Youngistaan, Dishkiyaaoon, Ragini MMS 2 & Queen (ongoing), the rest of the box office

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  1. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 5h
    #Queen [Week 3] Fri 1.40 cr, Sat 2.90 cr, Sun 3.20 cr, Mon 1.15 cr, Tue 1.15 cr, Wed 1.10 cr, Thu 1.20 cr. Grand total: ₹ 51.45 cr nett.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h
    #RaginiMMS2 Fri 8.43 cr, Sat 7.29 cr, Sun 8.78 cr, Mon 4.60 cr, Tue 3.81 cr, Wed 3.55 cr, Thu 2.92 cr. Total: Rs 39.38 cr nett. EXCELLENT.

    taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 4h
    #Queen is UNSTOPPABLE in India. Crosses ₹ 50 cr nett mark. AWESOME.


  2. BO update: ‘Queen’, ‘Ragini MMS-2’ pose tough competition!
    By Taran Adarsh, March 28, 2014 – 14:16 IST

    DISHKIYAOON, O TERI and YOUNGISTAAN, the three new releases belonging to different genres, have given viewers ample scope for choice. However, YOUNGISTAAN holds an edge and has managed to garner a better start at several sectors [morning shows].

    The low-key opening of DISHKIYAOON and O TERI can be attributed to the absence of attractive names in the cast, cricket matches, ongoing examination period, dull musical score and minimal hype surrounding these films.

    Meanwhile, RAGINI MMS-2 and QUEEN, which are currently running in their second and fourth week, respectively, have been faring better than the new releases. QUEEN still remains the audiences’ first choice at plexes, while RAGINI MMS-2 is expected to dominate at single screens.


    • Dishkiyaoon O Teri And Youngistaan Open Poorly
      Friday 28 March 2014 13.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      The new releases Dishkiyaoon, O Teri and Youngistaan all opened to a poor response with low occupancies across the board. The opening was similar for all three films with occupancies in the 5-10% range.

      Dishkiyaoon can be called the best opening of the three as it was doing these occupancies with a wider release. Dishkiyaoon has made it to around 1500 screens while the other two are 1000 approx. It will be the late afternoon and evening collections that will decide which film comes out on top.

      If things stay as they are in the morning then Dishkiyaoon will lead on the opening day. The three films will find it tough going even with big improvements in the evening and tomorrow. O Teri will have best chances if the big improvement comes as it is the least costly out of the three films.


    • Ragini MMS 2 Does Well In First Week
      Friday 28 March 2014 12.00 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Ragini MMS 2 had a good first week as it grossed around 37.50 crore nett in week one. The film managed to sustain pretty well over the weekdays especially outside the metros. The business in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata is not as strong as smaller cities gut pretty good for this genre.

      The only place where the film has not performed well is Bangalore which has meant that Mysore circuit has seen an under performance. Normally the genre struggles in the North due to the huge presence of premium multiplexes but the Baby Doll song ensured footfalls in North as well.

      The film will see competition in week two from three new releases but its hold is pretty good in some areas which should ensure the film gets to around 50 crore nett for lifetime business.


    • Queen Crosses 50 Crore In Three Weeks
      Friday 28 March 2014 11.30 IST
      Box Office India Trade Network

      Queen grossed an excellent 11.50 crore nett in its third week taking its three week business to 50.50 crore nett. The third week figures are the highest of 2014 by a distance as Jai Ho grossed around 3.75 crore nett and Gunday 2.25 crore nett.

      The film has surpassed the business of multiplex films like Hasee Toh Phasee, Highway and Shaadi Ke Side Effects by leaps and bounds. The film is really scoring well in Mumbai city, Delhi NCR, East Punjab and Bangalore though its run in smaller cities is coming to an end.

      The fourth week should see good numbers again and there not many films that hold collections into week four and it could be that Queen comes out with a fourth week that is amongst the highest ever.


  3. It’s not that I suddenly trust one publication over the other — and heaven knows India could do with some properly audited box office figures, not a bunch of experts claiming to know better and yelling loud enough to drown each other out — but this one made a tall claim that, if true, was genuinely worth celebrating.

    It said: ‘By collecting 21.20 crores in its second week, Queen has become the first movie since Gadar to have a better second week than its first.’

    The fact that a woman-centric film can challenge those increasingly inane hero-vehicles is certainly cause for celebration, raves Raja Sen.


  4. Have seen a lot of Kangana interviews lately and due to her pronounced speech defect could not muster myself to watch this movie. She really ruined Tanu Weds Manu for me which was a decent movie and I was really looking forward to it due to likable promos with funny characters and Madhavan’s endearing act.

    Her dialogue delivery is so pathetic that it is an instant turn off….though I find lisping damn sexy in a woman… say something of pooja bhatt in her youth. But here, when she opens her gap its all downhill. There is no doubt she is very good looking and worked well in a K3 set up where she was hardly ask to speak.

    On personal front too she comes across too righteous where this is a case of sau chuhe khake billi haj ko chali !!! She entered with sugar daddy Pancholi and midway there were rumors she nearly ruined kajol’s marriage while filming Rascals with devgun….


    • Well, one swallow doesl not make a summer. I think Queen’s success is once in a lifetime sort of thing. Many are using this to bash well established heroes whose openings get great initials and they forget that once so many see the movie in the first week itself, naturally the trending will be low. And the big films are taken off once the big money stops coming.


    • msdhoni, dont be jealous.You didnt like this film but public liked it.


      • it was joy to watch Queen,what a breath of fresh air,rani of rajori (kangana) was simply superb..Excellent film


    • tonymontana Says:

      You’re being too harsh in Kangana. I suppose u should rather see the film before say something aboit Kangana. Yes, I tremendously disliked Kanganas performance in Tanu weds Manu too.. but I was rather surprised after watching her transformation in Queen, not only in terms of performance but also her dictioj in voice. Just give her a chance.


      • She ruined Kajol’s marriage?! Ajay Devgn is an adult man who (if the rumour is true) should have behaved in a more responsible manner. He is the one who is married to Kajol, not Kangana! And she was just a 17-year-old girl when she was involved with Pancholi, it’s absurd to blame her for what happened then.

        In any case, what I like about her personal interviews is precisely that she does not act like some naive, selfless soul but instead is refershingly candid and self-deprecating. She admits to doing crap films for money, to being insecure about her small-town roots and overcompensating with her fashionista image and so on. She’s not trying to step into Aamir Khan’s shoes and save the world here! Curiously enough, you seem more than happy to praise Aamir’s self-righteous behaviour despite him having divorced his first wife and having allegedly fathered a son from an extra-marital affair! (I find Aamir’s show to be admirable and don’t have a problem wiht him, but it is a bit rich when you criticize the actions of an actress when she was a 17 year old small-town runaway but do not apply the same standards to adult, powerful men, be they Aamir or Ajay!)

        I highly doubt that she is going to be the next superstar or anthing, but she did act wonderfully in Queen, and it was a role that was perfect for her, awkward dialouge delivery and all.


        • Well Ajay D libidinous and decadent nature is well publicized in the film industry and many are surprised how an otherwise fiery Kajol puts up with all the façade (all this is not first hand info but courtesy filmy gossip).

          What is believed is Kangana gave in to this promiscuous and lascivious man expecting some serious relationship and probably a separation promise from Kajol and kids. Why would a woman knowingly get into all this if she sounds so sorted out in interviews lately…

          On the rest I have to see Queen to comment further…

          On Aamir I will not defend him for his personal behavior. I would just say divorce and separation is not a sin and no big deal and a dignified and respectful approach to separation and divorce is always better.


          • She doesn’t pretend to be a perfectly sorted person, she does admit to being insecure and making choices that she regrets.
            In any case, why would you assume that she dated Devgn because she wanted to marry him? Actresses often sleep with powerful, lecherous men for the sole purpose of furthering their careers, that’s Bollywood’s dirty secret.

            And if Aamir’s divorce (also accompanied by rumours of alleged infidelity) is no big deal, then why should the prospect of Devgn divorcing Kajol matter? And how is it Kangana who is ruining Kajol’s marraige when her husband is the one is allegedly cheating on his wife time and again? He is rumoured to be a perpetual womanizer, so if it hadn’t been Kangana it would have just been somebody else.


          • Go get him Ami! Such double standards on SS!!
            P.S. I would take kangi over Sonam anyday. She was atrocious on KWK, including her dress (Sonam was) .


          • In any case, why would you assume that she dated Devgn because she wanted to marry him? Actresses often sleep with powerful, lecherous men for the sole purpose of furthering their careers, that’s Bollywood’s dirty secret.

            Ami, you are making a sweeping statement here. Actresses need not sleep with powerful men only for roles. It may also that gives them a high that they can have an affair with a powerful man who also has a very attractive wife. Or she might have genuinely loved to have an affair with him. She had a choice. And she made her choice for whatever reason.


          • Sanjana, yes, of course Kangana could have had a million and one reasons to embark on an alleged affair with Ajay, but marrying him need not be one of them. Actresses do often sleep with powerful men because of the casting couch, and I was only pointing out that this could have been the reason and there is no need to assume that she wanted to marry Ajay and replace Kajol, not declaring that this had to have been the reason for sure.

            If Kajol’s marraige was ruined, it was the fault of her cheating husband. Yes, Kangana made a choice. You can blame Kangana for acting dishonourably, but not for ruining somebody else’s marraige when the man she happens to be cheating with is an adult who is responsible for his own actions, and aware of his responsiblities to his wife!


          • if balan could survive without the help of couches then why not kangi who has as much talent as Balan? I wonder. Also shouldn’t married men be out of limits?
            P.S. speaking on behalf of all men on SS 😉


          • Yes, obviously married men should be off-limits. I’m not trying to justify women who have affairs with them. But the sanctity of the marriage rests in the hands of the husband and wife, and it is their duty to remain faithful, not the duty of the rest of the world!

            If Kajol had a a boy-toy who was half her age, who do you think people would blame for the troubles in her marriage: the young guy, or her?


          • Forbidden fruit is more tempting for some.


          • Forbidden? Some people deliberately go for married so there is no hassle of marriage. Kangana doesn’t believe in marriage as institution and has publicly said that those married should go to psychiatrist etc. ‘liberated’ women like her use men to furthur her/their own cause/career. Pretty zinta was another one. To be fair even men/young boys use their sexuality same way e.g. s. malhotra, ayan m. and karan (it came up on KwK)


  5. It happened with Vidya Balan too but she could not sustain it for long. Forget that – she can’e even keep her weight issues in check how is she going to control her career.


    • Lol…Thanks for that Di !

      Ami, I don’t wish to sound like some MCP, but just trying to analyze Kangana’s behavior lately where she sounds humble, straight and simplistic in her interviews. She did try to take the fast track to stardom so why this bitter tone on industry workings suddenly? She should understand if you take shortcuts, you get cut short too…that’s why that snide remark on sau chuhe khaakar….

      Of course Devgn divorcing Kajol does not matter but here it seems Kajol is trying to cling on to this marriage to the extent of going for a makeover and apparently revamping her wardrobe to a sexier avatar to woo her husband back. She is a mother of 2 kids and close to turning 40 and although I pity her, I don’t sympathize with her for putting up with Devgn infidelities. It’s the Kangana types who continue to make life more difficult for her and the likes whereas being a woman this would be easier for them to understand.


      • Kajol’s mother was separated from her husband and Kajol must have experienced a life without both parents. She may not want her kids to grow up without a full family. She may havs to compromise but atleast her kids will have a father at home.


        • MSDhoni…Devgn is a man in a position of power in an industry filled with beautiful, ambitious young women. If it wasn’t Kangana, there would have been a million other women who were opportunistic and willing to have an affair with him to advance their career/ for the thrill of being with a celebrity etc.

          It is not Kangana who is making life difficult for Kajol, but Kajol’s own husband who is making life difficult for her when he chooses to keep cheating on her (allegedly)! As the man who is married to her, it is him who should be more understanding of her feelings and not some unmarried young actress like Kangana! He is not an imbecile, or a child. If he makes these choices it is him who is to blame!


          • In a recent interview (I believe it could be on KwK) kajol said “as long as he comes home (to her)”, she is ok with it. Interesting thing would be if the same freedoms be enjoyed by women in marriage in India?


  6. Anyway, since guys have spent close to 500 rupees for Leone’s master-piece, hopefully they can spare 2 $ to watch the highly reviewed AANKHON DEKHI here, legally..

    [This movie by the way has more # of reviews that screens allotted to it in India LOL]

    Since Rangan is the last word here, this one is HIGHLY recommended by him..


    • How was Ragini MMS? Did you like it AJ? I think Sunny is sweet; prefer her over Katrina. 😉
      P.S. haven’t watched ragini or queen. Last watched Shaadi kay side effects and loved it.


      • Kya bolu Di: I have seen more of Sunny and her sisters/friends in New Folder (New Folder 2) than in R MMS 2 during my curioser days — of course even now sometimes — so I would hardly rush for R MMS2 – still she does take off her clothes below the water..and is in the movie ONLY for one woman being exploited by another – the great Jeetendra’s daughter..


  7. RajRoshan Says:

    Loved movie of the year and easily one of the best among recent years…so happy for its success 🙂


  8. tonymontana Says:

    The Indian box office behaves in ironical ways for sure.. QUEEN’s success is astonishing but a piece is garbage, at the same time, in the name of Ragini MMS 2 is being lapped up by single screen high on testosterone Indian public.

    So while we can celebrate a woman centric film go from strength to strength, an exploitative film has earn more than what the former could manage in 2 weeks.


  9. Ragini MMS 2 Still Leads Queen Drops 50 Percent On Fourth Friday
    Saturday 29 March 2014 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    Ragini MMS 2 was still the top film this week as it collected around 1.25-1.50 crore nett on its 8th day. The film had a higher collection than Dishkiyaoon, Oh Teri and Youngistaan on their first days but there has been a drop due to the loss of screenings.

    The drop is 80% plus from day one but it should grow well over the weekend especially as the new releases don’t look like making a mark. The film should still see a 50 crore nett lifetime total despite the drop.

    Queen dropped around 50% from its last Friday as it grossed around 60-70 lakhs nett on its fourth Friday. The film will show the highest growth out of all the releases this week but with this drop the 60 crore nett total might be out of its reach.


    • “Ragini MMS 2 Still Leads Queen Drops”
      Satyam…r u seriously trying to give poor Ann Jo heart attack?


  10. Dishkiyaoon O Teri And Youngistaan First Day Business
    Saturday 29 March 2014 13.00 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network

    The new releases all did poor business on its first day and have nothing going for them. They may grow a little over the weekend but it will make no difference to their fates. All three films are big losers especially Dishkiyaaon which may have had the best collections but was also the costliest of the lot.

    The approx first day estimates of the three films were as follows.
    Dishkiyaaon 1.15-1.25 crore nett
    Youngistaan 1-1.10 crore nett
    O Teri 65-70 lakhs nett


  11. Just read on indicine the upcoming movies of the big superstars: Aamir-PK, Sarfarosh 2 and maybe another movie with Exel Entertainment. Salman-Kick, No entry 2, Sooraj’s movie, Kabir Khan’s next and possibly Dhoom 4. SRK-HNY, Fan, Raees, Rohit Shetty’s next, Aditya Chopra’s next. All are huge movies (with the exception of Fan) and potential blockbusters.

    Meanwhile Ranbir, the so called “prince” who’s expected to take over the Khan’s has Bombay Velvet (clashing w PK), Roy where Arjun Rampal has equal screen time lol, Jagga Jasoos, and Window Seat (Imtiaz Ali’s next). Not a single one of these movies seem like big movies and definitely not comparable to the khans.

    God knows what Hrithik Roshan is doing-after Bang Bang he may do Ashutosh’s next and his dad will probably want to make Krrish 4,5,10 after that.


  12. one of my ex colleague wrote to me for information on this movie ( I checked and found it to be a Marathi Movie and not Hindi as She seems to suggest )
    AnJo, Abzee and others if you know anything about this movie, can you please share here –

    There is a movie coming out on April 4th called Yellow (often referred to as “The Movie Yellow”) directed by Mahesh Limaye. It is an Indian movie so I imagine it will only be in select theaters if any at all. I am excited about it and I really want to support it by going to see it.

    Have you heard of this movie or have any idea of where it might be shown in the theaters. A lot of the online articles about it are in Hindi so I can’t read them.

    Any insight you might provide would be greatly appreciated.


  13. Just checked KJO KOFFEE with NARGIS & FREDA–
    Really fun episode –it’s youtube link not working at my end– anybody can supply ‘links’-thanx

    Anyhow nargis is endearing and fresh there (& here)
    For nargis & ileana, I shall to tolerate this chap …

    I agree–galat baat hai, girls..


    • Here it is Apex. This site contains most of major Indian TV shows and quality is pretty decent. There is also Desi TV if you google for these shows giving good links

      Koffee With Karan

      The last one with Sonam and Anil was fun too. She mentions Kareena reading Pinkvilla for gossip. Now I always believed a lot many commentators on that site were bollywood insiders as too much detailing and personal info is strewn there. But stars or their PR may be very active for all you know esp the links on Sussane & Hrithik there is a lot of back and forth with she did this and he did this…enjoy !!


      • Many thanx for this link & info, Miss Dhoni–u r a star…
        Good that u’ve pointed me to pinkvilla–fun gossip –may catch it more-btw what’s the latest on hr/Suzanne story?
        -from pinkvilla insider ‘leads’ –just came across hmmm..

        Btw an interesting discussion above with Amy–some good points both ways ..Imo Amy is one of the best bloggers here – she balances reason with passion -cheers

        Ps: Amy is right– there’s a big segment of girls who are apparently identifying & empathising with kanganas portrayal (& situation)…infact many girls (esp those who moved to USA /Europe) are now ‘opening up’ on blogs pointing out to something similar in their lives…like..


  14. Link Not playing here for but furnished for public interest purposes–

    Kjo @ a loss of words wid nargis

    O meri jaan tera yoon muskurana
    Toh galat baat hai
    Apne aashiq ko sankat mein laana
    Toh galat baat hai

    To prevent her from ‘protesting’ may include Sally in the spoofs lol -let’s see..

    Ps: Satyam: think u won’t have liked counsellor–I personally think it’s a type of film that separates the men from boys. It’s dead easy to be seen praising stuff like ’12 years a slave’ & ‘gravity’. Checked to see rangans views on the counsellor –but alas he’s busy reviewin the dreggs of Bollywood…Like a Harvard graduate workin in small Macdonald franchises ..


  15. By Divya J Shekhar

    National award-winning film critic Baradwaj Rangan, speaks to Mandate about the rules of film criticism and what it takes to get celebrities talking.

    Those who have read him, know Baradwaj Rangan as a witty and reader-friendly film critic with ‘a depth of understanding of the form, a discernible passion for the medium bulwarked consistently by knowledge of the trends and touchstones of global cinema,’ (as his National award citation states). I met the critic on the sidelines of the Bangalore Literature Festival where he was invited to talk about writing on cinema.

    Back in the media room, a group of journalists (all women) eagerly waited for him and claimed to be ‘huge fans’ of his work. As he entered with a warm smile, one of them asked, ‘Did you know that you have so many fans in the media?’ He blushed and tried dodging the situation, “Can we start with the interview now.” He continued, “I have a train to catch and have heard that Bangalore traffic is a killer.” Well, the cinema-lover in me was all set to begin the conversation, parts of which we discussed later over the phone.

    For starters, it was interesting to note that Baradwaj is a critic with no official training in filmmaking or cinema-writing. In fact, his professional degree spells out that he’s a chemical engineer from BITS (Pilani). “That was the time when parents considered only medicine or engineering as ‘serious professions’. I did not have the interest but went ahead with it anyway,” confessed Baradwaj. He claimed that he was infatuated with writing and loved reading critical analyses on world cinema, especially by American critics. “I got selected for a workshop by the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI), which led to a copyrighter stint with J Walter Thompson in Chennai.” A full-scholarship for a Master’s degree in Advertising and Public Relations took him to the US, where he also worked as an IT Consultant for a brief period of time. “Call it destiny, the urge to write was always there and I started reviewing films on a website. That was when I was noticed by Sushila Ravindranath, the then editor of The New Sunday Express. I worked with them for a couple of years and then moved to The Hindu, where I now serve as a deputy editor and film critic.”

    His decade-long career as a film journalist has seen many interactions with the who’s who of the film industry―some talkative, others, not as much. “I haven’t done too many interviews, it has mostly been reviews and opinion pieces,” said Baradwaj. “But honestly, I feel that newspaper interviews are a bummed deal. You need time to get a person out of his comfort zone and make him realise that you’re after something serious and not just a gossip piece. As a journalist, one of my most memorable interviews has been with director K Balachander. It was great to sit across someone of his stature and have a candid chat about his brand of cinema, what he sees in actors before launching them (he launched Kamal Haasan and Rajnikanth, among others), his comfort level with actors and so on. I really find it intriguing to look for ways in which I can get the person to talk to me. For instance, AR Rahman is usually very reticent. To facilitate an atmosphere that will make him talk is challenging.”

    Holding onto the challenging bit, I inquired about his interview with Ram Gopal Varma, which starts with, ‘About five minutes after sitting down across Varma, I’m beginning to realise he’s hijacked the interview.’ “It was the scariest thing,” admitted Baradwaj. “It’s just that some celebrities set the agenda for their interviews in advance and like to be the ones in control.” RGV’s anecdotes were rehashed from many of his previous interviews. “That might be because he would have probably given a dozen other interviews before mine, most of them with clichéd, less significant questions. In such cases, you really need to set the tone with intelligent questions and prove that you’re different.”


  16. ‘Noah’ Is No. 1 Despite Complaints

    LOS ANGELES — Viewers went to “Noah,” many in pairs, like the creatures in Genesis; but they quickly erupted in disagreement over the film’s action-packed, modernist rendering of the biblical flood.

    With an estimated $44 million in domestic ticket sales, including $6.2 million from giant Imax screens, “Noah” (Paramount Pictures) surpassed Lionsgate’s “Divergent,” with $26.5 million, and Walt Disney’s “Muppets Most Wanted, with $11.4 million, to lead the weekend box office. But “Noah” had a soft rating of C by Cinemascore, which gauges audience reaction. That happened as a majority of viewers — 63 percent, according to Paramount executives — gave the movie a positive score of A or B, even while a significant minority judged the film as low as D or F.

    “People are getting their arms around, are they comfortable with it?” said Rob Moore, Paramount’s vice chairman. “There’s a small, vocal minority who are not.”

    Professional film critics scored the movie with a respectable 68, according to, which tracks reviews. “This is a Noah for the 21st century, one of the most dazzling and unforgettable biblical epics ever put on film,” Richard Roeper, one of the fans, wrote for The Chicago Sun-Times.

    Other viewers were harshly opposed. “If you are looking for a biblical movie, this is definitely not it,” said Glenn Beck, one of many detractors, on his radio show, as noted by

    Much controversy centered on the director Darren Aronofsky’s environmental messaging — his Noah appears not to be a meat eater and reprimands his son for picking a flower — and on action sequences that involve Transformer-like exiled angels encased in rock.

    While Paramount eased religious leaders into early screenings and landed some cautious endorsements, it never received the kind of support that found church groups buying blocks of tickets to “Son of God,” which became a surprise hit for 20th Century Fox after opening last month.

    Mr. Moore said the split-level Cinemascore for “Noah” and the polarized audience reaction were similar to what the studio experienced with Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.” That film has had about $116.9 million in domestic ticket sales since its release in December.

    “Noah” was banned in Indonesia and in a number of Middle Eastern countries, where it was held to violate Islamic law, but it has played well in Mexico, which has a large Roman Catholic population. To date, the film, which cost about $125 million to make, has taken in about $51.1 million from international markets, Paramount said.

    “Mr. Peabody & Sherman,” from DreamWorks Animation and Fox, had $9.5 million in domestic ticket sales, to place fourth at the weekend box office, while “God’s Not Dead,” an independent film from Freestyle Releasing, ranked fifth, with $9.1 million in sales. “Sabotage,” a new release from Open Road starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, did poorly, with just $5.3 million in ticket sales. “Cesar Chavez,” from Lionsgate and Pantelion, placed 12th, with opening weekend sales of $3 million, according to Rentrak, which compiles box-office data.

    Through the weekend, the debate around “Noah” was still drawing attention from competitors.

    On Saturday morning, Mr. Aronofsky was warding off the backlash to some of his own comments. Asked on “CBS This Morning” about having called his film “the least biblical, biblical movie ever made,” he said he was simply distinguishing his approach from that of much older films, like Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments.”

    Responding to reports that identified Mr. Aronofsky as a self-professed atheist, Leslee Dart, a spokeswoman for him, said she did not believe that he would directly challenge the characterization.

    “I believe he would say: ‘It doesn’t really matter what I believe. The movie believes in God,’ ” Ms. Dart said.


  17. I’m really looking forward to this Dostoyevsky adaptation starring Jesse Eisenburg and Mia Wasikowska:


  18. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 22h
    Karan Johar’s #Shuddhi and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s #BajiraoMastani will clash in Christmas week 2015.


    • jayshah Says:

      And an un-titled, un-produced, un-directed, un-starring…Aamir starrer yet to be announced…


      • Ha! Speaking of which I have cornered Christmas ’17 for my home production. I would add that the same goes for Diwali ’18 but no one looks that far ahead other than for Christmas. So I can decide by the end of ’17 whether I want Diwali in ’18. For Christmas ’17 however I have to decide now. Production details to follow. It’s all in the planning stages right now. My concept essentially is that I want to release a 90 min extended trailer at some point in ’16 and then release an extended 2 hr cut of the same as the actual movie release in ’17. This way there will be a very organic connection between the trailer and the movie. The audience will truly get what they paid for.


        • Ha…the funny thing is both films want Deepika no? It’s a bit of odd to announce a date without anything on the table! I guess one does not have much to lose by announcing the date of release…they move frequently


          • Bhansali will certainly have her in his film. Guess there’s some doubt about Shuddhi on this score.. it might depend on the male lead as well. With hrithik out of it if they don’t get a comparable star (and they probably don’t have one) they might be more concerned with the female lead.


          • and also BO pundits have decided to start the counting from 401 cr for all aamir films henceforth 🙂


      • Aamir most probably will be the hero of Shuddhi…Talks are at an advanced stage…


  19. taran adarsh ‏@taran_adarsh 21s
    #Queen – UK: 1st Weekend: £ 32,385… 2nd Weekend: £ 25,865… 3rd Weekend: £ 27,311… 4th Weekend: £ 28,117. 4th Wknd better than 2nd & 3rd Wknd
    #Queen – Canada: 1st Weekend: $ 25,947… 2nd Weekend: $ 37,337… 3rd Weekend: $ 33,318… 4th Weekend: $ 26,047. 4th Wknd better than 1st Wknd.
    #Queen – USA: 1st Weekend: $ 136,051… 2nd Weekend: $ 262,255… 3rd Weekend: $ 250,712… 4th Weekend: $ 186,503. 4th Wknd better than 1st Wknd.

    Remarkable story at the BO…


  20. MSDhoni Says:

    No I don’t think this is April fool joke Sanjana. This was all over Zoom TV last week and now there are quite a few link to this if you Google.

    The April fool joke going around is SRK and Salman will reconcile their differences on Koffee with Karan to help him blast the rating which are not good until now.


  21. omrocky786 Says:

    Utkal – remember I had said that Kashyap is an A hole of the highest order ——
    Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, on his Facebook page, claimed over the weekend that he had “seen the CCTV footage” and “none of what the girl says about Tarun Tejpal is true”.


  22. omrocky786 Says:

    All the commies are busy in trying to save Tejpal… Outlook magazine is Tehlka -2 !


    • omrocky786 Says:


      Kavita Krishnan

      Mr Anurag Kashyap,
      You say “I have seen the CCTV footage too and none of what the girl says about Tarun Tejpal is true”…
      Who showed you the footage? I and most people havent seen the footage – rightly so, because legally we cant. So is the footage being shown to selected individuals in the media, the film world?
      Does the footage show what happened inside the lift?
      You cite Manu Joseph’s piece in Outlook. That piece, that so insidiously builds sympathy for Tejpal, says about the footage: “Nothing in the young woman’s body language indicates sexually potent
      conversation…They are not walking hand in hand, rather Tejpal is
      leading her and she is following him…they are separated by the whole width of the lift, which is about five feet. There is an unhappy tension between them as they walk out….Also there is not a moment in the footage that shows the young woman exhibiting anything resembling physical affection for Tejpal.”
      How do I break this to you – rape survivors dont behave like women in the Hindi films…They dont rush out of lifts yelling Bachao… Yes, they act ‘normal’. Yes, they try to appear as though nothing happened. The more so when the violator is someone they know, trust, and who has power over them (is a family member, family friend, boss, teacher etc…), when the consequence of making the violation public might mean loss of a job, loss of cherished friendships, relationships. No, raped women dont usually use martial arts on their violators, they try to get the trusted person violating them, to stop, they hope the problem will go away, they agonise long and hard about the consequences before they complain. If the father of a friend rapes a woman, if a husband of a friend molests someone, the survivors worry about the impact of the incident on their friend, their friendship. They hope, against hope, that the person will apologise, and stop.
      And yes, in my experience, most survivors of gender violence forget or misremember small details – that’s because of the stark, traumatic impact of the LARGE detail of having been raped, of being told that to keep their job they must now subject to sex with the boss, the more so if the rapist is not a stranger but someone known and trusted.
      Manu Joseph writes about the ‘fingertips’ sms that it could have been the words of a drunken man who thinks he’s flirting. Yes, arrogant rapists have been known to boast that the woman they raped enjoyed it. Honey Singh’s songs tell us of that mindset quite eloquently. Did the footage as seen by Joseph suggest any flirtation on part of the woman?! No? Tejpal’s own letter admits the woman’s ‘clear reluctance’, and that he invoked his being her boss. He claims he withdrew the latter remark with a clear, cogent statement. If he wants us to believe that’s true, then he clearly wasnt so drunk as to not recognise that she was unhappy and felt imposed upon. AFTER this exchange, how could anyone believe that an sms by Tejpal saying ‘fingertips’ is ‘flirting’?!
      The many respondents on your post Mr Kashyap, who say ‘We know the complainant, impossible for her to be raped’ are displaying classic, textbook victim-blaming tactics. No, it’s not ‘impossible’ for ANY woman to be raped – her being modern, emancipated, strong (even learning martial arts) cant be a guarantee that she wont be raped – especially by someone she knows, trusts and who has power over her.
      The good part here, Mr Kashyap, is that your macho image of ‘man who makes film to inspire women to take up martial arts to resist rape’ has been taken down – by you yourself. You now stand exposed as a common or garden variety misogynist who thinks it’s the complainant who is ‘the accused’ and who is on trial.


      • omrocky786 Says:

        4. Anurag Kashyap, maker of fiction films, is perhaps following this story closely in the hope that it yields material for a script. He posted the Outlook article on his Facebook page with the pithy comment, “And I have seen the CCTV footage too and none of what the girl says about Tarun Tejpal is true.” This is at variance from the story that Kashyap was commenting on. This implies that Kashyap does not believe a single part of the woman’s statement, even details about where or when the incident occurred, for instance. More disturbing, it raises questions about how Kashyap, who has no relationship to the case, was able to access a confidential piece of evidence.


      • sanjana Says:

        I just cannot understand how a wife can forgive a husband and also defend him? How can his daughters tolerate him? How can he look in their eyes?
        Even if it is consensual, it is adultery and betrayal. Unless the wife does not mind and kids are ok with it.
        The article was like porn story and disgusting. They should not have published it in the first place.


        • sanju – that is the pity of our Indian hypocratic society – for Ghar ki “izzat” – women are made to forgive a thousand crimes committed by men. What a pity!


  23. omrocky786 Says:

    Desire, Scandal and Murder, ‘The Xpose’ is a film set in the 1960’s, a decade when film stars tasted success and carried their larger than life screen image on to real life with unbridled pomp and splendour. It was during this time that the film world was shocked at the death of the sensational sex symbol. Was it accident, suicide or murder?.

    Starring Himesh Reshammiya, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Irrfan Khan (special appearance), Zoya Afroz , Sonali Raut and Aadil Husain, the movie is produced by Vipin Reshammiya and directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan. Music of the film is given by Himesh Reshammiya. The mystery shall be Xposed across cinemas on 23rd May, 2014


  24. satyam – this deserves a separate post –


  25. MSDhoni Says:

    I don’t know about their acting prowess and drawing power but it seems the PR machinery of all these young actors both male and female is top notch. Either they are in the news for partner swapping otherwise playing musical chairs with the 3 or 4 big ticket movies like Shuddhi, Barjatya movie , Raees & Bajirao……In fact Bhansali has made a career of out of Bajirao Mastanti casting in the last 10 years starting with Salman & Aish. Simply ridiculous!!


    On that note let me give you the good news of Vani Kapoor who I find simply adorable is all set to play female lead to SRK in his upcoming yrf movie titled Fan.


    • Ranveer is doing well for himself, signing some big films, and he is not someone who had a big launch like many other newcomers.


  26. AsliSamar Says:

    Must watch GRAVITY movie alternate beginning/ending by Krishna Bala Shenoi!


  27. tonymontana Says:

    Lol. The trailer has himesh reshamiya and honey singh in one frame. Clash of the titans!

    “Mai bistar pe neend ke siva kuch nahi leta.” I rest my case!


    • that has to be the dialogue of the century 🙂 James bond would faint after listening to it and Ian fleming will come alive from his ashes…..


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