Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Episode 5 (Criminalization of Politics) (older post updated)

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50 Responses to “Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Episode 5 (Criminalization of Politics) (older post updated)”

  1. AsliSamar Says:

    Important topic but the episode was boring and less impactful. Could have been better.


  2. SMJ 2, first episode on rape– it was a good episode, factual, informative for the end user (victim), just as it needed to be, not sensationalist .

    The link above leads to a good review of the episode as against the aimless criticism of sites like firstpost–but then they continuously trashed the first season, so nothing new there as with many agenda driven media commenters.


    • Next episode seems to be lighthearted. They are doing one serious, one less serious. Even mountain man episode maybe inspirational.

      Meanwhile arvind kejriwal’s popularity is growing like anything and I simply cant but admire him. Hope aamir will do one episode with this wonder man who is capturing the imagination of common man.


      • ideaunique Says:

        sanju: 1). Mountain man episode will NOT be done as it was covered in last season
        2). Kejriwal is just the attention-grabber – his recent visit to Gujarat and those 17 questions are a proof – every state will have thousands of such places where no work is being done – does that mean that the entire state is like that? If he had so much courage – why did he run away from delhi CM post just after 49 days? It is nothing but cowardice. Just here to his talk at India Today Colclave and the fiery Q&A after that –

        You see – it is easy to point out defects in the system – but he was repeated asked the question that if not Modi – whom should people see as the National leader? He had no courage to say that Ï am there and I will bring the change” – that says it all.


        • It is because the Gujarat Model is making news everyday in media while none of the other States are saying that their State is flawless. Thats why the scrutiny by Kejriwal throws light on such claims.
          It is like the perfect man tag for aamir khan. As long as his fans tell the world that he is perfect, all his imperfections will be highlighted whereas the other stars wont go through this scrutiny as their fans will not say that their stars are perfect.


  3. Satyam ji,

    Satyamev Jayate Season 2 Ep 2 Promo : Ek banda jisse hum sab darte hain,…:



  4. sanjana Says:

    Yes, its about police. Well researched and well presented.
    There were many IPS officers present and presented their experience. Of all, the Kerala example was the best one. Trying to make friendship with the public and removing the fear of police.
    Haryana has become a laughing stock closely followed by other northern states.
    Why we are following British system of making police the enemy of the public while Britain has a better system for its own people?


    • This is absolutely disgraceful, and it does seem to be done with extremely malicious intent. Since Aamir has dared to enter a somewhat political space, I expect that the usual suspects will soon start demonIzing him; I’m waiting for the accusations of Jihadist/ Terror-supporter/ Anti-Hindu to be hurled at him next (the Twitter brigade already seems to be heading in that direction).


      • Unfortunately every muslim star is facing this backlash. The more successful they get, the backlash is more.
        As the other Humanity which is for building masjids and helping muslim youth is also about Indians who profess one more faith. It is not baned by courts.
        If aamir khan donates to a Jain organisation or Ramakrishna Mission, it wont raise any hackles. The way the muslims are targetted is what will alienate them ultimately if not already. If I contribute to that Humanity organisation, none will question me and at the most I will be labelled as sickular.
        As it is I am working for some jain organisation and I am happy about it.


  5. rockstar Says:

    they woke to late they caught it last season itself and the nervousness of aamir khan and some of his poltical statements to idiotic


  6. rockstar Says:

    didn’t learned much from narmada fiasco

    It’s not just the BJP that has been emphasising the importance of a clear mandate but also the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, has very strongly batted for a stable government and he has warned that a fractured government will be hostage to ‘whimsical opportunists’ and would be ‘catastrophic’ to India. “A fractured government, hostage to whimsical opportunists, is always an unhappy eventuality. In 2014, it could be catastrophic. Each one of us is a voter; each one of us has a deep responsibility; we cannot let India down. It is time for introspection and action”, he said, on January 25, while addressing the nation on the eve of 65th Republic Day. One can question his role in the UPA Government as a pledged Congressman, but all well-wishers of India will endorse his views on the dangerous implications of fractured mandate.

    However, there are people who do not share this view of the BJP and that of Pranab Mukherjee. They feel more comfortable with ragtag coalition Government at the centre. To be more precise, they favour fake secular and divisive parties like the Samajwadi Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party, the Janata Dal United, the Rashtriya Janata Dal, Left parties. One such person is; actor-producer Aamir Khan. On March 1, he was in Bhopal (MP) for the promotion of his upcoming TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’. There, in an interview to the Editor of a Hindi national daily ‘Dainik Bhaskar’, he spoke on various issues including about his political inclination.

    I will stay away from reflecting on the repercussions of what he told his interviewer, as I sincerely believe, that even a naïve would understand that. It’s enough to say that Aamir Khan wants the Indian electorate to perpetuate political anarchy in the country. I am only making a statement based on facts and this can be corroborated from the positive response, Aamir Khan’s mind-boggling formulations, instantly evoked from the spokespersons of the Congress, the Janata Dal United, the Samajwadi Party and the Aam Aadmi Party. I conclude by saying that Aamir Khan’s views can’t be appreciated and all the more because he talked about ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and fractured mandate/political instability at the same time.


    • Every person has a right to his or her political inclination which includes aamir khan. Here the issue is not what his political inclination is but how FB is spreading false rumours.
      He is not nervous as he is not fighting any elections.
      He is talking about relevant issues and he is being hounded by witchhunters and traitors. And maybe some of his rival star fans.
      Let the cyber police find out who are behind this.


  7. Where is that political thing where we used to air our political views?
    What happened to it?


  8. My only problem with the police episode is it is too pro police.
    It is such a sensitive issue and it seems he has to be careful.


  9. “Right from the constables to high ranking officers everyone had a thanking message for Aamir Khan. Infact, recently when Aamir was driving through the city, one of the traffic constables who spotted him at the signal, made it a point to meet and congratulate him for showcasing policemen’s problems. The cop even told Aamir that this is the first time when someone properly understood them and their working conditions,” said the source.


  10. ideaunique Says:

    absolutely to-the-point episode – respect aamir respect man.


  11. Interesting and relevant inputs by experts on how to dispose garbage.
    Garbage is the ugly truth of mankind. Population explosion, no planning, corruption and extensive use of plastic.
    Unglamorous but important subject.


  12. I just saw the episode on Garbage and I have to say it was EXCELLENT. Regardless of if you are a fan of Aamir (the bollywood superstar) or not (I am not a big fan), one must respect him for this show. All the haters of SMJ can buzz off.


  13. I doubt anyone watching his show can be a hater but for this alone Aamir deserves the highest civilian award there is. What can be more commendable than to work towards the betterment of society in general.

    The show is so well presented and so down to earth and hits straight to the point. Unlike previous season this time he has taken extra caret not to offend / blame anyone particular and offering simplistic solutions at the end of each episode. It clearly shows he has spent a lot of his valuable time which equates to money to do his bit. This has no precedent in the past from any celebrity in India whatsoever.

    Most of the issues he raises are a matter of fact in any other part of the world (ofc barring Pakistan and Bangladesh). Sometime I feel just adopting and copying western system blindly would serve us better than nothing as those are tried and tested and based on a lot of research.


  14. I was completely satisfied with this episode on a topic that badly needs discussion and action. It is distressing to see mountains of garbage overflowing out of bins, with people and stray dogs rooting through the trash together. Some urban areas seem to be free of such visible trash but many a supposedly posh area sees India’s enormous trash output overflowing out of garbage bins that have not been cleared in time. I live near a beach promenade– which has these strategically placed bins, overflowing and dirtying the walkaway path nearby. Morning and evening walkers need to negotiate these depressing points and move on.

    We need to become a zero/limited waste society and our political leaders need to talk about these and other issues that affect day to day life plus the very ecosystem, our whole lives. But our politicians are busy fighting kursi wars, fanning religious and caste differences…and a section of the media doesn’t help either. Look at this cynical article in Hindustan Times, ref this particular episode. Thankfully, commenters have criticized the paper’s attitude.

    After a bit of talk about the episode’s eminently sensible content, the journo goes on to sum up:

    Our take
    For all the information and really useful tips on waste management, the episode smacked of promotion for Aamir Khan’s Incredible India ad where he picks on people keeping their personal spaces clean while ignoring the public spaces.

    Though important and relevant, compared to the previous topics on the show, this one is not likely to evoke as many debates as other issues raised on the show often do.

    What absolute BS. from the writer and the paper. Incredible India talked of attitudes beyond cleanliness in public spaces. And Indians are continuously debating such relevant topics. SMJ 2 has done the right thing in discussing, presenting problems, offering possible solutions.

    One thing I came to know through this episode was that the West cannot be copied wholescale with regard to waste management, that we produce more wet garbage than dry, and hence incineration does not really work totally for our country, instead creating pollution and health problems. We do produce tons of plastic, but we don’t need to recycle truckloads of cans.


  15. Touched the issue of corruption, RTI Act, social audit , Public Grievances redressal. How scams are eating away our money.


  16. This is fu!@#ng blasphemous. How on God’s not-so-green Earth can you have a full-hour program on RTI and not have Rahul Gandhi as THE guest??


  17. Seems like he prepared this episode with AAP in mind.
    Mohalla Sabha etc and that pyaaz khaana and joote khaana.


  18. movieman7 Says:

    I am a big Aamir fan but this PK release on christmas seems a bit of arrogant.

    Welcome 2 and Bombay Velvet were aanounced way ahead for Christmas release. He purposely ignored it and messed up all the schedules which also affected Akshay and Devgan’s release.

    Anurag has every right to be upset. With Aamir and and Hirani release, he does not want to affect his first big commercial release.

    I respect for the scripts he pics and all that he has in after 2000 but this is not done and not fair.

    The reason he gave for pushing it back was because Sanjay dutt had to finish the dubbing which Raju denied.


    • hi you are assuming that there is a written rule that only one big film shd release on such days………aamir has said that he has no issues 10 other films releasing on the same day as we are a democracy……and dont forget that everyone out there is to do business at the end of the day and aamir’s time is at his peak – so who would not like to encash that? and why not?


      • What about screen allotments? Who gets how many?


        • Exhibitors have a choice here and no one can take that away. So naturally they will go with PK – but again it is a democracy so no one can challenge that


          • monopoly is bad even in a democracy and is legally not allowed in many countries.


          • The filmi media along with anurag whiner kashyap are making a mountain out of a hillock. Christmas release date is not owned by any one person. Doesn’t srk release during diwali and salman every eid. Aamir does one film a year and prefers to release it on his supposedly lucky date. But he is not stopping anybody from releasing on same day. Why make a non-issue into some big battle which it isn’t? Mishievous media and filmfans.


          • oldgold – what about audience? some may not like aamir’s film so they can get an alternate to watch ranbir’s film and vice-versa…….one film only means u r forcing the audience to watch it or just sit at home


  19. Its gets them free publicity and generally it’s the smaller film which benefit due to the underdog tag and public sympathy. If I were Anurag, I will milk it to the hilt the way Devgn did masterfully with Son of Sardar and nearly brought down Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

    This issue here is Hirani and the guy is coming after good 5 years so the product may not be easy to knock off like in the case of JTHJ…


    • Let us wait and watch for the drama to unfold.
      Why these are afraid of aamir? According to them he has no looks, no height, no acting talent, no dancing skills. While according to the same people, ranbir has all these attributes besides being younger.


  20. moviesman7 Says:

    hi Idea:

    Yes you can release 2 films together, but remember Aamir has all the cards in his hand this time. Hirani and Aamir combo after one of the biggest blockbuster and automatically people have to move out of your way. 🙂

    This is Anurag’s first big commercial release even though it is a period film and Ranbir is a big draw but not in the league of the Khans yet.

    He would not even get a 1/4th of the screens. Anurag had checked with hirani and he was assured that they would not release it.

    If it is was a Salman or SRK release, I don’t think he would have gone against them.

    Even though he said during Dhoom3 he does not care about opening day weekend but long term collections, this proves wants a big christmas holiday opening.

    Again, I have liked him for picking good scripts and experimentation but looks like he is using aces this time to steam roll his way.


    • all your points are valid but you are forgetting the main point that the crores of rupees are at stake here. It is like telling Gayle not to bat his natural game when he is at peak now – Gayle has to go out and murder every bowler in sight 🙂 aamir has to do that – nothing wrong with it. Or take the challenge like sunny did with Gadar (and Gadar did 2 times business than lagaan) – …..


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