Images from Jigarthanda

thanks to Saurabh..

5 Responses to “Images from Jigarthanda”

  1. Between this and Uthama Villain yesterday some really cool posters!


  2. Yeah, I love the artwork!


  3. Off topic…Jigar and Thanda makes Jigarthanda…Its Urdu words penetrating into south and getting corrupted in the process. And what is Jigar thanda? Its a falooda type sweet dish naturally with lots of ice in it to make it Thanda…:D
    Travelling down to Madurai i was treated to this ice cool dish and they pronounced it with lot of flair as jigirithanda…:)


    • yeah I was wondering about that title.. it’s more surprising to see this in a Tamil film. In Telugu you often get that Hindi admixture in songs and so forth. wasn’t aware of that dessert either.


  4. sanjana Says:

    Gulabi posters.


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