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  1. I’ve always loved the Idea ads (with the exception of the Taj Mahal one) and this latest batch is no exception.


  2. Abhishek is a cool guy. Extraordinarily body language.


  3. LOL, love these latest Ideas. This continues to be a very zany campaign. This ‘tripling’ is great. There’s always been an element of self-parody here much like the older Motorola ones and now we’ve reached a logical end where Abhishek parodies himself quite literally!


  4. I thing abhi He is more funny


  5. abhi he really has a comic talent 🙂


  6. Saw a lot of ads during IPL.The only ones that seemed to connect were the
    Idea ads and Cadbury ads – Aaj khane mein kya hai? Meethein mein kya hai?


  7. alex adams Says:

    WHo is the director of these ads…
    salut tatevik, comment allez vous et ce qui continue. lol


  8. Just saw the last half hour of Salaam Namaste.Abhi does have great flair for comedy.


  9. alex adams Says:

    btw liked Salaam Namaste. Liked Saif there–He has a natural flair for this sort of urbane roles…
    Yes abhishek has a flair for comedy which has been underutilised in movies till now


    • yes I think the same chose.mais this year with 2 films L & G and he will have his bowl Bachch chanse.
      P. S. Thanks Alex I’m fine)


  10. mirabai Says:

    Agree with you Rajen, loved the warmth of the Cadbury add and the zany humour of the Idea add and ,of course , AB himself!! What I really loved is that though the 3 characters wore the same outfits, there was a very distinct difference in the persona of each. And the ‘loading, loading’ one is my absolute favourite, always fall off the couch laughing!!


  11. filmifan Says:

    I love Abhi’s Idea ad’s!
    He’s such a cutiepie!


  12. Better connection
    Leslie D’Monte / Mumbai July 11, 2011, 0:58 IST

    To become the most favoured operator in the MNP stakes, Idea has worked hard to spruce up its network and quality of service

    Last November, Idea Cellular ran a campaign called ‘No Idea; Get Idea’ with its brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan urging fellow mobile subscribers to subscribe to Idea rather than wait endlessly for another telecom operator’s contact centre to respond to their service query or to bring down their monthly mobile bill, among other things. Major telcos ran similar campaigns around that time. The government’s Mobile Number Portability (MNP) scheme was imminent then, and Indian telcos were worried it would eat into their already-thin margins besides adding to the cost of losing valuable customers.

    Navanit NarayanAlmost six months after MNP was implemented, Navanit Narayan, chief service delivery Officer of Idea Cellular, an Aditya Birla group company, is breathing easy. While the media campaign played its part in creating awareness, he believes it’s Idea’s quality of service that did the trick, and helped his company create stickiness.

    Culling out numbers from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India data, he points out that as on June 15 this year, around 8.5 million users shifted loyalties from their respective services providers. Idea Cellular’s losses were the least – if port in to port out – or PO/PI – ratio is anything to go by. The PO/PI ratio is arrived at by dividing the number of users that joined a particular telco by the number of users that shifted loyalty. Going by this calculation, Idea seems to have done better than other operators.

    Here are the actual figures. For every 100 customer porting in, Idea loses 57 customers, No. 2 operator (Vodafone) loses 66 customers and No. 3 (Airtel) loses 71 customers. Players like Reliance Communications (RCom), Tata Teleservices and BSNL have been the main losers in the MNP game.

    “Idea retains the No. 1 position in this space with a comfortable net gain lead of 47,359 over number two operator and 100,264 over the number three operator (data as on June 19). We continue to lead the MNP race in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra,” says Narayan. He adds, “The idea of MNP was to give users multiple choice. We started the exercise two-and-a-half years back, putting the network infrastructure in place. Given the low post-paid base, this was a challenge. We knew it was not going to be a game changer since pre-paid users are low ARPU (average revenue per user) ones. So we looked at other factors. You can’t just reduce the cost and expect customers to stick around. Hence, we wanted to focus on improving the quality of network and our service levels.”

    Alok Shende, principal analyst of Ascentius Consulting, acknowledges that “Idea has been very proactive in their mission to endear customers”. But he qualifies that their success in MNP is not a necessary outcome of this approach. Much of the churn has been taking place at the low-end of the ladder. And MNP was devised to address customer dissatisfaction. So the fallout was predictable, he reasons, cautioning that “the real battle for MNP is yet to begin”. Srishti Anand, IT & Telecom analyst from Angel Broking, concurs that MNP has its own dynamics, regardless of the efforts of telcos.(Click here for table)

    Friendly user interface
    Idea Cellular is now the third-largest mobile services operator in India in revenue terms, and recorded a subscriber base of over 93.75 million as of May 31, 2011. It became a pan-India integrated GSM operator in 2009-10. To achieve “a customer-focused enterprise”, this February Idea Cellular invested in a customer relationship management (CRM) application from Oracle (Siebel CRM 8.0). The application, Crystal, “has empowered all customer-facing agents to take better decisions while serving customers,” says Narayan.

    The implementation was outsourced to IBM (similar to Airtel). Wave-I (comprising the Prepaid Customer Service module) of the CRM Transformation has been implemented. It has been rolled out across 20 of the 22 Idea Circles, in a phased manner ensuring effective change management and seamless handholding. Consequently, Idea’s customers can get their queries addressed from any part of the country regardless of where they subscribed from.

    Globally, it is the largest single instance packaged CRM in the wireless category servicing over 70 million subscribers (very soon to touch 100 million). “Idea is the first Indian operator to implement packaged CRM for the prepaid market, which constitutes around 95 per cent of the Indian telecom market. Crystal records over 150 million customer transactions every month,” claims Narayan.

    Idea Cellular simultaneously envisaged a hub and spoke model. The contact centres in the metros can be likened to the hubs. For instance, the company has a large contact centre in Indore for its Hindi language users. But a user in Chattisgarh is not comfortable in Hindi, so the company created a spoke there. A call first lands at a hub, and is then routed to a spoke on the basis of the caller line identification. The focus was on building a robust contact centre.

    “We have hubs in Indore, Aurangabad, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Gurgaon. Spokes are in cities like Ranchi, Raipur, Dehradun and Hubli. The interest was on large user bases and Tier-II towns. Many people migrate from these towns, so we wanted to go where our users were,” explains Narayan.

    The third strategy was to create stores closer to the users so that service levels were optimum. “Around 15 years back, we had around 500 stores. Today, we have 3,058 stores across 2,400 cities,” The company relies primarily on the franchisee model. It owns only 24 of these stores. The rest have been developed on a revenue-sharing model with franchisees who “get revenue according to the level of customer service and the product they sell”. The idea, says Narayan, is to have “neighbourhood” stores (modelled on kiranas) so that every Idea Cellular user in small towns can access one such store within half-an-hour.

    To improve its quality of service further, three years back Idea decided to “institutionalise full-proof systems and processes to strengthen its customer service standards”. One of the milestones was to comply with an international quality management system. Idea is also sharpening its focus on users from tier II towns knowing these are low ARPU users. Narayan counters that these towns are not saturated so Idea can expand its base. Besides, he believes that 3G can be a game changer since many of these users “who did not have net access so far, can now make calls, surf the net or watch videos”.

    3G as a game changer
    Idea Cellular has a license to offer 3G services in 11 service areas, which generate over 81 per cent of the company’s total revenue. It launched its 3G services in nine circles. Currently, 10 per cent of Idea’s subscribers in the markets are said to be using 3G-enabled handsets. It is expected that these users will be the early adopters of 3G services.

    Idea’s 3G services comprise video conferencing, mobile TV, video on demand, and high-speed internet browsing. The speeds will extend up to 21 Mbps on 3G handsets, and higher speeds on other devices depending on the device capability. Idea also introduced a time-based billing plan for 3G services. To promote usage, it introduced sachet pricing offering trial packages with per day billing.

    To spread awareness about its 3G services, Idea Cellular set up 344 experience zones in 91 cities. The total count of service centres across the country crossed the 3,000 milestone at end 2010-11. “We now have a total of 3,058 centres that include 25 customer care centres, 1,055 My Idea Stores, 1,334 Idea Points and 658 Idea Service Points,” says Narayan, adding that Idea’s growth in the Indian telephony market comes from its deep penetration in the non-urban and rural markets. Two out of every three new subscribers now come from non-urban markets.

    Around March end this year, Idea Cellular also launched its online application store based on Ericsson’s eStore solution to help its 2G and 3G subscribers, using mobile handsets that support web browsing, choose from more than 30,000 applications — both free and paid. It offers an entire catalogue of games and applications on web and mobile platforms, and “the response is good”. All these efforts have paid off. Within one month, Idea Cellular had 1 million 3G users. The number is expected to soon cross 2 million.

    Calls are going through
    Most analysts believe Idea Cellular is on a good wicket. According to Bhavesh Gandhi, research analyst with IndiaInfoline, Idea has positioned itself strongly in the 3G space. It is ranked either No. 1 or No. 2 in seven of the 11 circles where it has 3G spectrum and the 3G footprint covers around 80 per cent of its existing revenues.

    In a June 22 report, he notes that domestic value-added services revenues have been in the 12-15 per cent range for incumbent operators like Bharti, Idea and Vodafone but these have enough headroom to expand as globally non-voice revenues are 22-25 per cent for mature operators. He notes that similar to Bharti, Idea too has outperformed the Sensex by 26 per cent over the past three months spurred by moderation in 2G tariffs decline, rational 3G pricing and promising data upside from higher 3G adoption. Idea has also maintained a strong execution record and narrowed the cost/min differential with Bharti.

    Macquarie research analysts believe that the biggest benefit is for players who also hold 3G spectrum in the corresponding circles. They believe Bharti and Vodafone are best placed to benefit, followed by RCOM and Idea.


  13. Vijay M L Says:

    new idea ad its superb the theme execution everythng is perfect & the last candid moment 🙂


  14. Just saw the ad today only was gonna suggest it to you. Liked it.


  15. Balki and abhi they are a deadly combo the latest ad is brilliant. Abhi seems to have a wonderful connect with the audience . Wonder sometimes why this is not used better in his movies.


    • didn’t know Balki did this. Good one for sure.


      • I had read somewhere tht idea ads are balki brainchild. Not sure though abt this one. Ad is very enjoyable neverthless. And the soon to come Bachchan is a celebrity even before birth. Hee hee.


    • Brevity is Balki’s strong-suit. His ads betray a level of talent that his features (however strong in a relative sense) don’t quite reach.


      • yes I agree with that even though I’ve liked both films of his..


        • His films definitely feel like they are directed by someone with the gift to create memorable individual sequences and moments–not to mention that like good ads, the films are quirky and interesting on the conceptual level. Somehow they don’t quite hold up for me overall though. Which is not to say they are bad films just not “smooth” enough.


  16. This ad is hilarious, and well produced.


  17. This latest ad (3G as birth control) is killer. Can’t remember an ad in recent memory that blew me away to this extent (after the Nike cricket on bus ad).



    Abhishek Bachchan: Idea

    Abhishek has played multiple roles for Idea Cellular ads – starting from a village sarpanch, priest, travel guide, and a tree. Each TVC has carries a social message and in turn promotes value-added services from Idea.

    And, these ads were widely appreciated. In fact, if the advertising industry had a box-office showcase for a commercial, these ads would definitely be considered as blockbusters.

    Likewise, when we a see hit movie and wait eagerly for its sequel, and more often than not are disappointed with part 2, Idea’s latest 3G ads somewhat fall into this category.

    However, we still stand by our opinion that earlier Idea ads showcased some good creative work.


  19. iffrononfire Says:

    loved the last line when guy asked him:

    ur baby( his supposed baby to arrive in nov)
    before 3g

    good one


  20. Like father, like son

    The Bachchans take to education, while Abhishek Bachchan turns guest lecturer at an institute, Amitabh Bachchan becomes the principal in another

    Noyon Jyoti Parasara and Latika Mehta

    Posted On Wednesday, August 03, 2011 at 02:10:00 AM

    Taking his ‘sirji’ avatar seriously, Abhishek Bachchan took to teaching at Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares on Monday.

    The series started by the institute, titled an actor prepares: behind the success, began with a long discussion with the actor, who was trained in acting by Anupam Kher himself. As a guest lecturer the junior Bachchan imparted his knowledge about acting and filmmaking to the many Bollywood aspirants in the institution.

    A little over twenty four hours later, his father, Amitabh Bachchan posed as not the lecturer but the guest principal of the Welingkar Institute in central Mumbai. Although unlike his son, his becoming the Principal of the college was a part of the promotional campaign for his forthcoming film Aarakshan, the actor came fully prepared for it. And come to think of it, he did have some practice playing principal since his Mohabbatein days.

    Abhishek’s lecture on filmmaking at Anupam Kher’s institute, pleased Kher so much that he went to twitter town with the news and a picture.

    Abhishek being his usual funny self, showed the students how to walk, how to sit, how to kneel and even how to dance. Bachchan spoke about his envious lineage, the long journey to success, his reverses even after becoming a successful actor and how he overcame them.

    He shared the insecurities of the profession, his take on acting and actors and how essentially an actor gets paid to becoming a split personality. “Often, an actor does not know when his role ends and real life begins,” he quipped.

    Speaking on Abhishek’s performance as a lecturer, a very happy Anupam Kher said, “I had trained him (Abhishek) many years ago in acting with Hrithik and others. Abhishek was the perfect guest to have on the last day of the students passing out. It helped the students a great deal.

    It’s reinventing himself as an actor; it’s good for the students and us. In the workshop, he did everything. He was like a trope. The best part about acting is when you talk about it and do some exercise, you also discover yourself.”

    While the son did some re-discovering, his paa as the Principal of the Aarakshan college (that’s what the institute was renamed for the day), on a promotional spree spoke about reservation wearing the scholar’s garb. Fans surrounded the area to get a look of their superstar.

    Director Prakash Jha, a part of this new marketing ploy was overjoyed with the senior Bachchan’s performance. “He was just in character. He was the Principal of Aarakshan College. So while others took their classes he kept a tab on them all.

    Deepika took a class on dance, Saif took a class on guitar, Manoj Bajpayee took a class on acting, Shankar Ehsaan Loy took a class on music and I along with Anjum Rajabali took a class on filmmaking. At the end, Mr Bachchan went up and gave his speech,” revealed Jha.

    “He did not take classes but what he shared was nothing less than education. At the end of it he gave away the degrees to the students,” he added.


    • AnupamPkher Anupam Kher
      @juniorbachchan was a smash hit not only with the students but even the teachers @actorprepares. They loved him and his acting workshop.:)

      AnupamPkher Anupam Kher
      With @juniorbachchan who I interviewed @actorprepares for our students. He as always was candid and real.:)


  21. Diary of a single girl
    TNN | Sep 11, 2011, 12.48PM IST

    This new Abhishek Bachchan ad, which promotes 3G over Biwi, is cute but not smart. It is outdated. The ad shows all women pushing phones under their men’s noses to avoid having sex.

    Why does the ad only show the men craving for sex? I would’ve liked to have seen a few women putting the moves on their men, while they are trying to divert her attention to something else. Yeah, I know no one would’ve bought that. No man, even if he is in semi-coma, will ever say no to sex. But I object to the idea that sex is something only men want. It is a natural desire for both men and women. Not so long ago, our films used to project sex as something only guys craved and women only tolerated (they had to be cajoled and coerced into it). We’d see our heroes trying to initiate sex, while the leading lady trying her best to avoid it, as though he had an STD or something. The last of these kinds of song/scene appeared in Dhoom; with Abhishek Bachchan trying to bed his reluctant wife by singing Koi nahin hai kamre mein…while she’s running around t h e house and closing doors on him as though he was a potential rapist and not her husband.

    And now the ad brought this women-hate-sex theory back from Stone Age. I wonder if this bothers other women as well. I love sex. And I don’t get these ‘headaches’ other women supposedly do. I’ve never said, “Not now, darling.” And I initiate sex as often as the guy I am with, if not more. Why am I supposed to wait for him to jump my bones, when I am just as capable of doing that? And I know men love it when a girl makes the first move. My male friends tell me it is an ego boost like no other. In fact, a friend of mine tells me how she sexts (sex texts) her guy saying “I need you now” while he is away, and that results in the best mattress mambo sessions when he returns. I know I am not the only girl on the planet who enjoys sex. It is important. I know a couple whose marriage broke up because of bedroom problems.

    She found sex cumbersome and didn’t like even harmless touching like holding hands of hugging. Her husband told me, “I always felt like she was putting up with sex, because it was her marital duty. I couldn’t bear touching her after a while. She told me she was open to the idea of me being with other women as long as I didn’t bring them home. That made me feel like a pervert. The bedroom problem didn’t just stay there. It affected every other area of our lives. And ultimately we separated.” A physical connection is as important as a mental connection. There has to be a reason for why human beings are the only species in the world who have sex for recreation and not procreation like the rest.


    • extraordinarily silly piece because it’s completely off the mark on this ad.

      as for the last line here about humans being the only ones who don’t indulge in sex just for procreation that’s quite wrong.


    • The better piece to write would be on the depressing reality that we might be moving to a society where guys prefer video games to sex! (Kidding aside, there’s a fair amount of data from the US showing increasing numbers of men so addicted to internet porn they aren’t actually having sex with their partners.)

      …or as one might say in Hyderabad: “padosiyon ke mazay ho gaye”


  22. Hi Satyam, may I request you to pl suggest the name Gayathri for Beti B. I know they want one with an A, but really, the best name for a girl with A has already been taken up by her mother!
    And no, Gayathri is neither mine nor my daughter’s name, its just that Gayathri Bachchan sounds just right.
    I know its rather late in the day. but since they haven’t chosen a name as yet, i decided to add my two-bits worth.
    Regards and thanks,


  23. Abhishek’s comic abilities should really be explored in a few full-fledged efforts. He’s done some before but not enough. Not sure if Bol Bachchan offers enough of this or if it’s a more masala deal here.


    • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

      Abhishek is a really excellent comedic actor. The only problem is that there are hardly any directors in Bollywood capable of even passably decent comedy. He was really fun to watch in Dostana and Bunty Aur Babli- but even if he excels in a Rohit / David Dhawan moronic mindless comedy flick it will not be much to cheer about!

      I think an Oye Lucky Lucky Oye! Or Tere Bin Laden kind of film will really benefit him right now. Commercially safe comedy that is family friendly and not totally mindless and still has some prestige or perceived edginess attached to it. It would make him popular with the multiplex crowd again- and he has the needed urbaneness/ wittiness to easily connect with them.

      And since it will be a small budget ‘experimental’ film like Paa without a big budget or a multi-star cast there will no be enormous pressure on him to deliver big numbers or a chance of him getting overshadowed by his co-stars.

      He would also be good in one of the Akhtar sibling’s romantic comedies- he fits into that kind of a terrain easily and he has good chemistry with male co-stars. Look how Zoya has made a star out of Farhan in ZNMD.

      That is what Abhishek needs now- an image reinvention that plays to his comedic strengths. And he needs to work with one of the ‘new age’ filmmakers for that.


      • Ami (formerly 'Annoyed') Says:

        *I meant the Akhtar sibling’s Bromantic comedies


      • Prateek Says:


        He was offered DCH. But he rejected it. 😀


        • Alex adams Says:

          Oh so abhishrek rejected DCH?
          Also rejected lagaan
          Maybe forgetting a few other such blunders
          It’s easy to be wise in retrospect but with abhishrek there’s something that belies just bad luck
          Something wierd…

          Also just read Amy’s comment above on the type of urbane comedic space he needs to create for himself
          A bit like saif
          Agree with that
          But perhaps it’s a bit late in the day?


          • never heard of any association of his with DCH.. might have been considered for something here but this has never been mentioned anywhere. On Lagaan he wasn’t offered the film. Ashutosh went back and forth between SRK and Aamir a few times. He said at the time that Abhishek was always an option for him but presumably after those two. In any case he was never actually offered the film. Two films that he did refuse were RDB (was offered Aamir’s role first and then the Siddharth one) and Company. Couldn’t relate to the former (weirdly!) and didn’t think he was ready for the latter at that point in his career.


          • Alex adams Says:

            Oh so that adds rdb and company to the illustrious list of abhishrek ‘rejects’ to Lagaan and DCH?
            People should track the films that abhishrek rejects and quickly sign them up!!!
            And what did he sign up in place of these?

            Bombay se aaya mera dost

            Admit that I’m getting unduly harsh on him but this guy has done some truly ‘wierd’ things


  24. Abhishek Bachchan shows the power of 3G in new Idea campaign

    Conceptualised by Lowe Lintas, Idea Cellular demonstrates the power of Smartphone technology by resolving an issue of mass concern

    Neha Saraiya | Delhi | February 21, 2012

    Consumers are at the cusp of the arrival of the age of digital lifestyle in their daily lives. This is stimulating companies to find out ways in which the ‘digital lifestyle’ is changing consumer behaviour, challenging their beliefs and enabling them to live a more fulfilling life. In a quest to demonstrate the impact of mobile Internet on consumer’s lives today, Idea Cellular has come up with a new campaign conceived by its long-standing agency, Lowe Lintas.

    The theme of the new Idea 3G Smartphone campaign is to bring out the contrast between ‘Old Societal Ideas’ and ‘New Age Ideas’. It showcases how in the future society will migrate from the current lifestyle to an exciting, online lifestyle that impacts the way people work, play and interact with each other.

    Giving an insight into the campaign, Sashi Shankar, Chief Marketing Officer, Idea Cellular, said, “Idea’s communication has been about simple ideas that have the potential to change your life.. The current 3G Smartphone campaign is rooted in the same philosophy – it demonstrates how the adoption of mobile Internet will modify our everyday behaviour, habits and beliefs to help overcome obstacles, real or imagined, that hold us back from realising the best we are capable of and be the enabler of positive change in our lives.”

    Like the earlier campaigns, the film is plotted around a serious issue resolving situation. Brand ambassador Abhishek Bachchan convinces an eyewitness of a brutal public killing to stand up for justice. Reluctantly, the eyewitness, who had recorded the entire episode of the killing on his phone, shares the video with Bachchan, who then uploads it on YouTube. Soon, the video spreads like a fire through the social networking sites among people in various colleges and offices. The people go on rallies demanding ‘hang up the goons’. Next, the defence lawyer asks for an eyewitness to be produced. To which the prosecutor shows the video uploaded on the Internet saying that the video has received 2,583,810 views. The TVC ends with the guilty being sentenced by the court in the background of Bachchan promoting the power of Idea 3G Smartphone.

    Aurn Iyer, National Creative Director, Lowe Lintas, explained, “The Idea 3G Smartphone campaign will be extended across all media. The agency has developed an extensive plan, with a mix of both conventional and non-conventional media vehicles, to populate the ‘New Idea’ of a digital life in society.”


  25. bachchan1 to 10 Says:

    This last one is outstanding, if this is the same director that’s making the movie with AB jr, than it will be one movie to look out for. (alteast for me) Can’t wait.


  26. Prateek Says:

    Dunno if it is posted already. Apparently, Abhishek Bachchan got injured during his exercise regime for Dhoom 3 and has been advised complete bed rest –


  27. Thought this was some kind of joke but Apple too offer a mosquito repellent app! I’ve now heard it all! Wonder what else is available by way of the perverse!


  28. the 3G idea ads though entertaining to watch are so OTT.


  29. Looks to me the ad film-makers do a better job in capturing Abhi’s essence than most filmmakers.
    He looks good in the latest Idea Ads and has a natural flair for comedy – you can see shades of a funny 1970s Amitabh (Chupke Chupke / Amar Akbar Anthony)
    The only reason Im looking forward to Rohit Shetty’s version of the 1979 classic is watching what Abhishek’s done with his role.


    • In a strange way there’s a symmetry between Abhishek’s ads and many of his father’s over the last 10-15 years. In each case you would get the populist figure people really wanted to watch in the ads. There would be a link with the iconic history of the Bachchan signature. But then when the films appeared it would suddenly be a very different set of characters mostly quite removed from the same history! Not saying this is as a negative except that it is one in box office terms. With the father at least he had spent a lifetime doing that and wanted to move away from it. Abhishek did so without developing the signature properly and here as I’ve always said it’s not just about doing different/risky stuff but doing so in a way that cancels out one’s star signature. The audience goes to the theater to see a star act and not just an actor get into a character. Hence if the signature is not available the audience in a way cannot recognize ‘who’ it is on screen in front of them.

      Now Rohit Shetty is the sort of director who will play on that iconic history but note how the Idea ads are also often enigmatic or at least ambiguous in their message and in a way that suits Abhishek’s persona. Shetty on the other hand will play with the obvious though having said that I am intrigued with the idea of a guy called ‘Abbas’ playing ‘Abhishek Bachchan’ (not the star, just someone who happens to have that name). I think an intelligent movie could be designed around this conceit though I’d be shocked if Shetty were upto this task (to put it mildly!). In the absence of which one just hopes for that big box office success for Abhishek and of course one where he can play his comedic instincts to the hilt.


  30. Agree – especially on Rohit’s attempt. Dont know what’s he really aiming for here but I doubt if Rohit’s capable of pulling off something smart and tongue-n-cheek as you imply. the idea of Abbas playing Abhishek Bachchan does appear interesting enough on paper though.


  31. Under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II and given in favor of the Order of Malta Monaco, the “Summer Ball” in Monaco traditionally opens the summer season in style in the Principality. India is the theme of the 2012 edition.

    HRH Arvind Singhji Mewar Maharana Shriji of Udaipur and the huge Indian film star Amitabh Bachchan along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan as well as numerous guests from the elite Indian and International will be at this event in Monaco.

    Cocktail reception around the pool at the Beach Club on June 22, gala dinner open to Sporting, gifts from the larger houses, Indian dinner prepared by the chef Talwinder Singh, Sonu Kakkar Indian pop star and crazy night hosted by DJ Sunny Sarid on June 23, and then brunch on the terrace of the Hotel de Paris on 24 June 2012, this will be the three-day program of this edition.

    Organized by Princess Catherine Colonna de Stigliano with the support of an international committee, the Summer Ball – over the years become a must on the international calendar – brings together, by invitation, guests picked from the four around the world.


  32. Alex adams Says:

    Salut Tata comment allez vous. Toutes dernières mises à jour sur des concerts : -) Je suis allé au festival d’Edimbourg Ainsi vous êtes toujours fan d’abhishrek que haha gardera un oeil pour votre talent de bourgeonnement


  33. Catch Mollywood spoofs in March, with just a click. While Mollywood, or the Malegaon film industry, has been making spoofs of Bollywood blockbusters at a fraction of their price for years, and has received much media attention, very few people from urban centres have gotten access to these films. At most, people can view short clips of some of these films on popular websites like YouTube.

    However, now short spoofs of popular Bollywood films will be made and put up online. The project, to be titled Malegaon Comedy Club Online, will be produced by well-known Bollywood film producer Sunil Bohra and directed by Shaikh Naseer, who made the hit ‘Malegaon Ka Superman’ earlier this year.

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  34. omrocky786 Says:

    Abhishek to Aaradhya- Main tumhari maa ka Pehla and only lover hoon..
    Aaradhya- Lekin Internet toh keh raha hai- first it was Salman , then Vivek..
    Ash singing from behind- Idea Internet jab lagwaaing, India ko no ullu banwaing!!


  35. he is after ritik now,who else next,maybe saif ali khan,lol


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