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  1. BO update: ‘Bewakoofiyaan’ starts off slow, ‘Queen’ still rules!
    By Taran Adarsh, March 14, 2014 – 14:44 IST

    The trend continues! The trend of morning shows [of new releases] opening to weak houses continued this week yet again, as Yash Raj’s newest offering BEWAKOOFIYAAN opened to dull houses. Despite solo release. Despite fairly good names in its cast. The occupancy in the morning and noon shows was a meager 20%-25% across major screens, on an average.

    What could be the reasons? The pre-Holi period is generally considered dull by the film industry. Also, the ongoing examination period and the relatively low buzz surrounding the film kept a major chunk of the cine-going youngsters away from the film. However, the poor morning shows are no indicator these days, since films like HASEE TOH PHASEE, HIGHWAY and last week’s QUEEN also had a tepid start at the ticket window, but gathered momentum during the course of the day/weekend. The advantage is the 4-day weekend, with Monday being a holiday [Holi] as well. That, coupled with no opposition [barring QUEEN] and ample merits, should ensure the escalation in the business of BEWAKOOFIYAAN.

    Meanwhile, QUEEN is expected to perform very well in Week 2, since the business on weekdays of its opening week was rock-steady.


    • taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
      #GulaabGang Fri 2.41 cr, Sat 2.97 cr, Sun 3.46 cr, Mon 1.13 cr, Tue 1.03 cr, Wed 86 lacs, Thu 68 lacs. Total: ₹ 12.54 cr nett. India biz.

      taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 2h
      #Queen Fri 1.75 cr, Sat 3.50 cr, Sun 4.75 cr, Mon 2.05 cr, Tue 2.15 cr, Wed 2.30 cr, Thu 2.30 cr. Total: ₹ 18.80 cr nett.


      • Super Trending for Queen. The second Friday is almost sure to be above the first friday based on morning reports. So one can hope for a second week with 10% drop of around 16 crores. 45 crores is on cards now as I dont expect Ragini MMS 2 to affect this one. An outside chance of 50 + crores is also there. If it manages 50 crores, this will turn out to be the ‘Kahaani’ of this year.


  2. Very eager to check this one out considering I love the Saramago novel. Seems like Villeneuve has made another super film after Prisoners (sadly it never release theatrically in India)-

    A. O. Scott on Enemy-

    When Your Twin Is Far More Interesting

    The double is an ancient and irresistible literary theme, especially beloved by philosophically minded scaremongers like Edgar Allan Poe, whose tale “William Wilson” is a concise classic on the matter. The idea of a second self — who might be the manifestation of madness, an allegory come to life or the result of a supernatural glitch in the order of things — is both frightening and fascinating. Movies make the conceit literal with the simple trick of using the same actor in two roles. Who can forget the two Kim Novaks driving James Stewart around the bend in “Vertigo”?

    In “Enemy,” Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of a novella by the Nobel Prize-winning Portuguese novelist José Saramago, Jake Gyllenhaal plays two uncannily identical residents of an unnamed Canadian city. They are physically identical, in any case, but temperamentally distinct in ways that begin to suggest Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, to name another famous literary pair. And the question that haunts the film is whether they are really different people at all, or just sides of a single disordered personality.

    Mr. Villeneuve is for the most part less interested in solving that puzzle than exploring its implications, especially for Adam, the first guy we meet. He is a history professor who seems to lead a solitary, disciplined and less than entirely happy life. He lectures his students on Hegel and returns to the spare, high-rise apartment where he is sometimes visited by his girlfriend, Mary (Mélanie Laurent). One night, while watching a DVD, Adam spots an extra who looks exactly like him. After a bit of Internet stalking — and some of the more traditional kind — he finds his way to Anthony, who lives in a better-furnished high-rise apartment with his pregnant wife, Helen (Sarah Gadon).

    The resemblance between the two men is so precise that when Adam telephones Anthony’s house, Helen mistakes him for her husband. Anthony wears a beard, drives a motorcycle and favors leather jackets and sunglasses, whereas Adam is strictly a corduroy-jacket and Volvo kind of guy. He also seems a little nicer than his double, though perhaps not as much fun to be around. In any case, much of the fun in “Enemy,” which is tightly constructed and expertly shot, lies in Mr. Gyllenhaal’s playful and subtle performances. He was the best, most enigmatic part of “Prisoners,” Mr. Villeneuve’s somber thriller from last fall, and he continues to refine his quiet, watchful presence into a powerful and idiosyncratic acting style.

    Whether “Enemy” transcends its own gimmickry is an open question and may in the end be beside the point. Its style is alluring and lurid, a study in hushed tones and yellowy hues, with jolts of anxiety provided by loud, scary music (by Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans). You may be left wondering about the giant spiders and the underground sex club that resembles an out-of-town tryout for an “Eyes Wide Shut” stage revue, but you also might feel cheated if loose ends were tied up too neatly. There is only so much sense a movie like this needs to make, and this one succeeds in being divertingly clever and effectively creepy.


    • Looking forward to the film but not much of a fan of the novel..


    • I was quite curious and looking forward to this one – have been seeing the spot-ads for this on TVs in bars and the line – FROM THE DIRECTOR OF PRISONERS – has me completely hooked. But I think for some reason they are releasing it only on DIRECT TV?

      ***(sadly it never release theatrically in India)***

      This is one of the things that worries me about returning to India. Where the heck am I going to watch all those French, Farhadi’s & Majidi’s persian, Italin, and Spanish movies? I remember even to watch DRIVE, I had to ride my shaky, messed up BAJAJ 54 km in Bangalore. And then to realize the show was cancelled on the 1st sunday at 2 pm since there were only 4 people to watch it! Here, I watched HER with just one more person in the theater – the USHER!!

      Plus I have many nasty habits that people around me want to kill me for. Like staying back till the ENTIRE credit-roll thingy is over and the message on the screen metaphorically says – Go home fu!@#4 – the movie is over..

      I remember they used to yank out the end-credits in the theaters. Do they still do that or they show them till the end?

      There I said it – my 1st world problems…


  3. someone reminded me today of this wonderful Yesudas in Hindi…


  4. So Kangana scored over Madhuri and Juhi combined .. 🙂 She was great in Krishh-3 too ..


  5. Saw Queen by the way. It’s not astounding as the reviews suggested. I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. The Amsterdam section was too jarring. Kangana was absolutely first class though I am still baffled by the ridiculously breathless reviews.


  6. I saw Queen today. Kangana is handed a rare female Bollywood character that has been created with empathy and love, and she turns it into a fabulous one-woman show. But apart from Kangana’s incredibly endearing and pitch-perfect performance there is little to praise: for a film that supposedly champions a broad-minded, international world view it’s portrayal of Europe could not be more one-dimensional: as usual, Western culture and female liberation are reduced to a series of sleazy strip clubs and red light districts, the film is peopled with an incredibly stereotypical set of characters and one of the central events of the film revolves around reaffirming the most jingoistic sentiments.

    Still, after ZNMD, YJHD and a million other films in that mold, it does make for a refreshing change to see a woman go abroad to discover herself and indulge in crazy shenanigans with her friends, and Rani is such an exquisitely real, awkward and loveable character that she makes the film worthwhile despite it’s many flaws.


    • Apparently Kangana was extremely involved with creating her character and even improvised a lot o the doalouge…serious props to her!


  7. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 3h
    #Bewakoofiyaan Fri ₹ 2.23 cr nett. India biz.


    • Queen Low First Week But Set For Strong Second Week
      Friday 14 March 2014 12.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Queen had a low first week collection of 18 crore nett approx but the weekdays held up very strong as the collections were in the 2-2.25 crore nett range in the Mon-Thurs period. The film grossed around 9.50 crore nett in the weekend and 8.50 crore nett in the weekdays.

      The film has collected 90% of its weekend figure in the weekdays which is very rare. The collections on the morning of its 8th day were better than its first morning at many places.

      Obviously it won’t get the gains it got on day one in the evening but with a better start in the morning the 8th day collections will be very good could even be very close to its first day collection. The film is now sure to cross 30 crore nett lifetime business and even 40 crore is a possibility depending on the next two weeks.


    • Bewakoofiyan Poor First Day Queen Super Strong Day Eight
      Saturday 15 March 2014 14.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Bewakoofiyan made little impact at the box office collecting around 2-2.25 crore nett on day one. The film was a bit better in the evening shows buyt it was not the sort of pick up that was needed. The film is unlikely to show the sort of growth it needs to come out with reasonable figures over the weekend..

      Queen was super strong on day eight as it collected better than its first day with collections in the 2 crore nett range. The second weekend business can match the first weekend.

      The film is seeing the sort of trending that is very rare. It has been a long time since a film recorded a second weekend which is similar to the first weekend. The first weekend was low but that is the case with 90% of the releases but none trend like Queen. The film could up very good lifetime numbers if this continues over the next 10-14 days.


  8. ideaunique Says:


    Satyam lets have a separate post on this wonder-actress…..lets remember all her magical moments like “Paani paani re…..” or Virasat or Kaala Paani…

    Lets do this regulary – remember an actor/actress and relive some of their magical moments…..


    • I like that Idea, Ideaunique…. I would put her performance in Maqbool, and Biwi No.1 as her best….

      Satyam- also Rajesh Khannna ke sidebar dekh dekh kar bore ho gaye…how about one for Shashi Kapoor or Hema Malini …..


      • I know, I’ve been very bad at this, have to change that.. have meant to for months! But will do soon..


      • check out the image of the day today..


        • is Chori mera Kaam the movie where Ashok Kumar is kidnapped and blindfolded and taken to a hideout, and later to get to that place he asks to be blindfolded again, then he goes..ab right lo, ab left lo, and eventually helps the police to reach the right destination ?
          Or was that Duniya Meri jeb Mein ?
          I remember as a child being really fascinated by that whole sequence !!


        • Shahshi Kapoor’s best solo masala movie has to be Fakira though !!!
          The ladai in the prison , is equal to the ladai in prision in Chambak kee Kasam !!


  9. *** so glad to see the credits in Marathi and not in English – hope other native languages follow it too ***

    Jabbar Patel’s New Marathi Film Yashwantrao Chavan – Bakhar Eka Vaadalachi Trailer


  10. Not sure how many people here watch (or ever watched) Punjabi movies, but the comedies coming out of the Punjabi movie industry are pretty great! Trailer for a new upcoming movie starring Diljit! 🙂


  11. Hmmm Woke up somewhat –this ones for guys
    Real guys –not those ‘acting out’ as guys lol
    This space seems to have quietened down without me eh..lemme kick up some life

    Hate this guy honey but here he’s got a groovy tune

    Chaar bottle Vodka
    Kaam mera roz ka
    Na mujhko koi roke
    Na kisi ne roka..

    As for sunny–pure stuff
    I wanna hangover tonight…..


  12. “The Lunchbox is a fable-like tale set in Mumbai of a misdelivered dabba that sparks a beautiful romance, aided purely by an exchange of letters, between the curiously named recipient, Saajan Fernandes, played by Irrfan, and the sender, a homemaker named Ila, played with stunning felicity by Nimrat Kaur. The film, which released in India in September 2013 and grossed nearly Rs 29 crore, hit American cinemas in a limited release on February 28, clocking a commendable per-screen average of over $17,000 on the opening weekend. The movie has so far grossed more than 10 times as much in the US and about $7.4 million, or over Rs 45 crore, in seven major countries besides India. It is still to release in some countries.

    Read more at:

    And still would one dare say that Indian art-house films fail to reach out to audiences they are intended for?


    • I think we definitely had a greater chance (although overall still slim) at the Oscars with Lunchbox


    • I am certain you have lots of other examples with comparable grosses.. I am sure this is not the exception to the rule.. But wait.. for you everything from Rs 10 to this kind of gross is a big art house success.. hard to know what constitutes failure..

      let’s call a truce… an art house film called Cocktail did very well..


  13. ‘Queen’ reigns supreme,’Bewakoofiyaan’ unsteady!
    By Taran Adarsh, March 17, 2014 – 10:10 IST

    The makers of QUEEN must be grinning from ear to ear. For, this Kangna Ranaut starrer, which started on a sluggish note and gathered momentum in its opening weekend itself, is generating better business in its second weekend [in most circuits]. This is a rarity, an infrequent case. With films like HASEE TOH PHASEE, HIGHWAY and now, QUEEN finding an audience — at urban centres specifically — the writing is clear on the wall: The audience is looking for a change.

    Interestingly, the business of any film — from weekend to weekdays — usually declines from 50% to 70%, depending on the merits of the film, but in this case [QUEEN], the business only escalated on weekdays [Mon to Thu]. Apart from the euphoric business in the Indian market, QUEEN is doing brisk business in the international sector as well.

    While QUEEN has cemented its status, the new release, BEWAKOOFIYAAN, remains shaky at the ticket window. Lately, a number of films have had an unenthusiastic start on Friday [morning and noon shows] — it has become a norm actually — but the business witnesses an upward trend if the film finds flavour with the paying public. However, since the pre-Holi phase is considered dull for film business, plus the release of BEWAKOOFIYAAN coincided with the examination period, its weekend business remained minimalist. Also, the buzz was clearly missing and QUEEN ate a major chunk of its revenue as well. Nonetheless, what works for BEWAKOOFIYAAN is its controlled economics.

    BEWAKOOFIYAAN has cost Rs 14 cr to make, with an additional Rs 8 cr being spent on P&A [total cost: Rs 22 cr]. The makers have already recovered a substantial chunk of investment via sale of Satellite Rights. Recovering the balance amount from India and Overseas theatrical, Audio and Home Video shouldn’t be a problem for YRF. But one definitely expected more!


    • Queen Has Extraordinary Trend In Second Weekend
      Monday 17 March 2014 12.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Queen had a fantastic second weekend as it recorded figures that were similar to its first weekend at around 9.50 crore nett. It is after long time that this happened. The last time this happened was probably Vivah in 2006 if we don?t count the limited 100-200 screen releases.

      Queen has taken its ten day business to around 28 crore nett and a good trend is expected on the weekdays, it may not be as strong as week one but a holiday on Monday for Holi on compensate for that. .

      The second week business will match some of the big releases, Jai Ho this year?s biggest release had grossed 21 crore nett plus in week two and for Queen to be just a few crore short of that is fantastic. Queen has chances to hit the 50 crore nett mark and is likely to emerge the first outright hit of the year.


    • Bewkoofiyaan Hs Dull Weekend
      Monday 17 March 2014 11.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Bewakoofiyaan had a poor weekend grossing around 6.75 crore nett over its first weekend. The film started on a low note and the growth was limited over the weekend. The key for these type of multiplex films is Saturday business and here Saturday growth was very limited.

      The film has the lowest opening weekend if we take into account the main multiplex releases over the last few weeks which are Hasee Toh Phasee, Highway, Shaadi Ke Side Effects and Queen. The collections are better than Total Siyaapa but that film was almost a total washout.

      There will not be much hope for the film over the weekdays, they could remain steady but with such a low weekend that tends to happen as there is a limit to the downside.


  14. tonymontana Says:

    Really happy for Queen. This is an extraordinary trend. So a small movie starring Queen has managed to hold it better than the A listers. More power to her.


  15. ideaunique Says:

    Good movies have lots of bonuses in the form of good reviews which follow……..Sudhish’s is one such review –


  16. Not sure if there is any truth to this bit of news, but posting it anyway-

    Amitabh Bachchan-Ranbir Kapoor to play father-son?

    Sunday, 16 March 2014 – 6:00am IST | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

    Subhash K Jha

    Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor have never shared screen space. But if Vikram Malhotra, former COO of Viacom 18 has his way, that will change soon. Vikram has launched his own production house, Crouching Tiger and the first film that will roll out of Malhotra’s brand new production house is a bio-pic on the life and times of the legendary magician PC Sorcar.

    To be directed by Soumik Sen who recently helmed Gulaab Gang. The Sorcar bio-pic would be a big-budget spectacle with dazzling special effects. While more details of the ambitious project are awaited it is learnt that Amitabh Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor have been approached to play Sorcar Senior and Junior.


  17. Bombay Velvet is my Titanic: Ranbir Kapoor

    Daily Times Monitor
    March 14, 2014

    Ranbir Kapoor walks into the spectacular set of Bombay Velvet in Sri Lanka wearing a red cap, white vest and blue denims, a jaunty cigarette hanging off his lips. The actor’s transformation into Johnny Balraj, the ambitious street fighter who goes on to rule the Bombay of the ‘50s, is complete.

    The makeover has not been an easy one though as Ranbir is juggling the buff avatar of Bombay Velvet with Jagga Jasoos where he plays a lanky teenager. To keep up with these physical demands, the actor carted his personal chef and trainer for the Lanka schedule.

    “I have to look like a toughie in Bombay Velvet, so I had to bulk up for the role. And then when I shoot for Anurag’s (Basu) Jagga Jasoos I have to metamorphose into an 18-year-old wiry boy. I’ve been working out everyday, first to gain muscle and then to lose it all for a lean frame,” says Ranbir.

    The actor ranks the physical transformation as the easy bit of the preparation. The extreme makeovers, a la Farhan Akhtar in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club, does not impress him. “I don’t think it is a big deal, the emotional investment is the tougher part. Growing your hair or a beard or losing weight is easy,” the actor shrugs.

    Prodded by his trainer Ranbir would hit the gym religiously every day but soon got bored of the regime. So he invited director Anurag Kashyap to join him. The rotund director is now sporting a trimmer frame, thanks to these exercise sessions. Working out with Anurag was a perk for Ranbir too who says that he accepted Bombay Velvet just so that he could collaborate with the director. “I think his treatment of the story is unprecedented in scale and there is a lot to exploring in the character I play,” says the actor.
    His last release Besharam, opened to bad collections and worse reviews, ending his successful two-year run, but no regrets. “I took the biggest risk with Saawaariya. Besharam failed and it was disappointing but I have been taught not to take failure to my heart and success to my head. This time there is more pressure on Anurag as it is his magnum opus,” he laughs.

    “But Bombay Velvet is my most romantic film, it’s my Titanic or Gone With The Wind,” the actor signs off.


  18. Some news about Singham 2:

    It’s Singham time for Action Jackson! Ajay Devgn who usually does one film at a time suddenly finds his date diary clogged with commitments this year, so much so that he has left Prabhu Dheva behind in Bangkok and returned to Mumbai for a swig of Singham.

    While the Action Jackson (yes, the film is still titled that!) director Prabhu Dheva has stayed back in Bangkok, Ajay Devgn who was shooting for a long spell for the film has flown back to Mumbai for a script reading and intensive rehearsal session for his best-friend Rohit Shetty’s Singham 2.

    Devgn joined his Singham co-actors Kareena Kapoor and Amole Gupte for what turned out to be an immensely revealing bout of pre-shooting preparation. While the film’s leading lady Kareena Kapoor and the film’s arch-villain Amole Gupte are no strangers to acting workshops, Ajay Devgn is a notorious switch-off-switch-on actor. Apparently, the last time he indulged himself in an acting workshop was when he did Zakham with Mahesh Bhatt and Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara.

    But why the need for acting workshops for a full-on masala action film? Apparently, Singham 2 is far less masala and much more meaningful than Singham. Says a source close to the project, “From the outside it may look like another Rohit Shetty-Devgn fun and masti film. But Singham 2 is not a routine khaki-‘wordy’ drama about a cop doing heavy dialogue-baazi. This cops’ film will look at the burning issues in the country.”

    Amole Gupte is all praise for Rohit Shetty, Ajay Devgn and Kareena. “It’s all a new sur, a new rhythm of working for me. The writer Farhan (from the Sajid-Farhan duo) is such a terrific storyteller. It would be erroneous to presume that a commercial film doesn’t demand much preparation. You’ll be surprised at how much concentration an actor needs to get the language of a massy film right.”

    Apparently, Ajay Devgn will take his character cop act as Singham Bajirao to another level in Singham 2. An actor from the film reveals, “Singham was a remake of a Tamil film. Singham 2 is an original script. There is no point in making another anti-establishment cop film. Rohit will look at all the grim happenings in the country since the Nirbhaya incident.”

    Also, Singham 2 would have no songs and no item numbers, a first for a Rohit Shetty films, though Devgn, Kareena and Amole Gupte are no strangers to the realistic space in cinema.

    I don’t like what I’m hearing, I was a fan of the first Singham. Kareena sucks, and how does a masala movie have no songs?? Sure Rohit Shetty’s movies aren’t known for their music, but I still would like to see some songs. This seems like Ajay’s Jai Ho although Rohit Shetty is light years better than Sohail Khan and knows what he’s doing


    • Maybe Rohit wants to make a really gritty ffilm with no song and dance. Ajay cant carry a song and dance with ease like say a Salman Khan.


      • True. Actually I just hope they retain the extremely OTT action scenes which were very OTT by Indian standards. I enjoyed showing those scenes to my non-Indian Friends the most


  19. RajRoshan Says:

    Queen Marches On – Second Week May Top First Week

    Tuesday 18 March 2014 11.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Queen continued its fantastic run on its second Monday as it collected around 2.75-3 crore nett due to a holiday for Holi on Monday. The affect of holi was more pronounced in some areas than others.

    The business of Queen is now around the 31 crore nett mark and the second week actually has chances to surpass the first week. Even if it does not the business at worst will be near or on par with the business of week one. This is a rare occurance in the multiplex era.

    Queen has been aided by the fact that Bewakoofiyan has not done well and the competition around it has been weak as compared to other multiplex films like Hasee Toh Phasee, Highway and Shaadi Ke Side Effects but that would have made a difference of around 10-20% and its still an achievement as the film has gone from a less than 2 crore nett first day and now looking at a 50 crore nett plus lifetime business.


  20. “PK & Bombay Velvet releasing together will be tough” – Anurag
    By Faridoon Shahryar, Mar 12, 2014 – 12:06 IST

    “It was kind of shocking when PK was announced for the same day as Bombay Velvet,” said Anurag Kashyap in a Bollywood Hungama exclusive interview with Faridoon Shahryar at the spectacular sets of Bombay Velvet in Tissamaharama in Sri Lanka. “We all admire Raju and Aamir a lot. Raju is one singular filmmaker everyone loves. They are all friends. When we heard of the stories that they are coming on the same day, I asked, please let us know, Raju said it hasn’t been decided yet.

    “Three days later Aamir announced on twitter. It came as a shock. Did you speak to them? I expressed my thoughts to them on a personal level. All they had to do was pick up the phone. Now we don’t have an option. We can’t prepone the release date,” Anurag said.

    It has been seen in the past in the recent times that whenever two big films release on the same day, they tend to eat into each other’s business. The case in point is Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son of Sardar when the cinema screens had to be divided between the two big films releasing in Diwali which affected the final Box Office outcome of both the films. “A big film occupies a lot of theatres. PK and Bombay Velvet coming together will be tough. Obviously two big films coming together will affect both the films. Right now I’m not thinking of all these things because then I can’t make the film,” Anurag said.

    Anurag also disclosed interesting information about the film when pointed out at a ravishing picture of Raveena Tandon on the sets of Bombay Velvet in Tissamaharama. “Raveena Tandon is playing a singer in the film. She is not doing an item song. Even though it’s a special role but she has two three songs in the film,” Anurag revealed.


    • Anurag says that Raju is his friend. And Ranbir is on good terms with both aamir and Kiran. I think both of them will solve the problem graciously dividing the screens between the films and avoid public spat. Though initial maybe affected, it is the trending that will matter. This may pave way for 2 big releases even on Diwali and Eid. There are so many screens and why public should be forced to watch only one movie?


    • It would be improbable both films coming as they both star Anushka Sharma! It would be ludicrous for her…maybe a gap of a week is possible, but it would be a shame for her.
      I am not surprised P.K shifted to xmas. I would be surprised if BV stayed there though…it has a huge budget from most reports and a lot to recover. Business and common sense would suggest not to go against a Hirani-Aamir film considering 3 Idiots/Dhoom3. BV could however be a towering film though by the sounds of things. So who knows if it turns out really well with Ranbir in a crowd pleasing role could do wonders itself.


      • thevcooldude Says:

        I will put my money on the fact that BV does not come on Christmas. It will be preponed by a couple of weeks. If this was a popular genre like YJHD type of movie then the clash would have been fun but Kashyap with his no box office track record simply cannot afford the biggest movie of his life to go head to head with Hirani. It either comes a couple of weeks earlier or goes to Republic day a month later.


      • The Hirani-Aamir film will be so ‘universal’, specially coming on the heels of 3I, that no other film is likely to distract anyone from it. You can of course have the Welcome-TZP scenario but the TZP was a much smaller film and Welcome though the bigger deal didn’t quite have the prestige. With Hirani-Aamir you get both. A good film can nonetheless do well but PK will probably have a massive print count and corner every worthwhile screen out there. You can still do a niche film like TZP in these circumstances but as you said Bombay Velvet is much bigger than this. Even otherwise I think that given the kind of cinema Kashyap makes (even if this seems to be his most mainstream effort) he should really release the film without any kind of competition. In this sense it was perhaps a bit foolish of him to think he could simply get the Christmas date without any competition. If it wasn’t Aamir it would have been something else. The problem is that there isn’t too much wiggle room for him. Because Diwali’s taken, there are films even after this. If you move it into Jan you probably get another big film around the Republic Day holidays. It’s tough. But the film is important enough where if I were in charge I’d avoid competition altogether and maybe go for Feb or something. Ultimately films that are really liked can do well in any season given enough breathing room. RDB released on Feb, did hugely well. Of course it could be that BV generates real buzz and becomes ‘bigger’ in this sense. Still the Hirani-Aamir combo is simply too big to take on, specially since Hirani also trends very well.


      • ideaunique Says:

        the worst thing here would be out of goodwill if raju-aamir decides against the xmas release…….:-)


  21. Sawariya came 7 years back so it’s not that Ranbir has not aged Sunil. Let’s discuss some fresh talent for super-stardom….Ranbir the face has not connected and still remains in the niche actor slot and media blitzkrieg is more to do with change/crowing someone new and fewer options available. The way Ranveer Singh has started to gain recognition makes me feel the competion is somewhere else for Ranbir.

    What I seriously don’t get is the monkeyed face Ranbir’s casanova tag and top heroines at each other’s throat to bed him. The Katrina thing is a bit understandable since it instantly cuts her age slot and gives access to younger actors which would be difficult to fathom sometime back when she was stuck with Salman and Akki.


    • Maybe they are going for the experience. It seems he was lucky enough to get the BA PASS type of experience at 15. So he has 17 years of experience in bedding. And he is of course minting crores. So maybe they are thinking bedding and then wedding is the way to go!!!


      • Haha ..or its just that after getting off that courting bench with Salman, Kat has developed a Aishwarya complex and following the footsteps to the next crown prince and more importantly – ‘extend’ her relevancy in bollywood which has a very short shelf life for top heroines.

        Either way it’s a win win for Ranbir though sometimes I think he is too much of a smarty pant and may hide behind mama boy tag and do a gcpd here ( an equivalent of klpd for the uninitiated ).


        • ‘cpd’ to samajh mein aaya, lekin ‘g’ ka kya matlab hai bhai? Kripya shudh shabd mein vyakhya kijiye.


          • Lol….thought we lived in a world so webbed around with digital surveillance and electronic footprints that it was all but impossible for an individual to not have readily available answers. This is too much of a bhaiyya lingo to qualify on this blog but nonetheless its not what you think but simply ‘g’ is equivalent to ‘k’ of the original so do you think ‘geelee’ will qualify here though these matters are best left to imagination…


          • Shama chahta hoon. Google nahi kiya. Ab samajh mein aaya. Hamara gyan KL2PD2 tak hi seemit tha.


    • first 7 years of ranbir is awesome and one of the best in bollywood

      when his first film clashed with oso the same srk said he can finish him…

      hirani makes safe feel good movie but surely bombay velvet will be more edgy, dark

      anurag kashyap may get his biggest commercial sucess with him


      • seems kid is more confident despite younger kashyap gave him besharam and clashing with known but aged combo


      • Hey I am not much of a King Khan fan but apparently he did finish Sawariya to an extent or was it Sony he was targeting during those days. For the rest part bollywood makes too many movies with very few choices available so most of them are gainfully employed for a considerable period of time.

        Yes Ranbir has had fruitful 7 years and is competent but nothing out of the extra ordinary …la phata poster nikla hero kind of entry to capture hearts and minds of moviegoers.

        On Bombay Velvet I am sure this will be a good to great movie but it needs a decent release to register properly which Aamir has denied him because he is a much bigger star at this time and can bully.

        Tomorrow some other actor may do this to Aamir but its the who is bigger “at this time” kind of deal in these scenarios !!

        Now if Ranbir / Anurag do eventually clash and if the movie scores and does better than PK would eventually bring a superstardom moment for him. If I were him, I would take this challenge since fortune favors the bold is an old saying !!


    • yes,msdhoni, Ranbir should clash with pk.Akshay also enjoyed katrina well.And Ranbir will enjoy her as long as he likes her.7 years is less than 25 years anyway.And Ranbir is biggest star among his generation.He is playing the game well.By Trouncing I don’t mean grossing higher than pk.A reasonably good successful grosser,and reviewers acclaim is enough.The media will call this as trouncing pk.He has jagga jasoos coming up which looks good.But he has to keep budgets at a reasonable level though.


      • ‘Akshya also enjoyed Katrina well. And Ranbir will enjoy her as long as he likes her.’

        Could your language be any more crass or crudely disrespectful? This is a woman you are talking about, not a disposable object! (Although I fear that you might not even distinguish between the two!)


        • chaste girl(I am assuming you are not a woman still),that repect is given to women who are associated with only one or two men.I might sound weird,but thats how it is.


  22. *** That line below right there sums up almost ENTIRELY what’s currently wrong with the Gold Gym Hi-fi…***

    What’s new in the Hero remake?

    By Subhash K. Jha, Mar 18, 2014 – 10:30 IST

    Here are some sneak-peak changes that you can expect to see in the Hero remake.

    • In the original, Meenakshi Sheshadri sings ‘Lambi Judaai’ when Jackie goes to prison. In the remake, Aathiya Shetty will work out frantically to the beat of frenzied music to overcome her grief.


  23. Not sure if anyone else has seen this here, but I really liked this little gem of a thriller called “Grand Piano”- apart from a slightly preposterous climax which is a bit of a letdown, this maintains the tension and suspense throughout its running. It uses the Phonebooth like setup as a central trope, but really goes old-school with its treatment of the narrative. And this is ‘stylish’ in the truest sense- if nothing else, the camera choreography and the ‘art decor’ of the ‘piano’ hall should be reason alone to check this one out. The director here is channelling the spirit of ‘De Palma at his most effective’ (right down to the split-screens). This one really worked for me.


  24. Apex:

    Highway (India)
    Imtiaz Ali/AR Rahman/Alia Bhatt/Randeep Hooda

    My series of comments on this ‘Sufi-emo-noir’ emanate all the way down from here-


  25. Return of the ‘mischief’

    After (partially) washing away his ‘sins’ by SMJ2 (Satyamev jayate), the ‘conscience laden khan’ is back to his familiar machinations…

    After latching onto (the best indian commercial director alive) hiranis brilliant three idiot, after piggy backing onto katrina in the hritik-yashrajs helmed ‘sureshot blockbuster’ dhoom 3, aamir is back

    After underperforming (rather non-performing!) with ‘prostitute’ Kareena, after ‘compensating’ for his ‘inaction’, the guy with a 100% track record of smooching his heroine in every damn film is back to kiss the hell out of poor anushka sharma!

    The conundrum of familiar HESITANCY, URGENCY & MANIPULATION is back

    To intimidate unsuspecting films and producers and land at will

    Welcome back aamir khan …

    Ps: all those who are talking of ‘Bombay velvet’ breaking records
    Hold your horses
    Yes –it’s likely to be a significant film (@ the v least)
    It’s likely that it may get near GoW levels (albeit in a different genre!)
    But I will be v surprised if it hits 100 cr(wh)ores : forget 150 etc
    The director is anurag kashyap (who will need either a head injury or a mutation to become suddenly commercial!). So aamir won’t have a competition there. That’s why the guy who could never release his film anywhere near his actual competitor SRKs film, is naughtily landing it near Bombay velvet!
    Why is he waiting till Xmas?
    Y can’t he release near bang bang (with HR @ his lowest, aamir can have an easy contest here–but don’t think aamir will dare)


    • ROFL! I really don’t understand why you are so infuriated by Aamir’s tendency to work with the best directors and the most successful heroines. When they are eager to work with him, why should he opt for the second-rate instead? And it’s not that he only works with the proven mainstream people, because he has taken plenty of risks as well.


      • Yes u are right-I agree there’s nothing wrong with working with ‘big ones’ (esp wrt female costars) —a major problem is the insecurity, hesitancy & delaying tactics INSPITE of that ‘security’.
        Can there be a bigger& safer banner/setup than hirani in 3I& now in PK or the biggest yrf franchise dhoom3? He doesn’t need this ‘trying to hold onto his orgasm’ & delaying till the apt ‘release’ date ( caring a damn for costars, schedules etc)
        And to top it all, the ‘worshippers’ come up with all excusification to justify this nonsense.
        Btw I loved his talaash performance a lot (even dhoom3)-but these tactics take some sheen away

        Just an example–It’s roughly like u have your scheduled uni exams this June –but u unilaterally decide to appear when U are ready –& delay it till dec, then change your mind and decide to sit the exam next June –& end up scoring more …(provided u don’t get busy with other extracurricular campus stuff though like taking ‘interviews’ lol)…


  26. Saw Queen last week. The best film of the year so far. Kangna has acted with nuance and elan that has never seen for a simpleton girl. This movie should go on to get 50 cr.


    • it was amazin film,it was all round performance.
      kangna was so cute but outstanding performance.

      hostel scenes were funny though and golgappa were spicy according to dutch people.

      ” outstanding”


  27. 3 Idiots performed better than Hirani’s munnabhai series. Because of X factor aamir khan.
    Aamir was appreciated by critics almost unanimously for his Talaash performance and it is his restrained acting that gave grittiness to the movie.
    Dhoom 3 was a big hit because of double role for aamir to which he did full justice and not to the awkwardly gawky Katrina who had nothing else to do except jump. And even the great Hrithik’s Agneepath had Katrina’s item number and TMK tanked inspite of one of the most popular and iconic item numbers by Katrina.


  28. Its good to know that the trending theory has been discarded now.


  29. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 1h
    #Bewakoofiyaan Fri 2.23 cr, Sat 2.51 cr, Sun 2.57 cr, Mon 2.06 cr, Tue 1.44 cr. Total: ₹ 10.81 cr nett. India biz.



    Seems Bewakoofian is not that bad a movie as it is made out to be.


  31. Sanjana: Since whwen Rangan’s reviews are indicators of which movie is niot so good or not so bad. Going by his reviews, Queen is just about an okay film and Engllish Vinglish not even that.


    • I dont take critic’s reviews that seriously. My assumption is based on spoilers which the critic provided rather generously.


      • of course the obvious problem with Utkal’s position (as always!) is that he refuses to allow true differences of opinion. And so with a film (or any other work of art/entertainment that is worthwhile) it’s meaningless, even nonsensical to suggest or have the implicit position that there can only be one view (hence if a film was good why did the critics mostly reject it? why did the audience reject it? and so on..). It is not even about majority or minority positions. You could be in a minority of one, that would hardly make your view less important. The truly differentiating ‘standard’ (if you will) is not one of numbers in any sense but the degree to which that view is argued for and ‘justified’. This ‘justification’ does not in any way obviate debate, it opens up the space for more of it! A work that provided ultimate answers in this sense (or ‘final’ critical positions) would be the most boring work in the world! questions on meaningful works are never ‘settled’, they keep arising and on the most interesting or challenging works there is a virtual infinity of possible opinions. But once again it’s about ‘how’ one argues. And when I say ‘argue’ this isn’t about just stringing together a series of abstractions that have no precise value and could be used in a variety of contexts. For instance if I say ‘Shakespeare moves me in ways that only the greatest works do’ this is an empty sentence. Because it depends on my personal opinion without defining what that personal opinion depends on. Or without explaining what ‘greatest’ really means. Etc. And so with Rangan the idea that he somehow didn’t like certain films that one did and vice versa is meaningless. Not because he is always right (this true/false framing is in any case pointless for the reasons I’ve just mentioned) but that he makes a case either way. One then has to disagree with his case in the same specific sense or offer up one’s own in the same vein. It might well be that both positions are equally justified. Two people can like something for entirely different reasons and dislike things in the same way. It is a completely elementary error to imagine there is only one possible position on a work and the rest is only about figuring out what that is. I constantly argue for masala cinema (or certain manifestations of it) but I’d be entirely happy with a position that was strongly critical of it in other ways. I might be far less happy with perspectives that agreed with my own. It all depends on the context. But this (and once more!) doesn’t mean ‘anything goes’. Far from it. There are ‘protocols’ to arguing about things. And critical/popular majorities don’t necessarily mean very much. if everyone says the earth is flat (as was once the case) the ‘one’ person suggesting otherwise isn’t really wrong! And here we’re talking about science which is ‘verifiable’ one way or the other. In the arts on the other hand nothing is verifiable in this sense. So it’s even more curious when one insists on absolute opinions. This is a point that some people find hard to grasp. But rather than locate the importance of a work in some sort of ‘ultimate’ opinion that can be offered on it one might try and find it in the number of questions that the same work opens up. And so Deewar (to take an example) isn’t a fine film just because most people or critics think it’s one or because it became a box office hit. It’s a fine film because it offers a set of questions that can be revisited in different contexts and that enable different sets of responses, even irreconcilable response, but that together argue for the richness of the work. In other words an important work enlarges the space of interpretation and possible meanings, it doesn’t shrink it. On the other hand a weak or insignificant work (that might well be very entertaining otherwise) exhausts its possible meanings relatively quickly.


    • I think rangan liked both Queen and EV but did not want to admit. He was full of praise for EV and also Queen. Reading between the lines.


  32. Abhishek Bachchan to invest in kabaddi league
    V Narayan Swamy,TNN | Mar 20, 2014, 01.37 AM IST

    BANGALORE: Bollywood star Abhishek Bachchan has done a Shah Rukh Khan in kabaddi.

    Much like SRK who co-owns the Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL, Abhishek has plumped for the Jaipur franchise in the professional version of the desi sport scheduled to be held in eight centres across the country in July and August this year.

    Confirming the actor’s interest in Pro Kabaddi League, officials in the know said the actor would be making an official announcement later this month. “It is nice to know that Bollywood’s first family has embraced kabaddi. Abhishek always wanted to invest in sports. Obviously, he liked the idea of professional kabaddi and was keen on Jaipur,” officials said.

    Abhishek would be joining the likes of Kishore Biyani (Future Group), Ronnie Screwvala (Unilazer), Uday Kotak (Kotak Bank), Rajesh Shah (Mukund Group), GMR, Murugappa Group and others who have already pledged support to the league as franchise owners.

    The investment by an owner has been pegged around Rs 5 crore annually, including Rs 1-1.5 crore for franchise rights. The league will be played on a home-and-away basis in Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Jaipur, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi.

    Curiously, while most cities have either been bought or aroused the interest of buyers, Bangalore has lagged significantly behind, according to Charu Sharma, MD of Mashal Sports, who are promoting the event.

    “I am surprised that despite the interest kabaddi generates in Karnataka there have hardly been any enquiries. Some of them that we went to did not impress us. There are a few balls in the air but I am not sure whether when we will get the right buyer,” Charu told TOI. That Bangalore has lagged behind despite a generous spread of corporates too dismays Charu.

    “But as I understand, club culture all over the world depends heavily on one owner who is passionate about the sport and the club. So whether it is corporate or a single owner, we need one person who is genuinely interested in buying the club and persisting with it despite the odds,” he says.

    If no buyer surfaces from Bangalore, Mashal Sports may have to look for potential owners from outside the city, he added.


  33. NEW DELHI: Noted writer and journalist Khushwant Singh passed away on Thursday. He was 99.

    Singh was best known for his trenchant secularism, his humour, and an abiding love for poetry.

    “He was fine and passed away peacefully at home on Thursday,” his daughter Mala Singh said. His cremation will take place at Lodhi Crematorium at 4pm today.

    Born on February 2, 1915 at Hadali, now in Pakistan, Singh wrote classics like “Train to Pakistan”, “I Shall Not Hear the Nightingale” and “Delhi”.

    He was a lawyer-turned-diplomat-turned-writer. His autobiography, “Truth, Love and a Little Malice”, was published by Penguin Books in 2002.

    He was editor of several literary and news magazines, including the Illustrated Weekly of India as well as two newspapers, the Hindustan Times and the National Herald, through the 1970s and 1980s.

    In 2007, he was awarded with the Padma Vibhushan.

    The body was cremated at Lodhi crematorium with political stalwarts like LK Advani, Farooq Abdullah, Salman Khurshid among others, present.

    Oh no Khushwant Singh is no more. He made our lives so much richer by his literary contributions. “With Malice towards one and all” RIP
    — SHAH RUKH KHAN (@iamsrk) March 20, 2014

    Khushwant Singh. End of an era. Only KS could say ‘There’s no condom for a pen.” And prove it!
    — Shobhaa De (@DeShobhaa) March 20, 2014

    Very sad to hear of the death of Khushwant Singh – great historian, novelist, editor, columnist, and a wonderfully kind, generous man. RIP.
    — Amitav Ghosh (@GhoshAmitav) March 20, 2014

    If you haven’t read Khushwant Singh’s columns, novels or stories, you’re missing out on a sizeable chunk of top notch Indian literature
    — ȿ ‏ (@Syddie) March 20, 2014

    RIP Khushwant Singh – bet he will be telling jokes in heaven.
    — Chitra Narayanan (@ndcnn) March 20, 2014

    Rip Khushwant singh! End of an era! Find memories of train to Pakistan n t bond I shared with him! Wil miss u!
    — Divya Dutta (@divyadutta25) March 20, 2014

    Khushwant will be remembered for this great history of the Sikhs. He was a very generous man. His bravest act was to take on Bhindranwale…
    — Ramachandra Guha (@Ram_Guha) March 20, 2014

    Singh, who was a Member of Parliament from 1980 to 1986, was awarded with the Padma Bhushan in 1974 but returned the decoration in 1984 in protest against the storming of the Golden Temple in Amritsar by the Indian Army.

    He is survived by son Rahul and daughter Mala.


  34. On seeing ‘Queen’

    Shirley Valentine is a 42 year old Liverpudlian housewife whose husband Joe is in the habit of smashing a few plates if she has not cooked the scheduled dish on a particular day. Then one day, all of a sudden she leaves for Greece with an adventurous and outgoing girl-friend of hers without telling Joe.

    In Greece, one evening after dinner, she comes across tavern and asks the owner to help her fulfil a dream she’s had: drinking wine by the sea in the country in which the grapes were grown. The owner, Costas Dimitriades willingly helps her by moving a small table and chair next to the sea. Costase invites her out to his brother’s boat the next day. When she baulks, he promises not to try to seduce her, while nonetheless bolstering her self-confidence in her own attractiveness (“You think I want to make fuck with you? Of course I want to make fuck with you.”). Convinced that he only wants to cheer her up, she agrees. Shirley and Costas go out on the boat. Shirley goes skinny-dipping, revealing to the audience ( there is play, and there is a film version) that she doesn’t want Costas to keep his promise from the day before. After she kisses him, he doesn’t.

    Once Jane hears about what has happened, she believes that Shirley has fallen in love with Costas. However, Shirley reveals to the audience that she’s fallen in love with the idea of living. Once the time comes to leave , Shirley gets as far as the airport before turning back.
    Once back at the tavern, she finds Costas handing the same line(“You think I want to make fuck with you?” ) to another tourist as he did with her. However, Shirley isn’t upset because she didn’t return for him; she wants a job.

    In the meanwhile, Joe becomes more and more desperate the longer Shirley is away and eventually finds out where she is once Jane returns and tells him. He flies to Greece to bring her back. Once Joe arrives at the taverna, he walks by Shirley, not recognising her. She calls him by name and when he turns around, he sees, as Shirley puts it, “not the wife or the mother, but Shirley Valentine”. She pours him a glass of wine and invites him to sit with her at the table and chairs by the sea.

    This was adapted to Bengali on stage by Bohurupee as ‘ Aami Shanu Lahiri Bolchhi”, with Swatilekha playing Shanu / Shirley Valentine.

    Then there was English Vinnglish who discovers herself in a foreign land outside the protective and constructive shadow of her husband.
    And now there is Queen where our Ranini, spurned by her fiancée, decides to go on a honeymoon to Paris alone.

    It’s the same trajectory. Insensitive partner. Suppressed self moulded by society’s expectations. Then a visit to foreign land. Liberating environment. No role playing. Relating to people on your own terms. Freedom. And self-discovery.

    So was I reminded of Shirley Valentine or English Vinglish while watching Queen. Not too often, and when I was, it did not detract wee bit from my thorough enjoyment if the films. For me it is always the telling rather than the tale.

    And debutant Vikash Bahl has told the story so well helped in no small measure by his inspired choice of Kangana as Rani. Unless you live on Mars you have surely heard about her performance of a lifetime and she deserves every bit of the praise. The film is very funny throughout, but never by selling the soul of the story. Right from the first scene when she is soliloquizing through the London Thumkda song, we are in Rani’s world and can empathize with her sense of hurt when Vijay tells her he doesn’t want to go through with the wedding. All through the gags in Paris and Amsterdam, what comes through is the genuineness of her relationships with Vijayalkshmi, with her droll roomies of different nationalities and the Italian eatery owner who helps her put up the golgappa stall. Like in English Vinglish, here too, the foreign land and people of different nationalities help us confront our own prejudices and stereotyping.

    The social portraiture of all characters, especially the Indians, be they Ranis family back home, her uncle and aunty in Paris or Vijay’s mother, is pitch perfect. The charming thing about Vikash Behl is that he does it with a lightness of touch and observation of details rather than didactic speech making. ( The Parisian aunty giving her a cheap Eiffel Tower as gift). And what makes warm up to Vikash Bahl so readily is that like Raju Hirani he too is not a prisoner of political correctness or prudery, just because he is making a film with social conscience. ( take the scene where Rani’s father and Chintu are drooling at the cleavage-revealing Vijayalakshmi on Skype.. “ Where is Vijyalajsmi didi today?”, Chintu asks when she fails to show up during a subsequent Skype session. )

    But what makes the film a total blast is Vikash Bahl’s sense of humour , helped no doubt by the writers , Vikash himself, Pervez Shaikh, Chaitally Parmar and Anvita Dutt. The gags are written superbly and Vikash choreographs them like a master. Take the sequence at the sex-toys shop in Amsterdam. Rani picks up a vibrator innocently and says , “ Oh this is an electric massage device. Great fir joint pain. Granny will appreciate it a lot. Even as the audience is doubling up with laughter, she picks upa bondae belt, and says,’ This belrt, it can be worn around the was , over jeans or salawar kurta. But this is available in Lajpat Nagar’. Her male friends are laughing. ‘ Lajpat Nagar is in Delhi’ . The male friends are still laughing. She thinks it is Lajpat Nagar.’ Lajpat Nagar is in Delhi’ she repeats ad ad nauseum as she convulses with laughter herself, much like a drummer going on with his drum roll when the real song ahs ended.

    The gag about Indian women not allowed to burp was similarly staged.

    Must mention Amit Trivedi’s music and the way it has been blended with the narrative seamlessly. I call this the Anurag Kashyap school of film song aesthetics, and first time he used it and ,so successfully, was in Dev D. ( He is one of the producers here along with Vikramaditya Motwane). The idea is not to have lip-sync songs and to have songs that emotionally resonate with the sequence, even if the words do not exactly articulate the c characters’ feelings. The beautiful Ranjha Ranjha song is a good example…it moved me to tears . ( To give credit where it is due, this one has been composed by not Amit but Rupesh Kumar Ram). The Hungama Ho Gaya remix was of course a lark , both aurally and visually, and it manages to deliver at so many levels, adding so much to the film.

    In the end, looking back at the first three months of the year, I count the Bollywood films that I have seen: Dedh Isqiya, Hasee To Phasee , Highway, and now Queen, and I can’t believe it. All with women protagonists, each one different from the other, fleshed out by wonderful performances by Huma Khan, Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt and now Kangana Renaut! Hollywood , hang your head in shame!


  35. Shame on Timesofindia and its yellow journalism. Its anti aamir tirade.
    In the morning they were shouting that aamirkhan is forcing the residents to sell their flats so that he can construct a bungalow. Now they have suddenly changed the headlines that aamirkhan’s futile search for bungalow.
    And the former article invited so many anti aamir comments from the usual suspects.
    Wish aamirkhan sue TOI for defamation and mischief.
    I think someone bugged by SMJ series in TOI must be behind this defaming articles.
    No one can force anyone in any housing society to sell or to evict even if the building is crumbling as recently happened where some were killed. Even one flat owner can refuse. Only goonda political and other outfits can do it.
    The sudden change in headlines must be due to fear of defamation suit.
    Recently Arnab goswami said that aamir has no passion for the country because he showed media in a bad light in the film Peepli Live. Arnab perhaps forgot that it is anusha rizvi’s film under AK production House. Arnab thinks raising ruckus every second day for hours without allowing participants to complete their sentences is supposed to be passion for the country.

    Reminds me of tirade against amitabh Bachchan for land grab which was carried for years.


      • I think aamir will clarify. There are 2 sides and the TOI reporter or Indian Express reporter should have asked for clarification from his side too as it is usually done.
        Majority started bashing SMJ and muslims. And aamir’s offer was higher than the private builders’s offer and so the latter might have tried to besmirch the reputation by instigating some to use words like force.


      • Aamir Khan’s plan to buy out his society’s plots — Bella Vista and Marina Apartments — is reportedly materialising. Khan outdid the bid of a prominent construction company (name withheld) by offering a much higher amount, indicated a society member.

        There were bids and the lady who is complaining must be aware of the bids. If not aamir, there are others who are waiting to redevelop. When the majority has no problem, why this little group is resisting? Is the construction company wants to take revenge for snatching their lucrative deal? Are they using them as a front? And aamir allegedly is offering highest and in white too while almost all real estate deals use black money to clinch deals.

        Let us wait and watch for the answers to these questions too.

        Aamir needs to explain and many are waiting what he says about the whole thing.


        • Why the media and the journalists are withholding the construction company’s name while they have no compunction to use aamir’s name and spoil his reputation?


          • I’ve been following this bit of convoluted news since two days and it is obvious that here is another opportunity for the media to paint Amir the Satyamev Jayate anchor as a hypocritical umprincipled land grabber. From whatever I’ve followed it looks ike Aamir made an offer in Dec 2011 and then left the building a year back, since it seemed to be falling apart. Aamir has said that he was born and brought up in this society, so ob viously the building is 50 yrs old. Today IE gives a fair report of the situation


          • Can you give me the link?


          • Aamir Khan clarifies

            On Thursday, the actor’s spokesperson clarified, “We would like to clarify on behalf of our client, Mr Aamir Khan, that he denies all allegations regarding him putting any pressure on his society to go in for redevelopment. The fact of the matter is that Mr. Khan left the building more than a year ago, after an incident of a slab of concrete falling on the head of one of the members, resulting in the member being hospitalised.

            “Thereafter, over the months, in his absence, the society had several meetings and discussions, regarding redevelopment. The general body eventually passed a resolution with 80% majority members voting in favour of redevelopment. Thereafter, society made a request in writing to Mr. Khan to make an offer. Mr. Khan gave the matter due thought and made an offer. In his offer letter, he also suggested to the society to invite other offers to ensure best value for the society and it’s members.

            “Mr. Khan strongly denies any allegations of pressure tactics or misconduct on his part, and takes strong exception to attempts being made to defame him.”
            – See more at:


  36. A niggling little complaint I had against Queen is that the idea of the ‘homely’ girl who studies home studies was a little too stereotypical. But it has made me curious: is this subject popular anymore, even in the smallest towns?

    Almost all the girls I know in India study engineering/ law/ accountancy/ medicine/ architecture/ commerce/ economics.

    Is home studies still a common degree, even in big cities like Delhi?


    • I think many boys and girls who have not earned any degree go for distant education. Also some who fail to get admission. Now many universities in India offer distant education.
      I am waiting to see Queen on TV as usual.
      And most of the girls also opt for MCA and CA as getting admission to medical college is not easy.


      • No home studies as in cooking/ baking etc and learning to be a homemaker (as a degree subject) not studying a degree from home! 😛


    • ideaunique Says:

      Ami – I know a girl – M. Com. – unable to come out of this homely mould – on the wrong side of 30 – unable to even accept that she needs to live freely – totally confused and her biological clock is ticking – i had a long discussion with her (her dad was standing with us) and tried to find out what exactly she wants from life – the answer was: she is horrified with the idea of getting married because most of her friends are living like slaves……..she doesnt need a job for money but all she does now is stay home / watch tv and try to do house-choirs…….a very very pretty girl she is and has refused n no. of marriage – proposals…..


  37. The degree is Home Science and its still available but it considered as a derogatory degree for many. I remember one of my cousins did that course and how my mom used to mock her..koi koi home science kar rahi hai…rotiya hi belegi jeevan bhar. 🙂


  38. Just one correction: The Bengali adaptation of Shirley Valentine was presented by Nandikar and the play was called ‘ Shanu Roychowdhury’. Swatilekha ( of Ghare Baire fame) was fabulous in the solo act.


  39. My dear teachers,

    It appears you had difficulty understanding my daughter, and being her responsible father, who may clearly see her flaws and weaknesses, I am trying to reply to some of the direct and indirect questions you posed to my daughter during the last one year. Before I begin, I would like to remind you that maybe my child is having some problems related to carelessness and she may be less focused compared with your favourite children, but each child is unique and has their own aptitude to bring to the world. Our duty is to help the child bring out those talents and encourage them to develop their own individuality. All the time we don’t have to agree with them but making them understand the same with a little care and support may give them more confidence to explore ideas on their own.

    You had a problem why my daughter laughs a lot. Please permit me to mention here that now her unfortunate father is searching for her lost smile for the last few months. I am sorry for the inconvenience (which you may have considered trouble), if any, you had because of my daughter, but it should be understood how much she means to me. I taught her to laugh when she is happy, I taught her to laugh when she is sad, I taught her to laugh when things do not happen as she wanted and I taught her to laugh at herself every time she made a mistake.

    You made a strange discovery that my little girl is having giraffe legs. As she is growing so fast, I sometimes wonder where my little girl is. I taught her that she should stand tall and be confident and proud and never feel any fear; she still has to walk a million miles to achieve all her dreams and goals. You told her that the entire staffroom knows that she would walk up to the Principal if you scold her. A fact you must know is that with God’s love in her heart and parents’ courage in her soul, and your school’s Principal as her ideal, she feels comfortable to open her mind. In fact, I see her as one of millions of kids who will build a strong and happy India. Today we need our young people to speak their mind, not just listen to the leaders, but ask questions, tough questions, so tomorrow they become a source of courage and happiness to others.

    Its seems you always find her a happy-go-lucky girl student with a bad handwriting who also keeps her bag and books carelessly in the classroom. I may agree with you here but cracking jokes about her and asking her best friend how she could tolerate my little child is unbecoming of you as a teacher and such behaviour is unwarranted and uncalled for.

    During the last PTA, you had a complaint that my child is always interested in taking part in the school’s extracurricular activities and annual day functions. To the best of my knowledge, students should always be advised to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, debates and discussions, because these activities would help in all-round personality development. I am also surprised that in this 21st century you still follow the age-old formula as they say in Hindi: “Kheloge kudoge hoge kharab”.

    Just a few days ago, during her final exams, you asked the classroom whether anyone had any query regarding the question paper and when my daughter raised her hand, it appears you told her that she herself is a problem thus belittling her in the class and giving the classroom a chance to laugh at her cost, and this was not the first time she faced this humiliation. I am deeply sad to say your unwarranted behaviour shattered her confidence and now she hesitates to ask even basic questions. I am still wondering if the school authorities have bestowed upon you any right to belittle my child in front of her class. All children are God’s gift and as a teacher you should have the patience to treat them all alike and to instil in them loads and loads of confidence, but not to shatter it.

    The mental abuse of a child is as bad and dangerous as physical punishment. Because it could put a comma, maybe even a full stop, to her mental growth and development.

    Don’t you understand that by your unkind and unreasonable behaviour you are stalling the mental development of a child through your misunderstanding of a corrigible deficiency in a child? I hope you agree that making fun of a student repeatedly in front of her classmates is as bad as mental torture. Such behaviour on the part of a teacher is deplorable and such a person does not deserve to be called a teacher. By such behaviour, you are in fact stalling their growth instead of allowing them to blossom. Perhaps the school and the society can do better without such teachers if they do not mend their ways.

    In conclusion, I would like to say that the teacher instead of insulting and rebuking children in front of their class (and thereby stalling their mental growth) should work for the development of the children. Instead of belittling them, help them understand about the wonderful gift of human life, build strong roots in them about the social, ethical and moral values of life, about their positive participation in the inclusive growth of school life, family, society and the nation. Teachers who cannot participate in building the life of the students have no place in society. The society is in need of teachers who treat their student with an equal eye, love, compassion, understanding and consideration, and not teachers who belittle them in front of their class and thereby destroy their confidence and future.

    A teacher has to be full of love and compassion towards his/her students and treat them as his/her own children and work for their all round personality development. For your relief, I would like to inform you that I am withdrawing my daughter from your school and for my little happiness, my daughter, is responding well to the counsellor and now she has agreed to leave this school with the condition that she will visit all her friends once a month. I am sad to say your sarcasm won once again and another poor child lost, but hopefully after reading this letter you may consider putting a full stop, and not a comma, to incidents like this.

    (Rahul Verma is founder of the grassroots non-profit Uday Foundation, fully dedicated to children, health and human rights.)


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