Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers (updated)

thanks to Idea..


13 Responses to “Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailers (updated)”

  1. Total ripoff from K3!!


  2. ‘Baba main aa gaya!” What took you so long, son?

    Flying off the rooftops, running down the outside of buildings – you should look for ‘Baba’ INSIDE!

    D3 is hilarious – they keep telling us Aamir learnt this tap dance and that trapeze with 9% fat on him – as if that’s harder than jumping off buildings and running down them – I would like to know how he learnt THAT!


    • Better than someone telling us that some actor has worked hard to achieve one of the best bodies in the world , probably to prevent free fall of a building in the climax , all in front of Bollywood hungama hoarding….orr making 6 pack abs only to do a ” Dard E Disco”


  3. Satyam ji,
    Here the Salman Khan’s upcoming ‘Jai Ho’ first look [edited[)Thanks


  4. 3rd best VFX I have ever seen after Ra.One and Krrish 3.
    4th is Hatim Tai


  5. I don’t get how people are not tired of this genre by now…


    • ideaunique Says:

      Henry – if one is a fan – i am one – i wud never get tired of spidy….and personally I think this is the best explored superhero series out of all….


  6. Checked this one today. Didn’t mind it, but it suffers from Webb’s tendency to stuff in too many subplot and villains (something which marred Raimi’s final Spider-man film as well). That being said I will take both these efforts over Raimi’s trilogy which I found poorly written for the most part. The best bit about both these rebooted versions is that the romance between the leads is dazzling (don’t think there is another superhero film which is better than Webb’s film on this score). Garfield makes for a far better Spidey (and Peter Parker) than Toby and Emma Stone dazzles as Gwen Stacy. But Jamie Foxx is all wrong as Electro- has zilch persona and charisma (with someone like Denzel, the film would have taken off). Thankfully Dane DeHaan makes for a riveting Harry Osborn/Green Goblin (he is easily the scene-stealer here) even if his character is kind-of shoehorned into the narrative. The film, inspite of some missteps, is actually pretty good till the last act where Webb decides to go all-Nolan on us.

    The action pieces were a big let down though (Raimi was far better on this score). What Webb does pretty well is use freeze-frames instead of overdoing the slow-mo sequences.


    • On a related note, there is a new Spidey comic series- ‘Spider-Man Noir’- which is really like an offshoot of Frank Miller’s comics, especially Spirit.


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