Bachchan in Abbas-Mustaan’s next


Known for their sleek thrillers, director duo Abbas -Mustan have never been able to cast the megastar Amitabh Bachchan in their films. And now, the duo has finally managed to rope in Big B for their upcoming untitled venture.

Denying the rumours of Big B being a part of Race 3, Abbas-Mustan maintained that this is a different film and will see Amitabh playing the role of a family man who has several children and a murder changes his life as he gets dragged into an intriguing and mysterious world. The director duo also revealed that apart from Big B, this film will have two male and female leads but the details of this cast are yet to be finalized.


7 Responses to “Bachchan in Abbas-Mustaan’s next”

  1. concept looks good,story line will suit Big B..


  2. Bachchan should stay away from this family man thing .. story line looks okay .. depends on script and direction.


  3. There is a kind of ‘Drishyam’ hangover in this. Knowing Abbas Mustan they will not hesitate to copy paste from that movie. Instead I will have Big B do a proper remake of Drishyam.


  4. Bachchan is still the most charismatic actor that we have in India.

    While the others are as good as their last film, Bachchan has risen above such mundane things.

    Would like to see Bachchan in some ultimate blockbuster with him as the solo hero or in a double role.

    Sad that Bachchan with his millions never thought of directing and producing a film for himself.


  5. omrocky786 Says:

    Great news….although hollywood fans should stay away. .


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