Abhishek to speak at LSE


It’s always an honour for a Bollywood actor to be invited to talk at top educational institutions across the world — Shah Rukh Khan addressed students at Harvard University last year, while in 2011, Amitabh Bachchan visited Oxford for a lecture. Now, the veteran star’s son, Abhishek Bachchan, is also set to travel to the London School of Economics for a similar reason. He has been invited as a keynote speaker at the university’s Economic Forum for India 2014 conference.

A source says, “Abhishek will travel to London for the event that will take place on March 15. He will be talking about the entertainment industry.” The actor will address the audience at the function that will take place in the Holborn area of London. The forum will also have other influential speakers discuss the various facets of India. Bigwigs from the corporate sectors, too, will conduct an open dialogue on the economic and social challenges in India, as well as the opportunities that are emerging here.
In addition to addressing the forum, Abhishek also remains actively involved in charitable activities. Joining the likes of singers Katy Perry and Norah Jones, he was the first official END7 campaign ambassador in India to help raise awareness about the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). Recently, he also played the part of a moderator at a charity auction that was organised to spread awareness about AIDS. Hollywood star Sharon Stone was the special guest at this event. Although Abhishek remained unavailable for comment, his spokesperson confirmed the news.


6 Responses to “Abhishek to speak at LSE”

  1. Abhishek looks handsome. Why limit bollywood actors to entertainment only? He can talk about charities also and how charities can help economically deprived people to get a boost to participate in the nation building activities.
    Healthcare needs to be affordable to common man and the way the drug cartels refuse to let go their patents is not good for the total development of humanity, especially in developing countries with a high percentage of BPL families. They are putting profit above human welfare which is the bane of pure capitalism and market driven economy.


  2. DAMN! I’m part of the alumni but have not heard anything about this.


  3. Thanks. I just checked and there’s still tickets so am deciding whether or not it’s worth 19 quid…especially as economics will put me to sleep. If Aish is in the audience however, that would brighten things up…



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