Bewakoofiyaan (Images and trailers)

thanks to Xhobdo..


12 Responses to “Bewakoofiyaan (Images and trailers)”

  1. awful trailer


  2. Loved it. Sonam looks smokin hot


    • I just don’t think Sonam can look hot — elegant and classy yes, “hot,” no. And in general, she seems unattractive in the sorts of clothes she is wearing here…


  3. I mistook sonam for late Jia.


  4. this looks so boring


  5. Not bad.


  6. Meh…only Rishi Kapoor is good thing about the trailer.


    • …and even Rishi seems like he is going through the motions here; since his come back he has done many better/funnier roles than what this seems to have shaped up as…


  7. Just saw the “Gulcharrey” video: both song and video are pedestrian.

    I continue to believe this is the wrong road for Ayushman Khurana: he is most likely to be successful if he plays the “un-hero”, the comic, ironic “other” to the Bollywood chocolate boys (this is what makes him very effective in Vicky Donor, shorn as that character is of a lot of the phallic posturing that so informs contemporary herogiri; and even, to a more limited extent, in Nautanki Saala). In Bewakoofiyan, though, he seems to be essaying the sort of part that Imran Khan might do, and the result seems almost as banal.


  8. Actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor’s upcoming film ‘Bewakoofiyaan’ directed by Nupur Asthana has been in the news in the recent past for Sonam’s hot bikini avatar and the film’s modern appeal. However, the film has now made headlines after rumours of it being inspired by real life incidents have cropped up.

    According to a news report in Mid-Day, ‘ Bewakoofiyaan’ could be based on the real life incident of a Kingfisher Airlines employee who lost his job due to retrenchment and eventually lost his wife as well.

    READ: Sonam Kapoor sets screen on fire in itsy-bitsy bikini

    While the film looks like a funny take on how a man has to deal with his girlfriend’s father after he loses his job, the real life situation was more serious than that. The report in Mid-Day suggests that Ayushmann’s character also works in an airline company and then loses his job. Thus it looks like the film is inspired by the real-life incident.

    ‘Bewakoofiyaan’ is a film under the Yash Raj Productions banner and stars Rishi Kapoor along with the lead pair of Ayushmann and Sonam. The film will hit cinema screens on March 14, 2014.


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