Image from Killa

thanks to Saurabh..

3 Responses to “Image from Killa”

    • Interesting… we certainly haven’t seen enough (any?) films in India that represent migration in a meaningful way; much of the focus even internationally is on cross-broder migration, but in countries like India, China, and elsewhere, the scale of the migrations over the last couple of generations is astounding, and still mostly “unthought” by “settled” society…


  1. rockstar Says:

    even internationally india doesn’t lag behind

    influx of sindhi hindus from pakistan who can afford to run facing persecution from islamist and even pundits from kashmir now all over india, huge chunk of bangladeshi employed in low level jobs and nepali girls in trafficking…tamils from srilanka and even tibetans including dalai lama and africans in cheap indian universirties of metro cities

    add to it the amusing case of interstate migration in india itself for roti,kapda and makaan


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