and Priyanka loves her albums.


  6. Yes sanju: PC seems to be “trying to” be multifaceted … Though time will tell how much those ‘facets’ come to fruitition…
    But no harm in ‘trying’…lol

    “But Lancelot mused a little space
    He said, “She has a lovely face;
    God in his mercy lend her grace,
    The Lady of Shalott.”
    That’s a fun post Margaret lol

    Think on the lines of kardashians ‘do’ America…
    there should be a miniseries —

    PC does America featuring her mis/adventures .. May turn out more interesting than some of her latest flicks


  7. man who ever her publicity/marketing agency are…they are doing a very good job! hyping her up to the core. she is all over the place right now social media wise. unfortunately this is what is needed when one has below average talent. The U.S is all about fake stardom nowadays. When ‘Honey boo-boo’ can stay relevant, so can Priyanka!


  8. Once it was Ash who was allover and now it is PC. Marketing is a must. PC is working hard and I wish her every bit of luck. She was awesome in Barfi. Her dances are well appreciated. She has a personality and with no godfathers, she is able to float. She deserves her success. She has a lovely smile and a lovely face.


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