Abhishek with Tigmanshu Dhulia?


Still basking on the super success of Dhoom 3, actor Abhishek Bachchan has signed Tigmanshu Dhulia’s next film. The subject and title is yet to be revealed, but it is confirmed that Abhishek will play the leading man in the film.

As per the sources, Abhishek has become ultra-choosy about films courtesy the latest spat or say controversy revolving around Dhoom 3 where he felt sort of sidelined though, he very much is proud of the franchise and equally about the third installment. He felt bad especially after being a part of the series since the inception along with Uday Chopra.

A source close to Jr Bachchan says, “Abhishek wants to do some really meaty roles and what better than Tigmanshu who has been a game changer for lot of actors.”
The source goes on to add, “Abhishek is very excited about the Tigmanshu’s film and is looking forward to work with the ace filmmaker.”

The leading lady and the rest of the star cast are yet to be finalized. As soon as that happens, Tigmanshu along with Abhishek will go on the floors and release date too will be inked.


21 Responses to “Abhishek with Tigmanshu Dhulia?”

  1. ideaunique Says:

    good choice although TD needs to make something as meaty as Haasil – a great film!


    • the only two films of his I’ve liked are Haasil and Paan Singh Tomar. The first promised better things which didn’t quite materialize (barring Paan Singh, even this I don’t consider extraordinary but if Dhulia had stayed at this level throughout I wouldn’t have many complaints, the rest of his work is very mixed). Haven’t seen Bullet Raja yet.

      Not sure if this story is confirmed though a couple of years ago or so a similar project was mentioned. Overall I’d be for the choice inasmuch as it would be something more meaningful for Abhishek after the recent rampantly commercial stuff (of which there is of course more to come).


      • Satyam: Don’t think the story is true. Dhulia was about to start Milan Talkies with Varun Dhawan (earlier it supposed to have Imran Khan and Priyanka in the lead. Then Shahid and Shraddha Kapoor came into the picture), but the project has apparently been pushed back as Dhawan would be first doing Sriram Raghavan’s film (I have been really looking forward to Milan Talkies..Dhulia seemed going back to the Haasil terrain for this one considering it was supposed to be a love-story set in a U.P. small town. The ‘boy’ in the plot supposedly works in a cinema hall, but also moonlights as a film-pirate who illegally shoots videos of the films being screened there). Anyhow, it is most likely that he is doing this film with Bajpai and Irrfan next titled “Bichhde Sabhi Baari Baari”-

        “Revealing details of his next project Tigmanshu Dhulia says, “Bichde Sabhi Baari Baari is the story of two friends and the ups and downs in their relationship spanning 35 years. It starts on 1979 and ends in 2014.”

        Manoj Bajpayee plays one of the friends. The other is yet to be cast. “-

        Here Irrfan confirms the film and also talks about the Shoojit Sircar film with AB-

        “Speaking to PTI, the 47-year-old star said: “I have signed the deal to work in Shoojit’s next [movie] Piku. The film also stars Amitabhji in it. Apart from him and me there is also one actress in it. We will soon begin the shoot.”

        “Amitabhji has his own style of acting. Working with him will be a learning experience. During his time, he has influenced audience with his films for 10 years. I have a full respect for him as an actor,” Irrfan added.

        “The National-award winning actor, who stars in Gunday, revealed he is also teaming up with Tigmanshu Dhulia for his next film Bichde Sabhi Baari Baari, which also stars Manoj Bajpayee”


        • Thanks for all this information Saurabh and all well researched.

          Personally I have a very strong liking for Paan Singh Tomar. Now I may be confused on the direction partly due to superlative acting by Irfan. But that movie was miles ahead of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and any other movie in that genre.

          On Kashyap, not been much of fan and feel he is more of a talker/ attention seeker. Except expletive / shock value did not find Gangs of …W anything the hype suggested. Except Black Friday, have yet to come across a fully liked movie of Kashyap though he is brilliant in segments. Unless the movie as a whole engrosses me I don’t come out feeling satisfied. This may hold true for any genre when I venture into a theater.


          • I’d agree on Kashyap. though I have liked or at least been interested in most of his films at one level or the other his most fully realized achievement remains BF.


        • I wasn’t sure which is why I put a question mark in the title. Having said that Dhulia seems to be constantly in the news for multiple projects. This one could be in the pipeline.


      • The recent Bullet Raja was simply awful — I do think Abhishek is a good fit for the sort of terrain Dhulia operates in (in fact he is a better fit than most) but I hope the director is in better form than he was in Bullet Raja.


  2. This is excellent news and I always want Abhi to work with rooted directors with a bhaiyya touch to the proceedings. Abhi may commence on a great inning here…. Big B came to his own towards the latter stage and around mid 30s.

    I have not seen Bullet Raja yet but had high expectations from it.
    Dhulia is a much better director than all kashyaps, dibankars and zoya combined. There are hardly any pretensions in story telling.


    • As much as I like Dhulia, even on his best day he is nowhere near Kashyap (Kashyap, to my mind is easily one of the best contemporary directors as far as Hindi cinema is concerned. I don’t think he is any lesser than Rakeysh Mehra or Hirani). And while I will take Haasil over anything Banerjee has done just as a matter of personal choice, I certainly don’t think he is better than Banerjee either. Banerjee has made 4 solid fipms back-to-back (and a very good segment in Bombay Talkies). Dhulia’s record is just too patchy. He is of course far better than Zoya, no arguements there!

      And Dhulia’s films have very mediocre camerawork. Some of the nicely done action sequences in Bullet Raja didn’t cone across that well on screen because they are poorly. I mean in the film, you could at times literally see characters ‘speaking into the camera’. Also he needs to learn how to design substantial female characters in his films. The Sahib, Biwi aur Gangster films would have been far stronger if the Biwi’s character would have been better etched out (the only where he got this right somewhat was Haasil) though Mahie Gill was all wrong for the part anyway


      • It’s true that Dhulia needs more substantial scripts as a general matter and this was most obvious with SBAG.


        • Satyam: Not sure if you saw the sequel, but the sequel is stronger and far more fun IMO. Of course the addition of Irrfan really helped. Also think it has probably Jimmy Shergill’s best performance


          • I have not seen the sequel, and didn’t care all that much for the first one, but Dhulia had a great eye for location here. And Jimmy Shergill was used fantastically well. These two things alone made it worth a watch…


        • ideaunique Says:

          SBAG was exclusively a commercial thing satyam – if you see the production values – it was all in a haveli and around some countryside – the main point was sex/love/betrayal – so u had a certain ROI guaranted there – for a product of around 10 cr + 10-15 cr for prints and mkting – overall output was more than double …….


  3. Good choice of the director. However TD needs to forget his stupidity of Bullet Raja and focus on making this more of a Haasil, Shagird style movie.


  4. Abhi looked pretty good on KWK. The show was usual but Abhi was pretty good. Obviosuly shares good chemistry with Farah Khan.
    I think Kjo might come out any day. The way his guests are taking potshots at him – it is pretty obvious. Whatever I might feel about K Jo, I feel bad for him in this respect as he should be able to come out with dignity and without any kind of fear/reservations.


  5. I am one of the few who finds KJO stuff very weird and still unable to understand what the real deal is… Though there is nothing wrong in being gay and I don’t really feel he is a homosexual as such.

    This comes across more as a pose than anything real and may just be in-house joke or sorts. Being outspoken, honest and stand up guy I doubt he would hide this fact esp there does not seem to be any big family involved with pressures and reputation etc to worry about.

    Is it simply a case where he does not find himself man enough or inadequate?? He is surrounded by very good looking people and therefore may be conscious of the fact…but then with money….honey is attracted instantly so that theory is nullified too !!…or is it a case of simply being bitter about relationships/ commitments. If I remember correctly in one of those very early interviews he was very skeptical about marriage/people getting affected by girls/woman in their life and he had sworn never to marry. I am just speculating here but at that time his closest friend Aditya Chopra was going through divorce/ turmoil with some Payal….

    Recently on KWK he did tell Akki about his first crush being Tina Khanna… though some us find her bit of a manly face…so that does not help either.

    Very intriguing!


  6. rockstar Says:

    shouldnt go with prestige crap and one of his better flop was run(action)….in lallan mode



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